precast concrete flooring

benefits • safe site 02 • immediate working deck • fast to erect • design flexibility Contents 03 engineered solutions at every level 04 hollowcore flooring units 05 transfloor • easy fit with all constructions • off site manufacture • durable • environmentally sensitive 06 beamshells 07 manufacturing facilities and services 08 we’ll make it happen .

Beamshell .0 metres Hollowcore transfloor Transfloor panels provide exceptional structural flexibility. 1800 and 2400 width units. 03 hollowcore Hollowcore is the ideal solution for all suspended floor applications. All products are manufactured in quality controlled factory environments and are backed by a full range of support services including technical advice on product selection. Available in 1200. flexible in shape and easy to install. Our engineers detail each panel individually to suit your project requirements. Transfloor beamshells Beamshells are light to erect. project design assistance.engineered solutions at every level The range of precast concrete flooring products from Hanson is the most comprehensive available in Australia today. Available in 1200mm width units for spans to 14. installation advice and on site assistance. The range has been designed and developed to cover most applications in the construction market.

All units are machine produced ensuring consistently high quality and the steel beds produce a smooth. steel or concrete structures • Fast to erect and structure provides an immediate working platform • Service holes and notches can be preformed • Excellent sound and fire resistance properties The structural properties of the hollowcore units rely on the prestressing strands cast into the lower half of the units. Enhanced structural performance can be achieved by using a composite topping. The number of strands and the degree of the prestress determines the ultimate load/span capacity of the units.6 .hollowcore flooring units 04 Prestressed hollowcore units are the ideal solution for all suspended floor applications – especially where a clear spanning durable deck is required. Hanson can provide software to assist the designer to design the floor units for a particular application.1.0 metres • Can be used on masonry. floor plank software version 1. regular soffit When grouted together hollowcore units can provide diaphragm action without structural topping. • Clear unpropped spans up to 14.

transfloor A direct equivalent of an insitu slab. width. acts as fully participating permanent formwork. allows the panels to support construction loads with a minimum of temporary propping and contributes to the bottom steel. The length. The trusses cast into each panel provides the strength and stiffness for handling and transport. Concrete is then poured to create the Transfloor panel. Transfloor provides the facility to combine precast and insitu concrete and offers major benefits to specifiers. 05 • Fast to erect. thickness. Each truss is cut to size and attached to the layer of reinforcement. plan shape and reinforcement steel of a Transfloor panel can easily be varied to suit design requirements. rigidity and structural redundancy. engineers and builders. The lattice girder truss ensures a practical bond between the precast and insitu concrete. All Transfloor panels incorporate triangular lattice girder trusses. saving time and money • Exceptional flexibility where each panel can be designed to suit a specific location and load • Irregular shaped buildings easily accommodated • Service holes etc formed and positioned during manufacture • Smooth level soffit suitable for direct decoration The use of site placed concrete effectively ties all the Transfloor panels together providing safety. .

hence there are no preset restrictions. Beamshells are most economical when part of a system comprising • insitu concrete columns • standard beamshells • hollowcore floor planks • insitu structural topping benefits of beamshells • precast in a factory. Reinforcing can be prestressed or conventionally reinforced . There are a number of profiles that can be used from inverted tee beams to solid rectangular beams. but are manufactured to suit each particular situation.beamshells 06 Beamshells are composite precast elements that usually contain all the positive main beam reinforcement and stirrups in an efficient use of concrete for economy and ease of handling. away from your building site • minimum trades required on site • simple column connections • fast construction times • multiple work faces Hanson can also offer precast beams for suspended floors. Precast beams are not a stock item.

structural grey panels. Mulgrave Lidcombe factory 42 Birnie Avenue. Riverstone Mulgrave factory 63 Railway Road North. hollowcore walling and flooring. Architectural precast.hanson. Lidcombe All inquiries Please contact Hanson Precast 02 9627 2666 design and installation services Hanson’s experienced design teams provide expert assistance on all projects and we will also advise and assist with installation where required. manufacture Hanson’s modern factories have quality systems certified by NATA as complying with AS/NZS ISO 9001.2000. Hanson can offer a precast concrete solution for most building applications. beams and columns are all part of the extensive range of products that Hanson offers. Comprehensive information on the complete range of products will be found at www. 07 Riverstone Factory 214 Riverstone Parade.manufacturing facilities and services Hanson supplies precast products from three modern factories located in the Sydney metropolitan .

sand and gravel . Asia Pacific and Continental Europe. the UK. the aggregates used in the production of Hanson products are subject to regional variations.and one of the largest producers of concrete products. Just as housing styles vary from state to state and area to area. Hanson employs approximately 27. clay bricks and ready-mixed concrete. We suggest sighting products first hand before ordering. Australia. Our other principal products include asphalt and concrete roof tiles and our operations are in North America.Hanson PLC is one of the world’s leading heavy building materials HBP 1132 06/08 .crushed rock. We are the world’s largest producer of aggregates .hanson.400 people in 14 countries. Therefore the colours represented in this brochure are indicative only. For more information call Hanson Precast: 02 9627 2666 www.

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