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The truth about CharleyPatton's MURDER!


Front cover photo by Fred Ramsey, fr.: (Alabama-66 mlles out of Blrmlngham, on Route 5 t to llontgomery)




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By euenins.l iwde seueral triDs to our clnr'cbal c6okow behind the hnise.00.urd spiml.A. As pait of rw . anl. Susser. ADVERTISING RATES (black & whi0eonlv): EDITORIAL STAFF: EditorRrblisher-Pele WhelnnMutqnine Edi0or-Nanc-v VlelanAsscr. Houeuer. Mi comolnint is with the listeners the lnirswe. for the eood of my marriarte.deetallotmnce is beins used to buy'stratclry-s"oundine rusic on suc\. Neu Ydrk. Cotiwni. It is rwt your cdtitre or era. Berkeley. I ltaue scheduled passaed on the Bremeihauen to oisit relatiues iiEurope-Mrs. When is i-t^going -to endl When.1. Croz.."IN's ard up).00O. Sclp. Howeuer. I fuiue heord rwthinp since thdn. fuin. I urote at the time. gennefi. I fomd tlnt the-nateridl {irm yet sticky'. erowth. They Last a fei issues thzn'fold.orence Coffi: BiIl Ciuens: I ohn'Godrich:Dotie " tydstruo: Beirnrd Klatzkai Ioln MacKen'zie: Nick Perls: tacques Rocle: Duhcan Schiedt:JacobS. 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N orth slpre.'you are'rn are'na loneer lonser Slind! blind: WilI it be arntlei 30 years beforE you sive ' WnS"t gnd Coleman ilnt Bifu Br6ak'in 78 tlle cfeatest Euer since the demise of TheRecord Chaneer. dndlthe-Iinc steel ensrauinsfrom 28 oer c ent culnera re duc tion -T1 F oliiri sunrth III.. IncTudes unter-mark.ursell Ln lhetr. hirue . for offsei priains. this mitkes the fifth so-ialled trwsazine'[ subscribe to. itnd I unuld Riue a fortme to see the exbression on his face. Onc-third' wee (2Y. . Kcnsas literarf Qnlitv Wouldn't it be better to confinevour eirleauors to a literarv folio-clearlv dbsiewted os such? Whv iutddy up the bluei-iazz fiel. Y. For co:nnlex reasons. bri{tle SubsnncT t}nt uns dark in color and of ponderous mass-slnoed in the form of an iniperfect elobe.e Record Clnnier. see yoir'outn personal dessage in rural Southem'blues. Otle'naise| lnUt6re nesatiue stri>ins ntile bv tle brirxer uill be'cln$ed at cost. iu.I pdsture? I atn an a?mirer of the Hemineuny'direct action approach to'Iiterary tsiiine. Dois this mean anyihins to you? If it doesn't. All risilts reserued.e.'you a. fetis Eqnrs hippine 'slobs utho sb obuiiuslv kntnn uhere tTrev are gbing (nowhere).r.y. rae-oulp stnck: 3 colors: 2 sreens & black. Wildilower.ion:lf possible. T. Lod_i. I do mind ipendinls it on. After ond 'uns hnur's-time.bv 10% irCh. Cunn.M0 ilzroueh the death 6f an aurt. Krist.s ol Durclasrng rare record. bizane labeLs'as Black?atti. it Ltadreuerted 'to alnrd. C.zeid.-.'Maine.S:year subscription Late in'57. Une-lall paze (8t/zbvStAinelrcs) -$20. imiat6rs.ree indiuidwlsind tfuit rnlues /eflect sowtd. England.oz. superror and paramormtAs the wife of an auid iazz record collector.ter. Califdnia.essceneT My o[mrel is rnt so mich utith the cunent R'&' B or country blues reissues (sod knDws.. ratLo rrse-htsher tlan etther stnntDs or colns.N. -"vordMul / can oilv soeak for rivself ofLourse. Naatrally.the bie brbak 1'd like io know ulnt kindaf bhresiazz maeazine is it. I haue been manied' onb six months and. lranslonrung saea of the 1920's ihto a the n. Inste6. era+edd. I made a significant dEcisioi: durins my"hus barul' s re c"ent'sale s trip t o Chicaeo" for his manufacturing firm" I renn:ued the soltrc'e of di{ficiltv.meltine them dann into a uiscuous liouid. are in s6me uAy reacting aeainst todny's TV deodorent |ommercidlsl My disttite for the s e s eI f-satis fi ed. You uere blind n the coitntry blues for 100 years. cannot be reproduced eitlrcr in ulnle or put iritlww the author's consent. be heard and rnt seen..1 vou iust listen to the music? You ruin it by'uriiins about it. l'nr rnt on6 to krnck Clnrlie 'Patton). . not read.r Vestinc: Gayle Wardla r.50's. ITED. it ieeitts ob"uioui to inc'there is sornethins teniblv urone with the cunent folk-blu. 78 QIJARTERLY is oublislrcd bv 78 Publishinl Coimpany. circa /958.aie you going to end?1 do"n't mind spendine money on rare records.y paite-ups.lobe's 'atn oiter dia'rneiers ircasure siiand eieht feet. Ladies and niueS: much of your bu. askine ifiw subscription lnd exoired and reieiited rc ansubr.hcrt rank Mrxic mliki children. Music is'meant to bi played or heard.].e. I took out a tlvee-year subscription to Th.snlsii oonderous"bore inll take some doinA. Houteuer.d. I uill'prouide certain serial numbers of snnller'dercminatiotts upon request.d. N.d uith thb sort of excrement one fiitds oh tle intellectw.'u.er: Robert Tmuis.Y.able-F. an^dtlnl the cuneht prices aie not the resuh o{ nanioulation by ato or th.t ads in tle form of cam. and I iust thoueld I unuld uoice nrt'opinoin aboin it and about the sad. tohrmy Dodds uns itnrticulate.thiest6 other uiues of auid record colLictors... sarc 6f iazz in eencral-L. Sozires. Gennett. or read about. Cosponsaed by ORIGIN {..s. I suspect. I amlookine for inierestins u. then I can't erplnii it. I haie been urnble n deiosit tlp drisiwl smt directly into tle bcink for conueision to negotiables.blatk phtti. Notu.. Brooklyn. Dlease subm. Kansas a wealth of naterial iecently camz into an inheritance of uell ouer $3. N.slgl1.. as such. prini ed'nnt erin l"(rn t soeci fi cc -comrielued 'c omri slued elsanhere'in elsanhere'in this this nke aziiw I is covrrishted by 78 to protect eact iub\tor.30 vears qfter it all ended.t's tlie puroose of allihis eeotistic nonsense? Wln't hhppens'if I take o"ut a year's subscription? Inciilently. AII olntbi or coi tirutotts-tone art must be pre-screetzd. BLUES UNLIT4. 'should N. Houeuer.

Messin' Arourd No. N 1929 or start al 1930 trrill be glod lw lro.more. ALMANAC (nnber 10).e. Slura is nwinstrq.. Jabbo uns selected by Brunsuick Records in' 1929 to froil a band tlwt the comrniry hornd unuld compete uith 'Loiis Armstrone and his Okeh Re cords.ccornpanied blues tlo nake this bne of the best--and. ufrether his taste'end. Moan.. I.. Veniial "ooint One iileiestins "fast nnde is tlnt the 't*estern" stvle tlut lns-been utritten aboit repeatedlYin East is wknani to theplayers on the sPot. Slnw' s stvle is highlv rhvtlunic.'Her nwutlt$. All titles'are d:raan frorn Iohn Steiner's historic PAMTh9 Rai4cy LIOUNT taslog.t"ohaue picked up the newer styles. I thirh that euerv traditiornl iazz fan. ratlryr tlnn scatterlng them Ln rne +F"WftC"NYF:89'. thc {vine arti'st that Pr:oiects 'deli"ghts of the l'ow'life." Robert Slwt. for me." and bn the Robert Sfuhp "Black GaL" record as ippi J ohn Nole. 13383. Don't Slwlce It No more Too &teet For Words.e aroups circa [925-'27. .C PiII Blies (Etird Blake). h'edoes not seemto fuiu'eplayedmuch du.es lnoe neoer been reissued in any fom onl. lwpZtor fuwe. Gal" used succesifullv bv Lerov Can and Claienie Williomi ard then forsotten reappears here bs'' trIY Gal.' hooes of boostins.Slwp soundsnore Chicaeo. Al Annois WitI E)eIl and.orkon' Bost6n "Tatuiiav to tle lvricolt'$lasfy Tirnc Blues" ard Blues. Gone Dod. Lil?e the others. Exolain' The Bluei.his. Moorecorneio rnind as rel' are knoun ated olavers u. and. Clnnces are if ybu don'l hmr about tliein vou will like tlen>and this Ip is a big breah if you d'o. uioredictable'and.TRAVIS ROBERT set the MILESTONE label "o{f to an enuiable start.e"Jealous Hear' Titlei arc: ted. in g T he ie s ult i na f r ee<phe. Orientol Man (Dixielard Thwt' oers)-Steal Auav (Paratrotnt Ptc6brs).inal rbcor' dlng dates iogether. O'Briaw. tinrc otd s-tyle.is a fittittg tnorutrnent to tllot great stnger uln died in lore n66.uigurbtts plavins. atd. an outstandinl reeoid in its oum right. Vi l4Llltam lI iar D odt]s exceqt iltartln artin ex c e ot. too is fine Irrcluded $ point of discographic DY the Lne rs rarced raise[ by deUcacv . " Euertbody K cennat* said said EuervbodY ki"one-" Keepneus are thbv arb in the unrld'thinhs thby n Villiams. Rec' ordiingis blwlly sati3t'actory. gwty moanlng atn u.. Robert CooPer and AIex. retssue set to appear Ln seueral vearc ii ihe nn" record sbt.ocwnent a uery' he gle c ted.:. al. is soins on tpith nanihing. One o. titles are all ndt to Ip and the Dodds ue urabtairnbte in tfu U. A7I 19 sides issi.noull Colnbia it would be nice to haoe all can be heard on VANGUARD "Skip 9219/ 79219. l-unuld-sqgest fo1. Frog.s on the record. Toneie SnmD(Lwie Auston). When h sidds.Black ) The loutelv bluei mclody. on Slnut. Soine of.elitv'! R ec lnnrc I' ing for siereo. sensitiuity and talew of tames lws shown tlnt le'still nasters his old naerial ard' nore important.euen enatic. Nieht'Tinie Blues.s thiv arc timmY He He says savs t.be rui.hr Blue-s". Dick utiselv went ahiad and out them ii anntnv because ja4z of ihey gre pertincnt't-o the'placi. Keepruuts. Mack McCor' mick liachs ub the recorduith treatise on an illumirntins.i'" i"tiiiiy Ip tlnt'should .but themuery cLoselY.S. Mr.l blues style Efited. Slotu Driuins. At the tine the records sold hardly u all and consequcntly are sb.s.sran*e widely from s6lo on thc hot. exoressiue uoik is included Ite're. REN.\at bltchtng come ttvougn uith dictioi tlat is coiparr s tand'able. bw dec' QlBr-lant.rinethe lnti 3As and 4Os ond.m tunelhouse.Ja|kass BIrEs. Memphis Bolsd Bfucs.indicates that he is hot'far"out of his Primeand sotisAII in aII. Greotest of the Deba Blles Sinaers". sttruiuorof a clutch ol sich" blues olniers tlut uirhed mainli thiowh south central Texai in the"20s and 30s. Dodds' pre' questionnble oit is ques sence Ls sence the {irst t1vee Louie Austin three ihe the first three first asked. Most of tluse sid. often forsMout mony other trw4ie teri.. He is tliir-Iost'plavins. . Mb Rainey is featured on MILESTONE 2001 and Iohnny Dodds on 2002. t iln.Dodds . the xSanta Fe" piarn in Texas and. ind dismissed. resemble To me.rwt to rebords. uell in uotleiuw For tle first tirne 4xcellent lnue erins ad. Cassirc Simpson.. Certainlv. Slave To'The Blues. ihe complex " Scuffli u.dnier arid. the beit blues rec6rd. rnYlnmtc nluch better than. Oh Dddv (Dodds& Pailad. VANNisht Lonz" oitlp GtiARD arZ excitine oiarn performanc es ( Hout-abow a Sklo tanes oiano lp? . a decided plus tlwt we do not get uery oJten." uns DickSrcttswd nrobabtvdi sconcerteduhen 'l abbo tbld him (t abbo liues in Milunrhee) tlnt lE did not play on the Lloyd Smith and'Ali:x Hill sidei plarmed for inclusion in the lps. the the 6thcr rithcr thby thbv are are quiie ouiie or exciting recordS. As g4pegted. Mortarut " ("Whores is Funlq Tavlor ).t The'firyeDodds sides cleaned uD and ressued nere uere all inde ruith uqrious s In>das h.his most .ntioned. Conerat' ulatbtts to lllessers StEiner.tne confines of the Hot F iie arul SeJen. Bessbmer Bound Blues. Louis aftlertlprouehlv assiinilatins ilb style. l abbo Smith" on MELODIAN 7326/7327. recordins and someuha more IiuZ ly performan c es s. T'exas. It is trveic ilwt the driue hos sote-out of tle country ' bluel boom iuit uhen an artist uith ilrc. ro. Haggerty tor a Paratowtt lvst-conF 'parat ioe f i d.issues as satlstYlng as trtusottc.' at iu elv wtl. a primitioe Texas blues piaip ilayer. Neubrthelesi. 2 (I iihy B lythe' s Ragatnulfins ). lor one.s these.LY "eccentric" piano Now Reallv exceptional i-i i ton ".nore' s ophi s tic ate I dnn the nwrke t coluld bear in the 20s.bb went bevond MaRainev's192427 records arE unll known and need ra critiouc from me. bitins trumpet bv 1'ommY La. Allen brd." Tuo oiarn tracks add io euitrr d. l."'lvie too. I hcar strbne elence merus-of Cripple CLar:e /"The frla Gitnd. swinging South Sif. Lorw Distance Bhns (Ifu Cox7. Ll sides. C.iue the VANGUARD the Iead ouer MELODIAN 7321 "Slcip Ianes. Cell Bowd Blues. ("Here I corie lith My Dirty Dirtv Duckins On) and. Ikey Robinson ond 6mer Simeon (fresh from a stint uith lellv Ro'II). trump et giant.er"). I ames/ Todav.re that the iaz2 fans lnpe lnd little oopeirtniiv to hear thern h is biasv to ipeculate tlnt tllev uere. vourself. Titles : StTeetBluzs. oddlv. VANGU A RD I i utt / T odav 9220 / 70210 ins is sued utith the J atnes and.tho Shou does.Housnn 19. TlEre ieems to be w olaVe for him nout and the [o'ss is bnrs as uell as his.fia md Jalautyare serued too. The ntnes on both records dte nostly familiar to larnes "H(ti Lone" and'All fans. in 1929 are included here. eroup.ed. Jq. 'prtic ulaily Roy Eldidse-' Jabbo's mmd. Siderien inc luded Laurence Buford. Tfrat pdlicv uns"carried to ridicilous'lerwhs bv Rioer-F6 side. His i.ll Dodds Uodd. a mouiie. E::nnx'so*ii:frztrirAC uill srow or ilie. Ieads off Maih McConiick's natL b6bl. ltry4 rtgld mltuts tlose of us wfin it unuld be nice uhen wssible to keep orig.salei. d.- The most important All tracks are excellentlv dubbed {rom uirttnLly rciie free _78i. but not copied Chicaftd. F6rtunatelv for us. sta"bbine " I az z Battle ". Blues. two sides with Ioe Sriith aLI the uny from Neu' York.irtuoso perfonnncds cw Red."'Mississ ". Aimv Camp HarmonY Blues'. 7 olm ? Tun exrellentreissues . unY One unY ide {t'r ide {t'r vourself. duhbirlz' fih cut thc-ineuit&Le FAMMOUNT suface rnise uell belaa the sietnl. land Tlunwers four Di^xie "Ramwn iosether. Lonesonb Blues.

- *ooo'o*.$$ffioN Fgf Lf. GAYL' s bv .

she saw him accomP-anY C o l l i n s a t a i u k e i o i n t . in 19 Louisianh to northem three years later.iiVou Find In Uc?' The old ffill searchedhis mcmory . u n u a n d A r k a n s a sa n d t h e Illinois Central. 1967. IN 78 QUARTERLY's LEAD ARTICLE. W i t h' a n ? i f o f e x p e c t a n c Y a s k e d .n. u n P a i n t e d lrom which was.udlow Copyight.-some and five miles f r o mS h r l v e P o r t .. Louisiana.' u t w i t h a u i t h a s c n i l e e x p r c s s i o nb f r i en d I v s m i l e. lli. A n o l d 1 r | 0 liln h i s l a t e s c v e n t i e s s a t o n t h e p o r c ho f a n o l d . soil. 30 miies Sible!.an unflaggingpartySam soer.i. clay red of dance of miles and miles and timhr commercial the from out hrlging between lie wttich valleys populated sparsely subsist that towns sawmill pulPwood the on industries. named King Solomirn i t " ' u . l{e was born near McComb in 1897' an CharlieHolme-s. e v e r h e a r o f a y o u n g. Following by ten years'Joecame olderbrothei 15' where....GaYIeDeqnW All Rights Reserued. J o e s o o n f l G l I r e s t l e s si n L o u i s i a n a and in 1920 Gturned to McCombwith . Two railroads cross iust outsidethe citY limits--the l .i q .reeltng b r o w ns h a c l < t h e e r o s i o n so l t l m e a n d l r o m l a c K of upkeep.. S h ec a n s t i l I r e c o s n i i e t h .. D on ' t Hill.b t u e s Hill? . Essie ( w h o n o w l i v e s i n C h i c a g o ) . Their onlv child.* "and abo"ut Tell Me BabY' Tirin. . . t " d t o l i v e a i o u n dt h i s a r e q a n d a sons about the Gone Dead ir.. A three-day-seirch differcnttowns belan to pay off. GAYLE WARDLOW KING INTERVTEWS HILL's SOLOMON WIF'E.aibley)' was a natlve south Vlississippi...REVEALS HILL'S STARTLING TRUE IDENTITY. WHERE IVHOHE PLAYED WITH! Louisiana l{orttrern with country a Mrren is ahtnan few inhabitants. -a conversation s e n t l e w o m a nw h o f o r 3 l y e a r s h a d lived with one of the mosi incredible mvsteries in the historv of the countrv in five bfues. SamCollins. HE's FROM. I .w a s b o r n i n t h e w i n t e ro f 1 9 1 8 . Arthur l..o u i " . but I had r e m e m b ' en ro S o l o m o n a c o u s i n n a m e dl o e l { o l m e s w h o u s e d to sing all themtongs you mentioned. r e P l i c d .i i. a t o w n o I s o m e 500 resideats. I alias KingSolomon Joe Holmesr i H i l l ( t h e n a m e w a s p r o b a b J yg l v € n t o him bv Paramount's recordlng dlrector. I n B u r g a r l a n dt he colored section o[ north MCComb' m e t i t s m o s t f a m o u sb l u e s s i n g e r .h -e [ i s * i f e a n d c h i l d . he married Roberta Allumi. 6 e L o * M i n a d n . 5l i k e n e s s o f Collins *lich appearedwith an ad for one of his Black Patti recordings' . On one of the few occasions RobertaHolmes went out with her husband.' Thirty minules latcr I bcgan nry w i t h H o l m e s ' s " wfie .

ffi$ffi$ffi Joe Holnes (Kinq SolomonHiil) often travelled io Sh"reveport to oliv with Thomas. th--e fegendary Blind Lemon lefferson made a bririf stop at Mind6n. r r t- llhile travelins bv rrain to Texas in 1928. always cariied a pearl-handleil' .efferson parted gompgny.cotntesy of tohn Steiner E F. Twomnlhs latel. fat. ]o6 and a efose friend who lived ndar Minden. After making tne rounds oI varrous lexas towns and road stops. Roberta.45 pistol. . Lemon Jefferson. who later rirovediirst' north of that town. It seems possible that Paramountcontactdd Thomas on J effersonrs recoqrfiendation.' They olayed in the small sawmill settlbmeni of Roytown. Shortly thereafter. l. tell thE chief police. recomizdd this'drawins of Collis (ftom a Black Fatti ad) The family remained tosetfier in McCombfor [2 months. Toberta iemembers that ' foe had ratler play with Thomas than with any other sins6r. performing at a iukehouse that iryasciosed by the lafr in thL late 1930's after two piople were killed there in a single nlght.' This niav have been his vbrsion of Collins'' Iailhouse Blues on Gennett6167. a'favorit! hangoutof Lemon's in Texas.' Next to Georse Young. Then Roberta and Essie went back to their home in Siblev. and a slovenly dresser. Ioe and his friend Georse returned"to Siblev to plav in the blrrelhouses and iuk'es oI N6rthem Louisiana. George YounE.usicand doing as little worK as possrDle. there ain't i hous6 for 25 miles arorind. ln latef yeals. Ioe staved an extra six months. t[e[ Thomas came to Siblev. Feft on aIllinois Cent[l passdnsentrain for Wichita Falls. he and Ioe went down in the cfav hill vallev irea that was mentioned 6n WHOOPEE BLUES: ' I got to so ro that valley. just flay'ing m. Holmes was known for a song that besan. Thomas wals Holmes' best friend. iu6t as he latef did in the MisCissippf Delta where he used Ishman Bracey as a guide and travelling companron. An affemath of Lemon's trip throush Mindenmay have been-the 1928Paramount session which markedthe debut of Willard (Ramblin') Thomasi a blues singer who probablv hailed from West Texas or Ari2ona. ' Going to Shrevepoit. Holmes and Holnres'(Hill's) wife. and who waj to travel through many parts of Texas and Louisiana.

a 13117).Birmingh3m' wlrerethe two were lotned -by tten L urry' f ge's. A Dl ' R A l N ."a on Paramount classic example of an early style ol blues that evblved into the southern Although Owens'.. harmonica i u i t a r . I o e w e n t h o m ea n d a s k e d R o b e r t a *hat she"thought about the opportunity.t h e i n s t r u m e n t pi"y"a with the greatest proficiency' Owens.. 6i.o f wh. a n o l d f r i e n d ' o .Singers o I B i r m i n g h a n lt.w h i c h c o n s i s t . u""ornpanied Joe to. H i s T E X A . s 'e oo r m e . d u e t .ti. f o l l o w e db y . ii'.L n . recorded o r e a r l'*tti"tt hau" neu"t been located i*" . fnY Ne oNEMoRE Rl. *as C u r r y .o a seDaratearticle by this auth-or. w a s t h e l a s t t o r e c o r d :s i x HOlmeS said hc had s o n s s ..f --.*.u ..fs llill.. i':fi?t'til-lii#.In eerly l9ililr a scout lor Paramount R e c o r d sf o u n d l o e s i n g i n g i n u p t o w n him if he wanted to Mindenand ask"ed r " c o r d . s s o f h u t a s t o r ca n da p o s t o l l t c e t c n m t l e s o u t ho [ S i b l e Y . although d i d H o l m e s so.... o n e o f w h i c h [ e a t u r e db o t h .a l l o f w h i c h R o b e r t a b e f o r eh i s t r i P t o bceilperformins G r a f t o n .i."it"a about the then forthcomingtrip to Wisconsin.nd Owcns' l. then a man in his late fifties four-sides.X!31: jd.. hiis'si4ging r"*lnl"i""nt of Ed Bell's.i h e G O N E D E A D T R A I \ ' was one of the best train blues o[ the ..tft' The ouartel opencd the recording s c s s i o n w i t h t w o s i d e s .mbcrs l owN oN \{Y IIENDEDK\t'-l't 3116)' *a WHOOpEB E L U E S ( P a r a m o u n1 the attitudcof the macho. . .'lio.t " " o t ac o l l e c t o r . u d o n y q r .ltn stYleis highlY T.uES. . * * ' " U 1 " i o l o c a t e l i i m s e v e r a lm o n t h s "go).. music has many qualrtres tn common w.r e l e a s e d 1 3 1 2 9 . exDress -a stince not unlike that takenby Robert J o h n s o na n d I s a i a h N e t t l e s .. .. l'"a tn""f ^*ous BluesJay.P r o b a b l Y A r t L a i b l e v ( s o o r it o b e t h e s u b j e c t . Usin "g rt ch ac sP on . I l i l l a l s o a l l u d e d t o t h c t o $ n o f F r y b u r g .' that he was not too Roberta remembers . . T h e l l i p s i r l c o I t h a t r e c o r d .w a s a v e r s r o no l on I'aramount \ l r r r n i ca n d l o e M c C o y thc old \4cmnhis l..h e n t r a v e l l e d t o " Gralton studios' i'. v sixties. \larshall Uwens thc Alabama blue-i-man g]"ngtitl\ Thesetwo singcrs..J . 1930's.i"..W l l A ' [ ' l " A t His lyrics for his othcr two recordcd D n.' r'i llas Done Got Panmount l3t been found. p l a Y i n ga .T YOt FND lN \lE. C o w h e r ey o u w a n n a e xactly that."f i.' KingSolomon unJetermined and soboing h e t o l d o [ h i s e x p c r i e n c eh r n r a i l r o a d[ u h i c h hustlincon tlrc Southe r u n s f r d m N c w O r l e a n st o N e w Y o r k a...3 .iiy liot nt"uaiulLoui'siana. O n e .n d o n t h e I l l i n o i s via Birminsham) ( ' e n t r a l( " 6 i c h r u n s t h r o u g h Siblcy).. ' S h e f o l d h i m . nf uU"tt" Stres style-.is [i"t"i. T h g s c o u t i n c u e s t i o n . . O n a l l o f h i s o w n s r d e s 'L u r r y he i i s e d h i s m a n d o l i n .S TIME bi.. C u r r v ' s [ i v e . 1 ) n( i O N L D L ..

Spiers.r .'in the mode of SamCollins' blues. ' He learned himself how to play.ltry 4isl?ri .du. and both men. the other to. few people aroundSibley even knew that'Joe made records. She said.Had a hemmorage.i":["[iWlisi f fr'tif the {wosanctifiea inli". Q4l2r5.. He never attended church.| F"tlsfi uls. as a sportswritgr fo-ya Jacks6n newsDaDer. The othel missins sons.-Sii- cunently writing. He also qpenttime in small towns like Choudrant." JOg brought cbpies of all three records bac[ to Sfblev with him. the Paramount talent scout an_d_ troubleshooter H.C. . Take ---sick. because they were ieleased under an assumed name. saw Holmes set off a train from Lonsview one nishf after he had been playing out in Texas.:!y!!f _.. :tl.l: :hltr.r. He also did ney_oehmd-the-scenes researchwhich led to the re-discoueriesof Skip jaroi. WAS a.J"t-n""). before he ever came to Sibley. He didn't stop running until he was clear out of town.::.Cunyand Reu. how-' He stood only lrve feet and threeinches.nepgrtaining to his musical development. O. 0n all of his extant pieces.' A satmill U0tket at Heflin.i.e never went to no doctor.' The other: ' He drank all the time. That other suy iust pulled out his pistol and sho[ at him three times.hiq him to play after they heard tell abou"thim. and Ionesboro.: and Skip.Hglmes was very short. made a trip to Texas to p"ublicize"iheir recent recordings. Roberta splg. a small town south of Siblev.rese&rch on sanctifiedmusic--and othei oruesarttsts-ol rural renown. was written as a tribute to Lemon. Been drinkins before he died and he starte d bleedin"ginsidl. but all have leen_destroyed.By the lalg 1940's.ring J efferson's stopovers ln Mrnden. with whomHolmes played on at least three occasions.' His belongingswere eventuallv retrieved by Inother friend.t The ftUOsongs which completed that session have never been located by a collector.and people -wouldcdme from Eri Eiis and Ualhoun Ualhoun and other other towns towns to ge! oef . HObeila rememberstwo other facts. I Funniest sight I ever see'd: that guy didn't stay in town 30 minutes before he got in an argument with this other guy in this ioin1. He'was drinking when we married. laid around about threl davs-.f".':"f*Fny:. ana as a record collector. TIMES HAS DONE C. Holmes was drinking more and more.i" ol. Hill used a cow bone for chrirdine.He smoked constandv.ever.' Holmes retumed wrth Een Llurry. He weighed about 130 pounds.[n l!49.the tragedy that led to his death.!trtiag!"flrHoif !. One of them MY BUDDY BLIND PAPA LEMON.". Joe conlinued to travel in the 1930's to nearby Shreveport and Monroe. Ringold. Roberta remembersthdt ' He we_nt up in Arkansas to play. but was still playing mlrsic.9. Holmes took sick.as well as bn to ea6tem Texas. ln thecourse oTnis-ir"riti 'rU!"*rt!"okgf . he has anisied - OJLI2 & 13.?!*ytign gyr . just like he was g6ing" stfaight to the"devil. ftist left h'is bassase and guitar layin' down there on thElll5or.' ( "" 1d1'" %TJ.typical 'hard times' depression prece. Eii:a *. then he died.i.OTOIj'T OF*HAND. ?f T'ilr!. Few copies of anv single Holmes 6ffort were sold.' . alons with the unrecbrded Georse Younc.qid GayleWardloryts tirelessand resourceful researchin the blues field ias-ilre'aiJ'' uncouered the Vic tor-P aramauntartisi IshmanQlacgy. and was brown-skinned in complexion.as well as Elder. o. hrs wife recounts that ' Ioe iust kept right on.C.

Ilf.unrrEllwhitewash? or-fiOGIttASII? PATTON'S right mitral valve h/ GAYLE DEAN $|ARDL0$J and JACQUES R0CHE .

The 'eifulcation' of fhe blui:s public l1as Cg"ndl qtly to create the false impres3ion that blues singing represents a stance against Copyriefu 1967 bv Gayle Waillout and. poetic conclusion requirds hi s beautifu-ldeath. an irtensiue reuiew of the deteltoratins" sihtatian at lknd. less hysterical blues researchcan 6re hysterical rumbursin terms of their broad cultural function.. Editor Whelan.in some Argentiniari diue at thi{ uery irnnwni. no one has cone forth from the Delta with a BroonzyJike claim of 'tellins it the way it was' in resardsto Patton. Tlw gesence of the Bessie Szzth style of rumur. such-anaura of mysterytends to'surroundthe deaths or disappi:arances of certain singers that the featrirbs of their actual lives becomeeclipsed in the minds of both the public_atlarge and singers' own contemDoraries. we u)ere wiabLe n find 11' distineuiihed fact-finders in the blues field! Then..79's oun lacques Rochc' ' Deha in pursuit'of the stilloffered'to d.78 decided to'appoint ai I l-nnn fact-t'inding cotronissioi to search out.but as stark rumour-rnonger >. I 'm moredulturallydeprived than Mister' linrnv (Baldwin). Houteuer. As of this writing. the singer's art is basically his resisnation to an irnposedspiritual death. The Patton researcher instead confronts a credibility saD from the outset which works two ways: rumouisbf both violent and natural death are equally suspecr. and its easv public acceDtance. such as lames Baldwin himself or Paul Oliver. an easer Roche added fuel to the flamzs as he clncteristicatly besan (to raue'): 'lt could iust be tlwt Pattan's KLLERnnd I use tlnt u.TS uxzs hesitant to tnleash its big punch be{ore lblilins. by a sererdipinus'stroEe of luck.ordad.!. accordingto her last manager. Thus. snatina doubts lnae plaercd 78's editoial"s taf f rdsard ins tlv s uppres s ion bf d conplete Patton deatli repdrt. I'd like to join-irim.is rep-ortedly Oliver not as a sensatioiralist episode createdbv a (Big Bill Broonzy). lfte that of Charley P"atton. Thus.' Ori6 who trades on the ahivementioned premises. tie 'lynching' of Jarnes for example. (Boodleit) Wiggens. ll nnke em talk !' Roche is' reported to lnue said. ankious to see the woiect teminated bu crinsine from an easr solwion to ilrc' oroblem. tft essenceof the blues is to be found in lines like 'There's a hehhowd on my trail'.is no myslery. ant destrov the souices bf tla said uhispers. so I havd to be nroreooetic in so'doing.entah.' Meanuhile.uiiedlv ! Yes.' the'ubiquitous presence o[ death' within a putative''rednecliungle'.des cr ibed his"ool ition as the' lonlie s t one'in the inrld. since the 6lues singerlived an ugly life. d o 6'. not dranatically on the ddbrstepof a segreg:ated hospital.. or is a formof livine death itself. may eien arrive at the conclusion that. LET u. As S[<iplanres. Naturally. Td combai'a risins iolumc 6f wly uhispers concbrning Pa.All rigfus reserued. the mytfi is bound up in cullural iconology. in moreirbscure ones. Il so. CI{ARLEY PATTON how?where? when did * F oa a One of the last SmitFtaften shr deathin lfil?. Giveir tliese altematives. This is due to the fact that legendsof Parton's violent death did not spreadfar fyond the confines of rural Nesro sbciety.'IaZques Roche.ton's untimely ' erd. Whaieverfunction such stories did serve must be limited to that culture which was developed by and once daily suDported the cotton economv o[ t]re flat Mississipfi Delta.nthinkable !-is hauind a glass of lrqwenbrau. ' but. This f#t has only mitigated De-ltacirculation of the deathby-violen@ nnnours.efoliate''the 'l' ' hiild. > x he die? After 33 years -the truth..s think about the . pardcularly that of ElessieSmith(who died. who in Mississippi 30 years agofrequeitfy encountered 1I . but durine a car collisi6n). In somecases.in alf its shockineCLINICAL DETAILof the most peculiar aspects of blues rch is the fri4uent encounters_ with conflicting and eveil preposterous death stories conceminga well-knowriblues sincer. For reasonsto be explained later.(Sfure its irreeptim. atd'to-rdstore ihaken public donfidence in the blucs citic..the intrisue rnrshroomsonlv ai one approachesdrect sources of biographical iirlonrntion. Bess ie e her Regardingthe mysteriousdeath of Charlev htton. which is seen as Negro dialect for: 'l give the blues to Mister Charlev. \ o \ t-..

ulev's'death. | Iinx all arbwtd your bed | Tumed nw face'to the unll ond I. uho in fear bf divinely-i"uidedbolts wouldhot even performa spiritual. htton crilled flagrant-attentionto himself as a tnsew of the Eld'erGeen ilk and thus madethe ''lishtnins bolt' rumourpossible. Klatzko club. Washingtonwere coffect iq one statement.t. On Screunin' And Holleriil' The Blues. Wardlowwas told independentlythat Patton died from a slit throat. in his twical breezy manner. Both &lwards and Mrs.implied wherein" that htton had been luiifed and killed bv a 'sandfoot' (or'no-good'. clrte of Patton's manv wives. Howlin' Wolf. repeatedbv Booker Washineton'Whi te' on an albumiecorded'for Takoma White. she strangly . Mr. This mmourmay have been a proiection of the wishes or propheciesof zealous churbh-koers who literally believed that Cod would Strike down those'who followed the devil in singing'his' blues. ictual members of Patton's familv. From all appearences. Suchfancied ret"ributioir was scrupul6dslvavoideil bi Pattrin's cohort. was widely repeatedthroughoit thb Delta. near Leland.who zuardedCharley's 'bones' as tholsh tJreywere Sh*akespeare's. mda lol of 'emunrenat withhimwhenle died. wicked scar across the side of his throat. Thus the Dresence woundwas explained in-a way that did not besmirchits allegedly fatal effects. . recounte<fthe in tfe presenceof other formeracquailitencesof the late slnger.. addedcredenc6to these statements. vvhose handwriting is difficult to transcribe. The processof zeroing in on Patton's few intimaies has otherwisdserved only to brine old lesends to lisht. The storv of a cuttine. Wardlow were told as much. Miss. Brown.ruTxturs conceming the vrolent deaths of both htton and himselll put it: ' A lot of reoDle nay say a lot of thines'dbut Ch. which. haviig bled tir death in the aftermathof the butcher-knife-attack inflicted by a wornanwith whomhe was then living. barrelhousing woman). The explanatory telegan Son House (who often perfonnedwith htton durins his last five years of life) received from htton's averred ri. throus{-l his"own pench'ant for preachingwithoui crede"ntials. which did actuallv take olace (in Cleveland arorind1930.idowstated that Patton died from the mumps: the living author of the death messageasserted that he succombedto a heart attack. by verifyine a knifins episode. Klatzko and Mr. 'An elderly Nesro woman. 1934iir the town of Longswitch. alme with the (now substantiated) fact that Patton had visited a doctor as late as the week before his death. htton died a mitral valvi case.196& BemardKlatzko and Gayle Wardlowwere told in tiny Holly Ridee that Rtton died there and not in Loirgswitch. | Didn't fuiub a u. heardthat Patton was struck and instantly killed by a lightening bolt. TlnWh rnt an atheisl. Iim Eilwards. as this accompanyins death certificate derironstrates.tlrat being that htton died in 1934. THE CHARLET PATTON DEATII CERIIFICATE -found by @yle lVardlowin 1966..\e borroweda Biblical description of piaying for this purpose: | | | | | If I uoke w in the momin'. who was sometirnes castigated by his father for his blues-singing. either: that narchyou con fut on. Patton. which thev were not allowed to inJpect. stated that Patton died fromheart trouble i.ordto say. have implicitefy discredited' the ideithit it proved to G fatal. Yes. Both Mr.'lt was ihen 'established' thad htton dirii in i house across from Tom Robinson's store(the qrly one in Hollv Ridse) immediatelv after retuming from a recoiding iri6 to New Yorl -probably inlate February orllarch of 1934.' Later. Accuding to his attendirryplrysician. teraiked that although she had heard thal Patton died in 1934of natural causes followins a prolonsed iln""q. ln July.Finallv. when interviewed in his nltive Clevdland(a snnli town sorne3) miles south of Clarksdale.suspected-thathe hid drank himself to death. Another Delta runnur. One friend. A'srave iite.. thoush a rneremile away. a steidy conrpdi'rion of Pat"tonand Willie Brown foi tlree years. in a snlall story to Mr. Minnie Franidin Washington.held that Patton was of Patton's knifed twice. shortly after httonts arrival there from Will Dockery's plantation nearby). Sirce Patton unre an ugly. it is easy to guess where this rurmur originated. Patton used Elder Green as a vehicle for attributins to the clersy-with some iustice-all of the vices wlich madeth'6blues Sinser unaeceotable to the latter. the tiue facls can be reconstructed-assuming that the state of Mississlppr was ever rn possessionof thernas imparted by bn-thescene aid presumablyreliable doirors. This story was. Yet. no lonier even existed on airy Mississippimap." In May of 1963.. was less interested in theintennent of hbr misleading testimony. hriwever. and ultimatelv reaihed Chicago. TEere. in effect.nded to dramatizehis failure to find meanindin relisious sestures. Tfun monthslater.).

for mitral valve-troubleiionlv a secondarycause of general heart failure and uoula normallv be Iisted as such on a death certilicate. was siveri bv Charlev him-selfand refened to his self-dete6tion of acute synptoms. Althoueh a mitral disorder would have been discemab-le to a doctor of Patton's generation by neans of a stethoscooeexamination.an original master of the Delta sound probablydid not reach that area until at least a of a Delta blues style had already bemblarice been created. A'92' fizure. was entered handwritingol handwritin enteredin ln tne the nanownung oi tne the (one Dollie Trotter) Trotter) on recistrar (_one on the tle day c after.s. no longer stands. for it cannot be proved tlrat he himself supplied the datl. unless orie can sorirehow develop a'total conspiracy' theory which would involve his undertakeirs as either iarticipants or idiotic pawns in a larger scheme. This'figure seemsto have been written over an earlier nlotationof 13 days. The certificate indicates that the registrar cornpleted the listing of Patton's addr6ss (which was-probablyfumishledbv Willie Calvin) ahd resp6lledhi3 nameas 'Charlie'. . Son House could never get httbn to rev6al his birthdate. This r6visionis fqvbqed today by his blgin Jozz Libuy reissuers. for Patton to inpart a genosis of any sort to Willie Calvin would nnil< a de-parture from his seneral mle: while reportedly makins a practice 5f publicizins the intimate c6nfidencies of bthers. which soes babk to the day bef6re htton oiisinallv visitedthe doctor. Thus".rnd some 30 fryt t{rp . Lltho-ggh an-informantfor a ileatli certificate is . of the Mississippi. tinreof his death. legstrpr htton's death.and recapitulatedin full. andnot in Februaryas had been supposed. le-sfrom. The first lies in the relationship beiweenthe cause of deatlr and the duration'of Patton's illness.its abtual role in the death bould not be stated. and left no rdatives behind. Glvin. By the presericeof other factors iir Htton's hppearence hnd medical history. was Patton'ihonre untii around 1900. on h decoded died in SuqflowerCountyon the 28th of April. however.w}lile mainuining-both the ARGVocalion and C'eniett ledger versions. The centralfvJocatedcountv of Hinds. Although the doctor wrote that he attended Patton from Afril l7-nth. (The severity of a mitril case cannot be determined via stethos6pe. which was a local colored funeral horne. he ri. nself. the witness in questiori would seem to have collaborated on early-aiquired information. he gave an oddly precise fisure92 day-s-to representthe duration of ihe fatal illnesi.in which dii:il.or close friend 'Willie of the deceased. such as the listine of his birthplace (Hinds County) and that of his pirents' names (Bill and Amv).misfit have been written in after Calvin?) susgestedthat Patton sorneone-(Willie had been feelins sick 'sincetr! cameback frqn New York.tfolly Ridge. spouse.'hewas living at'350 Heathman a town sorne in the Neerosector of Indianola-.usuallfa relative. One possibility is that th6 entry of rl3' days. This structute.as frnickf about disclosins the most ordinarv of his own pixsonal particulari.the-name Glvin' Glvin'had never beeo encounteredin the course of extensive researchon Patton. spelled his first name orallv as 'Charlie'. Wil Willie Calvin. souarewith the alreadv-collected data.as well as the raisori d'etre ftorthe final date itself.) 13 The rne new oate date probablv came ltom c€Ime from ratton Patton DroDaDlv himself. hi itself a sequela. the'name''Willie deceased.r A similu misleading impressionof exactness is created by the alleged cause of death."Patton himself. a mitral valve disorder does not lend itself to a 'duration of illness' entry at all.his doctbi misht have accuratelv nrled on the seriousnessof"his condition and its abilitv to cause htton's death. which by Houses'Jown guess would lag sorneten years behind Mississippi's figure. must be puely coniectural. without an autopsy reDort. th6 oossibilitv stitl or forwardinsaddreiss renrainsthat"the birthdate foi htton is erroieous. Itloredefutableaspcts concemingPatton's death arise from the certificate's most importantentries. rryhich would closelv coni:siond to the date 6n which Patton's final iecordini session was completed. The rnere fact that Patton received a formal burial virtually squelchesthe possibility that he met a violent'dedth. Since Since t6e name of the infornrant. On the other hutd. Since the informant no longer lives in the vicinitv of Indianola. who have dropGd the 'Charley' used on his Paramount recordings. Any explanationof the discrepancybetweenthe two dates-. who could neither rea{ nor"write. infonnant. undoubtedly Other facts. with its seaiat lacksorl. with finalitv. T e undertaker's nanp is listed as the Central Burial Association.

