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Generation X

What if there was no News?

Peter Cialkowski
Skye McCarthy
My Phan
Fatema Rajmohamed
Hannah Rucker
Courtney Weiss

January 27, 2009

CAST (in order of appearance)

Mary Stevens..............................Fatema Rajmohamed
Nancy Patrone.......................................My Phan
Cynthia Johansson............................Courtney Weiss
Jill Myers....................................Skye McCarthy
Danny Masterson............................Peter Cialkowski
Amy Myers.....................................Hannah Rucker






MUSIC PLAYING: It’s Still Rock n’ Roll to Me by Billy Joel

(MARY is getting ready for school; she steps in front or a
mirror. She is putting on a necklace. FREEZEFRAME on MARY
for a few seconds; shows her name, age, and high school at
the bottom of the screen. Video segment returns to her
getting ready for school, and then leaving on the bus.)


(NANCY is walking down the hallway, pushing people out of
her way. FREEZEFRAME on NANCY; shows her name, age, and
high school at the bottom of the screen. The screen then
returns to her pushing her way through the hallway.)

(CYNTHIA is putting up gay rights signs around the school.
FREEZEFRAME on CYNTHIA with gay rights poster in the
background; shows name, age, and high school at the bottom
of the screen. Video returns to her putting up posters.)


(Screen shows JILL is getting off a bus. She puts on a
leather jacket; FREEZEFRAME on JILL for a few seconds
showing her name, age, and high school at the bottom of the
screen. She resumes putting on her jacket, and then leaves
the bus, walking towards the school.)


(DANNY is playing the guitar on a bench outside of school;
FREEZEFRAME on DANNY showing his name, age, and high school
at the bottom of the screen. Video segment returns to DANNY
leaving the bench, and walking towards the school.)


(AMY is playing with her Rubik’s Cube. NANCY enters the
screen and knocks it out of her hands. FREEZEFRAME on AMY
dodging for the Cube, her name, age, and high school are
shown at the bottom of the screen. Video returns to JILL
walking up to her, JILL and NANCY share glances and NANCY
walks away. The bell rings.)






(Bell rings)

(Students walk in to classroom)

STUDENT #1: (making funny face) Gross me out, Government.

STUDENT #2: (taking seat) For sho? It’s one of my favorite
(STUDENTS take their seats and continue talking)

TEACHER: (Standing up from the desk) Now, settle down!

(Paper airplane is thrown towards TEACHER.)

TEACHER: Very funny! (looks STUDENT #3) Pick it up!

(STUDENT #3 gets off seat and picks up the paper airplane)

TEACHER: (looks around) Did anyone watch the news over the
Christmas break? If so, please share your thoughts about
the incident between the Soviets and Afghanistan. Who would
like to start?

Amy: (raises hand eagerly) Oh! Pick me!

TEACHER: Only Amy? (eyebrow raises) I’m sure more than one
of you must at least caught a glimpse at the News when you
were clicking around for your shows.

AMY: (raise still raised) Oh!

NANCY: (tauntingly) Oh, bag your face, (laughs) you’re such
a schmooze.

TEACHER: Danny, since you were so active, would mined
telling the class about the conflict between these two

DANNY: (stands up) Well, as a matter a fact, I don’t mind
telling you.

(The class laughs)

DANNY: The conflict involved the Soviet Union forces
supporting the Marxist People’s Democratic Party of
Afghanistan against the Mujahidin resistance. The United

States in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other
Muslim countries supported the Mujahidin resistance.

TEACHER: (looking aghast) Wow Danny. I must say, I am quite
impressed. (looking around the classroom) Would anyone else
like to elaborate?

(AMY raises and waves her hand)

TEACHER: Amy, would you like to say something?

(AMY nods excitedly)

AMY: (confidently) The Afghan government requested to the
Soviet Union to send forces into Afghanistan to assist them
in the fight against the Mujahidin rebels. The rebels had
led a military coup against the government of Afghanistan.
The Soviet Union responded to the call of aid from the
original Afghan government by sending in tanks and crews
into Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, to secure the airfields.
The anti-communist rebels then sought support from the
United States. U.S. services began to aid the Mujahidin
forces. President Carter even signed an order authorizing
the CIA to conduct covert propaganda operations against the
communist regime.

TEACHER: Very good Amy. I’m glad somebody pays attention to
the details of the war.

(“Dork!” is being said in the background)

MARY: (says without raising her hand) Weren’t the two
countries fighting over the Persian Gulf because the region
contained oil reserves and natural gas reserves?

CYNTHIA: Hella’ I have seen that. Didn’t the Soviet dress
up as the Afghan and used the “Trojan tactic” on them? It
went something like the Soviet Union dressing up as Afghans
and being airlifted into Afghanistan to overthrow the
regime of the coup president, Hafizollah Amin.

TEACHER: Yes, that is true. But for a better description of
the war, I want all of you that didn’t pay attention to the
news over your winter break, let’s watch this video.

(Teacher puts a video in the VCR)


(A video segment on Afghan war)

(video segment ends)


(TEACHER turns of the TV and turn back to the students)

TEACHER: (leans against the desk) I can understand, for
most “young adults” your age, you are more interested in
“socializing” than your future. However, please understand
and be appreciative of the US ARMY during this time of
crisis (pause). The conditions for the soldiers are very
harsh. The soldiers are being infected with malaria,
hepatitis, typhus and many other sicknesses that I am sure
most of you have never heard of. They are risking their
lives for peace...

(The screen pans across the students in room while the
TEACHER is talking, then focuses on DANNY.)

DANNY: (curiously) What does it take to become a soldier?

NANCY: (mockingly) No way Danny! You in the Army? As if!




(Students rush across the stage from behind the screen; the 
crowd disperses stage right, leaving DANNY and NANCY at  
their lockers.) 

NANCY: I can’t believe people actually want to waste their 
lives for those messed­up­country. If a country cannot 
protect itself, what is the point in fighting for them?

DANNY: I dunno, might not be so bad. Think about it Nanc, if 
we can get the Soviets out of Afghanistan, it proves 
something. We can’t let the commies take over one country to 
the next. Haven’t you heard the about domino affect. 

NANCY: I’m sorry, I prefer my history class to be my nap
time. And as if! We’re sending soldiers overseas to fight a
battle that could be resolved through compromise.

DANNY: And what kind of compromise is that? If we keep
giving in to these compromises... They’ll keep asking for
more. We want to stop them completely, not negotiate.

