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For the friends of the Independent Cat Society, a no-kill cat shelter Spring 2013 #137


t was a close call, as all of the teams worked very hard to earn the most for their “candidate”, including spending a day in February at the Open Your Hearts fundraiser selling wonderful treats, crafts, and more to support their kitty. But Madison emerged the victor by a small margin at the end of February congratulations to Madison and her team! The Independent Cat Society wishes to thank all of our fabulous team leaders, volunteers, and donors for their efforts in getting out the “vote” and supporting our cats. We had a fabulous turnout this year, and we owe it all to YOU! The best part of this story, of course, is the ending: Madison received the best prize a kitty could ask for, and was adopted to a wonderful forever home at the beginning of March.

Meet the upcoming
Madison, our 2013 Sweetheart

ICS Kitten Class of
id you ever wonder what it would be like to be a Fairy Godmother? Or maybe have the power to grant favors and make wishes come true? Well, now you can be a Kitten Godparent. Kitten Godparents won't have magic powers or the ability to make problems “disappear,” but they do have some amazing abilities! Note that this program is not quite the same as Sponsor-A-Cat, our ongoing effort to sponsor all of our shelter residents (see the end of this newsletter for more on this terrific program). Kitten Godparents is a special campaign just for our new Kitten Season babies.


You can become a Kitten Godparent for only a $25 donation, which means that you have the power to defray the costs of caring for this year's babies. And to us, that's definitely a superpower! That donation entitles the Godparent to choose the kitten's name, and you will get a personal thank you card with their picture. If you share your e-mail we will give you updates on your Godkitten and more pictures if possible. We are hoping the Kitten Godparents might want to show off pictures of their special little one to everyone, and just maybe find out that they have the incredible power to help find them a home of their own!

Interested in wielding some power? Here's how:
As the kittens come in, pictures of them will be posted at the shelter, on our website, and on Facebook. You choose the baby you would like for your Godkitten, fill out a Kitten Godparent form, and make your donation. If you want to name them at that time you may, or if you'd like to give the matter more consideration, that's OK too. So, dust off your magic wand or polish your pinky ring, because it won't be long till kitten season!

Want to get even more involved with the Kitten Class of 2013?
Become a Foster Parent! Foster Parents provide the loving care that kittens need to develop into healthy and socialized adults. They make a huge difference! For more information, call, e-mail, or contact us on our Facebook page.

Adoptable Cats, Upcoming Events, and more inside!

tattoo ID/microchip. Inc. IN 46391 (219) 785-4936 Web: www. is a non-profit. feline leukemia and FIV test. Indiana ______________________ April Be Kind to Animals Festival April 27 At the Expo Center.4:00 pm Others by appointment. promoting responsible pet ownership. and free post-adoption participating vet visit. especially cats. preventing cruelties to animals.thtiming. Indiana ______________________ Black Cat Strut April 28.aspca. 9am .3pm Join us for food.4:00 pm Sunday. Valparaiso. and working for more humane Also on Facebook: www. educating the The Independent Cat Society. Inc.americanhumane.aspx?id=18192 Wake Up the Garden May 10. ageappropriate vaccinations.4pm Join ICS and the Porter County Master Gardners to “wake up” the Rainbow Bridge Garden and learn all about waking up your own garden for spring! ______________________ May Aunt Kitty’s Trash and Treasure Sale May 18.3pm May 19. Indiana. May 17 from 12pm . Please call (219) 785-4936. by reducing pet overpopulation. vet for more information and be sure to visit us for a whole month of shelter cat celebrations! June 2 .Calendar of Events Published for the friends of the Independent Cat Society. nokill cat shelter on US Rt 6 at the Porter/LaPorte County Line Road in Westville.3pm (No clothing or large furniture items please) National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month Visit http://www.facebook. PO Box 735. Adoption hours: Saturday. Email: mewsletter@hotmail. founded in 1977. 10:00 am . Westville. 9am At Sunset Hill County Park in Valparaiso. 10am . Indiana 5K Run/Fun Walk and 1 Mile Dog Walk Learn more and register at https://register. and http://www.catsociety. 30 Day No-Cost Pet Insurance. Our mission is to promote the welfare of all animals.. 1:00 pm . About our Adoption Fees Includes: Spay/neuter. Please check our website or shelter for monthly adoption specials! Board of Directors: President: Anastasia Trekles Vice-President: Tina Sleppy Recording Secretary: Judy Dean Corresponding Secretary: Mary Rooney Treasurer: Natalie Cebulski Board Members: Gail Frieden Joan Hildebrand Paulette Gonzalez Judy Lindmark Earth Day Festival April 20 At the Expo Center. parasite treatment. and bargains galore at our shelter! All proceeds go to support the cats and kittens of the Independent Cat Society Drop off your items on Friday. 10am .

