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Brothers of Howell Lodge #38 F&AM,

April 2013

Your Brothers are looking forward to sharing an evening of fellowship and friendship with you at our meeting Wednesday, April 3 at 7:00 PM. Always remember to greet your Masonic Brothers with a firm and friendly handshake and words of welcome. The annual and shareholder’s meeting will be conducted in Fellowship Hall immediately following the regular business meeting. Junior Warden Doug Belser with help from the Stewards will provide food and refreshments for all in attendance. At the April 3rd meeting several petitions will be read and investigating committees created to visit prospective members. JW Doug Belser will provide an update on the Saturday, April 6th annual Spaghetti Dinner which will be served from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. All Brothers have received tickets for this major event and almost every day Secretary Bill New has been receiving ticket money from local Brothers as well as those who’ve move to states across the country. In fact, Howell #38 has loyal and contributing Brothers in California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. This is a major philanthropic activity sponsored by our Lodge and is always well attended. Over the years the Spaghetti Dinner has raised thousands of dollars which the Lodge contributes to support the ARC of Livingston. We still need Brothers to volunteer to help with the April 7-10 Poker Tournament held at Northville Downs. Please check your calendars and let WM Dave Finney know if you can assist with this tournament. Profits from the Poker Tournament are used for scholarships for local students and the remodeling of the Lodge room. SW Steven New reminds us that scholarship application deadlines are rapidly approaching. Last year six young men and women were each recipients of $720.00 scholarships. Also, Brother Donel Shunney has established a Facebook site for Howell Lodge #38 F&AM. Check it out. Thanks to Brother Jesse Davey for serving as the webmaster for the Lodge’s website and constantly updating and maintaining the site. A brief summary of March activities: At the March 6th, meeting several Brothers were presented with pins, certificates and gavels in honor of their longtime affiliation with Masonry. WM David Finney and Secretary Bill New recognized John Chenoweth for 70 years, John Hoose, Tom O’Brien and Ray Pollick for 50 years and Matt McClanahan for 25 years of continuous membership. Not present to receive their 40-year awards were Gaylord Dennis, Charles Garlock, Radney Tucker and Floyd Harden. March 16th, Livingston Lodge hosted the annual Royal Arch Masonic dinner honoring the Masters of Livingston County Lodges. March 20th the Lodge initiated an Entered Apprentice who’ll possibly advance to the Fellowcraft degree in April. Also on March 27th at Pinckney’s Livingston Lodge, PGM Bob Conley presented a promising and productive Masonic Mentoring Program that focused on renewal and retention of members. A final thought is derived from the Grand Lodge of Michigan’s Six Steps to Initiation workbook: “A Lodge of Freemans is the temple of peace, harmony and brotherly love; nothing is allowed to enter which has the remotest tendency to disturb the quietude of its pursuit. A calm inquiry into the beauty of wisdom and virtue, and the study of moral geometry, constitute the chief employments in the tyled recesses of the lodge. The lessons of virtue which proceed from the East, like rays of brilliant light from the rising sun, illuminate the West and South, and as the work proceeds, are carefully imbibed by the workmen. Thus, while wisdom contrives the plan, strength lends its able support to the moral fabric, and beauty adorns it with curious and cunning workmanship. All this is accomplished without any compulsory or coercive means, but on the

principle of friendship and brother love, which guards the precincts of our temple that nothing may enter to disturb the peaceful sanctity of the holy place.” If you’ve not attended Lodge recently, make plans to attend and discover what future activities are being planned for 2013. Your Brothers are waiting to greet you. Upcoming events: April 3 April 6: April 7-19: April 22: May 1: May 18: May 20-21: Fraternally, David D. Finney, WM Annual Shareholder’s Meeting (Following the regular meeting) Spaghetti Dinner 5-8 PM Poker Tournament at Northville Downs Lodge of Instruction at Stockbridge Lodge, 7:00 PM Regular meeting Howell History Days & Masonic Lodge Open House Grand Lodge at Mt. Pleasant’s Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort

From the Secretary Happy Birthday to these April Birthday Brothers Mark Alm; Brandon Balog; Clay Bartsch; Jeff Hanson; Charles McChristy; Donald Minix; Dale Smith PM.; Thon Thiel; Robert Watson; and Homer Wooden. Congratulations Brothers Well spring is here, at least what little Mother Nature is letting us be part of. The Lodge is quite busy with new candidates, and more to come. Grand Lodge is just around the corner with some new and much talked about legislation to be acted upon, the most controversial is the pending amendment regarding National criminal background checks. I personally believe this is long overdue, there has been a number of Lodges’ that would have benefited if this legislation had been in place years ago. Most recently, there was a Lodge that had two nefarious characters who got in and made their way to the Treasurers’ and Secretaries’ offices and made off with the Lodge funds. Lodges have to be reminded that there is a reason to have an annual audit of the books when the new Master takes office. Our society has become very transient, the local Lodges are getting a lot of inquiries thru the Grand Lodge web site, and the people that are interested in joining must be thoroughly checked out. There are still 16 brothers that still owe 2013 dues, please remit them as soon as possible. Fraternally, William New, PM. Secretary

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