NANCY: Ugh! Stop being such a bohunk! (storms off stage

(DANNY signs, drops his head, mumbles, and mopes off stage






(NANCY is sitting under a tree reading a book and CYNTHIA
approaches her, the two converse)

CYNTHIA: Hey after finals do you want to go see that new
movie, ah, what’s it called (taps her chin)?

NANCY: Well it could be Poltergeist, Star Track, maybe it’s
E.T., Mega Force, or Blade Runner... (about to continue)

CYNTHIA: (exites) Yeah, that’s it, E.T. So how ‘bout it? I
heard it was about an alien who was lost, and wound up on
Earth somehow. If it’s anything like those other sci-fi
movies, I think it’ll be good. The last one we saw, Escape
from New York, was so futuristic... it was insane. Didn’t
you go see that with us?

NANCY: Ha, yeah, their plot was intense, ugh, I don’t want
the world to end up with high crime rates, and turn into a
real life Gotham city. (thinking) Technology is suppose to
bring us good, but I don’t know if it’s worth all the
trouble it could case. Even graphic novels like Watchmen
show the dangers technology can create. Gag me with a
spoon, I don’ want to live in that world.

NANCY: (nodding) I totally agree, technologic advances
scare me. But as for E.T., wouldn’t it be insane if there
were life on other planets? Hey wait, did you hear about
that retired policeman seeing strange flashing lights in
the sky last Christmas? I mean, he said it didn’t look like
any form of man-made aircraft... but what else could it be?
Ugh, that story is so like, oh my God! Wait ... who else is
coming to the movie with us?

(Mary walks into the screen, and sits near CYNTHIA)

CYNTHIA: Wait, was that on the news? (looks disbelieve) I
didn’t hear anything about any sightings. (laughs) He is a
retired old guy though, maybe his meds were messed up and
he went loopy. Where was he anyway? Oh...and Jill and Danny
are coming, if that’s okay.

NANCY: Ugh, I hope Jill doesn’t invite her lame sister. But
the old-bag in New York was probably off his rocker at the
time. I mean, it was Christmas, he was probably feeling
pretty good.

(MARY starts to listen in on the conversation closely)

CYNTHIA: (laughs) That concludes our mystery. (searching
through her bags) Well, there might be a slight chance the
weirdo coming with us. Make me barf!

NANCY: Schya.

MARY: Wait, are you talking about Amy or the Aliens?

(NANCY and CYNTHIA turn their attention to MARY)

NANCY: (smirk) Amy now, why?

MARY: I don’t see why you’re making fun of her, I mean,
aren’t you B.F.F. with her sister, Jill?

NANCY: (rolls eyes) I’m only speaking the truth, she’s a
total dweeb. What club was she pictured in on the school
newspaper...Biology Club? Come on, that’s lame.

MARY: You should really try to be more open-minded.



(JILL is standing at her locker; CYNTHIA enters stage
right, and catches JILL before she leaves)

CYNTHIA: Hey, you’re going to the movie tonight, right?

(CYNTHIA runs up and taps JILL on the shoulder)

JILL: (turns around) Yeah, why?

CYNTHIA: Is your sister tagging along?

JILL: Well, I did tell I was going to see E.T. with her
sometime, so yea, I invited her, Is that a problem?

CYNTHIA: (shakes head) No, no, I just invited Nancy, that’s
all. I don’t think those get along well.

JILL: (rolls eyes) Ugh, really? I didn’t think Nancy was
into that sci-Fi stuff.

CYNTHIA: I dunno, she seems to know a lot about aliens and
UFO. Did you heard about that old guy sighting the UFO last
Christmas? I think it was in New York...scary stuff.

(the two slowly walks away; exiting stage right)

JILL: Ugh...I’ll just go with my sister some other time.
(stops walking) Dude, really? It was a UFO? I didn’t know
that, I thought the old man just saw flashing lights. Where
did you get the 411?

CYNTHIA: From Nancy? Who would have thought, right? She
actually paid attention to the news. (turns around) Have
you even heard the tales about First Lady Nancy Reagan?

JILL: Oh please, that story is so March. She was dressing
in those ragged clothes only to be on the good side of the
press. I mean, even though it was just a ploy to stop
people from accusing her of spending too much. But, who
wears second-hand clothes in public?!

Cynthia: (laughs) Well then, you haven’t seen some of the
talk shows with her as a guest. Man, that women won’t stop
talking about drug abuse.

JILL: I’ve been busy. Well, every First Lady does that.
They only focus on one topic throughout their husbands
term. (looks at the watch) Look at the time, I gotta motor
or the parental units are going to deck me (runs-exit stage

CYNTHIA: (scream-runs after-exit stage right) You’re still
coming to the movie right?

(JILL voices “Fer sure!” behind the stage as the light went
black for video transition)






(NANCY and DANNY are sitting on the couch. They are
watching The Smurfs. DANNY’s MOTHER walks into the room;
she is covering the mouthpiece of a phone.)

MOTHER: (talking to DANNY) Hey Danny boy! Turn the channel
to 23!

DANNY: (hesitant) Why? This is the newest episode; we’ve
been waiting for this.

MOTHER: (looks displease) Please boy! Your Aunt Donna just
told me President Reagan is going to put lasers in space.

DANNY: (changes channel) You haven’t heard this? (hands her
the remote)

MOTHER: You don’t want to stay to watch?

(DANNY pulls NANCY off the couch; about to leave the room)

DANNY: No worries, we watched his speech earlier.

(DANNY and NANCY exit)



(NANCY is sitting on one of the couches while DANNY is
getting drinks)

NANCY: (complaining) Why did we leave? I kinda wanted to
watch his speech; I didn’t get to see all of it earlier.

(DANNY returns with two cups; hands NANCY one then settle
himself on the couch)

DANNY: (takes a sip) It’s everything you already know, he’s
just telling everyone how he’s going to save the world by

putting lasers in space. (laughs) I can’t believe they’re
trying to pull this off, like we have the technology.

NANCY: (intrigue) It is a little far fetched, but then
again, we were the one who dropped the atomic bomb. I can
see why this is being publicize. He’s just doing it to scare 
away the Soviets. And it’s working.

DANNY: They’re not the only ones. What if this turns into
World War III? I mean, we already had a Russian scare, when
they invaded Afghanistan. Why would they need to pretend to
put lasers in space if nothing is wrong! I mean...(quietly)
I didn’t think I would be signing up for nuclear war once I
got out of high school.

NANCY: (chokes) Wait, what?