. Indianola.of the symptoms ol .. of .the the pres?nce of blmd in hts phlegm' coud.il.. j."i"."t" l\egro' In heart'symptoms. hidun *u" trEatedin -.iii"l.... in an acute [orm. and. htton's ensYingsymPtoms wouldhavebeenmanilestover the Iast Irve. i.F. the fact that htton slept or restedlittle duringthe last weekol hts trle i" death. * Gaun' ov.".Ja.rditi. have alpeared.lune ol tim6 of his first Paramount i{*v') iiliiilit'iiti.atton's death') *rati.tne case' would vary accordingto the drspo. he would have seen enougtrevidenceof a rampantheart t" tt""'" accurately certifie:dP.iB"a a niusician and as a laborer. .9-.a."-such as-shortness "'ir.. Given the then-prevel h-"-o9t""nt. up to th.-ii'.eElslr)i tne have indicated that Patton's case had reacneo terminal stage. which would in tum have hissymptoms' As a a"6iti""a the Severity-of suller lrom a (who would case stenosis mitral "ontiu"t"a valve).." Lm. . ."n of rheumaticfever before pube-rty'or by contractron n-y"uti befoie the ippearence of . Despite a report that hbtton rgnoreda (Just as doctor's advic6 to curtiil his {runkeness Willie Brown.. during the last three rnontnsoI i. who collapsed alter a mght-Iong. the cqse ol a-Southem to one are 99.ta.aswellas his . Lontrary .t paid af least two visits to the Th. accordtng the chancbs ii""*i"an""ri" to"tot.... the doctor in question mieht have seen hosprtalization as useless.. 's to the belief of Minnie Franklin Washington'tatton drinkine could not in itself have aIl'ectedhrs heart conditi6n.... drinkingbout. and would have Decome it *""-"i-"Llv *oi""".sltlon him both as hdndicapped have .g (aisitdis) to nnke his enlalged ...y€ars case (wrth a of his life. b.. stomach ."td have bee."Jd indicat6 that he was instead being ta.6.il. On the other hutd.i .heJb Coctor... t\+'oweeKs.au""'" tt"urt condiiionof htton's type' htton's mitral defect could have fallen.d in the absenceo[ medrcal ant aversion.a htt." Gen wrongly attributed.. rt rs extremelyr to doctorsamongrural Negroes..t bili. his contemporaries. IJnIessit were congenitol. would have. was later to havedone)' alconollsm was riqlltly omitted as a contnbutrnglactor to his deith in its official ceftilicatron..J ..tne ooinion was that Patton would h-ave ConfrontedW strch on'unfauorableprognosis.G".oI hil-tifi "".by both himself and to tus hvrng-hablts.i[.been Fatton's earlier heart symptoms *" tot that he was bo$ a heavy drinker *u"lJ-lv -J " "ttJi":"*tt "t whosephysical conditirin-could il. As a mitral insufliency.his careeras a blues iinger would have been already impqdedby tlle sesslonm. Although the severity.."ltrn.i". tit".i"tor. disorders.utptot" A. unlikely that htton. l'..iJh. uould .th heart work faster.i ""* "'a.elasj. (At the sametime. htton's mitral valve causedby either an outbreak d"f".-f""tiit. that rheumati6fever would p.*ia.tiniaf increasing propensityfor brawling whrch madehrm his latter-day acquatntences' notorious*ainong If htton's mitral condition had been of a stenosis character.into "n" oi t*o ""t"go.. (SonHouse's studied seen' ln.. i.IIow is Pattm's iirst rame sPelled? Narp of father and rmther ad tlPir birthplaces.hiiif..

iy hd.rre of th9 fgrygq!1g is to.natch arg or even similiar to the desirrrition oi .and that of 'Willie Cllvin'entered bv the lggtstrar the next day.) The bbservation-of SonHousd. during the course of hii-..*aoi"g""' was zmy-thrng but monogarnous. gedical-history.. Hrttonas a stenbsiSclse could have done so to Aaina respite fromthe exertionshe would have fackedthd staminato maintain.e ln"own to Sdh House.eilSOUNIJ uns tn any u)ay d.rs afe presently lqy io{ec9o1s'are evaluating a (Simificantlv or not. It i3 thus unlikely that any conclusive inlormation in regardstohis specific type of mitral disorder will dver be uncov6:red. Patton sasps for I at oie point nlgn warcr E Eudryiahereai one 6nHiShWater uerywhereDornton l.iy. pos_sibly. None ot fhtton's known udves bear initials which r. ni. nfrichaccording to Housemisht extend foi three honrsor more.ich mus'thave developed unbeknoumsi to House.i. so crucial to his appial as an'inspired' bluZs sineer. Kl-atiko originally createdl H..ti.-K. somewhat'ofa 90-pound though weak-ling: in recounted fiefits with an admittedfy heftier frfe.. House was able to discern that htton never slept'on his back. Thb latter phenomenon is the iesult of pmr blood circulation and is a classic svmDtdm of heart disease.' entry was recirrdedby the nurssof Patton. urhich vrouldill-cover his 5'8 " frame. Since Q. his weistrt (in contrast tdhis lather's and brother's) w.. was apparently reiectedas un"fitfor aimy duty. he lacked the punch. House saw no telline evidence of heart disease durine his acqu"aintenance with htton. Tlnt Patton's last ad*ess was aDparentlvnven to the_regi-sqrar by a Willie Calvin whb lived'ofi the same block lurther suggests that htton had been boardingwith the latteirryhenhe expired. Mi"" t""'could. If such were not the case.yeof Nlississippi's deathcertificate (!l* No. one would ' be at a loss to explain r.. of draftalle age during WorldWaql.htton was kndwnto favor a'lazy' vocalstyle (such as can be heardon GreenRiier Bfuesl irvdtb rely on clownins techniquesas much as actualblues-playineto assiragehis audience.On this"subiect.lrom tle narne'Willie Calvin' meantnothing). from now on you'rg going to have it tough'-endowshim with an 9npflhy. It might be noted that a suddendisappearence from Holly Ridse (where he had liv-edin 1933) followid bv?edth shortlv afterwards in Indianola might accoulit for the earbfed reDorts ' conceminghtton's fate which redilred the formerard.lT broactedr_onlywiden the crbdibilitv eap hei int-erview with L!|r.courtesy of Nick Perls the possibility thereforeexists that presentty evauuaung .and the latter's testimonywas elicited only in connectionwith htton's final-stage of life. could actually bb seen in terms'of his irubilitv" to regulate his breathins and thi to produce 6 fixe[ syncopation in thd manner of other Delta sLngers. though not th'e will..K. (From his less intiniate view. htton's inordinate everyday slothfulness (on which a stenosis cqxfition could have considerablebearing) woulo not only haveprecludeda suspicious disilav of recuirentfaiisue.wf. ' csuldconceivably cdceiviblv be eplained bv bvlris lris medical condition. imparted to BemardKlatz.Jv lived_with hiryr.ition. $e sex of the infurnant would also aDpearto hive been fernale..' cqrsisted of the exhaustionhtton wdirld'f6el after a night's performance and the Dresence of oain whenlever he tried to sleep on his back. htron.)He wbs.iminished by a prestanably clvonic heai cond. In fait. to u. estimat6dit at 130 pounds. !l original phonetic tranScrip tron o[ the narneby the forme-r could exolain the discrepancywhich exists betweenthern'. but would in all evedtshave cqrspiredto ma[e a lanzuishedhtton Derformance lmk-perfectlvnatural. These.'!V.alion.X.. Tlut Patton may hnte fuen a lone-stmdine nitral is sussestedby the fact thatl althousfi'a gluttonous diter.. not knownas sicklv.'. her pglllstyleq status as fbtton's widow and witness to particularlv since htton !1q death ts..asalways somewhat (SonHou'se substandard. . ungrounded. tle ibsente of uertha Lee -Pate's nameas wife or even as informant on the certilicate tends to bear out OJpeiii"i"nr report that htton.' For examole-'some Theexiste.r "it-}la$ey's lamouslast words-'Honey..rrhv the informairtdid not in deferenci to i$rtta I-"6. as his widow.Furthermore. to put her away for ke-eps. the identity of ^ Anypurrent spe. . that htron's is sreatly surDassed his live performances. By vinue of the fact that Patton had few lonslstandini male companions(most qf. On the other hand. Pation's unprbilictable o'ocal timine. In all probability. but his personal tisiow "" *"it.'il.jection on the groundsof his'bad heart.whoqw_er. Sorne symptoms.cul. ai indeed such a one mavirctuallv'havebeen. were communieatedio others who knew Patton.' 'D.) Neith'erHoubenor Bertha Lee knew httoir before 1929.kobv Bertha Lee (who acconpanied him on his last ri:cordins trip).') (rr.s physician.suggest ilnt Potton's re'cord. SonHous6bnce reirorted that htton himself dxplained this re. Patton as an 'iinmortal' blues Parannmt spelled Pattsr's first nal|p as 'Clnrley' at o_nce clarifies ahd obfuscides ili. as lover or bread-frnner uilrich was conspic* rously absent from not only theirs but from all of lbtton's marital relationships. but would pemetuallv writhe aird bellow in his sleep. as well as the persistant suspicion that a womanmurdered him. djd not ge_fu llo_ltyRidge wheresh6 had .regarding iatton s notanzed wldow rs necessarily open-ended: 'K' a reasonablehypothesis is that was a'fernale rglaq!-oq of Wilfib Calvin.(I )* Over th'ecoursebf such performances.-il. the opposife ntay lnue been the case..'" widow or even give a Holly Ridge addressfor the srnger. if not Willie 'herself '.

would irot indicate an inner conviction of the singer's that his music was a'personal Dastime'. in tle belief that he was a singular-'love any womanwho so obiect'.hbwever. tgla. these to the blues singer' honest wases woirld dribble b-aek ni" -ct8t exposedthe singer to doublej". a cook whoseeamins poiential.')'lnium. shareda tendencywith his fellow travellers to marry. which is noted ielationshio to his employment at hand. who would see . (Certain sinsers. Others might have wondered why no local resident. but as the victim of the blues singer. Even thouehno blues sinser is actually of a mafe or known to haVedied at the h"ands fernaleavenser.would or could claiin to have seen him shortly Ebforehis unwitnessedbut presurnably local ileath.- x(l ) Skip ! ame-s.wh. point. their cacheto the nearest'convenient'rnonkey The monkeyman.) Rnther. which were marli.back to the GuIf of Mexico. actualli quit hustlinf or iurtailed thefr oberationsin the belief that they would see the meri. and 'food supifv' was alwavs Ereatbrthan that of 'Such singers as htton other fernale'riageeamers. the latter-day guitarist uilro seifts to crdate that impressiononlyaoes so after orisinallv creatins the impressionthat he is a mu5iciari. was Drobablvdue to the blues sinAers fact that manvleadin! count"ry derived theif source6f inconienot so much from sincine as from hustlins: a point which made thole [rofessions.n the road So i.counterfor their suspecttbrlrty to parts to slaughter oxes as 'a Broonzvishbdcklabh.) This belief. if it could be termedas such. 'hated wo* like Pattqr. in his published Ehoonzy 'sweetpaPa'-. -insteadsees hrs. the betravid. bestow his nnney on 'He's always grateful to flajtteredhim.inger. Had htton collapsed in the arms 'Things are hvsterieal wife urhowas he'ardto shout: ' in full -view 6ins to be tour*r from now on for me! 6f teirv onlook6rs. by Big Bill rrenaceto other Negr.es is demonstrated autobiography'stgwho. (With rEspecttb his musical pnowess' Pattonwas'descrikid' the most self-conceited personI ever rnet' by Son House. in fact. fwther dolt. such stories would be every bit as brevelant todav. lviics.woman irate bui ever-zullible irpnley man. htton's own tendenci was alwaysto of existence and to drarnatizeits publicize hjs m.(shoftlor nificanilv rails againstthe G*i"t E'ot -a*r"papa' or'sweet-bbcker'). on the Misiissippi do6unient 'farmer' who The fact that htton is listed as a (a used as the situation in 1934 unemployed went motif of 34 Blues) and not as a musician indicates both the lack of sbcial status accordedto a blues musicianof htton's era and the personal reluctance of slch artists to publicize their brofession. rb\in' ilzrough this uorldWlen I \eaue lere mafia I'm eoins. . besidesi Bertha L. stance he misht lnue assmcd Ln fqfton's 'Fo.*ot"n n6t as a hustlel herself (as would the blues singer). synoiom6usin the minds of therr cqltemporanes. (Skip lameis: touch the hemdf a vibman'sgarment. (I )* Suchreluctance.dlnnds'nuia louin' I say lord-of yow I'm'soruw shake ' Fixi"n' to eat my .. so dubbedfor his apish stripidity.none of therndoubtedthat such victims could and did exist armng their colleagues.en queried.pgtdy(therealter once either the' euchuredmonkey-man called a'fatmouth') or the womirndiscoveredthe true natuii of her relatirinship to the blues-sirtger. who was said to have God hates sin'. That Fbtton would elatin two diflerent 'married' t6 be an indication that he is simultaneously two different cooks.eewhose quanels with httsr had alreadv becomepublic knowledse. Shelby and Glendor'. That the blues singer u)asseen as a srcinl-. whife irivately winking at his own fancied oi actual hu-stl-ing.in a cu'rl !ust -l ain't eonna laue rn iob nkma. euery minu'te . desirbbility to other men. Today's blues sinser. Yet the inticacies of Patton's ronmtic aegwtdizenents cannot fullv explain the stilllinserins Delta rumoursthat'he ilas somehow of an muiderd. turnunuld Lnue Jor describing htm' self as one.upper in. Cl6ar impficatio-n makins rionev from tliis fisure's involvernentwith his own towns may wife. wheneverposbible.:s.hi".goq -sltuatzo. would.Ridgersmight have heardof an Indianola miunage just before htton's death-and thus con[racted found a tellins cornection between the two coincidental ivents. Patton's mdesty.f i rneet himuo tlere I'm"soi. on the occuption .n. For the underlvingbasis of the rumoursis to be lound in the natuie oThis seneralromanticinvolvernentsand in their status. would then becoire social tarsets noithrough their 'catch' but throue+t their habit of ienting enviable man'.oman' dansersof deathit the handsof a of social as f ereaterthreat than a more abstract fea=r is reflected in a great numberof blues oppre"ssion.ed 'hustling u. At could inloke the iuch. The secondand third verses show htton altemately dodsins and expressinghis gratitude towards his woman's thus exists that Htton is othe"r'6bv'.ode oafiSers: aocompanyrng like a rattlesna'ke Baby I stny. would hnue inquirer snted tlnt inedical -a he tn andjlnt blues him as lowttt reoson' to 'rw good reason'. RattlesnakeBlues The lirst verse of the above-quoted tios off a secret sourceof incorirewith its @nttary pr'emises that htton can be botl a hoarderof monby (a "rattlesnake in a curl') and a rounderwho eschewswork.

[<new ilhen anil how to mn frilm an antigonist. who virtuallv pleadedfor his owndeathby refrrsins to heed repeateawamines that mashing taciics would prove to li fatal. htton.' Spiers.the -fact-tlrat he was threatleqs. on ihe other hand. (Some of thernmay have wished this had been the case. cou)d have guessedoi insisted that httm died at the handsof a iealous woman.Paffm Ust€d hi:s ocqnatim a^s'fampr' tatlpr tlrur bhrcs sfuger. An' I heep on tellin' ny rider. he was not a recklessRobert lohnson. accordins [o SonHouse. nor*ey nin ledue this'toun. The foct tlwt tlp adept'rowtder' was probablynxrre 'precautious'-alert to dangerand able tci assuaie a against him-was entirely overlookedbv the srevience frrllible public. (If the'occasion he could also 'roar lik6 a lion'to try to demanded.) Grtain ruinours conceming tlre fate of other singerslike Hind Lenron leffersoln (actuallv a heart attrtk victim). noticed that htton had a hitherto lllsusg:cted tp"hilqqp of ingratiating himself with people. who also f. In fa'ct.C.whethqr pelso. the very premisethat a 'sweetpaba' or socially undesirablb?notoreityNegro' had a lfrs{rer fatality raie than those who acteil or fried to act against himprobablv reflects only wishful thinking. disguise.requently describeil himself as a sweetmgnr might owe their elfluence to widespread accepterce of the blues singer's projected image. anynumber of his eontanproraries. on peri6iving the entry of any unidentified person into-his living quarters. would habitually draw a pjstol and wam the visi'tor to identifv himdelf.ernonJefferson.nal achraintances or not. Other singers adopted even rmre stringerit security reasons:Blind l. In view of htton's imnrortalizedblabbermouthins.'Keep ow shinanies doun! Lord ilut'ielly you're fixin' to strui uill ntake a. 17 . Wlrilehtton did not live wiih foresiiht.) H.

Henlin.) . . ..HEMIN PABTONEbvrotrN ItlacKENZIE (Early prototype of oGernett-. and'urDelea Dressed.

ioinedwith tome that the Gennett manag^d to buildip a-sizeable NIr. But to fully undermyself I've limited stand these new d. rings: thecomplete treasurer of the famous Falstaff nevertheless can claim a Brewing Company of St. Victor they and'Columbia.l(qapp St. 1925 the initial capitalization and ofallartists the In that year. plated pocket The Artophone Corporation was of the books will'contain. eVpanding S. Louis for a nuiber of produced beins bl Such years. additionql lines. an auditor for a local It has alwavs seemed 'mill' to cany their line. imoortant dence to:John lllacKeniie. Business was sit Eobd that inthe vear 1918. K e t . Their line. pioneerins instinct that Ed Schiele had been ledlWitness thefact brevai owner and president of his that Gennett was the first own Schielb Distillind Co. to note that Edwin Schiele me this reao-ed the cerfainlv neveT maintained his interest in the willbe onthe market windfal[s that silvirliquor business euen after the lts r tw.Ravfactor. who. Hbrbert 5. he was. posroepress.tn popular tenor ofthe Krsmer. other St. after World War I had ended durins itselectrical it is necessary to go bd. O . they were also first to ed labels durins their Herberi. capacity or another for over 10 s ofthe masnetic ten years prior to the formation It is important tonote that label and it-s stable of of Artophone.NI..utors for Paramauntandhad added documents.time.'iic. Thoueh'thev Fortune is kind. grind grain managed to the business and by 1920 utere Louis llusic Comoany. while still a lad. They closeit to thl sround. still more lines to their alreadv K. ehil'io. it mav serve ofthe mt the scope gpiece on'the illusive maued to neuiqunrtersat 2 0 8N . bemost 1925 they hid become distribreproductions of I involved.years'. inNew Under the aeeis of Ed ofthe ofone storv Bifmingham. Young. firm. Lor4is'City Collegeof Law my study. Richilond. been mvintent.' Bv the early oqrt of l-abel variants certainly welcome.and a cross-index Louis.vhose slvles were year.ic.MacKen2ie. an0 The Artophone formeil lnere was a certarn Corporation.. registrarof St.ck.and theperiod I musl for a moment. with a the trub folk artof rural " record departrnbnttt located oranother. Gennett's stochholder. Please'address anv correspon. had begun-by workin! recbrd countrv music and I recordins Deri-od for his brother qt the distillery couhtrv blues the nesro from 1925-to 1939). was opened in Kansas City Artophone Corloratioh of St. and Jesse Krsmer .E. product of the borne have three blochi away at 12L3 because then. recorili Here ngstudios Pine Street.is'bTtn-e Artoohone were established at phonbgraph record. ln 1929. torecord thetrulv ueal 'iazz in St. brought into the business through by tito brotheri. time atone America.yer. ndw men were Artoohond Comnany was beeun by their iddntities. Presiddnt aitd majority Chicaso. Layer. R . l . tosolimit Though it was difficult seeking and Finanie. prosperity. set uD their officbs 't'le 6n the That is. rver thepast ten brief intioduction Tothose rdant. they accounting. ready to incorpbrate. I feel it should York. doinq business and acquiring the area distribelectrical lS-vear the durini Anv corrections. Hbidemdnn. spbplemgnts.A.euelopments. 0 . Gennett's is betold. Louis brothers. an unincorporwas increased by nearly 507o.L923. deletutorship for Okeh and Odeon I of al soan:-ohotosrdphs ions. A year later thev had perhaps closestlo the were joined by Jesse G. men ZS_ King 0liv-er. portable 0T a 0lscusslon etc. Portland. However." why asked I'vebeen a melger.o. Louis.'' phonographs. viathe medium i|-il-mb.r0n years. 1 7 t h . t024 Vocalstyle piano rolls.beginswith parent firft. andAhience W. aesthetics quite naturally. a ofthe hinterlands of St Louis auditor. mondC.: Oreson 97202.. carried labels that ofalffirms the hi5torv adding lines of musical iistruments withGennett heritage. the Schiele. a long of fa'scination with the mins began to manufacture phono0n-August fr. caused me are not allthat consisted of seuen models. Grandinartists i. A branc| office record and its The ' Darent firm ano busrness Dolrfles. who. plead nation had entered on a certaih overwhel. and Louis preAmerica. credit for of the share sood oflices Themain for introducing. alone with music George'H. Artophone. are unfamiliar research. bvthe bttitudes oracticed (203 Ransas Citv Life Buildind. lt's interesting sinser5. the firm prospered. recording radio supplies were annng the The stoty ol the Herwin A&R chandising techniques. the Schiele brothers St. of the rxlmatelv labels imately 70 /u laDels 1109Oliue Street. music business . called. toGennett They ioined nany little companies u)as born. q local attorney. Biimiiiiiiiin. and Bix.radio sets and mermethods. to the year 1923. a .it souEht out obscure third'floor of old tvlid-Citv 0n Junel. etc. among in full swing. adverttsements. period.Conroyio form tlrc St. pseudonymns ated entitv known as The used to cover At this point. had worhed for him in one tochronicle the' t h e N .. enough agents and dealers Layer.two Eledtrobeam label asthe maior graphs. during the $a.0lh'ofthat Buildine qt 322 N. oradditions would 'ldbel's'and Records. and the Herwin label" Schiele and Edwin Schiele. Louls. lvlissouri. .erbrother.

Ray Laye Layer rt Schiele and Herbi:rt Herbi: were in charge of making srch selections. w-ere in 1927. however. I ne prtnaily_real for ihe Layers' aid the Schi decision tb introdtrce the He label was that they wanted to mahe their own selection of artists and tunes that tlwy hand.7i' I" uiii 5iiii'ia". Artoru records and the mass merchandising and Royal (for mstrument stringd. On June 29.er St." were claiming to-be the world's distrlbutor of race records lars. the ualue of the St. still retaining its identity.000. and the rnerg. sho tlv before the sutntneroi lgZS. the first attenpt was bY Artoqhone in 1925whenthey published " Charlie Creath's tune.the St.lYric ists. became s subsidiarv of Artophone. The Laver brrithirs weie paid a little Arropnone in'Artophone each ln $12. Louis 'ne gro comqosers.000. Roe\ubk & Comparty could. Thenew rccotd was. phonographs. and.A00eACn ou6r $IZ. oubtisted'bvtlre St. ualued at $10. and a line of accessory supplies. BY 1925. Louis lvlusic and guitars.eswritten by St. Street camein 1927. banjo ukes. QueenBrand. as the mnssiue Sears. Vocalion and Columbia. . artists.at the uas.llusic Publishine Company. Artoohone concenlrated on the lvlidiest and the Southern Central theY . T heir total ossers ces sorie were ualued at onlv $20. Louis l.of their .a00. By 1930. Such and artists outstandiipcomDosers Lizzie Washas Victorid SpivbY. not for records.-Louis booked tqlent and hqndled Co. Louis lvlusic Company.ls. tltflt the two comnanie'sdecided thut it woulQ be to their mutual a'dua'ntage to Jotn lorces.Hgrwin.est bv-nwil".t rnai' will o. Louis lvlusic Companv's sssets had risen to oubr a40. ' Their nerger with Artophoneleft the parentfirm to concentrate on the mnnifacture and wholesale distribirtionof phonographs. but for hiUbilly record.000 and those of The Artophone CorPoration to around $150. 'and . iniidentlY.Their principle lines of merchandise were musical instruments and musical a. Artophone claimed Company wai a straight 7|Q/each thatThey had used this mwk us with'no discounts for uolume. " " a composite-of course.000. competttrcn.s ordered through uheleles. techniques for records cut deePlY (for main springs and Reliance into thb profits of those who reproducers. mandolins.S. LouisMusic of srch bachground against. and/or uocalists were rnusicians..s. the emPhasis ind strtitea b records and the St. These sarne rural areas contained large numbers of both colored and white families whose Dredominantmusical tastes'would tend to folh music. thev also tried their handat nuiic publishing. BY the end of 1924. Artophonets primary intere.cces' sories. the subsidiarv St.Acttnlly.reProducerheads. 1925. lt4arket big bwst of The Blues".A. The choice of race and hillbillv music was a logical oneElectiie to sell through mailorder preclude. early as January5.UUU ouer stock foi th. Louis negro arti was of udlue to Gennetl and-P mount in arranging for recording sessions and tunes to record. catering to the hillbilly und race marhets. in 1923. business was not one thnt could expect to maintain high profits .a. 1926. recor. Patent orice ol the maior label race an'd Office.l so. Loulis lilusic Company had built ouite a sizeable business in moil-order records. adce'ssoried. Al lte lime of ilrcir incorporation. mainly in tlrc negro music uein. tone arms.le.howeuer. on the othdr hand. bY'Gennett onesrecorded Thus. wanted the security that a large corqor--ation like the Schiele's could off-er. and attempted tb sell nothing but 75Q the mail-order Certainly. on a full was launched Comoanv scate.t In lhe coulscof thenext Mlusic few"also vears. ineton and Kittherine Baker were aions..demr sutisfactorv for the earlY'20's for theTamedate: Ptritan (for but by 1926. Louis ilflusic ComPanY had built up. thoueh. in addition to the reCord. initjal comnared to Artophone's ' iai[tali"atton of $100. radio and phonograph the were Layers Not only qnd Schielesin nerchandising. their nwior bssels included an extensiue mailinp list.st in the rnerler was the extenstue c ord busines s that mail-order-re the St.a couer nane for lhe Schie[e'gand LaYers' publiihine endeauors. The LaYer brothers. thosewho turnedthiir of to ArtoPhone'lvlanY iii"{ore.hmail'order. radios. These were handled tlaous.Sl.l th.rityit! potential buYers comelrom rural areas. iolid attack for the of tlrc musically acoui'sition inclined Public's extra dollars. Schiele's first nameanQthe las threeletters of Edwin Schiele's first name.eir interests.This was denied then Oheh. Raymond Lav er' was made V ice-President of-Artophone and his brother Clarenie was made Treasurer. No srch claims were riade for their hillbillv records.-tlrc influx of cheaPer tenor baniod. of ii"' iiii'i i i. tlnir contact with many St. and alew thousand dollars worth of muiical instruments and ac' s. IJnited States.It was at this noint. h tndi vear sotne50 blues and iazz tui. Also.Ar This plice may haue been also registeredother tro. %lsilY The Herwin trade mark was haue won in tha't cdtegorY! The reqistered with the U. the was effected. thesessmetunes. soeed. the Schielb' s wanted i6'captrre'the rural white and neerd and the urban negro mu:rfuts for the sale.

Iater.Iqbelled. The quolity of material was roughly similar to that of Challenge.iust prior to the date claimed by Artophone for the Herwin trademarh. from Artophone or tlb St. thus it is extremely difficult to find a Herwin that plays as good as it loohs. at the same time.ozens of different farm jourials -wtthout success- Close examinalion of the Herwin labels clearly shows tlnt there were actually three different labels.ecity newspapers.to assume that Herwin reasonable records were introduced in lste 1925. Louis. lt is more lihelv that they were offered solely to the rural mnrhets. and Paramounl were offered for sale through the St. this had a lot to do w'iih the riix-ups that occur within the Herwin numerical series. Gennett would press a record and affix the Herwin label with its assigned seriul number. Herbert r'r. the first Herwin records dlhen Wryarg4. etc. 56-pase catalog was itlso'offered listine those records then in stockTo the best of my hnowledge. while. They were worn out so quichly that most were discarded before they were tired of. re-searcherslike John Randolph of Fulton. it toouldbe fairly Howeuer. Howeuer. we find q doubling of release numbers. Three record companies pressed. no such catalogs haue euer come to light. (ratio of shellac to filleil used for Herwin were quite poor. lt ntay haue been that this was lhe ONLY way Artophone obtained c_ustomers for their Herwins. An ad which appeared in the April 9. musical supplies. Columbia. so it is impossible to Henrinsvela probably say whether or not Herwin records were also listed therein. this accounts for the fact that few Herwins are to be found today. exactly i ft is [ot known neuer promoted in major rnarhet areas. thoush Robert Schiele claims thil Ads were run in regional farm iournals gf the pelod urelre peoplit to 0ecomeHerwin deuotees. Euen by researchers. Louis trLusic Cornpqny usinp. as yel undetermined.' Louis Music Companywere sent monthly flyers. Also.and. cou. aduertising Herwins was quite frugal. Paramount would be pressing and labetrlinganolher Herwin coupling with the same serial nurnber! The materials. is probably typical.f irm. each differing from the other in small detqils. musicdl tnstrume nts. THE CHICAGO DEF: ENDER. piint\d bv the MISSOURIRURALIST. Thus.tsureas to the exact date.' theNew York Recording Laboratories (Paramounil. thus proving lhat Artophonehad separate dealings with all three companies. edition of the fambd nekro weehly. The method of aduertising used by Artophone for its-major labels (Oheh.and another. Vocaliod was to run ads in th. Also. offered bbbn Schielehimself is W. in order to saue costs in pressing. Apnarently. qnd shipped Herwindto St. Columbiq.rtesyof Nick perls ilH"ffi"giJ in the Chicalr oy u|e owneNl order 2l . the method of .phonographs.haue spent mnny nours pourmg ouer lhe Dages of d. Persons who had Soupht r.a box number in St.Variousdates haue. the methodof pressing differs between the three Herwin records. The race items frofi thb cqtaloes of Oheh. 1927. lUlissouri. L6uis for Artthe Starr Piono Company oDhone: (Gennett RecordsD iu i s ion). A free. App. listing the new Herwin releases.ently.ecords.ar. and Pararnount.

Y. confiol ruunbers unre odded 6y Paradoutt as follouts: (8J12s2. 5019. GATESAND CONGREGATION. however. was cut in April.& BP {i014. Sib 5021.it. i s\d. "i.' also on Merritt2204as bv REV. To Tlat Funeral Train (GEX 368)-SAME. GATES (B) You belone A HIS CONGREGATION. Prav (GE-12618A)-SAME. I'm Troubled(2260-I)HERWINFAMAUSIUBILEE S/NGERS.Label TypeA: (A) sid. (B) GATES &HIS CONGREGATION. Only a few companies were to suruiue the depression.&\ni &silu nfu. GATES"&HIS CONGREGATION:(B) Pll Be SatisfiedWhen Mv Soul Ii Restine In The'Presence Of ThCLOrd(GEX 369NAME. (B) si.M. issues miy read: MV. ORS7017.& as BP B0Il: Both sides also oiCh 15249 w DrxlE I UBILEE S/NGERS.{ i". 'i included in that stock and tuhal Aeco*e of them after theY wer-e . the remainder stock of Herwin records along with thb mailing list of Herwin customers was sold to the New Yorh Rec ording L aboratorie s. 92W7( ) Lord. NOTE: Moster nuw bers oh thc Menitt are507 and 509. the natable ones 6eing Sedrs and Ward. Buy 5090.'Ch15180.eals.:570192010/ ) The Neut ( )Well of REV R.M.e 12268as by NORFOLKIUBILEE QUAR' TETTE.M. wqter coolers. R. lu 5020. cH ls2ss.de on GE 6034 CH 1519... ln 1930.2) -TRI LBY HARCENS : (B ) Stompin' A rowtd (10000-1|-SAME. (B) BY THE ELLINGTON TW/NS.Grace REV. Label Twe B: Both sides 'also on Para 12250as bv THELMA LAVIZZO acc.d. anl. G. GATESAND HIS CONGREGATION. .M.Schiele decided'to dissolue their subsid' iary.. 92W5(A) r (GEX 363)- (B) Waitine HIS CONGREGATION: CONGT. GATEWOOD: H. fespectiuely. is the only AwaI euidence resoectiuelv.brobablv also on SEXTETTE Rainbanas bv WISEMAN also on Para with Orchcstfa: (B) si. BLIND SINGERS. but certainlY no later.M. NOTE: Onthe Paronount and Broadanv issues. : i. 'Eo-th'{idis'"lso on Ge 34o4. & Silu 5025. CH 1s295. rcEX 367)-REV. Boih sidesalso 6nGe 6072.A.E. meitnsof piouing tlnt aII issues are thi sarrc. t.&'SiIu 5018.llontqomery 1920ts. Louis I'tlusic Company and The Artonhone CorPoration have either dritpped out bf sight or have pasded away. side also on CE 15199 (B) side also on Ch 15210&SiIu 5019. and rnost of the other early officiuls of the St.. Para D7n. 1929. I'm Gonrn Put You Rieht In IaiI (GEX A. 2099. Ed Schiele died in tlrc 1940's. Just how manYrecords u)e-re . & HERTIIN ]IUilIERICAL ncereofids 9flIlll series: Blues 92OOl (A) Lucltv Ntunber rcEX 3:23. LAbCI Tipe A: BotEsides also on Ge 6013.o lo these firms where theY coild listen before buYinghad declined by 1929 and Edwin Schiele assumed presidency of the St. thev were still going stroie.C.de also on CE 6042. Pm Goine To HeauenIf It Takes My Life (GEA 365I-SAME. only a small portion was from the sale of records. At The Beawi{ul Garc (GEX 366)= SAME. One would assume tha't custornerswould naturally prefer to s. ( ) This Train is Bound For Glory (2269-2) -:SAME. (A)12s1.Vhnt A Mornins.s pas ranles. as-wholesale dis tr ibutors for AlmstronE Floor Couerings. BP 8016(B) side also r cE 6042. bv NeutOrleans Crboles. (A) side ilso on Para 12076anf. retired former secretarY of Artophone.D.M.R.2)_DOV/N ( ) Hand Me Doun The Siluer Trwwet e100-2)-SAME. Only Jesse Kramer. l.'. SiIu 5020.1-ALSERTA ]ONES ACC. L.Label TypeB: Both iides oTsoon Para 12285'asbv SUNSET ]UBILEE QUARTETTE. iis cunent pregident. Label T-vpe Blues(CE-12715|-SAME. town k itchens. By the end of 1928 the mnil-order record business was beginning to grind to a halt.H. Lobel TypE Ai(A) side also onCe 6019. GATES AND HR CONGREGATION orREV. (D. Qhis indicates thqt Herwins mny haue continued to be released until the summerof 1929. W@DSVORTH. side also on Ge 6181. In 1965.& Ch 15303.annual sales during ils peak periods in the '20s were between 'six and seuen hundred thousand dollars. OfThe Lordf'. read: REV. Louis is still i > a mystery.& 8P8015.Label TypeB. 1929. Label TypeA:(A) side also onGE ffi19. (B) (A) side also on Ge 6134. ) ass is ted bv GATEWOOD On thc FaithfulWorshiopers' " the Meniit issuethe'(A) side ii titled' Reaener(B) side is titled-' The ation" and tlhe WelI Ol Saluatibn". I. I. 92013 (A ) East Coast B lues (GE-I 27I 34)(B) WorkineMan UZnE WASHINGTON: A. (GEX 362F 92n3U) Anazins. 92OW( ) Lord I Can't Stay Aunv 6057) -SOUTHLANDI UBILEE SINGERS :() Get On Board. eubn the snall rural mqrhet's hod their own record shoDesand dime-store record counters. . remain to recqll with mixed pleasure and frustration the days that were.2)-SOUTHLAND TUBI LEE OUARTETTE. ].' 5024as by TACOB'S 92008/ ) Oh Lord. as 6i B: Both sidesalso on Para 12476 Both sides probabli C. mOlZ(A) GooferDust Blues(9099'1. Artophone PhonograPhs! 92Cf4 U) f mSo GIad TroubleDon't Last Alunys (GEX 364)-REV.l. Birth(505. Tvpe Ldbel 324A1-SAME. By the late l. Louis lvludic Cornpany. Raymond Layer'shealth th"y . HOME] UBI LEE S/NGERS. "and yes.M. & BP ffi14 (B) si. MIr.rtorE-S'i* TnliIst. on Silu 3547 tis bv MABEL NANCE. NOTE: On Para' the tuhe titles mnmt and Siluertone issues ". NOTE: The Presbnce Some issues rnai read: REV' I'M. I.On June 22. and back out_of the mai_l'order The dntirbly.(A) & Sib 5021.Label Type B: Both si[es also on Para 12315aibvVOODS FAMOUS and on Bury BLIND I UBILEE STiVCERS. gz0llA) There'sRoomEnoushln Heauei for Us All GE-12617{)-PACE (B) Steol Aunv ond IUBILEE S/NGERS: Label T'vpeA. bY the Biddleville Quintette /or N. c e llane ous e IeVtr ic al appl iances to their line of merchqndise.Na. also Silo 5018.& MOTE: Some'issues tay BP 8016. Label'Tvpe Saluation/510-: 571)--SAlvlE.t hauled oit of St. T aPPan Young. and Herbert Schiele. GATES AND HIS CONGREGATION.u Orleans Goofer are " The Stprnps"and Dust B lues". had tn Iatest mnsterused usedon on a Herwir latest'mnster gross Arlophonets Though Both of the Laver brothers lnue pasied away..Get On B OArd 205 1. and an extremely small proportion of the record sales were deriued from Herwins. 92n6 U) I'm Gorun Die With A Snff In Mv Hand. 'NOTE: (B) side is uariously titled os' ' PII Be Satisfiet'/' (Il Be In Satisfied (WhenMi Soul Is Restins.Little Children.Ch-15135.C. and issued as bv the MississiPPi Quintette on Heiwin 92034. The had left left t6e t6e field field entirelv.

l. t l t ' l t l u e s -1 o''6'.fA$. l l lB l.-!.i f.C..ube! I yp. f.1" iiii. I ".lc t.l'." f* iFZ it ftf "fi: "" :::'.3. l!' .. I n /-stue tt i'o'fl #'. on Ch tJ3O2 !'.i(lABi li \.nt" ifti$[ni fl F.:]!.so . ."d " Homeunrd Bound "iltT " o r"i i"r f{i " . . p l t .bUN...'!i!['. l.3 \ffif{Igi{ft wxxx{EA"' ft t. atut atso on Uom JUJU and ( )r 7lQ n. 9 2 0 1 5 t A ) ( ..t ?. i:: t.l r I ! I 1.. t r 1L n u w LLUAmLS.still open to speculation.. 3 e 1 ..?03U. 5as bv r. ur r c s t o n ti I ues ( Il 2 8-l :n23 t-. 8ri['4 "p". h PFV < ttn u I I Fan I8Bl.l. JLI .X' hX.'. a.'. ffJ'i'r|' 'fr'fi:i^l".! t l! [:t"?'t l...f ..'.'' if. D t." #.A fr"n F' n'fr [{'.t-Lr' 7!t? )i'm I.1' iii:l ll/.ahe! T1pc u: I ruc artist irlentitl .difr} uLSo on Uonq d'l ? 3 62.l. . o. U . !f f(. ".Je'f fi1 [" y!u!.i. ona on Juperror ( / ) 3Sl as by ??? 3 :'ii'ti ti f6 tr i h'.l.J.:lr" i/" !. W (23.'. "N? ifr .( Label :rt'.'. [!{t' i'fi"'j?|.ii.' fr . t l " ( .:' rIF ..o' b i { 0 3 '.J ( U| \ S t t N: I I l ) ( .t+.tr.t.lH t u n e t . utul rLLu rJ.lt B L .'.i /t'# iidZ: i 2..6#I t548^.1.'#?r!i?'rt{ir#trtw Ir'![. l.l rrst ..:r# 'fr"E"vf tD' vB i:i f bI frt? i?of i. ( ."..li! i"'. :. P/1RA\IU('NTCHARLESTON I. 4\ ( : l l l . {. r!.riY{ 92026-UNKNOWN !I!s!:!:!^{:{ :.'d1 i : i" .1!. !. /).#{ti.ls^q.lnd r.J.4 RttI' l. I'ut it ct. l i a r u nount. rtr{il'rli:.(A) ln o. n o' ."u'' i1. t"'" ^ tr!fiftr.i E l. ruor.i. J'"'..06-2)-SAM\.l).t !#{.H ?ri f.r 6tues (.5 A ltlF. h 1 . n n e l l r a k . X Eu.. l l . [.J'r1' also on I'ara ]2275as by IONFS.. { Ifi3'. \ ' ( l T t .. : i 0".".anette J a m e s a ee. c.'.i t . I]].nr v -s - 92027-fNKNOWN 92028-tNKNOWN 9?@9_UNKNOWN lesusLay Your Heod W.t!2 Iut. r t t 27 ()e t.tl.i"".' le.rJr rr1. q.ypg It: l.uld tu"ll h.t) _ . 4 .yv.f i ft"w 8 x1 ?. u n c h r e n l . t t .l-\". q?0!g -2:r.'.! nerun tssue ts Baptize Me'. st i t l .it. (Bt Bir. '.[/. and atso onDom /UgJ..'o2n "lr.lkltl l I llR lt.ffi^.'i' r! n'o' A ( s tr 0 TTfiiftf#:.e It:. !.itt t ( . lril n. t n t l ) .csl-\ llll.o?.tiii.on 92Q77 r/ ) l l s l l u n l . l ) l u r ' s r t t ) .'!' 7. fut' o2' ].p.\OTE: Un Para 12279 T:'r? ^iftrF'ti E fi f: i il f.?' f. t'.!f.. 't t l ' . .'t'"1.'.ff ut!.'urul a-ls^u.s o : ". 8i R i itA.v I ts .1 .rlTX I'aromount.si. Lrst side also on Para ywrlpsf'* ffii.. E i...' EZ' it' h't'. " S H f ' I .hfil:.u./ou f'Zi:t "nX nfj j E !'ii:l :*' '^y'-9.|'by. Wtr#W )_ 4/.

{.yvt!+r=rt$l.!ii4k* st.#r'rtl.i}!.T!?rif Wr"*a'#f 'ttxnatrW.#lrtrEffiiii:'iti-" Yffij.m"' '"63.#:tuxW:*:pxly: W'r T-"Wir##-#.rT!i * .^6"yr#t{l{:wa#ryrXrrf fL t/."i.H#i"i'E:.#:!if^ttjr.ti*ti*x:ff. 'rfl.rt$'.fn:l..**f:ffi. BAMA Ett :On andupnardsUNKNOTII 92045 ffiffiYwiii!ffiV'ri7.t.::.ftt#fi.Inz'i"'r#1f fr. W!"ffi#t!#{1:##.n:.#.##ffi ""r*Zttit:ti#t. Ft..!['."rti'". W#r. #tit::.95 Lobel Tvpe A: 1a1.t:"sr.ifrZ'.{.#ti:a'r'3'f NOT| l: AdditinrcI cott rol nwtbers are FAZZ.ftff ^v#' Bzr't:. trE ^ .:i.rn:'*.F'iS#rt'Y!}! 7P"' ffiif#"ilfr i..*fr*t* t efferson.: Wei..)^r''( W{..Wu.6itiii"ftf.yi*. [E. tff"L'i!o'. kw'i.ei#E'.il*eti (E WUZZIES.Fwffi.r*ffiini*.##!." *i"W.iY. rcEX 'Bort 8324)sides al atso on Ch 15 also on ORLEA 1174as AND H.: T#!{ii*fi. WW#ffi:#n* W f f i " ^o.##^y!ilfffir '#{tir#.#.1"41"2'fii#r.:tr".t%A#:ii/Wi"E'3i. g|0ffi rjNl$nm\ $trl (nil(|lowN "t"oPG"u'2' Jii t:. ^'it: iiu[h ifrrryrtriffii.ir{.izl:rff wf #"* f "?fi iai Wi{ffi GATION. Ew.1 trF*{.ri''i:T..i t i i"x B"m.ii*::r. W##Wffir#is.i"0:i:!.'kl'!k2'1f sne otio-on Ge 61. W#. ry $.n1hit ncerccails sEies: 9til10 ct00l ulll(NolvN yffi{lt&'i"il{.".*0"** *nlin-+"Ar*'nffifl'P' ti tt* iboue issues the twe .fvn..H!!"ffiif$ffi#'itr. U1"p{fi{. BROTHER."d.ffot?#ffi z.):f .{S*ti{effiw."uibtifui.t:#ii..^ "#*ss*Jrf7#fr*{x" wi#H. W.###ffi: ."r.^ 6006^ thi telel^o+ #Y':lfrli"1Xw""^ #.* 'lt.w.

WillautWoman Label Type B: Both sides also on Para 12769as bv GEORGECARTER. respectioely. GATES.eissrred on Pamnount. 2)-SAME. 12618 The Snitches Blues Time Baptism" Part .Zt.'P' . 930fE f ) Gfust WomanBlues (21158-2_)-BOB CMNE. tlrc Voice of Jesl:'i. (B) lE. Label Tvpe B: Both tsdes olso on Para 12797'os bv BOB ond |ACK O' DIAfrIONDS.. on Para 12806'tis CA0IT ( ) Plnine The Dozen (2116-I)-CHARLIE EATON: ( ) BucketOf BLad eI14-2)-SAhlE. (A) Dvine Gantbler (417: lii lii i .'Label TvoeB: Both as by'REV.cor.Say (1495:@A).{pIE 4 I no.rtesyof Nick Perk ere's A Hatrdunitins (209441-8LIND TtM L lue Crossed The Seo(20943-5 w M E. Itul. )-SA 'oth sidesalso on Para 12717 NDtOE TACGART.M. 6l )Snilinz Blues GE-15166': 1294) {-LIERRYLEE. (21184-1) StealAunv Blu.-SAME." i i' ih"2:Bs: ffl0l9 6764-2)-REV." 93024 ( )Wasn't Tlmt A Miehtv Dav? ( 1494: 422A)MISSISSIPH OUINTET: ( ) I Heard. (CE-15160A:1272 zzvVuzzv 1272) zzy (GE-L51604: zl TypeB: Both sides 12787 os bl/ MOORETON. A: 1269)-IERRY rcksYas Yas (CE-151644: |.f:r . |COLEMAN '.M. 2)-SAME.Label Type desalso on Para 12786'ds E HANNAHand IACK U i.ei olso on Paru 12694 and Soorrao I S/NGERS.4 Take ot : Boih sid.ny. Louis Blues(GE1'71)_THE HARLEM TNO. Label Tvie Bi s also on Para 12719'as bv UNLPJC{_tF'. sf(pO UNKI\IOwN 9t021 UNINOWNT 930?2 UNIAYOW\I q3m3 @ I HaueCrossed The '.es I HOT SHOTS:( ) Sahv DoL -2)-SAME. 7. M. Label Twe B: Both sidei also on Para12773as bvWILL EZELL.13-5)-SAME. Got To Meet Yow'God by TUBILEE GOSPEL TEAiIl. Label Tyoe B: See .:*Y^ '0osfu 'ETTEand SACRED c|029 utilotomt glu|0 T]NKI\IoM{ .t':l/.^a-4_pt_E"ty fi69 as by BROADWAY PICKERS. MILLER: Prayins For The Pasnr 4l6i 67. LEE. o^L uBILEE b.TERHOGAN. Label' Type B: Boih sides also on Pua 128'tS and ORS 7070 us by BIDDLEVILLE QUINTETTE My SMITH. Labil Labdl 28. NU'I'E: NOTE: Ui Oi both both the the Paranount Patanount and and Broduav isstns the first tune title " is slmtni a"s Steal Au. H)St.M. respectiuely. QU4RTETTE: l." /.3)_REV. H< 92035 for detnils df'co-issucs.lOT{: 2td sid.and on as bv BLIM IOE DONNELL. ( )Weeping (21155-lNAtyIE.:'.:i !f/!i!"'3 on Para 12838and ORSZ02Zas !ou'oe 'H"f ftffi i'tft &f/iffi.sp28 eA ly !.

o.s'.M. Heruin92402-($2...i ..H'50.Box306 York 11542 New Cove. tofoiation' on Herutind'is' ...' J inx.strH* 550(F ud uP UNKI\OIVN #iiffiffi^"iiilgi'...M) bY recording only the and Brown since Willie THE Paramarnt) The Flw-Willie Broum ShetlodPorryBlues_fun 4-( $2.d label photosraphs..a'irl.N) illonogaphSon House Blues Unlimited. Glen .'on atd i' a" I-uE CEoncu 0qLLEGLANS.. Illirais Blues-gtr.' JUST RELEIISED!..rilu '.are ".[.Y:i''ai.r. .P.Ti:0"1.. rrulilUzt lltRwlll l[Bt1! on isses original T$lO Exclusiue 78 R. ACCLAIM: CRITICAL t. Krcmer3. Bob Graf.a1iiiSr.h{'W.t W 8 F WH' ttw#ff "fllifiaf#..Dan MahoneY.ffi ) Hotne-Herwin9240 of Lihary are unisstld These recordings Congess Pressed vinyl 78'sIotggrren onpure FIDELITY! Jazz BillGivens{rigin Library. La6el Twe A: (A) sile qlso on Ei nm andcs rdM as bvwlLLIE Ch15172 enEACtn* HIsoRCH.'fj. Edition isa Limited This foraluos specially issred N:{DJAZZCOLLFfrIVRS! ORDER N(N !--EITTIEB TO: MONEY SEND RECORDS HERW IN P. arw otluirs too tunerous to nertiton' f #XEE9#!'nhitr.ffaar.!jt{'hilY#f:#' 'ALLEN.. rE" a. ME*##. Hat LoW Bhnsninrc acc.. rcc.?:#ii /.. oiCUi us "" W CnttttNGE^DANC! g'.Yz# fiXT.to be continued in the next-issue JAMES_ SKIP (the Boston legendary session ) DnnhenSgee-gtr.0.-1e42) APallet On ttlaheMe The Pury Blues Tlrc JhtxBhrcs-llerwin 92401 ($2.m) ffi.THESE SIX GREAT SIDES: 2.:**:'"lfi.!iv!if-&frf.'ffi##f ff..m) r series 53:iffi#H*ffi"'i Biffi . (the hston legendary session) Fow O'ClrckBluesUola tvlyBhns Aun$-piarc acc. Bob Koester.ftffiWg1#Jj. Ioltn \gndolph..By ControctwalAgreenent with tlp Arfisfs.Miss.Wilsgt's "N' On Sic'FrnDoes N' Bay--1lerwin924W ($2..tattd'Porry his fhest uwk from this sessionl'-A. BoyandSic'Em Dogsore the mostexciting blrrcstheLibw of Congresseuerrecorded"- ffihlffie.. I essi G.iii i.....&f:ftzh a* E|n: iit. rcc. Herwin9240342.


but they were clubbed down bv the huge metal rrrecking"balls. A'2. You knock and there is a sliqht inward give like rappingofl tlrc fentlerof a lt rv Chevv. You climb a step. .and it mayhave beenabandoned for the last five years. Here. ring thc bell. and bring their briefcaies to' work in \lanhittan.EACC}B s. ByPETE I. listen for thc sound of thc hcll aird treir nothing. on the first floor behinddoubledoorsand cased windows is the world's larsestcollectionof" 78 records(morethan+$. Just waltrng. There's a Chinese laundry nert door.IJHELAN At 100 W'est 82ndStreeta 19thGnturv brownstone ajoins the Hotel Endicott at the southwest comer of Columbus Avenue. SCTTIUEII'ER Drectly across the strcet is a disappearins l i q u o r s t o r c : i t I i g h t s i n r e n s cn c o n s a i n i s h t .)The cniranJe has a whitc Victonan eolunrnon-each side. I lorrcre'r. ' S i x f e b t a h c a r lh n d t o t l r c r i s h r is a sccond door-locked-and covered with"fishcolored sheet metal. the mi&lle of the 82nd Street blcrh betleen C. There uscd tot* a lot more bror.m0 of them).bv opening the heavy metal outcr door (ir opcns bv itsclf) you rvill enrer a s n r a l lh a l l w a v . Latc Saturdal moming thc liehts co on behind the cased windows of 100 W. It is destincd for a new municipal proiect by city planners who Iive in thc count'rv'. ('lhe lishts 'l'uesday arc on cuery rright and all dav Siturdav and Sunday. \luch of NewYork Ciry''s ['pDerWesr S i d es p e n d s t i m c u a i t i n gf o r i t s l u c k ' i oc h a n s e like ttic young-old Puert-o Ricansin continenlal suits waiting"near the Chineselaundry. You can't be sure. thcn vanishcs by iaylieht. Thc seements werc broken into smaller sigmcnr" and haillcd by truck up to this dump in [he Bronx.rlgnday.olumbusand Amsterdam Avenues is ari open rock field encloscd bl a chickcn wirc lencc.. olav gblf o.rnsionesdown thc block towards Amsterdam Avenue. Tday.

