doctor noor ul ain suggest current affair who.s who and what,s is what.

nd econonmist are also a handsome choice. everyday science biology chemistry and physics of 10th class and some useful websites too howstu and encarta & jahangir,s world encyclopedia, times a

pakistan affair


English(Precis & Composition) 1. Exploring the world of English 2. BA (english) Test papers specially if one can get of Punjab University. 3. Direct Indirect made easy 4. Active passive made easy. Everyday Science

Everyday Science Advance (Imtiaz Shahid) Dogars Unique Everyday Science MCQs Current Affairs DAWN newspaper Contemporary Affairs by Imtiaz Shahid (atleast 2 or 3 latest additions as it is series) Pakistan Affairs Imtiaz Shahids or Rabbani Pak affairs Struggle for Pakistan by I H Qereshi British raj in india

Ali Sohail Bhatti PAPER II Struggle for Pakistan by I.M Shahid INDO PAK HISTORY PAPER I books by K.Islamiyat In English Islam at a galnce by Islahi Towards Islamiyat byDoggar Sons Islamic ideology by SM Shahid For last ten Suras Any good Tafseer Journalism Mass Communication by Imtiaz Shahid Exploring Journalism by Safdar Mahmood Any editorial etc. Sociology by Ch. on Journalism in DAWN or leading newspapers Sociology Sociology by Horton and Hunt Pak.Quershi ( for pre-partition period) Pakistan Affairs by Ikram Rabbani Constitutional and political history of pakistan by hamid Khan ( for post.H. Iqbal (For MA classes) Sociology by Abd-ul-Hameed Taga Sociology an introduction by S.parti tion period ) .

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