DANNY: (realizes) I mean where do you see yourself after
high school?

NANCY: College, (sounds unsure) that seems to be the place
where everyone wants to go nowadays, but realistically
(pause; lights up) I want to be an apprentice as a
bartender; then I’m going to open my own business. (starts
to blush) Perhaps, settle down have some kids? What do you

(NANCY turns toward DANNY looking determined)

DANNY: (seems uninterested) That’s a good plan Nance, but
for me, realistically, I doubt I could get in anywhere that
can supply me with a solid college education.

NANCY: So what you’re saying is... (questioning)

DANNY: (serious) I think I’m going to join the Army.

NANCY: Psyche, right? (laughs to herself then realizes)
What’s a good reason for that? Don’t you think joining the
army during, (pauses) during this arms race; this nuclear
conflict ... is dangerous?

DANNY: I feel like it’s my job, as a citizen, plus I can’t
afford college right now, and this could be a great
opportunity to get a good education, leadership skills and
a chance to serve my country. For me, I think it’s a great

NANCY: (disappointed) Really? You don’t see yourself
settling down somewhere, maybe having a few kids? Living a
good life? If we even get the chance.

DANNY: Maybe, ugh, the way the arms race is going right
now, I don’t even know if I’ll have a choice in which way I
should go. It won’t end anytime soon. If Reagan continues
to intimidate Russia and those commies, we’re going to have
quite a war soon. And I’m afraid it’s going to be on our
homeland this time.

NANCY: Danny, I’m afraid, but this race is not going to end
at all. Can’t you tell that no one is winning right now.
Well, (restating) America may be at the lead with those
shooting missiles lasers (makes hands movements), but
Russia is very close behind. We’re running an endless race

DANNY: That doesn’t give me a reason not to join to Army,
if the world is going to end anyway, why not help America
be the one that makes it happen?

(NANCY shrugs it off; DANNY signs)






(Camera focuses on AMY and MARY sitting in beanbag chairs
playing monopoly. JILL enters the room, and walks over to
their area looking for a jacket.)

AMY: (looks up) Hey, are you going to that meeting tonight?

MARY: (interested) What meeting?

AMY: The GAY-SRAIGHT ALLIANCE meeting. Cynthia is leading
the meeting, right? (sounds bitter)

(JILL nods)

AMY: So no, I’m not coming.

MARY: I can’t believe Cynthia is (pause) a lesbian. The
whole aspect of that is just plain wrong. Liking the same
sex (shudders). Jill (shocks) don’t tell me …

JILL: (defending) Mary, we’re living in the 20th century
here. (founds the jacket; puts it on) Besides, this is the
GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE meeting. (turns toward AMY) Yeah Amy,
Cynthia is going to be our head for this year into the
next. What do you have against her any way? (fixing her
jacket) Are you sure, you don’t want to come. There’s a
pretty big topic to discuss today. The whole AIDS
situation; I really want to see what Cynth and Geoff have
to say about everything.

AMY: The fact that she and Nancy treated me like dirt in
high school isn’t clear enough? (lazily) Nah, no thanks, I
just want to enjoy my Saturday. We’re going to study for a
test soon anyway. AIDS? (uninterested) What ever they are
discussing, I probably knew it already.

(JILL sighs and rolls her eyes)

MARY: (jumps in) I heard about that, it’s scary that they
don’t even know exactly where this disease came from.

AMY: From what I have read in the Science Discovery, AIDS
is a virus that weakens the infected human immune system.
They’ve announced that you can get it from sex, sharing
needles or receiving infected blood from a transfusion.
(thinking) I believe it was first discovered from this
“Patient Zero”. And he happens to be a homosexual (raise
brow at JILL).

JILL: (defending) Oh c’mon, you can’t blame the whole gay
community just because of him. I’m sure in the future
they’ll find out the truth, and maybe even cure it, but
right now I’m off to learn what other people in the group
have to say, I’ll be back around 10, later days.

(JILL leaves the scene, camera follows JILL out of the
house and flash white for stage transition)


ON SCREEN: DATE SLIDE July 6, 1985 (for 5 seconds)


(JILL, PERSON #1, and PERSON #2 enter stage right, and take
their seats in the “audience” on the lower level of the
stage. CYNTHIA enters stage right and walks up to the
podium to speak)

CYNTHIA: (opens a folder on the podium) Good afternoon,
everyone (hand motion to all the audience in the
auditorium). This would be the 12th meeting of this year.
Since we are short on time, I would like to start right
away by addressing the main concerns of today. In the past
year, the AIDS epidemic is causing mayhem in the gay
community. For those who are still in confusion, I was
hoping we could have an open discussion for today topic
(turns page on the podium). Before we start I would like to
say that I have just received some this upsetting news. As
you all know, one way for AIDS to be transferred is through
blood transfusion. In most cases, people who have
Hemophilia have higher chances of receiving this deadly
disease. Ryan White (noise can be heard from audience) was
a child diagnosed with AIDS last year and has been in the
hospital up until this past June. When asked to be re-
emitted to his school, the school board refused. The family
is currently battling with the school board. I would like
to hear your opinions on this.

JILL: (stands up) Yes, I would like to please.

CYNTHIA: Go right ahead.

JILL: (gets up and angles to face the audience) I think,
the first order we should take care of, is to educate the
people on how AIDS is really spread. I have also heard
about this news and I believe Ryan’s doctor has reassured
the school board that the AIDS virus within the boy’s body
is harmless. The parents’ of children in his school

district are creating a resisting force and not allowing
the poor child from returning to his school. (sits down)


NANCY: (gets up and angles to face the audience) Thousand
of people died last year alone from this disease, and a
large amount is contributed to gay men. I am a bit worried
if this incident will be blamed on the gay community. How
will people treat you? (sits down)

DANNY: PERSON #2: (gets up and angles to face the audience)
Plus, it’s unfair because not a lot people know that they
are diagnosed with AIDS. They can’t be blamed if they’re
only trying to do a good deed by donating blood. (sits

CYNTHIA: Yes, yes, but we know very little about this
disease, it seems. Every time they release anything on it,
a couple months later they put out information that combats
the previous months. For example, it was originally stated
that there was no danger to non homosexuals from contagious
diseases. Five months after that statement was released, it
was clear that the disease affected other groups such as
injecting drug users.

JILL: (gets up and angles to face PERSON #2) But you have
to admit that some weight has been lifted off your
shoulders in the scientific community at least. I mean they
did discover that a big spread of AIDS was from blood
transfusions. I just feel sad for Ryan.