Jacob S.. Are A. "pop'X)s" collectors (Bine.tl-ig tiq. and iheunissuedtesls. ehtnins rods symbolizethat marvel of the 1920's: e"lectnc e'lectriEal rqcording).cvptiancatacomb reconst'n-rction at the Metropolitan'llluseum of Art and dead end somewheren6ar the bathroom in the back. trrro out-of-town collectors (lookinf dwarestore clerft. purple. small ereenlabels). hrt the resernblance is superficial. small black."?. Rus. it was the 'loresteist: these'are Saturdav rt-of-towniazz collectors who with casual in for The Spectacular.L:tffin#ff 33.on an empty record shelf behind him. Challenge-heroic combatants Orallenge-heroic combatar pose with swoids and shields)fVocalion 1000 'series (non-glossy black and white). (black. that. HihJi"H. On the desk. the war-like Sears-Roebuck labels ( Lbnqueror. . Paramount world in.and they barely-slancduo. Sch. Conqueior. Ii this roomis whai'therecord collecting rntrrgue couectrng intrigue ls is all about-the about-the musrc music has to be good. contains wall to ceilins shelvesof t-herarestlabels in th" record"ott.York Life uearingchbckedwool lumberman shirts Straight aheadand beyonda locked door. Schneider(nnmnts befae negotiatians).Back Patti (plurple with solden peacockthat has a monstrousibil ). ln the main rnm. Merrit (purple or black with aeoniz-ed Greekdealthmasks). eold easle holds th.neider. Kent frqn Chialrso. eisht feet hieh.&"uotr* To rrpviesoers. lt it rs is the label and how lt it sood. a lawyer rr 40 years. many begin at 940. Elroadwav. suitcoatand h-at-Fre. To the left. downat what ap'pear to be long type with numbers sheets and obscu"re'symbols.its TALONS). l\{r. Thei are stacked with 78s in gree-q and tan sleeves. for years. ' No record in the roomis worth less tJrang15. Rirdi).). In here. slelues. As you aoproach his desk you meeta pair of blue eves'itratfirst Russia iri 1904and p-erhaps reveal the humorin five decadesof New Yorli Life since then. sits behinda large large desk next to'the to'thr caged window. Dectroleam Cennett(black with Old Enelish letterins). face eachother and extend 25-feet. or 9r Gaudytypefaces and 30-yearold coiors that ridUa be too expensiveto color-niatchand print todav. They weareabardindbrown I tlraqnf:rge int6 a thic[ening background eordshelves. thrj ' I igh-tning I abel' Brunswick"7OCIseries'( li ghtning lp!"I'. blue. calledthe 'r'aultt.\rpertone. tfie shelves and dark-"ness close in aroundyou like the walls of the F. Champiori(gold letteringordige. label numbers. He wearsa white shirt with shon sleieves. another room. bevond beyondthat.beyond LooKS: the naive 192JJ's Cheltenham. New. ard Jacob S.s)stand over a lod'g hereis a shortase of chairs)-bent ddwn. With a ballpoint oen he writes new titles. llidway througi one shelf. three piles of reiords are in precirious balance. Schneidermisfit look like the late Siilnev Geenstreet who wEnt on a 6Gday diet kifore steppins from the screenof The Maltese Falcon intb r6al life.nn (red or lieht blue with nauti&l fratemity: Aut6graph checkedborder). Supertone. a narrow passageway opens into a large roornwith one lightbulb-at'th<jceiling.anil recoid conditions on legal-size stationery.

that ce and overpolitenes ith ic def e-ren monol reserve lbr ctvrltan MarineMaster Sergeants review boards.and bolted the doir-" Often. Suddenly'tley unre all.in fact.World t"-p"tiita iGr World'War childhqS t{* ti. Schneidersays. Lublin was Polish-speakingand the victim of ioaili*atv countless Russian invasions and occupattonssince the 17th Centurv." The maiority are like the man who wrote madein 1924of Nora Bayes agkilg fgr a ie^cord 'T]re "l lwu6 seuencopies of it on Cohunbia back. a ircxins arena (kill tJreboilv and watch the head die'). He was bom in Czarist Russia in 1904at nUin. in uqious conditions raqing fromN to V'." Mr. Mr.. diuorce Wnentwtf of yotr legal cases inuolu-e "iits. Schneidei creditors rnt to call nte ot my place ol ousuwss. la6el num'bers Paramount12900thru 13156.fields like a fat mantryinA to catch a bus'). The occasional female straggler or collectorrs wife is treated with the same s.-ute wrote orpr cfrid orulouer. r""ord". Each spgnte^ ^." were AmonsNlr. ingi.Oversels visiiors in 1967have been the Drtch discographer. . 82 in the midst of a re6Jning conversationabout phonograph. ard Dutch Tlni JacobS. ouer."or tle ldungeof a bill park ('he. tlrc cou*rY bluPg. discoeraplfur }tax Vreede. Sdlnetuler. collecta."."lte sud. Many. vou will enter 100W. Brian Rust and the Fiench ialz critic. "ly'lonnv collectors eiue t$ tleir collections "Wives do rnt after tiey-ee t murQdil he says.t C'ermir Fast Prussia. an ancient Wendishcity west of the Pripet Marshes.& t".fii". not the horse'). MrI Schneiderwas one oI the last to see lolson beforehis deathin 1950 i*hen lotsoh bousht four of his own recordings and fn tn. Schneider ouer Benrud KlaEko. '*.lgtZ LittlJWonder label).A otlorm. lwninp people. who writes lor Shirley *" tiav from Stoitz. rne yeuf uw. I.. "I don't "-n"ra*uu hitbn the orisinal 19Y 'Tly handle LPs. Ih&e are the samekindbf pro'fessional' truisms vou might hear aroundtle racetracks ('alwavjbet on"theiockey. o" narsbmrn with bloch milstachesond siani-bredswords-sloshing. ygq nry ruyut. Enslish cartoonist'and Frincis $nith. Schneider'sea"rliest broughtlnto.He ii"e-"" a philosophicalside of himself for the opposite sdx. helF pinpoint s(Irp oI urc blues rarities. iriu iwm theie things. Eicept for Nlr. to enforcethe Czar's "l uns standing tn fro-ntol population t lewish houie'when they were conirygdaun the street bw "-ni"-rre.Champion16200 thru 16800's). Schneider.ctowrl' I lndd tp'and this Cossachuns^bringmg-hts swud dsin on w head whell n-a Grantu4otler tle sriatud re frq Vl?irdt pulled rne insicle frouse.Schneider'sregularcustomers the latiPaul llhitemanand-N Jolson (both seekins obscurerecordingsmadeby them beforg they bdame famous ). he h'asthe ability-to view women records and the entrre mrddle vbisus ohonograph class dilernmi iri *hat might be described as 'all from the outside'. You can lnue tt in mint shnpefu $2 or scratclry for 50Q.tv wife Day. Schneider himself admitsto severalnlarnages. hnching doumat ." youngcouples from Queens bright Sometimes.i llr. innt to ihme their lusbards titith old rgguds. located midwaybet-ween. 'ItlE oI HISTORICarr4lgemen! buzz over to bui LP.-O"" ."I'ue been setting phonecalls for you all tell.Max Vreede."it"tti"ns throughiVtr'Schneidei's 450.yotg. says.(X)0 records.and the countryblues collector. " Ternolej records iust to hear little Shirley's voicb once again befue I die. It was linally rqgarllgdI and agqiri aft-er.eft to rieht: rocksinser'The Incredible -Tfi'. Woolworth's."Please dayi' Mr. are not even interestedin'earlv inusic or recordlabels-like Iowa. Nlr. women seemout of place.the Bui Riuers and sdne 2il) miles south Vi.Lublrn memorieswas of the Cossacks "Progrum" agarnstthe.'HughesPanaissie. 'numbers men' who His clientelle are not all flip throushthe lists and spot the rarities by (Victor 232$ thru 234{X)'s.'g fime Sorp Jnw Stamry srnflng playedthntrecord antl fucangewaeed. Grstomers visitors have includedthe Enelishiazz discograoherand oublisher.

is i! Jihe lq atn 450.ank'..collggtor.xieland'.- * tffi P' $ffi +ryj.") But whenasked how blues or iaZz collectors" can.es. Schneider himself has appeared 'and on TV and radio to. If tle record is'ore-sidid.lt* larled to make tlerr their minimumbids and had -to be reauctioned under pseuduryms.g 9imple. its diamercr at4 the ti"g.lnt.- un{er pseudorr l?131?Yas 'Hamld Q Wer.at.fDh. ot 'personality' records when thev need th'emfor shows.' and Music Views. h"s olrqUer than ten inch. Magazine. natnn rcone-you hnax you'ue got sonethinp.'S"tri"ia"i Jcnnerder conrnented. the "t choice oiJ"IJ"" dna bluJsl 6G!" iazi "i. Schneider's most productive years rn alomun Sp*d by the final d."TffiE:iT*"&i*sP#'. 'Francis "r-iti"" Bickfo. pprls-su. says one oneoDerauc !!'. Zononhoneswfiinh can o^r bringii h."oi.of.dispose.i*d. One source'of informatronstates that the highest values are on the few realllrare ogeraticsl such aiihe t"-:"Ftir" -centuryCaruso UarusoZonophones. Hoi da youreco7nize ai-de op.o oo which :ceqtury ( much ^W. HiFi Review.ffi0. Utr.pre-Wqld!!ar I oryatics gatherine&tst.i.. Boih ColumbiaRecordsand RCA Victon on reissue prosrarns.a EiSlford'). Mr.. olera.ud ( Tle Juz Reuiwl Gensatiut settled . rnany pzz oollectorsweresellinc out (claimingthat 78 bootlegreissud had prorghtthe valuesdorvn-ard that tlev no longerneeded the originals to heart6e musrcr. mrnt record stocks-if fyoir voir searchedsearched.choice groupson uectrobeam Gennertand He_rwin 25000series. c-u""sing. th. "l fu'one tnuld frhe to knan where ab $$0. Often.Affirecuds? Mr. Hi-Fi Cruide.ratic? vwtwL9v: rL 5 tLil4)Le. attracting nnths. or radig produceis drop over to borrowhistonc tazz."-says " 16000series and Superior. tur. lf. haveryhenthey embarked borrowedfrom Mr. Lt-ie oiei 15.answerthis question. Sli{ t"%"AH FrancisWolfe's fimousauctioniin th"' Re c. he has been the glbjecJ of articles in the Herald Tribune Sundav (bronet.an occasionql iare operatic that ql] these'6prdtic collectqs' w".clr ll." u[BilL b'e might ue pj"lgd prsKeq up up canvassrng. Schneider's cbllEction. TV. --' and single rarities such as GeneAutrevon L-blumbia15000's or QRS.

Ltr. abut tlte whale I lewd rumors t9 gkg ^t4w '.fr'..records One of the " dtl abou mts.i. 6*ir""-i tenB-tlle* York's Upper andvrctrmo. If u cottpl'e at onetme-'-every' uere to cone in thoserooms tiirr{. of cottse.tahen d trenendausi.l beena leadineopponent he has 'city planners'andSrcfiitects-of-theluture" noteworthy Esoeciallv ' havebeenthe t-ity's buildingihspectors.9wning prolesslonar-anq hasbeensttrage. . butI lishnents..during the shocking altermathof this maior theft andJor several monthsalter.t. fellan. ll tney uxmtea." records. Lrke many West Side.!li ffiY.tle citv' eipiv" tot. "In 1922 wlen l becwe a lqtryer.staternentspeciallv "wARNING-I've.fri....-. he wouldhauecondenned tlu. oreparedtot Z8 Qudflly' .. recras f rT" ii." 'of iuiner ond lE wue this leuty.td this-he'd eo fuck fuhind the slwluesa-ttd-grao Xi"* 7O1tW i"a to be mint) whenrnbodvuqs 'gi'ffi . A mawecanldtt'tge! tlro4h. l -"que! .recads 6'i.$"'[kf NW'#'fi".n i-6" tte sieet flou.I':'W#::i#li.ilt-.he-dtec.tle ol nYy Tlw nnrled uMer t..-wha|l'e d. {'*.retehbrtt& being condewted I t-o4 ?n'ry.".'-Shg's cane' 'the him' iold hnd I tdny.f':. " Euervtinean inspector I sqid. h.u.:f Irst{nhd€ tpgotirtios in tlp hck roct' making whilethevwerb Htiieffi. bv.Y.-dnured %*'wttil uns ii uns tfu lnte.ation. hodcroo iav's: ' M.'. 66tt'Sieei.' -Jtii... rnst ol I recarcred heir farewells. hazardsof owning 450 thousand. Center.i. iresctedfastar-td a $reet.'r.nlz.oaercmt' . buil.. He'd cone in ud ask euerybdy.trcn bdhd.taw.ru.J'.trusuttttrotely.' rnt in la'dywtn. the Re&rd Changeritself had goneout ol business.The 19$'s divided 78 record. Schneider Mr.It neuer.fri$r.. lryrebY .i. 'ii lrckilyl fowtd ttn'lioe.. For the [ew. quite a bwn hmse.]t'ifl "#rtiT or i ioii'^'' iefornr-f' fricessity. lfe would nnke as ttmy as iir.' Unf to butrge ftoorsof the bqcktfueernm lqd ryC.the utere tfueerooms iamnedW to tle cetlmgwun recuds.:'S*r.n.ttsh""' . it was a buyer's mad<et.collectors- By 19V.*ld l-ue gonedaun into thecellu' " Bv 1954.fJ|o{#"flY'i^ii" . in front u6re nryoffice aN euenttnlly..-tdt*k "Ultimately.dine. is theft.!"w:7 wi'.fi hiton w his ouercmt utd go 9u! lo-rcollee' \t .gg 'itf'"r!"UJ::": ..ii W "ottbb."Schneidercould be seen ap-s-otqmndedy the recuds.'. It hod-six to iiiiffice-at 128West .ln a.that' Mr. U.. and ute cuted euerythingouer Qrttlput tI n the cell.Q(X) problem Another 1n. i*r-n uin l C. of coffee and lE up-uld go out ort ormg contairers -aii ttte curtainers.id "ix u ter"n bums-from.The first -tltee rooms rcfr.-I hired o'uitdire "i LN wesiSsra neighiiii*tiiEn ". 4S. recnds. suvin-lma (iicidently..but the nental cng.un ol utsryctus id caveilatmunrds." In 1954.i ii-ird tane. Wfii...qt.tt.M irrsoectueversut) it.lle ini'irin ttirberoons-wuhs'. Tlere ttns sonetht'ng" It uns the mrne said..


..heqd..Iector him hod A.t.about a. i cords rel eased himsetf i.svd *t-ein" awue of th. one of the best ol them out of this uerY^tQwn canTe hlww wlw I neqn'/' .:..the Iate a-nd i 6zii.. SYd(I hnew hin' bv his local nichnume) was whose Prowesswas a. slim trumDetplaver: I met him two or tlvee'veirs before at ScraPPer Blochweil's place.i.".N f v alentine qi"..Ravmandv alenttne' possible imPtct-on !4e lgzz qf Indianao' oittsi-de Tideriity.is ZtiL{it6a bv ilte-recording r s I red ioowq"Y until-col.on the site of the old lvlutualBur' lesque Theatre... att hnow.. " JONAH JONES leaned bach in thp soft chsir of his hbtel roPm ' and.manalwsys mentionedbY other ueteian I ndianqqoli s musici ans.. For some tirne I had been aware of the tqll. of Jonah hts Pralre. said...while -we're on the subiect of trumqetPlaYelstYou.) . iii ii tqct the Shillet Dich on ZtL* i'ii. Jones uolunteered im\ressed. rye ' neeutipe OF COURSE.ia"' t ttw . and he was then olavine-in a small comboat thc StaebDroorBor on *tuth lllinois Street.i' oiio in Richmond. I was - his ught i ifri-t i. 'iii'J.Seetng.. the name was rnt new to me.i io".i.o Jo"fiiilb ."nP sides.mY shahe of the.'.. but when the lihes. .srD UALENTTNE SCHIEDT ByDUNCAN the fascinatin-g details of Indiana's ggeatesttrumpet player.UP to thts-.lndianaPodis.' 'iii Th.."i-irinn* that he had made "d ii""it records-in..A lim LindsaY of the otd i.

who had beenassociated with the tlpatre since before World Wu l.to go . where the pick of the local musicians and si4gers held forth.bolf in . Reeues nade a series of.ll bqnd. O'Bryuntexclaihed. lt was C-lay'sreputation as an outstanding teacher.men lihe pianist James Helms. and finally ( later to the Nlissouri'ans becomeCqb Colloway's bqnd).ated by g. Thev manogeda few gigs and got asfor as Kansqs City.'blues singer Nina Reeves and. inlportan[IY. theHoosier copilol. was mcne tn one day. waB obligated to prouide' O'_Bryant with a liottle of whi. Nlontana Taylor. in one of the last issues of JAZZ REVIEW masazine.well-Ernum Qhic ogo c I ar ineti st J immy -PO' Bryanl. uaudville circuit: it played lwst to sorne of the greatest colored qcts in the nation. playing the leod in the srnall house band. including acco m. He-was soueht Ster by many nationally hrnun leader s.-Sydand others were offered a chance to ioin a show in California.V aIentine play.into dclip se. when his mather interuendd.s tr i ng lndianapol Neerobandleaderand futlder of profilqble hotel and club jitbs. hrnwn as 'Slick'.A. for a ti7ne. SYD DEVELOPED fast on his instrument and was soon sitting in at sessions with some of the ueteran musicians in town . ueleran of nany w wwunt' recordings anf a]ready fftginning.blues singer from lndtanopolts.this gesture. and this was by utgmented in rnany cases_ hev musicians who traueled with ed:hputiculu shaw. 7: BAIMOND VALENTINE :ylf. Tltis was .He wss-interested in brassinstruments and found an ideal mentor in the forinidable Ieder of the theatrb's house bmd. i s' f ir st.when. comedy tearns. that they uere on tlw uerge oi tahing him ulone. The entire recorded output of this group. and good boohines as lead cornet with with RbeinaldDuValle. Lessons took place at one O'cloch each-Sunday at the N[asonicHaIl.you sound just lihe ol' Tonini Ladnier!. Bit his sprrrrs were giuen a shy-hiph I if t . "in AFTER THEATBE closing.O. le gitinate actors. qsleoder. Both later' appeared with Syd on record in'tlrc Shillei Dick session for Gennett. Singers.lnueuer. long since demal-" islted. They straqpled bock to lndianmolis Sydr{ next uenture was ii Tene Haute uith the territory band of Paul Stewut. he recqlled the irrcidbnt in a 1961 interuiew with Franh Driggs. und Svd enrolled and fini shed hi s education at aTerre Huute hish schaol while with the band.. Regulor fixtures at lhis second-floor sDot were pianist Je sse Crump. THE WASHINGTON THEATRE wus a smqll but regulu linh in t old T.ctcns .S I HIT the research il again to explore a bywary tlw largely unexflored world s stern territ ory band Nlidwe the19il's atd 19il's.p animents to Hat ti e $now. One could hwdlv imaeine a better teacher considerinEthe direction Svd'scarelerwas Io toke in of his later yeus. He described V alen{ine. and banioist Paul Ggo-rg. His talent was such. blackface minstrels.. The Shillet Dick snd His Frvine P ans appellation was a f iemEntof the Gennett minds in Richmand for the cheaper Championissues. The history of this band at the time was quite interesting.1 908. dancers. the young usher's musical appetite was futther stimul. that drew Syd to the howeuer.'' Slim-. but steodf astly rgfusedto leaue lndianapolis. of his career.oubledat this spot. rue collectors' iiehs rcb. q. and was probably the first' btg-tine musician that Svd had come w aeainst. Daue Peyton at the Regal.. lwpin! to mqhe" the West Coqst imd=bock. where they met a young. On Gennett Electrobeam labels the band was hrnwn as Syd Valentine and His Patent Leather Kids. to Reeptne uhtcctgoan hqpy Stewut.qs'tenific . in these ewly yeors. instriment. Franh Clay himself d. tr i ck in s trumental i s t s and otlrcrs paruded across the stage occoinpanied by a small but lusty pit band. but at the time. Reuben Qeeues had jusi deportedfor Chicago and the bcindsled by Ershine Tate.Nouember. the l\\errymshers. Uerald on t_rombone. WhenWisdom. Barefield was so impressed by Syd's playing at this tine that. they decided to try " oul their' Iimiied re outat ion. Clay.t THE MUSICIAI\ISneuer got any further west. After . ANOTITER PIANIST with wham Syd came into cantact was Fred Wisdom. uaudville lheatre.wlw had his own sma.alto saz ptayer namedEddie Barefield. records with Tate nus. A FIIMOUSmemberof Paul Stewort's Wee Hoir Serenaders remained. imDecc and.fast reoding uefe demandedof the Young pupil. was krnwn locally as the 'Block Souso'. stutlingli neu) to his fellow muiicians. During n s euty teenshe tooha job as at lhe coloredmouiiz :usher and THE ENGAGETIENT with Stewart lasted quite u while. Just before 5yd's gniual tfte band featured the three Reeues brothers. th. the Washinpton on lndiona. iust beforethe Washingtonpit bandrehearsal. Command able tone. And thanwilling fo{s more the following is eralion. Frank Clay.shey each evening.T he^t headed west.oinpqrross the street to the' doldenWest Cafe.B. And for the unrh each man receiued $N. Ciay preferred the secur'ity of his theatre job.the . Bob on boss and the sensqtional Reubenon lrurnpet. afibr lte wing. Young Jyd uas rather twn-olussed by. man.e bqrellnuse pianist wha wqs later to be based in Detroit.

Whee I er Vo' qn' tr onrbo MORB {lAR talent was to be found in this band.in NOT LONGafterwardP. THIS WASagreeable to ioung. chanced to heu him playing. Bob andthe " band) J:i...h#?3' iiii "i tn" Indiana'Roof..A *. . Young was enlugtng..his iifsi show. a E.. ". h-9. it was trulY a ttlid' band.lheeler Ugr*' .'wtnm he .... The Sauov Eallroom haused tuto band. ProPerlY 's..al t ernated the dance floor.. Sotto*s.an P re ston J ach son 'Oi--sixes were Ed lltge.. he taoh off lor in resPnse tQan Columbus son. Tub* Bert sunmers' OF INTEBEST iS IhE ni s t. State Street was stil[ thB jszz capitol of the ttnrld. Otlwr in this bandunre i"sili*i tenor' (Dail Good-on Cteo iii Stiiriil on al-toultlatt (Red)Hulan otd 6ernrce on tntnPet$t iSorort lvlorton i .oods. Ailieailv on trombone ttns the Ne i-Oi t ea".-. who the old Patent hodreorpsnized Leatherkids as the Brown Buildies. Young ashed Sy/.Otdtdan idfr.:-i.l n l l "t'Roll l...leue Eiotbms and HenrYW.nd f eoturineclarinetist Wilton 'Crawlei.i'ui Stewut guitqist' arw Eiluester TwPin.l-s-.rv to SYd he seen biforn'o."iiert s-whnoPer the tw dancePloces: formed aifrrir*i i""osg... .Hender off er from Horoc wlw was reorgannrnga new s band. ... (fqr ii"std ii. i{iit nn eie^eed. 'to ioie ouer ond sit in with his band. [. '.wit" n"n.r. ret urninl to I ndi anaPol he went-fromthe Wash' i.s.Henderion' alW orce Collegian-s.hired 'to-acconvonY the slnw' Jig' stwring Foliiei'.SING fhis band was lihe Inuing a regular day job' regdl. tlwueh shortlY to piue wuv'to Horlem.Ptotto' Iioroce Hender . outfit.. Svdwent back ta Indiancholis brieflv. ilber:f uP thoughoriginallY ma.*"n in IndianaPolts- ron ond Trunpets: SYd Valent'ine' Lemv HardY.br i-nji i iiiild t*. thby were bu-ilding a new band and' with MrnY.'"iio..-i iltb .!J:W. oNE NIGHT in 1928.sitnultgneouslY: it featwed Louis Armstrong with the CqroII Dicherson band at one end: the Clarence Blach band. .. in the Zia ii-rnutd oPerate Midwest. the Louis one fr.-of tlte men from the Louisutlle orea..sonol.rsician 'Ctii-" ( RexStewsil. whoSY tarer z. Syd agreed. of the daY.4or The'ereat iazz boom.ns tadaY'Neuer ^. ii N"* York. '!n"t'l... fresh out ol. siorring the mightY J iilU:oS*nn.Barrio: Clarence (Guq H'rdY. Syd eladly comPlied and was ashed if he unuld tihe to ioin the Young. Svd and the trombontst en' where iiitnea for N4ilwwhee. .ms band for unrk at Ihe w.i.band qnd return with it to wrs' consin.i. Alto Saxes: Logan Brown.:'fiW'rl1Ttlf *" '#iWr:'#* MUCH VALUABLE experience rcw followed for -ofrre Sid. Shollner ttn -ebir Smith.der.tn d."bssi stwcg of Ind' ionaoolis'Logan6rown.. ttw stYte. and Syd began to mqhe his headquuters inChicago.rdvounswas outof llluncie. wlw became saxophoni nii-P"ie"t Leather Kids. .".leoder 't Ktce' he Rice.:. Bert Baitev qnd SYd's ad'mirer' Eddi6 Buefield.. Tte Soitinbst rini unrkingthe ues with bandsltke Wisconsin Elie Rice's' and iiung'" b"'di"*" wasthe.netonT'heatreout on .i s. i_onposbd Arms.i.trong ttiiin..nzffi E:#tr\hr. ryai..: 'iiidn-rllitit as' Little Mitch" a uiuid b' ii":"e. as Do^c ie ias ta led the -sunset ol the ousht d.r. e.. Tt'uil' !:in '.i. et t on -trumP . t he N4i Bernie Young. a st. hndrnw was to b onceagainSYd replrce an illuslrtous 'i{. He uas.'fo.tfte band.'iA:.. li{iili". bas. Young's jobs were theTeit oround.i. ln the next lew veors B'ernie Young wqs to become as nuch of on oltroc' tlw musici&ns humping to learn the new music as it came along.But where were periods of layoff when the lwger band-was not needed. since-hqd' so'rnuch worh for so nany nusicians' 'IN LATE 1928 ffi--sffiiffistr. uands as V.."i.. f ield 'coiic gtllie it4itchel-a.s son. ii-"r.o: Fred sisdom.. -It : l"trtt was inta the Dicherso-nbancl inat Svd wss able to fit on iimn'oi"o"tons qn'd st other Jabbo with.\ tIrc uranger. Giuine the-helm of the band ouer to V. I wauhee-based I eo. Tlombone: Wheeler Molatt. while Syd's band wqs playing in the old Rainbow Pahn Gardenson Indiana Auenue.. The denunds iiiiern te' Eirt".tscon' sin Roof. then mahing an at the lndianq aDDearnnce Roof. iif ttP swine . SYluester otlpi tiumPetmanin addition z. Then. lndtana' Wheeler' uZb-oii n**.de oi sildents fromOhio's W iueif orc"'College.. flere. and a iett iounded rePertoire kePt saxnolnneclnir.SYdIn-fact. The Personnet w&s as follows: beentn Indianwolis as he had' the LaEelilichigonueu fiil i* 6n"aJsehe unrked uiii'Roofs' on an exchonge the tW between aBreement ated tr. with ciltoistCleuitBottons. diCiied that'hecould ri sh Svasbningup a bandof his own' w1\i'i7. RHIEAR. This exPerience tooh him as for edst as New Yorh.: .. but onlY if his buddy WheelerMloran could be tahen along too.c:s i. Cleve Bott'oms ieior sex: HenrY troods.

" Marklnm ard " focks" J enhins.*ru*". hont.But. heut .l q) 3 F li# i:il:: ir* THE BANIYS R0UTll\lE lzs ro rehearse a slwut.'u". utlo oby ed. Up to then. Early The first time out. own combo in his home town. . lnrdbil feahring nayrnqtd (Syd) Valentine. Also in tle 6ail uns a tri c k irombo ni s t.. s{#t&Ttsftf.sln6.. ROY BR0Uc*lT a rather battered instrument with him into the Hendersonband. t stf#{s!**. F'ff-effi.le old.. playing in section with Horace Henderson found a young the bright trumpet. vprs *. barely Apo years out ofTome'in Louisuille.to the point where he he reoched down lihe a golfer for his fauorite putter dropped 'Sprat' ltlorton to to the old instrument.us'...hington deserued lcunc. . Roy in the schedule. Svht es ter B ri s coe. Syd's replacencn.ffiY ffiR#$. there. the trurnpet nen utould alternate parts: Syd playid.. they coulduear drn a first tnnDet nan.iE . but it Ls a tribwe to Valentine'i ability ilai le could alu'ws find a berth utith the'Hardys uhencuer Eunnted. led bv thE Hardv Bro3. and it was to bring him recolnition almost equal to his oldei brother F letcher... In tliis band. 2a . by"a short try as leoder of his wqs OId FqilhfuU Horsce g&ue w gracefully.i.'uhile Rov'reinincd ihe " ride" or " g. such as Lucky Milliider. HARDY BRffi. Coleridae Douis. The first titunpiit wrt uc. Duriru onc of Syd's lavoffs (self-itnposecl)' Horac"e Henlerion tooE tlie Hadvs and fronted th. Eldridge was shartly presented with q new instrument.t j.dbeen bu or tw. first or second.em into the Washinlton Tleatfe in Indian"Swar Cane. he stood upto play a hot Rov's experiencd ha.ei-off" nnn'in third position.sk'k' &g*}hf u?*frj. oarts uere su)itc'lwd for rdlief. i/ j* +J :t= ffikiffiri=l% € q .'s tenure. Ky. followed see.* lk . il I ik {. which Horace loohed on with obuious distasLe.. He niade intermitteni dewturesio i6in bis bands of thc day. olnyine tlze s'hout slmt ihs iuriiten bv the band's pianist. as the trurnpeter who gloddened his time drew neu for a solo break.B Y 1 9 2 9 . demands on musicianship were euen ntore stringent lhan during Svd's Bernie Younl period: Liorace hod alreqdi ihown his talent for section urqnging. When mnke room for the newcotner: Roy Eldridee. aid staned siriser Geneua " WoshinEton and comics Pigmed. man" of tlui oitfit. In the case of ' tle Hardys. .For appearance's sake.and the L9-year-old FINALLY.Etue tlrc band. of dismarxlins his instfine-nt as le plaved. uln uns on the yotns'bloods of d steadyihs'infl. basiist Leuen H.lty sdlos. Columbus for ihe road.tiii#. Hill. Earl Hines ond'Tinv Bmd.i. :s*trE RY NOW Syd urls reachina tlrc peak of his potpers'and buildins a"firrc iepitatioi tlvouslbw iazzdoit He recdlls tlnt in thc H'enderion band. . tlni Svd uns to utork for th| next fan'yets. Th. there was a obediently sat beside the other boohing in Pittsburgh.ura J6nh Ioircs.ps tltat the " bantrolayed in. oassed tfuowhihis band. for all to Iw-eetvwith cwniuals. often uith rute and siowl tones.s the melody leail: the seionl nnn ustnlly .# '. afte.Eitine the illr:z. accompany it out on thc road for a tour. posititns on the stase'and slnrild in croucltcd 'tuith a " Datent" J ack Teaeardeh on tlrc stutt.CAREER REACTIES NEW P E A I ' . " The msical brains" of tle bond'unl the pianist-anarqer Coleridzb Daois.c o v) E g g}. u6ich it would reswnc iis regular ptt iob.e band was ready ond left horn as he sat up on the stqnd. fresh from the Wdshineton " band of piinist BditEer Co'lenan.ding the leader. inclu. It uns with the interestine ard inadeqwtely docutncnted.-fH m.ook speciir. such utell(briefly ) knawn musician's cs Sid Culitt and Trununy Yowz.' Durins Syd. dndClester Broun" a eifted euiniist uln died befoe iomiig to fromVos. TTHE truftpeterfidgeted with th. c s b c :S. at this time uns yo.:. bond. . Syd recalls . and two. u:ho euew iuallv eot ar6wtd a u.i." The aoolis. il uswillv'uns thc Hounrd Theatre.

He serued his next lora-term hitch in 1937.wtion.. it. : >.apd...td Tenoc" f6r Earl Hines.cast in thc ArmsEons. tfre Sunset Teiace-Ball' rooi'and the stas3|hous at th'e Lyric Theatre. Elmer.ryg! the legeny'g'rypyd. ii*i leoeAAnlin u. band.blv nnde uo oT ex&oher BarnEs men. ftat primitioe twe exettp uJLed' f rom-the s om.rth Il -S. vine MrlktMillar's s ttrarnshan tookhim fot afield.'This"p"eriod. tlrc Ha1dy.iel.lot of good. Also abw 1930.rana AueHrc tluil nlqnt. musical -Iit'e[im.. One sidemanums troibonist Fred Norman. His big' best problemunuld seqm to be t'indin6 the rieht'pianist and front line men to 40 q good irih oh this traditioruI form. bu uito.. for sone iime in Brodklvru From this base Sid uns able to olnv sips.t'illing in for Clwrlie Allen. the. i"f titoret bf uaried-fare has eiben Nm an ineplaceabte dacks. includ.'KeIIv uns fired' and this made 1le ooeiirw uJhich Valentirui uns to 'fill. tle nid-1930's.. lnd included the famous ChicaeoanGuv Kelli. BACK ltND FORTtI/ron to other iobs traueled tfu itineront Valentine' seemingly wa4iliing to settle douml4ith one orpaniioiion for loie.f tle 11ardy Bros. to name a few tlnt conte to mind. ard uns and leiser lowutn ou{its iisuch places as Mus' keson and Grard. Rapiils. he c:an mate thelnrn dntn to coc' tail lounse smaothness.ndins.ed.lelenained top threod anong tle local musicians.as ?faf9e\' tlnt most of the ten Ln tnts oarn uere ploying at students ai Howard' Uniuersity. and some of the old sun{ger comes thr6ugh in spite'of thc^. ullo. a For a tine. lars.{ZZ NOTES) 38 . then out with a ba.n a eirl from tlie Neu York area wM M. Svd plaved secord trunpet uith Luckv Millindei' s' orisituI band. o a ts ln >..i the-oeteren r/ytfgnainsny of the old. of iln [i"d't*rnpercr s care. Models. in srnalleT combos behird. Michiean' At tle onset ofVorklWar II atd bfter'twny lears' absence. tuith which Brautshin ModeLs. McKirney's Cotton career IXJRING THE LATE l!18(Is.d ltp. Hardy.'and' ooer all.Svd's took a decided d. Btttwhen he does ujrk. 'ott He lnd left tlv..nlane greas and wi:cise timine. a sllow slwut wnlcn lrvtns Iroin.ing.Bros. This auasrct the Sp-eedWebb bad of Hollt'utood fane: neuertheJess'. Pee Wee Ras. Like Buck" Clontor.. rte recalls oie memorable all-niefu battli'wilh Fats Waller's sizzlins Inm acel I ohrny " BLtps" Hamihon. to @nit lh decided to retwnio ltdiainbolis oossible ind. as Syd recalls.came out on top. been a\anier in one of tlp shouts. " The iemr-nen lan in such ereat demnnl today' taiei ofer. SYd twrked at the Cri. pro9.hich rws tle later name for the old Golden We'st Cale. as is uellJnann bwited."lndiatfrolis will be mrercal|n( o nit4n f Lcner tqxn.to.rouid and' fe4l lor all forms ol iazzt.is sale to soy ttlnt.iw form of the Horace Hend'eison and Speed Web|6ands..C."neuertlrctess. This brdblso "Scooos " Carev on sax. vIIt No.ITLS outfit would seem to be a little oul of char' act'er for this swine erd tnnnpter.y!. the'letere4 drwruncr dyyu4tner this hnil furd un.s a rather briel engagerrcnt al the LLub astorta urfre| thc futon o[ Tiny Bradshan' ln'Ei[ti^or"'.a. ba. uttder Millindei's ledersnip.. Hdrnilton lnd conte buer to thi'Foiltutood. . *g.tmsiq dennrded.gulnr fiuntPet min. Svd beloni:s . Syd narried FINAIIY.e rc bI( styles.er'gets 89iry9 ogain in a -be. but' mieht be a imart suitch.The aboue s.on tour wttlDut hrm. One time. soon to joln the Syd recaLLs C-Iaude Hopleins band .re. too." he savs with'resienation.eut bv the Skillet Dick'sides to tha last'nouinA sit.with nnnv of the N&t York greus. . fhis band plav4d thb Clib Prudhom. Svd uas still a nwn of repure among fiwnpeters inbie bands uisitins. rong out ouer Ind.ns literally and..batp uent. In Austi Cuba Cubailustin. lones.Lly appeared rn voL. constraincd n da bo'ttle rarsically uith the bmsh vowtz lpm nun from Pittsbwgh. unntine to'go in from his 'oun lwmc area. were tlp uspiration and extsoention of Sectioi nates lilce Rewuld.io. Valentrne oilgula. and' ne lotllcd' a oana Lea bu Cob CaUouni's vounier brother.era bands-rwn gpe. night to earn their tuition.. il seems to lnui been the kreaiest one uder'that lead'er. T9 a-mon' jts 1lwrni comwred in intwct uith tle loter Lowtt Basie bord..While -lrcre-. uilpse abilities lay in more ru. I7e al'so recarr. Ldter in ihe 1930's'a 3ubseqrcil Barnes band uns tlv oictim of a lplo'caust in a southern dance lwll in iazz lore. Tle orieiwl Barnes band. Charlie Parkei to EarI Hinis in 1943.ithinihc brd.' dl lii" qp" clwo"s. the'nnnulw was Iater tb plav a iort in thi bop ntouement by recorrn.olf .bie bands uorkins. knatn later as thi Cotton CIub.Lnss. ard thc Valer*ines settled. uhile he ums ilf in D. Syd doesn.'t say u'tho. u."iali "A to no onq style. uxts so ttncertain tlnt a r|couruiiu of the nrious iobs and conrectiotu held by tEc in*iciorrs utoiild be alnost impossible. Rex Steunrt an'd Vic'Dickenson. cunent pLan Lo lonn a urxte surround. w. nold. u. utlrcre mgst of tfr suing. (. 5ns of l. at -th6 dipth of tle depression. and ino tle Texas area. tle leatseni-ng influznce ol tlw kind of shou..

.GI|il$PINAEY" Agoinst CHANTEY JONI'AN ? ByBERNARD KLATZKO photo corrtesy of Luurence Cohn& Franh Driggs CHAALEY JORDAN IN THE EARLY 193Os..ThI..

franklY. Bluebird 8559. lordan' reach is touctrini.' northof-th&Delta' stvle in his vgige and threefinger guitar plcKrng. l$ll. T\tn Street Bluei otd Raidin' &uad round out lordan'sfirst session.Qffinitiei to this. Jordan fiom fternphis.B. les s humorous. It's probablyJordan's favorite and most Posltrve meloaic therne. Honorable mention goes to Stack O' Doll. his effectiveness @mes from inexact timins (that is exact). BisFotr Blrcs. Il. . and vorce. 19CI. By conpanson with Spooi/ul. Ai an origlnal creation (and desPitethe Iact have that it maYsomehow al sinsins connnerci iti"iiiJi l"r'" ooo tune. thi6 ' harmonvfrorndisharnrony' occur on three sides: KeePIt Cleunon Vocalion 1511(re issuedon Oriein. His tens wice is lightalnpst conversatio.us Blues.Althoush his Iordan'ssinsini is rernoteJ hardtoolav Iuilar in Sandard Tuninsboritiiues to be interesof to much tins (.and Hunkie Tmkie Blues.(IIad Leod' belly ionelnnt mmryed to snuggle his butstandine collectionof mintJudotVocalions wst the hison?l stolidepfids at Angoln Of the three. performancds by ernbodied Blind LerrbnJefferson. iv_e'. just as good. Bhns. from lordan Shows sqro. OILS)' Just ASwonlul on Vocalion 1543. I prefer Jwt A Spoonful. Reportedfy and' pmv'ocative'.'Kedp It C'lean. Melo& Ke.nal. N F. Iordan ent6redt6e Brunswick Blake Gllendar Company recordins studios in Chicaso At led'pt and cut 6ght sides.the other iwo: voiee and diritar burst from a suoressed intEnsiw and double' timel hold back.lilch. andHitnkieTwkie.L-iharlie lordan madetoo many go<idrecor-dsg{td had too inuih eoins for him that he shouldae the victim of a fadeawav. they are lukewarm servinss. Raidin'fuud is another sonsthat waspossiblyadoDted b.ng . It KeeP dtla Personalitvl.vteadbellv falmosthote lor nire) in T.. Theie threefollow the familiar AABbluesform(exceptfor an s pelformance halfwayth.ragtime'). but is less positive. Btuesis siniilarto a l. "Keep It Clean No.npfe-lntrpv-grted Dolls Bill andunderkeved. All of out of di'sorder'. Jordanprodtces the .Iune 15.f ihe 1940's Cleon is probHy his most rnr' portant c6ntribution to the Traditim. Vocalion 1528. theri burst out -again and again. q G \ o I x X x.eadbelly Bhn sChildren's Blw oiece-Little Chil&en' oiece-Littb that's s been' Deen nothine else tnat else but but nomlng recorded. 6howsiltanphis. 1930.Lacking the shockinevocal hvpnosrs (the inate rdllinenes's'of a iinser to proiect"entirely outside oI a Delta performer of h-imselD like SonHouseor Chailie Patton. s'ane swinlas a s-imitarbut earlier bY Charlie Paramount"recording Patton ( lthey Al!"played.udt unusualbreakout Rnidin' fuuod\.nd superior in fater sessions). Keep It'Cle& is. and an an-trclPatlng rhvthm ( abcentedoff'beats add delaved grace notes are onlv 'order oardof the storv ).but doe'sn't of the top the effecfveness of unresolvdd threebecause rhythmicproblems. it resernbles Cleck. Hunkie TVnkie Blues takes its place right along with. In fune. a oneness"ofguitar. 2 " ras rccmded in ClricagP.ep It ically. his"worft I knowthat quitea fewblues resard as' great' listeners by much lesser-recordinis singerssuchas Tamia Red disor rianvof the loraA6y. of his Jqdan's rare secord versict umt fanns release. 'ilteresting' -rnteresung asIive stanp-him lrve stafiD hrm as Reportedf.

lames' I'mb GInd. tw(> tuosear-teet6-mesh. unsh his yas.octor Rw lwre fast See ulnt's tIE natter Vith his ya. Keeplt Cleot I wetu to thc riuer I.2 ori Vocalion 16ll (March.ns a lntse Nou.the records that maydraw the most listeners and theimost raves €ue six obscure 1932recordinss by the virtuallv unknovm unknownHi tl-enrv Brown.re too-y4th his big 8utar.ke sino ard unter For to hdep it clean GPlerye senLTB to Street-. Our man Jordanis $e. The' gnvrng driving Jrivins gear-teem-mesn. lronically.Colv Lenon sodv Otmrt of ic'e creanz Ta.n narne. Yow sister uns a teddy ' Your dady uns a bear Put a mu2zle on yonr nunntt 'CausesheMMluir Nout roll him wer Giue him Co4olnr Lemon sody Qwrt of icb creant Tahe sinp and unter For to hebp it clean If you urut to hear Tfot eleola nt lawh To*.e. pleading rroice-and suddenlyyou' rd listening.r Oust of icle cream Tahe sino ard uater For to kebo it clean .plooto cowtesy of Lauence Cohn The discographicalbreakdown in Bhres& Goswl Records-1902 to1942 by Dixoh and Godrich shows that Jordanrecordedcopiously. yas Nou roII him ooer Gioe him Co. Pattqr' s Dry WeIlBlues. yas Nou roll him over Giue him Co-CoIv Lemon sod.anm to"tlrc riuer Ard. roll him oaer Givi him Co{ohr Lennn Sody Qnrt of icb cryant take soaD uA unter For to kdep it clcan Up she imped Doun she fell Her nu&h'flant ooen Lihe a maisel s6ell Nout roll him ooer Giue him Co-CoIy Lemon sodv Qrnrt of icb creant Tahe sfup and unter For to kebp i. Haris' BuIIfrog B/ues-and'now.s..'ti:ton Y Notp roll him ouer Gioe hiin Co-Colv Lenon'sodv Quart of icb cream Take s6ap atd unter For to kebp it clean Qnrt of icb crgan Lcuae soop and unter For a kebp it clearl lmWr:A7tthe rabbits on the stwnp Yg!t'* Eo! p_W Like aD0-E Rwt here d. yas. clea{. guitqgacconpqriqEnt by ordan Jord ryttg-{?p.s t promi s ing 'unheard'.to performinbes at the summrt (i. Keepk Clean-No. al-houeh lordan recordedsonp 53 sided under his ov*. antrcrpahng.1931)is a worthy neanreplicaof the orieinal.perforniances miy be 'all-time on those Depressron loser' Victor 8300 sides (four). Hi Henrv Bown' s Skin lulan or Precbhs Bluesl. yas. Judst' s.generally moving tnmgs lrqn srde to srde. ntr.'lorce fggd-gr' and. couldn't get acnoss' I lwnDecl on yow mut 'Carise I tlu6uglfi'lte u. ahd Ywkin AdTellYofrDaddt (the other side) has stunning piano accornpaniment by Peelie Itheatstraw(usually a less-thansturmingperformer)-.qqg"t ts ind &own b€hi{rd horvir J broken.e hik d. CrSrStte 'lrym"b:f-to toheauen Nout roll him wer Qiue hirn Co-Colv our co ttar Lenan sody ln'i":.

but int for d liuine.. stayiis ow in th6m ioirus kitled them off. othdrs in years now' Las't one slill riound.rolcbries i n A us ti n.. liesbetween jazz. I djn't heard rbthing of Ady Boy'or Rob Cooper or any of theft. lFEI=A-gi Ef -(!|.g . " .ston uns Buster Pickens and. by sung in a sig Shaw Robert LPdocument. Con nie Burks.I\f I.90 P.he sot slnt to death onWest Dallas Street-iVht in one of the old lnne outs uthcre we aII used to bb around-iusl tuo years as. And. l'm sellins.sa O F 6 s = h' Robert Shan: " AII them other boys I ran uith are dead nout. I'm still playine biano... nificant an with complete hokletbY 8'Page Mack Mcbrmick this detailing ExtraordinarY wtlich hdyoi music ragtime.-s. tohear bawdy fun such romping stuff ('Put InThe Me 'Whores Alley' and 'The and ls Funky' fila Grinder' and 7 more) rapped out professors byone ofthe who toslrout used played.Roadlwuse.crzs 77OO7 AI rnanac / l l to label more one Yet the clutter up discograPhies.-tn-E! PI-r4|. ma)ting"bar bec ue t'or"t fres e t'oI k s. Hou. .GfOttEtE not to mention being a lotofgmd.and early bx blues: starvation "Squat lTralTla.OB . t6e iuke box took their iobs. . Almanac forth with has come you've hmrd of.'" Anywhere Postpaid $4. music hrtpossibly never actually heard. Blach Bov Shihe.. Booze and. or 7532 Houcton T .o. low. Me. Lazv Daddv.

N) Bill and Slim Paoa's Gettii' Hot-Clwnpion 16015 (one knoiltn coov. lnqwn goplesl Wil. V-)Se.cevchenl "iiiii.VJ)-Si 5121(aN 'knoutn copies.. {. 8904 fuin kwun I'lI Ouercome Somcd N-)N a onies-E E.. Willie ttillie Baker W Weoh-Minlled Sueet eoh-Minlle d Blue s/ /Sueet (one lsoum Petmia Blues-Gennett 6751 hnoumcow cor Pettnia N-lWillie Elaker Mana. li-ehi.1b hn hnowncooies)Mtefdot Blill Barefoot' B iU' s Hardlick Blues/One .t3 . all. Gal-Okeh 8867 (rp kraun copies) Adam and Eue/Pock Up Radley urue.ee.#E&iht.tn copies.(po.ckwell Doum SouthBlu4s/ BacQDoor Blues-Suoerior2782(ro hnou.tBI E knoun copies.t Tonnnie I UtrtuE Doin arul Out-Champion 16308 (one known 16149 Blur Blues=Clnnpion Her Trunk lone &noult Her Trunk 'i6i".to N and oneDecca test of Part2)Qdr field Aken Dowh Roller Blues/!uinpin' and Slwwin' BluEs-Vocalion l. E/ Isluwt irniio"e /S fitcas e FuII omanBlu'es ontanW Iirabev W )aramount 1470 (one lpnqm knqun copy copv 12970(one Of Blubs-Paramowt Blui Dov Blues/SneakScranper Bld6kwell ine Bfues-Swerior 2765 (rc kimpn copies) Bracev & The New Orleans'Blues/Pav Me No Mind i Bust-Up Bust-Up.f ?tlt*. oDef f'fflcKwell Blaclwg! to exlst)>c 1o E cow hn L Sneakins. known(or estimted) Garfield Nters Cottonfield Blues-Part 1/ -Part 2-Vocalion 14212(5 knoun copies ftom V.t wtiisissippi Bra.Sipirioi2zia fi t rmt copies)E ttry hooks . V copy.C_ More Ti r4b _o. You're Vjl Tunmie Bradley When V to V1) copy.lSc lDer Bl'ackwell RdmblineBlues/ Hdrd Tirne Bhtcs-Superior2827 (rc krwwn cooies) Almzo Bodrc (William Haris) kinsals Citv Blues/Eleitric Cluir Bluesy'428(one krwnm cow..Bdll/Siered. both E or betteilKd Bailey Missi ss ippi B ottom B lucs/ Hou.ii''t Act Tfut Wav/Four Day Bhtes -Clwrypion 16339(one hmnn 6opv' El)Townie Eadlby qd-James Qole !!bbody'.Boys (one ltnown copy. Pane Blues-lClwnpion 16696(no Do/Windota Ierunmcooies) Tqnmie Bralley and Jarps ffd. si bly an cop i es .dy BluesLB runall E or Oeuer) suibk 7114 sutck /lI4 (5 hnoun ktwun copiei.a ".78 PNESENTS Tlnef. \unbi a I 4561.'V and E) l&tmn Coine Auav Blies/Rollin' Loe Tnalsruick (hpo knoun 7!41 (tuo 7141 known copiesi copiesi El ard.{f .s B usiness-I l.Wil-ey^s|rT irer) MvGal Tr'io* tr(eM (onb khouncoov. better) coples.one is V1)Wilev Bamer fti Gal Treats Md Mean/I f Yriu WaniA GoodW 6man-Gennett6261 ( thr. L) Bracey dni 'Frorn YowDoor/ You Scolded Md and.#.lie Bq{nes(."u.or:es:t 78s HERE IS 78 QUARTER OFFICIAL (but unauthorized) FOLL OF THE BLUES AND INSTRUMENTAL JAZ1ZRECORDS RAREST COTJNTRY The first issue alpErbeticallY stAfts_ with A to B.I.152 Blues/Down (another (another E copv-all come from bne source) c Siramer Blti. Bl s--Clnmnion 16370(an BIue Ddi somewhZre) somewhZre)l ion 16.givesnumberof copies ownedbY coflectors."rt-f WhenYou're Doun dnd Out/ Fow Day Bhrys.ra n d lV-. V-'to Iul Tonmie Bradley Pleose D.taDpprBlackwell SorinetiiltcBlidi--Gbnnetf 7158(no krmpn ioojisl Scramer Blackwell SprinetinrcBlues -Clwnioion 15973 ftD knoun coiiesf$ctaV per blickwell Hard Time Blues/Bock Door Blues-Cltarnoion 16361(an E copv is krmtn *rntbl ipg Blues/ namD&n exi s t) $2rhppq.}""":.Don't RushMe Blies /No No Blues-Gervrett 6766(one krnttm cow G]lVillie Baker Bad Luck Moan/Ain't It A' Good Thins?--Gernett6812(no hnoumcopies) CrookedVonnn Blues/Rai Bah l{illie Ba^Ker -Cernett 68.

