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A BYTE OF LIFE Tuesday, March 17, 2009

02 05
The rare lady saxophonist An IAS officer posted in UP comes up
with a search engine


Mission Made In Chennai
Catering to customers for the last six
decades, Ratna cafe is a landmark
joint in Chennai. The hot idli sambar

Resurrection? of the restaurant is still a favourite
with many.

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India, twice Asian Games champions in the 1950s, were
a force in continental competitions until the end of the
amateur era are now looking to muscle through the
next competition in 2011. But an ambitious plan envis-
aged by their foreign coach may fall flat because of
financial constraints.

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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photo contest is organising a ‘Funny Photo Online Contest’. The
contest requires moms to send pictures, which are “funny face or
funny dress”, with a caption or comment posted to each picture. Visit to know more details.

Lavanya’s last laugh
A female saxophone player in the Carnatic music field
in the country, and making it big, is unheard of. Those
who called it impossible, however, ate humble pie

ANUSHA PARTHASARATHY an unforgettable moment.”
As she lists out major awards she has received –

porting a traditional yellow salwar with a hint Rajyotsava Young Talent award, Padmabharathi,
of makeup and a million-dollar smile, India’s Yuva Kala Bharathi and K.S. Mahadevan Critic’s
only lady saxophone player seemed, to me, award to name a few – I am taken aback by the
like a demure Carnatic vocalist who was sudden change in mood and the scepticism in her
about to run to a concert. I discovered how right I eyes as I ask her how difficult it was to get there.
was, only later. “I come from a poor family. When I first came to
M.S. Lavanya, 27, began her career as a saxo- Chennai, I lived in a hostel. Sometimes, I couldn’t
phone player 13 years ago as a student of saxo- even afford to pay my hostel bills and felt like pack-
phone legend Kadri Gopalnath. Between ing my bags home. And, in the hostel, I was never
numerous phone calls about concert dates and allowed to practise in my room. I had to go to
train tickets, she talks passionately about her fa- the terrace from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. everyday
ther, her guru and her first love; the saxophone. Oh and practise in the hot sun because
... I almost forgot... she consented for the interview that was the only time they would
half hour before a concert! give me. There were times when I
“My father is a mridangam player and used to felt so demotivated that I just
accompany Padmasree Kalaimamani Dr. Kadri Go- wanted to quit. But something
palnath in his concerts. I tagged along with them to drove me on. I saw my par-
a few and fell in love with the saxophone’s sounds. ents’ sacrifice. How my
I was also greatly inspired by the legend himself. mother kept encouraging
One day, I walked up to my dad and asked him if I me to play all day long.
could learn the instrument. He immediately ap- She is no more now.
proached Dr. Kadri Gopalnath, who later became And that pushed me
my guru,” she recalls. on... to reach my goal.”
Though a Carnatic saxophone player, she did not The momentary mel-
begin her musical journey as one. “I was a singer ancholy lapses and her
once”, she laughs, turning a tad pink, adding, “Sax- smile is back with a bang
ophone concerts now take up most of my time. when I ask her about her
But, I’ve started brushing up my singing again un- critics. “I have two. My
der the guidance of Srimushnam V. Raja Rao.” father and my guru.
Lavanya sticks out like a sore thumb in the sax- My guru is a thor-
ophone arena, being the only woman in a world ough professional
dominated by men. But she brushes it off non- and expects noth-
chalantly and continues talking with a smile that ing less than per-
seems to be a part of her charming personality. fection. This has
“Saxophone is a hard instrument to play. You need made him my best
a lot of physical energy to sustain a note and it’s critic. My father,
pretty difficult to control. When I began playing, too, is never satisfied
friends and relatives jeered and taunted me saying with whatever I do. He keeps
a woman can never make it big. But now, I’m hav- pushing me harder to make me a
ing the last laugh.” better performer.”
With 500-odd concerts and counting, it is no She finishes the interview with
wonder she is in high spirits. The spirit gets higher a blush and giggle and excuses
when I mention her tryst with Kollywood. “I’ve herself to attend a call as a sax-
been approached many times but haven’t had the ophone tune begins to play on
time. Just once, I played a bit for Sivaji and had the her phone. “My father is happy
most amazing experience – meeting A.R. Rahman. I with my success. And like I
was so taken aback by the fact that he called me. I said, he is never satisfied and
spent the entire day worried and nervous. But he’s keeps asking me to aim high-
such an amazing person and made me feel at er. But when I visit home, the
home. After the recording, he complimented me good thing is, I am always his
saying I am talented and must foray into western naughty little daughter.” ■
music. He even mentioned this to ace drummer
Sivamani who congratulated me personally. It was PHOTO: R. RAVINDRAN
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Take me home
Snowy is a female Pomeranian and is just over one year old.
She’s friendly and enjoys the company of people. If you’d like
to be her new owner, call AWPT at 22781381 or

