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Let’s Get PRofessional

Hugh M Culbertson Chapter PRSSA.
March 2009 Vol. 1 Issue 1

Not-for Not
forPR- Sarah
profit PR Irvin and Agency PR- Nader Ali-Hassan
By: Grace Naugle
Kelly Nowinsky
By: Heather Farr Nader Ali-Hassan is an Account Supervisor in Digital
Nonprofits: there are approximately 1.6 million in the
United States, the largest,
Nonprofits: thereLutheran Services in America,
are approximately being in
1.6 million a the Communication at Fleishman Hillard in Cleveland, Ohio. He
nearly $7 billion dollar network according to Matthew Sinclair of the graduated from Boston University with a degree in Public
United States. With thousands of charities registered
Nonprofit Times. This, at one point, placed Lutheran Services
nationally and flourishing Relations. Ali-Hassan and the staff at the Digital
ahead of American Online andrapidly just behind and Rubbermaid
successfully, on how
the does
one organization
Fortune 300 list*. make itself known among the masses? Communication department are digital strategists. These
Public Relations.
With thousands of charities registered nationally and digital strategists are social media elitists who work the web to
flourishingNoticeably different from
rapidly and successfully, how does it’s counterpart,
one organization not-for- navigate pathways to reach publics in new forms and deal
profit itself
public known amongfocuses
relations the masses? Public Relations.
on “fulfilling an educational or with crises over the Internet. Digital communication is a
charitableNoticeably mission” different
rather fromthan it’s counterpart,
focusing not-for-profit
on developing merger and a pioneering form of public relations, advertising
public relations
and focuses onthat
will an educational
moneyorfor charitable
services products “make its owners, and marketing. This form of PR has no boundaries and no
mission” rather than focusing on developing services and products
as a way of financially rewarding
that will “make money for its owners, as a way of financially
them for their investment in specific job description. Each day offers new discoveries, new
the company”.
rewarding them for their investment in the company”**. posts, blog entries and innovative ways to reach audiences.
Alumni Sarah Irvin
Irvin of Irvin
of Irvin Public Public
has had has
the chance
chance to worktowith workseveralwithnonprofit
severalclients nonprofitover the clients
years.over the Ali-Hassan and his team advise and consult a variety
years. “Nonprofit is a lot different from for-profit, given the of clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
that has to is beadone,” Irvin said,from
lot different “also, nonprofit given the
organizations rely heavily
They use Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube,
fundraising that has toonbe volunteers,
done,” Irvin whichsaid, can get hardnonprofit
“also, Mang and Podcasts on a daily basis. The department teaches
organizations people rely haveheavily
such busy onschedules
volunteers, theses whichdays”.can get hard
One of Irvin’s nonprofit clients is the Columbus affiliate clients ways to make personal connections with customers
because people have such busy schedules theses days”.
of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization, which hosts through interaction. The key word is transparency. Knowing
“Race for the One of Those
Cure”. Irvin’s who nonprofit
do choose clients
to work isorthe Columbus
volunteer for
affiliate organizations
of the Susan G. as Komen that there is a face behind the name is one of the most
nonprofit such this onefor often thehave Cure organization,
a different goal
which important factors to remember when trying to connect to the
in mind.hosts “Race for the Cure”. Those who do choose to
work or volunteer
“People who forwork
nonprofit organizations
and volunteer [for Susan such as this one
G. Komen audiences of a product, or the credibility is lost, Ali-Hassan
for the have
often Cure] aare differentgoal
different because in mind. they’re so passionate,” Irvin said. Digital strategists know how to integrate and reach
said, “we have “There a lot
areof survivors
so manywho’ve reasons been toatgetdeath’s
peopledoortostepcare, audiences through innovation using technology as a tool.
and they’re
we just have verytopowered
find theby [the Race]
ways,” Irvineand helping others”.
Public Relations professionals who are in the nonprofit One of the recent projects Ali-Hassan is involved in is
It is not uncommon in non-profit PR situations to find
field do more than simply plan events to make money. Ohio is 4th
a the
in “one person
country department”
for mortality due to breast according cancerto Kelly
so the SusanNowinsky,
G. a campaign for a pharmaceutical client engaged in Asia
Public Relations