'Rock and Graief-Superior 2692 (ni kruutn copies.:' ./Bobby's Revelers Don't Slnke lt No MoreSitiertone 9551 (no krmtn copies)bdter (ich. cracked):Clnrution 50023(four knoun F) cdp'iis.tn copies) Flossie Brovm (ltilae Glover) Slnke ltDaddy/ I Ain't Ciuin' NobodyNone-Champion 15814' (one knapn copy.Iin'B luesi Di ieioo rt 6 Iues-C e.essection: Hi Henry Broun -Vocalion 1728.pe knoun iopy. I/-. E/ ) AJabarn Jw.\ \ q o G F x N :i. cooy in less tltan V conditionexists. E.' V1. E-) Joltn Bvd Billy Goat I 2997 B lues/ OId. (Additions to blu. a second. G6ins-H"""tin' /l f You Want To Be My SusarPaoa-VoZalion 1099(moretlnn t'iue copii:s eitinatddlJimrry Bertrard's Washbsard Wizards Easy Corc Easy Co Blucs/The bluesStamoede-tocalion 1100 (more tlnn {iue copies esiinuted)Jfunnv Eertrand's Washbord Wizards I sabella/ I Won't Giue You None-Vocalion 1280(nore tlnn fiue copies estinmtedlBirminghan Bluetette ?ack HomeBlues/Old Man Blues-Hentin 92019 (tlvee knotuncwies raneins fromE.with imud.IJinnv Blythe's Washboard Wizards Mv ' Bdby/Orientnl Mar*Vocalion II80 (three knoutn c_opie^s. E uith lnir crackjSuperior 28!7 (no knatn-copies)BiXEz His l0tytftm Jugglers Todd.'tuto krnrn cinies oTfirst rnster 6f Messin' Around)Blythe's Wabh- bmrd Raeilruffits Ape Man/Your F'olks (tlvee krqun copies only) Pdramount 12428 Jitnmit Blythe's olvls wehry way Elu. SaI[y/Mv CaI Sal-Vocalion 1574O (tlwee ki6un cb. Clnwion'15477 (mknowt): Clnnpinn 16422(.Tii\rook Bluc s.-Champion (6nZ knoun tbw./Berlyn Baylor Orchesha Clnrinct Marmalad e/ RiuerboaiShuffl e-Gemett 6^4f7(one krwwn copy).) Hi Henry Brown' Hospital Blues/Broum Skin Aneel (rn knann copies)Vocalion 1715Hi Heirv Brovm Tiniic Blues/ PreacherBlues-Vocalilon 1728Lottie Brown &A ce Jmes (Kinbrousfi & Holrnes) Losr Louer B I ues/ W dvunrd Giil B I ues-S unertonz 9286(one knowi cow. one lotoun copy inE condition: Alonzo Boone-Supertoni 9428.es/powin'Paoa-loc-alioi iljs (mn lnoun'copies onlv)Jirtw Blvthe's Orvls Hot Stuff/Haub Mercy!-Vocalion 1136(tlwee knoun copies. esha Camp Nelion Blues/Salty Doe4ennett 6375 (no krmtn'copiesl Fert_.nn ett 5654 ( fi ue knoun copi es )J itlff.to G)Blackbirds of Parafise B uiaho"nk B lues/ Ti s'hornineo Blues -Cenrwtt 6210 (four knoun cooies)Blaclbirds of Paradlse Mu&dv W'ater/ Suiar-Cennett 621I (tun knoutncopieslBlackbirds of Paradise Razor Edee/Siorniin' Fool-Black Patti 8053(rc knou'r coiie s ) Jirirny Blvthe's Washboard Band Bohunku i B lues/ ButrdyB u.tfv Bertrand's Washboiid Wizards I /.// Nabania Fuzzv Wuzzies 'Conso StomD--El. (John D. Fox) Tlr WoniedManBluesClumoion 15416(no known cooies on Champion) Bis BiU Broonblev How l'6u WantIt Doie/ Snlion Blues-Paraitount I30BzI(no knou. Iair crk. C and cracked) Richard'Babbit' Bmwn of The llly'stery of the Dmbar's ChiLd/Sinkins (tun knotm copies'.antD'ion 15415(no kn6un cooies on ClwwioilNaMma HaflIuiy Boys (Thianele Hampni Bpvs) ChickenSipper-Strut/Sueet Panotie--Si[uertone5]39 (one kitirun copy.oiis)l-avie Austin & Her Blues (tluee knoun copies ) Lavie Austin &Her 'Don't Blues Serenarl0fs Sluke It No More/ Ratnprt Street Blues-P aramountI 2300 ( es tinatid at moretlun fiue copies)l-ovie Austin & Her Blues Serefaders' To6 &aeet For WordsParantount 12313(threeknoun conies)LWtie Afsdin & Her Blues Serenaden{ Calion Stom/ ChicaeoMess Around-Parantaunt12380(four' krutum-copies) Lovie Austin & Her Bldds Serenadirs Merrylvlakers' Tutine/ln The Allev Blues (fiue knain copies)Parannunt 12391 Barrellbuse Five 1l's flobody's Business/ Scu{flin' BIues4RS 7057(tu'o knoun copies): Paiannunt 129212'(no knoumcopies) Slini Bartlett & His Orchestra (Sid Valentine) Asplnlt WaIk.yBradford's Jazz Fhools Lucj.) THE RAREST INSTRT]IIENTAL JAZTZA TO B: Alabara fiizzry Wrlg. V lb lzll Flossie and lXrke Brorvn (Bvtd & Glover) Pis lrleat Mann/Gas Man Bluei-Clnmpion 15858"(one lmown copy. ranglngJromA-@ mlzf Bobby's Revelers ( otrc krnun Too SuteetFo/Words-Siluertoie 3537copy.Paramount(noknown copies)hmble Bee Slim 130y'9 RueeedRoadBluesHonevBee Blues/Roueh Paraito unt I 3I 32 (no Enoun"iicpi es ) Clrfi.rton' s I azz-P aramn unt 12368(nnre than fiue'copiesestimated)Jinmv Blythe and His Raeamfuffins Messin' Arouidi AdamsApple-Paraniunt 12396 (fiue lnann copies of 2nd mbiter of Messin' Around.ay Blues--Stloertone 9367(threeknann c1pies.rse and Slnde Fishina In The Dark-Chan(no knann copiesl Buse and pion 16599 16654 S0enhen Tappin' That Thins. all 6r bette:r)Willie Brbwn Kickins I n' Mv SI eeo B I ues/WindcntB lues. C.both Titani6-Victor 35BzlO E or better)Willie hown lrland O'BIuesi (one knoun Future Blues-Paramount.rlie hnse 1 Got Good Tatersi Littte Gieen SIipoers-Clnrwion 16481ftn knowncopies)' Br.13090 cooy. Pirales (Tlianele Hanfonv Bovsl Carned Heat Blues-Bell []82 (no hrnun coiie's on Bell-)Dannv Altier & llls Orchesha I'k Sorw.zies (Frank Brnch ) Fuzzy Wuzzy-Chimoion 15366 lrc knoun copies'on Chimoion) ]{Iabann Fuzv Wuzzies' Fowt h A uenirc Siomo-C lnnoi on 1-5398 (one knoun copy. E-?)Hl Henry [hovm Nut Factory Blues/56in (one Man-Vocalion 1692 known c6pv.Paramount(three krwwn copies in the Vtto E range). Loiry/l Ain't Gonrn PIay No Second .t Lottie ttown (Kimbroupfi) Rolliii Loe Blues/Coins Au.

I picked tlu comoaties I uns to record utitE uery carefilly. Houeue.ht. Decca failed to deliuer the g.. the Cenn-en funi fu labe Is (G ewrctt.CONSPICUOUS OMIS$Oi\S: Such borderline nzz rgritiep a.u. and an early season esttr@te ha"s thein lwsitantly boutine otu f6r the renahder of tlrc contest.6rarities30 for couttry blues and.L ata t hc lf ennett-Dre s s ed..0N's.." vicniilains iTni-iiu-iiiii i ii{iii"..i also tlp copies iloun. Viitoi-zA. 2 in sales bw lou.ictions lmve Colunbia. Thb bigeestbompany of the'era (Victor) ur.Maynard Baird on Vocalion.-i"" (tlvee latoun cooies'): Hetiuin Eza Rrzzingtin's RlStic Broun lug Bhtcs--Gennett65 o o.' " It's rw dccident 6[ course.it proinised by rot q@Iifylng Ln lle open ng rowd.before bui ns ow their renainirq recoid stobhs'ard. {iperior. ujlen releases on its-dewessioi4rooow 23250 tlvu 234O0 seies cotne to lis.ins'tonl of zl.anist linvnv Blythe.iarnpolis blues'singer Scrapper Blnchpell.BLllES WIIIINER: Too nnn in the blues -section-u.p lack r a. He is"reo6rted n lnue said. uhd fronted uarious sroiroi wder his rtme. His only iomrrcrx ums a ierse " It's too early for predictions.. C lnmpion. the hishbst tallv. failed to impre'ss in thb ooenir\e round. Chicaso-pi.qg Ind. un Bariellnuse Fiue QRS's aitd Parannwts. the Phil'Baxt". -ts e o 3 45 .' "6ii. uith Victor.randsand slwing. and the Bucktoum'Fiue on Gennett. iazz sectiotu are tfu Vocalion 1000 series and Brunsutick 7000 series. OEeh. fieht-' ins it out in tle cellar uith Okeh for last plaiel. bw for some obscure reason.l shauld aTso p6iu ow that at leost tlvee 6f rfu piarn solos4uets'unuld lnue nnde the iazz'seitton. 2 o6sition is Paranount uith its door-to4oor cantnisbd. THE SCORE: In thc initial A to B listine. Pred. M."JAZ TUNNER: Ouer in the iaLi sebtion. 'rare in oty condition' 12900 thru 131A0's seri6s and the icy rEception orisitnlly siuen its ltot iazz from ' 12300 s' up. u)ere relegated to a t'wuie piarn listing. inrelpGini " my recotds in their orieh@l sleeues as part of a 40near inuestment proVram.r.. Expected to' remain a consistent. Firinine the" middle in bcith blitcs and.' in the uahrc diuision. 5 i lo ertone s and Bells) led uith a iesourzd.5 uDertone s.'also-ran' a No. In addition. . No. 16 for instrwaital iazz. rywst s-pbctaculai loier'uithno "-' ' fwwe listings.

d-timey milsic" qffebionadaswlw. a rallying poini.isn't it? o." But fuyh! Mississifipi for Comrnny'scotaiop. one of the ueryltest. high-unler morh and -meaningful euentunl terminationof achieuement in the blues field.emic one (whateuerthat may bd and whnteuer you and I mighl consiikr it to fu.. Hillbilly ond the uqious Cormtry andWestemstvles. Bip Biil Brunzy--except for his Fcnamoint r\cordinp " of "House Rent Stomp." euohingpsiudrt-romnnticuisiois of old brounshins with euitdrs"brohe and hunery ond oin't gol a dime. wlnse occeplarrce is terunrs at fust. probablyconsistinp of yowger listerrcrs. Ftrthermore. Puentheticallv. ln reCent smal/. Of cotrse. (Btind LemanJefferson! You neon that Clty blue.hp RCAVictor It must also be bowne in mind thnt their "definition" of cotntry blues generolly differs from both the ocad.e in. Sssrbns madewith electric euitors ue just out of it.n unso Eteot btues lharlie patton utist.td'ff fdt'"6f€F-o E:hilff ALLS. in respect to the blues and seuerqldirectly relaled fields. in both record collecling ?tll listening. deuoted lilt le' funds oi u. he is cerlainly one of my fauorites. But it has become distressingly apryent that things haue gorn disttnQiytgly wtry.!#r.in rutst instaices.'") crtd mostany Bluebird utist rnt sowdinggs roughas Toinmy\4cClenrm. Unfortunately.. prtmtttuenessond alrutst total archaicnesswith qualitv. Clui lie Patton. perhaps euen an icon.ose-feruent "ol. elbctric euitqs. i3 solelv lhnt uea which they designnte t'country' bhtes." ("if it's Parumowtt it's got to fu gd. truth and beoaty.) They apry6 to eqtkte cnntty. qe utificial. dismiss Nashuille. aid collectors.ssinger!. DistressinB " in relation to the desired imnlge. but appcrently V00tS ganiied. winse reiord"iies thdV futieue herald the initiation.respect to tle use of amplified instrunents mtglil one sqgest lle electric guitu rendering of srch "cowttry " or-" dDun-hane" ." haue euolued in seueral sections of the cowtry.". As a rehttal to the inane rational. so thnl it runt be tnderstod at the outset that I beu rn rnrsonal mnlice or {gdnin insofg as thi'legendrny' Mississippi Delta blues qrtist ii concemed.ell-cx "affecionndos. Lonnie-Johison /is Mississiopi John Hurt ftdllY anv less of a ballsd si'n*er than Jolunon?I.l miiht odd lhat this position also applies to'th.'"rff dn*inl. iurch as their Chmlie Patton cousins..has becone a symbol. rzften he posed t:. the'dm l inp' of those to whom this utritinB is pointedli direcled. Thpir priimv bent cmildeuotion. (it is rct ained atlisteners. who harc folloued S0ll]0sort of coherentmusical deuelopmenil.

etc. consult J olm Cohen's excellent. directly prtinent. etc.. No sqlient reason is apwent for the obuiously stringent dichiionty ircisted uwn as.uctianto music. wouldbe iiiliu[ contactwith iazz of " troditional. IJnlilb mow otherlistenersandcollectorsthey.rtrsls as Big Je Williams md Lightnin' Hopkins. other directly related rutsical truditions." (lile Homer and Jethro?) @1d that most heirnus of all t' With Jimmie transgressions. "No fdeling.N4akes A completely logicalmd practicalapprmrh! slmrld go so fu as to rentionHmhwillims. nurchthe sane os tiei luiue different umts.lnue rlrttwriuedat thecotmtrv blues throwh. creating a suprficial awa of almost complete ad lnr i ty and hrnntledgeability abut themselues md a nrythical'tn" kingdorn as an adjwtct.tionship ond intercho4e of white otd Negromusical traditians in the South.(TInWh this is ceftainlyiot'*e gle aueruE of mtry! ) A fairlv nunal route. TOa degree they." WeIlrww." ioints. in toto. lvluk Spelstra. The Beatles ond nnw others. is the fact that tluse indiuidwls lwue ochieuedan illusuy. to the nurow musicaldeueloinizntof this "Pattonites") Wticulo scltml (The wwus to be tleir inilial intrd.result in the errusculation of creatiue effuts.whyftust onZda so? is this really a necessry requirerrcnt fu occeptorce? Of c6wseit isn'i! If is raher ridiculoilsto euen expectoneto singotd play eXaCtlV lihe arntter. at tlrc sane tine. utell. ryith tlery euen if srch be o{the'rnost fleetine sort. qticle " The Folk Nhtsic: Negro Interchnnge atdwhite." Iw the Theresulthis tteen a short<utto a mrcical "straight-jochet. rl lor rn otlrcr reason. (Fu a fwtlei discussionof this point.wderstod tlwt the tostes und desires of people ue seueral. Ddds. Tle linits.io at a uns Bix Beiderbecke puticulu tirc mddidheieallvtahe aturybu qn tnfnttolate ltiCIw-w to fu swe. despise utd ablw uuious rutsical slyles. seeminqly contributory. LitWaters. Bwh Jolnsm.n. A ntntherof yeos qoWillians stated(to the uriter): "&se I mplifv tw suitu sonetines: espcially'whbn f u.eDaue lvlaconis relegated to tle stq. One can rnt help but wonder in respect to such intricate lilarledge achieued wilhout ony attempt to sauu or wderstqnd in ony slnp u form. (which certainly can stand upn its aun neritd. B-ut. tle uqious white traditbns includine "old-tiney" mountain." Ttw stmdudreacionis "He's white andhe iust can't sinp or olav lile e'sDode' cat." mochery and scrcasmcotre ecsy.gerrcrally or "classic.ousis W-passed: the link.Btrh Otttens. One'wouldthink that exbloration of the seuerql related traditions twuld euolue gln"eost natwally qs a re_sult of runical ctriousity. As for the likis J-oanBaez. hilIbilly. These se tmiuersal truths.it apwcrs. Wlwt lsratlar fuffling." remind oneof the hsd-cue traditionbl-iazz "mouldy-figs" whowould.ssing.to excoriate the sqre thing witlntn eventhe most cttrsw attewts at fatnilimization reehs of the lack of sensibility and direction.'rnis ier it possible to be ]teud. SLbh concentrqtedly slduishimitationunuld.. of certainty. the New Lost City Ramblersotd someof tie i'NewWeue." Daue Rw." orps." SinEOut.""dixielant' sotnesort. Joruoy 196il An indiuidwl such as Urrcl."tN commercinl! {Singing Rdgers. while.qlie Pattonites.vlon. All of this apreus to haui:ben difectlv bv-oassed "Pattonites._etd but fo1np means etduding " mdem.ntions'ofsone pess agent's abrtiue attempts to Wrrytrate a hmx upn an rnsuspcting public. gison ondunr6 songs. iazz interests.and needs.uk tlte snwller. The obui. std as a logical outgratnhof. the Brahena.md still dd.betuteen tle " Cllulie Paitonites' . Emest Tubb wtd. (these ue innliennbb-perogatiue s ). breah?Rather White countrv music is castnllydismissed . vou had iust btter fuset abod it: And Bob D.ns. afte( hnvtng qafluaintonce ctchrcuecl sone sort ol D(." (lililes DauisandThelonious lvlonkalso nlay bhrcs)to bogie-woogie utd uuious relitteil piarc blues stylesandtlence to guitu blues.tle "Ch. inter-relq. felalvely nsrou) wea wtd all other masical troditio. lt is one thine to dislihe. the Greenbiw Bays.Ttrh Jolamy lthnplry.gticululy the white oiuidewsts. self4esignated status of inflwrrce in the prrcess of extolling tle uirtues of the cotmtry blues. thotgh. to nane buta few. It is more than." (Jelly Roll lilorton. Tlen fromguitu blues Wh lo thb slaOine sotrces: religiottsrrunic. they reallv ilan'i exist md ue only the mirchil. otd subsequent we self-imposed." "t@ cornj. cmfinine qtd connletblv senseless. Kin* Oliuer.(in most instorces).tusof s bdfoon utd "ui7o" ue fun md Kirk ltlcGlee? Hequen help the one wlw Oneof the reasons. goblemsof suchrnagnitude as: defuteendlessly reully in the stud.

This much improvedrevision should be available before very long. mostobscrre blrrcssingeron Slim's "Therb's A tite ore h. which uere recorded in Chicaeo and New Orleqns dwingtheyeqs 192*30 0nlyl Soud ludicrow? Perhaps.and negotiationsare in progress for its publication. lntn you leqd the one about the collector wln unulil listen to and. And.B. lo tle foct thnt HanhSnrru is capble of neaningful prformotces os is B. and a numberof extra features ) is practically complete.uq sorneof it. nnterial not in the first edition.e ue in need of xrch a deuoted. Listenins. A reuised edition (including coun0less additions.c-ollect recqds of @tds wtder seuen pieces. For irrctarrce: there qre few better contemnoruv exawles of .M.td lvlontana Bluebird OnYotr Windautsill" and Johnny Cash on the other. Dixon and John God. the GrandOle.1 o a s € Weare sorry that Bhtes & Gospel Records.Uqs.A. Yes. fu. Persannl prefererrceinay run to wnmplified instrunents but such a rcsition dres rot require a sumnwy distriissql of all recudings utilizing anplified instnnnents.W. Hofut Smith and tlte Staple Sinpers would b one ury to gain tlp tools needed to 6riue at ualid md hn. coupled with alatwdly dogmatic appraisals. But the entire masical nwtwation wacess need rnt fu so completely. giue rise to incredibly nurow and s tiff I ine mn ical attitudes. ls one ll?llY the completeantithesis of tte other? .nd a.-R.19021942'is 0emporarily out of fint. solid'bdied-irntrunent.rich. b extend this euen fwther. tlwt all subsesuent recordirws od efforts constitute the "DeaASltrimn" fuilh anolo'dies to Rabert Jolarsm) of blue'srecordinls." Srch on attitude bus'Iittte little differerrce from tlwt of total rejection of tle electric guitu md lo<thingupn the same as a completenmifestation of the Devil. bul a wallel exisls directly with the "Pattbnites.wledseablerutsbal eualwtians md opiniors.. You migltt euen get to enjoy it! ! q qo qo -ts € -c a I ts . Des Little Wqlterand his electric mouth-hup wle when listened to alongside Nmh Lbwis? Hudly! Suchcompleteand categoric dismissals.-alnuist fotwtical eleneit. _ f n manyW?!Sa. King.llississippi blues guits ttm ttnt of-Fathei RoebtrchStwleb--euen if he dres play an arinlif ied. Wlw harc? "ttrned-on" nw eiei gei Yoi"r W the lihes of . 4l*@ Rid4l". Chulie Pattonites: There's a big nwsical world out tlere. fiiE There isn't anything degqdine u subrnissiue in one statillg that he (q she) is ennmowed of the rotqlvst.4rethey tfuly of diubrsepluities? There ue wovs to f ind out. to srrch wtists asWiif Cqier.Opry OndtheBtue (heater hagedies dOexist than odmiUing $t. wd resolUely bypssed in tle opration.

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Furry' s Blu. Dyjng Bed. Sug.ii".i'v"""" Evi-rATLbit uith Evi-rATLbit /iit uith 't.i"if| tiyli"Tr""dJiiia_ PATTON_ H 'P CHARLEY bnv B lues / B anty Rooster Blu6:s-Para 12792 F/ hmtn cooies) WALLACE-Dead.l39 G (14) MEMPHIS]UG BAND-Stins. Pq -----.re i-sZi-"bl{irtUctnvDriuinsMecrazv4K -a..'in"a ii.y Hap I Feet/6 or 7 Tinrcs IACK.iii'ei.. 'Piatn)-44 EBlues(&iss.4:uio1iu""" BAND-.L"c.M.ii:tri*i7dlfrb v Fox c-hqsq-!-ic-2p87Q..w...C. O:BRY-AN!|IMMY 'Si'ep:pi"g Q2) i Bl*' 6ytC-qs/s (1) REY..ul"-* 'iiiiiZi7Ei.L" 't..Ei"a iT|r1ffi/r.twtptil.{i..'i6l^-Fii"p. txrsses:rlm t@$e) My Heart_para --(&) lDtr^Qox_Lady In liid6-c*-" Latty..74i."."""t 5257 G(Atabartbanel..El""-e.:i.-M. W[ifi'E": ?:!* B_AND_tu Ef"'.'.'"' riiit HqdDriltins PaflMoney 1i796'V'ft.A.l^F"*y. 39301 qION_F"i.A"Ci:i: 8658 G him flake) iti-*"J-i-i-6-&. ?97.t.. (.ooft At lty-Bab1/Sltting Oi-f.w1rltn ..E._v.lpo.q_gHEEIn B:Ilyol Qnle I. 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On SCREAM]N. my rnrna sLaid. r ttczr ones. Patton mentinvs so nutny towns tlnt Son House doubts tle ai. DIRTY DOG (credited 'Williq tp Wilson of Greeranod'). ultose bottleneck brauunz.ONIDIFFERENT RECORDS. Jacksorf s syntax (" 1'm'crazy abotn mv Janc. . Patton Fattot besides t using tle wused or " brokbn" uocal pfuasiw plvaiing.od. Wardlow lnd knoun all alonsilnt LuIa.iohich ihich is twial typial of oJ tle tle.d!an.atn to ELDER GREEN. Orui obuioiusly arclnic uocal technique of lackson's is. (!n HIGI!vATER EVERWHERE.at u.WiIIiam Harris. as is often the case within'the DeIn tlrcatrd of operationsWardlou.kt.und. . Thoueh lackson's SOME SCREAM HICH yELLOW bears a certain ltarmonic and rhytlvnic resemblnnce to Son Hotne's DRY SPELL. thc pie'ce he rmt calls 'LEVEE CAMP'MOAN and first recorded as LOW DOV/N. has femind. oy n's record. were fak1d. of all other ineffabli dots on the Delta mao.. duplicated by Patton: tlnt of delibeiatbly distortins. his suitar dieresses ina tnanner not senerally assodiated uith the ' p4!sa1!ng. Apwrently for other D ela' re sidentl' of P aticin' s era.oseqtEru ubsequ ones..CA L[y-IaCft-turnnterLng Ue Ltl Sutar pickir. Accordine to the uaryins lerpth of a giuen lind. ln {act. Soon this Blues all Thinhin' Words tlnt momin' nama arowtd mr bed about the' kind.nllout certaii twrds artblw otlbrs bv bwc lirg tren uw.h.crur:E themLogetner t ogether. Iwueuer.' plpitating't epLlepu.ed. are are still still iecalled reca by his lornrcr aspociates ).n .'hicfr uords are finhily ' apocopated by tle wo. . AND HOLLENN. it tlould Patton's itinerary uould ttrn any blues researcher'uho tried to foltou it into a motorize d cocltroachl) House euen s&specrs tlnt theirooer 4qmes uthich abbwtd in Pattoi's' blues.ats to co-ntemplate Lne lyrrcs and musrcal style of lus missing quarry. Moreouer.e s-sihsins wife.tlenticity ' of Patton's self-styled trauels. and Garfield Akers. and.a When more direct methods proue fruitLess. it may be infened tFnt Bo Weauil. DS \ Y H ENT|TY is Bo Weauil lachson.. lnue tnercy On my uicked iLoul. lwpeter. SON IIOUSE states tlwt 4yo ofhis uersei.hi .f. Son House included. the prouttciition o{ a utbd. of House's unrlc: in particuLar. GuIfpor t qith Son Hotbe. Patton bauls: Lord. Conuersely. WiIIig Brati. i ural ofblue s s irwifs. according ttt .:P*ry an accurote occurat'dtfanscf trans. Klatzko's report.i.es s. if hat actlnlltr iuhurally depriued.. uith s utrn su.\. Thc lwic s Jackson efipLoys aie nearly il. .ullating' .cripiion of a Pation sons ore seneric. tle more nobile'bliles practition6rs of thc 1930's nay Tnue found.'singgrsi A"n etxpL. ttczrWto6 nakes a trauesty trauesty Wto6 nakes of plwnetic iranscription: one could only gu. Patton ftton spoke spoke cleafl1 cleaily bw bw s-ang sa in a strcinsely safifed fasfuon (nnkiryg ii (nakiryg il no rui s"urprise sltrpriseilnt ilnt only only Klatzko-'s report. leirned or deuiloped a p/e' tiig beat' nusical style. it dxpedieru b enddicate any lQcal or " hick" stamp from thbir lvrics. Some melodic strair* Jackson 6es on that record also seem loosely related to Patton's WHEN YOURWAy GETS DARK. rislt d.i .. Mer i. distinguished the Patt6n uerse: KEEPNOBRWN r'sszo!.ed somc. yOU CAN'T KEEP NO BROWN. I uns lioin' at ease Lord tlrc drauslx conrc and caught us-and it. ltal f-su. Kid Baihy. THE BLUES..a as Jackson.ness far ereate| tlnn that of a Clnrley Pationiand is ratlwr sieeestiue'of Henry Thonas or Eli Fr-alner.tdiscards his usuhl blitzkrei6 tactics and.r'' . The mort: obs'cure the singgf 1ly m6re important the rutances proulaed. The first uirse of YOU CAN'T ONE SUCHPERSONALNOI{- on DRYWELLBLUES. such relerences imoliizd a cosnwpolitan asiect tlat Pa:tton. tdll the utorld. ua{tlte most losical olace to76ok for P atton's bl. who trauelled as far from Lul. liked to play upon. Both BoWeauiFand Bo WeauiFand. porched up alt the trees. . _t/agno'li a. I ackson's' pick-uo' touards the latter part of YOU'CAN'T KEEP NO BROWN recalls Patton's mamentun-Eathcri ns attack.ouer-stwtll Led ut eu ol a JACttSOnUne trugn.entital with thase bf Delta artists'like Patton. ". or its sy[Labic brEak-' down. red: T hinkin' BO U T tlek i-l nd : WORDSTHATny nnma hfu slaid. I ac ks on erwhisi z es different uords by a suddei change in'6uer+Il tetwenng a. I do") indicatds a boclatnrd. Heicb. Fenia Wlen l-uns -liuin' at Lula. Actwlly.s. rctre..most nost -i..'l ' .

"ii{iitnr""boas [i.". .In his.as abnotlv...""il .asselnbted. secord uerse Hitich CHIJPMYPOI!(.ClurleYPatton' . .-d" tle satne 'tii{""!"#."b.lirt:'t*T"7."rn't in Glerdoru' a been himself as a peasant1artbsPltuwr utlas e' lived. tecLmiquc to extran' causes' socioasyclp ZLi "ra iu"tioe Heu thc rollin' mill 5i" iia bwnt doun last nigfu I can't.J "#ri. neither rwme raised any -locaL eyeo-rous- 'ii j"k. ."E.::#'li-iTJ:w:.:ini.{"n.i..'V!..i'i'fuv"#. anny line ls sung q.:. frail nnn' THUS." stut t.. ". Yw#i'ffiffi'f:.sgnss. ffi r!f. iiii..'bxtstenlialt sm lor ce s '. lbue ineuocably.siittr|.hsrv.the..::fy.'.oohnte or Pi-tclu PY dtaniw ottt ard luttittg o"thers ot'l Lihtin-"d.{.tr U i. blachmatr"' SADDLEUP nvYeYe kpw slrc had-a nqu qn-lafiIer' 'i.o.f"fii. uelt -tt tntv oe nau) S..::tr Oh well trhere were You nan babY.i::"f i". .:ftffi?his"o '{ifri"itt7-i"t iurrentlv in coin orwng.l#.rtw 5 ) would seem to retnou.5 ttlDugh Lt u?re run uord. tochson also imPrts a t" adiry ei.0.. f. is.t.9\rH. s Ia ck' I ate d.. '.*o^" existcintbFoian9itir.se.ayYixtbAt\!.iH.*. .narc * " .fr:6f CfoseuP of Bo{Veavil Jachson shorvs an older."t:ff. I on tte (Sw ) Flouter"' Both wint out th-c ittpoftance of tleir mill iobs to local women' OVERCO{\lCERlfuPirhI ackson' s congeak a mis' .o'*.. A h h4ugh Kid.it"orrle. ^ on the sleeue rcles ol a fotton re'sste .1"fi bnizlt'ltff"f iiu"nrcn fr :tfiuit'ltlfl "#ffi "iifti zl:.#. n) o c k s Ia [1]e. or iPos he an *!*f.ob s c ured a lnmetoun reference' The'first ln-lJ of."s been (i il On HAMMER(sic ) B-LUES. i6n).'6#o'o' Clarksd'ale mill bulnt dotun( "' '/. p tudi o P tn t osmPh iTiil ZflJiiy-ib"fiig with a.hii. li-nx.cqPtured the fixed gaze ol ottt reuered. 6!t..the giue'.."". get tlut Brown iln this tann ndaYuith a uerse useil bY Pouon in IIOON CAINC WN: Jn'2fr+!"".mDe'.2\i. this tmin llos lgft. his oral histotY 9J the uettz to oe rhl! as ttnt of tle Dela 'so'cial circifixiin lorces him to tear jf".i.H^f.iA.ailev unsdeod.rd rlisPrmiryg De his'unrk tlat niElrt 6dlnutt! .f Aif*:tw. poeuc irc-.:[.notic-eably ' snnoth uocatrdelrDery t 9[' Qrigin !D' nlm Jr9n:.'lin'fi'i':A&Y.:i i ffi ..i..//ffir:ni[.. henc e th'e-oll'imgortan4 p-tyase is 6lurred''My oun It'olEi .. hithert6denied hint' i:ii':.!nl.'#!#:wf#."-"nv doutn Sw{lower with nry.' !f*t iFotrFl1f' fll'* all fulla frouns.r!g.r) approxinxttion oJ hts uerse r's: Wav doutn in MississiPPi WLtcreI uns bred' attd' born Reared at Swflaner Be mv rntiue tnme..onc e Pwoeyea. Tle.^ 'tii.A' fu..oiley'. .At. x :Eii:"*-. q"uhf.'tiquto"P.E.J Got up this momin' Bluei all arotud' ttry bed .s.sii'l"rA"#"#i1{:#'!i:"0.nore blues o6rderers. ::#sT :eB[ * wtz X: '.E ln the i..:'].noYt."[::\tfo' YELLOW: s e hc'nui ot ght mi it* i) i" i""kii Deln ".. TIIE NIAGE{ Patnn GirI I'm going..-tP tlv co'ntrY' Won't be uerY long '":!i'"t'q:k*. B oth . .:r )'.' Face the tle egSs: droP to innigrr:.li.. uns nistt. described by bhps qrit'ers (uerc uwy the as able to wdPlvase toYce ) consider Patton o dAJI gool or else.racialoieut'.t. :#..".. tlf*.i ..".crltlcs.' .s . incomprelens ible....{!"**f{.i:{}y..in:}Aei#"'i.uteux o Dsc w e Pafioh's nethd b1 att-rt'bu'tn9a svstetrututic oocaf. Pattoh. . .: #i' oiv iL""ntwles"o uoicetlwt is iht'l"pl:'ii{".:".'. tLgtu' scrotwred Dela obyss tlnt has .t!g3 ttw w..":!"t"il6"rii::"8*?"'. all arottt-d i"i 7.wuv-r"" 'iLi" '#wi..t.e c lenc lvt lvoated. aslde lr.h.nt:.B.'"7'?ia.

'B ary [oot B ill. Tlle sntd of residency proclained by an AVALAIU BLUES' constituzs tfr..t record... singers conform to Hatpkins' adiectioal boo-sterism..."nr . Prouided tlnt he does not use a contractiue form of anatler tou.. r t o r r h .. hc s&ggests a rnrthern Loiisl..o Chicago by uny o! Olilalnma. When I get up ('ateen) Monroe Lord I'-oe got to go..P... At Doyline lyin' doun Mv head to the unll.erson utEs as le sense enough to keep unrm. sucn t en. Thomas. uocal qtyle typical of Bill and Bell.. Sam ploys a mran ruitlr in his orn wry thrt crn't be b€st. if tnt obscure rnture of marry placi-references i-ndicatci tlc fait tlut tiey can often be of absoluiely rn lelpin locaiing it singer.n 15 ll. W. Alabama on SOUABBLIN' BLUES..." In the c6u.mon .n. &d Hr Conar.session.akins prefaced his firs t P aranwunt re cbrds " first Paramount record with: Lisfen -people. A s the'reportbd obi ect of an ituensive but luckless Te*an tiuest.r. uos a Berlincr.kr ud Hs Cona!.e ol ila. Bo Weauil tackson ('Tlrc red-lnt timnns. 1926: Wasthls the first recading by a Mississippi Delta blues singer? 53 .F.std. S. . Texas: Goin' throwh Dallos. southem Arkansas. Oni TIIE WIOLE. WHEN THE TMIN COMES ALONC ('I'Il ncet vou inWilnnt'). As tle only sineer who nuy actwlly conlorm io tle legeidary '.e iame. I Ca J X.(I*) Since B'ooker ins oigirn-l-ly a r es id ent o f nort heastdrn Mlbs rss rppr." Clnnee ca$: On tfu T.'. Arcther hint is prooided.' . on my uny baik to dbar old Marked Tree').. Sinte Raktime Texai' onlv'mentiorrc tlot state in the most edneral and Erandiose contexts ('I kot the Texa\ blues').ulsnrd.Lclzesnls resrd. . A Mq announces: " I contc aII thc unys fro. as uell as the fact that he lwd rc't' seen lnmc for 16 years by the timc hc recbrded.n .s IoD os a newer ol cross-ries NOODHOUSE BLUES ).l. SHANTY BLUES. who is said to faue compossl his'Iyrics o!? Wpgn I.e 'nwmlish' fetish of Ed BeIl. *(t) Notil.tion gh Bsd. BeII's FNSCO WHISTLE takes him into rwrthem Alabana. r . "Whap it itll I set thiS Trinily train. doun in deat old Alabom'). IIeer this record todry! q L t) .i Jotn Hwt?'.br I@r. r . t6t he uns a ratibe Texan runs contrary to both his musical style and his'Iyrics. and mdter ptterns.unld G.t llo! Dd You Fil' td'I. t05t . Tyler.( I+ ) Tlnugh the Delta town of Isola uns probably amone. ic tq! . Anyltxry I can set tt I'rh go:nrn ta*E it fuck to deor IsoI' . descrlDes N.kins is a stylisiic friend only'of Memphis or Affiansas Denornefs.aruronStn: I went doun to Haynesuille I did not so to stay Just got iltere in the sood old timc To wEar them ball anl clynru.'suchas Patnn ('I'm sonna moue dear old Alabann')..st been. brt rwt fromuLhence h. Hiu.. exis ttintial' approac h bfigrnr. .\ 0 &v J..rhync. a fraLmented sketch of an implie[ pe"rsonalbrush with the'lan. Buddv Boy Huy kins tells ihe listbrer uthere'he llas iu.Herw (Raetime Texas ) Thomas ii sute(v ihe Teast likely to be traced by toiday's resedrc ltcrs.e hout otl'nr old-foshioned. leauin' FortWorth.kes on MILROADIN' SOME.' IT CAN BE SEEN TTIAT THOI'IAS uns fotniliar uith both z .ER + &dtt viDCAI. . dnd tr4iss6un: I iust unnrn blind..rseof his rdsearch into blues styles.. he uses tne chorus: I'm gonnn srntch i.r o' Prlri 3 q f[l'ocnliun Xccor0s -.st 6s swe as the train leaues outta tlnt Morabay yard'! eoin' ' throueh Terrv Toun').tlE plncbs uthere Haukins played'u. a twtion tlnt is re-en{orced by other ieferences he seems td make on son*s like BOB McKINNEY ('nnkd trouble in Delhi'). he steals th. G." Oi the ott er. Thoueh NWSVEEK magazine could Mmily conclude ' .i( rwrthem Louisiorn and." . grab it. Ow into Marion.r'.whom did thcv find in Aualon Qrd. the trauel's of BiII/BelI nnv Inud' taken them ihn tlnt area.: rng conststeft Ld.ry DURINGTHE COIJRSE of AWFUL FIX BLUES.. I C.Grand.. ' .e most atwical of references. . .. S'aline.r-. tw clothes is"so thin.t. CayleWardknt p er c eptiu e Iy' not ed iltat B(n KE R WHITE. COTTONFIELD BLUES ('Ju. and doublis bdck to Tort Worth. it coul.K. Tlnrnai inieriects a ouirkish elemcnt (euen in his ballads ) tlnt uould not be fourd in the blues of a Clwrley Pattbn..on l\. P g t o r . Texarkana. ended bet'ore those ol today's su:iuing Tercs singers Iiggary. it A's far as Hanilton Wfuin she blouLs ' fore to cross it I'm gonna ease it'dann.^who puDl. and Lonsuieu: Marslv[I.d rpt luue irur. Kansas.q.sh such deductions are INFRA DIC utith blues uriters wha see blues Septer$er. Bis Sdndy. not go to stny.. Such a route uould take Tlnnms directly into tle SlneveDoft arca. . uses tlte peculior warblins. utlw nnde his oun deblt later tlat morxh. ' . " Is this sontc new 'ihichwe're to be grateful?" st do apav with such o[d as the .doubLe..fug cous bui frlississipp.. g'.O.ea. Trouble in Hwtis.. Teruressee.'ith C6arley P aton (ulos e uoice appears on A MG ).en: 'whom did they hear futd hustled in the Arkansas Delta bu Blind.encern arreenr bille. On MEAN CONDUCTOR.n P .... the casual atd euen a. it nny be sdfely said tlnt he uns only a Texan ih the satne sense that J.rt B. before both twned itb in Richrnond.n ryspiig. Ha. u aclpowledged in his spo!6n aside. hane uer. Little Sandy.mtacksor4 Mississippi. On the othcr side "HEAVEN lS M)' \'lEl4"" rnhe plrys tnd sin3r othcr grert 6piriturl. this referenlceplabes BeIl close'to ers at z'. x J.s His 1929 Parairiwt. i by.rtlon loll 7 lol! t5.tbt Co. . .:'l coun t Blu. ip t'act. On RUN MOLLIE RUN. . BUTT. and. bv an aprmrantly oointle s s'detour T fuhas tb. ji' .p"w dann to Boissier City She did.IOlr rr|Aff BUTLERS 6rrt Vmrlion record is ro good l\ rou'lt sonder wherc hc'e bmn all this time He v ireils from down ('rrolinr *r1 rhere they krow lio$ lo sinf sDiriturl muric. and ||illie Neubern ('When I left MempEis.' The as s wnplion.' Mineola.. r rhi B. it uould seem that Thomas' tareer. uLhich pwports only to describe a trip from DaIIas !. $l. i[ rwt lile. bbginsi A-t Delhi and at Eudora (and ) the trouble sot rolLin' dswn. Lennn Jefferson?' tluugh the latter sang: I say a peg-lee u.r. B ell obligingly states : OF ANY HIGIILY-REGARDED BLUESSINGER.t. tlese are rw bltns: I bruns ' em all tle uny frok Birminslnm. on'his NE|| FNSCO TMIN. .t. . recordeil at Howkins' second. . \ ' . Tlnu. A.oman She'cai'tlwilly set our doush I left one in Lakiport lost nipht And I'm sellin' jblly roll In similnr fashion.

iiflucnc6il by pre-blues danci rhvthms.pic king style s and uitca[ bropeiies ( Hill's uoice is thinier ard less tutored tlnn Collins') of the ttuo ttnned speculation [nt6 carnrd by decid- *(1) On tlnt record.e-gonuoluing. the uay in uthich Dickson nses his puit1r-his use of octaue clnrdin{ of .oikind ond. On three of three of his his four blires.i.n rn uay bind. Got up to rny bed he is not'clenchins his tlvoat' ('The art of sins. Most singers are so scrupulguq abow maintdining a temiirnl rlryminp sound. lpmetoun re ferenc es u[ll alunvs eo'undetected bi the listencr. uitlput some A PRION stvlistic htnch. THE'MESSAGE'OFA BLTJES Herry Thonas in 1927. blues sin*er ole ntore importait tlnn are generdlly sultpose-d. uas his hone-ta)ru *(2) Oie can lear ulnt may lnue been uesti*es of tlut trip. a acco accorlordan. plays uith a uigorous backbeat otherbiie found. lnrnnnic ac companimeru. uho sings: l1o^the1' " Said nry'baby doum in Seguin. Rddy Boy Hawkhs was a friend of Patton's.tereoily inclulgd to cleuerly conv plete a rhyme.as. uhimate Iy s EnrZ d with the lacts. stnpers Iike Dickson and Buddv Bov"Haukirrc in these respects. Arhqryios dwing the eayly 1920's. ntoke these Women let their dresses douLn Told tlnt Wilman soul: 'Doggone ulnt you learnin' in touLn!' LUCKA DRYSOUTHERN BLUES.Htll orisiwllv appeared in th. he int:ariably esablishes its firu| sound bg[oie dropping Clryle1 g_ihgs it. Cezanne-influenced representation by unknovmartist is shikingly authentic. Wlrcreas a Chailev Patton seems to draat out a firuil rhymine uord until lw is iniohereni or olu of breath.t leasrlrwticed Texai blue"srnen. who' Iiued in"Weotn.Hewy Perlaps the most subtle chrc tlnt a singei is usine the rnne of a lonc. Reyrwlds. of .e sea. Reed. u. for example..us. I/is sozgs c6inin ffis ci:inin insredients o(the He Herrnndo sihool of bluc\. a Ia little Hat Iones. An antetvta 'as'sinsitioe ai Dean Rr. sings in a ruttuter unlch truf. Tlien it deueloped that a nbre+oos ubtle Britis h'c olle ctor lnd induced this' pogt-hypnptic sugges tion' of honesi toe''s'. on. " Wome"n in Cairo. blu." ThouEh obiiously from nearW San Antonio. droppins tle s' i n ' b l u e s ' t ' o n m t c h ' td o ' o r ' l n o ' .e sowd itf his resoLutng rnyne: I^tlwuglx.re11 'bed' in'HIGH WATER II as though it u. HilI' [or efanele. prouidE ano'tler prop for tleiorbid scribe. It neier seti. Mooch(HELENA Iohn H4rt BLLIES) Riclnrdson. dtng diig to tb Big'toe Wilftams. in LASTKIND WORDS BLUES: Wlwt vou do.er sinper: singers within th.inE lies in the auoidanc-e bf ri{djiy altdthe adop tion of the opei thr6a'-WmSlnkeSpeare).outreporti lni been missitw from his old Loutsiarn Deln lnunts 'for 23 years.' in the uerse: The uater it uas risin'.bw attenpting to apprgximate th. 6r some othEr oart of Te*. n rne babv. sings: Wish Lake Prooidence sheriff'd.. !l. uho." SONG and tlrc context of an ind. uhile certainly no prereouis ite. ilil tr eat.f. remains inaudible unless one also hears lnr Texas-like trenolo g.ne to ' rnake th.soul ot'-Willie Reed. mhinly positioned on'thc falsetto uoices'drd.e\.s.uthile 1nt copyspecific nates.' lni e.(2*) wlto recorded.gtliiar breaks.' uouJd"seem to lnue. as utell as ihe style of a particular performer.ings'intbrestin{.uitar rurls which resemble Sarmrw lfiIl's.iuidtml uerse. lN FACT.ah Nettles.l uould. Napoleon Hairiston adds.1920' s. in a uerse tlnt they iill {o to any lengths of mis-irorwuriciation io do so: ( as.trip lord Out oi the Pea Vine train. TIIE RIIYMING HABITS of o IAST BUT NOT LEITST IS TTIE CASE OF KING SOLG MONHILL. Tun yedTs aeo. Dickson Dickson repeats repet four blires. ann ol fentluely elaDotate Lntroducti6ns ond c6das-resembles Skip lames' conceDtion of euitarplairq.take a . at ihe ihe same sarc sessionn as ns did il. Dickson's cottabile suitar style sueg. ecorded at session AIIOIIIER' FOLYMORPHO{JSLY PERVEBSE'stylist is TomD icks ckson. part of'the part of'the KEEP KEEP IT IT CLEAN CLEAN themb.el[ in the form of a Furtlrcrmore. Thi adoarcru allusion'of Geeshie Wiley's to tTb soaheastem Mississippi totpi of Meadoille. enwlnted. .' hc Ims a Texas tinse' to his'work. townbresenLs it-s." .iye! qt by uMzrtey Clry4py Joraut. (HELENA BLUES Hurt and^Mo-och ard. iulw coul{neuer ideri tfiy his HilI pieces on thc playback. whirl.rs&'s is. Such'' Iinks.ing. OnDEATH BELL BLUES. and uhich influerced south Mississippi euitarists li6e Isai.e Meniphis sphere of influeru influencZ.' T hcir superficial similinritv r. Skip.s often attrbwe secondary ol trunQed-uD mcanirEs to certain bersei uhiih u. a Dickson piece tlnt uses tlre ostinato of Blind Lbnnn's BAD a town not far fromWeorn or Heleia is meaionid:' The unman I'm lwin' Done mistreoted me 'Fore I leaae Ulm I'm sonm Meet your friend again.tere 'brend. such'as the lum withiuhich James bnds his lines on CyPRESS GROVE.e bookCOUNTKY BLUES as A ran DeIn cry' in the suise of Bis loe Williams.are i. lxho. Critic.kesnrm a . the diuorced base and treblc lines of both men. for'example.ests style swsests tlnt tlnt he hc deuelooed deueloped 6r 6r uns unt disrubtion of a sinier's usinl mr In sihgine. outta Medil I'm leakin' out secrets Half-across the deep blu. p_/.as monomorphic in clnracter. mny of Wardlmt' s ileoretical coii ec twes such as the onc uthich held ilmt Skip Janes played in Texas durine t le'.suseet. but his style and lyrics place him nrth of the Delta and within the llrtansas-ll{emptris sphere. Lilee otfrer otfie_rsinet otfr. ca:me t'r6n Helern. lnneuer. poor eirl is oh nv inind. rumows u:hich lrcld'tld Hin md Sam CoLlins uere 'iust lilce each other' uere stafted by a friend of mi.'That siues me ihe blues to so fozck-'tolta B-enar' uthicl4 accordiig to Booker.tlnrn Goyle Wardl. themb..' helofti in determiidrw ihe lobal flciuor 6f Blind loe Reynolds' NEHI BLUES' Iyrics. On tlbt record. pLayea oy as pl. .onliin -thq -bl7es of a Deha perfoimer like Carfield Akers. Those uho ooerlookedilrc urnlterably diJlerent. one of tlv sreat'est bi. full.

in twn. In wrticular.' Shortlv before leauiiu for thri V iennrnes e Ce'ntral H i ehlands. And tle oircsticin is rct 'Who is Kine Solomoi HiIl?. uthile Oliuir's reders lmue been oderins under tle rods for lnbo lore.sang..ine. . and uhcn I olay mi HiIt 4qcords.'gone giined.tns. lus beZn cuishort by an extended tow of [uty and a susoiciou{ ediiorial snf f . Hill. tte. Lord.-to to keep keep lrom going . But in attewting to transcribe Hill's ly1ic.t.distinctiue blues Ithin tlvee months (tine tD zcord as King Solomon) Art rot blv lnue caised to lub hin as " Plastic Thomas-Iike nuzntal If rcthins else. Tlonasrct only t6es somedf tle sorne Dassrtttts'asHiII (both' oattencdafter J effersod. Taken tosether.i singeis u. EE Framcr. os seen Dy hls ptostratton before tlw .yrics.eil.sang sdng.d l'd go down to Fryebwg rout.utln foi-48 intense hortrs to 'u.' got4e Qedd taily'. said n' lnue biei a Shreueport musicianHill. the author can Itard. I only ! lnppily practice tle art 6f tlv possible. uoole"y-leadea tDoole"t-twaded sriw.' H ill' s cai-oloisy rcininds one'of Robert Pete Wtiams': 'thouih he oronbunces ' suitcase' as it uere 'suitkey' '1Dlfs' 'uthy' ds .. I -reJlected.SU-CH TWOWEEI(SIIITER. rn one think-s of me as Solomon. teuatioelv e nt itle d C ourt ry B lu6 s : A Trawu.e\phich is totally d. And tlat And tlat train train is is iust iust tiutt tfuit uny.iLiots. uthile ' Fryebitrg' u. Yet. One loo{ ai t b likes of a bouttder such as your. This c6niecttne uould'neuer Iuue lad any 6asis in fact uere it not for GOM DEAD TRAIN. as I Dtotest nls Dortrc lust as DtOteSt hls Dortrat. but bnulatcstfre bottlbneck'6reakof tlv GONE DEAD TMIN on his' oUnNEWWAY OF LIVIN'. Liltle Hat Joies and !efferson tlnn to Mississipp.. uirtwlly tuioiou.'singsin an intornted. Tlanarc and Hill represdnt an'extrernely wr sophisiicaed school of blues s iizs. adopts tlv enant Tlwrnas' self-st. Ma-ss. The fact tlnt srhh a conception simbly dimifies HilI's peisonal apbdal CI* I to an audience bf rounderS'ind.I witMrau Ed Bell in 1927. !oe Rercolds. Hill is not.aim tlni he"can't be tihen seriotslv: I a fiel. olf-beai clrcrd broeres siofts of Thonus are hikhli eoocuioe'of tlwse of OscalV6ods. Ius been steelthily iaking hLS lDAv tO LOULSL(nU\: Jacques fucbe. and listbn and listbn to Solnmon HiIl to Solnmon HiIl tri tri keeo keeo goins PSYCHO. 'u:n attiatd..lere-s so nnny p69ple. trin to Minden and Fr"yebure" aid. ln fact.sters.l'mfionm. u.o tfrousht:""WlenBanio WlenBanj. uisagei -'"rc"' 'I tfrought:1'WhenBanj._it migfu be said tlnt'a'\isht' bhrcs sms.er unrid.tn w ttrc Mis sis sippigits canvass ed by Cayle Wdidlat.estinsfalietto on the fi/st takes of WIIffiPEE ard BENDED KNEE. King Solorfrn C' est moi. COnrcS. His replv: " Am lrcaded for Mind. Clech. an uncomfortable itereotype.s tereotwe' (uhich passes for a'loue'61 the blues' in Britkn). pEil Lenon lefferson.yled'wstwe as the 'the nan toh6. TlnnltS to his o bses s iob'' uill-to. I ain Kins Solorionlltl[. Tlpwh Hill's rhyilm is. u.ly trglscripe a clallenging couniry bhrcs lyric. oaliiine my ideas aboui Kina" Solornon's rEality. uncoi Billy'. *(1 ) Tlmtqh both Tlnnns ard lefferson-are joke..( OI nor6 tankible simificance is tfie fact tlai Hill.ed HiIl' 3 afoie-nrcntioned pe c uliari ti es of proninc iaion: Minden' u4l.hii failwe nolay nclodi lexcbot oh TELL MEBABY )."). HilI. Lord. PAIIL OL ES retrmrhs for tlnt record in MEANING OF IHE BLUES neatly assume tlnt Hill is not an entbrtainer bu. Hatte Aone douti d dav ..!nd thar And tfrat last t\at fast train train N6rth^and Nbrth 4nd and Sowhern. .rite tlw aboue article.. uLoolel-leaded uisaee'. recor{..1 decide.iiat6s a' sone dead' ciitical approach.en is kaleidoscooic.s. A's I elowered bt at Bi Billy' lly' s sriwi[ns. auoid.. properly emplnsized ratler ttait. but 'Who am I?'.d.tuteid Niefurnare.abcowrt of h. Mr. hc.. a nuian old firenun. WhLre did I first get slapped doum? u)ould. an anow ymaus trantp utlose' disablemerX bf nind or body' mieht force him tb chisel traiiri.. (l rechon rechon tlrc tlrc llttrnis lllirnis lliernan firemn ano enqlneer ' !. trte ilwt Cotliru'. lnilt fromMaldei.sqid as -if ii-began utith a'w'. bnd ute'd both be tarred dnd.e lrcre lere today Southem fns. Yet.en.' from golng llLsane. Atut uute rI @sL. tnn Lord I'm soin' to Minden: . ih discardine his'alr." I am'content to igrcri the historical imoort of this-discouery. His sttdv. I A-Ma Sack-biter..6s broken into'an disiointed worils." ). my tlw lamaaca Sauings qccount at thc lannica Sauinss Y account Bbnh |n pro. doffed his Klnhi Creen Nout some of thcse people laue sonc down todn / And this fast train Northem ord Souttem Traoellin' ligl* and clean.l'mppntw ty ty n leai:e legi. tust ai Tlwnws buffoonishlycalls atteruion to his niiuiue s6cial inase in BACK GNAWIN' BLUES f Thcv caII ne '--bg-cl14iter'. Rmch is reported to ltaue said: "Napalm is like Mr. the fact tlnt HiIl is able" to form b[u. ioinecti himuith sineers lihe Ramblin' Tlpnas and. noticeaen eablyMississipoish. lust ttusane..test to their reactiondry portrait bf'Banio Billy'.o Billy Bt Bi sang.es lines uith subordiiate clauses unuld place him c.des"anhthere he could. The .ifferent from Lenon's d. too! ) A TRANSCRIPflON.rit h s uch. Qliueogic-ally s-pea-hig.tla use more sustarned nates and lence laxet words per line. tle reality of 6ttr out tines (" Kins Solonon EST: au fond. Jas^t Trauels in Bernice and Clny." B0II| " JOI(ES"are of the sort one unuld nornnlly eLpect 1*') lpm objectifieQ uiIIasA i.. natwally iatch a'cleanY tminblues sins. Reality in Mind.is clead plgtBat nvna'. soHill flawus dn absud uieut of lnircblf in acceptine a ticket dseft's il.eru)oulil' ittst as a'cle6n' Took for a'liefu' uormn." ron golng from f.'. Louisiaia seemed cold to mc.cth'titay ip one plpge long' ontha. he betmys to sreater'wopirwuity' Tlwiasilan to'atty oiher'si neer.'as shdtn by a'clian' tratscriition'of the some l.. tendemes s.Ioser to singers like'Blind.tould also seem to lnue been fiorn tle Slteueoort area.