3 . we will work together with our many friends from a variety of rescue groups in Northwest Indiana to put on the annual Black Cat Strut. there will also be a 1-mile dog walk. Home Depot. in addition to the 5K walk/run. and more well-socialized cats. newspapers. Whether you’re looking for a companion for a current pet or simply a new addition to your family. the spring would not be so pleasant. spring often brings us new things in the form of joyous new bundles of kitty fur! We often call this time of year “kitten season. is just as excited about springtime as we are! This season. On April 28. or pine cleaners like Pine Sol. so you can bring your favorite canine companion out to join in the fun! Come out and enjoy the day. We also hope you will join us and enjoy the garden during our May 18 and 19 semi-annual Yard Sale. – Anne Bradstreet elcome to spring in Northwest Indiana! In this issue. we will be hard at work “waking up” the Rainbow Bridge Garden on our shelter grounds. Contact us through Facebook at http://facebook. healthiest. Just give us a call or check our Facebook page for assistance and details. with the expert assistance of the Porter County Master Gardners. We would love to hear from you. a terrific event for all ages at Sunset Hill County Park in Valparaiso. Prefer Diamond Naturals but use other brands for donations to those in need Ground flavors of Fancy Feast and grain-free foods Tall Cat Trees Scoopable and Clay Litters Gift Cards to Lowe’s. ICS Board President Please note: We do not use litter pan liners. prosperity would not be so welcome. where all kinds of new treasures will be waiting for you to find! Finally. Plumbers The cats thank you! Ask us for a receipt for tax-deductible donations. The animal world. no matter what age they are. or visit our shelter. and don’t hesitate to ask an Adoptions Counselor during our weekend hours about any kitten or cat you may be interested in. kitten and adult. and we also look forward to seeing you at the shelter to welcome some of these beautiful new arrivals into your own On May 10. Don’t forget that you can always look up our current list of foster and shelter animals at our website. and we welcome you to come out and join them in their efforts and learn from their experience and Menard’s. we encourage you to consider becoming a foster mom or dad for new cat families this or through email at shelter@catsociety. Thank you! Office Supplies Stamps Various Colored 2-pocket folders with Business Card Slots Letter-Size Manila File Folders Cleaning Supplies Bleach Laundry Soap (prefer unscented) Dryer Sheets Liquid Hand Soap Dish Soap Paper Plates Paper Towels 30-gallon Trash Bags Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags Simple Green Cleaner Shaklee Basic G Concentrate Medical Supplies Microwaveable Heating Discs Science Diet AD. etc. and when the world begins to turn green. or many other participating locations all over Northwest Indiana to pick up a paper flyer. shaking off the blanket of winter doesn’t have to end at participating in a 5K walk or run. During the spring with questions about adoptions or fostering at any time.President’s Message W If we had no winter. we promise to adopt to you only the happiest. meet new people. and support animal welfare with us – we look forward to seeing you there! You can register online at http://thtiming. we celebrate spring by celebrating health and wellness for ourselves as well as our animals. Of course. Master Gardners will be on site to tend the garden and bring in new flowers and plants that will adorn the garden throughout the spring and summer.” as many kittens tend to be born and join our shelter through foster networks. ID Wellness Grain-Free Food Building and Grounds 20 x 25 x 5 Aire Bear Furnace filters Water Softener Pellets 16 x 20 x 1 Fiberglass Furnace Filters Replacement Filters for Hunter Air Purifier Model #30930 Side Door and Help with Install Other Dry Cat Food. when the sun keeps us a little warmer. This year. Safeguard SG-36D Humane Traps Turbo-Tracks Replacement Scratchers Extra Large Litter Scoops Small Blankets. Towels Special Services Carpenters. Rugs. Staci Trekles. if we did not sometimes taste of adversity. Smoochie Pooch Pet Salon and Boutique in Valparaiso. http://catsociety. after all. and we hope you enjoy the beauty and excitement that this spring is sure to bring! Sincerely. Spring is a time where everything becomes new again.