NANCY: (gets up and angles to face JILL) Yes, but that
doesn’t make me feel safe for you. Tell the people on the
street what the scientific community believes because as of
now, they think that you all are walking viruses. It isn’t
pleasant, and I feel we should educate the community.
Perhaps create a cause to support Ryan and his family.

CYNTHIA: (raise her voice) Thank you for all of your input.
Another topic I would like to discuss is our preparation
for the LIVE AIDS concert next week…

(More noises coming from the audience and the stage
blackout to VIDEO transition of the LIVE AIDS concert for
20 seconds)






(Camera focuses on NANCY bartending – JILL walks in)

JILL: (taps on the counter) Hey Nancy, how’s the restaurant
business treating you?

NANCY:(turns around) Oh hey Jill! It’s fine. Can’t
complain. (cleans off the counter top) But recently people
are piling in here after work hours. It's like everyone is
trying to find a place to relax.

JILL: Ugh, this is such a nice place, you gotta admit.
(relax) Coming here and chat up with everyone about what's
happening around the town. It is enjoyable. (gets excite)
Did you hear about Charlotte and Roland? They're going to
have a baby soon! (Nancy almost drop a glass) (pauses)
that’s all the gossip I have from the town. So what’s new
with you.

NANCY: (down hearted) What’ll you have?

JILL: Hm? Oh... um, coke please, I’m not much of a drinker
anymore. I can't wait to see their baby. Babies are so

adorable, aren't they?

NANCY: (place the glass on the counter) Here you go.

JILL: Hey, Nancy...(noticing) is something wrong? (worrily)
Did something happen between you and Danny?

NANCY: Um, no. (taken aback) Nothing happened between us.
(spirit picks up) We doing great! I just talk to him last
weekend! In fact he's coming home soon.

(JILL is suspicious)

(A WAITER put an order on tray for NANCY; she mouths “okay”
when the WAITER turns around to serve new customers)

JILL: Nancy, you must be stressing these days. I told you
to come with me and Cynth last month to the LIVE AIDS
concert in Philadelphia. But nooooo... (waves her hands in
the air) you were too busy. (takes a drink of her soda)
What happened to you, Cynth and I hardly saw you then.

NANCY: (laughs nervously while cleaning up) I know, I’ve
just had some family issues that needed to be tended to.
How was it? The concert, it must be awesome to actually be
there! I caught a glimpse of it on TV. (sounds astound) The
crowd was amazing! They looked like ants.

JILL: (aggreeing) We thought our group was there early, but
we underestimated the crowd. There were probably 100,000
people there. It was an amazing feeling. Did you know the
one in London was on same day as ourss. (takes sip) LIVE
AIDS raised millions of dollar for hunger in Ethiopia.

NANCY: (gives the drink to the WAITER) Fer sho! I heard it
was the largest broadcast world wide.

WAITER: (cuts in) LIVE AIDS was mad!

JILL: (jokingly) go back to work!

NANCY: It was the concert of the century, I bet. I’m
regretting it now. (laugh; unconciously says) Now, more
things to regret.

JILL: (takes a sip; hears) More? Nanc, are you sure nothing

NANCY: (realizes) Duh! What can happen? (turns around;
hands grips the sink)

JILL: (notices; raises voice) Shut up! I've known you for
so long. Don't you think I wouldn’t be able to tell if you
are in trouble? What is it?

NANCY: (hesitating) Well....

JILL: (leaning in) Yes?

NANCY: (turns around) I...I’ve just... I dunno, I think I
made a big mistake Jill...

(Nancy saddens)

JILL: (bewilder) Whoa, what happened?

NANCY: You know a couple months ago or so, when I went to
aerobics, and barfed all over the dance floor?

JILL: (jokingly) Hah! Yeah... hurm, I do. What about it?

NANCY: (serious) Well, being so busy, I forgot that I
haven’t had my period in a while, and connecting that with
the aerobics incident, I took a test (pauses)... I was
pregnant. (starts rambling)I thought it could be wrong so I
took another one, then another...I took like 5 tests.

JILL: (seems happy) Aw, when did this happen, did you tell
Danny? He would have been so happy?

NANCY: (ashamed) He wasn’t home when I found out. He was on
a training trip with the Air Force. I don't think he'd be
happy if I told him...(nervously) ...I had an abortion.
(sulk onto the counter) I couldn’t tell him, I had to get
it taken care of. Aw, I was so scared. And now I’m
regretting it more than ever.

JILL: (astound) Nancy...(looks around) you actually ...
(mouths “abortion?” with an unblieving look)....

NANCY: (head is still on the counter; mumbling) I was

CUSTOMER: UM! Excuse me! Miss?

NANCY: (raises head) What?! (angry tone)

CUSTOMER: Um. An Absolutely Screwed and a Paradise for me
and my lady friend please. (turns to the girl on the left)

NANCY: I’ll be right with you, geeze.

(Makes drink hastely, but doesn’t finish it)

JILL: (notices) Hey, Charles. Nancy is not feeling well.
Can you take over for the rest.

NANCY: (protests) I’m fine.

(JILL walks over and grab NANCY)

JILL: (determinds) Let’s bounce. We have alot to talk
about. Go get your stuff.

(Charles walks over looking worried; NANCY walks pass him
and pats his shoulder)

NANCY: Thanks Charles. (went off to get her belongings)

JILL: Say hello to your wife for me.

(JILL waves goodbye and walks NANCY out)



(CAMERA zooms out to see NANCY and JILL walking; then zooms
in on NANCY)

NANCY: Well, you see, he wouldn’t of understood, he hates
the thought of abortion. It’s against his beliefs. Beside,
he's at the point of his career now. I can't be an obstacle
to him with the baby, it would of just weighed him down.
Aw, I’m ashamed to say it. I can’t let him know, but I had
to tell someone. If I had told my mother, she would of
decked me.

JILL: (symphathetic) Nancy, I really don’t know what to say
to you at this point, but you should have told me. We’re
B.F.F. for god’s sake. Why weren’t you on pill or at least

you could of used protection.

NANCY: (frustrated) Ugh, he was only home for the break.
How are we suppose to know that .. that’s gonna happen. And
do you think I trust using those. They just regulate the
dosages for those pills a couple years back. I don’t know
if that’s safe yet.

JILL: Oh em gee! Nance! You guys are in your twenties. Act
like ones. Almost everyone women are using pills nowadays.

