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MOST APPROPRIATE ANSWER (A, B, C or D). 1. Who is the author of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”? a) J.R.R Tolkien b) C.S Lewis c) Susan Cooper d) Philip Pullman 2. Why are the children staying with the Professor in his home? a) Because they are orphans b) Because he is an old friend of their father's c) Because of the air-raids in London d) Because he is tutoring them in their studies over the holidays 3. Who is Mrs. Macready? a) The housekeeper b) The maid c) The nanny d) The cook 4. What is faun? a) Half man, half goat b) Half man, half dwarf c) Half man, half horse d) Half man, half wolf 5. Why does Mr. Tumnus cry to Lucy? a) Because he feels guilty about being in the service of the White Witch b) Because the White Witch has turned his family into stone statues c) Because he is slowly starving to death d) Because he is sad to see Lucy go 6. Who tells the children about Aslan? a) Mr. Tumnus b) Mr. and Mrs. Beaver c) The White Witch d) The Professor 7. What creature first leads all of the children through the woods? a) A rabbit b) Mr. Tumnus c) A beaver d) A robin 8. What is the name of the White Witch? a) Lilith b) Jadis c) Narnia d) Jinn

built into the wall. so Peter and Susan search for them in the wardrobe 12. and they agree b) Professor Kirke locks them in the wardrobe for misbehaving c) Mrs. 2) when they are signaling to you to be quiet. 4) with a carpet on the floor and two little chairs and a table and a dresser and a mantelpiece. the animal put its paw against its mouth just as humans put their finger on their lips… F) Then suddenly they felt coats around them instead of branches… 1) like on board ship. What is the effect of the spell that the White Witch has cast on Narnia? a) All of the animals are slowly starving to death b) All of the trees in the wood are spies c) It is always winter and never Christmas d) Father Christmas never has any presents when he comes to Narnia 10. How do all the children end up in Narnia together? a) Lucy begs them to take another look with her. On what condition does The Witch tell Edmund to return to Narnia? a) He has to lead her to the faun Tumnus b) He has to bring Lucy with him c) He has to bring Professor Kirke to her d) He has to bring all three of his siblings with him 11. Where do the children agree to meet Aslan? a) The Stone Table b) At the Lamp-post c) Cair Paravel d) At the White Witch’s Castle (II) MATCH THE BEGINNINGS OF THE SENTENCES ON THE LEFT WITH THE APPROPRIATE ENDINGS ON THE RIGHT. . dry. clean cave of reddish stone… C) There it perched and looked at them very hard … D) There were no books or pictures.9. 6) and it was full of unexpected places. A) It was sort of house that you never seem to come to the end of. Macready chases them into the wardrobe d) Lucy and Edmund are missing.… B) It was a little. 3) and the next moment they were both standing outside the wardrobe in the empty room. 5) as if it understood all they had been saying. and instead of beds there were bunks… E) Instead.