she keeps her person pretty active as well! How can you help your cat (and your other pets as well!) keep fit. healthy. especially in the last couple years. not wanting to risk. helping the helpless makes the world more humane. except when we would get a new cat or when people would come to visit the shelter. until one day. The voice and the hand were there outside the carrier.” Or. and active? Veterinarians and animal experts recommend a number of things that pet owners can do to ensure that their best friends stay happy and well for many long years. Cat Dancer. and when the carrier door opened again. “What’s wrong with that one?” So. and I tried not to look too interested. they hesitate. Lemmywinks here doing his best version of savasana (relaxation pose) on his mom’s yoga mat. I purr. her hand was still stretched out.H Parsley’s Story Through an adopted cat’s eyes.. consider incorporating some regular playtime into yours and your pet’s day. I care for her right back. That would be the best ever! ICS will continue helping the helpless because the efforts are so desperately ICS will continue helping the helpless because the efforts are so and urgently needed. The best thing I could wish for is that they could find their own “angels. Al. whether it comes from a toy made for them or from the end of your favorite pen or laser level tool. Emery. the one with the voice and the hand. She held out her hand to me. Carolina. so I thought my days left at the shelter would be spent to help the new guys and to just hang out. I was in a whole new place. Dogs are not built for sustained running the way people are. When I was younger. I came to the Independent Cat Society shelter as a wee kitten a little more than 15 years ago. but unlike the kittens. Snooki. but. Al. the ones I left behind at ICS. except for cuddling with a few of my buddies. still saying kind words. although be sure to not overtire your pup and give him or her plenty of time to rest along the way. Cats can also amuse themselves throughout the day if they have a cat tree to climb on. Some people also like to take their dogs with them on runs and hikes. All I knew to do was hide.” But. Her voice had the same comfort. brisk walk at least once a day. Cora. and Cassandra passed over the Rainbow Bridge. people would single me out and say. my own person. be sure to consult your vet for the best and more personalized advice. Get a wand. These last couple years. She tells me we are family. I am Parsley. they just never came back to me. And in turn. they don’t quite know how to ask. for whatever reason. Before I knew it. Carolina. my life was pretty settled. I jumped over and cuddled with Cora. crawl. I was disappointed but I was okay. play fetch or go for a short. “She is just too skittish. I was glad to see. Health and Wellness for You and Your Pets ven though Parley is over 15 years old. a woman came into our shelter room and stayed longer than anyone else. If you are not sure how to get started with exercise and your pet. like ICS alumni Mr. don’t let your pets just “chill out” all day. Then. I did that and she didn’t leave. Emery. A couple days later. and a bed. I was in a cat carrier. E . i. and sense her smell. I felt an old urge to rub my head on her arm. Things would get harder for me. but she left. remembering other moments of reaching out that were just another heart tug. and sleep at her feet. who feeds. and Azurbajan. Cassandra. just like all of us. she just kept talking to me. For the most part. cares for. Some time went by and now everyday I have my Angel. Any of the cats at ICS would love real homes. or other toy that you can dangle for your cat and get him up and moving around. I felt my old heart flip a little. especially on our cold Indiana winter days. ’”I’ll consider her. Cora. The only things I worry about these days are the guys I left behind. day-by-day. Many cats love laser pointers of any kind. she has a new outlook and lease on life thanks to her new adopter.. 4 First of all. I pretty much resigned myself to hanging with my cat friends Cora.” If we each could find room for even one of them in a home with their own person: how the world would change for them. but I am asking all of you to help my friends. It’s a good idea to follow up laser toy play with a real toy so that kitty has something real to play with. as I have always been. Snooki. She means the world to me. Instead. Emery and Azurbajan are such great spirits. hear. but the voice and hand kept coming to me again and again. and no exercise is better than chasing another furry friend around the house! For dogs. the same woman came back. “I don’t want one that old. visitors began saying about me things like. I came out of my hiding place and found food and water. I am a quiet cat and pretty much stayed to myself. Helping makes everyone more human. I am happier than I could have ever dreamed. but honestly she smelled better than anyone I had ever sniffed.” Or. one day a year ago this spring. and loves me. I climb into her lap. like me. and Azurbajan. I got older.