NANCY: (griping her hair) I’m really scare to see his
reaction right now. (pleading) Just don’t tell anyone
please, I don’t want him to hear about it from anyone else,
I’ll tell him when I’m ready.

JILL: Of course I won't tell! Just don't do anything on
impulse any more, O.K?

(Camera fades out on JILL and NANCY)



(Camera fades in on JILL and AMY in their apartment; JILL
is on the phone while AMY is reading a stack of documents)

JILL: (on the phone) Yeah, ha! Right, I know, I’ve seen
that to many times. Ok, sure, I’ll let her know. Well
thanks for calling. (pauses) Bye. (Hangs up phone – looks
over to JILL) Guess who I just got off the phone with?

AMY: (uninterested) Who?

(AMY continues to read)

JILL: (Excites) Cynthia! We were talking about Danny is
finally coming back into town. Ah, it's been half a year
since I last saw him.

AMY: (looks up) Where was he again?

JILL: He was training with the Air Force. Pretty neat stuff.

AMY: I’d say. You know what else is pretty neat?

JILL: What exactly? (walks over to AMY and sits herself
down on a chair)

AMY: (taps the pen on her chin) How weird... Nancy has been
acting strange now that Danny’s return is so near.

JILL: (opens a newpaper) Excuse me? How would you know how
she’s acting, you barely see her. (interested in the
newspaper in hopes of changing thee topc) Whoa, did you see
the newspaper today? French is now helping Iraq in their
war against Iran.

AMY: (glances over) It’s only because Iraq is the main oil
supplier for them. It’s actually a pretty interesting war.
Did you know that the war was simply faught over border
disputes. Coupled with the history of disputes was Iraq’s
fear of Shia insurgency among Iraq’s supressed Shia
majority. Iraq invaded Iran in 1980 and the war has
continued since. (getting back on topic)

JILL: Wow, I never knew the history behind the war. It is
pretty slammin’.

AMY: (determind) By the way, you never answered my
question. Why is Nancy acting weird these days? Mary always
stops by her work place and whenever she hears someone asks
Nancy about Danny, she acts like she doesn't want to see
him. The conclustion I’m jumping to is that she’s having an
affair. At least, that makes sense. I mean, why else would
she be so nervous to see Danny?

JILL: (upsets) Ya know, assumptions like these just make
you look like a betty.

AMY: (mocked) Well, excuse me, but I could see it
happening. He’s too good for her anyway, problems she’s
having, she deserves it.

JILL: Whoa! That was uncalled for. You have no idea what is
happening with her, or anyone else in her life for that

AMY: (suspiciously eyeing JILL) Ooo, but you obviously do.

JILL: What? (pretending to focus on the newspaper)

AMY: (not letting go) You saw her yesterday, I know you
did. You looked distraught. It must have been something she
told you. You’re her B.F.F, she must have told you
something. If she’s not cheating (eyebrow raises)... what
is it? Danny started rooting for the other team now? Hm?

JILL: (slams the newspaper on the table) That’s not it at
all, stop guessing and make a scene, this is none of your
business. What’s it to you anyway, you don’t even like her.

AMY: It doesn’t matter, I’m just curious. Just tell me! I’m
not going to stop bugging you.

(AMY closes her folder)

JILL: You can’t say anything to ANYONE (emphasize).
Seriously! This is a big deal. If this gets out to Mary,
Cynthia... or Danny especially, I’m screwed.

AMY: (assuring) Fine, fine, just tell me so I can get on
with my life.

JILL: (nervously) She had an abortion.

AMY: (mouth opens) What?! No way. Aw, does he know? No...
he doesn’t, does he?

JILL: (shakes her head) No, he doesn’t know. And no one
should tell him, (points to AMY) other than Nancy, now keep
your trap sht and leave me alone, I warned you.

AMY: (laughs) Thank you (smiling mischiviously).

(A while later, AMY sneaks around the corner to the nearest
telephone, and calls up MARY – on screen when the phone
rings, you just see MARY)

MARY: Hello? (pauses) What?! No way. (pauses) So, you’re
saying he's coming home next week. (pauses) Aw, I know,
this is great. (pauses) Are you really? That’s pretty cold.
(pauses) Ok, do what you gotta do, just leave me out of



(A week later)

(AMY is sitting at home when the phone rings)

AMY: (answers phone) Hello?

(SCENE of DANNY talking in a phone booth)

DANNY: Hey, um, this is kind of a stretch, but I got home
early, and I was wondering if you or your sister could give
me a ride home? I want to surprise Nancy, so don't tell her

(SCENE returns to AMY)

AMY: Yeah, um... My sister isn't home right now. What time
does your flight come in? I’ll pick you up.

(SCENE of DANNY talking in a phone booth)

DANNY: (relieves) Thanks. It’s supposed to come in around
10, but I’m thinking by the time I get my luggage it’ll be
around (looks at he watch) 10.30, 11 o’clock.

(SCENE returns to AMY)

AMY: Yep, that’s fine. I’ll see you then.

(SCENE returns to AMY)

DANNY: Thank you. (phone hangs up sound)

(DANNY hangs up the phone and start walking)



(Amy is driving with DANNY in the passenger seat)

DANNY: Ah, almost home. (relax on to the car seat)

AMY: (laughs) I bet! So how was your training? It must be a
tough time, huh?

DANNY: (closes his eyes) It was at the beginning but I got
used to it. I learned a lot. The experiences from the

training was a killer! But I had a horrible problem with
authority. I’m not one to listen to people so it took me
awhile to get over that.

AMY:(nodding and laughs) Sounds just like you. (sobering
down) So I’m guessing you heard all about Iraq getting
supplies from France.

DANNY: (raises voice) Of course, Iraq is not only getting
the supplies from Soviet but they are getting aircrafts
from the French too. Just before I left, there was a
transaction between them on the last batch for Mirage F-1s.
I cannot believe this.

AMY: What are Mirage…what did you call them?

DANNY: Mirage F-1s are aircrafts used in wars.

AMY: Oh, I see. (frowns a little)

DANNY: What's wrong? You seem warped. (jokingly) I don't
think I can trust you behind the wheel.

AMY: There is something ... but I am not sure if I should
tell you. Then again, you have the right to know. I just
feel guilty keeping you in the dark. I can’t decide if I
should tell it or not.

DANNY: Sup? Nothing happened to my parents, right?

AMY: No, they're fine. I saw them cruising around a while
ago. It's...

DANNY: (jumps in; voice raises) Nancy? Something is wrong
with her right? Please say no!