The sambar’s just the same
Ratna Café in “Ratna Café is a brand in itself.
And I was particular that I would
retain the name that brought in
Triplicane has customers,” Gupta reveals. “Even
though there is no parking space
people pouring in front of the hotel, we still have
customers who park their vehi-
in for a taste of cles on Bells Road, near Kalaivaa-
nar Arangam or Clock Tower to
hire an auto to the restaurant.”
the coffee and Branching out
idli sambar From one hotel in Triplicane,
Gupta expanded it to six outlets –
that their of which four function now. “We
prepare 15, 000 litres of sambar
everyday at Triplicane, where we
grandparents have the central kitchen. The day
starts at 3.30 a.m. for our staff as
loved and we open at 4.30 a.m. at Central
Station. Thanks to chef Kaliape-
enjoyed rumal, sambar still tastes the
According to Gupta, the secret
of the preparation is the use of
V. HARIPRIYA quality raw materials and puri- fied water. “We never compro-
mise on raw materials. Nowhere

or around six decades now, in Chennai will you see hotels us-
a visit to Sri Parthasarathy ing small onions for sambar and
Swamy Temple in Tripli- we avoid using garlic, because of
cane is not complete with- which Brahmins prefer the food
out a cup of coffee at Ratna Café. we serve. The dhania (coriander)
Started in 1948 by Triloknath is sourced from Rajasthan.”
Gupta, a native of Mathura in Ut-
tar Pradesh, Ratna Café is a land- Customer is king
mark joint in namma Chennai. Rajendra Gupta at Ratna Cafe in Triplicane. PHOTOS: R.RAGU Ratna Café, which serves
Despite hailing from North India, breakfast, lunch and dinner, val-
Gupta had the prudence to work ues customer satisfaction more
wonders with idli sambar, the fa- Chef Kaliaperumal preparing the sambar than anything. “We treat all cus-
vourite breakfast of South Indi- tomers equally.” Though there
ans. Hiring chefs and masters are suggestions that the interior
locally, he started selling food of the restaurant needs a change,
that is synonymous with your Gupta has a reason behind not
home food. This attracted the doing up the place.
conservative Tamils of Tripli- “A few years ago we replaced
cane, who found the food clean the wooden tables and chairs
and tasty. with granite. But some of our cus-
As Triplicane was also the Timeline tomers were not that happy. They
‘Bachelors’ Paradise’ with a num- 1948 Triloknath Gupta requested us to retain at least two
ber of mansions, customers opens Ratna Café in sets of wooden chairs and tables,
poured in. So with one branch Triplicane since they were in use since their
Gupta tasted success till 2002. grandparents’ times. The satis-
But, due to his deteriorating 2002 Rajendra Gupta faction they get when they sit on
health conditions he later sold buys Ratna Café from his antique chairs is wordless and we
the café to his nephew, Rajendra uncle had to heed to their request.”
Gupta. 2005 Opens first branch Gupta has plans to open 10
in T. Nagar more outlets in Chennai within
Power shift 2006 The Velachery two years. “Very soon you can ex-
Rajendra Gupta, who was born branch opens pect one more outlet in T. Nagar.
and brought up in Chennai, was Also, we are planning to shift the
also into the hotel business when 2007 A new branch at kitchen to OMR and make it a
he acquired Ratna Café in De- Central Railway Station state-of-the-art kind.” ■
cember 2002. Owner of Picnic opens (Made in Chennai is a column
Hotel near Central Railway Sta- 2008 Opens at RMZ that showcases the evolution of
tion, Gupta retained the original Millienium, Perungudi home-grown businesses that began
name of the café. when the city was Madras)
04 TECHNORAMA ERGO Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of
Isaac Asimov

Snippets sourced
from T3 magazine
of Infomedia18

Tune in
The Samsung LA22A480
is no ordinary LCD TV. A
first of its kind, it allows
you to tune into FM
stations with a click.
How? Smarty pants, it’s
called innovation. It has
a 30-channel memory and
a five band graphic
equaliser. To save power, the
screen switches off in the FM mode –
neat! Go get yours.

BEAST Rs 18,500,

LENOVO’S NEW SMOLDERING LAPTOP It’s 40 YO, one of the elitist’s
single malt, distilled in
Dalmore’s traditional dram-
making process and matured
in oak casks for the smoky
M ake way for Leno’s new bouncer, the ThinkPad W700 Workstation. Designed for the
creative crew, this think tank is chock-a-block with features that will make you
swoon. There’s a built-in digitiser which can be mapped to the entire screen – a boon
cigar flavour: behold Dalmore,
the King of Scotch that
promises to bring the flavours
for animators and designers. For photographers, the built in colour calibrator comes of the bygone era back. And
handy. Hardware specs include a quad core processor, upto 8GB RAM, Quadro mobile with a price tag like this, sip
graphics, hard drives in RAID 0/1, 7-in-1 card don’t gulp, we suggest.
reader, fingerprint reader, Blu-ray burner … hold on, let us catch our breath! Rs 2,95,000,
Rs 1,49,000,

Fitted with dual 2inch drivers and two mics - one
The good thing about mobile phones is to pick up vocal nuances, the other to cancel
that they can replace iPods nicely. The
bad part: the sound unwanted background noise – this slate-box puts
quality. Now how about an all-in-one back the ahhh into listening. There are dedicated
device that’s a Bluetooth Speaker +
Speakerphone + lighter than Bell’s buttons for call answer/end and an auxillary input
tripod? Logitech’s Pure-Fi Mobile means you can pair an MP3 player too.
speaker system, for example.
Rs 10,995,
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Audiophile Alert!
Sony has introduced new noise-cancelling headphones. Its new MDR-NC7 seems
perfect for commute. Convenient to use, foldable and with a swivel action, it
has a battery life of 50 hours. The best part: its price at Rs. 4,490.

