Simple Suggestion Report

Sr # 1 Fault Observed A common man cannot give the complaint and suggestions properly. The cause of this is hesitation, lack of courage and awareness, hopelessness, illiteracy, and long process of complain process. Visiting ID card is not issued to visitors during visit. Original NIC card is not checked on the main entrance. Geiger Van undew checking Safety signs are not placed in working area or visiting areas. Signs improve awareness and company impression on the visitors. A safety sign of “No Entry” in front of main entrance is not according to standard. “No Entry” is crossed instead of only Entry, Also height of sign is not proper. Moreover it’s not clear that it is for walkers, bikes, or vehicles. Some riders from PDI department do the road test in company area but no safety sign is placed related to it. The riders do not wear safety hamlet also. Water & Gas pipelines are so old that some main valves have risk of damage during open and close. Poor house keeping. Ways not obeyed. line paint press wheel shop . ware house, quality , after sale store. Walls not clean, cobwebs, cleanness before duty time, equipments not in a right place. Dusty fleer of Press shop, Scratch and Damage is inspected usually on painted parts. But packing and handling methods are not in a pattern for saving them from scratch. No packing method is defined for many parts. Workers always stuff the painted parts in a single cardboard box. Cardboard Boxes are not specific according to the size and weight of the part. Changing the packing pattern (from the pattern given by the vendor) during inspection in Quality Department will be very odd for vendor and he would comment that bad handling of Quality Department is damaging his material. Rejected Material must be handled in such a way that it must CAPA A wooden box must be near the main entrance labeled for it. It must notify that no need to mention name under the complaint. Must be monitored by the Director personally. It is a standard practice that issuing the visitor number after taking the NIC card and record of all entries of entrance.NIC card must be returned at exit of visitor after taking the Visitor Card. Proper safety signs related to the situations must place. Scheduled checking of safety signs is necessary for preventive action. Only “Entry” must be crossed in the sign. It must be cleared that it is for walkers, bikes, vehicles. Standard height of traffic sign is more than the height of a normal man. Scheduled checking of safety signs is necessary for preventive action. Safety signs must be placed regarding to this. Safety helmet must necessary during road testing for riders of PDI. Scheduled Overhauling of all plant. Awareness


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All painted parts which may get scratch must be handled safely, these pars must not be packed in cardboard box or packing method must be satisfied regarding to scratching. Stands & trolleys are best for this kind of material. Hardness of Cardboard must be according to packing weight and according to the number of packing placing in a row or above and under during handling. Packing pattern must not change during inspection in Quality Department. We must suggest accurate style of packing to the vendor. Rejected Material must be handled in such a way that it must not damage

fans. Shortage list to quality. training. Dust proof. Ventilation is not proper in line. Tool use. fans. painted. rack . . Door handles. hidden areas very very bad. Trolleys for shifting of side covers from Paint Shop to Assembly line are in very bad conditions which are damaging the side covers. table and height of chair. Store board . soap Tools. record room. record . emergency fire or training. Chemical thermometer not works properly. no paint . wiring mirror broken. toilets repair. Press ventilation Parameters and standards of quality. Toilet . part name with supply. machines . Exhaust fans. The present design of trolleys using for shifting of side covers is absolutely wrong. Hanger short. Computers and air conditioners of some departments are not turned off during lunch time. interaction with vendors. one side.9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 not damage more. read and writes. Computers and air conditioners must be turned off during lunch time. experience. not any plant in 3. Paint cans throwing. Duties and responsibilities. 2 near to dry Language barrier. Minimum education. Lights and electric work not work tube lights . Jali damaged. damaged in accident. Computer. Not optimum temperature. dust proof lab. Head of the Department must note these kinds of activities. I will help for designing a new style of trolley for side covers. 5 DC. vendor name. tag. Moveable trolleys in Paint Shop and in other departments must be repaired. Wheels of almost all trolleys are jam. First Aid box is not in any department. It’s wastage of electricity. quantity. Files data . Vendor name contacts email fax. much material and touching fault. An area for workers for clothing and changing. jigs . It is observed that some exhaust fans. Boxes for samples in quality and for table and not any wait of part without any reason. Visiting cards must for only for updating of soft contact list. Urdu English. operator or training. Precision tools safety and loack and usage and training. boxes for tools. Count of every tool and fixture and device. Water leak from flanges.

files number blonging to rack . first counting then inspecting. standard tad. Not same or epeat 5286. hard and soft data. Telephonic conversation is taking more time than work. Racks . separate and separate. Disappearing of dc # Data management in soft. No proof for receiving to store if they not return. Manual rejection must through the software. Similarly rejection status not in control. Because most people don’t know usage of excel. 5329. date wise . notification not just through email. dc wise or shortage list or daily plan wise. Routine and works and environment will solve it. Record room. Decide of status of rej and ok giving to vendor. Instead of computer its loss of time only. Usually driver not receive dc. All docs must in hand of driver is not a problem. Chrome item never on floor IGP must be unchanged able. gate is for proof and matching same base do not allow the matching and conforming. Status change and in software All information from one dept to another dept must be through document and through transmittal. Must filed with date and Gate is not receiver or counter. Manual searching of record. racks and racks number . no in c drive . IGP no GRIR DC Stamp Filling and operation order . gate must issue only gate pass number. . and axtra choot at gate to management and workers.33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 Fork lifter. Counting and receiving is a quality problem. Software must be generate auto reports. Duty time . quantity change is a big problem. Proper stationary and stationary record. rejection must be in record. Then generating. igp wise grirwise. Punch machine Inspection of quality in all departments after quality of own depart. Auto next igp not manual. Software versions approve not on the record. Software errors.

All in parts entering in the factory which being by accounts dept. Dmention before and after . must be through software. Perchoon ki dukan khatam. after wandering of a little time. but gate entry record is must. Easy access and guide for vendors for photocopy. Regular cheching of pcs must be by IT dept. on deleting same grir must be issue. Corrective & preventive Weight machine and standard weight of a finished part must be predefined.55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 Scrap dealing must be. Collecting of correct feed back from line. Fitting test. Grir and iGP given to vendor by marking on dc. paint problem. Because igp is an non change able thing. Leak of ventilation .. Fitting problem . If not by accounts must be that.

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