oked ch is mixtu to harden Chop the co nt to eat some of th allowing it s. 5 . Check perio ugh you put wheat dically to be sure yo a very sweet bread. remember that their stomachs are sensitive and can be very sensitive to the things that people find to be pretty normal fare. eggs.webmd. flour in there!).Healthy Recipes for You and Your Cat ant to bring some life into your diet and be healthier to boot? Consider these for a great resource on cats and healthy treats. Check http://pets. 2-15 minu as bake for 1 the fridge in d d store cooled. Also. For People: Health y Lemon-Poppy seed Bread This recipe is writte n for a bread mach ine. allow it to rise. Just make sure that any plant you provide kitty is safe. but remember that moderation is very important! Catnip and pet grass can also be terrific treats. n the chicke ith kitty’s d w te 1 egg g u n it . and low-calorie as well. or e sh fi r fo igestion. u don’t need more but it is excellent wi liquid. ther digest o r o s ch a stom For ith sensitive s for kitties w no additional spice t a e gr is is h it th f w o t lly n a ou on A small am rice. a ce d ri d a e t th no e cut ix with n spread st and do can then b ces and m ver. 1 egg 1 tablespoon olive . C okie sh spices. or fish are exciting to your cat and a good. if wn ic ro n b a rg p (o cu st ½ ken brea ic ch ss le e individual 1 bon e oil n your cat’s ons of oliv o o g sp in y a d n le te e rs p a -2 1 or p od de ried catnip ven baby fo pinch of d . W Yes. cooked conventi you can get it) . run on the Ba sic/White Bread se on the Light crust tting (yes. en for about 10 mi and 1 cup warm water nutes. It to to small pie re just as it is. For example. he’s one of ours: Pluto! ive issues. liver. and egg and mix You may w h your vet. it ’t d w n n o lt a d t su e e n e W o s. Note that thi th peanut butter or s will not be jam. although you ca bake conventionally n easily mix the do in a 400-degree ov ugh. for cats. Post them to our Facebook page or send an email to shelter@catsociety. an ken an cats: Chic d Rice Tre ats SHARE any cat food and treat recipes you might have with us and we’ll print them for all to enjoy in the next issue of the Mewsletter. Small amounts of meat. squeeze a lemon rather than buying packaged lemon juice. and toasts we ll. grapeseed. or coco nut oil Juice from about ½ to 1 whole lemon (depending on how 1 tablespoon grated much lemon taste lemon peel you want) 3 cups whole whea t flour (substitute 1 cup of rolled oats 3 tablespoons vital if you wish) wheat gluten (option al but helps with co 2 tablespoons hone nsistency and textur y or agave nectar e if you like a softe 1 tablespoon soy mi r bread) lk powder (for prote in – this is optiona 1 teaspoon salt (ca l) n be reduced to ½ teaspoon) 2 tablespoons (or more if you wish) po ppyseeds or chia se 1 ½ teaspoon activ eds e dr y yeast In the bread mach ine. A ny .org. ip/pars sensitivitie additional dd oil. healthy alternative to packaged treats found at the pet food store. whole ingredients and avoid things like processed foods and refined flours and sugars. which can be full of preservatives. ri st e b rf thoroughly ing inte ish to su want anyth ley. even tho setting. which are highly customizable to suit your own tastes and needs. catn the mixture onto a co up into pieces. you ca icken brea o much. The key is to use fresh. e a e w gr t e h -d ig Kitty m tes at 325 bite-sized treats. Howe t in o n n Boil the ch t u ke b ic a bit. then reduce heat to 350 for 45 -50 minutes.

he will repay every kindness. He is also a master at the laser and loves his Chicken Fancy Feast. Why not bring him home and show him a new world? Gizzy is personality with a whole load of cute. His coat is silky and gorgeous and he will head–butt for more grooming or petting. brush and admire him now. Corky got a lot of notice as ICS Sweetheart 2011.These kitties have been waiting a long time for their forever homes. when he can get it! MJ is dignified and not pushy. Kiki is an adorable 5-year-old who has grown up at the shelter and not been adopted yet in spite of how doggone cute she is. He is a cat in his prime and has all the markings of the Bombay breed. Now is her time and are you her future? Toddles is our official Spay and Neuter spokescat. he has been passed over time and time again. Zipper is a gorgeous long haired orange and white cat. but really enjoys being petted or getting scratched and he is quite playful. nine years later. He loves cuddling with other Boppers and is really quite playful when awake. Can you be the person to change sweet Toddles’ luck? Reiko is the pretty boy of Boppers. loving boy and would make anyone a wonderful forever friend. Make a New Friend! Azurbajan is a mystery man. His caramel eyes will melt you! Temple is a handsome older gentleman who lives in our Kitty Korner room. because there were so many kittens the year he was born! Unfortunately. but sadly nobody has claimed him for their very own sweetheart. He would make someone a great companion! Mocha is a shy beauty who would really love the chance to have a home of her own. Mars has spent his entire three years at the shelter. His amber eyes. Mocha has even inspired artist Karen Ebert to paint her picture. he is still waiting for his forever home. He is a sweet. He used to be very shy. Emery came to ICS as a kitten and probably because of his laid-back nature. Pet. 6 . soulful and deep. not so much now. narrow only when he is chasing the laser. He has a sweet and gentle disposition and is like a great big teddy bear who loves being petted. Emery is buff! He is also a true gentle boy. He's a superstar just like his namesake! Mars is an elegant black cat with out-of-thisworld appeal! Because black cats wait longer to be adopted. entertaining companion. Long haired and handsome. Grab a toy with a string and Gizzy is there! On his down time he is gentle and cuddly: Gizzy has it all going on. he is the original Puss-inBoots. Perhaps you are the one for them? Corky was a wild child who has matured into a playful.

