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Solar Boost
Questionnaire on solar energy and
its integration in your steam plant

Are you interested in a discussion on improvement opportunities, which allows the generation of renewable power in a fossil fired power plant? ALSTOM Power Service offers sophisticated solutions for your specific requirements from its broadly based product portfolio. Please answer the following short questions and contact us.
Unit name Unit operator Unit size and quantity, Location Plant age Plant expecting life time Brief descriptions
Boiler Type and manufacturer: Turbine Type and manufacturer: Generator Type and Manufacturer: Fuel: e.g. 3 x 457MW


years Year 20__

General Information Are you interested in a new environmental solution to produce green electricity? Is there the necessity to invest in environmental or climate protecting optimization measures due to legal restraints or to public drives? Are you already informed about the different solar thermal energy technologies? What is the average load factor for the units? - Net Capacity Factor (NCF, in MWhproduced/(MWinstalled*8760 h) - Annual operating hours Would an increase of output at constant coal consumption be of value? Would a decrease of coal consumption at a constant power output be of value? Can a heat balance diagram be made available? (Please attach it!)

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% h/a No No No
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Location Have you available space near the power plant? If yes: - Total surface available? - Distance between the available area and the power plant (nearest point)? - Can a site plan or a sketch of the site plan be made available? (Please attach it!) Pre-heating train Pre-heaters type and manufacturer Please list the different temperatures and mass flows at inlet and outlet of each pre-heater (if not displayed in the heat balance diagram). Condensate Mass Flow (for the full load case and the average load case) Temperatures of the different high pressure pre-heaters - HP1 - HP2 - HP3 - HP4 Feed water Mass Flow (for the full load case and the average load case) Is the plant capable for continuous operation with top heaters out of service? Other miscellaneous comments if applicable;


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kg/s Inlet (C) Outlet (C)

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