An IAS officer, currently under
deputation in UP, combines Google’s
Transliteration and Search APIs to come up
with a regional search engine
who is currently posted as the posted right now, most of the The inspiration for starting the As for the name chhotugoogle-
district magistrate in Sant Kabir documents on Government sites website came from Mr.Prasad’s .com, the young IAS officer just
Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, has come are in Kruti Dev 010 font and wife, who is also an IAS officer in hopes Google would not find any
up with a website that would help there was no method to search UP cadre. “She is from Tamil Na- problem with it. “I thought it
search for Hindi documents in for any term in those du and she is learning … well, has would be easy to remember. Cur-
Unicode and Kruti Dev fonts; and documents.” learnt … Hindi and Administra- rently the site has feature for
Tamil documents in Unicode and “Now I can search using chho- tive Hindi. She felt that if there search only. Interesting addition
Bamini fonts. The portal is curi-, for example, docu- was a search portal for searching would be dierctory of good web-
ously named ‘chottugoogle’ and ments about Revenue Manual Hindi documents on Govern- sites in Hindi/Tamil. I am plan-
combines effectively Google’s when I type ‘rajasv mainual’. This ment websites, it would be useful ning to add more languages and
Transliteration and Search En- would be useful for common for one and all. Then I read about fonts based on the feedback. I am
gine APIs and throws up a myriad public mostly as information un- Google APIs for search and trans- planning to add a typepad with
of possibilities for searching in der RTI, BPL list etc. was in these literation and some javascripts spell check and also dictionar-
Hindi and Tamil languages. fonts. I could find many sites on for conversion of fonts and I ies.” ■
In an email interview with Er- Hindi Literature and Tamil litera- could assemble the site. My sister Mr.Ranvir Prasad welcomes
IAS officer Ranvir Prasad go, Mr.Prasad said: “You do not ture about which I was not aware provided inputs and suggestions feedback on the site. Log on to
creator, need to know how to type in of earlier using and also bought the domain for and send
these scripts. The site has been” me.” your feedback.
developed using Google APIs and
font converter javascripts. Good
thing is that it is easy to add sup-
ERGO CORRESPONDENT port for any other font based on feedback. I have put together this
website during my free time

he World Wide Web is not a mainly to bring out in open a
friendly place for regional large number of webpages in Ta-
languages. The search en- mil and Hindi which were hidden
gine worms mostly scan on- from public view as they were not
ly English documents, and it reflected in earlier searches.”
makes hosting documents in re- Though there are some sites
gional languages a near pointless where one can search in Tamil
exercise sometimes. and Hindi, Mr.Prasad points out
No less than an IAS officer has that one could not search in fonts
now come up with an innovative like Bamini (Tamil) and KrutiDev
portal to address the challenge (Hindi). “This was a great handi-
that is vernacular document cap as there were several sites
search. Ranvir Prasad, who had which would have documents in
earlier served as the district col- these fonts. For example, in Uttar
lector of Thiruvallur district and Pradesh Government, where I am
06 VILLAGE ERGO Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ye olde book
A Cambridge academic has uncovered
what is believed to be the world’s
oldest joke book – from the third

Cops called in as crowds overwhelm IT fair Discovery
More than 700,000 Singaporeans looking for recession-
busting bargains swamped an electronics fair over the lifts off
weekend, forcing organisers to call in the police to maintain The shuttle Discovery
order. blasted off on a
Officers were deployed at an underground link to the venue mission to outfit the
of the IT Show 2009 from a train station to ‘manage the International Space
crowd’, a spokesman for the Singapore Police Force said. Station with a final
“It was really crowded and packed... (but) it was worth pair of solar wings
going because the items were going for rock-bottom ahead of the arrival in
prices,” a visitor said. a few weeks of an
. expanded space crew.
AFP The spacecraft
launched from the
Kennedy Space Centre
in Florida. Just over
Gandhi snaps in poll eight minutes later, the shuttle entered orbit and was
soaring at 28,000 kilometres per hour.
campaign irk Indians The journey was expected to take two days to reach the
The use of Mahatma Gandhi’s photos by the ruling ANC ISS, where the seven-member crew was to deliver and
party in election campaign has created a furore among the install the fourth and final pair of solar wings on the
India-origin people here in Durban. orbiting ISS. Mike Leinbach, launch director for the
The posters are part of the strategy being pursued by the mission, said the lift-off was picture perfect.
African National Congress to get people of Indian-origin to “I have seen a lot of launches and this was the most
vote for it in the forthcoming general election on April 22. visually beautiful,” he told reporters. “It was just
A woman caller to an election talk show on the national spectacular. When the orbiter and the tank, booster got
broadcaster, SABC’s up in the sun light it was just gorgeous.”
Lotus FM radio said AFP
Gandhi was being used
to get Indian people to
vote for the ANC. “I
would like to know
whether this is morally 2 Sri Lankan players still in hospital
and ethically right?,” Two Sri Lankan cricket players remain hospitalised in
she queried. Colombo, two weeks after the squad was attacked by
A political analyst on militant gunmen in Pakistan, the team’s doctor said on
the show, Professor Monday.
Karthy Govender, Thilan Samaraweera, who had a bullet removed from his
responded that he did left thigh, and Ajantha Mendis, who had shrapnel extracted
not think it was from his head and back, are being treated at a private
appropriate for anyone hospital, Geethanjana Mendis said.
to use Gandhi’s name “Samaraweera and Mendis need a little bit more attention
without the permission and we are hopeful we can discharge them within a few
of the family. days,” the doctor said.