7 7 . or email us at icstnr@comcast. If after observing you confirm that mom is not coming back. So the first thing to do is to watch: mom is almost always somewhere close. watching. We get that. allowing more funding for our cats! 1/2 page ($100) = 7. it will spook mom and she may move them to a new location out of our reach.6 x 4. as long as they are spayed and neutered and eartipped.7 or 3. If they are not yet fixed.25 1/4 page ($75) = 3. we’ve altered over 2350 cats! NOTE to Michigan City residents: we have a Memorandum of Understanding in place with the City of Michigan City to practice TNR as the preferred method of feral cat management within the city limits. and if you move the little ones or make too much fuss in their area. please contact us at 219-785-4936 and leave a message for Connie or Eileen.5 x 4. We have a host of knowleable volunteers who can give info and support. We count on you as caretakers to defend your colonies. thinking they are abandoned. So as caretakers of outdoor colonies you can feel confident that what you are doing by feeding and caring for your FIXED feline friends is perfectly acceptable and actually part of the solution.5 x 9.. and we know what that means! KITTENS and feline families playing house underneath our porches and sheds! When you first see those cute little kitten eyes peeping up at your from beneath the floorboards. your first reaction is to DO something. Advertise in the Mewsletter! Your ad will get great exposure for your enterprise! Your patronage helps us offset the costs of printing.. but it is actually the case that the first thing you should do is to OBSERVE to see if mom is anywhere in the vicinity. Call us if you find yourself fostering little ones that need bottle-feeding or extrarodinary care.Numbers Update: Since 2007.5 x 2.6 x 2. I t’s spring.6 x and we can help get them altered.7 1/8 page ($50) = 3. The ultimate goal would be to get her fixed as soon as possible after weaning the little ones.25 or 7. We need to know where the mom cat is at.7 full page ($200) = 7. then you can act.

Aluminum Can Donations Aluminum cans help us spay and neuter! All proceeds from the collection of recycling fees from aluminum directly support our spay and neuter activities. Dogs must be leashed at all times. For more info or details on our spay and neuter programs. on July 18 from 12pm to 5pm. we encourage you to consider making a donation to our Building Fund. Awards for first finisher (male/female) in each age group. and enjoy a day of pampering yourself and your loved ones! Be sure to keep an eye out for more information on this exciting upcoming event! The 3rd Annual Black Cat Strut will be held on April 28 at Sunset Hill County Park in Valparaiso. and much more. and stay to help and learn more about a large number of other animal welfare organizations in Northwest Indiana. 2013 from 10am to 5pm and July 20. We are also looking for corporate sponsors interested in donating funds. and beauty. as well as its human or message us right on Facebook! Our annual Book Sale will be held July 19. But.Black Cat Strut Spotlight on Upcoming Events Purrfectly Pampered Day Make plans to join us for a brand new fundraiser. New this year will be an option to get your cat’s image into a beautiful 2014 calendar. magazines. or perhaps consider donating your time by serving on the Building Fund Committee. but also food. we need your help! You may contribute by donating directly to the building fund. You may drop off your gently used books. we can move forward with creating a more spacious environment that can more adequately meet the needs of all of its feline residents. located at the corner of Meridian Rd. if you have questions or wish to find out how you can help with this ambitious initiative. and would be happy to talk to you and your company further if you are interested in aiding in any way. at a variety of businesses around the area. This excellent location provided us with a fabulous 35th Anniversary gala last year. it is our hope that within the years to come. where all proceeds go straight to helping ICS cats and kittens. including handmade crafts and jewelry. We are banding together to bring you a day of fun. materials. and other media the day before. and stay for the day! The race will be held rain or shine. Please see our website at http://catsociety. Full-page images for each of the 12 months of the year will be $50 per image. which you can order during the gala or anytime prior to November 2. 5K Run/Walk Split times at miles 1 & 2. raffles and contests. or skilled labor. Review products and services from a variety of wonderful vendors interested in your health. Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for more details regarding this terrific event and concurrent calendar offer! Summer Book Sale If you want to get some wonderful deals on books. Fall Gala and Calendar Orders Saturday November 2 we will hold our annual fall gala at the Old Town Banquet Hall in Valparaiso. DVDs. or online at http://thtiming. 8 . gift certificates for local services and businesses. 2013 from 10am to 3pm at the Chesterton American Legion Hall at 798 Wabash Avenue. so bring the entire family! All -Year Online Auctions Want to donate or assist in running an online event? Contact us at shelter@catsociety. Building Fund Update As ICS continues to plan for a bright and prosperous future for all of the cats that need our help and support. volunteers and look no further than our fabulous book sale. This special fund is specifically for the purposes of designing and building a new building on our shelter grounds. Please join us to benefit the Independent Cat Society. and t-shirts are guaranteed to all pre-registered participants. and snacks will also be available both days. one water station. email icstnr@comcast. from fiction to textbooks to kid’s books. as we are hosting more and more unique and special online events. Come for the race. and must be friendly. 1 Mile Dog Walk Bandanas will be provided for all participating dogs. you may also pay $10 to have your cat’s image on any of the individual day squares for the entire year. including not just the race. While this new building is still in the early stages of planning. video games. Crafts. 2013. comfort. Don’t forget to check out our website and Facebook page in order to make this dream come true. crafts. wellness. including online auctions for amazing items. and US-6. 2013. and refreshments following the or contact us at shelter@catsociety. artwork. fun for the kids. and we are happy to be able to work with this facility once again in 2013. jewelry. Purrfectly Pampered Day at Red Mill Park in LaPorte on August 3. purchase a brick or other memorial for our Rainbow Bridge Garden. Register at the ICS shelter. and much more.