The Petlect too Series -PANTONE Listing Numerical Godrich byJohn in ot 101.. Tom Pineuood Be"ssie Jackson-LrcilleBoean. commenced Theseries fntroduction until0335. but this infomwtionis fu fron conplete 'ma I 1aanimal dnta tnuld be utelcorned. thi"pgili.but'Ihere are. I am extremelv eratelul to all the kind people form ol ho have suppfie-d suoofie-dtaker numbersin the fonnof who sdditionsto rcBlues md Gosoel Records1902additions 1942. or lns LorDoratlonr Anvhow..tg15' Therb was a Perfect 100 issue.Whether I54 and possible qn't be lt r but bllt-it but be sure. andeamestly.":tlv. until the last issueat andthiscontinued 0335. uus ilL tt ut lrururt rrs rgW*Pi"'[:.'^YW#r. Tii"i i CrZ"piil.drich.usyr very slloft-rrYe(l was a a very rt it was tr#'ffiffiY".to it was.1"":fS :..avauno trace ca{l be . 159.Inrur'l 1. "*y{ Vq-d*? "*: is4o."ott* the ororro oflabel-s o o become .appearins-$ -il fQ'sqries. informationrewted from Takessnwir ue fr-om octtnl conies.tace we listedin A qtd. They ue tnt shatmin this listine.a lgY $ner 141to. Swansea.146. sure'^ onmrred one one can't is possrue aooeared ls tfr6y did' for lS8tumed uP loJ the hrst trrneto t< 151 51to namelv i..uertiserrcnts plenents in ttDstcases.W NOTE: This is RoboHenderson. Uii'was uii tnls .r-rhlu pil""tbtv frgsumauy urv way w4y to rv $9 yay lll uuillc some wasttue was duein due.fi{!"Y'Yl!'. * l0l. MARY STAFFORD-_AiN'IGOt -Niboav IO2 106749 In Tlrc Moming To Gritd Mv Coffee " (Soen'ler 'td6zfi Willius)' MARYSTAFFORD-Tahe Yow Finger Off lt (AmbroseBrYan) 7fl 1J* lfl.utd also for tle etclost of murycalaloge supplenents. and was a dance record releasedabout three years belore Perfect 101. Perfect 101 to 140 conespondto the Pathe Wen..iilffi cdi'nmnly refened to armng discographers anc collectors.Williams) T E ftatter Nout? rS. Gese6nt. Rec"or& t(ecorcF American the'Arnencan b.Rockland U.*t"*o'"" recororn8s r-lr (rx-u Ds.tif Helene to Ddnlvlalonv's Colwtbia cud file oi a pqt of this series. 1!ip-"^l'1$.#iW#fu' u ':l"lo1H\.. wlwre crditb-T?rzseue shoum Comooser knatin.MIEHARNS-You G:et Md (Mike lackson) (7/26) 106736 MAMIE HARRIS-WhaI's illiams-C.eJoE.ilaGft .Y utr {'iioi{ft ii !Jrii.... -l oshWhite : fuinu futnpson-Bi e Bill.K. A& B sides-ail isstrcs B siile orderas fu as is bnum.' t' a halt for a while' "il...*: I are to policy' lor they decided.ue estirmtedfromcalaloguestry rusnber qd ad.reguestYourcontinued "*oltation in conipletinethis numericallisting you can tocan tothat you ilata that mis'sins ilata bv iendins iendins anv anv mis'sing bv l0l 106735MA. th" .'.mttstalso go to t\ert wtryatt Achtwwledeetents fu tlw lmi of this docwrent. point. whatever the actual reason may have beeri.[tr8{{f. but thts had no connection with the Race series. either fromoctrnl copiesor comgry files. uare sonvtintesenployedsrd PseudonVms will fu illentified in the mainwlteretley occw' bd tlveeoccilrso oftenthnt to sauerepetition tlwv will b identified lere.I: Tq Sf of ihe Pathe g:njing l"l"J *. f. abld record supplernents.rrsot l[L hiinin hr[bruy i" lnclude J"a" t':f.iasiils ol these ever tmy ol.anrs) ryt*d"ag" onlYlast Ybar! i.'P. to tle'Record Reseuch' amindebted of the IN to 140 Pertectissrrcfor mony of the matrix confusercreditsmd seueral runnbers.Waun iirhr C. ud continued i"t" "i 19% is fie last traceablenumberin the senes -and *""'ot SuUivreliased in or around JFly. the'series apparently restarted agarn earlv in 1931as far as one can ludge lmm.appaFngy At Perfect16O -rvl short-lived F.WY EH f. SncahingBlucs (Brow*Franlcie) iTZZER1:E rit'e" e lun Tiae Papa(To 'u"*i Md') (Iach:ion) 'q one TimeMoma be found only on 160 and 164 to l6E' At PertectfrO anOprefix wasintroduced. .i f.h* C-ameo andPlaza Path". Ref easedatesare slnum Eneoth the catalogrc md.t'itrlff |f Willi." pil. Imre was wds rtprrr rmre groupwas grouP the SruuP the as u-Ie as ARCas ARC or AKU ins brDoration.which. Takesto be fowd on issues101 to BI ub false. not any or not Whether nd 159.:"Y!"' .!:.W llEl'Pi. found of issue-sgaDs rn ule rrsullg fi'ti. md slnuld be igwred.\Wdh!'lllW#i' igf.ul'l 'also fromcud file dnta for ukich I un indebted Chnnra's covl.

GATES-Tranping To 107091.Tepson) (JQ/20 PA771 MANDy LEE-Wadering papa Blues (M. l. GATES-|KroutI Got Ul.l.tefferson) (8/ 27) 107546ROSAHENDERSON-F ortute Teller B lues (Grainger ) ln 107543SISQUANDER-Blnck Srake Blues (t. HENDERSoN-Stouup Pap 27 -H oc h-S ) 1.d.courtesyof Berrnrd Klntzko cotutesy ol Berrand Klntzkc.. Make Heaoen My Hone (-) Lt& 107044BWDY CHNSTIAN'S |AZZ -T he Skwk (B udd. Strut (Bernie Moten) ( Kazal-Uermiker) Blues (Sid.:&Et!!ckrrain REV.William. GATES-Baptize Me N.REV. comeOw ( Hendersoo-Easton) Like W LAIJ& SMITH-|| You Can't Get It I. I AC KSON rhins.M.) Uvrc7sn DEACON MOSE-TLe Dowwwcl path Is Crou.Mee2 ryQr 4Na HEAVY-Louisiaru Dreat{. GATES-T\e Dyins Motter Atd Her Child L) 116 '107090REV.t ts IN E E Rs &!'r t?lo^!t!.I |Yn.AHENDERSON-GiI Goin' (Davis4raineer) (4/ 27) 107 -Some Day A HENDE RSON 30{ ROS You'll ComeBack To Me (Westfiel^d) lm nBB LAUM SMITHacc by ThcWildBad. 100ru! TROY HARMONISTS-GreaI Scott \98 (Trov-Valler) 1_0663s-F I VEUUS|CAL BLACKBIRDS_rBth \bee.es (S:. ( r on7 n.Pleruy GreaseIn My Frying Pan (Budiy Clvistiiil (l / 27) 1Q7042 MARGARETC ARTER-Come Get Me Papa Before I Faint (Buddy Clviitian) -S ome ZAI 2E 4.ded(Mike I ackson) (2/. For You (10/27) ROSAHENDERSON--CayCatin' Dddy p0flpy BAKER & HrS GtlrTAR_r'm EL|ND 1 107789ROSAHENDERSON-You Can't l2l UNCLE CHARLEY NCHARDS-Leuee Blues Haue It Unless I Giue It To You (A.Darcll) W 10748 UNCLE CHARLEY NCHARDSSoreBunion Blues (SpencerWilliams) I0vM9 UNCLE CHARLEY RICHARDS-I'm GonrwMoanMy Blues Auny (Riclmnl Yotes) lZE SlS QUANDER-Muna Is Waitin' For You (7/27) SISQUANDER-M|re's Just As Gooil ' As Yours l?g 107545 ROSAHENDERSON-B|ac| Smhe Moan (L.M.s1sg2 TflE OLD TLMEtIJBrLEE S/NGERS .lapt Ip Done (l'll Get Somebody EIs.709LREV.ney Easton) l?_ tolsls RO.Tepson) ROBINSON acc by The An -107311-NETTIE Wildcats-l'ueGot TheRightMan NowlSiiney Easton) 107312 NETTIE ROBINSON acc bv Tle WiIdggts.v (T.axn ( l$z? 1.M.--When The Saints Cone MarchinpIn il Jaolnglt AII for You NOTE: It is nnrouted tlnt this is Bobby Leecan.Razaf ) UNCLE CHARLEY NCHARDS-Vownrd.Snith) KITTY VATERS-RoughHouse Blu. AND HE lom lllsb!) lll_10704! MARGARET CARTER-I Want A.?7 N MOS E -C limbins Up Z i on' s )-! 07581DEACO Hill (Haynod-Dtryree) IB BLIND BOBBY BAKER & HISGUITAR_ MaconGeorsia Cut Out F.YAUD| MI LLS-Somebody' My Babv (M.t t$r"#Ik'. Booker) (6/27) LAUM SMITH-I'mGonru Kill Mysell (M.p? tpp C4/ Arc \Os A HENDE RS0N 109_106220 MANDYLE E-Romd. I.goy) -MenphisRas AVY ttpr..SA.'but I lnue so fu beenwnble to substantiatb this.tackson) s B een Louing W. (4. GATES-You Belong To Tlnt Fweral Train (-) ll7 107092 REV.GATES-I'mGoins To HeaoenAnylwt (-) !.Iqz1|l neuElon (-) 1p7q8-? REI/.M..l Neyer Loved But OneVomin's Son ( Luhte I olurson) ll0 I.!f" l /li t E ll3. I-M. Rcixrer ( t2/ 27) 1077e0ROSAHENDERSON-Dyii' Blues CmyShuter' s Blw s (Grainger) .ers Blues (lvl. ard tlnt composer credits confirm this. Johnson) Ell KITTy WATERS-BacVWater Blu.es B.y N PPERS C lvistist ) 107043BIDDY CHNSTIAN'S IAZZ RIPPERS-Souh Ranwrt Street Blues ( Christian-Fuller) ll9 107303 ROf.Johnsoil 107544SISQAANDER-SouldAnd Bod.l. s Gonrn +l? napDen ro rou lACKSON-I'm Mad Because I ZADEE 'l'urned My Baby Down Man(Hout 14'!0?317(Io $\D!E GREEN-A\Iey My Ashes) Trent) 1073 18SADIE GRE EN-Don't W eor YourW el. cats-l'mGoin' To HaueSeoenYears Luck (Worde-Razaf) 107314LAUM SMITH acc by The WildcatsVhen A'Ganr Holler (Folhs'Say Sign O' Rain (Sidney Eoston) t #.11.lackson) IIAADE U]LLS-I'oe'Got The Ioogie Blues (E.

Tl@t Thins BOYS-Pis FAMOUS HOKUM lfi e587-2 Meat Stw 9588-2 FALOUS HOKUM BOYS-Cuitar Rag Can't Be SAMMYSAL{PSON-I L6I 9599-2 }#f!i"!n**. Yow Tirne NORTH CAROLINA-Fi+hI Ain't Long 159 is rntaced .2 OF NORTH CAROLINA-ILoue Thy Chwch O Lqd CHOIROF PNMITIVEBAPTIST 9498. Dddy's Got A Bmrd NantVay To Loue ' (M.d.2 FAMOUS HOKUMBOYS_ Black Cat Rag L8 9598-2FAMOUS HOKUMBOYS-Tlat's Thc Wav SheLikes It (7/30?l eses-L FAMOUS HOKUMBOYSEogle Riding Papa lQ 9582-2GEORGIATOM-Pis Meat Blues 95Bl-2 GEORGIATOM-Six ShdoterBlues HOKUMBOYS_ Ifl 9585-1. IhoutWlut Yow Risht Hand's Doin' (Delaney) IB9 10?619.v''s Been Usine Tlnt Thine 9s96-2 FAMOUS HOKUIIIBOYS-Pdoa's Getting Hot 151 to 154 arc ulraced HOKUMBOYS_ I55 9597-1.Vood) (U ZB KI T TY VAT ERS-Loud And Wrong ) -107836 (T.2FAMOUS Nancv Janc (7/sl) 9610-2FAI0US HOKUMBOYSt).2DIXIE ]TZZERS WASHBOARD -Blach Cat Boncs (Leecuu-Cooksey) .2DIXIE ] AZZEBS WASHBOARD BAND-Kansos Ciw Shuffle (Moten) BAND 107620.1 FAMOUSHOKUMBOYSSaturdayNieht Rub (7/30?]95{6. DoDo sAnPsoN-skaodte PNMITIVE BAPTISTCHOIR IV8 9495.1 On.Delancy) lS 107791 ROSAHENDEkSON-Police Blues (Del..Iffi.107618 DINE TAZZERS WASHBOARD BAND -My Ol.anev) '107792frOSA Let YourLeft HENDERSON-NeueI Had. lQ 108670 8490d GMNT &WILSON acc WlnopeeMakers-MatraDidn't Do lt And Papa Didntt Do It (Grant-Wilson) 6/29) 10876i (3532-8) OZIE WAREacc Whoopee Makeis-Hit Me In Tle NoseBIrcs (Horold GrAy) 141 to 1{6 arc rntaced I47 9594.Clifford) KITTY WATERS-MeanOldBed Bug Ln rc78-35 Blues (I.'lackson) BAND1076]7 DINE ]AZZERS WASHBOARD Menphis Stnhe (H..2FAMOUS Sornebod.

thev call a IiI' cutoff.'brother. they hafa little trouble obout ilnt Holtt rueh tmuble ? Me and him neuer did haue rnne.l'tr soenil mind. h6"d get.ls tlnt m a nain rmd r. Hws much trouble did they lnve? Thev didn't do rwthin' but ars-ue. lust ars. he don't unnt yoi around too rnuch. and all tlwt kindn stuff.idn't get his noney too mucT He unuldn't euen buy food lnlf the'time'cantse she's the cook..the one he lnd..-wonld he ever lend yan nutey? Yes. sh. bw thing ab6ut i.? Uh huh Ee spen[hii.'. He didn't spend anythins mLch. Wlnt kiril of thinps wonld lrc'eet nrt of otlrer neoole nout Beriln.e had.idn't act like he ui.. see. he treated him iuii'like a brother.'I'd set nid and he'd sei wiid. Son? Yeoci.. He did.. No. ri.ulole lotta euvs inn't-do tlat. Was this town risht m the railrmd line.-Hon' oftef did . you see the lllirnis Centml. Clnrley sure uns clwicy ums nnhing eood.ell MiIIie. A stat€ rmd? Yeoh. I se6. tlwt's the fai.. he did. to be his old ladv's old nan. ris... ali@ys tr"yins to work oi somebody else.!.you k:nou.telnd. vou wantedto borrow sixne money ftorn him.lo'ok four rtIes. It uiSi't on the|naii lllirnis Central..idn't lose lE uns tieht monci too reeuJar.. See.. his brother couldn't set alone so well.'so tfrcviust could.treat him iust as nice... TRANSCRIBEDBY NICK PERIS: anDther u)cty. you knout.lous'.. Clitt Toy? Cliff Toy-rnan. he iust nude bu'Willie didn't set it..kite Tolk' s kitchen and brins him his'food.t wis in Boiles. Wdshe mkins 6lof'.. They didn't do" rn' fiehtin'. but was it a stm at all lor hains? Tlains stop tlrte? Oh leah.. can't call the nante of tlat lil' olil'tfun bilher-'bu it wasn't too far from Bodles.. tohen he'd go to see his dausfuer... thislil' old toun uns on thislil' old cwoff. Chorlev Patton.t. Let's sdy.S REVEALS IT ALL.. Yeah. Oh l*l was? Woo. been doum to lackson.sonethins like a couple of dollars or sonething. done some recordins.er ulo eotit.n't care. u. WHAT DOESSON HOUSESAY ABOT]"7 CHARI-. Miss.. Rtttts tlnrfuAh tlnre? And. see.vou hnout. Willie else kot it... and' he' d uciit on her to corne from the u.'. he d.risht out fromBoiles. HERE IS PART I OF A CONTII\T]INGSERIES IN 78 QUARTERLY.'cause he's so ilose tpith mbney... 1966 INTERVIEWBY STEVE CALT & NICK PERI. drink a lot. Chirn Lou?. Well. Yeah tlnt uras up from ..t and buy ut6at'he unnted-he'd holil tislit to tlnt rnoneyi He unuldn't euen sioe Bert6 rn money much..i like hc'unuld trui or shircbodv else he didn'tknout.uh. He unulfn't so ouer ilnt.'cause'nnni uith'nanev. andtler nan then for"a fukband. see Cliff unsit t iehlous of him. so.rnmed. see.it S(hI HOTJSE: IbcerDer. but vet and still. Cliff. And lE lnoued Clarlev usbd. vEah.-somefudy 'sure he ca'lled us"if Willie eot it. Tlnt's fhe uny he ate out the whitd folk's kitchen. if they knout tlnt she-u. Abut how far? like n me.eoes all the unv tfuoush to Vicksburpand.EYPATTON? PATTON's DAUGHTER? WILLIE BROWN? LOTIISEJOHNSON? PARAIT. you knDw.:C7iff Tov. it's off tle nain road. another lil' old couhtri olnce.t.. He laid it on WiIIie and...l'd sav'bout three. thbtwillie eot it. Me ord-hiru that's uhere ue went to plaliis tosether.' Too mach.. so uthen we'd be'doutri there. I'd sav.. southeast of Boiles.s ied.Son Patton. Clwrley.IOUNT? STELLA GUITARS? THE ALREADY LEGENDARYDEC. Nou.t tlot timc. He hwuid tha and krmred'tlat uns hii dawlxer.remembdr ne tellin' vou abotil Chbrlev Patton' s motlrcr. there's a little cw"off that comesarowtd from Jachsonand. Tlw's thc rcason hiin and.i.'.h he dd of him.ht. No. Did he ever fitd his nurey? No no neocii foutd it. and. Thbt uns'his iamc. atnth.n't set horsei for tlnf accowl.then coiies into the main roaZ.. but he put it onWillie. for dn old lad.' Lou Yealu Clnrlev Pdtton's dawlter.$on llouse One Intotaislnr*lsrt By PERLS NICK Yeah and u.the one in Chicdgo. yeah..nout she'd.Yas it dirt or paved? No.. y6u knou. he unke up and inissed a ten dollnr bill and he said.sE'd feed besideStood? WeIE hirn all the titne. But didn't lnue it. yoi hit it isht on tlc nose.Ttp.uc aii4 tric{ one arwthdr"and.? 'No. Ee's close uithhoncv.. tlnt unsn't too far from their horne. suie uns. dawluer.Chitw and her mnthlr. he d. but Cliff. bw\e inuldn't a'bowttuit.i't tucutt to buy thines he really need.. your i]awliter. LonE to hln^ sDent . all *nt kiidn stuff.s and ue done come back {rom tacksoiand. Bit.''cause they slept in in the Same room tlnt nisht Wherbabuts was ttat? That utas anither lil' old funnv olace uhere he died at Where Willie'dietl rit? No.aiound tlnt-a4&i. 1966. it uiis a state road. iust make himuelcone and eoerythiiu..|ed to be yow unman. Millie. ridtt? Yeah B6iles. veah. He'd.. he'd tiiirt hin iui..Was Charley verv carcful'with hi:s mmev? Did he lme moiey lots of times? No.

.but Clnrlqv. What would you say rms the name of this corpanv that vou recorded Icrjl WelI. yeah.. a little better {nn a week. there.Ctarlev so down tlrcre? WeII. Ba I nnilef.C.as alonz in there. AnA me and.Wtrcr(alnuts did'ygu bW t|iern? therc.. s6e unsn't lioihs.'he couJd... Yeoh. because uhen we went dotan to been doutn there too lone. rct too reeultr.t lsines a little ). tlnt songu.. No. ' and then. Aborfr how nnny records did fn^i"7-piiioi.d about .So.idn'i utantio be u.. You briuettta gorplg? Yeah. tl-ot'-s the uny Wlnt ute ca! it nka. he liued near there.. Yeah.. Soeirsto rush me a cow. they didn't last IonL. vou plav 6ne dan.iiln'tlnue none. lackson. too far from there either. all ilem old'foolish songsard thi-nss. bock "nd..Vllten diil Charlev mve could. Well. ihe 6nliest reason nonl.him and..C.tlte tmx.n'tdied. Vllnl about Vut. ii uns Ill North FarishStrbet in IacEson. She unsn't huch more old.own there to lackson and. tb.-No. Dockerv's Pltnntion.'cause hb uhraZd sone sanctified sonss.Alntt lrorplone was he livine dowri there in"this tovm?WeIl.. he'd s.'the you know. out sonp one I sot I t&s iunpihs. Thev dif.' ale en' 28 atd. so he'utas dout in his n-eishilorhbod.I too nanv up thcre uniting for rne. Wlnt's the so differenie?" I'd say "Yeah.. ilren. and nwnied Eut'e No.Speirs P horn srap h C ompany.nythins." it uns. Jent d.y knqr how to read and Unite? No.lnrlei. he didn't s.. rnt alumiia..-uasn't sanctified. utasn't too lorw. I renrcmber thbt one. and.. I don'i knout uhetltcr lE eot afw of the recoils or not.l Had. rnry a one.Clurlev.!C:[ii6 sassafrack.you hwut.. So on 'reco"rd.. Yeah. Who..ue call. tlo come back to Lake Canren.. iust like the ireesis nou. did. and 'Cause his bfother ?-iiifr. Olt. didn't sed no othei folks lnue 'cause thern vbu |ee. Siilsafrass? Tlnt's ufut"ute called it. I don't how I 6ouldn't sav uhether they still liuin' or uhether thev ded. Clnrley died.we'd itht conanent alonEuith hiri.and. hls brother ata tney u." (imintei Pattontr"OhMai all I unu to do is set Daid for it. s omeuher e u. IAal's uhat I can't call the do yqr kmw? .. sl:r-unsn't tlat ott. I{6'd iust say o. uns nwde outtn alwniruan .Esn't too 'calf lar lrom thal. Clnrlev he died in --..-t@s.v else'uith one. see. oeoole' didn't knout ro better. uZ conw bbck lpne. lv hiln't after ux'nade the record. were tlpy the aliminun ones c the rEeutar black ones?Noi tley uns alwnina. ui playid tosetler. and then we'd' stop up the:re lihe tfrat alnd spend a little titne.ld it.... It unsn't too lons. We's iust tpith Clnrley see. And... sot then lron htrL Bw nap other people.n't read. artd thiev'd gd itll.n't last too lons.vs. and... ux nadn one tosether and ux uh. It abow' 28.Speirs..n'trebd ard wilte. He'd tak.t's tlp re\son thev M been plavine ioeetlwr a aood..I 6oukln't'bdlg'em L"i"-Ciioi utith me. to s. hc couldn't a bedn lioin' there too lons.. I can't thinh of none-it's a lot of little foolish sonss.thc Did-Ctarlev .but it lauas Chistian. ue often da tlnt and tell hii too.n't use it tntil like this time of year (December) and then euerythins.'yeal4 he nade blues..What sonts 'last one. le snrted tlu..let's see did -yan b-w from hfuil? T[e rwti. Sql. ib you know? About when ilid he start to liuin' there.make. seC. him and Bertla left from up there toLula. alnd so he' s tlnt'-s ulzy ?ettins in his'neis... they could.|'d tiitt'liii like tlnt.tany a[ready. dnd tlwt's uhy he lnd to so out of business. I hey rlj{ts lzulng outr on a WII tlen. bw they call it sornethine else (tt tlat tine. see.ttvee. q anv -aSreirs PhonoenDtt Commny recods? VelI.Vlhfut were sdrrc of tlt6 otber titles tlnt von did down there?. I teDer say sant iobof.the nane of this lil' old place now that unsn't too far from there.asn't na'tutis but oI' uhiskey drinhers dtd blrcs players. "ood t"o.." Heh babi" ftminTbs ?qt!gn)'-Au sho".'then thev lived doun there.-'cause I lnd loo.I mailed to H. ard Millie liued. We nade it ai a Christi. olnce . WeIl nout.. Patton's dardtter. lltat was tlre age of vou mcan? Oh.'not ' iust -No. it 4ns alwlira.tlnt's the uny ute s6iw it.-. No. she unsn'tlJonied. died. I itnuldn't tell her I'uhwed to tell ler I unnted to get ryarrLed to I'er bii"& her'b"k.. 'cau'se you hafta use them sa'ssafrax needles.. ue come to his lnuse. 'bou him atd.nnied withilnt stuff.. Chim Lott? Agth-at Well.s-ome of thefr lnd a mednineto thern. How'd she like did. It uns iust ab6ut a littte better tlnn a toeek before Bertlui serds us a telelram tlnt he'd tn*en rlie mawsund.no rnord t6n the nian'srnnte. ard. so tlwt's thc reoson he'went ow of'business. 'bout'em atd euerything. I was wmderins if you ever Sdid 6nv-' Olins 0o him about it-fiaf he-used to clovm so nucfi-von or Willie? Oh veah. ne and him and Willie. d she's iloum llrere. and ue utould coinc tlwt far uith us.out df anvthine. ! vou.ilryarirc. llo* niuch tinp ifter iecinds you sot ftom him.in the neiehborhood of that.. he didn't Wnryself. tlow llrrqn tfunedid vtrr sperd down in J-acl6m trl that txip?-l'Il-say aboutaro d"yf . Wltat abouf Willie? eitfulr. ard so. T hev uns otd dc qfoinfanc es.aces.then. did vqt ever iee tlnt r€cord ffi Sale? No.. They realli make sood tea. So them'the kindn neeilles y6u play ihe record with.Tlrc it' xbeen a long tine sihce l'ue Qeen-doun -there. -because.lcv l. yql were the only otie? 1 uns tlrc only one. kl I had so nany back up there around. I cdn't coII it right-no. He'd rnrne [fti record anythine.'and'letClnrley do all the led. vou s ee. bw all tfot other foolish stuff. foii davs. 'co.y tikc unuldn't lasi too lons. no.'chd the"j inul. do you" srbune he lad anv*snecial reasm fa eoins doffi tlpre? Well.. thev uns. Bertln neuer did sriv. I nrean iust you yquself? No. Nary'a one of tlrcm couldi't red a.t &bollt Lou? China for C.i itt"l'".in..o back to uhere he liued. tlnt's uhere he pot hcr 6t.lltrereabouts.Speirs Phorniraph Company.n't. TlEv fiewed ue's iliee'sanctified s!a." Yeah'fubyt' ftmitates Pattoil.first. he'd try to nmltea recoid. Sav " Cltarlei.n 'em to uant to bnng them bac!' -capse tu.k-in ryy faoor.. Did C'harle.soileof thetnuould sound alliisht . sopething coi:i. ard.eltlon tlnt.s for H.os the one'they iuned us to plnl like ute ueie sanctifilgd. sure did.. ihen utd eet reaAy to leaoe there.ydr rg$e down there? Tlvee' I tl9i. tle broornstick uith lter just the -satne. Ile ta-l.anl all ilnt old kind of funny stuff. navbe tfuee."h.went i'. I 'couse canl be exact uthen he slarted lioing. I don't hrout ulnt all Clnrlie mmeil. did-vou rnlre anV recods dorvn tlpre? Yeali.an sons. we hadn't got nwnled yet.I neuer -see'd tnbody else uith rurry a one.i. he heardtfu rccords?- ffi . -y.. t"iGii-ti. but vou Yeah. bw it's iust the same think. him a letter atd tuld him to serd me a counle of thetu ktt other people.atd eoertthins to her. - l-r"". Well..Bertln's. We u'sed to Rather tlnt stull qn4 nakeYi:la!4 Sassafrax.nstiwefo iGt saving abqrttly-hen dovm to Jacksm to ntake reconF. Euie.s yur Lecqiled did you get the copy of. T hat' s the uhy they \ad it.. Woula.dt.tlnt's rieht. I lnd. tlat wai after he went to Lrrla? Yeah.lt of bi. Theu we leaue frorn his lpuse and eo tb lackson to rruike the rec6rds.trash^and. or sonbthine..-6. Y" uerc tlere abow tuo davs ond thenue cone oaclt to t-ilrrley s.t unnt to s.le1's see. Clwrlevl.' H6 lived nbar ' t[rcrc? Yeah..Clnrley ardWillie.'. Him andWillie Brout. brrt'ue's makins oui likc it.0.iie ard sinsinl tlie sonss. Was slp nalried? Tlat's the reason I uent to liking her.it livinitmwd thde? Clnrley started gry-special relson fc nwing {6qn ther.. voi outtit stoo so much tlnt ol'' foolishircssin' arbuid.'and lbft and uent doun to this y(xr have anv idea if Toy's could be alive of Pelt." and then he'd say.sonrcdidn-t.nd urite.C. We'd go out. And tte uere playins like tlnt we uns sanctifieil. " Let's stoo b"/ Cliff Tov's ..he sao baclt doun and then tley'd cut the stuff. So.Dill he have olace.. rart a oneb{' us.n$ "qlwostrick" .ne aid Clnrley andWillie. Yeah. a lottn kinda fitnnv stuff lihe t)lnt.o too resular:. it didi't Last tno Ions.. to nmkb thi record.'i4. Thev didn't call it alumi. 5w ue'd keep on to.. sav she uns afout 2. Speirs. )he unsn't you? like she She act muried.l's so cruzy . thbv ca-lled -them . thei near srowed' w toeether doun there 6n D6cksry's' TM. But that's as far as he unuld come u'ith us. c6uple of them-rwielf. Chitw Lou. Thenwe come baclt to Eoiles.lillie... t nev u)cls on o sontcthing like wlnt he Ind.dn't lnldlip.' 29. see. see.siness'utit{it.. th&'d play. he uent o..et a)ny uith it.. .thines died. utrite.. Did yur ever see any of th6e records out on sale. ond. did he knorv vdu went knotoed it... he lnd.'A Dream Last Nieht Troubled Me.oo t@st. 6yl' I unsn't crazy enoug.e?. tlrcn we come 6ack and ue plnyed around the coutry on the Saturday niEht klls.We u.the tree leauei And. Willie Broum.H. nnied bdck doum ihere.tlnt yqr Charley or willie or the ttnee of von did" besides that sone -f I Had A Dream rast Nidrt Tnodled llle"? eoh. it died an"d fnt 'runs t.miried EvieJ C'trCrlev stitt amunilwhenvou '32.and. Chirn Lou.the first thins he 6oull think of.called it.. otrril see. We'd let hiin do oll that wrt.uLei ue uns to*ether.Eugn.hborhooil. but tley 'cause'euet. or rithing.. hO mide dbnp blues down there? Oh yeah. Yeal4. Ln a uny. pl. iln't's whatI can'l beposit-ive Still? 'couse ti41.lnve anv a ras he dead bv tfiat tirc? No. bw I'd tblk. 'cause lb didnl liue too far {rom them. Tlmt's tfre unv he olwed. peo\le d. bu!-. I see. see.. ad hnottted by tlnt. Well Son. il.. Ve diiln'i eel married' wttil 1934. No. They called it sornethina di{fereht then.beJorc thcn I didn. fu.-vouknout.''cause h6'd looe to cloun.use vou olay tlem nfih a sassatlvch uooden needle? Yeah. voi knou."bu'it jrht sowtd.. uthile.he d.et nntried .

u.flow did it prettv sood aftei he it at Ont tinrc? WelI. they nn(?).Did y'all have yorr inshnbnts with you? Yealu yeah. ihoushraith hiru'iee. It lbd beenan old time factory of somekind. nnde a stud. or anythine like that? Wait a minwe.WelI. I don t know exactly uhere lE got Lt.d Where did you set the idea to order them? ?v lookin' in. and. alittle after lit then'fore we So. Tlnttuns uns lor for ctgarettes lood. 'LoirisE. toeether..ialogs.. that's it then.'Willie in the next one... .you know.i.What kind of rruitar diil Willie play? I1e played a Stella.oetnen. I iav So like vdu eal.no. So uell. he o:ola"yins. the firit time that '. her before Clnrley did..l'll say it unsn't quite a mile. Bw ue ordered ours." Patton-"Whot's and a lot of iunh to "OK ilutt's your little nnn?" ['d say erence. hisrame.'rmstrong. Where did he qet.. So ue"picked her up. s tle first place that n e and him iust plny|d '.. But eee. and'thcv'se ielline me E6w "tuhere did he I said ihe keys.io out of it.. PAET II CONTINIJEDIN TIIE NEXT ISSUE OF 78 QUARTERLY ! 61 ..sgttlrg thine Fq4 Moptgqmerv PpJ.'Tlnt's thc onliest thin! thai's different about it.. and. littfe fancycoils in it and IiEe tlwi.i Charlev.catalo&s. qnd. ffirat was francy alonlft it?'Well. his'n uns a little more fancy tlnn me and Wi[lie's.'And after ue" left Mempfii .n the in the catalos.Wlwt kind of car did you come ub in? Yeah. the neck of it.'sei. lVhere did .bpfore WA..o Loujse he ain't giue me'no so.hen it went to lnppen. utlnt iue call it at tlnt time.tedll diinkin'. Charley... we hadi't started to playins.t'the6thzr time. So he told Charlev theu he unrged mi to'cone wiih hin in the next recordinss.ot nnd me oi nothins. he unted. ums nade a'Iittle differenl. mine cost eleuen dollnrs and so didWillie's. it uhs an cataloes? l*eah. And ue's all oui geiting thc grips gnd' euery. And \vl and hini.. it's beens-olone.na.-ab-qit. Atn LooftLng tn the catal. had the that's facins. How lar rias it fron tlp stttdio? Qh-.we saw them.excdpt Wheeler'Ford.sg the nan cotne ouer uhat attend.l?... Then me the street. because me and him. ihere the recdrders stay at. Tlnt's the fow sws.. . I dldn't. Llnrley to cotnc Dacft and recotd sotne ann Clnrlev told htm about me. Ain't'seed a Stella t'or a long tinic. Lemon tefferson. I don't knou uhat kinda suitar END OF PAKI I. it ilms uLn srories. Monteomert Ward. the'unv ii fiappenbd." us all iElre ond si:uen keyi' and s. the piarn.irlfriend. Me and him uns playine tosethbr." Sav sot oh. he didn't. to be exnct.lwe tbed b eet these . e.'t Searsaid. Ahd wliat uns uns ructyto to Grafton.iust ordirnry friend.you uder them fron? (hdered them from Chicas.eir knee's.s. and uxibowht some liquoi..e hc uent uent :tle so'nrcthihe.bldvin-e Inst'nisht (Louise lohnsoi on Paramotni)... to the place qMI_grolng robms. h^e's nnd.teordered oars. AL LuIa.Clarley lbd a fetty fancy euitar..W.[iny A.'rui and vour kev. and Ny 'cause he'lnd he'lnd the carl carl And h. and so he Tlnt's the'uny that uns..that uas Mosely. Back at that time. fuv mdt uurld a $ella d' hcrn ItffiscllriY $Ad? Ofr... So I Zomeeuerbodv their kevs to th. Roebuck. And so they geis r. Thev hav6 r€cords in those Bw they got it and you krwu. See... ilidn't be? Yeah. Wefud the upstairs.m'lweIL nou.'causZ "l "No ii:u "Y"" he did. Jo t@t's the cause but it's suoposed to haoe been Charlev Patton's s. Charlev didn-t knout tlnt I M done"nnde her.. I thinhVillie Broum htnued her. But I doi't krout uiwt kind hc had before'tEn.V[haLwas' the bize of the hotel? On.'cause so'nrcthihg.. They didn't cost machat tlnt timc. M laib-ll? Yeah.. no. lle knowed her.Xou mean Art yeah. So thiy lnue a little hotel tlere in Grafton. he didn't drink rnne.L6uise.ip+.. Clwrlev hbd a StbllL. ie stopped anothbr little place iust nortt of Membhis. So he didn't seem like he s.loe Kirbv. do ygu knoril? No. Like in this'room. ca. It lnd.Ylbere did you pick her up at.as found out ulnt heopeied.ho lold yott?.Novtiho=w to nic[ler u... tfris eirl on'out uLay tout on'our eirl wliat Texa5?Itou iu. her staved tose ther in our little room. and these lour boys thnt mode the prcce about seen four anl 20 elders on th. He wapgou.. and L6uise. Montgornery Watd'l That's lt. Bw it isdd to be sdrne kind itf old time factorv.TIg. yedh.ah.t wasn't Sears Roebuck.Vllat fias WilIie he had then. this eiv. Sheins playinA foy. street.who'Rnew her first?. They didn't fuiueni irusic. you take the heod-snll.'. Sittin' on a IiI' ol' riuer run by thcre. of cisare ttes and.st called his rnme. you kruni-. I bet you couldn't get one nax for tlat. I kneutit wasn't Searsaril.t'." I sav Clnrlev take i.Youknout . Yeah."He didn't mind if you criticized n.. Roebuck. whei we"eot to Grafton. And so.ihat this nnn?. old Buick. I ain'isdw one kvself in a longiime.et a snortin' ' She' d take one. bn ow ini to Grafton..ig throudl fo fexap. Clnrlev in the next one.'ish the it.e different "the nni done been un.. pickedher up there. pay Whieler wneeler f Ford and lood. the Well. Wheeler F(rd? Lemon.tfr? Wepicked'her hinnolYou rpan Joe Kirbv's? Kirbv.i.thing.." f sav "Oh.they unsn'i. and I g. ev ws famous tuith him. he left $100. we lnd all them arjli zs. and I lwl a Stella.'.I"l really kinda leaninz oue"r nlkind trash to her. cotwnence to He's sitiinp'in the froit' Ride alone.he's on hlt "4y tlvough bly? Ye. Thev eo6d 6ine theirsbzi Were'they relatives at all of rother? No.htp gur-tar. me and himue played tosetlrcr before rdvillie did. kept on iidiniz alons." Arufue take another bik stnlLoi. Me dnd'Charldv did. Me andWillie.So Cffirley and WiIIie ahd thii other boy. u.. hb'took 'cause he krioiled slb u.do vouhave anv i(b6? Enouted Wlrich of tlp two? VeII.. Bu. ute ue had the one one tlat's facins. len4essee. it uns. u=nd in sinsirw. him? unson'. We did vtu happed ardwe sot her io comca/rh us. then he sot in uith her for his'eirlfriend. Me and.' Tlnt's 'u... he. Willie^Broun.n a argunrcntlwr and Clnrlev in the car' 56 sle sets out-of the front seat ard bome in the back tuhdre I uos. the pidce what they uns . it ums abut three days Ahd this Grafton.

and others-$4.roy Will Ezell.lor' & errceJon'es.'Cripple Romeo ClcrenceLofton. Heru Gcanett. Henry"Brown. ond others-$4. 1$tltll ! OUT IN SEPTEMBER OJL-I1*RUGGED PIANO.Btytip & Clcnh. M Hudson& Buddy BLtrton.98 OJL_I6_HAGUUU PIANO: featuting--C. BlindLe.-L|Lythe ence Jones. FronhN4elrose. Dtterson'. Qlark.l I 0[|ilnl ORIGIN JAZZ LIRRARY Box863 California fJerkeley. Burton. Snilh & yuine.98 oz t l . "Fats" Fr:ih'Melrose. Je'sse James. Clark.Henry & Burton.-Blythe Fry4l N\elrose. featuring-Blythe Brown. N'elson. SidneyWillians.'Cripple RomeoN'elson.

First there uns Peuly. marriedMarv Dla Wilson. I uns bqn in igZ." WhenI asked Ldell when Tommylohnson ran awav from his fath6r's farm near Gvstal Springs. Tom. *. She hsd a datqhter herself qs old as Tom u-ns." Seconds later.-Geosia.he said. skiruv elderly nnn sat on a shaight ctnir under a rmgnolia tree in hi:s fmnt yard. who was also 6 native of Gpiah County. fromTerry.Nw 12 years old u). I leuned Tonurwthe 'guiiu long fufue heian utay from lwme. so Tom nalsthaue been born'in 1896. George.Jim" Idn. of.been working Lwfield Redrmnn doum for N4r. W brother gwe the horse and btqgy to ow nnther.'The J achson." EIfiEI}]BENS HIS BNOT'il. he had. Mississippi. he tpas tle seuenthchild out of 13. "lom" he tms fow yeus yotrnger thmt me. and it wasn't tuo upehs Iqtgr tlgt Tom t4 and left with this older wornn to go ip in the Delta. Conceming Tommy'searly childhood.o . (Other sources list lohnson's birthdateas 1894).ARDL'. I beganasking Ledell lohnson.iVlis Eill.rty.and Tonuny Johnson ux$ nry brother. t edell fuyself )." The father. I leamed myself from untching nry wrcle play. and because he uns so gd a worher.. I'rn Le deI I J ohnson. Reserued.the b:rother one of dountrvblubs' most famous Tonnny[ohnson's sinsers. and he uns sold to a familyTnCopiqhCow. Ledell's fathei died in 1924in Gystal Springs. at Terry.aboud life"andmusic. "Tom. lth. 'and they iinh off and went up near RollinxFork.. 1967.EN T OIfiIfiY. Idell lohnson (Stratton).L"edell rdnarked. "Now. 63 . Shecould haue wssel fu his grandmother. Rights s is s fppr. where we utereall bom. 'lormrry just wnen he urts up awl ran cg. thenVbla.th this older woinan.' "I leuned Tommyhaut to play the guitu first. "She come wtd got Tomnry uhere she liued. Ledell remernbers that "Daddy uns born a Stratton in Atlunta. I-edell Johnson-Tuurry Johnson's older hother.. Redtnann gaue him a harse and bqgy to cury home. qnd then Tom-" Tommylohnson's father was a slaie. GAYLE o By Rev. He'uis sold to sone Johnsons-sotlnt's ltow nE got ottr nfnes. He leanedback and said: Aes.GayleDeanWudlow.

that Ledell rernembers Tonrnv had so manvwives that Ledell could liardlv count or keep up with them. had 6untless wohen. He lwd one for a while and then just up wd. She itqrted hitting Timmy with rnts and puts. He stayed on tle nmte all tlui thre.'"TIwl ew nnmed in tlwre Chmlei Putton-ctirne at tirwis qnd we played togetIter. so that Delta lor abouttwo years. along with a vounserbrother. playine broundDrew. Tom Rollins Fork'areaittd in th" and Ledell liid her.'"Tomtry. Whowas tllaggie CamPbell? When Mascle's father Tommvstaved up in the camelmkiti for her. he continued.ter tvbggie. Tom od Vlaeeiegol'in a tud fiehr with snautall ouer tle ercund. We'uUEot toget\lr and played lor lrhes or lor cnnces aruI Wties."ln I9l4 Tommylohnson would have been l8l I o s a In Decernber of 1918 (Ledell rernernbers that the war in Europe had beenover one month) Ledell left Drewand retumedto Crystal Tommry Johnson staved up in the Drewarealor a ldngerperiodof time. knee deep.dn't see him much. said.' lfiaesieaway from "While u)e u)ere uP there' her father an"if took hbr to Cry. which is L small town ume and a very attractlve young woman.Ledell wife..added. Tomw.1912. and Eiqtil rmre'sinqing thot song about'Hitch up nuy wny ad saddle W ryy grey mare.like other blues singers of that period. and finallv bit hini on the eu." l4henI asked him more about the famed Masne Campbell' Ledell liehitly and said. not ren.il Mlggre in Ledell''s Dich Banhs. house.'butdll three of them suvs (Patton. he replied that it was 1914. he retumedto the she could not be located. placbs. Marv. lnd Tommvlohnsonand his wife Massiel all movedto the ln 1916. and that was beforehe ran wny."Youhrww bth of thei played the suitw. livins at In the fq. ttris is confusing: Ledell declares that Tommy Iohnsonwas only 12 whenhe Ieft home. frofr-Terrv.birck fightin€ ad argwnS. Sometimes thetwo brothers. was from Crystal Sgings." Deepin thought.Ile then retum6dto th'e Delta for a short while.mun uery lug.. "Tomttty. I sut Towrw otd Putton olav toeethermoiv times." Ledell saw Tornmy at various times in thsrpxt few years in different. Then he weritto sbuth-Mississippi and t-roulSlana.Tommvcameback Tom San?er plantation at Drew. althoughPatton was mavbe-alittle ol"der. was only 14 at that l\.ll of 1916.Ledell Bovle. he pltyed more thart I did tliiwh.agam. "Tonatty he neuer Iwpt rn u." 's lust then. he said. closL'to Crystal Springs. which is in Sunllower lohnson and his wife Mary' Coirntv.Yet. Bqnks. [. . as fu as I renemfur. When I asked Ledell what year this was.left her when he hud a rwtbn.edell arid Tom .stole. I re"ra. who also places the date as 19[4.Maier.Both of then utere buefmted. thnt's Will's wife. "No.terI got nwried in Nouember." said Ledell.K € Rev." that Ledell rernembers Brown and Patton were about the samease. I-edell Johnsor-'75 years old. he uns rnnnied to Josie Broum. Then." I asked Marv if Will childand"She losie had'anv sid. Her and Tommyfought aII tle tine. thei cdmeback to Crvstal Springs." WhenI askedLedell if he ever heardof anyonenamed Patton.Tom started plaving music stal SorinsswhereTommy withWill (Willid) Broun and putri.. and she wou"ld set the tnoti6v.4"ggt" Iohnson's farm iust west of Terrv. He remembers that the uom'an'snamewas Moore. he ru"rsedf u ne af. mouingfrom one town to utotlw. Johnson. A few minties -€ s a a . Josie.'bui I tlols playine a lot in thase iuhe houses q fu putbs in ihose dsys. lau-ghed "YZs. "I di.I'm gown luw ttty fubv od in tlrc world soiewhere'. Ledell. he got up a nnuin' and run rieht out the front dmr-in his wderuseu into the snan with her risht behindhim clnsing him. uDtowr ih Crvstd blave"a Sptinss in the mid 1920's iri froirtof Thaxton's drug store. "One night up there in the Deltu where thev umreliuinp. to Terry aeain and married anothersmall Delta cotton (Gmpbell Mascie'Hwell ) town in SunflowerCounty.-t N x Ledell thinks that the real reason the wornanstole Tonrny lohnson away from homewis that Tomrn'v could play the zuitar well enoueh to inaliennnlv. Thev wanld mahe up md thei start right. 'Will.

i. and has a kebh menr wlnl thinkuns : and wowm losther mird." :olmson had so manv es that it took Le& quitea few minutes their names. [.. nation tlmt Tonarry Iohison. m8 @Adyulg. ANI} HI5 ()R( III. this fuhite mnmre almg and askedhinto play sure piecefo hirn Tan. shre nolish.. i. nlay" ine fq a wti. le uns sittirydo. "Tomq/.!#i&tvf lact tbt. Bustediiat euito all to pieces. (L"edell I ohn-son refened to Gafton.l. to sonerecords with didback wkll neuer hiniw mhis recuds.\l'. J i 4 ffiVif*ffiJHft?Fd inorc 65 . Bben drh*irW ctl nieht md. "Tun le was alreadv emfuhndbefqe he died.r.edell lohnson sits in ihe shade"under the trees at his home at 15Z) Barrett &reet in lackson. l..rl/. but Ie swe t@h.. with rn guitu. J:rin That Band i. "I'O*!MY with (.r.cii. lbthinnnhe thenbv lfuwlf .'. aras HNSON. EIla Lee Hompton. often as Omaha.rt l\. TWboy umrtd*t* rwL cqated stf..l{x o 11. Ile uns lound in time tn be interuiebed for tle first isste of 78 Qwrter1y. Ttwt'i what hilled him"drinkirw tlnt hittdof stuff. fulitq's Note: Thcinfor- "HflJ"#"?I/. Today. t. "Tomues nqt dnr a nvydat4hter's llouse. t'rNrl lJrrrrk . "VVell.r.nt niiltt..he said TMIv stowdnnkine tufrils fuL'iruse he sold sonrcl4 il t/f. '"tlVell.u." lThen I askedLedell if he knewhowTornmv he told methat' died.. r..ondhe iust took tle Euitu mtd hit Ton rieht-ontlre headwith it ud hept tryiw to hil hinwiih it tsrtil Tomgd up md rancu)cw fromhim.l'i.: 1 . '"Ian futaut.1 . bd le neuerunuld sta.nhe ullhisriehrs.Ledell Joluson used tun dtllerent tnnes nde it Qlfficutt po trgck him doun..moonshhb. He &otk so mtrch of that $lo that it ate his' ircides w.r. (.tpdihnk so bod and b.riicr.u.\ut 8t :llattii F. .nsn't rnthin) fu him to beok or teu rry a $50or $60euitu u)hen he gotnad aI a wonnn. li'#i i/r* "!rrr'p* fic:.il. "I'dan't bnw wlnt it uns. How would you describe him?-As a gertlernan wlro lives a Chrisdan life. *Sle lcud ffimeone grceF qn on!|rycouch.. JIMMI[. ..o . / .. I I lsr'rra xtru! fluet }itrrrnl Tomtny J*hnwn flrq !.:r*' Slaggre { arrrli*ll llNrr- F G G R x RN *. tI ibr't renenibr lqprcd to lw.. wlen Ie finisled this Inst sow otd the wtv broheup-.Nter aultib tle nwt toldTomto giue him the gaitu ord he unuld 'Dlayit himself. s older brotler uos'still liuing in tacksgry ilfdss.. lun. He said. Tlen there was unwyt rurilEd wtd thenVlla i aunwn rungd E a a n fX x € I askedLedell if the last song Tommysang that nig6't at thei parti mieht have beenBis' Rood Blues. ! ' JOHNS0N. Tomonce Mneto gotuithhin Neh'asha. "fu thereu)euEre.mat this stre... He rerninisces a$but events that took place a half-century or nxrre ago{row frasile menprieslhat rlay G lnped clean by a caoricious flow of timeihat drifts down the unending tlig Road of life. ory. l\!. le just sat therefq a few mirunes md hept sayingyes.. Johnsm holds Victor record nnde by his younger hother.-arrythina tlwf hodalcoholin it. I luhed oter there tley uryreqnlktng in am fuch to the alreodynnde up..ir. rnd { atear l _i r e r * a o d { .Tomy. i ...&ell.lrrrtrrr lllur..i ". i utrrcd [{rat lllor.l{. Tomlwndd hintlre Erito srd tald hin to go ohead-'l wutrwhm you'. lt . andun unre stppsed_to plpy a wttt datmtlere in $tlh'Jachson. { lir:ctr.t' Tonrnylohnsonhad little' reisiecl' for musical instruments. Ledell recalls ".t tle sotr&. preaches nilren the opportunity lrises. J{INES AND JON[S--Comt." This year. abtt Rasie?" Rev. 1. is still active.Wehd to go bnaa a guitv fromsoneoneto nlan 'the ryty tl." Torrnv lohnson uould dnavs snind a lot of tinre talkiirg Gfore he sot around to phyigg songs..ilnr'last trip daun the Bie Rud by hinself tlnt iight.. Etd. "I renembr tlwt none.slnid for hinta mhe aw records..Sr.t r.r 'fasl.J 1rirr'rr. ninernber "IIe lnd this wormnt Arfusos-I don't her nme-fq ." Solois a paint remover that hasa high alcohol @ntent..rod lllrr" llyt l:1ye llls.i. Jonah in the Belly of the \trihal* l{':. Onepint of tlut stdf nahesa eallon of whislisy.S1'I{A ilrr D$&'t lJrr:lcr*r+lll !.r n. JT}NEs ANT} COLLINS ASTORIA rt0l" r. Ledell lohnson has tumed 75... lilr11ld.nryil@ghter uenl hto tle kitclnn. u * r s r l. recausone n€umwlng -s rftcident when Tonrnv "busteil rq" Sutg wqs lor lust that reason. iti.) "Tomtny. le nnde tlwt whitemottrud.

sen{78 to 1Plerye CrgfStqg. .