Film premiere
goes solar
new film warning of the devas- Postlethwaite turned up in a solar car
tating effects of climate change to the premiere, which was also attend-
was screened in London in what ed by actress Gillian Anderson, designer
organisers said was the world’s Vivienne Westwood on a bicycle and
first solar-powered premiere. Energy and Climate Change Secretary
Oscar-nominated British actor Pete Ed Miliband. In the film, Postlethwaite
Postlethwaite stars in The Age of Stupid, plays an old man living alone in a devas-
which was shown in a solar cinema tent tated 2055, looking back on archive
in Leicester Square and beamed to more footage of 2008 and asking why no one
than 70 cinemas nationwide via a live acted to stop climate change.
satellite link. The Age of Stupid, which opens here
The event’s organisers said they on March 20, took 3.5 years to make and
hoped up to 16,000 people would watch had a budget of just USD 630,000 dollars
the premiere but discouraged anyone provided by 228 individual investors. ■
from flying to London to see it. AFP
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Websites of the day
Want to know what Paris Hilton is wearing this Chocolate power
Autumn? Check out the latest Hollywood fashions: A Devon woman who eats 30 bars of chocolate a week has just
Treat a sore throat: celebrated her 100th birthday.

Riding the recession
the Daniel way
is goal was to get a job and launched his driving tour in Sep-
his tactic was a road trip tember 2008 in Salt Lake City,
through all 50 US states in 50 jobs in Utah, where he worked at a Mor-
50 weeks that landed the mon humanitarian centre. He
unemployed economics major 50 weeks: then headed to Colorado, where
with, yes, 50 jobs. The work he took on a hydrologist job, be-
ranged from rodeos to archaeol- US man’s fore donning cowboy gear to be a
ogy and even a stint keeping job- rodeo announcer in South Dako-
seekers of the illegal sort out of economic ta. Seddiqui set up most of the
the country. jobs in advance and found places
After failing 40 interviews in a odyssey to stay on the road, most often
row, University of Southern Cali- with his employer or a co-worker.
fornia graduate Daniel Seddiqui, “I’ve stayed with all kinds of peo-
26, got creative and launched a ple, from cowboys to Indians to
mission to cross every US state in This handout Arabs to rednecks to just about
as many weeks, rolling up his photo shows everybody,” he said.
sleeves in each one with some Daniel Seddiqui Seddiqui, who said he wants to
kind of employment. working as a make a documentary and write a
“I went through hell almost. I co-pilot in Fargo, book about his journey, had a
invested so much time and effort North Dakota. sound piece of advice for stu-
in my university and yet I did not AFP PHOTO dents struggling to launch their
get anything. It was pretty frus- careers.
trating. Then I was persistent “I recommend to network and
enough to land 50 jobs in 50 travel. Be willing to try anything.
states,” he said. “It’s kind of help- cal 83 union in Kansas City, Mis- border patrol agent in Tucson, chanic in Dearborn, Michigan. Nowadays, you can’t be too
ing me decide what I want to do souri. “He was quick, smart. He’s Arizona and an archeologist in “This is my 25th state, I’m half- picky, especially if you are a new
with my life.” enjoyed it and the guys enjoyed Fayetteville, Arkansas. Most em- way there and I’ve seen a lot of grad,” he said. “It’s going to be
“Dan is probably one of the having him,” he said after Seddi- ployers have paid him or offered different things,” he said, de- hard; you are not going to get
most adaptable people I’ve ever qui trained with them in January. to hire him full-time. Halfway scribing how one man had pulled your dream job on the first day.
met, said Randy Cruse, business Seddiqui has already worked as through his mission on week 25, out a gun in the auto repair shop Step out of your comfort zone.” ■
manager at the Boilermakers Lo- a logger in Medford, Oregon, a he was working as an auto me- just outside Detroit. Seddiqui AFP

Dreaming About Me?
Court serves papers
via Facebook
from his family’s market garden
company account.
Axe was believed to be in Bri-
tain but had been corresponding
by email and was known to have
a site on Facebook, the court in
Wellington was told. Daniel Vin-
cent, the lawyer for the family
company who requested the use
of Facebook, said there had been
difficulties serving the papers, in-
forming Axe that he is being sued,
by conventional methods.
He told the New Zealand Press

A New Zealand judge on Mon-
day approved the serving of
court documents through the so-
Association after the hearing he
believed it was first time a court
in this country had allowed pa-
cial networking website Face- pers to be served through Face-
book on a man being sued over book. The idea came from a case
his business dealings. High Court in Australia in December, when
associate justice David Glendall Facebook was used to serve a
쒀 A Saint Bernard dog called ‘Zuma’ watches a fully-grown miniature horse called
approved the serving of legal pa- court order after a couple default-
‘Willow’ at the “Woofstock 90210" pet show in Beverly Hills. AFP PHOTO/MARK RALSTON
pers on Craig Axe, who is alleged ed on a home loan. ■
to have taken 241,000 dollars AFP
08 SPORT ERGO Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plot to oust dictator
Moves to oust embattled Asian Football Confederation president Mohammed bin Hammam are
gaining momentum with his key challenger insisting support for his “autocratic” rule is rapidly
waning. Bahrain’s Shaikh Salman Ebrahim Al Khalifa will pit himself against Bin Hammam for his
FIFA executive committee seat on May 8 after several recent moves by the Qatari upset powerful
factions of the regional football body.