Call and leave a message that you want to schedule your cat for a particular Saturday.anticruelty. Reesie sure is a beauty. Why don’t you come visit and play with her? She’ll be sure to make you glad that you did! Jupiter is a fun-loving white and tabby mix who has been waiting for the right person to take him home since he was a kitten – almost four years ago. FELV and FIV testing. ear mite treatment. www. If you start petting him. call one of the veterinary clinics listed below to schedule an or (219) 924-7140 (Munster. (Others hours may be available by appointment only). and a shot of penicillin is included. Illinois) • PAWS Chicago: The Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic or mobile unit.nawsus.$90 • Westchester Animal Clinic: 219-926-1194 55E US Highway 20. and the first Feline leukemia vaccine. There are two different levels of Voucher. Indiana) The Estelle Marcus Animal Clinic offers low-cost spays. and rescue groups They also have 2 special programs: 1. Spay Your Momma Program: Low-income owners of a dogs or cats with litters can get moms and her litters spayed. and vaccinated for rabies for free! Owners must be on government assistance or Social Security. • Comprehensive Level: includes everything in the Basic level plus flea treatment. Find him in Kiki’s Room and get to know him! 9 . Unemployment or Disability) — Owners of pit bulls and pit bull mixes — Residents of Gary. Valparaiso Basic . first distemper vaccine. but he’s got a heart of gold.pawschicago. The Rabies and distemper vaccines incur an extra charge. After purchasing a voucher. and identification tattoo/microchip. Today he is a handsome boy who is as impressive as his or (708) 478-5102 (Mokena. worming. he may not want you to ever leave! Be sure to visit this gentleman in our room called Nook. animal controls.hscalumet. Other local options: • Neuter Scooter: www. ICS Spay/Neuter vouchers are only accepted at the following veterinary clinics: • McAfee Animal Hospital: 219-462-5901 651 Eastport Centre Dr. Chicago options: • NAWS: www. Porter Basic level only . neutered and vaccinated for free! 2. This young tabby lady has been waiting for her forever home for far too long.Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options are Growing! ICS Vouchers are available at the ICS shelter on Saturdays from 10 AM-4PM and Sundays from 1-4 PM. and clinic staff will call you back with drop-off/pick-up details. Illinois) • Anti Cruelty Society: www. a pain shot. neuters. he’ll remind you every day that you are loved.$73 Dr. The scheduling number is 219-861-9006. and vaccinations for the following groups: — Low-income pet owners on government assistance (such as Food Stamps. or (312) 644-8338 (Chicago. neutered.$65 Comprehensive • Pet Neutering and Adoption: www. (Payment by cash or money order only (No credit/debit cards/no checks) • Basic Level: includes spay or neuter. Indiana — Feral cat caretakers (call 219-924-7140 for information on humane trap rental) — Animal shelters. Anderson’s Feline Reduction Center holds a clinic every Saturday in Beverly or (773) 521-7729 ( (DeMotte.. Illinois) For help with spaying and neutering of free-roaming cats. The cost for the surgery is $50. rabies vaccine. while ear cleaning. Indiana) • The Estelle Marcus Animal Clinic: www. JJ may look like a tough Pippin is a handsome longhaired gray male with a warm and fuzzy personality to go along with his beautiful coat! His sweet demeanor and soulful eyes will melt your heart and if you take him home.petneutering. Low-Income Senior Program: Seniors over the age of 65 and on government assistance (other than Social Security) can get their pets spayed. Call Calumet SNAP at 877-819-3300 for more information. please email us at: icstnr@comcast.