78 Qtnrterty. Yolum One. No.65 . 2: R f $1.

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Fsq. coul.re 'digs "tlte demise of Th" as "tle diesas RJcord Chanssl" and"tle fail' uitions to neet their its m^dtions"to_meet.-Badforru old boY.ln fact you may be dyine or seriously ill.ds.but I to lnue nry face rubfud dun't IiI?e' in it..New Jersey Deu Sirs-I unuld lihe to direct this letter to You ond Yotr swe to reders: Whyso rrurch mnical rnncntities ? ( i. Sir-Yow Chnlie Patton olntosraphilepictine a leut orsonwfih STP. la.a yeu sDan utd tun nalor uxts -Frank Richardson. Kansas.50 or $1.Sris-As a recipient of yow nniling piece eniitled NO SD( OUTRAGE". 5 lines of tvpe rnissplqcecl'orttl 14 historicAl and otlwr inaccwacvs.in a wfauorqble |rch tmfauoro stw.h-it's exvensiue).15 mistales in ptnrcturii. bizwre. I resent yow-winting PtrDuted letters with sbh sl@nsos r'I'tnh out a tlvee-ybu shbscriY lnuen't hesd tion in 1957.Yow tlugozine faicirwtingwtd extremelY ..itiorrc 0) You serd st once a cow of yow first issue with tle undeh standing tlnt I con Qcceqt or reject it.crrcdile.) Whotu wln is ttv sowcb of Yotq -statistical iifqrmtion oni&e blues ud idzz 7gs? Wbosis Yow woof.65.saluqeinesolneof ilw damngedone w yow orocnweond sqluaging yottr oun cottscience. Jim Colaczek. @t utustnl render? He is iloing "I-Paul Digglio' iob ( uell4ane! Des Moins.e.drnt hrnw tlnt I haue ben lwspitslized with spinnl neningitis (since the aee of eight). Mostof Yowreaders.F.Moline.on the first issue. King Solomon Hilt."After all.D.. I l L . 1957 ). Hounuer.. Deu Sirs-As an ex-stdf nember (1941of The RecordChanger. C. sopllanwic 'lwnfr of a cleap'mryazirw parr derer hour wice of s1. (2) You will rct bill ne until . Hac' kensac. Sirs-As a Procticing Deon psychiutristI f!nd. Chulie Patton. [. Consideringthe elabuate tifr1tt: prod.tlnt' s theonlv unrd iu it-Iohn HarSims. Reswnsible dults don't' really need. Chmlq Jordbt. proofreoding.os Altos..voureceiue rw decisbn on whethbr to heep the magazine.and wwthinl" snd. This is the . I unilld lihc y:ouYowderstuA bw disappinted I am.65 or whirteuerisn't cheap thous. and.restw..their we we of its Gentlemen-As a subscrifur to votr "nngazine" I am awlled W ihe irrcredanb hch of edtorial diec' tion std. Pa. Iet alone. featr. Upper Darby.alifomia.the caltous. utd efusinA cvclobsis extrerelY B. M.iuea cwsorY glonce at whnts' pri:ntedizside-Amold Blair. For yotn infonntion' I csme tn with thii interesting tallY: ' 28 misspelines.You.. Youenjoy the *neftts of sod lealth.sain.. etC. I miniiarm will last iloubtif 78 Ouarterlv L6' out tfui yeu. a.aior reason why I lnve rnt reswnded with w check of S1. Tlw decision is yorrs to mohe. 1 3 typeqaphicql enos. fu exmnple. Tomnu Jiimson. etc.5rJ u $1. if it uere pointedout to thern" i:outdimnbdiatelyswt tle inr pliedsexwlitv df sirchuiswl as recud lnbls kircw obiects duh)-Elane Petersen. srrch fe6tr.rcioiyou ue fustering here. llarrow.. You mny wish to tahe the opportwity of .Iowa bi. I will agree to sepuste nN wrsonal lumiliqtioh from the iield of iozz otd : blues-sub iect to these cand.. rington Enfland.on. you at least o-Whtto giue to s.

266b Vineville Avenue. Elzadie liibinsoh. sourHEmr PnEsnvhTtoN . Clyulie Patton. I esoecially _likayow feawe m hesident (l'm sr.litd-Blahe. Wlntnuld hauegesseld tlnt Ie is Wt Wly a le@inecollecW of T8 s Ai'l'exas bhrcssingersas uell? t qree.enent nntains over40 Pswuml recuds eiuin{ record trlfifl'mP$dPpltftfl]($lNT Wlkr'6tt%/d9ffi.K. od' NorfolkJubilee{ttntet This aptge suppl. Bit. Ceorgia 31204.tpplement with nlwtoqq4q ofBlind Lemon Jefferson. lrrcludedin this LP is a fuqttifut regqdtrctiutof a 1930 Pqorcnnt catalogue a.S. " San Califomia. I do not wiih to Erlitq-People wha fuess sry ! &_esg ftnny.U. B.'r postage piicand lqtcn-tncludes EECORIF. xrng.re Lydm B.*Latthi-a J<ihnson.George Honah. I da rnt find fwaty.A. altWs keepus gtessine. t_E ts a greatAnericonmd ts swe doinga firc iob for his ffi/. I lwn sorrctrotfile uiderstandirutle lrg urds uq tle snmll tyw. llhcm. I lihe tle piotos tn. Johnson le's tlc oneyou uare tuitine abott). Boys-l thinkyow nnAazineis yguy o.Iww in thefoct ttiat I ruew g!9 glotles. They 'Paul Hillarv.

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Written fromreseuched infonnation secwedat Alofuinfl. Phoa cowtesy of Cayle Wardlout BLACK BTNDS ByGayreDeanwardrow Of m.NADISE . tvluch 1967. lvlontgomery.

" it. contacted Gennett exec* utives in Birmingham. and Both. This to various cuts of the ban"d was to prevent the band on the Origin reissue. *i$ ul air -ofleadership and a flair for creative bonversation. But tfutse uxre 6td days. utba. Alabama)i Montgonrery to sed< Montgomery. trombone alist: furuel But Oricinallv. luory Johndon. brownskinned. tall and slender. All eight nrembers of the bandwere required to However.lvery and Bell seerned the cqrpany sent one ol somewhat aloof for the first lts talent s@uts to neqfew minutesof our conversation. wtd see lwnes Bell.woman baid. or wha ue tooh it. I was knrickingon the dircr of Bell's homel Bell cameto the door and invited me in. alto and sopranosr Philmore "Sharly" trumDet:Tom luem.sor thbn a former musrclan. uny on bach there.JL-9 ). Swett. I went straighr to rhe poinr. was morelike the-stereotype of a university profes.'Fgmiliul Of cowse.we itarted for lvery's house. I hopedthat I had found my sorirceof information. He was mediunrsized. Jwres Bell.l_very.AI4ERY. "l uns orp o'the the orieinnl members of butd." "This strch a comrtanntng." Thirty minuteslater. All rightsreserued. otiate a ontract with Perhaps thev unndered abr. and he looked like a fashionable bartender at a country club. "Thnt un d ilgd to_cltmge it to tlu Bell added." said Bell. . He tpos one of tle orieinal members of that frnd you're talking about.. Copyright 1%8 W GayleWudlow. The contract was rnade possible by a Mr. Borders.statdments.t. . Tom lverv.ibrary reissueof The Black Birds of Paradise recordinss( By Waysof Jazz4.whena colored musicians The BlackBi adisebecame a Hounrd. ' He asked lvery if we could comeover and talk to him about the band. .liut Howard."I dan't rememberwha cune that mne. Small. if you ttnnt to tzrnwabut old funds. armedwith an Orisin lazzl.|ITC. ' the manag6r of a local music sto-rewherethe grouo bought and servi rts rnstrurnents. answers. who lived about four bl<icksawav. this airthor'3interestin a dance band 40 years in the past. there "mernbais eisht in tl TEevwere:Willie' drums. a certain length of time. oiano: Boyd saxophohe (te Bloch Birds"of The first nameof t new band was "The Black Birds. 'flVereyou familiu with the Bloch Biids of Puadise. but un all lihed i{. lleliin Snrcl/. after listenins sign the contract. So.Ha Bell had all attended eeAee and had playd thd school banil af thr college. ALAA' The old dolored "Go (located at n"earbv eegee. Bell got on the phoneand called anotheroriginal member of the band.Ivery from reiordins with other launchedf-ull force into the interested coffipaniesfor answersI had sought. q bald that played here in Montgomery' in ihe 1920's and moderecords for tle " Gervwtt RecordCompony? '." Alter morequestions. said lvery. cor ahde sradu:ates IromTuskeegee 1925.

Two o[ tlle masters.just that ue unre hauing a chance to record.:9 -l o o c*'s s:E A.7 . Neither Ivery nor Bell can recall havins seen the Black Patti issue. the band was back in Binninghbm. near where the band olten olaved (when it played at-Washington Pirk. oss zsted b d.\\UDDYWATER. Birmingham DlITIlngnaITt and _spent ano sDent an an entireday t recordihgat the cornDanv s studios-locate<i conpany's studios-located South. the last number in the session. bul ue neuerdid get anyThev said ue had to sell so rintry records in srch a priod of time. However. lftt tract g r a li x . AvenueSoutl Avenue at 1820'Third 1820'Third "We npre all tichled to death.WhenJenny Does Tlnt Lob Doun Durce andlndiuwlhtd (taken from sheet music). BUGAHO\.thc Onenromins in lulv telt fbr 0. Rust shows three titles for the secondsession of August 10. Witl-rin three weeks. Slornpin' Fool. and is c6nsidered to be one of the unfourd masterpieces oI jazz. waJthe [irst"sonc recorded at the session. lv'erv'can't remeriber the tilp.O BLUES uns a uersionof on old blues tlnt the fund reuranged and improuised to suit its nembership. showssix sides as being recordedat the first session]probablyon July second song of the session." Bell rernembers that "that componyuns to hne wid us royalties. RAZOR EDGE. recordingthree rnoremas(ers for the (bnnett Company. m. T?SI{OMINC. e re bc- 9. EEi gEEF 'g:eFst ::EIE EFE EiHE . was released on Black Patti 8053 with Razor fulge on the reverse side. a local Negro recreational area).was taken from a dance by the samenamethat was bor ular in the 192)'s. since he helped to arrangetravel expenses.44 BLUES. This particular record was never-located bv a collector. "We didn't euenthinh anything about the amountof maney inuolued. an old song rearranged by the band. The third title. anotherwiid instn* mental.19n.ingham." Iverv said of the trip. were never released.L927." Rust's Jazz Directory 1897-1931.WABBLE anotler instrumental. Strangely enough. SHIM. grou"p. an employee of the local music'storeownedbv Swett does remember the bind makingtwo or three trips to Bir. SIJGARwas taken from sheet music that the band had boughtatone oI the local mtisic stores. Black Patti.ME-SHA.d ue could recordagain. was named after a roush colored neighborhood in lvlontgomery. was anotherinstrunrental that was releasedon the Gennett-produced affiliate label.4.

rt went to a pnot0grapnv shop on Dexter \vcnuc rn downtownMontgomcq.the unreleased issued titles were-not of eitherP{r sales.. ' h a n d . for a number o[ ycars.ed to issue.:u Itlack Ilirds of l'alatlise's ccrttritl l'cputationin the 'lhc baritl Alabuna area.li. a colored bmtl tiat lrcn runtl hr thc ragucly remcmhcr.IFF-.{abeuna l)orrri r r o c s . r ..h l u t d s t l t t h l l l L . t l . This band also recorded for Gennett' The lJlack Birds consistently outdrew both bands.a u ' h i t c t l a n e . crcctetl a littlc sig'n "fixc'Lusiue that said " ('|erurctt llet. I v c n . 1 t ' t . t . ut action sltol similiu to those macleb1' Lhicagtr photo{raphcrs. irs RaCe LookineclosclY. mtJ had two publicfty shots made: one. l l r t ' t c e r .numbers.'[he titles with ihe white dancc scem to"be backgroun-d the o"nesfhrurett refu.itncnrbcr bard.1 s t I I I a sry!l Springs. Tom lvery labove) nnre than 40 years ago. \ P l r l r r t ' tltrt.l littlc to cnlttr. alrcady had that part oi tltc statc conlplctclr'-in its gnp.rrin. thc othcr. '[riangle IlamlonY namc o[ the Boys.'ortLing i\r. . the band appeared on Saturday nights at' t-he white countrv club near lllt ntt PU St ilr q tll \ \ t ! t tn h c . wereclthcr rnstrumental rrtth iI iazz or dgnsg rnu51u 'rn'hite background. Its only conrpctitionin the Nlontsomcr!'area \\'erc thc Originat . r r r l i t t g t tlte .. l l \ . Whenthe band rctumed frornthe recordinqtrips.li sts and sct it on the fltxrr to bc inclutlcd in urc of thc photographs. Evidently. a stfll with tlre band's membcrs posed around their instruments.onc can twt-r sec that dlc band-did ThcY typesof. t h c p t r b il ei t i trI th. Harragut resort area on the outsklrts of town. because 'lmproper'mustcal or cualitv for what Cennetttras deekingfromthe bandin issues.l". and each week.' .

\ >,
o o q R



of the Black lJirds' wasbasedon sheet thatthe bandhad in local music Theother songs de up by the v'arious of iheband.

Notice their closeness to the Frank Bunch sound (also on Gennett)-a Birminehamband.someof whose iremberswere also originally from TuskeegeeInstitu"te. This soundis almost identical in arrangements and ideas. Thus, it m"ust be assumedthat the Negromusicians of AlabamawEre developing their own individual style and sound,iust as were the NewOrleansinusicians who'hadbeendeveloping jazz in that area for a numbei of years. Both Ivery and Bell recalled hearinsold6r musiciansin their area wtrile they were still youngsters. The styles and appro.'ache.s played by these older musicians were srmilar to those used by the Black Binls in their 1927-recordings.

hnd a bushel of " Iverysaid."We triedio introdure
-f, tt

new that the people

;is the method by BugohDnw suchsongs-aswritten.&ll played fionBugahaftn and ,riwo, nd alto sax on eryandBell both aereed Hilward was the belt they ever encounuos on extratrombonist. He played with his feet as his s. He played the slide his feet td slww off . utosiust a natwally members of the rck Biids had listened recordin gs by ar.ly j qzzbaridsbefore thev r recordingas a uhit, ttell telt felt that andBell Iveryand lvery
had little effect on

Alabama'p legendary iar,z band?lThowere they?Glayle Wardlow uncovers survivine membrs of oneof the sreatestiazz bandsto conb out of the lleep South...


styles. JuIY. 1927. Birmineham.AIa. Itrluddy Watbrwas me of the nnst-porular sonss of the la0e 1920s, and thls is probably the best version of it.

This Alabamaiazz stYle mav have evolveil-[rom street bandsor college bands thal had "iJit[..t beena Part of.the.Negro school educatronln Alabama's larger towns' One summer, -tle Fess Wft"iJv S*a of Birmingham' with tlie Bunch brothers as mernbers, Pqd a vtslt to Washingtonfark rn , Itiontsom"iv' The two bands .trpaEedin a marathon l' i""; rrd bsttle " session that lasted lor hours' that Ivery remembers it was'a close contgsJ' but that in all truthlulness' made aPPlause audience a the WhatelY.band slisht favorite. l'"ur rn bothgot Pfid' qntl the sameQtttDunt, , ,, counted, what uns that amused' Iverv said,

(It mightbe i
onw to speculate Howudbecqte a

of the Frwh Pgrkin'1 u Negro a local local Negro Pzz ml Pzz

in that city. This grorl

Zffi':a7,Hi:trdi,; and u"wsiecuded in
Indiatn in 1931. Houtud uns the linh in secwmf a t€ct contract with Germelt uws with the bandat time.)

By the deePentngda of the DePressron, th€ Black Biids of Paradir

hJ ai.Uuttd"d..tt'

bers who stayed ln became Part ol a new the Blacl Diamonds-

the leadershiPof Bell' This bandis 1 somein the Montgomery to have been a betterunl than the outfit that r tt it. UnfortunatelY'

asa tgprPry area'


tn tS30, the ban . anangeda tour ol the middfe west,-begrnnlng in Texas. lhrs tour. causedthe first break'uP in band membershtP'

ir"a u-"-tt*"" to'record'

"rtiJ:?il"fi9i""il of Paradise are dece
i*;;;i"hnson, andBoYd. $nall'

hehad 'raiJdrtJuP, since ffi;Jv iobis a Po"t'l hadfull-;;i;: b$;;." wtro iiti"'iou", alsodidnotwish
the trtP' to mal<e was the Actually, Horruard. of.the band .iit*66t

lverv did not wantto

]:.'-ltrtll: i"[?#flj, active in music tn Nortn
was I Oarolina. Borders. heard from a small town in Califomia. Bell has onlY recentlY redred from the musrc.,. business,but he ts stttt ""iiu.lv anPloYedas a g1s91. topnotbh brict<.

bY i,fr.i*"J" hi. living iesiof ilii"i"H"""' The. jobs' iil;i;'i;h;a ruil-time
The band,under. Howard'sleadershtP'

tp: ryP ii5;;id"" atirielio neighbothood'

Avenuein a,Iashronaore retired lvery has no-w frornt6e U.S. Covemment

"' ]ts"' ii iB [uil,';"'i;:* did who bttt"rs ilii -a
triP retumed to ;"i;-C Montgomery' HowardstaYedin Ornaha and PlaYedwth otner 6'"iJ" ih ttt"t area' He IiG"qu"ntlY formed a band oI his own'

i,::$ff,11,::"ri;ilX,"im Thurman Avenue'
Ivery sumnred i-t.Pll uP "We uere in theie words. a orettY eood ltttle lune bmd. bven if I lwue to saY so wself ."




tr D 2h H

h H g


An Obituary

"Han old is this sirwq? In his " sdretary peevishly sixties? an Electra "Well. Criswell's Mr. Upon his" retum fmm the war in Rocle." Since ur6rdeot aroilnd drat the Lih"ty gf." to one wlro Henry Snrchey. deep saw hiin plav. covered him early athe shrugged offand hth lau$ed protege. .' when'irterviewed bv Wardlow. Hervykrcws tlnt. ulate on everv kid tlrat conres aloni with a tape r6corder.8 W Jacques Nl rights reserved.wtrich state ofaffairs. and prevffted pub the brushoff. saw his first sditil in 1904. 1966.esl'. had a voice. Rich Giffith (also deceased)' accomoariva fiddler who was playing DnorfunSnee. Senda taDe. tm."At intosttdying the natsic plantation inSartartia.fiosemusic was never madePublic. beset cur't liw off remarked:'ryou James once air prddings. on the 'has-been' counirv blues artist merits closer scrutinv thlrn anv woul&be blues 'intemreter'. unctuousimoressariopaid onliin cokes' blues sinseis have also been inwilling 'sending to soeculite on the promise of prernise tlat even a a tabd. the voung SkiP Iarnes wanderedinto a Rlntoria lrjkef. Stuckey had cfrnDletelv lorqotten rt some J) years tatei. Between tg07 and 1909. Stuckev's reoutationwas such that H. Hern Strchev.according "beahtifrrl. bom in the 18fl)'s. the follovlins data in recards to Stirckev has beEn cqnpiled b/Gayle Wardlowand myself. him fiun the l9Z)'s. Copyright1X. we c-an't spec' wantedto know. a commercial Stuckey before lic recognition dreHenry Referring to hisdeath onMarch 9.C. none of his discoverer's overtures to-record ccnpanies produced €n encouragrngresponse.""Althoueh it is difficult to asses ti'e worth of-a bluesrnan u. Stuckey Henry in 1965. still rimernbered Even at that. disWardlow Gryle wtrere Mississippi. we backed onE kid once and'he never found a single blues sineer. Soiers. bui was so uslv I couldn't bear o waich him lone.ouse to watch Stuckey and an older musician. Thouehthat tiile is still part gf Jarire-s'repetolre. Cqngr. A Year later. he tmkirp that instrunerit. concert ofhisformer success "I corplay commentingt matterof-factly just lihe him. he's tn snwt fu these slbhs utn talk you racfut again. fray's strange for brings singer acclaim therural blues qualities in he hever ethereal ht earhy gives him then tended tocultivate. gushy reviews and that the compliments Skip have him since hisrdiscovery.

Herrv afunys lihbd to tab-it easy-you'd aluais find him out lumting u fisiinE somewheie. OnlyJames. tlwt's why I rebhanthey call ne Ship.' Delta. was an expert and wiley crapdhooter: )lqckey '_'I ryuer would ..yupre rappd u frail. like Jach O'Diurnnds. Both readily adkno*teasid"dheir excessive drinking: "l uhs trvinp to'b a '_nwt'."'l n I'd follul them lihe t!* prn( pipr. fbth l. so quite ninrally-According I uns a-hnhitwl " to Iames. JtucKey . married il-qllher "We treated man stayAdhomeat nighti ow aiLes in nv kind of Vnt. touch. pupil of Henry Shrckey and Bentonia's nnst fanpus nmeenv. olil version") version") and r Stqck O' Lee. to. when ieferrine to pElstlocal violence dir&ted aeainst hi. qr(ru. parties (at which food and admissionprices madeup the musician's fee).i u.Stuckeyrecalled.They'd ' Itaue ireal deep. [n his own nght. were so mutically isolatd. ffi"ffi was 'ff '#".ong-started comins from "within".H. ltrlhereas" someblues singers like Tonrn"vlohnson (wfroseCml Bfuckllue..replied. and then quit playing-auitar for a yeario " study" w'hat-he-hail Seenand ldmed. 1917. ilnbetnownst ilntetnown pair r plaved in to the f ames familv. Sldp will relu'ctantli ' per[oryr-qfew sqch acquiied pieces.. as well as those of lateiartists (tike Kins Solornon Hill). now falsely billed as a'Deltu"bluesm#.amesand Stq"k"y set out to destroy all iheir competitiur. aJI ouer ioun. thev " sfudied"'some of Blind Lernon leffeison's pieces. The school of blues-playins develooed by f ames on his Paramiruritr&ordinss cou-ldbe desimated 'Bentanid'. James said.s. "Hid rnother swe did. uihenasked if S<ip wo*ed ab a youngster. Within Bentonia. apiebi in Soanish tuning. James was not adverse.All Nieht l.bin a gane wifh Hervy when he slnt-tlnse craps with strangers."*ip. sad sowtd euen when the. adhered to-no distinct reeimal stvle: e. still rEtiin an older. _ ln neighboring toums lihe Puotwntas. possibly local. {utthud. and Hind Joe'Reynolds. night. itar." said Stuckey. These two men performed whenever Skip happened to 6e in town. the music played bv S[<-ip and Htinrv Stuci<ev never spr6ado[t of Bentonia. Shuke.'') Both pickLd their Stelld suitars with three finiers and plaved in -crossnote' tuning.. like liki Sc/ty fulty Dog Doe. who "pldyed better tlwtHenm did.. and sorneuihat consprratorialin matters pertainine to music and other Bentonians. thorish somesonss. all playd olaved in the key of the kev of of his house qt at. Stu&ev. rake in the entire p-rofit from his own parties in Sartartia "He'd do most otythine to-get otd of unrk. rnJzunes prtatrng JKID out C.cluding a version oI Slidin' Delta ( .dght. in tum. like I Lnhed Doun Tlp Rood.Skip. Stuckeywas an entreDreneur who would. reports. amongme blues srngers who count. served as a general bodiguaril bt such times.. ("1 neuer got into utything u arwnloce tm deep or lone.-when. rather thari hire himsell 6ut to hous. re€uned sqne local pleces.' nfio ftuckey.patronizing. Hah! " The persdnal atritude of each rediscovered mah towards the other was totally." Stuckey.i#"sk# .F self." Today. the parr James nearby-barrelhouses.et'). for"Skip. nearby-barrelhorrses. but only for the purpose oIY' playine them futter. today's greatest eqfitry' iq probablv Druespenoflrpr. towerbdover his youns Darder. Both nrenwere amons the most eclectic of blues sinEers. dtvle he 5e rs ii sard have'sh6 dtyle i6 said to have have'shirwn I Skip was built aroundragtime pieces ("The (" Theold. Stuckeytausfit larneshow to olav gultErr. From that point on James's music-such as his earlv composition. As nmy as q dozen mtsicinns worked around the Bentonia area duin durins that period (ftuckey himself had a broiher. nearbv-barrelhouses. was leamed bv Skipl aopeared in nearb-y Flora during the eailv 1920's.singinghis blues on Saturday nieht and gorng " W the rmd" to preachon5rndav. lhen the'fir'st country blues records carnle out. would validate his remarksby saying: Skip Jarrcs. nvhen. The lhe style euitar.

room shack with his wife. netted him morenpney thanlis'tense' Desoite a plantation strike in Leland which took place at the time of one interview' Stuckey remainedchar' acte.Stgc\ey.a. (Anv reliable wrson wln rnuld fu willitg io dsstst Gavle Wudlaa in his efforts to .and grandchild. Earlier that sarneday' Stuckey sard' sdin. -lames Ig*qS u+d haooened to oass bv a party at wluch StucKey "f e r-rerta ta ( I ne ssrpfi-Qef Mi.i' I'd liie to neet hin again. suddenlvleft wrth his wifein the earlv 1950's... lrun$#Je.*d*. Miss'l "Herrv Sttrcb could tell you about it-" Stuckev. personally backfrom. Stuckey indicated that his Delta banelhorise operalion had &naha career. At the time of his discoverv bv Wardlow.i before playing in public. while J ames' ^coustn' Lincoln (Buddv) Polk of Yazno. Iust tie same.-nevertheless exhibited the same detachmentIrom hrs iut *dins" and contonporaries wh-ich "an madeSkip.He rernernbered )ttp's *r"-ii"a the 1920's. !o ur4r pant. ran a cale rn Bentoriia which featurpd both men' . lackins larn6s' arnbitionto travel. Howevbr. fre said: ltttle ing tfnt song. rarhq keot up fiith lanres' career throughthe T&iiuind (*ipts cousin in YaZoo).nilt iust before receivrngnews ol btuc{ey.#6. bessio:n.th.iTi'"*::1. came ln 1935. 6ne.. Even when lames madethe Bentonia ". been discusslng an eventual vlslt to Sartartra to see mm. recod. No recordoI a that Si"&"y ""p"ion exists." hqd Puffins on a cigar. Jamegrernanbered partrcultu i.'wheremusicaf 6pportmgreater. His affable qnd ieiirved derfieanor$ggestd that of a Ddia rather than a Yifro County resident. retumed to tsentonlpwtth. vvlrc ln Bentmin-aeain fq 810a min4$4". cousinof Stuckey's.uhile oiuntuii*.n:$.b.-record' a"a ta[d up the ministry."hJ io yi"tt"d having not il ilff. uns ui in the Deln in tln fifties wd -Aqct sonelidy pwing 227il in a lnuse. In discussins his erstwhile friend' the older man diiLr't seernto believe in or Skip's uansformptionfrom comprehend hiitt fmlish" days on the lthitehead.threw parties every r..."tF s?". i.-I "AGd...'Pd"". . would only snickei at Wardlow's then'relayed accounts. Hq yas many of Sklp's -cornpositions.tid. both men saw ttd.1930's. ftuckev was livins in a baneir. threw a party i"iiu *ui-t"a *tit'oth6r Bentonians.it hG. who disliked his iob residencvin Sartartia.3!T. Yet.". on the other hand.onehad recordedhim. Stuckey was q!l-q to confirm'the fact that Skip's Clerry fuIl was comoosed at his Gafton session. *iik" Jar. he then abandonedhisbriel comebackaltogether. f":?. lrom frien?s to play for nearby Delta partlel' unce' Stuckev reborinted.l'.Another .alsoprayeo "na p. They never met agarn..trxi'ffi iS:l*Jerifi and lames also accepted[vrtatlons. Gf.i .arne$.r1n.t' Iames. To lames-this rneant itie"s seerned city like Chicago livine in a'rdwobated' ''wiped off the nnp'.s-si rn the the Mrssrsslppl "" lq b"n"ihoeu barrelhouse f Dul_tng the.i1. l"-iii" tt. iit "Znreis a piecijhe said had been once knownlocally ai Devil's Dreun. dau-sfiter.Soon.n. Iames soon went on to Alabamabut' itl thd late 1940's.nday nlgnt at which flie two entertained.se' by Jkrp' incideilt is not remernbered .. q ileath. b.-Ol Spcial. .fu t'"' *t'551 "ivG' . Whm q plwnsraqh t 6nlv fowd I-r".9aid ll ll"1 c9tas. appreciated.n." llhile Stug.. other.tfr1 Dur malllLalrrcu patty. Eauey thougn me plavini in a Delta barrelhou.Tffh'J.. Cratt Juw ndCatJish("in aspelzgni. panyt house he tactta< int*a" oti Sucke-y's performance. old sons") fiom "A tt)owut died wtule.{ir.i"ti"altv' relaxed.i. still'liuirg discouertes-stnun cofiact him-at bx 7525' Nbridiilr. (" 1 irruehe his lick ntust hdse strrck tot4h in tle Nr:th-") Blandlv.sutgRider.hlet-earned nisht.key.Stucke-y.it. Stuckev in tum went up to Omahamd found worf ai a band guitari'st.vhis own description' dd fellai. for the most part..it rdsoective sidelines often sundered the pair. tiring of the travellinE requiredof a musician. $igf.iG an$t]rat' [G "*"-i*"1*nie1t'ry9s " go"i*ql "nnhe a sllotr" or . Stuckey.knew ol J<rP-s Prano about the developrnent stvle.Suckev was advisine larnes to so up North.r songs'. w# playing.ja someof thei.ith Gioie nd Deuil Got lvlv Wonwn.' $thgygh Skio had. he sometirips backedup hts prano' plhyiirg on guitar.quit playing blues gipcp h1s recording up with Stuckeythat. ."ft:"#3uffi Stu6kev..: "umtldtl't plg recod. Burd Slater'. raihicfihe felt ihould b Nevertheless lames..


. . anar$ng. id*F.F . dates. &MerittMnsicComparry' . sotne notes JYDSTRUP ByD0UG ffist recuil collectorsuowtd fiie-unrld like the musicthat came iiorn X"tt""" CitY in the 19-20 -s' .nbit collectors.. GtY Kansas il.30. @ncerts' recordrng."..'in of a master at one tlnrc' Dressed t-J record neler "i i*"t one-got beyondthe first Pressrng' iilniyntr. real Drqnoter the Kansas LitYNeero musicians ever t.SeveralYears and blues. Holmes was the onll'.{!. AlPhonse the fii'friuia"6 thit cqpture imasination."-bd aggressivein booking nane battles.".lm"*u*. Wherethere was musrc to be Promotedand nnneY to be made. -a eueninto the 1940's' f. some abovemusicians would never well knou'n' He was [.J.Holmeswas tlEre' 6iia" i" io*.t?d'+d thipart he PlaYedin thrs role oui"'uli cdlectot" in his debt' of the tvlitn"f t i" Jtt rts.#y#I"tfffif:.lhl3":". the narne-rnost the -seldqn frequentli nentioned bY Jtt=Iii*tit was-q-rewe hear-V'linstut Holne s.i''si-. i"i""-St-".f.band 1968 W Dow JYdstruP Copyright AII rightsreserued.it is the tarnitiarnanpsof Mote&Lee. Trent.

y Lena Kinr brough. on the othei side in one oltheir popular numbers. and he had thern" tacked to indls around the 18th Street bars and dance joints. the biesest seller on Merilt wis ??fl}i. These Kansas Citv rccodinrs by "Idra" Kimhoueilr on Winstm Holmei' oqm labCl. llleri6. . "Lena" is actuallv Lottie Kimbroush. ad-wbfte. pld.) To pronnte \Ieritt 2201.He-save the ohotos away to cusionrers who bousht the iecord. He knew her and her familv well. and n'hite.. Sylvester Kimhoufuh. are achrallv (ad her hpther' Svlvester Kimbv rnttie Kimbmud lioridi: @lus arc blacf. Holmes had plrotosraDhstaken of the sroupi:hat riade the record. WhyHolmes chose to label Irer as'"Lerw" is rrrrlt known. CahbaeeHedBliles.Two of the three known religious Meritt recordshe produced seernthe easiest to lind: vet. City Of The Ded. gpld. Lottie also used his last name for records. I-ater Itrterift issues wer€ lrrple. (llhile nrarried to William Beaman. and she was under contract to him at the time.. singing s6lo on one side. then ioined bv her hrother.

\ c s o q ( t od o >' q bo a \ -o \ o\ t-: & -tr h o -c : .

a ladv plion6d me. etc.. and other related items. rJ o There is no evidencethat Holmespronroted any other Meritt rebordas activelv as he did ml. l. askins for old records.oltie wis eick.I had knocked on her door. "8" was not Photograph to used irohote this record. Brt. for which he has also"tii:en given credit. rdcordingsessions.'andthe faded simatuies of the people who witn-essed the signfng ieads like an index of the iirpoiant blues and iazz musicians in KansasCity in the 1920's. too. Estella was not a singer or musician. this photo inai hive led to the belief that Holnes was a musician. remembers beins a iirst class promoterwho would do anythins tb get his musical interestJbefdre the public. and Estella confirmed every detail of the session. Anpne manY th6 other items. :f' a I F o o a p a.The dav the photos were made. hadbeenierv closeLo the Kansas Citvblues scene. she producEd secondphoto sho-wn. on this gr€at 1928 . nnrsical aitifaets. was eorts veniently in Holnres' store to stand irrfor the picture taking. includinls iritai. and had he no[ been so "off" take inteiested. Winston llolnps himself alsoacted as a stand-in for the pictures. the picture not might 'preservedTor have been our benefit 40 vears Iater. Holmeshimself was an avid photographyfan. Sheled me 'to Estella Kimbrough. and that I could come over to look at it anY time I wanted. This provbd to be a trernendousfind. and he protecied himself by puttin! the principals who madeit undercontract. Both Lottie Kimbroushand Paul Banks (who died in darlv 1967) were si'med by Holmes. he did not olay any instrument. and since Holnres is shown playins the clarinet. However.who was then alive.nHoe. as had been the rest of the Kimbrouehfamily. ilid'not show uD. Because the "actioo" photb shown here has been kmwit for many years.. Estella. her sister. o a R X N *. but she had a clear nreinrv of ihe daYs when" those hids'were mahing records ond singing in tauems. tlree years arc. One nieht. (Severaf monthsbefore.and "off" tbke! She had beenpresent at the photograph-tikinesession. He was often a camerawith him seen c€uryrng to dances. bf the"re'cord.since Sinp..) She that she had finally announced 'stuff' she had told found the me about. >.. She provided the proofs of both is well as a coPY bhotoeraDhs lileritt 2201.ind had owneditems of interest to anyone concemedwith the important communitvof obscureblues people in'the area. who blaved clarinet qt the session." Holmesas She. o o €. = *.

hinA bl. a inalth gf newinfor' ials' ut* ing.":ti. Bexhitlon€ea' utrlimited BLUES Sussex' England ..oU andtle^exciting .-The country blues Pioneers rediscovered this Year and the contemPorarvblues scene in & Europe' the U.: btue the .ui"p i"ot'onihe mttsicthat ' BLUES llt\ll Iltat*-P owaY iii i i.ia"sbtd"n andCaLl leans'first i i.-ES premier ttttt fill in thase You Lirvtiieo.. .rnsstngers' andcoitenPorary s discogtoPhY i# .. itL-i". newson r9d$couereq brea. John Godrich' As a iazz collector..{ l"1* 38a Sachville Road..edi tor frli o"-.Letirn-bt*" '1'3d6:. or'-t-.! aooul Shouldn'tYouhnow.ii i g..researc ul caref s.. in the192Q's-that httttg & bluesdwing ifis rhvthm s.' i ue anddi scemtng i nformitt 'rni ioid i " utn*s"' reasonablY Pricedtoo ! ! ot{LY $1.S.S.-the thntreathed music bY steP .tt. ItIe whi s/Detroit/ Chtcagosown' BLUES UNLIMITED bTiNCIS couer' W manth .i.'[riitn N" * Or in thelatebands .d. 1960' itibtu't. irominence 'Jii qf Gotden tn iiii Aee Jii.more chnnge lq-lped thnt i#-iit'iii ialnns) s ?. Willie Bmvm' and other Mississippi blues singers hom flochery's Plantation."ti....titt U. 'iii iw t1n's ttuou4hhed lY.?0FoR slx ISSUES ELUES E: tl U hl l* I f'.'ix-n A .^tiiirca manth .fretPt "-.Ei etand' qkiii it7 iiti iaetime UNgctz rttz.i att here-the fast' . ctric e le s todnY' fuhird . England' -Fhscinaun g bio graphies of Charlie Patton.'th" wtim.ue You .we.{eabluesPic' ifr-e. onlv eeiting Pwt ol the Ptct.tne 40' iias q. -The very la0est discograptricat aOOitionsard corrections to-fnu"= & GosPelRecordsbY its coauthor.

.s " and-thedemearingtone of thosearxnyfixxrs notes lyou kmw wlrc you ' are out there).ar:est7Ss Otce qain. the series will continue.ink and sr bluelined tablet paper. * -H.78 QJARTERLY exanines the scratcrhyshellacs. ln nwty mses tlrc "mly hnanm cW" tvfired rut to be the only copy known to the conrpilerout of s6me'' fqrr or eight or lS existing copies.78 PNESENTS TlneB.{I s Palmer Penmlarshio in'sr. 19zM ) . Goering (Rominten Forest. A numberof well-informed readers took vigorous exception to the "known oobies" portrived in the first issue. chaiacterized brv psychotic 19.) frogromt' anilulllerafins However. (ki fact. despite npanincful advice hom'frierd. i numberof readers took vigonus exc@tim to the entire " these rarities.

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s in arnth. one hnou.4.lo N4ore Gorl Water-4enrwn 6n6 (estimnted less tlwt 5) Jaybird Colennn Coffee GrinderBlrrcs.4an Ttouble B htesColumbia145i]4(estimatedless than 15) SamCollins Yellaa Dog Bhtes/ Louing Lady Blues-Cemett 6146. probably jazz instrumenlal acc. and belonp.4oryWcxeThree Lengths U ChninNou GottaStond Judge- .ncogy) Sam Collins The Jail House Bltes/ Pork Chop Blues-$uyrtone 9DI (estimatedless tlwn 5) Teddy Ihrby t!y_Lwna Blues/Lutdy Luadl WoniedBlups-Paramamt 1%28 (-estimated less tlwn 10) Teddy Darby Lose You'N4ind BluesNhat Am I To -Poramawtt 12907(estimated Do? Iess than 5.er Iisting) Teddy llarbi Deceiuing Blues/Built Rieht On The Groind -Vk'Ior 23311 bstimoted less 5: 2 Knran copies) Blind Willie Davis I Bel'iete I'll Go Bcrch flome/ Tiust In Gd And Do RightPuamonnt1D79 kstimated less 5) Itfattie llelaney DoumThe B ig RNd.Ifl'arest Z8s Jaybird Coleran Man Ttouble Bhes/ Tlwh Brcted--SuitcaseFuIl Of Holes -4ennett 6245(estimatedless than 5) JaybirdColeman Ah'mSich And Tired Of Tellin' You.4. BlcrchPqtti 8025(estimated less than 5 ): Herwin 92043kstimated less than 5) SamCollins Deuil In The Lion's Den/(JeIIy RoII Ander son)-Cermett 6181 (estirrutedless than5) SamCollins Dcnk Cloudl Blues/Porh ChopBhtes-Ge-nnett 6%0 (est- irnated less than 5 ) SarnCollins I WqntTo Be Like Jesus lnMIy Hewt/Leod tt4e All The WayGennett6D1 (estimatedless than J)Sam Collins lrlidnighlSpcial BI tp s 4)o That Thine-Ge'ruwt t 6307(estinnted less than 5) Sam Collins HesitationBlues4t W on't Be Long-lJemen 6n9 (estimnted less thnn 5. B hres/T al lolntchie Riuer Blues (estirwttedless than 5) Slim Duckett and Pig Norwood Sister [. Bloch Patti 8026(both estinwted less than 10) SamCollins ?/re Jail HouseBlues/Riuerside Blues -4enrett 6167 bstimpted less than 15).

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OJI-17 : FEATURIN G-HAMbNC W illie NewMn-B. Digs and His Ochesha B/ach Rhmsodv/Niehtnwe9497b. f Il Overcone bnedav. BOXE63. Louis BluesChtKin g-4 lnmp ion 16365..ental L\on/fuk Dixie less tlnn 5) kstinnted That Thing-Pua 12594 kstiPoplwStreetBlues/(TheRag mnted less tlnn 10) Dodds ard gr ed o aph Un-number rsI Aut /(Dixon md Pafian Oh Dodd.. 3: TMNSITION. BERI(ELET. SunetHoneCiicaeo: JohnnyTempl e4 i s Bmt W histlb! Blind-Joe Amoslk O Blues: S!.y stedlessthan5) The Dixie Cltamey )-P w amowt I 2471 Time turcWhenIt'sSleepy (estirnatedless thqt 10) Dodds ay From Stay'W buth.Drearw-svd dW ormnBhrcs : Rafuft Jolns6n-I' m A Stqdy Rallingllan.LET'S GOBIDINMJL-18'' .P.i eo Stonp-V ic tu 23396bstirnated l.ipJanes4lqny BalI. Suwrior %71 (both estirruted Ieis tlnn 5) Dixieland Thmpers 9653 kstimated less There'lI ComeA Day/rtrleuy Orchand His ) Paul Davis WayBlues-Pua 12525bstBlack Attd Tan FantasyL)nder' imitted less thut.Rest)-Clwrcion166M lessthsr S)j Stwrior %10 less thott5) Voltaire lle ton).T'S NO. Bofilequil Jachson-YouCait KeepNo Broum.oll & Tumble Blues. 9470I c{)tnrNcs00ft. JamesInfir- TTIEMISSIS$PPI B[. kstinnted less thut 15) inated less tlw 5) The Dixie SerenadercSt.O. A IO E! COIIIINGS{XX{_'TIIE RAREST JUG IIIID STRING BAIIITS. TIIE RAREST BLI]ETI WITH JAAZ ACCOMPIINIMH\TT.98-4R[GNN JIUZZ LIBRARY.timaled less than Diggs e 'an'ue and Hls Orchesha Gone/St.1926-193? . Big Joe W illiams-StepfatlwrBluesi 49Hi eluny Blues : Miisrssrpu JohnHtnt-Stack 0 Lee Blues: Mississrppi Bracn-Y ou kolded ltle & Droue'lvle FromYor"r Dnr.essthat l0) Down Hore Seremders Mean Doe BIues/ Cootie StompChnnpion 15399bstimirted less tlnn 5)./Riuer. COMINGIN TTIE IIEXT ISST]E: THE RAREST PTAIIO. ard ParhamLoueless Loue/l9th bstimated Street Blues-P rrlhamnion 16341 u wttowt 12483 ior 2748ksttlmS). lfuy BitlerDoeBhrcs: Hosietvlae tvlad lvloore -fthml GirI Elues. (estinated less tlwn 15) Jolnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers Weuy Blues/New Orleans Stow -V ialion 1 5632b stirmted less tlw /5) Jottnny Dodds Hot SixAotumy Dodds Ttio Goober Doncefl nd.I5) Dixieland The Harlem lvloon-{ltnnpion Thumpers Ori.Aut e ine Blues/ ftvlor bstinwtedless tlnn 10) Blnsicians Don't Give It Fwnble-Vocalion 1515 less thm 5) Jack lhvies' s Sich CPLichs/(Robinsoils tlwn 15) llarry Dial's iarcl LiheWlntI Lihe Like It/lt ltlttstBe Loue-Vrcalion bstinntedless tlnn 15) llarrv WhenWBabyStarts Bhrsiciurs heTlnt Thiry /Po{son-Voc.furtha lce (with Chulie PattoilAhhd Reoder Blues-$ 4.CALIF.

s a ii iii biui. Blvthe & Burton. : .. P. 2. S u i k e ' D r i u e r B l u e s . BerkeleY. e o. S A l u n t e .. I ones I illilnts. Vorried Bluei.. .r8. Alonzrl-\ Rol'Cooper. Risteo !E€is*n. session. *r:r* ilavenpor e t-:ra ORIGINJAZZ IlBRARYlokes pleasure in awnuttcing tlte release of tup exciting picnw LP rei sstte s.SPanlsh F u n d a n p . Joe Iurner -C of.ar arutlrai'ne. P. Slidine-Deln. J a n r r s l di g .qB -Drisin Jazz.nc I I ookins. S a l t YD o e .s os Blylhc unreissued & Burton.Calif.. I B e e n Crtin' Since l ou Been Cone84.Blind Lert.' t i ia ! ane Jazz BLues-Y4. BerKeley. RUGGED PIANO CIIISSICS. Box 863. NobodY Cares fqr"ltle. lnon!'tnre. Box363" Berkeley.These LPs include suchleeendarvarcl cnlii.4 ualon sons and Blues B l u d s . Veepin+ and V'ailine.O. OJL-I 5. R i c h l a n d V o r n e nR l u e s .l"ruhA.-Cou:Hooking Blwi No. s . Calif. tt tI'tti ts21rys.Calif. Smith & Irt'iiw. Yn9cY.1'trk. r 1 r n . 1963VolunreI of the orieinal " FolkPiedmontRecordines "--. 94701 Mississippi John Hurt.1-' t"A T I Rlndent urx!. l)lvthi & Burton. BerlieleY. Box 863.. 1xs5. .I J l a c k l l u l n t ( n n I t t I I t \ ..[ C^r i ppl e C lurc.Llen. / e s s e .0ll-li. CaUf. 94701 ther Alone. li n t nr v t on^ I I. \ r / s o n . .. OJL_16. 94701 From the back cover of OJI-15. jrr sa. RUGCED and PIANO CLASSICS. Box863 Berheley. \ ( . C..7Onmclt.C d s e v l o n e i . MY LnchanstnP lland.94?ol Mississippi John Hurt.1nrA' Cou Cat f)urcrtPort.ef)uerson.llelrnse. L o u t s Collire'. F ' r u n Al l e l r o s .. Oh M a r vD o n ' l l o u V e e n .O.n l J r ( r u n . Volume2 of the oricinal Piedmontgscordines "$brIarried Blues". 1964.O. 51nith ING: Sr4.t (-larA. Calif. Leorpeil.LazvBlues.."Canb' Man B lues. Box 863. OJI-16.\ (. SidnevWil' liams. Clarelg-e Sitlnbv -fi 4. / u m e s .a c e I -'.BIYtht . i- .O. Trenrr.ORIGIN JAZZ LIBRARY P. lhe Franh \lilrost' Richmond. lnd. Vill IizcLl.'Talkin' Case). LlbrarY.Orisin Jazz I ibrarY.9q0nsin Ubrarv. R n n . - RAGGED PTANO CI-ltSSlCS 1923 i 43. P. f. (. \'tmnt Ilrtru n. RAGGEDPIANO CLASSICS. Ildrue Duerson. q8 -oriCin JaTz llwary' P.Bltthe & Clorh. Jim Clarh. 94?01 1 . llhthe.O.arul nun\'.