Lewis Hamilton has come a long way in his
24 years, from a humble English housing
estate to a Swiss mansion, a pop-star
girlfriend and an MBE from the Queen. He is
the youngest champion in
Mission r
Formula One history, its
first black winner and a National football coach Bob Houghton’s plan for
multi-millionaire who splits
opinion both inside and
outside the paddock. Now
Hamilton is braced for what AYON SENGUPTA and former players, has reached a financial situation if we can ar-
could be his most bruising stumbling block related to spon- range such money.”
battle as he defends the sorship. Interestingly, other developing

title he won by just a point n ambitious project to get The AIFF, which was always in soccer nations had run with suc-
in 2008’s rain-drenched, Indian football back on its the doldrums at the management cess similar programmes, like the
knife-edge Brazilian finale. feet at the international lev- level, is now without a head since US before hosting the 1994 World
“You can’t live in the past. el may have at last hit a its ever-serving president Priya Cup, South Korea before the 2002
I don’t say ‘I am world champion’, I say ‘I roadblock after running in un- Ranjan Das Munshi is still in co- Cup and Mexico in 1986.
want to be world champion’,”said Hamilton. usually clear tracks from some- ma after suffering a stroke late The 25-odd players would di-
His F1 debut in 2007 in Australia saw him time. National coach Bob last year and is yet to take a final rectly be under contract to the
finish third, quickly followed by runner-up Houghton has envisaged a plan call on it. One AIFF source says: All-India Football Federation and
positions in Malaysia, Bahrain, Spain and that will keep the country’s top 25 “Financially, the project seems train together in preparation for
Monaco. He won his first Grand Prix in professionals out of contract with Herculean. We need at least Rs. the Asian Cup in Doha in June
Montreal after a flawless drive and followed any club sides for two years. The 40 crore for the players’ salary, 2011. The players would be paid
it up a week later at the famed Indianapolis project, which has already drawn accommodation and other costs. their contract amounts equiva-
track. However, his lack of experience flak from club owners, managers And we are not sure in the current lent to what they would have
eventually saw him squander a 13-point lead
in the championship to lose the 2007 title by
a point to Kimi Raikkonen.

World number one Rafael Nadal breezed
past qualifier Michael Berrer and into the
third round of the Indian Wells Masters
series. Nadal downed Berrer 6-2, 6-1 in just
67 minutes to join defending champion
Novak Djokovic in the third round.
Djokovic, seeded third in the 4.5 million-
dollar tournament behind Nadal and Roger
Federer, defeated 54th-ranked Argentinian
Martin Vasallo Arguello 7-5, 6-4. The
Serbian, who claimed his first title of 2009
at Dubai two weeks ago, went up an early
break in each set
only to
surrender his
serve before
breaking Vasallo
Arguello again.
He closed out
the match on his
second match
point, when the
Argentinian sent
a service return
long. Djokovic
next faces
German veteran
Tommy Haas,
who downed
Rainer Schuettler 6-7 (4/7), 6-2, 6-4. Nadal
booked a meeting with Russian Dmitry
Tursunov, a 7-6 (7/5), 4-6, 6-3 winner over
American qualifier Michael Russell. National coach Bob Houghton trains with his ward
AFP Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi. PHOTO: SHANKER CHA
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In 2007 I supported the West Indies (to win) due to the fact that, as a team, we may have been short in Test
cricket but very good over a shorter game and twenty20 was a version of the game, with players like Chris Gayle,
Ramnaresh Sarwan and Dwayne Bravo, I thought we would love. But then Bangladesh came and beat us and we didn’t win
a match so that shows how difficult it is to predict. A team like India or Pakistan, accustomed to good batting tracks, flat
tracks and capable of being very innovative could be the ones to walk away with the trophy.
Brian Lara

r Asian Cup 2011, although ambitious, might be too farfetched to implement

earned at the club levels and will few of the corporate houses for federation, says: “The AIFF pose is nullified. It’s a backward under-19 players, there is hope
only be available for national lead and associate sponsorship doesn’t even have the capacity to step,” the official says. for the future even if we fail at the
duty. deals. Top on the list is telecom- nurture five players and they are Former skipper Chuni Goswa- Asian Cup.”
AIFF vice-president Subrata munications giant Airtel, which talking about 25. What about the mi, though, sees the logic behind National captain Bhutia tacitly
Dutta, part of the committee de- had earlier entered into a Rs. 100 clubs, their supporters? Without the plan; he fails to understand supports Houghton’s project and
liberating on the project, says: crore deal for AIFF’s proposed a- the top 25 national players the the need to spend so much mon- says: “Even Guss Hiddink did the
“We had a meeting and have cademy in Goa. However, the domestic league will lose its ey on players who are almost past same with the South Korean side
drawn some tentative plans. We talks have not been fruitful so far. sheen.” their prime. “Bhaichung (Bhutia), in 2002 and they had great suc-
have put those on paper and it Houghton’s plan says the The clubs are united in their Deepak (Mandal) and Mahesh cess. (They reached the semi-fi-
would be handed over to our act- players will live and train together stand and officials of defending Gawli are all good players but at nals of the World Cup). I have
ing president (Civil Aviation Min- and play at least 30 international I-League champions Dempo also the most they will last another only heard about it from new-
ister Praful Patel). A final call will matches prior to the competition. walk the same line. “I-League was two or three years. And after spaper reports and it won’t be
be taken after he goes through it.” But if there are takers for the structured as a professional setup spending crores if we are knocked right for me to make sweeping
According to sources, the AIFF plan, there are many more de- to put football back in its rightful out in the first round the whole statements about it. But if han-
top brass is serious about the pro- tractors. Mohun Bagan secretary place and now if we take all the money goes waste,” he says. “On dled in a proper way it can help
ject and is already in talks with a Anjan Mitra, taking a dig at the top players away, the whole pur- the other hand, if we invest on immensely.” ■

ds at the
10 FLICK ERGO Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tees saal baad
‘Little Zizou’ puts Parsis in comic spotlight after 30 years