AMY: (frustrated) Ah stop yelling! Gag me with a spoon.
(pauses) How about we go find a place to eat. You're
probably hungry. I'll give you the 411 there.

(DANNY nods and mouths "alright")



(Open scene at a restaurant, AMY and DANNY are handing in
their menus to the waiter)

WAITER: (takes menus) I'll be right out with your drinks.

DANNY: Thanks.

AMY: Thank you.

DANNY: I can't sit here any longer, you have to tell me.

AMY: Calm down... (stares) promises me you totally loose
your cool?

WAITER: Here ya go. (places drinks on the table - then
leaves screen)

(DANNY takes a drink and nods)

AMY: "Okay," (breath out) Nancy...well... had an abortion...

DANNY: (looks dumbfounded) HA HA HA.... I believe the first
of April was a month ago already. (laughs) Speaking of

AMY: (raises her voice) Danny! Danny! This isn’t a joke.
Jill told me about it ...

DANNY: (angry) So everyone knows about the abortion but me?!

WAITER: (bringing a tray of plates over) Here are your
orders! ....whoops!

(DANNY stands up and bumps in the WAITER causing him to
spill the plates onto the floor)

(DANNY keeps on running out of the restaurant)

AMY: Augh ... (trying to get through the mess) Danny ...


(cut to scene with DANNY running towards NANCY'S work


(in the bar you see NANCY behind the counter and Cynthia
sitting on a bar stool to her left)

(DANNY calmly walks in)

NANCY: (surprised face) Danny?! What are you doing here?
(nervously) ... I thought you were coming home this weekend?

DANNY: (walks in closer) Not happy to see me?

CYNTHIA: Hey Danny! Welcome back!

(Danny glares at Cynthia)

NANCY: Of course I'm happy to see you, but my shift isn't
over yet. There isn't enough help today. I have so much to
tell you. Have you seen the news lately? The...

DANNY: (deep voice) Why? ... Why did you do it?

NANCY: (with back turned towards DANNY) Heh, what are you
talking about? If this is about the ...

DANNY: (turns NANCY around) the baby! Why didn't you tell
me? I should of been a part of this decision! The baby was
my child too. We've been together since high school. Didn't
that mean anything to you? I had to hear this from Amy who
heard this from her sister. I was the last one to know.
This should not have been news to me, if they hadn't told
me; I'm starting to think I would have been left in the
dark forever.

(A crowd is forming around the bar area)

NANCY: (crying) No! No! I was thinking of telling you, but
I was scared. I didn't know how you would react. Didn't you
say you have a duty to fulfill? (points to DANNY) It's you
who said that a family life isn't fitting for you. (starts
rambling) And don't you know, being a mother at my age...
it isn't easy. With you being gone most of the time, I feel
really insecure. I thought I was going insane without you
by my side. I even thought about breaking up with you,
moving out of this place, and raising my own child.
(breaking down) but I couldn't. I couldn't do it.

(CYNTHIA walks in and embraces Nancy)

CYNTHIA: (glares back at DANNY) Stop this Danny! Even I
didn't know anything about this. Don't blame everything on
her. I bet you would have done the same thing if you were
in her place. It was her choice whether to keep the baby or

DANNY: Listen this is a lot to take in. (about to turn and

NANCY: (calling) Danny!

DANNY: Give me some time to take this all in, alright? We
will talk. I promise. Just not now.

(DANNY turns and walks out of the bar)



(CAMERA zooms on DANNY sitting on a park bench; zooms in
closer; a far, Mary is walking a dog coming closer)

MARY: (noticing) Danny?! Is that you? (DANNY raises his
head) It is you!

DANNY: (small smile) Mary, long time no see? How have you
been? I though you are working in (thinking) Minnesota.

(DANNY and MARY shakes hands)

MARY: (stating) Yep, The University of Minnesota Human
Rights Resource Center, to be exact. I’m on break. We’re
launching a project called the Tandem Project. We’ve been
collaborating with other institutes to publish books on the
project. We were trying to educate people about the freedom
of religion and personal beliefs.

DANNY: (understanding) That must be quite a project. You
must be beat. I can understand the reason for this
project’s existence. Even now, I can still feel the
discrimination against religious beliefs.

MARY: (agreeing) For shur, we’re also taking this
internationally. Now, I forgot, how’s the air force? Any
thing I haven’t heard from watching Bob Shieffer?(jokingly)

DANNY: (signs) Besides the back-breaking training, you’re
up to date.

MARY: (questioning) When did you get back... and what are
you doing out here? (cautiously) Have you seen Nancy?

(DANNY sighs and sits back down; MARY joins him after
unleashing the dog)


(CAMERA zooms out to focus on the dog sniffing around;
zooms in on MARY and DANNY)

DANNY: (sad) I can understand why she aborted the baby, but
I just wish she would have talk to me about it.

(MARY pats his shoulder)

MARY: (acting like she doesn’t know about the abortion)
What were you going to do if you did know about the
abortion? You would let her go through with it, right?
Personally, I think it was wrong for her to kill the child,
religiously it’s not right. Even the Pope is against using
the pill. But, as a woman, Danny, (pause) it was
(contemplating) understandable. Nancy probably isn’t
feeling any better about it than you do. It would have
been, was her, child. No mothers want to make that
decision. (hand on shoulder) It was wrong of her to not
tell, and to not include you in the decision (pause) but
she was only thinking of you, and your future. Do you even
know how dangerous it is to get an abortion?

(DANNY is silently thinking as MARY continues talking)

MARY: I know, (looks up) Nancy and I aren’t good friends.
(look at DANNY) But I don’t think you should be mad at her.

DANNY: (looking hard at the ground) I know now. But I
really don’t know how to face her.

MARY: (calling for the dog) Come on sprinkles. (looks back
over the DANNY) I bet she is at Jill’s apartment crying her
eyes out. You two should really talk.

DANNY: (flinches at the mention of crying; sighs) I still
need to get my luggage from Amy’s car.

(DANNY gets up; MARY and DANNY begin walking towards to
parking lot of the park)



(CAMERA zooms in on JILL and AMY in the kitchen preparing
for dinner)

AMY: (cutting the carrot) They’re about to pass the Arms
Export Control Act...

JILL: (getting something) Does this have anything to do
with Reagan? I have nothing against him, but with the
conflict in the Middle East makes me a little iffy.

AMY: (nodding) My distrust started when he approved that
plan that allowed Israel to ship weapons to Iran.

