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James, I'm James Scianna aka Phineas Narco...
James Bush <theoknock@gmail.com> Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 10:43 AM To: "Phineas Narco (Google+)" <replyto+CiN6MTJkaHB2aWFyMmh6dndqMTA0Y2dyMGk1em10dHQxcDExbxCwu6Px9wQ+AI3v7_UAAAAAUVrr1EGTbLrVdgkBwS2p1cRs5X-7ghL@plus.google.com> Thanks for taking the time to explain; I have already assumed as much as you have told me (although "Phineas" is a very peculiar, unfortunately coincidental moniker, given this man's purported religious beliefs). The cyberstalker has sent a number of e-mails in my name—I believe to himself or friends—that are supposed to look like they are from me; but, aren't. So, although you were correct in assuming that I am not a part of his actions, do not assume that every recipient of an e-mail with your name in it is going to some poor sap. Also, thanks for reading the blog; I hope you are finding it enlightening, particularly, with regards to the issue you addressed in your email. In short, that is that demons and man do cooperate. Although, individually, a man can distinguish himself from man and demon by his actions, man, in general, cannot be discerned from demons when it comes to their common propensity towards evil, which is inherent to their nature. If you've learn that much, you've saved your soul. On Sunday morning (tomorrow), there's a great place to make the most of that: Miramonte Avenue Church of Christ. It's at 1818 Miramonte Avenue, in Mountain View. Bible study is at 9:15 a.m.. I desperately want to go; but, I need a ride. Would you consider meeting up and going with me? Let me know! Thanks for considering my well-being, by the way. I am not doing okay; however, I will be all the better by making it to church tomorrow, I just know. Thanks again for writing! James Alan Bush 2967 Sherbrooke Way San Jose, California 95127 On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 7:31 AM, Phineas Narco (Google+) <replyto-ca434da1@plus.google.com> wrote: James, I'm James Scianna aka Phineas Narco. By looking at your blog, I see that that cyberstalker guy has been mimicking my persona and address and sending you letters that look like they come from me and visa versa. He plays one against the other. Just so you know: they're not from me. You can probably tell by looking at the full headers of the emails he sends. He's a sick puppy. Hope you're doing okay. Peace. James Reply to this email to comment on Google+. Or view Phineas Narco's post »
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