ROBIN BANSAL tionships. Since then all movies Photographer-writer Tarapore- of Little Zizou along with apro with the character of Khodaiji
on Parsis have brushed aside the wala, who made her directorial Zubin’s portrait on the wall,” says (one of the characters) whose

ollywood provided a hilari- comic punch to portray the com- debut with Little Zizou after writ- Taraporewala. name literally means ‘god’ but
ous take on Parsis with the munity’s angst with grim dramas ing Mira Nair’s acclaimed films “Indira Gandhi was married to who in reality is nothing of the
1978 film Khatta Meetha, like Pestonjee (1988), Percy (1990), like Salaam Bombay! and Missis- a Parsi (Feroze Gandhi) and sort and capitalises on his fortu-
which starred Ashok Ku- 1947: Earth (1998) and Being Cy- sippi Masala, has woven together many in the community thought nate name, just as Mrs. Gandhi
mar and Pearl Padamsee. Thirty rus (2005). every possible trait of the it was lucky for her that he had sometimes did,” she explains.
years later, Sooni Taraporewala’s “Thematically, Parsis in films community. the ‘Gandhi’ surname, as most Both Kaul and Taraporewala
Little Zizou is another humorous have been a more modest and se- For example, Parsis’ habit of people thought she was related to point out that there have been
insight into the community, tak- rious vein with only two films, boasting about every little the Mahatma and had no clue numerous instances where Parsis
ing digs at their stereotypical Khatta Meetha and Baaton Baa- achievement is lucidly shown in that this was not so. I brought this have been typecast for small ap-
oddities. ton Mein, being made on a lighter Little Zizou. This includes the up in a humorous way to link it pearances in Bollywood movies.
Khaata Meetha highlighted the note than the handful of the rest. presence of a Zubin Mehta por- “There have been movies over
biggest dilemma among Parsis – While the former is remembered trait in every Parsi house and the the years that have typecast the
their problem with inter-caste for its comic genius, the latter oft-repeated talk about Indira community by depicting a Parsi
marriage. An offspring from such was a mixed-affair in terms of Gandhi being married to a Parsi. character in comic situations in
a union is considered to be a non- comic touches,” says noted film “Zubin Mehta collectively be- trademark attire for a Parsi re-
Parsi, resulting in their fast dwin- historian Gautam Kaul. longs to every Parsi mother – he is semblance,” says Kaul.
dling numbers, which is pegged “apro” or “our” Zubin. A love for “The stock Parsi man in his
at about 100,000 now in India. and deep knowledge of Western white dugli and black pheta and
But Little Zizou talks about reli- classical music is a very Parsi the woman in her gara sari – this
gious fundamentalism and re- Baton trait. Many people in Mumbai is what some of us (Parsis) wear
form, while putting the spotlight Baton have an experience of their Parsi to weddings but in Bollywood
on traits unique to the Mein neighbours blasting classical mu- films all Parsis have to be dressed
community. sic and I used that in the opening like this even if they are standing
One did have Basu Chatterjee’s at the bus stop waiting for a bus,”
Baaton Baaton Mein (1979), but remarks Taraporewala.
that was more focussed on rela- National Award-winning film-
maker Jahnu Barua says, “It’s ve-
Khatta Meetha ry unfortunate that our audience
has been spoiled over the years
and they are not mature enough
to accept such films. Take Khatta
Meetha for example and now Lit-
tle Zizou – these films are brilliant
attempts at bringing back the el-
bowed out culture of their com-
Being Cyrus munities.” ■
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Manisha rejects cameo role
Actress Manisha Koirala was overjoyed when she was offered a role by
actor-turned-director Amol Palekar in his new film. But later she refused
to accept the role as it turned out to be just a cameo.

Rourke on a roll Cine City
Mickey Rourke to play
Russian villain in ‘Iron
Man 2’

ctor Mickey Rourke has bagged
yet another good role as the Rus-
sian villain in Iron Man 2, after
being nominated for an Oscar for
his work in The Wrestler.
A report published by the website says that
the producers had earlier offered
Rourke just 250,000 dollars for this role.
However, they significantly increased
the money offer after Rourke’s agent,
David Unger, played hardball.
According to the New York Post,
Rourke was also being considered for a
villainous role in Sony’s Spider-Man 4.
Ayan for April release
Rourke has also been offered a role Actor Suriya’s upcoming flick, Ayan, would hit
by Sylvester Stallone in the fifth Rambo the theatres soon. Sources predict that the movie
film. He will reportedly play the baddie might release on April 3. Said to be a love story,
in the flick, which is due to be filmed the movie is directed by K.V. Anand, who earlier
later this year. made Srikanth, Prithviraj and Gopika starrer
The actor will also start filming Stal- Kana Kandaien. Suriya and Tamannah pair up
lone’s new thriller, The Expendables, for the first time in Ayan. The music scored by
alongside Ben Kingsley, Sandra Bullock, Harris Jeyaraj is already topping the charts.
Jet Li, Jason Statham and Forest Whi-
taker. ■