(Loud knocks on the door)

JILL: (leaving the kitchen) I’ll get it.

(As soon as JILL unlocks the door, NANCY and CYNTHIA storms

NANCY: (crying) JILL! You promised me! You said you weren’t
going to tell anyone!

JILL: (aghast) I (fidgeting)... I’m sorry I made a slip to
tell Amy. But... she was the only one, the only one I told.

CYNTHIA: (cuts in) And she went off to tell Danny. Now it’s
a mess.

JILL: (shocks) WHAT? ...(yells) AMY!

(AMY walking slowly from the kitchen)

AMY: (laughs) oh... I forgot to mention about Danny’s
return. (straighten) But he had every right to know about
the abortion.

NANCY: (mad) Then I’m the one with the right to tell him,
not you! Do you even consider the repercussions of your

AMY: (yells back) How you feel? What about my feelings
throughout high school? The only year I was relieved was
when you (point at NANCY) graduated.

(At this point, MARY walks in with DANNY)

MARY: Whoa, quite a wreck here. Chilled it! Nancy. (looking
determined) I think someone wants to talk to you. (turns
toward DANNY)

(NANCY nervously walks toward DANNY; the two exits the

MARY: (join the group) They’re going to be fine.

(MARY walks over to AMY)

MARY: (whispers) It should end now.

(AMY nods; CAMERA zooms out of the door and OPEN zooms on
DANNY and NANCY walking)






(Screens focus on MARY sitting in her apartment watching
television; the phone rings)

MARY: (answers the phone) Hello? (pause) Of course! I
didn’t know you two were in town. (pause) Okay, ha,
certainly. I’ll see you in a little bit (hangs up the phone)


(MARY is in the kitchen making tea when the doorbell rings.
She puts her teapot on the stove and goes to answer the
door. When she opens the door, she reveals AMY. She enters)

AMY: Hey! Mary (hugs) How have you been?

MARY: Amy! It’s so nice seeing you again. I’m doing good.
So what brings you to Minneapolis?

AMY: Jill and I were attending our cousin’s wedding. It was
near Minneapolis, so we decided to drop by. (taking off

MARY: Aw, hey Amy, I’ve been great. It seems like I haven’t
seen you in a while.(wondering) Where is Jill?

AMY: (relieves) Oh she found a mall nearby so she camping
in it right now.

(They start walking)

MARY: Typical Jill, she is such a mall chick (laughs).
Please make your self at home. I made tea, if you want some.

AMY: Yeah, that’d be great.

(AMY sits down on the couch while MARY gets the tea)

AMY: Hey, do you mind if I turn on the television? How is
your Tandem Project.

MARY: Of course not, (noises in the kitchen) The project is
going fine. We’re starting on another book soon. Did you
read the past one yet?

AMY: (feeling sorry) Sorry, I’ve been busy with the cases.
But it a relief to know, there is such a project to educate
the public. Where else in the world is your group working?

MARY: Well, I’m not really one of the professionals, but we
are preparing for the first NGO International Conference.

(MARY returns and puts the tea tray on the coffee table)

AMY: (confuses) The what? (takes the tea cup)

MARY: Non-government organization, we trying to get more
people to comprehend the idea of diversity of religion and
tolerance, which is basically what the Tandem Project was
founded upon. It’s really emphasizing on core principles
and values within and among religions so that people can
have the freedom to adhere to the religion by which he or
she feels most inspired, or to adhere to no religion at
all. It’s a pretty good project and I agree with most of
it. I just have a problem with people not following a
religion at all, but I guess I can’t always have it my way.

(Suddenly, the News startles the two by the BREAKING NEWS
banner across the top of the screen)

(Both AMY and MARY are in shocked)


(A video clip of Challenger disaster)


(A video of President Reagan’s speech)

(CAMERA returns to AMY and MARY shocked faces)

MARY: (looks terrified) This is horrible. With all the
delays this mission had, you would think they’d make sure
it was safe before they...

AMY: (not feeling any better) What number mission would
this be?

MARY: I think for the Challenger, it was only the tenth,
but oh, this is horrible. That poor teacher was on the
flight too. I can’t believe it.

AMY: (grieving) Christa McAuliffe, right? She was selected
from more than 11,000 applicants from the education
profession to go into spaces. She was so young too. I
wonder how her family, students, friends and colleagues are
taking it. It but be harsh for them.

(They turns off the TV, AMY covers her face. The screen
goes black for STAGE transition)



(CYNTHIA and NANCY are sitting on the lower level of the
stage, holding white roses)

CYNTHIA: This is terrible. Since last years, we’ve watched
closely how this whole process was planned out.

NANCY: (hand on CYNTHIA’s shoulder) Cynth, I know, this
NASA Teacher in Space Project gave so much hope to her to
be able to reach out to all her students. Her husband Steve
and two children Scott and Caroline must be so distraught.

CYNTHIA: (lowers head) and then, there were the other 7
crew members. I cannot accept the fact that... that many
people died within a split of a second.

(STAGE slowly dims to black)






(CYNTHIA, DANNY and NANCY are in a diner chatting.)

CYNTHIA: Wow, I'm so stressed out during these times. I
don't want to stay home. You guys don't mind I tag along
and be the third wheel?

DANNY: (looks another direction) Yes, we do...

NANCY: (slaps DANNY on the back) It's nothing. We've just
haven't chilled out in a while. I'm stressed out too with
the business and everything. It's a hard time. I’m getting
such a shocked from the Stock Market crash on Monday. I
have no idea why am I here dinning. (take a sip of water)
This is even bad for the bar business. With the economy in
a downturn, less people will come to the bar which means
that I don’t get paid as much as I normally do.

DANNY: Hmm... true. It’s not only the bar business though.
Businesses all over town is starting to collapse (sigh) I’m
overwhelmed on my part too, even with the cash flow from
the army service, I'm still struggling.

NANCY: (argues) Well those business are at fault. They were
betting their fortune on the stock market.

CYNTHIA: Wow, nice. You argue like an old married couple.
(pause) Well, you guys have been going out since high
school; are you two going to end up tying the knot anytime

NANCY: Well, we don’t know if we’re even ready for marriage
yet. But we do know that after last year’s incident, our
relationship is in much better shape than ever. We’ve
developed a sense of trust between us now.

DANNY: Anyway, with me in the service, and Nancy working
here in DC; we really want to wait until we’re both settled
to get married.

CYNTHIA: (nodding) It’s a tough time for all of us. I’ve
been so busy with organizing conferences for Gay-rights
that it has been depleting me. (pause, looks at Danny) By
the way, how was your time in the Air Force.