In Memory of — Carol Decker from Marcine Todd Dorothy and LeRoy Wienke from Kenneth and Sharon Brooks Rick and Cheri Arizona’s cat Annie from Patrick Ferrell Tom from Nathalie Pennington Gerber Deutsch. from Louise Vale Gerhard Gaisser from Wendy A. Richard Deutsch’s beloved cat. Great Hair Days.” In Honor of — Donatalla from Abraham Wondergem Jane Dudley from NIPSCO-C Elizabeth Canright’s 13th birthday from her grandmother Jane Canright. Kings Lane. Dr. Maple City Animal Hospital. son. You know what time it is! Clean out those closets. Pyrrha Jewelry. Lovera Wolf Miller. and Vale Park Animal Hospital. Paula Dean. including Ace Hardware Valparaiso. Drop off your items at the shelter the day before the sale. Kathleen Berwick. Betty White. Michelle Jusko Hair Salon. Blue Chip Casino.. Menards. Elizabeth. Pfeiffer's Pies. the Unity Foundation. Stepping Out in Style. please write or call us so we can include them in the next newsletter. Dichroic Jewelry. Along with his wife. and grandchildren. and Allegius Credit Union for their generous donations. 2013. for their wonderful grant to help keep people and their pets together. Aurelios. James and Lillian Hauff. BP Fabric of America. who passed away on March 5. 10 . Dr. because Aunt Kitty's famous Trash and Treasures Yard Sale will be here before you know it. Korczak.ICS wishes you the best birthday ever! Karen Flaherty’s birthday from Kenneth and Sharon Brooks If we have omitted anyone. We thank Johnson Excavating. and Carol Tufekcioglu Linda Cripliver from Michael and Melissa Burklow ICS lost a devoted friend. Green Mountain Coffee. Clint Henry of Oak Partners.. Mrs. Gary and Victoria McKinley. Christopher and Megan Dilts. Brandt's Supply.Memorials & Tributes. Being Creative 4 You. Anderson Foundation for their generous grant. Four Winds Casino.. Gene Hay of Michigan City. New Prairie Animal Hospital. & Mrs. John W. Jackson Galaxy. and bargains galore! All proceeds support the cats and kittens at the Independent Cat Society. Old Town Banquet Center. The quote from his obituary says it all for the rest of us: “Adopt a shelter pet and receive love in return. If you haven’t been to one of our yard sales. Blue Moon Dance Studio. DDS. and Walter and Kim Wigley Thank you. for requesting the above donations in lieu of a birthday gift . Dr. Tori and Victor. he is survived by his feline family. Special thanks to all Corporate Donors for the 35th Anniversary Gala Silent Auction. We thank the John W. HotSpot Cafe. Arbor View Animal Hospital. Anderson has been a supporter for many years and we can’t thank you enough. fun. you don’t know what you’re missing! These are like no other yard sales around! 10-3 on Saturday May 18th and 10-3 on Sunday May 19th Food. Heartfelt Thanks. The Spirit Within.. Bissell Foundation. Thanks to AJ’s Tents for their generous support. Many thanks to another long-time supporter. Yellina and Jamie Walker from 1/1/2013 to 3/1/2013 Eve Gardner from Martha Tilquist. Terry Abner Salon.