Who dumped who?
J ennifer Aniston is angry and
is telling friends that she
dumped singer John Mayer.
However, media reports say
Mayer was the one who
dumped her.
The 40-year-old Aniston and
the 32-year-old rocker broke up
after she returned to the US
from Britain after promoting
her new movie Marley and Me,
A source said: “Aniston start-
ed considering dumping Mayer
Busy bee
after he apparently went cold Director Vikram K. Kumar is a happy man
after the Oscars.” these days. His latest movie, Yaavarum Nalam,
Her friends reveal that Anis- has reaped good collections at the box office.
ton felt angry and used. A Even the Hindi version, 13B, has generated
source said: “They had a great positive vibes. 13B was released in the US in 10
time at the Oscars, but he theatres and made a collection of $1,752 so
seemed to go cold right after. far. Though the director has received plenty of
It’s humiliating.” ■ offers from Bollywood, he is keen on doing a
IANS Tamil film next.
12 ERGO Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday’s Query: from HCL has
nominated his
friends. The
The Pussycat Dolls are picture was
clicked at
working with A.R. Mamalla
Resort in ECR.
Rahman on a ‘Jai Ho’
remix. What is your
favourite remixed song
till date and why?
Thottal poo malarum. Because it is
much better than the original, and
Hariharan and Harini lend freshness
to the song that makes it very
Ahalya (TCS)
Ponmagal vandhaal from Azhagiya
Thamizh Magan. Because of
Illayathalapathy’s excellent dance and Premi Moses
acting. No one can beat him. from Cognizant
Kuppusamy Nattudurai (CSS), Shebin Performance
Benjamin (Allsec) Testing CoE
A.R.Rahman’s thottal poo malarum sent us this
from New. Unlike other music picture.
directors he did not emulate the The picture was
same old tone. Came up with a new clicked for the
tone and it was a massive hit, which Testing Annual
created a trend for remixes. Event called
Deena (Wipro), Ganesh Kumar (Technip) ’Nakshatra’,
Mitwa - revisited from Kabhi Alvida where the
Na Kehna by Shankar-Eshaan-Loy. members
They remixed their own tune of the walked the
same movie. It was a good classical- ramp.
western fusion
Mukund SCB (Scope International)
Margo margo margayi. A very nice
song wonderfully remixed in the
ragam kanada of the famous
“alaipayuthey” song
Padma Gopal (Cognizant)
En aasai mythiliye (Manmadhan)
Pradeep (Mphasis)
Western suprapaatham by Rahman Vijay from
because it’s trendy Accenture has
Hashim (Allsec) nominated his
Inji eduppalagha because I like the friends as
female voice Partners in
Yuvaraj (Technip) Crime. The
Remix of Vande Mataram is my picture was
favourite. Whenever listening to this shot before a
my eyes drop a couple of tears for hotel in ECR.
my mother India
Saranya.M (Cognizant)

Today’s query:
One extra-curricular
activity companies
must add to their
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

■ Dear Rajkumar (Gun), ■ Hi Anil,
Wishing you a Happy Birthday. I Glad congratulations and heartfelt
hope all your dreams and wishes wishes
Jagan Mohan K. V. N. of come true. Not just a year older, but Wish you Happy Married life.
Sella Synergy India has a year better. Here’s to another year Best Regards,
been nominated as Office of experience. A simple celebration, a D.Yaseen Taj, Cognizant Technology
Angel by M. Ilayaraja. gathering of friends; here’s wishing Solutions
Jagan Mohan is kind, you great happiness, a joy that never ■ Dear Balaji,
cool-headed and fun-lov- ends. A birthday is just the first day I’m wishing you another year of
ing person. He is a great of another 365-day journey around laughter, joy and fun.
motivator of our team. He the sun. Enjoy the trip. Surprises, love and happiness and
handles any issues with Jesi, Christo, Rajesh, Hari, Murali, Srini, when your birthday’s done,
ease. He is a positive Kani, Chinpapa, Cheattu, Suresh, Senthil, I hope you feel deep in your heart
thinker and team builder. Samy, Jeni As your birthdays come and go
■ Dear Shailu, How very much you mean to me
When god made you he was having More than you can know
a good day! You are so special to us, Aparna S, Tata Consultancy Services
we all respect you and get inspired ■ Dear RJ Balaji
by you. Your dedication is great. You Wish u happy birthday.
mean so much to us. Many many Kodiyil pookkum malarai vida oru
happy returns of the day. nodiyil pookkum punnagai than
May you live 100 more years. azhagu
Always with you, So always keep smiling.
Hari & Siri Happy birthday.
■ Dear Buhari, Regards,
Wishing you belated birthday Balaji Perumal
wishes!! May all your dreams come Tata Consultancy Services
true!! ■ Akka,
God bless you!! Wish you many more happy returns
Friends, of the day.
New Age Software and Solutions, Ashok With love,
Art featured in this Nagar Tharuthala Thambi
column will re- ■ Hi Vani (Immigration team, CTS) ■ My dear Fathima Mariam,
ceive gift coupons Congrats!! You have won again! You Making happy birthday wishes,
from Fruit Shop on have proved to this world that your is a pleasant thing to do,
Greams Road. words will reach greater heights. You especially when the birthday is yours,
Send in your ad- have shown me how a woman can and the wishes are for you.
dresses so that we be so powerful, caring and an From Morning till night,
can post the cou- affectionate friend. Above all I still May your birthday be bright,
pons. admire your goodness. Keep rocking. And nicer than ever before.
Almighty god and your best friend And as years come and go,
(that’s me) are always with you. Wish May your happiness grow,
you all success in your future and your dreams come true.
Endeavour’s. I wanna you see more Happy Birthday My Dear Fathima!!!
Narayanan L.R. of Williams Lea of your success… TATA Regards
India, Tidel Park doodle this Regards Shehanaz, Nasreen, Ismail
picture of ’Father of the Nation’. Shankar Nagappan Thirdware Solutions Pvt Ltd
■ My dear Sweet Gayathri,
Pappu wishes you many more happy
returns of the day. You’re my most
precious wealth I have ever earned.
I wish you a peaceful and happy life.
I thank god for blessing me with such Belated messages
a loving and caring girl like you. ■ Like the sweet music from the
With lots of luv, Urs, flute of Kannan,
Birahadish, Wipro Technologies Your warm and friendly nature can
■ Dear Shamee, be matched by none,
Wish you a many more happy returns You remove darkness from our life
of the day. Each year of your by lighting the lamp of knowledge,
Man-1: Do you know my friend is a very good fast bowler? birthday reminds us that we really You make us feel precious & rare like
Man-2: Really? want to say we are very much glad 24ct gold,
Man-1: Yes, while we play cricket in the first ground, he will be we know you. We think of you each How much you mean to us in a
running from the second ground to bowl and the wicket keeper day. We hope you enjoy your words it can never be told,
will be standing in the third ground with fear. birthday. All the pleasures it has in May god fill with joy & happiness
------------------------ store. And because we appreciate your every single day,
Man-1: Yesterday we couldn’t touch your friend bowling with you. We hope you have many more! Team DEPOSITS wishes you a very
our bat? Cheers Happy Birthday.
Man-2: Has he bowled excellently? SDP TEAM & Friends Vijay Vaidyanathan, Accenture
Man-1: No, he has bowled only wide balls, then how could we
touch with bat?
Mohamed Yusufdeen J, HCL Technologies
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coffin catastrophe
A Croatian motorist who
crashed through an undertakers’
window woke up to find
himself in an open coffin.