Komen organizationManager “ works toatraise COSI. awareness through the year Pacific. He is currently researching international and
by servicing Nowinsky
23 counties”, handles
according externalto Irvin. communications, which influential bloggers in other counties. This intercontinental
includes “There strategic are so communications
many reasons to get planning,
people tomanaging
care, we all contact would not be possible without social media. He
just have to findCommunications,
Institutional the ways,” Irvine said. writing press releases and interacts with these bloggers and exchanges marketing
pitching local It is not uncommon
media, handling in non-profit
social media PR situations
find a PR
techniques and tactics.
plansperson department”
for exhibits and filmsaccording offered to Kelly
by COSI,Nowinsky, and Public
assisting the
Relations Manager at COSI, the number one science museum in
leadership team with media interviews and speeches.
the country (Parents Magazine). Ali-Hassan had advice for those going into the Public
“Every single
Nowinsky handles day is different,
external communications, and full whichof cool new Relations field. He encourages as much activity on the web
includes strategic Nowinsky
communications said, planning,
“Also, the great all
managing thing about as possible. Start following blogs of people you know in the
working with
Institutional non-profit PRwriting
Communications, is thatpress you releases
literally get and to do every
pitching area. Start to build a network of people that you trust. Learn
local job; you
media, handlingare exposed
social media to efforts,
many new writing things because
PR plans for you
exhibits and films offered by COSI, and assisting the leadership how to sort through information and bookmark articles that
are a small department or a one person department.”
team with mediaBeing interviewssingle-handedlyand speeches. responsible for one’s own interest you through websites such as del.ici.ous. Use
“Every single day is different,
department can prove to have both positive and negative and full of cool new TweetDeck to see what the hottest topics are on Twitter.
challenges,” Nowinsky said, “Also, the great thing about working
with non-profit PR is that you literally get to do every single job;
“The [other] To get a fresh perspective, in Ali-Hassan’s words:
you are exposed to manyside new thingsis thatbecause you are youspread
are a smallvery thing
and the work
department or a one haspersonto department.”
get done because it’s just you,” stop going to the Pigskin, stop going to the Pub, and start
NowinskyBeing said,single-handedly
“but, I highly, responsiblehighly recommend for one’s ownit”. paying attention!
departmentThe can Chamber
prove to have Orchestra
both positive of and Columbus
negative is another
nonprofit “The group [other]thatside Irvin
is that you works are spread
with. very Irvinthing
deals and with If you have any more questions about social media or
the work has tothe
researching get audience
done because andit’s just you,”
figuring outNowinsky
who cares said, about digital communications, email Nader at:
“but, I highly,
classical music, highlyorganizing
recommendprograms it”. for children, organizing
The Chamber Orchestra of Columbus is another
outreach programs, publicizing events, and finding sponsors
nonprofit group that Irvin works with. Irvin deals with researching
the donors.and figuring out who cares about classical music, Find him on Twitter or follow his blog on a new look
organizingWith programs mostfornon-profit,
children, organizing the goals and objectives
outreach programs, are at Crisis Communications from a traditional and digital point of
different and
publicizing events, always changing.
and finding sponsors and donors. view at
“Our main goal is totally
right now different
is to getfrom public because it’s
the younger
not a good to care about classical
or service being sold,” music,”Irvin Irvin said,
said. “it’s a passion
that people With most non-profit, the goals and objectives are
different and always Er: MEditor:
changing. Maranda Salingaranda Saling, VP of External Relations
“Non-profit is totally different from public because it’s not
a good or service being sold,” Irvin said, “it’s a passion that people
Let’s Get PRofessional
March 2009 Vol. 1 Issue 1
Hugh M Culbertson Chapter PRSSA.
Corporate PR- Chelsea Hamilton
By: Tony Sylvester Government- JC Benton
By: Maddie Stevens
If you had asked Chelsea Hamilton during her first
year at Ohio University where she thought she would be
in five years, she would have told you in sunny Los Making strides in Ohio’s school system, JC
Angeles, California working as a publicist. Benton’s position as the Director of Board Relations for
“When I was in college, never did I ever think I would the Department of Education is a perfect example of