the best thing about sponsoring: • No lugging big. “Why so smug?” I asked.” he replied. white. Please help us find the perfect sponsor for every cat in the shelter this spring – you won’t be sorry you did! I want to Sponsor-A-Cat from the Independent Cat Society I have enclosed a check for: __________ $180 for one year of Sponsor-A-Cat __________ $10 or _________ for the first month of Sponsor-A-Cat. even if there's no room in their homes. I pledge to send $15 each month to Sponsor-A-Cat Please mark “SAC” on your envelope and check memo. Come to the shelter to pick a cat to sponsor. “Someone just told me the greatest news. with a biography to go along with it. please fill out the slip below and send your first month's donation to the shelter. but simply cannot for any reason. It’s great for people who wish they could have another animal companion around. “I’ve got it!” He ran off down the hall with his next great idea. calico or tortie – we have them all. but you will receive a handsome photo of your sponsored kitty. With the Sponsor-A-Cat program. Corky got up with glee and said. or let us know what kind of cat you'd like to sponsor--male or female.AJ CANOPY Rental and Sales 219-531-2194 Parties • Graduations • Reunions • Weddings Craft Shows • All Occasions We do all the Labor! — All sizes available! Some colors available! — Accessories available! 20+ Years Serving Northwest Indiana ® 2330 N. You can feel like your sponsored kitty is part of your very own family! You can even come visit him or her at the shelter. donors and kind souls like you can pick one of our shelter cats or kittens to sponsor with a monthly donation of their choice. You will receive a picture of your sponsored cat and his or her unique life story. long-haired. heavy bags of litter (or changing it either!). orange. and we’ll help you choose. Hwy 35 LaPorte. trying to figure out how to convince folks – people like you and your friends – to take another cat into their hearts. I saw Corky sitting by his window in the Disco room and listening to the birds outside. Inc. kitten or senior. anytime during adoption hours. your Spokescat If you want to help us by sponsoring a cat. • No waking up with a crick in your back or neck from sleeping or sitting just the right way so that the cat is comfortable. • No standing in the cold or rain while your cat decides which side of the door she'd like to be on. tabby. Name of sponsor_____________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City______________________________________ State_______ ZIP__________ Telephone _______________________________________ Month of sponsor’s birthday____________________________________ email address______________________________________________ Clip and mail to: Independent Cat Society. It also brings a little bit of joy into your life! he other day. IN 46391 11 . so I must make it my mission to get every cat here a sponsor. And of course. The process for setting up a sponsorship is: • Simple • Painless • Worry-Free Not only that. Corky. • No concern about what food might be the cat's favorite on any particular day. I pledge to send $10 each month to Sponsor-A-Cat __________ $15 or _________ for the first month of Sponsor-A-Cat.. “I found out that Sponsor-A-Cat is one of the most important things to this shelter. Suddenly. It is the most reliable source of income that we have. black. IN 219-324-9950 SINCE 1959 ICS Corporate Sponsor T Sponsor-A-Cat! from your Spokescat. right away! But how do we convince people that Sponsor-A-Cat is a great program for them to invest in?” So we thought for a time together. PO Box 735. looking very pleased. Corky Corky is right Sponsor-A-Cat is a superb program and makes possible so many things for our shelter. Westville. The sponsor will receive a photo and biography of his or her Sponsor-A-Cat.

Indiana • Wake Up the Garden May 10— Independent Cat Society Shelter. ______ I will help at fundraising events. Indiana • Aunt Kitty’s Trash and Treasure Sale May 18 & 19 — Independent Cat Society Shelter. Indiana • Black Cat Strut April 28— Sunset Hill County Park. Become a Member! Annual Dues: ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ $1000 Corporation $500 Life $100 Gold Star $50 Family $25 Individual $10 Student $10 Senior Can you help the Independent Cat Society cats? Donate or Volunteer! ______ I am donating $______ for the care of the cats and kittens. Westville. ______ I will bake for fundraising events. ______ I will distribute flyers for fundraisers. Valparaiso. Valparaiso. ______ I will help give cats their ____ Do not send a “thank you” note. ______ I will make adoption follow-up telephone calls. Inc. PO Box 735. Westville. ______ I will be a foster parent. Indiana Independent Cat Society PO Box 735 Westville.. Valparaiso. 134 • Be Kind to Animals Festival April 27 — Expo Center. let us know at mewsletter@hotmail. Indiana If you’d like to receive the Mewsletter via email. ______ I am donating $______ to the building fund. ______ I am donating $______ to the TNR/Assisted Spay & Neuter Fund. IN Permit No. Name______________________________________ Address_____________________ City______________ State_______ ZIP__________ ____This is a new address. Westville. Phone____________________ email__________________________________ Clip and send to: Independent Cat Society. ______ I will help groom cats at the shelter. ______ I will donate my cat-themed artwork or crafts for fundraising events.Don’t miss these events! • Earth Day Festival April 20 — Expo Center. IN 46391 Non-Profit Organization US Postage PAID Valparaiso. ______ I will help take care of the grounds and maintain the shelter. IN 46391 . ______ I will help cats get good homes by becoming an adoption counselor.