I . I Left 0oridt: Cad Martin.Anintotuieut utith CANL ITARTIN | I I I "TIIE CHICAGOSTRING BAI\ID". June. John ke lrnnqrica-. 1966.nrudolin. violin: John l9rencher. Jolrlpy I uranderson. gultaf. ' I Young'.

I uns raised up in Krnxuille.tvs a cool'mining region. Bfues? flwt u^ s-imple! PluYine "f the more inleres. tlnt's where w dadiy uns originally froru The uny I got to play-fellottts unuld coie 6v cnutploy the guitu. of 19.at which two titles werecut. He uxts tttydddy's f irst wife's son. that's mostlv ulnt they would PlaY boch there then.violinist.yeah.-eot on tle train md uent to Asheuille and browht bock a guitu nYy size. lvlybother uns a musiciantm.countryblues musicianto recordin th'emi&1930s nas Carl Ma4ip. He utas six yess older tlwn rrc. n. Thev used to call him "F idd." Jaie" (n extrernelypopular and much piece). bieger than I'uns.te forrnd eailv in rn 1966 1966 lyoo eaily." He reuer did nahe qnv recqds:'unv bock tlen tlere umsn't qny'recoiding. anri v'oucould see a nandolin rccas' iontilly. (A'rnbsEaston). so he nnde me cone hone after schaol and sit daun md study. guitarist. 1934. he barticipatedin a number recordingdate'sled by suc[Chi-c. Played uiolin md euitqr.tqtbwe. then he aslrcd w father to let him teach me lnwio'play. Judge.a Ufir"" performeisas Big Bill Ehoonzv. Btd tlnt's all. Then he got on the train-tlnt tms in Knmuille. and Bumble Bee Sli.l Floqan *". Tltof gh the. early found lound w"ere were Bogan Bosan and C{rd ChicasS.on all of wh-ich he performswith equal instrumen"ts oroficiency. after"he found tlizt I couldhit a iate or trn on tle guitu. fell6ws unuld cone tlrowh there 'with a suitu-minine men--std they'd stopoier at ow housewtd I'd uatch them plav. . a big city. WhereI uns. it . I had'beenbrn in Big StoneGap bd ue left there whenl tms 12 veus old qnd cane to Knacui[le qnd from then on I call thnt nw hame. about eight or nme. anit ihe fine topical recorded "Let's HaueaNew Deal" sons (reiSsued on Blues Classics 14. I'd come|nne after scluil. Virginia-in 1906. mostly plavbd at wties uound theri:: Iw'd iet out with tlp fellows md plav." Martinparticipated from. Decca and Champion. where thev have lived since 1932-*The interview with Carl that t932. I had three brothers md rurterous sisters. 196b.. In additof ion. My father uns o stone-rason but lrc uns a god narciciantoo. and backed uo his close friends and long-time olavins DartnersHowardAm-strong t"Ibuie'Bluie") and Ted Boganoh iheir March. He was born in Srrr.lii' \4arlin.qgo 6"". mandolinist.Bluebirdrecordings..anaccomplished sinser. Thnt's whereI really-Ieunt to play. Bluebird.and that's wlwre I mostly lewit to play becange.. tlwt uns too big fq nry lwtds.TarirpaRed. md I'leunt to pich up a Piece d tun. He uns s u.fanuary in six additionalsessions' of the followins year throushmiil'Apri[ for Ok!h.uth Cuolina.Artd I didn't 'cause I unsn't unnt to leun. Vocalioi.. Amongthese were as the such memorable berformancei "Crow ww "GoodMorning.help o{ singer-guitari-stMartin mundolinist lohnnv Young] bo"th in i ln on. totio*" was condlcted -uJty home in Chicagoon May 31. He plwed a uiolin all the tim6. ke. my brother Roland had a strine-band. I'd sit dotn otd woctice tlg euitu.izsd: played violin. andstrine-bassist.. Besinninewith a s-ession Ior Victor's Bluibird Seriesin Chicago on Oct.ting.16. Wetuerea Luge fanily. A lot of fellows hod shaund me haut to play. t'YouCanGoYottWaY" and "Kid ManBlues. all string {nstrunentsnaned Rolmd lvlqtin. so my dnddy jrct twnt ne oier-to him. the onlv one of Martin's 12 selections curientlv availableon LP). They hda12Etrtnegilnor. Tenn.I tms lytrn in Virginia-Big Stae Gap. ke. Oy yEt least known. 1934. The only things you would see Luts the Plectrum funio. Wasn't tun wbeks befde I uns plavine in tle bmd. the fiddle and tLteguitar. no guitu! But I aboilt studytng 'cause he was couldn't whw him. I ruasjust a little boY. Sli.

I recall orce a lellan gaue me len dollus. bass'ftdate. And he uuls blind tcn." that old music-yctukrnu. .who. I gess.nia. in stores. It tnuld be iust lihe you were playing o uiolin. I don't hrnw how he did il and I neuer sut anybody else in w life who could do it. They fuul akLss fiddle. playedviolin.tedicilte shows'. "You're the best bass fiddle olaver I ever heard. manclolrn. Neuer bew what it tms. The'fellais beat tn out of lhe recoril. o I R '! G a = ot .(Drring the 192)'s. Carl continued thrspattem of travelingand performinp.-Weplayed on sideualhs.. hp had fotn pieces in his stringband: guitrr.in that string fund in two uteeks. but he leunt to plW. but he coukl all thase others too. That uns ris. Be gone with them for a weeh or two. This uns fufore'32. strong. euits..tlwt's whnt disen! cowaged ne from lots of recordins. to seue nrylife. uiol ins. uiolin. I'd pick up euerythingI could see.'hrplaved thc t. "Now in a month you'11hear from me. 1918or so.ru>sirI They'd let him play but they wouldn-'t let him be in the conteit. nen unuld see ne playrng. h'fuing musically inclined.fii'ilE1i'T"g 15. lle pla"ved O!u". p s 0 a) q) >\ € tFg ffi"FI:r*s3. The record tus swposed to be urder nw nane but lp piut his nane on it. stmd on thb corrwrl. and with variousothermusicians. It urn me and Houxvd" abut fow-A us there. and by the late 'Z)s hat form'ed a [our]' pieee unit with his friend lloward Anr> ljke him. raent all tfuough Virginia and W est Virgi.)' _First record I euer nnde."& >. but nty namerDasn'ton it. Rolanrl.lhem and. fucause-il uns Brtnswtich-thev beat us oul-a fellata cqlled Brann. said. le said.vs a nattral mtsician. it uns cailed The Vine Street Ras. I rutter could tnderstqnd him. I nwle in lerutlssee. streets. He u. Played euerywhereall throWh the mining-ueqof Kentrcky. He told ne his namewas Brann. and all down SouthThe striw bandunrhed euery dny. had mandoI in. lile a uiolin. euerywhere they krnund ne. It'd be making music just lihe it uns a string instrwnent." I played whenl ilayedwhateueril uni..'uny bachbefue then. inKrnxuille. ' l'le coild eubn mahe a sound in his heqd-hurwninelihe-thnt'd be just lihe o uiolin. though. and I'ue seen sotnertiolin players! And when it atne to lhat old hinrl of mtnic! They unuldn't let him get on tn kinrl of contest. I neuer sua atyone to beat himplaying.ht uoundWorldWor I. on vocant lots--all dif ferent places-play all day. nnn&tlin and 6uss. Tltey tuent out euery dav in the upih: Bach there then they'd pich up fl. gurtar and bass. Wenwde the record and tlwt ieltqt. Jist So out and play. he told ne. I heurd it on the uends. % or 30 dallars euery dny. you could euen record it. onywlrcre.had al I instrument s. cointry nwsic. qnd he traueled all ouer. \ior." Whenthe recrxd cameout. Ploryfor. l. plrryed aw of them. so L leunerl to play different ones W being rround.. t played! Tlen I utent to playiig the'uiolin. playing the melody in your head iust lihe a uiolin. d I . recorded IGoxrille CountyStomp ond The Vine Street Rag.Kentrclty. Played for both white qnd colored.iolin most all the tinb.. Fellows unuld go on uacaltionund I'd go right with tlbm wd play rutsic for lheml they'd dmce. He played euery kind of old you ctruld think brealailnn number of.played bass fiddle too. I neuer seen a mon beat him playing the uiolin.

a fellow bowhl md gaue me. Me ond Ted strch together.can play onything on ilp'uiolin. PoPulu songs. Tley krnw when tlw record's rieht. 1935:. Now uhen I was in the Arnry." He neuer did. thev beat us said to ntvself. tf tDehad any talent.This Chicago..inks in excite-rpd with spme of the best blues Perfonm-ncesot Ete-Ifua-r-lD0sm-such labels as Faramnmt and Genne$. he's olavinB bass violin in a band-some bi14er band tcnh him utvY from. Tlwi diserrcowagedne right tlen. Weolcved onvthing. Weuent up there and ute nnde the pieces. releqrsing togetler. I lwd to leun to play all their musics. up on him then--recordedthose runrfurs in the St. He ums somelhingtoo. .w. Bwnble Bee Slin and Ihem uns recordinBwith him boch tlere then-Bil BiTl ord cll tlgm fellows-and in got togethermd ute uns practicin4. He wins all the first orizes.-fnal's wlry I A< o o o a) -c 4. I'm telling vou. wtd so lllelrose hewd me. dvinine they sent for me lo comewAbny. I cane to Chicaeoin'32. a fellow called lr/lelrosehewd me. you hrnw. Janes Hotel in Krcxuille.. I cqn't remember wlnt'I plwed in tlnse dovs. Bnnswich lwd tleir outfit tlere. Maiin comsaror. I lihe to play. That mnt lwue beenarowtd'28. that's the 'uni I alunvs irieil to figte for nryself. l played rusic for a liuiW. . I leunt reqd ru6ic md I cqn eet il off the sheet. eo in the lrish neighborhiocf. but I forpet wlwt thev tws rnu>Eutnble and Bi'eBill.h there. and I nnde *e\ttn somewithfanmRed.. I go doumto Lyon & uealy' s b Chicaeomtsic store) wtd piih up the runic md come bsch and sit ilaiun wtd leqm it. I don't fulieue I hd nn. I kbpt the rnarale up. ] eo iitlle Germot neighborhnd. They had unx: they nnl?e it oi tle wu.ridhere when we're havins contests.. "Don't let Thev told tw serqeqnt. "Y. on the uendor." Now that nnndnlin I hnue. out of the record. The otter kry. tley utere going to Put the studio up in the hotel qrld for us to cone tp ihere.. I hept the moraleup uhei I ums in the ..breahdouns. I msde some recuds with Bwnble Bee SIim.came to ne. And I hpd a Gibson guitw. he @uld reallY pich thnt fuss uiolin. I iust plavbd'withhim (Tanpa Aeal+is ruimbitrs-btl I don't renember what they uns. tlnugh. Tlev tuote us letters.. . from mohingrecords. WayI got to record there. When vou plav music for ww liuing You 'olav'wiat the people wffit.d'[ hear fromme in a rbnth. music md lihe tlnt. qtythine.I went doumto hin md recuded too. 'cailse I practiced all hinds oi music. sonewlere in qowd there. write fuck and so I did "Well. It uns ubut fiue or six yeus ago t4or I gne up -rmtsig. the Arnrygwe ne that.tttev called-for.lewnt to play so utell. I go in the Polish neishbrhad. W e played foi cluictes-.4rw. but I plaryed with hin.Ane boY's in 'Oetroit he's rww. Hotoud .. itwrches. $eptember Deccfi. qbad nnn." I heail that record but I had to wv to heu it. lt4eand Hottmd md Rolutd and qrcther fellat>it unsn't Ted (Bogan). for all occosions. a bad manon the uiolin. Tlen whenl cane to Chicago. tlwy had cone tbous. darrce's. When thei od'that urfi cautv tlen he said. William Ballinger.eUt iss. so lrc got me to go doun to recqd. lt uns fort of tE ccfine.nqlbe euen longer than ttwt.Armstrong. Anythine they ttnnt-if it nhs . Fellow caUed-WiUiwts. go in the ltalian neishbuhoad. I practiced md utent uouttd there playing. Ve.

pldi "Crow Jqne".' from there on i[ was easy." a tentative "Good lllorning.who altemated in'plar ins iheseinstrurn'ents with him. was at sucha sessionat Carl-'sSouthSide apartment that I first met the pair one o >.eman. 1966-Grl performed: " Crou ane Blttes. issuedon isstnd on Vocalion Vocalion 1517 1517and and 5472. lhugh. Freeman. (EDI?'OR'S NATE: Carl Martin's first record probablyaDpeared wder tfris pseudonyrn-" T EA?VFjSSEE CHOCOLA TE DROPS"-TitIes listed in the Dixon Cod. ts o\ ga I alunys lihed mwic and wouldn't do onything but play music. 193d. n probably featwins Carl Martin. You hnaw." Well. u. 193d. ts X G . Thht day-Mav 31. Tlte syndicote tmh ouer the vendars." "GrattediggerBltes. we christeneil the group we assembled"The Chicaso Strin:gBand. but it Inked like there wasn't any demand for it. AII and lohn Wrencher.re.f/." J Tlouble on yow Hands. c. Finallv. 'Curse I could lnue fuen pluyine 'still. at which times they wouldplay 'lt and sing for t-heirown enioyment. Apparentlv theifelt inrpelled to convin'ceme bf their musical sophistication. Roland Armstrond. Ai the first sessionhe accompanied himself on mandolinand gritar.violin and zuitar. you c-an't play here. okqy. "Don't need music. version of Judge. certainly they kept delerrinsmy requestfoi blues ad thoughtley couldn't believe that I wouldbe interested'insuch music. aru Ktnx uow[y ^rcx County J[omD/ Stomo/Vine v Ine JIreeI Street ufQg Dras". there's a ueil. ive used lohnny Youns. Hounlid Hounid Armstrone. Carl's vocal "Deceiuin' contlibutions included Blues." "Franhie Jlne. ke wlnt I'm talhing abut? MTERWORD.Cafl to sing and. talkies. too.dor tlwrebut look at the musiciansthnt's unlking the streets md tlwy can't get ih Tlnt diserrcowqged me. I recordedCarl twi-ce.juheboxes." In addition to Car[ who plaved mandolin.) \ t. took-tums with the vocal chores." "Eueryday I Haue the Blues. Knoxutlle. . J got." ond Johnny.still fast friends. suitar: harmonica. awlnle lot. ecorded in in Knoxutlle. o o a Recorded April.tho who first firs identified tlw record. with tlre supDort of IohnnvYoung. C)w tln thanks 'fied to Daue F. in fact.rich od. This was due to the lact that he'and Ted Bogan. masic rie. I used to playin thealers before they put in loudspeahers. Clur trilartin. 5472." "Yotr State StreetPimp" (a piece BumbleBee Slim had recordedas "Rwtninq Bod Luch Bhrcs")." "Trouble on Yow Hands.rich Blues Blues & Gospel Gospel book book are are aaw_^ c. things lihe tlwt-tlwt's u lot of disencowaqenent to musicians. and they performed blues for the'rest of the evening. were in the hab-itof aettins toserher from time to tinrefor dn eve:nin['s rmsic making." "Lize "John Henry. Prior to leavingChicago in Iuneof [966. we got music. ond a lot of places I used to play whereyou're bwred out rnw." "Hooilm Blttes. F. April.'Thouehhe had not perlormed professionilly for more than a half-doz6nyears whei I met him early in 1966.and." and a fragmentary "G6in' Bor:h Hornb-" At the secondsession we attempted to recreatethe soundof a string band and. I was treated to several hours ol their mandolin-zuitarrenditions o{ such ballads as "Red Sails in the Starcet" before they would deisn to pcrformblues.'aitd ahd. zuita"r and' mandolini lohn t. c. "Mistreatin' Bfttes.ht uowtd here 6ut you cai't fisht tlg swilicqtei mdl hrcw it. and the instrunrentalcombinationswere manyand varied.ee Ganterson." and his driving nuandolin and sensitiveviolin playini enlivened the vocal and instrumeital performances by the others.evening.Carl was in splendid vocal and instrumentalshapb.t"' Corinni. o G >." "Railroqd' and Blues. Ygu go in a1d the fellow tells you.

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ITrttlii. He is still livins at the old ltomcstcad in Lvansville. l / t r .-es. .nu:rllo "lrt lic. But.ere. He had two other brothers: Gcrald Reeves who also was a finc nrusician and plaved trombonc with Louis Annstrons it the old Sunsct Cale in Chicago and uith F-rskine Tate in the old Vendome in Chicaso. Htxr ofter futur uus cbt.ln unukl plul' ftr ruihing tr It'rtlwrilit's.S m i l h . it is of uxlal' urL: irufu.' riv l-)rrirls. llhil' l]u' rttrtsi.d lrun Ihe hetrt.sWilliam.'itur* c'lnriktltk'.some of tlu.J Rcuhen lru. . "Srxncr u lott'r ut alL npl aitlu'r at jan sessions./ .s o uosl differcnt'e in tlu. I'ouis /.'re*. wherc Reuben was rrom. ilis othei brother.tt ol' mttsi<. if you wcre to zucss his age. I Imttu reslututrn. I ulxt Ancur l. \\as not a nrusician and is now retired' Roh'rt is the oldest mcmber of the Reeves family. s ct l t t \ s .s t k tn." Iieubcn Rceves rvas lxrm Octobcr 25. J(iut.rnt. I could gcttn rutning them for hours. . This brotier is deceased. n . Of antrx'. Kine Oliuar.'Kcplrtr. lidiana.'\Ulutt u. urul he lt/cl'r. A l c x .ci instrumrntolLy nutslly. r * aLl oru' ltig famiLy.umclr(fi]. lla is a bank zuard with thc Chemical Ilank Ncw York Trust Lbmpany in New York CitY. Robcrt.rlad lo .'t I'ips Page. and the mere sieht of him scares arvay all rvouldbe burglars and holdup men.nr:es lpttrieen jcnz of my time cnd the uny it is played kxlol'? There i.you'd--aYhc rTas ncarcr ro +S. or lxtlLruxtrn"s." sti. tlu.ts. and this makes him 62 vears old.! tuul nll l i u ' . . rnrl frtr the pLre lot.fk. I kn"u' .clr scsslolts ln nutsiciturs u. l i t l ' l n . r u|iLLiams.alres. l l ' u ' rg t ' a l s o f l f r r i f { l ' . t h t . Y i . difl'ert. a n u s i t i t r t t plut'r.s.l o . 1905. lutl sprtts. I ntruk' rr<'rtrd' iruls :ltlt )ellt'futll\lrtrlott.ed m()reor lass rf tt trtnmarc'iril prr4xnili. rh1'thm rauJ tlu' stt'Le of i n. ' h s .

gave piano lessoirsto her son. he had acquireda' reputatron.an accomplished pianist. replacing musicians in various bands' from time to time. After nnre than 40 years. sorie u. he doesn't remernber the namesof the bands. Kentuckv (Bill S. became ihe assisthnt bandmasier. tday. (all sratis ) tfut surprisingly.00 was a considerable sum. Later on. Reubenacted as a substitute. and askedhim ifJre would'lik'e to tour with the $nith band during the summer.fi) a nisht as a tnxnpetplayer for $nith's"band. And this is where &skine Tate first heardhim olav. Reuben's" ambiiion was to become a dentist. becauseit was 1923-the era of The Free Lunch and The Cood $cent Cigar. and that S. Tate went up to Reubenand iskit' him if he wouldbe interestedin joining the Tate band. iust starteilto plav. Reriben cbn-' tinuedplaying at $nall's and orher locatioirs lorlbout six months. linowing nothing at all about trumpet. Small's Porudise mauedto its present lrcation at 135th Stree:totd kuenth Auente. but he ireverdid.graduated -fromhigh schooi and duringone of his iazz sessrons with the high school bbnd. playing the trumpet. tsy that time. Reuben bandat concerts. Here. his only eonnectionwith the music world beganwhenhis mother insisted that he pliy the piano.pei in Reuben'S hands. Initiallv. Clne' dav. It uns the hottest night spot in New Yuk. 'something' recognized in his olaving. Reuben eamed$. another land from texinston.and bv his senror vear. eleeantstyle that was to'characterize hfs plavine in Gricago throughthe 1920'3aird 30's. 1925. and is now called Small's Pwadise Restmnant. the school bandmaster. .rv 'weird' soirnds ernereed. He startedtaking on engagernents in differentnighl spotsl Oneof them was $nall'6 Paradise._ Reubenis the youngestof the three. _ If any of you rewJers remember Snnll's Puudise in 1924(orisinally called the SugarCane)l it ttns locoted at 135th Street aid Fifth Auerute. His first iob in Chicaso was ar a little cafe on State StrEetcalled the Oriental Gfe. after he. Beforethis. He does recall that Count Basie was the piano player on several occasions. In February 1924.gave instructionto pupils who wereinterestedin music. Reeves. However. but somehow or other Reubendid not become attached to the piano. In fanuary. He went to school in Evansville at Rederick DouglasHieh School.' These graduallytumed intda semblance of his latei style-a hot. HL started his mudical cireer here.and Reuben. played in the high school . il ts a Ime restawant whererutsiciuts still congregate. wherihe eot to high school he wantedto pliy the trumpet because it was loird'andit appeialed to him. paradesand other clvrc entertarnments. $nith becameinterested in Reuben. Baldwin placed a battered t*.he went to Chicaso. Mrs.nith& His Orchestra)heardhiin. As he explainedit to me.Reubencame east to New York City to enter derp tistry school. Paul Baldwin.

clarinet and alto. and someof dheband's performances on the Vodalion 20(X)series. He uns a mnster. httew King Oliuer rersorwllv and lE ltns at tle toP. At tle thrc he ioined me at the Reeal fu the iam sessions. Yet. He asked ne wlether I would be interested in nnhing recordings. manY nare which the Comwny euidently didn't issw.use to sto\. Bv 1933he had reorganizedhis River Boys band in Chicago. who was a Dianoplayer anil musical conducior. then i6ined Cab Callowav's Bandat ihe old Cotton CXub'inHarlem in 1931." was to &skine Tate's Orchestra his first bis start as sive Reuben One example i full-time professional. \4ostof the recqdinEs urere mode in the Ftrnittne Mut in Chicogo wltere the Brtmswichand Vrcql ion studios were located. WhenReuben was playing there. "I Said Reuben.?BiLS"'{gifJfr t'if. Reubenthen went to the Regal Theiitre with Dave Peyton.ouis becamea member).." It Jas at the Resal that Reuben formedhis own gro"up: Reuben Reevesand HisRivbr Boys. From the list of recuds tlnt did cone oul. after wh"ich. The'Reeal Theatre was located at 47thStrdet and South Parkway in Chicago. bone. It accompbniment was h6re that Reubenleamed a specr ial skill of the era-the ability toplay and synchronize classicll music to silent film.clarinet. the best bmd.and the Woplg used to stond for hours applruding.lent.was musical of this professionalism to silent movies. Louis "amd into the Reeal lor one week and he ioined Re[ben tor a jazz session(see photo)." Reubenhad his band for aooroximatelythree vears. "There was a fellow by the rwne of Mayo Williams worhing with Vocalion at that titne. t'8fi betqe Reubenioined the brn. Reubenled a band q) s N N E. wha tws loohing for ta. rn one could euen cone close to Louis on the trwtryt. I must stute tlwt un nnde nany. The iam sessionswith Louis md wseli must haue lasted an how od q hnlf at a tinle. md he hewd nry bond playinCat the Regal.let us stop. appeared fie reorsanizedRiver Boys held tosetherTorabout three y6ars. snow and hnil to lecn Tate's Achestra.the audibrrceunul. Damell Howard. had not ybt ioined lnuis Armstrone Tate (it was aftlr Reuberileft that l. PeoPIecane thiowh stdnts.in 1936.dit s ! q \ o o x >0 s l<o o s 8 (t . Louis Annst-rong and his'bana were featuredat tie SavovBallroomnext door. We uare neuer told qctwlly what records cane out4t)e twe irct qshed to atterd otd rnalw the recordings. and Jasper Taylor on drums. i euer played with. Nter eqch rendition there uns a fiue to ten minute wait for the '(mDlu. U 5 {tr?F#'f .' "Ershine Tate hnd Said Reuben. ReubenReevesplayed trumpet in tJreTate band frir three years. The personnelof that famousband included his brother Gerald on tronr-. Clrner Simeon.

Alvis, an old Ellingtonman,was the bassist, and tlarryDal, the drummer, was the leader. Thev piaved first in The Rendczvous on MicDougal in the Villase and then at $nall's Para dise in llarlern. That was between 1949and 1955. In the meantime.Reubenhad becomea member of the Chemical Bank of New Yorft.Trust Company in 1952and is still employed thbre. He has manyfond recofiections; he still loves rirusic,but he says that the life o[ a musicianis too muchfor him at his "lender age" of 61. lle says that iazzis excitine and exhiliratins, bul the hind of j&z he likes to olav and the hind of olaces he likes to irtai, at are only [or'a youngerman. Chicaeo. ttby 22. l9Z9: Reuben's first ereat recordine session also feahres lhmell Ho-ward.Omer Simem and Jasper Taylor... llhen asked what he thousht of said. 1960's rock and roll. Reubdir "I hnow tlnt someroch and rollers Iaughall the uny to the funk and rmhe mare nonq in one yeu than the oldtime mnician madedr.ring his lifetime."

with C.onnie'sHot Chocolate Show. the road edition for the seasonof 1936. Then, he joined a group headed bv Dick Waril.a drummer. andthev played 'spots, mostly in New York hot big tidre restaurantsand r6sorts.Cab Cal_loway's original pianist, EarresPrinc6, was ln Ward'sband. Anotherfamiliar name was Thomton Avery, the sax player. Afterwards, Reubenbeganworkins for the most famouse-nrployer of"alt (Uncle Sam). tle wa'sin the Armydurine the entire war and saw considerabfe serviceoverseas.Near the end of WorldWarII. he was in charseof the 299th Army Gound Band of the SeventhDivision, Forc"es and thev plaved for all the bovs overseds.'Hi: continuedto leid that aggregationuntil after DDay. Somefamousnameswere members of that band. They include trumDeters lack Wilson and Otis Williams, as well as Rudolph fohn'son, [he son of Fess Williams. After the Warand his honorable discharge from the Army, Rarben didn't find work quickly as a musician. He workedin the inst riffice for a few months. However,he soon ioined Harrv Dial and His Bluesicians. Hiltrin lefferson, an old Calloway man, and Hayeis was pliying saxophone
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(21)WINGY MANONE: 'Lei's Spill The Beans/About A Ouartbr To Ninc-Vo n34N(2f) McKNNEY'S COTTON PICKERS:Chcn,r/Sonc Sueet Dav-Vi 21730N COTTON Q3) McKINNEY'S PICKERS:SaveIt. Pretty Mana/l Fowd. A Neu B6by -vi 38061N e4) TOMMYMcCLENNAN; Brown Skin Girl/Baby,

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Islnnd.Blues (Vi 38041; rnx. 4BB5 1-2 )-Victor test N(37) TINY PARHAM:Doin' The lue-tue (Vi 23027: mx. 6293 1-2 )-Victor test N(38) TINY PARHAM:Rock Bottom (Vi 22842; mx. 629 32-2, uniss ued take) Victor test N(39) TINY PARHAM:Doun (mx.62933-1, Yonder UNISSUED TITLE and unlisted take!)-Victor test NU0)TINY PARHAM:BIue lvloon Blucs (Vi 23027: mx. 62934-1)- Victor test' N(41) TINY PARHAItI: Squeeze UEI) Me ( mx.62935- 1. UN ISS TITLE!)-Victor test N(42) TINY PARHAM: Back To The Iunzle (V'i, nx. ISSU ED TIT LE 62936_]. UTU and unliStedtoke!) -Victor Ntest U3) TINY PARHAM: Nout Thirt I'ue Found You (Vi mx.62951-1)22778, Victor test N(U) TINY PARHAM: Naa Thbt I'ue Found You (Vi 22778,mx.62951-2,uru issueiltoke)-Victor test N(45)TINY PARHAM: My Dreams /Vi 23432:mx.62952-1, unissuedtake)-Victoqtest N(46) TINY PARHAlll: ltly (Vi 23,132: Dreams mx.62952-2 )-Victor test N(47) TINY PARHAM: After AII I'ue DoneFor You(Vi 23432: rnx. 62953-2)l'ictor test N(48) TINY PARHAM: After AII I'ue DoneFor You(Vi 234'32:nx. 62953-I) un. issuedtake-Victor test N' BMCEY: &9) ISHMAN Blues Brdtn Mama, (Vi : mx. 452159-1, ' 21691 uniss ued iake)-V i ctor test N(ffi) ISHMAN BMCEY: Blues Leauin' Tou-tn (Vi 385@: mx. zk5459-1, 'unissued iake)-Victor test N' (51)ISHMAN BMCEY: FoLr Dav Blues(Vi 38560: -1, unissuednke ) tnx.45461 -Victor test N. (52) MISSESIPPI IOHN HURT:Bie Les Blues ( rnx.40Uf4- Ai Uni s sued) (Oheh)test N' Columbia (11)DESSA FOSTER & HOWLINGSMITH: Me 12117 G1 (12) GEORGIACOTTON PICKERS:Co 14577E(aboue:rc ng.) I 13)LAURT HENTON_ oK B8e7NBr 71zM G (7) BO CARTER: Bannaruz (14) LAUM HENTON: In Your Fruit Basket/ EEJ Co 14388 PussyCat Blues- Vo03091 (15) ALEC ]OHNSON: (8) BLIND NORNS:The (taty B hrcs/ Swdou,,nB luesCo 14416N(16)BOBBIELEECAN'S De 7290 E] NEED-MORE BAND: O) TEXASALEXANDER: 'Lboee vi 20660 vMoan/Section Camo (17) NICHOLSON'S Gane4K 8494 E-/V/ (ius): Ch16137 G PLAYERS (10)"LOh"NIE IOHNSON: ( ]8) SETHNCHARD: Louland Moan/Tired of Lit'Co G 14325 ins AIone4K 8677E:/V (19) BERTHA ROSS: (11) SONNY SCOTT:Try Cnt 6227G4 Me ManBlues/Black Ponv (20) TEXAS TOMMY: Blues-Vo 02586E1 Br 7044E ( 1 2 )A L E C ] O H N S O N : (21 POORBOYS: TV/O ) Sund.oun B I ues/ Miss Meal Pe 180E Cramo-Co 14445El/E (22) PEETIE WHEAT. (13)BARBEC(]E BOG: STMW: Vo 1722V Barbecue B lues/ Clou.dy (23) CHARLIEKYLE: E-toV1 SkvBIues-Co 14205 vi 38625v (14) 'P CHARLIE MCFADDEN: eoplePeople/Groceries On l4v Shell-De 7317E (15)KOKOT'IO ARNOLD: FRANCIS $IITII Blues/ Model T Woman Tfumne0sFarm MuIe Laid Down & DiedBodle Sheet Gteen De 7198El Hailsham.Sussex (16) BUDD| MOSS: Mv ENGLAND Babv Won'tPav Me No TMDE-The follapine Mind/Stop Haieine - - Around.records are aiaihble lor Me 70170' El (17) CLARENCEWIL. trade, but only [or blie.s tterns ol eqwDdlent ran.ty. LIAMS: SIow Riuer/Zulu I'm not'brdoared to tadd Wail-Br 3580E-/VI ( qne good iiem t'or un PPI SHEIKS : 18) MISSISil 'Stop L e s s e ro n e s . & Listen Blues(scr' hinghat T Dri uins, T irc;ud. / ) oK BB07v/E-(1) BOWEAVIL IACK. ( 19) LITTLE SONIAE: 'Tuf{ SON: Para12390 E+ Luck B lues/ Dies,in' (2) CHARLIE SPAND: E MiPotatos-Vo 04.707 Para 13047 N(ZO)OSCARWOODS: LONC (3) ED BELL: Co14595N WoIfBlws/Don SeIl Ittt,l LUt\t\I LONNIE LONNII t LULLtvIAt\ COLEMAN: : U) t Doi't Giue It AwoyCo 1444O Co 1444O N De 7219E (5) ROBERT WILKNS:
State of Tennessee Blues/ Kansas'City Blunsv i 2 1 1 8 5E (6) BO CARTER: Ramrod Daddy/.4as In My Pants-

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PORTA IVA SMITH: Alabamrny Mistreated (Gnt 7231 )/ ( unidentified tt hillbillv hnd )-Cenne testEJ TOM: GEORGIA Q2) Bu It's Hard/Leuee GeeBoind Blues (Ch 16682)test E1 Gernett Eil CARIVIICHAEL'S MarchOf COLLEGIANS: TheHoodlwns(Gnt 6474)/ CARMCHAEL HOAGY ANDHISPALS: Waltz (mx, 13184 and Swreme uiss ucd! ) -GennEtt test E NEWORLEANS 04 'RHYTHtul I(/NGS: Tin Roof O'HARE: Blues/HUSK test E1 San-Gennctt %)ALEXANDER BROTLouis BLucs tlERS.'Sr. nti fied )/ ( unide '(Ch 16499 hillbillv )-C:ennett te'st EI AND IOH. 06)STEELE 'NS1N: Selline That Stuff ( inid eruifie:{ Ch 16395 )/( 'hillbillv tE )-Cennett te-s ALABAMAI]ilI AND N7) 'GEORGE (Buddy Burton & MarcusNormanl: Cross ing BealeStreet(Cnt6X)5)/ ( unid.erui fied hi LLb|IIY )'Gennett. iest El


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trades for good, obscure country blics. Rights reserued,to relect any or all bids.

DON KENT 324 West96th Street ADt.5D NewYork. N.Y.10025 AUCTION-Trodes set

preference. Condition 'swiranteed. P leas e spec ify "78" auction.

Poor Boy B lues/ lilistreated BIues-Co 14491N(2)GEORCIA BROWNS: Decatw Street Bl /Tampa Strut-Vo 1740E+ (3) MEMPHIS ]UG BAND: doun/ Mary MemphisShake Ann-OK 8958N@ MEMPHIS ]UC BAND: GdtorW obble / Mv Busizess


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nc rnp) (8) VOL STEVENS: vi 21356N(9)MARTIN AND RCBERIS.'Br 7007N (10) PAPA EGGSHELL: Br 7095N(]1 ) GENE CAMPBELL: Br 7184N(12) FURRYLEWIS: Vo 1134 E(13) ]ED DAVENPORT: Vo 144ON(14)BLACK BOTTOM lvlcPHAIL: Vo 1690N (15) BUKKA WHITE: Vo 03711E/E(16)MEMPHIS ]UG BAND: Vo 03182N (17)]IM FOSTER (Collins): Ch 15301 E(18) TAyLOR& ANDERSON: Ch50016N (|e) BUSTERTOHNSON/ McCLUM: Vrs ffi57 N (20)V/ELBYTOAMEY: Gnt 6(N5 V 01 ) WALTERBEASLEY: oK 8540 N (22)SYLVESTERWEAVER: oK 8109E

d.. BERNfCE EDWARDS-Para 12653.. Laudedale Florida &f315 FOR SALE-. unshfurc SHOP4: VO1045 E/V1 V o 1447 Vo i E1 ( Franc i s Smith-c ontinuc d) VANTED: In addition to na. ivhich do not fit in the standard nnil box shonld be nniled to Pete Whelan. Will Slla. CHARLIE TAYLOR: Pam 12967: FREDDIE BROWN+ Parai29lo: loE DEANVo l5zt4. Mosby &Sykei.'NO odd 78's. HOCh0rphose ocid rebuttal JaCqUeS to ciiticisns of his "TheWords" featwe uns. l arnes' Bat Robins on. SONACC.4fi Sefie Driie. f fanClS5lllllh-becouse earlier sryce committments on the 2nd isstrc caused his feahne on recorded blues to fu rnstwned to tlre Srd isstrc.son. Georeia TornPoor Jdb. SKILLET DICK & HIS FRYII\f PANS:Ch l5BBl V1 (15) KING SOLOMON HILL: Crcnnn 3325 E (16) BLINDV/ILUE ]OHN.. one-slded. Ed Fax Hud.lotl st. c/o Technical Renroductions Com.sixthwLi (2% by S%'inZlcs) -$6.L.4O: One-third wee (2% by l0/z indhes)--510. atd nwny nvne. PE1E WHELAI\I 39 Rensen Sheet hooklvn.iazz. Q6) IABO WILLIAMS: Paia13127 VPara 13127 AND WANTED: BLUES TAZZONCHAMPION 162N THROUGH 16800'S Buster ANDSUPENOR: t ohnson" Scrapper B lqc kaell.11201 F O RT R A D EO N L Y : (1) AKERS: 'I GARFIELD AndSlouin' untpin' VM777T2_A E E) PINK ANDERSON &. Ben (piaiw.tt Carey Riu. fi652. MAIL THEFT TaipleY4owner of theChartey OFPACKAGES[4axeV pfuito Pattdn ieprduction atong witi tlte uiginal Puamaunt stpplenent) for omiuing the credit line on the ttn Patton ph. Robinsorl s Knishts of Re'st. D766. Colunbia tests in EJ (18) FURRYLEWIS: vi'2164 E1 (19) GUY LUMPKIN& EDIDIE MAPP/EDDIE MAPP: QRS7078N- (N) BLIND WILLIE McTELL:Vi 385W El (21)ROMEO NELSON: (^22QLp !A!.theSrd issud. 126n.ny countn/ bhes. Tfte DixieSerenaders. Ft. Parurus.e. lL-Lncn.ttF (23 (23) ) CHARLIEPATTON: Vo'( E02931 (24) )FF' FM NKSTOKES: vi 21672 Vi 21672 E to E4 (2s) (25) wAL FAMILY: 'T WALTER hbt's My Rabbit/Slaher (pia-iwr_unshfurd._SMo.TsAUCTIONS (14) HELEN HARRIS ACC. Don Kent-aecause tle neclwticql foldidbinding rquirements of the 8-wge form system necessitated the withdrattnl of his featwe on Kansas Joe \hcCoyat the wry last mirwte fuaw eclqdulpd fq the 3rd isstrc).e. Picaniww Iw Band. I unni the follanins'items in reasorable condiiion.intbrested in selling as a group foi tlte right DrLCe. Stat e' Ste et' Ramble rs'. KEHOE 5r3 S.uar Lanirnted. mdaees for 78 urblishine co..AISO URGENTLY WANTED: h Rioerside 10-inc LP Hociel Tlnnns/Mu. BYWEST VIRGINA MMBLERS/CAROLINA LADIES QUARTET: ch 1ffi2 v Blubs-Decca Test E. ADVERTISING RATES (black & white onlv): Onc.8106 E-/E (9) IULIUS DAN]ELS: vi 206s8El (10) NELLIE FLOR.SIMM]EI)OOLEY: Co 14336E1 (3) LAVIE AUSTIN: Para 12361VA/E(O BEALE STREET SHEIKS: Fillin' In Bls-Para 12894E. N.Y. .t D/z inchZs)-$30: Full wse (8% bv' 10/z inc\es )-$37 Apologies to: Becauseof it. T he Chicaso Stonwers.. 'SON: Co 14582E(17) ROBERT TOHNSON: t'ourpre..J. 'ENCE: Co 14342E+/E ( 11)FRENCHY'S 'STRING E1 BAND:Co14387 (12) GOLDENMELODY MEN: Clnl ffi3 V (13) HARVEY& TOHN. Bur-se & SM.e (5 b... Tonanie-Bmdtey.deleted.otosin the first isstrc. Too prices paid. Nick Perlszecfunical spqce limitations on the 2nd issue safutoged Part 2 of the bn Hotce lnteruiew Qo appeq-in. RLP 1042.to E . 12741. blues. N. ffiTlz[:!!]i'i"d- RUDYFOSTER-Paia 1298i .00: One-lalf wee ft% by SViiches ) -$17100: Tuo thirds ws.W. (5) BLACK BIRDS OF PARADISE: Gt 6210 E(6) BLACK BIRDS OF El PARADISE:Gnt 6211 (7) NCHARD (MBBIT) Vi 2147sEl BROWN: (U SALTY DOGSAM (Collins): Slout Monn Slour4.

l ihscribes the c6ndition I ef fe/son must laue often fowd hihisell in.rderat tl. ' alo"ne iith the otlpr tlvee a&tilable Hill-sides). nnnevles i beriod' irnncdintely before Wlul Blinda reciordini session '. Desoite the scornthc heads-of ichld pour_s'on r resiarchers (noably tlw"Rdcle''s" sh ouiety) nanscriitions and tle coru ions hc dmus from them ole hing but. a reolv.ter'.i nCircle ' thdiPatton mentions in Routtd The Moonl'uns a reference to Kid Bailev is an iruerestink one ard nmv uellbe conect.Greasy" ). I ian't firasite tlat niany be6ple uere" fooled. I it as a certain fact in lnue neuer belieued this or tlrc'identification uith Sam CoIIins. os'ituns "Rocle" alredv in conwbn use.easy" ) end nnrfi oth. sinnly rellecti' Roihe's u'ishio shbrb ii the'elory' oJ yeuealil_rg_the_ _tne s tory .dish itunuld be amuins. Delhi in NE L:ouis' ( in 'inna on thi road from Morvoe.infor infon case se tle tlp g.it discusan tnteresttnt toplc: .us created'ta nalce thing. This nust l..Ieged . infallible. to fake his "Elder Gre6n" piece. He birates Paul Oliuer for t ircqrectly lranscribine KinE."Whv Rochi sluukl thi* ilnt a reiearcher's rmtionolitv slpuld laoe any beariw oh his perceptiuenbss or lack of it is beyonsiny compre"Roclrc" hensi6n. Louiiinm ( conectly identified by Rochc) aid.e references gluen 6y Rochb' qre-quite irmgircry. iz /us clase I BotiomBhres". "Maltese misdwtes Blind Lemorls Cat'Bhrcs" ard destroys tlw irnnact of tlw lntrowini line u:hich uibidl. which Roche sivs a. otd time uhite country sirwei llicle Daue Macon(as "f u6 Got"MySkiIIet Cood_and. In rruionwith' otloer featwes in b same nwgazinc. "n be bosed oithe nentfon of seueral sones toutns in this area in Tlnrmi's "Slzontv Blucs".s6een i.ALK bout -A Column OomrcntandDiscussion hb Groom: "78 tlv first edition of apbeared an wtdrly" tlere"Thc :icle irxitled Words".'In thc co:wse of it.le:aniisof on theAacksduril ol fromthe lviics to their . While the reoorted details of le{f6rson's death h6oe neuer been iubs'mntiated' it does rwt seem so uilikelY to me tlnt Blind Lemon suffered a hcart attack atd died froni'exposwe alone Roclre in a frozen Chiiaso ste'et. The iliectiue 'liitle' does rot occrr in thi tterse in question in the recording I lnue heard. Tlzc ture rc in {act "Hunts'uille Bourd".n 6f.ers. fily ou)n uerszon ot tne secofa statnza 'follouts: "Lord I once uns a hobo. ln "Run Mollie Run". I unuld' ilisagrei tlut Ki.ltffn oecaa6e mty'clotles ii soihin". bclp cqrhdes from exaninins. r. "Rochc's" articlb seems text of in o. Huntsuille is mentioned titice and references to a ball atd clnin. tanscribed Iow before Roclre's article aaoiared. Bob Koester wlw later stnted "Jazz Report".ledluig s. Hwts'ville.uced loe Willians to say le uns Kine Solomon HiIl is rnresense. Aut\rzfug arwthcr uritels article in this-fasFion is not sonething.it.oin' like sisnificant tlni'lincs back'to Menohis. Louisiara to Vicksbwe. now a subwb of Slveueport. "Mdss 'S lssrppi unllou. nncathte re rmrks des eruing.g a line in a Heru'i Tlzo1rus -reZording so os to fit it'into his theorY.dentifie-d as loe Holrnes and some detai[s of his life are hrmtu it is poss i ble' to exolnin s one re fer enc es in his sows. a ooin less iilea id an unorincioled oie to nw uav of thinlciw.ousconsldemtlon cutnsf tfut HilI is able hlp's to form blws lines with stbordirute chiuses lurdlv nkes intn acconnt tlnt tfuee of his fixtt recooered recordinas deriue blnoit uerbtim from eulierrecordirrys.l/stnrious tlrcort'es ncri.of King' Solornon Hill. Solonon niU' s " T lnt ConeDead ' Tmin" and nnkes a htdicrous "oDseseetEralization abou the iive will to stereotwe" disnlayed by British ri:Searchers. (whi6h for s6me rea-son Rochc ide nt ifies as Haynesoille. I susoect.-Thornas it refening to the'Hwztsville iail. Pattonand BoWeauil tackson seem reasotable enouel\ althoueh he could lnue newioned ilnt-Patton unuld lwdlv lnue lnd. flfu's is lwrdly fair and.t discns'sion.d Bail.Vling. I cawht so nnny freis. emmirctionbf his trunscriptions Fond the corrclisions lrc derioes f i figp tlwn sh4pq -tlnt he is aftei :'all iust as fallible os awone elsb.-Gr.l.s poiw os the pro. Bailey swei'stion tlat the Geors. I ndr41 gaug tlrc'siqgi s tion ser1. "Rocle" maEes'a nter of controversial and. lf anvihiie.istoitiors of blucs lyrics are rather pu. Tlwms new tions Bossier City. prPic. the lyrics of sone of Henry Thonds's recoids tlui it is nore probbLe tlza. Mississippi atd tnt far from the Mjiidssippi Nber.Znor in his ol.e been real ercugh-fg let'ferson euen if it misfu seeln lihe laiinsY n Roche. confirm tlat.eY sings e cfaer esrirnticn .'l got n sings is Lemonociwlly sttt / drunh to heeD u. Solonan H.hts Bw-fd-ecided I'd go ilaan for a t'amwtth ar-d take it as it c'ontcs (l reckon tlwt nrcan old firernan and ensirrcer uould.t Tltonns carne from the Louisiarn/Sowh Arkatsas ared tlnn from Texas as is This premise seems senerally tlpwfu. etc. C ons i d 6rlng \o c-he'€ _c-o n enpiw ui rernark abolt " the uill-to-s tbreotvoe (uthich wsses for a bve af tle blilcs in Briuiinf' hil outn d.le te'ms thc "Frozen Lenon" theort. Henty Tl'nnns lad tlrc nickrane of 'Ra[time Texas' and I thit* this is d fair" indication of his origins. illen ore carnes to exannine the lyrics of "The Gone Dead Tmin" fuihich I lnd. Louisiatw and tfrcn fits it fnto his hypothesis).ularly inihe .'6ut' is this "l'm g. Mfssiisippi John Hurt hs "Pby Day" ). IoLn Henry Haniri[ (as "Gonrn'Keeo My Skillet Good and. Tet(n. Howeuer. Tewessee" ii "Bull Doze Bluis"? (as "Bootlessels Blucs"'). ard Etdora anv nore inSE Arlmnsas).y truslEarlf. Olioer is criticized far tnt reaUzfng tl@t HiU uns connecied with Louisfrrw. rc-nangin for.tes" bw tle titled ) Rqtc reference is correct. WEre arwther writer misltt'uenture a tleory uith the wioso tlat his interrietation "Rbche" allans hisht be urong.f lf" His initial corngt^s on Chulie . I lihe iloine brt in this case I felt tlut Roc[e's dogratic asseriiotts nceded clullepging andtle record sening sfratghL Roclp criticires Paul Olioer for fis 'lui says it. Tlrc sw-s.' incorre ctly trans cribira Kiw SoTonon Hill'3 "The GoneVeatTrain" in "Blues Fell This Mornins". If ihis nirmrk weret t so chil. misotites tle linc from"Hatruner Blubs"hohich slntM reallv lave "Hamnock Bh. corsiderine " " tle c ircuns tnnc es. Nou) tlnt Kins.ilI l:p. I amrafrg ilnEed by Roche's reference n ulnt. bw in this "Roche's" can offer rn alierrwtiue.'s ard con's of ll. it is ouite euidew tlnt sqme oJ tfe supp6sed plac. to)" Snansely"ot odds utith ilc references to Frie\urs and lllirnis in Kocle's transbripti6n bw essentially conect I feel Rmln's renart dut a'nanv-toosubtle British collector' ind.s inierestiw'.estion sprune " orisiully from a conuersoii"on betunbn Witlinms'dnd. itten bv (utder the psetdoh"'lacqtres rof ) Roclle". it is plo disphys it uifi-to-stereotype w conDenrciul.

s NNq ARNilJRCORNWN.) 168 19758PATT PATTE.lace .2 SAT/IIN SAMPSOIV ANDHANNAH llAY-Cowt House Blues -PANT $eries 2 Listing Numerical Godrich WJohn f.2 GF0RUAIu/|t ANDHAI\4VAH llAY-WInt' s Tlwt I $neU 110033.-2 SAIVfuTY -Bat LeSBaby 164 9750 PATT PATTERSo/N ANDHIS CH/i'/'[PIA{REP RIDERS-Tha Old Chisholn lYail AND 9738PATT PA?:TERSON HISCTIANIPIOI{ REP RTDEBS TheCat's Whiskers 166 9894GWRGERILUY(TlE YodellinsRwtlq )-The Railrrud Bwn 98n GFnRGERILEY (TlE Ydelling Rustler)-The GraveBy The Whlsperine Pira rc6 IN82 PECK'SNLALE To ARTWTE--GoingDoum QU The VaIIev 10085 PFfrK'SM\ALE WARTETIE-Oh.'..i. GWRGIATWF 163 9579-3 Blues lvlyTetcas SAMMN 96N.T.ts i' >' q -i' iaogros RovMAR?IN AND \ I *'.l Wunt To fue Him Th.T. KID WI LLI AI/LS-B irminglwm Jail 9714 ROYMAR?IN ANDKTD WlLLllrlrtlS-A[w I Sleepln Yotr Bam Tonightlttister? iSEt) 1]61 9611-2FAMOUS HOKIMI BOYS-You Con't GetErnWh Of Tllat Stdf HOKUM BOYS 961%1FAII/DIIS -Rollin'N\ill rcz 96m-I GEp1RGIAlu/'l|[TheDtrck'sYosYos Yas 9645-IGEORGIATAI-You Got lVIe ln This lvless .e Perfiect '.oo L67 19861ARTHUR CORNWALL -Wlnt A NnDWLLI AtilCLEARY FriendWe Hwe In Jesu.L -P ass AND WI LLI AI4CLEARY It On (NOTE:Fa issues 16?0o170 the first digit of the rahix ntnter is talse andshouldbe disrcgnded.RffiN ANDLOISDEXTtsR-TIECatboy's Louefung 1N51 PT{N PAT?EBSI\I AND HISC?IAMPION REP RIDERS TidwUo AndDounThe Old Brassilagon r6e 11M48-2GEORUATA'I ANDHAIINAH\MY-Tqrible OwrationBfues (7/3il 110041-1 FANWIS HOKU\4 BOY S-ComeOn ltftona r70 110046.

