Embarka t i on

I want to grow a beard and disappear Bask in my frippery that completes me Use my mind to destroy what’s inside Cloak the habit and travel transit Loiter my thoughts and walk in blocks I want to make sure it’s never been written before Slow study creep, only good when asleep Recoil my past, I want to bury him not the axe Conjoin my opposite views, all fucked and skewed Maffick my troubles, till I’m sick and stumble Failed idiocy is perceived genius mediocrity I want to make sure it’s never been done before Uncontrolled ideas spawn new mediums My journey begun, until loneliness stung Efforts resume, I’m a consumer trying not to consume Night falls at days end but not on the other side of this island Dreams become reality subject to notoriety I want to make sure it’s never been thought before Home at last from a trip with no task Interpret the neurological with a fresh whiskey bottle Spilling the thoughts of my have or have knots Displaying minds eye to those who will try Being here means nothing to those trying to find meaning I want nothing