live in Columbus and be working for Bob Evans – never!” government public relations and the many skills these
she said in an interview on November 17th, 2008. “But life professionals use.
took me [there] and now I love it.” In an interview on Nov. 12, 2007, Benton
Chelsea Hamilton graduated from the E.W. Scripps explained that in his job, it is “truly about building,
School of Journalism in 2006 with a B.A. in Journalism maintaining, and fostering relationships.” He has been
with a focus in the public relations sequence. Throughout in his position for one and a half years now, and was a
her time at Ohio University, she was an active member of press secretary for seven years prior. He works as a
PRSSA—serving on the executive board for two years as liaison between the Ohio State School Board and the
well as being president her junior year. Department of Education, working closely with the
Today, Chelsea is experiencing the corporate world board’s president to communicate their efforts to other
of public relations in her position as a PR consultant for policy makers, the government, the legislature and
Bob Evans. Any given day she has a variety of tasks she community members across the state. He uses a
is expected to complete in order to do her job efficiently— combination of communication and public relations
a fact that she says keeps her day in the office practices to ensure each month’s meeting of the two
interesting. bodies runs smoothly by utilizing a staff for logistics,
“In my current position I work on media relations, putting together briefing documents for each meeting’s
internal relations, event planning, newsletters, social discussion and making sure the presentations are
media, community relations, marketing and the list can go consistent with the work of the department as a whole.
on,” she said. “Believe me when I say that no one day is “Every day is something new,” Benton said. He is able
the same.” to use his PR training and combine it with his master’s
When asked whether it is necessary for PR degree in political science. Because of this Benton
professionals to be to get their start in agency before “enjoys political communications and the calling for
entering corporate, Chelsea says that there are public service for Ohio’s school kids.”
numerous ways to get experience. Originally, Benton wanted to work for a PR
“[I would recommend] doing whatever that firm. “I had no idea I would go down the state
person feels like doing,” she said. “I think the bottom line government route,” he said. But after volunteering in
is, is that agency life is not for everyone and if you know it the governor’s office, he interned at the state agency
is not for you, you should not feel that you have to go into and was then hired. He was fascinated by the workings
agency because you learn plenty working in corporate.” of the government, and that’s when he decided to go
“I enjoy focusing on one brand,” she said. “I feel back to school at Ohio University to get his master’s
like the hours are better, the pay is better and there is not degree in political science. From fifth grade, Benton
as much turnover. You don’t have to keep track of your knew PR was the work for him, though he admits when
time and bill your client every 15 minutes.” he first read about it he thought it was all about taking
The prospect of finding a job, however, can be clients to lunch and playing golf!
daunting for future Bobcats who are looking to enter the To be a good fit for government PR, Benton
real world relatively soon. For those who wish to focus on said it is very important to be a people person and
corporate public relations in their line of work, Chelsea enjoy meeting diverse and unique individuals. The
has one simple word of guidance: ability to relate to others on multiple levels is vital, too,
“Network, network, network – I can’t say that and this goes back to his idea of fostering and
enough. Networking has truly helped me get in the door maintaining strong relationships with others. He said it
of every single internship and job that I have had since is also very important to get on-the-job experience.
graduating,” she said. College classes prepare you only so much, and nothing
Beyond strictly career-oriented advice, Chelsea beats internship practice. He advises those looking into
encourages her undergraduate peers to let go of hard- government public relations to “become the best writer
wired presumptions and embrace the unpredictability of you can and pay attention to everything. Take an
life. interest in other people and their backgrounds. Most
“Life is so random and I think it’s important to importantly, don’t neglect the daily newspaper.”
know that things may not go as you have planned, but
you will find your way and all will be okay,” she said.