DANNY: (Looks up) Eh, it was ok, I went into the school for
business and it was totally interesting. Unstable career

NANCY: I’ll be right back guys. I need to use the bathroom.

(NANCY leaves to go to the bathroom)

CYNTHIA: (looks up from eating) Business may be unstable
but it is an interesting area to study.

DANNY: (explaining) Interesting, yes. But for instance, the
amount of foreign investors in the stock market has driven
the prices skyward. It’s insane. You never know what is
going to happen next.

CYNTHIA: So you’re thinking about investing? I wouldn’t
worry too much. These prices can only last for so long.

DANNY: Yea, my one professor back in the Air Force
explained it to me. To the general public, when the market
is good, everyone relaxes. But what happens is that after a
period of good prices, the market goes down, which is
exactly what happened. As of now, I’m going to keep my
money where it is, just in case. You know what they say,
the farther you go up the harder you fall. Take Monday was
an example, the crash affected millions. For those who know
how to play stock (pause) they should have taken their
money out before. This crash made such impact, it’s going
to take a year or more for it to climb back up again.

(NANCY returns to the table)

(CAMERA zoom out as the three continues to converse)




(CYNTHIA and JILL are sitting in chairs, JILL is reading
the newspaper.)

JILL: Oh wow, did you read this?

CYNTHIA: The paper? No, I haven’t had a chance to read it

JILL: (looking at the newspaper carefully then looks up)
They are writing about the crash on Monday.

CYNTHIA: AH, the market. Danny, Nancy, and I were talking
about it? It’s sad that you couldn’t make it to the dinner.
What did the article said?

JILL: (start pointing into the newspaper) It’s pretty bad,
(pause) I mean, the Dow lost 500 billion dollars. Hong Kong
got decked pretty hard by 45 percent. This is pulling
everyone down across the globe.

CYNTHIA: Damn, before, I was thinking of buying some small
stocks, but I guess ... I’m going to save that money for my
retirement fund... in cash.

(Walks over to JILL)

JILL: (laughs) You’re going to need that, now that we are
in a recession.

CYNTHIA: (walks around) I still can’t believe how it
happened. For all I knew, the market was doing fine. Then
boom, (making hand movements) there went Aunt Lucy’s summer

JILL: (thinking) Well, according to AMY (rolls eyes), one
of the causes of the crash was that the mass public bought
stock. The problem was that they didn’t actually own it. In
the end, the blame lies on the computer because they traded
through the computer system.

CYNTHIA: (lights up) I wonder if James Baker is involved in
this. You know, the Secretary of Treasury? He had announced
that after a large U.S. trade deficit, that there needed to
be a lowering in the dollar value.

(AMY suddenly walks in looking exhausted)

AMY: (cuts in) Could be. (startles the two) After the fall
in the dollar on foreign exchange markets, foreigners began
to pull out of dollar-denominated assets. They were
probably scared that they were going to lose a fortune
since the value of the US dollar was lowered. It really
caused a sharp rise in interest rates. (yawns) Hey, Jill,
anything to eat?

(JILL and CYNTHIA looks at AMY weirdly)






(The screen breaks up into four sections. You see JILL,
AMY, CYNTHIA and MARY opening up identical envelopes.
Reveling wedding invitations. Camera focuses on CYNTHIA.
The phone rings.)

CYNTHIA: (answers phone) Hello? (pause) Yes! I just opened
it. (pause) Of course I’m going to go! I wouldn’t miss it
for the world. (pause) Ha, ok, you too. (pause) Good bye.




(On screen you see a AMY, MARY, CYNTHIA and JILL sitting at
a table chatting)

MARY: Aw, I still can’t believe Nancy and Danny are getting

CYNTHIA: (agreeing) Then again, with all the troubles
they’ve been through. I think they picked the right time.

AMY: (cuts in) Did you see the church they picked? It’s so

JILL: It’s Victorian.

CYNTHIA: My fav.

(NANCY taps her glass and stands up to give a speech.)

NANCY: Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know
how thankful we are to have you here. We’re so excited to
see all our friends (looks at their friends table and
glances at AMY; smiles) and family in one place, and we
hope you are enjoying yourselves.

DANNY: (stands up) We’d also like to make a toast. Thank
you for being here to celebrate this wonderful day with us.
Thank you for being with us through all this years.

(The screen focuses on Danny holding up his glass.)

DANNY: Cheers!

(The crowd follows)

(Screen goes black.)




(Audience sees DANNY putting on his bow tie in front of a
mirror. You see his best man and other groomsmen chatting,
and getting ready. GROOMSMAN #1 walks in, and turns on the
television in the corner of the room. He turns to a news

GROOMSMAN #1: (yells) Hey everyone! Quiet down.

(Everyone looks over to the man, and the TV screen. They
all stare. On the screen you see a news anchor covering the

story of the Berlin Wall falling. The room is silent. There
are pleasant smiles, of hope, and subtle joy, on the men’s
faces. GROOMSMAN #2 walks into the room.)

GROOMSMAN #2: (yells) Hey guys, we’ve got to get going.

(The room is still silent; a couple people turn around to
look at the clueless man. DANNY smiles. He finishes
adjusting his bowtie and grabs his coat and walks out of
the room, with a caring grin on his face. The other men
file out of the room as well. The TV is still on. The
camera focuses on it.)



(DANNY and his groomsmen are lined up at the alter. MUSIC
PLAYING: The Wedding March. The doors of the church open,
the maids starts walking in line with NANCY following
behind down the aisle. As they start to walk down the
camera focuses back to DANNY for a few seconds, and then
cuts back to NANCY. A few seconds into her walk you cut
back to the video of the people at the Berlin Wall,
focusing on all the joy and celebration of making two
things one. The camera cuts back to NANCY walking down the
aisle, and you focus on the smile on her face, as she looks
forward. As the maids line up, she joins DANNY at the
alter, the pastor starts to speak, and he begins to talk
about unity. The camera cuts back to the Berlin Wall.)



(People are dancing. Camera pans around to people dancing.
Camera focuses briefly on Nancy, Danny, Amy, Jill, Mary and
Cynthia. Nancy, Danny and Amy are dancing. Mary, Jill and
Cynthia are sitting around a table having a drink. Camera
then focuses on an old man who is sitting at a table. He

has a drink in his hand and his head is nodding off. He
falls asleep. Screen fuzzies out into the counterfactual.)