Léon Krier -- Selected Buildings

*This page is only a preliminary effort while waiting for a more comprehensive presentation of Léon Krier's built work. Compiled by Lucien Steil and edited by Nikos Salingaros

0 Le Nouveau Quartier des Halles (1979) Reconstruction Proposal by Leon Krier

Oxford. England by Léon Krier New College Residence. England by Léon Krier (with John Robins) New Town of Poundbury. England by Léon Krier .New Town of Poundbury.

Street View in New Town of Poundbury by Léon Krier New Town of Poundbury with New Market-Hall by Léon Krier (Masterplan) and John Simpson (Market-Hall) .

Italy Masterplan . Italy by Léon Krier and Gabriele Tagliaventi Alessandria.New Piazza in Alessandria. Città Nuova.

Italy by Léon Krier and Gabriele Tagliaventi Street View of Alessandria. Florida. . Italy by Léon Krier A page illustrating Léon Krier's Windsor Village Hall.Facades on New Piazza in Alessandria. is maintained by Floornature.com. 1989-1999. Windsor.

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