Anything for that catch!
Sent by Sivakumar
Sriramulu of TCS

Preference this month is being
given to photographs that talk
about ‘happiness’, which you
need to tell us in a line or two.
Please do not repeat any of
your previous pictures and also
make sure that the photograph
is people-oriented. Happiness is
not always a smile, so put on
your thinking caps and keep
Winners can collect their gift
vouchers on Sundays, between
3 p.m. and 5 p.m. at Ergo
So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space, with credit.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Trusty cuppa Word’s worth
A psychologist says tea “Deglutition” (dee-gloo-tish-uhn) the action of swallowing. The
and coffee really do taste verb, even rarer than the noun, is deglute. It could be brought back
better from your favourite into fashion with a new figurative sense: “You can’t expect me to
cup or mug. deglute that excuse! What a feat of deglutition that would be.”


Try to move out somewhat today. You’ve got to
take action soon. It’s one of those days when
you’re at your best in constant motion, so make
sure you’re as busy as you can possibly be. Ganesha
suggests you to be quick but make right decisions.

You’re brimming with anger over some recent
injustice and need to do whatever you can to make
it right. See if you can get your friends to rally
behind a new way of doing things. Ganesha is with
you in every right step you take.

There’s no need to take much of anything seriously
BORN LOSER today. You’ve got plenty going on, but it’s just the
kind of day in which you can take a break and just
enjoy the superficial pleasures of life. So go ahead
and enjoy, says Ganesha.
When shopping today, go for quality over price. You
need the very best! Ingredients for baking, tech
gadgets and even your morning coffee are all part
of the program and you want what you deserve.
Ganesha says go ahead and have a great day.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
You have the ability to think out of the box and
today your creative ideas are going to make a great
impact on your colleagues and friends. Be the
centre of attraction and enjoy says Ganesha.

You thrive on activity, but today brings almost too
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT much for you to handle! It’s one of those days
when you wish you were still in bed every few
hours or so, but you can handle it all with a smile.
A calm and wonderful day for you.
You can see the big picture today, probably better
than most of the people around you, so speak out
and lead the way toward the next big thing. It’s
easy for you to make a difference. You have that
quality in you, Ganesha wishes all the very best.
Your sense of power is making life a lot more
interesting and you ought to be able to get your
friends to see that things are working out for all of
you. A little more time to tip the balance is all you
need. Wait and watch, suggests Ganesha.
Say something that feels a little risky and see how
it goes. You are more likely than ever to get
yourself some good feedback if you try a little
harder. People want to see you push the envelope.
Give it a push, says Ganesha.
The warmth and goodwill you generate today will
benefit you now and even later. Those living away
from home and family will return after successful
sojourn. Pack your suitcase and get ready, says
PREVIOUS Try not to get too worked up over your latest
relationship glitch. These things happen and today’s
ISSUE’S is just a sign that things are working normally. So
spend some quality time with your loved ones and
SOLUTIONS clear all the misunderstandings, suggests Ganesha.
You need to slow down and cut back your schedule
just a bit. Things are getting a little out of hand!
Say no a few times just to practice, so you can say
it and mean it when the time is right, says
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This handout
photograph released
by Tourism New
Zealand on Monday
shows Indian
cricketers (L-R)
Harbhajan Singh,
V.V.S. Laxman, Yuvraj
Actor Mary-Kate Singh, Sachin
Olsen attends The Tendulkar and Zaheer
Metropolitan Khan walking on the
Opera’s 125th edge of the Auckland
Anniversary Gala Sky Tower in
at The Auckland on
Metropolitan Saturday. The
Opera House, cricketers performed a
Lincoln Center sky walk atop the
on Sunday in 192-metre Auckland
New York City. Sky Tower, the tallest
AFP PHOTO man-made structure
in the Southern
Hemisphere. AFP PHOTO

Japan’s government-sponsored research
laboratory AIST unveils the new
humanoid robot ’HRP-4C’. It is 158 cm
tall and weighs 43 kg and is able to
make human face-like motions. The
HRP-4C, called Cybernetic Human, has
42 actuators and several sensors on its
body and will debut at a fashion show
in Tokyo later this month. AFP PHOTO