Er: MEditor: Maranda Salingaranda Saling, VP of External Relations
Let’s Get PRofessional
March 2009 Hugh M Culbertson Chapter PRSSA. Vol. 1 Issue 1

Consulting- M.J. Clark Investor Relations- Jeremy
By: Rachel Miller Bridgman
By: Morgan Lyles
M.J. Clark is a public relations professional with
drive, experience and smarts that have allowed her to grow According to Jeremy Bridgman, working in financial
from doing data entry for a typewriter equipment company in communications largely entails, “helping management teams
Milwaukee to running her own business, consulting with turn their numbers into words.” As the Account Manager of
various clientele. Financial Communications in the Global Corporate Practice
Her interest in public relations began in the mid- of Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, Bridgman’s position
1980s while she was working as an administrative assistant covers all facets of financial communications. Bridgman, a
to a group of lobbyists for BellSouth Corporation in self-proclaimed media junkie, enjoys the constant news
Washington D.C. After seeing how their PR department gathering that is required to efficiently perform his job. At
operated she began to pursue a degree in public relations the New York City Waggener Edstrom office, Bridgman
from Ohio University and graduated with her BSJ from the works to actively execute financial community outreach,
Scripps School of Journalism in 1995 with a minor in perception research, transaction communications, financial
Spanish. She later furthered her education with a master’s media relations and regulatory compliance.
degree in Journalism and Communication from Ohio State The Otterbein College alumnus received his
University with a focus on organizational communication in bachelor’s degree in 2004 in Business Administration and
2006. Public Relations. He held Investor Relations positions at
Over the years she has worked in a variety of jobs Ogilvy Public Relations and Makovsky + Company before
from being a receptionist to U.S. Senator Bill Proxmire to beginning his work with Waggener Edstrom. “Both were
teaching at Ohio University to working as a public information invaluable experiences that helped me learn this niche within
officer for the Ohio Department of Public Safety. She started the public relations business,” he said.
her company, M.J Clark Communications LLC in 2003 and is In light of the adverse changes occurring within
still successfully running it today. Two of her biggest clients today’s economy, Bridgman has seen a trend in the financial
are Integrated Leadership Systems, a leadership company in communications and investor relations field. He has noticed
Columbus, Ohio where she does a lot of leadership and team that Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers of
building coaching, and Carlile Patchen & Murphy, a law firm companies are relying heavily upon their investor relations
in Columbus, Ohio, her biggest strictly PR client. professionals for strategic counsel. “With so much
Clark’s favorite aspects of working in public relations depression about the present and confusion about the
have varied over the years. “When I started I enjoyed most future, it’s more important than ever for companies to
the writing and event planning and media relations. I still am effectively tell their story,” he said. “We may not know all the
very interested in writing, but now enjoy most the business answers, but it’s our job to keep stakeholders informed.”
strategy and planning and enjoy least the event planning and In terms of the future, Bridgman claimed that he
media relations,” she said. thinks technology can affect the way that we as
Clark has much knowledge and great advice for PRofessionals do our job. An avid Twitter user, Bridgman
those seeking a future career in PR. She stresses the also said that he thinks social media will play a gradually
importance of taking internships early on and learning about increasing role in speed and method of financial disclosure.
the variety of avenues in the field so that you can find the one The business acumen and communications savvy
that you truly love. She also stresses the importance of not demanded by his job have captivated Bridgman, who says
limiting yourself, “When I decided to start my own business, he sees himself staying in the investor relations field.
people warned me that it’s lonely because you have to sit in Waggener Edstrom, whose vision is to “be the recognized
your basement (usually) not getting out as much. I made the leader in communicating world-changing innovations that
decision that I was not going to do that. So I have never been influence markets, inspire people and improve lives,”
lonely. I do a lot of networking, training, attending meetings is a great firm, according to Bridgman.
and events, etc. so I have never felt alone. If you want to
start a company, YOU get to decide the parameters around
which it will run. Don’t let anyone tell you what it ‘must’ be.”
In her spare time Clark enjoys a variety of hobbies
and activities including riding roller coasters, going to water
parks, playing with her cat and children, eating chocolate and
writing poetry.

Er: MEditor: Maranda Salingaranda Saling, VP of External Relations
Let’s Get PRofessional
March 2009 Hugh M Culbertson Chapter PRSSA. Vol. 1 Issue 1

Entertainment PR- Mark Cendrowski
By: Annie Farinella

Mark Cendrowski, a situational comedy director in Los Angeles, acknowledges the important role that public relations play in
the entertainment industry.
Cendrowski, a TV and film major from The University of Michigan, has been directing since 1983. His current projects include
The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement on CBS. He also works for The Disney Channel, directing shows such as Hannah
Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.
“PR really drives the industry, whether it be giving the green light for pilot episodes, keeping the studios interested in various
projects, or just getting the word out there about new and upcoming shows or actors.”
People in the public relations field help to create and fix an ‘image’ for various professionals in the entertainment industry.
“[In this industry] you have to constantly sell yourself and share ideas,” Cendrowski said. “It is a lot about how you are
This is where the skill of PR professionals comes into play. PR representatives are vital in covering the scandals that arise in
Hollywood, especially the ones concerning actors and directors. Cendrowski says that the search for good PR people never ends, and
that their experience in handling scandal and gossip is always in high demand.
“In a day and age when people’s personal lives are displayed in magazines, the Internet, and other forms of media, it is
important to know who to call when something goes awry with a difficult situation,” he said.
Cendrowski also recognizes that networking is an imperative part of PR. Because the turnover rate is so great in the
entertainment industry, Cendrowski says that good connections and a good network to fall back on are extremely important when it
comes to moving from job to job.
“I have been on shows that have lasted four years, and I have been on shows that have lasted four weeks,” he said. “It is all
about connections.”
PR is integral to the entertainment industry—Mark Cendrowski’s career and the careers of countless others in this business
would not have been able to flourish had it not been for the art of public relations.
‘”The demand for PR people doesn’t fluctuate,” Cendrowski said. “There is always a need for Public Relations in the
Entertainment Industry.”

Edited by: Maranda Saling

Er: MEditor: Maranda Salingaranda Saling, VP of External Relations