D JUBILEE 't It Rain SINGERST'IiEF1iltIAJS GARLAND SINGERS4hLoTd L.llnSnle De Loch? IOffig TT]EFAMOUS GARLAND n BILEESINGER$-So uth Bound Passenger'Ilain (NOTE: Thesetitles are by Bnant'sJubileeQnrtette.tlUR NicCLAIN-My BabvGot AYo-Yo 10653-2 JOEEyANSMill Nhon Blues r8ztM49 THEMO POOR BOYS-Tuo White Horses 179 10045-2 BILL WILLTAMS ANDSAlVlil4Y SAMPSN-No God Buddy -1 SA[ltttlYSAMPSON9621 Tadple Bhns I8O 1ffi59.1 T'IIE TNOPNR QQY$-Il.2FAMOUS HOKU.) 176 IO5IOTIIE FN\NUSGAR. LfrTDJUBILEESINGERS_ Were YouThere? THE FAIIMUS GARLAND SINGERS'LeI Jesus You 10525 THEFAMOUSGAR.flETWO POOR BOYS-lol'tngenry Blws (5/31) 1ffi51-2JOqEI/ANS -New Hrmtsville Jail r8410665-2 JOEEI/ANS -Shoohlt This Nlornine Blues 10654-IJOEWANS-Doun In Blach Bottom r85 10656 JOEg|N{SEarly bnte N[omine BhEs T0657ARTHURIVI'CLNN_ CrewnAndSugar Bfues 186 10053-2 SAlVtMy SAMPffiN-MeonestKindABfues Iffi 54 SANTI.) .2 THE FAMOUS GARLAND ] UBILEE SI/VGERS -HoId The Wind 10524-1 TIIE FAI\[0I/S GARLAND]UBILEE SINGERS 4h Rochs Don't YouFall Onltle (NOTE:Thesetitles areby Bryant'sJubileeQurtette.il B?YS-You Do lt INN-2 FAfuIOUS HOKUIVI .2 HAA/NAH MAY BONA/IE THOI\IAS_ v'CqlBlues HAA.'TY SAMPSON_ I Got Tlw Bhps For W BaW rn 1m55-1GFDRGIA lVpt -Don't lvleon To lilistreatYou 95AO-1 SAI'IMN SAMPSONGrandmn's Fann 188 10633THE COT?ON PICKERS-Steal Aunv To Jesus 10534THE COT'TON PICKERS-Listen To TheInmbs 189 10523.-2 GWRGIATON| FIANN/AH NIAY-Rent Bhes 721ffi9]-WLLIAMS ANI) )N-Barrel House Ras FAMOUSHOKUNI On ln 1B 1N31.IVAH IIAY AND THOMAS-WhuI You Tlwt? 114 1M38.t.2 GFNRUATO\I -It' s Been HANNAfI NIAY .1W47.B?YS-TIaI StuffI Got 17610il1 THE FAMOUS GARLAND JUBI LEE SI/VGEBS sf. Sittins On Top Of The World (6/3il 10652-1 JOEE)/ANS -Tahe ALooh At Tlnt Baby r8r 1M50-3 T'.ong? TOO4O-2 FAMOUS HOKUIT 1N5I-2 FAMOUS HOK]NIBOYS -lt's AIlUsedUp That Bread In A Line 10655JOEEyANSGeorgia Rose r83 10661-2ART'.

3 -H eI I ON F'GATI ANDCONGR AndWlntIt Is (N0fE: This is Rev.I qD m -E IXi C3936.) Big ano ).1 BILL WI [/Ir CondrctorMqn o20z9740-2SN.FPINTJAXON -Fan It HN.I SAIVII\4Y -Police Station Blues sAMMvSAMPSON10043-1 TheyCan't Do Tlnt FRANKBRA.F PINTJAXON_ C2503-A HowCanI GetIt? (NOTE:This is FlankieJaxon.) fn w477W LULU WUweless Inue Blues LI rLltIS-C B/32) W476WLULU Wb GoingTo l-ewe LIANIS-You're Jim! TheOldHome (NOTE:This is Lulu Jackson.$ 9584-2 Oz0[.1 JO*IUAWHITENnD HISGUITAR-ThingsAbut Coming Wav N4v ANDHIS 11695:1 JOffIUAWHITE Suseet.A Dnnh Bhrcs Uunes) SON-S/oppv C5563. O?[l T1612. I8 C5562.W DOGSAIVINewfulty Dog (NOTE:Thls is Sam Collirs.1 Grind CALS-Georgia from the collection of Berrnrd' Klatzko .Emmitt Dickinson.W NG Cmst StomP FOUR-West 9741-3SALTYNG FO{JR -Ballin' TheJach (NOIE: Theseare listed as tlp RedDevils in 0heFerfect files.C JOIVES -Blqck Cat HasCrossed Yow Path JONES RW.ABESSTE -Bloch AnselBlues (Smith) _ A B-ESSIE J ACKsp/N C6848Tlicks Ain'tWdking No More(Bogan) (N0fE: This is Lucille Bogan. JORDAN rs 10855-1 ATION ANDCONGRF.) 02tr.' 5l.) SAMPSON I99 IM42. GUI?AR--So b Srcet OZIO C2611-AHN.4RIil|TPARI BAND STREE?WASHBOARD -Fortv And Tiehl (Melrose ) C39g7.l ELL-lvlowtain Gir I Blues 9583. JORDAN 10857.) 02u 10512-I T'.) o:i s { d \ o q) JACKSON IN C6947.2 SAL"IYDOGSAM -SlowlilunaSlow 10897-1SN.tlEFN/p{JS . I9O 10517.W DOGSAM -I'm Still SittingOn TopOf The World (NOIE: This is Sam Collins.3 THE FAXNUS AND ] UBILEE SINGERS GARL -This'IYain (-) (8/31) 10519-1 TrlE FAMOUS GARL AND JUBILEE SINGERS -l Wont To Be Reqdy( -) I9I 10562 EYANSAND McCLAIN-So*trrv Deu JOEWAN-S4hYou 10654 bnOf AGw rsz 1ffi35-2 FAMOUS BOY S.) RB'/.) 020310841-2 SN-W mG Blues SAM-Sisnifying 10842.) (5/3il 11619-IALAB^4A RASCALS-Ruhus Juice Sutffle (NOTE:These are tlp Menphis Nighthawks.Ain' t Going HOKUNI Tlere No More (10/t1) 100ffi-1FAMous HOKIM BOY S-Pi e-tu t ing Strut IIN IO8N.ARNIPART STREET WA$IBO [R-D B N']D-Pissly Wiggly(Cobb) (NOIE: This is The Beale SheetWashboard Bard. ard taftenfromR 7210.1FRANKBRASSI4/ELL -The Westem Blues SAMPSAlvlil4v ozor 10052-1 StreetWomut SON-Stste LLI ANIS_ 10044.) BESSIE JACK. Bi'Sfl E J ACKnN_ Alley Boogie (Bogsn) (N0TE: This is Lucille @an.1 ALABATARAS CAL|-Endtrorce Stomn 11625-3 BLACKDIAMOND TWINS-Bloch hd Tackle (NOIE: The B side is by Brdily Bwton andEd Hdsm. andtalienfromVoc 1257. GARLAND -Euery Time I Feel The Spirit T'IIE FNralS u/32i 10514-2 ]UBILEE SINGERS GARLAND --Shirw OnMe (NOTE:Tlpse titles are by Byarl's Jnbileeqnrtett€.) AI. T16N.2SN. ard takenfrornBr 7f86.) ozoT11611-2 BIGBILL--Ilow YouWant It Done? BIG BILL ANDHISJUG 11624.ABAIIARAS.A. ard takenftqn Voc 1193.IUBILEESINGEBS .2 BUS?ERS-r\4 &O Blues 02w 11689 JOtrlUAWHlTE A/VD HISGUITAR-BodDepression Blues ANDHIS 11659 JOffiITJAWHITE GU I T AR*IIowlin4 W olf Blues ozw 11688. ard tahenfrqn Voc 14(B.The E nunters are controls.

I'rTLLTE BNOurN q/ BERNARD KLATZK0 Fare \A/ell: Thee .

"Willie Brottm," said lames McKunc "i'sn't nuih." back in L9S7, McKrure had heard Manheim's coPY and gave of a llillie BrownPararmunt this ooinion of &own to Pete Whelan who hid never heardWillie performat all. McKunewas the onlv authoritYon blues ai thai time and'so Whelan ;;t* and. a few years later, McClosky,used Mckune with questions about to DumD to avoid the pitfall blu'esSinsersin order"bad" recorils. of spenditg npney on ln faimess to Ianres(who rightlY resardedPatton is the greatest, hearing &"ownonlv once) his fiist inrpressionof Willie as i weak6rsinaer in the Patton vein was really a quic[ and accurate iudpnent. The facf that &own stands b" i siant asainst nrostotler blues in 1957as singe?s,wasi'tas apparent
lt ls today.

unll,es lwtl Egun nowlmg In wtson. The trail tms Vold. It had begunin 1930at the Pcramotnt fwniture foctort' (subuntrortors to the Wisconsin Wis. Ctwiri in wintry Port Washington, Thirty eight ye'orslater, the trail nwde c sfuip right-trrn eqst to New Yorh. Ilv Aoril. 1967.BamevNlcCloskY, th. inoit voracious recoid collectoi of his time, madea hunied exit fromhis overworked'57Chevyand descended on the 'innocent' streetsof Qucens, New York. He was wearinga sheepskin-lined, senuinecowhidejacketahd a black fut"t. an attire which would have made him aooearouitc at homewith the ts"iu,li'" and russed mountaincliffs of the Pvrenees. b"ti[rather absurdamongst buildings tlre high rise apartment of Queens. llc trembledsliehtlY with anticone of t-he ioation as hc appr:oached bluildinss.Thii'mission was important. had died and tlamey Philio lVlanheirn *u* fr"t" to scavengcthe remainso[ an allegedprize collection of rare jazz and blues rbcords. Actuallv. the contents of this ollection were virtually unknown. . because\lanheim was unapproachable were out to bv other collectors r'r'ho ilke unfair trades. llhat attracted Bamev, a fierce country blues Wt'llte cornpetitor,was tie magtcnanre Broilm.

$o*eyt qrg,not iu oii, timber.

lhe importanceof all this is that \{cCloskv had somevagueProspects BrownPararmunt of findins findin'sthe Willie &own-Pararmunt armnsManheim N6nheim'seffects. Whatadded arnone spice'to the situation was that NlcKung didntt re.ember which Parannunt Manheim 6id. P"tunrountreleasedonly two Willie hown records. A half dozencopies of Future BIuesA4 & O Bftzes (on iie 50023reissue) are in the Chanrpion so we know kown's hands'ofcollectors: t30's. Two cra*ed musicof the early and unplavableParanpunts (both l1'utwe/ tvl& Ol wbreduq out of MississiPPi in 1963and shackd. first bv-Wardlow then. Dave Evins in 1967. But Paramount

L3ffi9 Kichine In MYSleePBlues/ Blues is still an illusive and Window desireableitem. was afraid of germsand wore lVlanheim had said.-He wouldn't sloves,McKune 3hak. hands witl you unless he had gloveson. Bamev suspectedthat the chances of the Willie &own Paramountstill beins there wereminiscule' Didn't relative tell Bameythat Manhieim's Manheim died about a year agri? "Whnt record collection? " She said. "I lwuen't seenPhilip in 15 yews. He died alorw-Pennile ss." This information was gleanedafter Barneyhad nradeover [5telephone to calls lnrost of them embarrasSing) listed in the New variousManheims books. This desparate York telephone searchbeeanwhen a letter fromVcClosky to Ntanheiilwas retumed bv the Post Office stampedDECEASED. McCloskv before. had never written to Nlanheim Beins unable to establish anY workablerelation with Manheini's only contactable relative, Barney went dirhouse, ectlv to Manheim'sapartment Arms.-to talk to the The'Wentworth suoerintendent.In the lobby, Bamey diicovered the porter moppingthe floor. "lvlaybeyou can help me," he said. Bamev showedthe porter the retumed his enveloDetb establish'lI Manhe'im buy lesitimacy as ari interrogatot otT records md I hnaw Mr. \\anheim had ne anice collection. Could you tell " wlnt hqpened to his records? and The oorter out down his nroP "Wel/, searchid for the right q,s1ds.

ttrra, tilre, you'll hne ta tqlk to tle Srqer," he said. "I tried the *ner. He isn't Inne. Don't ttnw, I uin't maketroublesee? No tiouble. I'monly interested inbuyine the records. Are there ury records left?" "nosl "Well," said the porter, of tle records uas disposed of W tIrc fitperJ' "Did he sell then or tlvow tlwm ouf?" Barneyasked. "Well. vou'Il lwtn to talh to the -the porter said. "Call tlw Super. Suwr," He comes ii at fiue. The plnne. The building is in the plnne boh." Bamey left, found the telephone number6f The ll'entworthArms in the Queensbook, and called at 5:30. 'fhe $rper's wife answeredthe phone. Slrespoke with a pungentIrish bro-gue. "I uns at yotr lnuse euli.er today. Did the prter tell you?" '\es.t' "Are there ory records left?" "'Ihere are a few in tlrc basenent. It doesn't pay to cone out here for tlem" b few, hrid[y any." "WelI, l-etnE comeoyfi,onlury. I'll take w ch@tces,ohnry? S[rereluctantly asred to let Bamey comeback the nbxt-day, Sunday. On Sundayit had tumed.bittercold. It was to becomethe last cold daYin Aoril. Tftis, Bamey thousht, is iI. Only q'few records left.'The clwnces ue remote. I'm doiirg it for the WiIIie Brann. The Super's nanrcwas Keamev. McCloskvrang the bell. Keamey'came to the door. il" *u. in his 60'sl about five feet. ten inches, with brieht blue eves and a ruddv complexion.-They sfnok hands. Hb hadbie hmtds,B5;meY thought, lihe Jack Dempsey. "I'mKewneyr" he said. After"\ftanheim a few minutesMr. Keamey uns a fine gentlenm. besan, H;had class. AYale graduate,you hrnw. He died ttn yeus ago. I don't htww wlnt hapwneil to hiial the end,. He cane frornd fine funily mdhd plenty of muttcy. But at the end, You Wnu;, he uns cutira tmrks of wt ottl of thb building ond ielling them-" Could haue sold his records, tm, Bamey thought.

o lo o t) o ' 0



Julv. 1Sl0: ure of the two Pannomts Willie Fown. Ihe other rec-dddlhv "Widow Btues/Kiching Baranult. In ttfivSleeb Blues ", still hasn't been fqrf, by collectrs...

"Heue rn ided. Fqct is, you hnow, he died there not here," Kearney said. "What cqasedhis death? How old uns he?" "He uns ubout 52. Don't hrnw whnt he died of. Whatdo you die of at 52?" "He uns acting strange." Keamev said. "He hept to himseTf , you hrnd. He didn't lihe to bother with people becausethey alunvs wanted ionbthinp fromhim- He didn't go for tlwt. Ftarni tlnugh, he ums aluays tahing young ngn w to his awtment. you hnant. Espcially sorie youtq fellows iust out of gison." McClosky and Keamey took the elevator do'wnto the basenrent. They walked over to a huge cardboardboi, the type used for shippine cannedsmds and rirbasuring three bv fo=ur by thrde feet hiefi. Books madriup the'bulk of its conlents. But strewn'over the top and to one side were78 r.p.m. records. Bamey beeanprobing. He examined the first-disk'. "Relaxiil' At The Toro", Muglgsy Spanieron Bluebird, new but cracltid.'Good white iazz oI the'30's, but not rare. Next, "Roch Of Ages", F.W. McGe on Victor Er'and still in of the late one Diece. ToDpreacher 'Z)'b who madesomeof the best religious records. This was not arnng them. Next, "Jonoh In The Belly Of The Whale", new and whole. The last one. third of the record contains someof the nrostexhilirating religious music ever thousand copies waxed. Solda hundre-d in its day. "Vicfts bwg BIues-No. 2", Next. on Bluebird Little hother iVtontsomery Litile Brother record, Fl-. The secondbes"t "Vichsbwg-No. 3"only by L,xceeded ond one of the f iipst country-blues,with (a rare combination). piarn occomp. "Slccherlee", Furry Lewis, Next, Brunswick E. the country b[ues classic, tle reissue pressed from the original Vocalionmaster. Bamey fishedJormore. Therewere severalClaienceWilliams Okehs in G condition. Nothing more. NO WTLLIEBROWN. God, Bamev thousht. the sheletul to all the other remnins. "Wliat haplpened " records, Ulr. Keuney? "*me uEre throtm out, you hnow. in his other But he must hme hnd some " a.W tment in Manhattan. " Another aportment ? " asked Barney, '$hat's the address?" surprised. Beyold his four titles m Paiamumt (two haven't beenheard). this is Willie horYn's qrl.v other recor dine. Recoded at l-ake Canrnrant. Miss.. 1941 ized llenrin label. Bamey handedthe Super91.50 'for his trouble' and the recbrds. Did it pay ' to track down Manheim's Manhattan address? Deadover two years and all probablvconfisin Manhattan DroDertv Barhey's greeanaa batbd by the..Ci.ty. measurible limits. Not quite insane, in fact, perhapscompletelv sane, he knew the time. It was time to bid Willie Brown FARE THEE WELL. EPILAGUE: Pararnount 13099still hasn't been recoveredbv a known collector at this writine. But, as luck would have it, a compl6telyunknown Willie &own performbnce was discovered in the archiveisof the Library.Of Congress. It was well oncealed, slnce r[ was listed in the catalogueas a SonHouse recordinsoI "Vlahe\4e A Pallet On The Floor". Recorded at Lake Cormorant. Miss.. 1941.

Blues: ableon Orisin.OJL-\.1\4ississippi
and quailable on Herwin 92404.

auailBluesA issue Future &0 Blues-re Floor-isstrcd Make Me APallet 0nThe

;,f iEiii;il iiil"tlrii idvTtirt-

should .if thev do nothins inore than serve the Pldnse of getilng everytlrlnginto one Dlace. ln.e. Thus. However.hich hive Either been seen andlor heardbv me or have been reliablv reportedto me by scores of collectors w6o are discoer6phicallv inclined. Yther'thanimplicate anyone.ecor:ds ile secoruiedition (i.. The last the European copv seemsto have disappeared for'&er. it may well bb that some of these notes are not "newsl' to everyone. reliable. tnen someqood wlll @me lrom all the effort'l The nnteriql is condensedas much as possible. the UK and continent.Notes on Brian Rustts 18g7-tg7l Jozz[. So manypeopfeHave (aird still are) been inv6lve'dthat it would be well nish impossible to namethem all. This material arises from the satheringtosether of data on records il.I sot down to'work on ch'eckinsall m-vfiles against it.*t there be anv erroneousdlta herein. All of this has now been collated into the mass of notes which follow. I will list rio namesbut here offer mv tharfis to all who have conttibuted in the hope that they will recognize their owri paiticulariterns as mey appear. The notes res'ultins'from tfiis were sent to &ian Rust f5r his inspection and comments. but the other tw6's iournies producedfurther material.mv opinion. I have tried to make it .erial has been gained fmm various record magazine artrcles whosewnters are. Additional md.the W*n non-Bluesversion) of this fine worft was published early in 1963.These were then inserted into conunents three carboncopies of the notes and these were circllated to various collectors in the USA.

sav. BAILEY'S LUCKY SEVEN-issues o-' 6 > 6 o o . featwed. !/96 (4 ). 8404 atso'Awx also Apx 388.8824 also issued. number is 2552: amerd\ note. 413GA). 7993.r/ill be published in 78 Quuterly in due coufse. 2117GA) (pbiil.llaytine" Gernett5463.When md tal?e 1 also issued. witlnut tuhe.ou'l odd session--5720-A "Mindin' llly Business" Gewtett "Hula 5364.as ip thecircwr headrnrs ln artrst headings a4ist ii fotCtype boldtyDe arid and pibudonyms in capital l6tfers.9797 3IA0 h Jre furuElsside):A 8101-A strihe out Westryt 3A72 oruiadd to 81n-A. 7752. 1924(rnt c.. oompanyfiles.8825 anendStur 9439to 9539ftlain) .1975 3868 GAand-B). 3094 blafn. oddEW 4012 kilain) ASUPAIV\AT NOVELW ORCH.8033phin tahealso isstred.'q1 FF t. Blues'I AUST|N-I0005-2 is " TtauelinE n95-2 rnt on Cenhry fr12. whnanil blain (plainl.Stqr 9551 hnt 9550). 8252theGermett Special is lnblled Fraternity.o o R x N * wherekutm .dOrv: 2622-1 uocalistcrediton %21-1/ & SA?YRS. : i ' re i !-: :. 4795 . 9539(-A).8405 urcal creditto -3.' Fwtler data is solicited" but please note: (l) indicate yow sowce (the actual record. Operaplwne " Gennett -8gI 4 plain "Neuer Abaih 9551 ????.7997.3697 (4 )._<@-PrF4r.8686plain tahealso issued.Stir-r 9512(nu wluwm) "If You'll Come Back" Gennett wld unknatun) 5354: hx "Lezy" Gennett tal?e A 5407.8092-A. 418 5232 (plain). Tune litles ai: in guotris. 459 GA). all sune. Charleston". 8648/8649-A anendGemett5324to 5334.3811 GB).9369 8060 (plain).7022 take|. B Gemett label saysfeafinesLillian Robbins so sheplaystle slide-whistle Wesunnbly o nwsical-suo. 9267 GA).8365-A add-3 as'urcal credit. 8343qdd talw A on Strlrr9n2. Write to me at : [0. I hdve referredto titles by matrix number for easeof loeation. 81N taheA also isswd andaddAWx 451.4831 on VF 1053 blain). further ma:teriall. 42 add pserdonym BACKBEACHPIRATESon XX lnful for StateStreetRamblers. 7809 (rnt 1049 ).8466 5232G8). 4s 7936. 8058.3798 GAI.striheout Jonumy this L. DANCE ORCH. Awil)-3*72 olain "()h Baby" Gennet't 5452. Stur 9551hnt 9550 )..'tlvn issueno.9280 Lillian Robbins GB).intq]?e on Stqr 9392. 8141 to&e 8110 ttnhrnum also Westprt W70as PAVILION PLAYERS.Reiinglon 50M3as REMINGTON ORCH"Aiental LoueDANCE 8973-A Dreams"Gennett ??? ?.8059. 94X7 GB). Stqrr9564. taheA also issued. -A and -B).Stur 9560-8908plain "l.1926:Pamassie savsctt is rnt Lodnierutd tlwt tbn is-orobablv alsoon Ki. wiilnd:label md with tqhein ( )-:7668.England.7994 4933 GN.t dfadcE-qul . 3075 6lain aitd -A): cI -9608 plain 6td -B rilso isstrcd. fi(z astitcu noeurY's NyMPHS u. A featwesa xylophone. "Hula (16? ). 531GB). 7I% GA).striheod Westpofl GA). 4795GB) Apx bat rc.fr77 fuIain).rmtrix of "Too Sweet For Words" is 2222-I. 7669. blnin). as much as possible. GA). Awust. 8344addplq. 8465.anendStwr 9439to plaintalw also issrnd. 8594 also issued. 7712. of altemntetakes shanm W rw tn.Star 9s6o Can't Get.45 8464-A unend 421. 40 AtISTtN-{onect tutv title on Pzmrowfi 12359 is "Don't Fuget YouDo The To liless-Arouhd.fromwrhaln " se$sion-( wthniltn nml "lvlaltdalay Gemett 546&add-perlws fromsare session us 9052-"Go Emmaline"/ "Ltrcille" plain Genrwtt 5532:9547 tahealso issued.4935 GA). restrict such inforruition to arlists conloined within tle alpltnbtieal limits of these rntes sb fu publisled (l-would rather you add to my notes on. Fore Street.Owraphone 9551: odd this session-eslv Jme. *. 7969-A. Taunton. Stur 9512-g/21plain Lout' Gewwtt????. Somerset. 1924.9438 hlain). (4).4S dsetrear.4909 471(plain).9638plaiit . plain talw 5243blain).31n plain. Fred Rich than hive us botf ddiicate each other's data) Dependits on circumstanbes.). ac. only Silvertone3572us THE HOTDocs-others as BOBBY'S RWELERS:2219'I also Siluertone 3552. 2624-2 shouldbe-2 (rnt -1). 8484.4910GB| 471 GA). 1924 "Wait'il -8906nlain You*ie lvl^y Gal" -8w7:A "If I GemeitS4TI. 3976blain) also on Gusdsnwn (tahewhnaun) os NEW 1389 JERSEY plain also issued. Hazeldoubles cEllE AUSTIN-MonA I-TOVIE on cunet on LA-ffi8-4.Bqlso GB).The OneI Want"Genrett 5471. il98-2 Siluertone cat. but. re-utrite next session anending dateto tilav.

4045134also Parlophone Bln.odd C-n04 "Beur Koo Jrrck" rejected.re. BARRELHOUSEFM-Ed Allen is urcalist (rnt Williams).e. and na. dmsand.y 1218ad 1347 recorded c. BAYLOR ORCH_in 54 RFJRLYN oddition to the re-write in tlrc lndex the. blt/alt/buidir ). BARRELHOUSE PETE-llris is ctctuallyArt Gillham" see Record Resewch 19 fcr a full discography.followins should fu rnted: instrunentation is cnt. Mend \/luch 15 to \luch 1'1. M.E-21865. DAI'ICE ORCH only'asMARYLAND -1894as MAYFIELD DANCE ORCH. BIG ACES_R365 is also as BIG CLIOCOLATE DANDIES.b19804 recordedJuly 19. 68 EUBIE BLAI{'B-12344 Bun 1448as . bthGusdsmanas SANFRANCISCO as OHIO BAND. E-28418'urcal trio is labelled "Ben Bernie's Sped Boys" on 3896md this is also Dwphore D4033 as THE MANIIA??AN SERENADERS.170032-2 "*m" Columbia72-P: BARBARY COAST A OF DARTMOU TH. on the PuaN4an) ru>untissues this bqnd is titled BARRELFIOL/SE FIVE (i. is as SEVEN 15040 9776 Chamnion 9816-. E-25130Nouember 10. 64 HARRY BIDGOODAND SqM iNCNN -4-155-E also Gtwdsman 2032 qs .. ttuee wyds ). 7924. q.170031"-l Beers "Wafush Blues" Colurirbia 72-P. 330also VJR 21. late. 97 "Canzone AmmosaNenetist Loue Song)" '"Vleuy Bhrcs" Columbia 94-P. 52 addBARBARY profu. Slnler Coudey (prn).ad (wl<ruun rm) "Just AStueetheut" Bury 1218. luter in lhese rntes). Phil Thompson (bjo).u. 6? BEN BERNTE . 15031 to X-9797 Vocalion X-9796 omend .CH-add9115 "WhenNIySWU Walhs DoumThe Street" (Westchester Donce Orch.uewhrnnn alto qdded to instrunentation.mx &22308 should be substituted fu U22310 qnd date is April 8. l9D.C.SLIE YOUNC. 3086(plain antl -A) : 9610 also ChamnionI50N as Sfl'EN' CtlAtfPlONS. C-3941there is a rwn-ua:ql uersion of this on Germon Brunswick (tmlm.BUSTER Aiob 142as BILLY 671112bu.persowrel ORCHESTR whnoum. 57 kptember 8. N. Bob Bery(tbn).327 title on QRSis "Nobdy's Business (How I Loue Thnt ". BLACK finernS--odd 20822-2 "&ne A These Dorys" Bu.ARHARBORS:OCrcry oP. tbn.Aco G16008 DANCE NOVELTY BAILEY BA.MT AND LF.N. Lewis Chrrch Peacock (dms).Cliff Ratull "Russ" (clt/len). I50SS (24?). 65 add BIBITINGHAMRED JACKE-TS_ pseudonymon Buddy f or Vagabonds. 50 SMITH BALLEW -109773-8 hns q uocalW a femnle. December as SEyEN/ CI'A\{PIONS.ND. I9D. 9699-Aalso English Vocalion X-9901os RIVERSIDEDANCE tsAND:9701-A is labeLled?RAYIS -CARLTONORCHon Gennettqnd therefoe tw. 1928. 170258-2 23full TEDn4ARSrt ALL'SORCH ). prhaps 1928.\alsoChnwion CHA]VIPIONS.Aco G15955 DANCE ORCH onlyds RIO'GRNIDE -UGn8 as OHIONOVELW BAND.sr150874-3 also Regal Gn9C2as DEIJZADANCE BANA 404512-C alsoPulophone A3C93.and rartunum ua:qlist is fuldy Thomas.-also WARD. 1930.y. 67 BLACK I[MINOES-sides onGennett 5347 ho. whrnwm (bbs). pianist Franh Siewrelli clairns to haue madethis sess ion. i9n.bly ORCHESTRACOAST Huwd (clt/alto). 1928. also Pulonhone 409771-A R620. 170259-7 cdlumbiag4-P. 55 BtX BEIDERBECKE-I?I4I rnt on IIRS 23 (this is aWoluerinessidd. 1929. IL21$74 slnuld be.oun cat rn). BAY STATE BROADCASTERS-39/2 is tale C on Van Dvhe and Godson and tle latter is os BAY STI\TE SYNCOPA?OBS as trcll as the Radiex. q. E-28811shauld be F-28881. 19%. 8670 tqhe A also issued. so should not b in this personnel and he said thnt Paul Weisanuns rnt in the band when he ioined. onlv cs NEWJERSEY Gumdsmon 1892 os SANFRANDANCE ORCH-1816 CI%O DAIICEBAND. Y.'o :$ 0 a ie) o ( also issued. B.u. 19%.. NoueltyAcc. pno. BAJRI!-HuoId Tqft 49 MAYNARD pIWsbuitone sox. rwn-uocal tahes uere also nnde and may hare been issued on GermonBr-ut':swick. 63 Dich' StabilejoinedBemie onltlay 11.E-n338 uocalist is ScroppyLambertas is thnt on bH557 fu which a lihelier date is \4qch. gtr. clt. Clarinet blo. E-24473 recorded Septenber fr.ChampionI54TT is as VICKSBT]RG ?EN.R. amend rnte . cEORcE BELSHAW-tohes ue both A. E-nm| date nnre lihely Decem\er.Februuy(1?). August.Ariel 24541 as ARIEL DANCE ORCLL 4038n-Aalso Ariel4636as ARIEL DANCE ORCH. 53 WALTER BARI{ES-{-%60 "l'4y Kindn Loue (Orn Way full title is " To Puodise) Decemfur(24?). c.rnt be aBailey's Luchy kuen side (also on Chnmnion15U)6as (ThatPersonal title is "Desdemona FriendOf trlirr-)": 9715olso Chnmpion 97 15 as'ffiVEN CHAIIIPIONS. rnte-Coliseum amend 1912 1926.

70190-8 Atmt (na unkrwun) "Jtanp SteodyBlues" OK 8021. 79 HARVEYBROOKS'QUALITY F0lJ&-Leon Herrifcxd and Henry "Tincan" AIIen.and a umietv ORCH-u'ith DANCE BLYTHE-/75U 70 JINII\IY controlnumbers.6649-3also . " Hagu's Blues" OK 80!8. nn. Nouember.dms. tliLlJD-thelritWrial"LouableAndStueet" ! history ophicaL discogr a complic'ated ha.4yself (mx unhrnwn)' OK 8014. 2 alsoissted. 77 3128also Romeo 619 mdl. 16 BROADWAY tohe Aalso issued. CLIFF BRYAN--o/soa pseu&tnym f cr The Trauelers. 78 BROADWAY -10464 also Aco G15163 as OHIO DAI'ICE BAND. 7.sls (?1) 12304. Febr wy.70185-8 801 4-c.u. Pqramatnt . Ci.all theseue probably fum Lanin4irected bandsas nay be the MELODY Brunswichs. Bonner1775 is lahe 2 and also hns mx 5381-2in its unx ! Louers 1178(tohe2) 6648alsoNationnlNlusic a. Perfect15213 wtd HOTEL os BEN FRAIYKLIN PatncYOSZ of matrix. CHARLES DAN'CE BOHEI4IAN BOOTGR--Oriole 347 as Booher's Dixie Gennett6375 is listed in Jazz Band. 7982-A"fuxophane Bhrcs" OK 7983-A " 8017.i or . B'Ottis qs 1258 EMIANBAITID-MelroPole BA\D.ORCH'1N5. 69 BOBORB{JD Bn ). tbn. in Gennptt Ctarhis listedas ChorlieClarh. if rl exisls. 1931 . 8l title. irrcludesOtto BROADLlardwicke(alt).YS prn. clt. "Tlte Hesitatin' Blues" OK 8006..70188-8 "Doum Bv The Old Swimnin' Hole" OK 8017. 80 II{ERRITTBRUNIES-6/3/61t on Aulograph 6lJ arcording lo an Autographsleeue. Vusity 5056 as DICK SON & HISORCH. Jwe 1921.seera abetter date fcr this session.lltltttg ALyfUp andaddtheditto is as 12368 muk for 1026. wthnown JAZZfILAFO.. bbs.?3 PTRRY BRADFORD14n/1430 11283issue also on Brooduay label.68 RLIND ROBER?SON PERCY-lhlsis labelledBLINDPERCY a1d mxsaren138-2 ANDHISBLINDBNVD (c. 1928. add BROWN & TERRY'S !Pt. BROADWAY "Two MAKERS-{dd Pwetone 11284 Time Dan" (Aipinal IndianaFiue)/ 'NiId Popa" Origtnnt Geugia Fiue) SYNCOPATORS both o.2 uersion of this ttne.' o:1UNIVERSIryBOYS' ondJeuel5685 1668 '\DERS.79n'A '"Dorktown StruttersBall" OK 8006.ND as BLIDDY as BUDDY 1058 uld Romeo Cameo9%6 p'tplos arup ms)RCH. .u. catalo"elo as BLYTHEANDBURTON. Botmer Aueust recorded as ?' Ariole Reeal8831 as CINIPII{WJYS. 1q26.6619take 2 olso issu:d. October. 1924."Buddy I ufi tntsnas . " All By l.dger as "Cotntry And nwi irulicate that these ue jozz We'stern" rather thnn or blues performances. September "Yelpins HoundBlues" OK 8018. na arystrophe instrwrentctil. is:l1n (nat3ffi9). "Old Time Orch Play" which le.\lx is ffi21 md tro-mbone 6483 n.e. probablyfulongs to arutther this Much 2.Theperformonce diuidedinto durcemusicu'ith onecLtryus Lany Abbott) so/osbl clorinel(probqbly (TomDorsey).r.sl na issue knoum fum Lonin bandthaugh is liuely bearshis name.e.Puamount (i.4ay. a uocalQ511-ILteing -. q.tirr yt and2542 title is..sI|AS?ER \IELODY MAKERS. ) "CcnI RiuerBhrcs" 1927 Bltes" Street ondnI80-2 "Forrteenth (c.1 & FIIS MARTTN JOHN also Bury1460 I/IARTIN/ & HIS as JOHN as DICK ROBERTVusity 8045 ORCH. tuneis andm Siluertone-this issued 12:!/0 labelled"PuntpTille".sessionmd reputedlyuns Odeon03301and 60233' issued on German " ForeuerWith You".Imperiol 2172 Ooiina !386as ROt llls TEXANS" BLUE A.' no BAND BLYflHESWATIBOARD pyttgns .Arlen.$IS.s ue by a uersions if rnt oll isstted \lr.-BLYTHE is as JINfri4IE Poiirr*t 12376 and ftnt JimmY ANDIllS RAGI'IUFFINS Centwy and2503'1 rnt Roeamuffinsl no.VnE o.82 BUFFALODI.wthrnwn u(ral l sI t s tlarc lct .2-^-. CASTERS-2357 Perfect 15126and Pathe 36945beu rnx uith higher tahes a different 108640-1.iiit qSOZ Jumes ledger It"rin m.lazz" (i. & HISORCH. "Arv'n-In (na wlttnwnl indiana" OK 1921.c. I75I tahe2 also issued iolze JAll{ES *rd Pora ornt 12i07 is labellerl 24fr tahe1 also Sl.

l. ' c o i l \ [ 4 r n \ D P H I i l s h \ r .Y.l ] l i r u ! L a n i n I e[["rsort. "BroumJug Blues"/ Iult.t.000 16" recorded classicals of importance sEND transcriptions. Tlu: fttc:tt .il. th. between 1900 ME YOUR WANTLISTS r WILL EXCHANGE my jazz.t . 10770also Banner 32252. s e L ifs n o t . . . lr t i .scs LONDONSKIE J -PlCC. t onlrc-puncIcd HuIkrr . cnl RohcTt ll ilkins.ECTT0NS I have 450. '.sLittb Ilut J trn. t . :JI . u i t l t l t ' t n 1 c .ntreprPneur. rerssue com[nny r. featues llleTell as a young man in his misi"al prime.uLarr) futs l.a c.u . h e n o n o t h e r { .il 1 tahe olso issued. .l l t t I t .. R e e .ND (L-1002) offars obicure yet (rutskrntlinp piifctrnunces oi each track. l t . T h e r e f o r e .000 of20's & 30's -95% of otprint records records.'RANK IIIINCH{lhdmnion 15398os NEV OIiLi'A\S S?'RI]??ERS.'lomorr llill pTaytnx his hard.eie can be-rn doubt ol McTell as a rnajor l2-string guitar s t yI L s t ..anything singer & 10.r t rad i t ion e s ttt h Li.TRTON-see also tsluesLt.1DI LLI -l MZ.LOCK-9ffi7 also Perfet't12591. l : .". ' s .'iclt as Lluttic Itiloner airl thc 'I\nuilL. radio Army/ & practical ly everything Narry shows ofthe fl's recorded byanyMnd or & 30's.hc uul. .nl1 ra"urd' J etumllc nl'rnurttr\ ntytime.t c li nint lerl xed' yreats C lutrlt c' I'r il ton. f u t t .i .ND.rrrt). Btind *- .s a r e .ri.e.trt ('. Belzona's\lemohis LP .ssharc bt' ippi stylc ii denrnstratetl '['ore1.{uitai are so close.also Romeo 1266 Itoht. s ir.ttr. "\'a:oo" then t. I. .l t < : t ut nilttl. l2299. rutk: thnt Chawion 15581 is as I/IS R{-/BE BA.. In odditionto the re-wite in tfu'lndex.pv1:. rpi' A.4s kt 'the first firi (l]elzona): fAe l/ississippi lllLns (L-1001) i.Canndian [)omirut 510q.J u z z " ) . L) op(n C htttk'niL. The f ifth BelzonaLP.in fact.a domoin uhere rigLLt. ' { t h ' I ' e ' t rer. for the next fne reissres.t l l . t h i . Schneider. . takes. h. blues & personaland hillbilly ityforblues ! JacobS.t.1.'n.\nn.cr. t ) t ..\ lo cnlet lhP b[ue\ reissue field u. and l9S. rough zLticc (lxtclx.li cuunlr) Llucs 'in .y issLpd their first fite "Be[zom" recrnls undcr the Iabel.tt re'l tl^u k . Rt'gol 4955.\rkrntn. s ' i ni i .rtuis irttrr (' tttut I t ' t ' t . . t r . 84 EZRA BUzzINGToN -<uill III|ZZING?'OA/'S RUBEBAND. ' t .is ()corse' Trn l)ickiich . I have 20.d by ()r t sJ n Jazz [. NOW Avenue. 7'ht.st. rtrvl Rubert loltn'. rs 'u rs t lu uc lL uu rt ur r ei \ 'lg ik . l'l(npht: .trAcrl t l{ort.[. . : y . .t h i . l . i l i l l i . 5 . o n u n e r C L.1 r a u . l i r r 4 . r ' .v of this albumi Buildi Bov Hcntkins-his throaty toice and. Ie)i.[uet on || illi.s t o[utile ri"nor Laiked b\ p.. l / r : n r p A l . JOSIISI\IPKI\.lutngcd their rnme tr. unJ. ihe |nphtzard s e r i e . 1o t t \ ( t n c . l .y. records ofthe and 20's r wrr. r . 10024 Willie lfiiTell 1L-lN5). 5anm1 llilL'.tlt" [. l()759-2 also Bonrer 32252.ottcson the s c a n t .'/.t.v llutl r:ontt's lrorn u lrt of lit'irLgttru| good rt lrt. so n l l i s t o r i c a l R e c o r d s ) .Ledce or interest'Lrt blues (i.83 WILUAME "BUDDY " Bt.bothIlsitn rssrn. ' a i c o [ r h r t h r r .4|[en Sluir-lLis rough.hi.nttl I m L(:dL'In t&n Aper 9525os YANKEESIX ORCI/. t \ \ L r t n N 1 1 y .. .000 .uitur diet.sfu.tn llanis' inms. ') Romeo1%6 from unhnown 9.:upcrl' Iins.s. hut sr'n!liyhl. CIIIUK BIII.. .tl r q . 413Ans0edarn NewYorli.A g.lBLrY 30's" coLLover out. . Surbri.i. rt . . ' l l : r ' l o u t t u i ' .ith littLe apporent knai. ' 1 | .heyb6th sound as rl lle) uere rn open G tmrnB. only preients futher sides bt .t [:ur{ Lrtt i.nE00aD$ byCharles LaMoore ln. ss t 1 ' 1 c lurs rmtre rcigtime in lt tirin I/lsil. After this album.\urr llou. the results url of tujor ink:rest to blrcs collectors.\ Gennett'I)124. N. I. Gospel Re(rrds page 100. bru"r1-ue knife suitar.llinnt.s Dclt't suitur st"lc.SA.s l'.Srprlse of this alhunt: tlie great . At s e l c c t t ' r l 7 r ' r r r .s o colIect'iin of DeLn blrcs uhich not. .t i't. in'his .d n o l ) e r L L n rL u L t t o n l e x t s t s J o r ( . tle was neuerlo recaptue Ll lgaln.A 'l'o "lJru h That DearOld Form" l2!qt)-. l"runk Sto[i:s.. 'tntl Kiny S.'rit ( l rL I t 11InE.

theri.pres sings of the other records ofihis tuie mbde after July 13. Silu 3030. Chlg 16Y.: Tvpe A-l: Both^sides A-l: Both sides Both sidesal. and. AGODE LUXE ORCHESTRA: Label Type C: (A) side also onSiIu 6070as bi'FEREM AND PAOLUK (or (X111) 75518(A) TheGreat Titanic P4OULHI): (B) side also on Para -VERNON DALHART: B) Tlb Shi.and ChIe 505.ddiiiotnl.c6ntainthc later master.'utere nwde usinp ustng usins tms this Latrer latdr master. 75505(A) SospiriE Baci (9376A) -???: (B) The'Prisoner's Sone ()147) -V ERNON DALHART: Label'Type A-1: (A) si.P.Chls 319. Chls 165. Thus.a. and ChIe Chle 315. Louis Blues i22z: 5qs-2 )-CHIC: SiIu 3856. 755llU) Motherand Home(9473A1VERNONDALHART.L.. PATTERSON 7551O_UNKNOYfN pressinas of Ch I5I2l 1278A.de also on Ge 5678als'by I. w w.q@_o1_S-ilu 3526 as by THE (X (X1124)-SAME: Tlnt lnt Nguer Neuer Neuer Returned Returned Returned ft1i2A)-SAME 1i2A)-SAME..and a third. 3 1 0 1 .L .It' may slso be that oressinss of ChIe 161 ond Chle 320 nade afterihis'date"contain the-htir ntflster: 75504 (A) Little CId Loe Cabin in thc Lane (12[0il-DAVID hllLLER: (B) I Vish I WasA SineleCirI As.'Ch[e318. remade in 1928 utith masier no.Paramount.bel TypeA-1: (A) side also on Ge 3258. 12784. ' UN: Label Type ???:(B) side on (B)'side"uns_.so also on also on (A) side also Ce SiIu 33l f itnd 3828: (B) St.HEffiIN PANT 2 byJOIIN IufacKENZIE ln the first issue lohn MacKenzie listed and described the known Herwins in the 91)00 and 9.lype Typel. 1928.e (775:612Q-VERNON DALHART: (B) Tlrc Li shtenins ( si c) Express (2I 76-i)-4U Y PHILLIPS: Label Tvoe ? (97024) 75501 (A) The Liehtnins. GEX 755W (A) In the Heart of Hunii (9394. 2!!!1.-FERER'A AND PAAL(B) side also on Ch 15/21. 1f28. (B) ltlother's PiLyers tiaue f ollaned. 75503 (A) ln the Bos.rathertlnn thc mastbr tlnt had orieiwlly beenused.Those GrayValls on Ch 20323. TyoeA-1: Both sid. 316 318: Blues (9647). (778:6080)Waters ZSSWf)l Drantsy Situ 3856.es dlso on Ge 3143 aitd Silu 4OI2:(A) sidealso on ChIe 503: 75517U) .' 311:'(A)'side 755fi) Series-Part 3 ! [. unknown conpany): 75500SERIES: HILLBILLY AND SACRED RECORT}S lllountain Blues 75fr1 (.Chle IN TTM NEXT ISSUE: Hentrin " also on Chls 163. NOTE l: Latir presisrngs of Ce 55BBand Ge 3019nav ilse ma{ter9617.ann ChIs 163.s. Thus. nannely 914a.ase Coach Ahead Wreckof the Old Southern (96i7)SAlrlE: Label TypeA-I: (A)side also on Ce 5675. and Ch. (eBe7B)-VERNON Letter Edeedln Black 9898Ai-SAME: Label TyFeA-l: Both sides also on 755U(A) lesse lames(9717A)-YERGe 3222. (B) SiLuer Sdndsof V'aikiki (93954)-???:Label Type ???i Both sidesalso on Ge 5699'dnd Ce 3024as & M. Ch 15073. is'the initial listing of the little. ahil on Chle 331as by KENNETH "and BARTON. Ge 5588.ChIs"155.Ge 3079. SUONATORI AMBULANTE:(B)'side also on Ge 3030.(A) side also on Ch 15017.' ( sic)-tOH N PAOLUKI : FRAN K F ERFuI Ch 15073.st Tell Them (9716)-SAME:Label qtlQChl6 flZ.(Bfsidq also 6n G.Here.ain (9669)-V ERNONDALH ART: La"be I TypeA-1: (A) side also onCe 3062. 75502(A) The Deathof Flovd CoIIins 08s4A). Louis Music Co=mpany and the Layer Brothersin 1925as a'mail order corirpany to its demisein 1930.ztol9 as by (or FERGUSONI: (B) IOIIN FERGUS side also on Ce 3107and Ch 15035. mister. Wealso reld'the hisrory of Herwin-its beginnings as the ArtophoneCorporatioiin l{18 underthe Schieleffothers throughits merger with the St. also on Chlg. Label Label I^abg!. s o ?55I3_UNKNOWN 755ff(A) The Little Rosawod (96 755r4-LINKNOIIN Cas ket I 6 )-V ERNANDALHART: (B) The NeutRiuer Train (9615)-SAlt4E: 75515-tNKNOilN Label TvoeA-l: Both sidesalso on Ge 3084'bnd Silu 30M: (A) side also 75516 U) Behind.ern'97 " u.Express -VERNON DALI{ART:78) BIue Ridee BLues Mountain 0703A)-SAME:Labil Type A-l: Both sidesalso on Ge 3129and Sflu 3129.'(A)side also onSiht 3856. and Chle 320. Chle 157. (B) side also on ChlE 164 arut ChLg314.3000 series (pressed and labeled by either C'ennett oi Paramount)and the obscure'popular' llerwin 550fi) series.ns asain renide in 1928uith MasterGEX 12544.ls319. Whether wnether or rnl n a. pressjngs I5I2I 15121 mnde after ]uli 13.505.)-???.and Chle 320. (e36sA UILHART )-V ERNON '97 : B ) The 75512 (A) The Churchin the Wild tlqed-7pQ9 b)-ROD EHEA VE R & QUARIETTE. NONDALHART: (B)Iu.' 155.-VERNON DALHART. "The Wrech ofihe'Southern AId '97". ROMANO. (eBe6I-VERNONDALHART: (B) Life and Chle 310. Chls fbl. Chle 164.abel Type: A-1 755I9-UNKNCIITI . (B) side also on Ge qnS and Situ qgiS.i 3238. of TomWason0947)-SAME: L.hlg NOTE: (B)'side"uns 317.' and Chlg C.IIe (7890a)'-HOMER RODEHEAVER: LabelTioe A-I! (A) side also on Ge 4916'And Silu 4p1f as bv RODEHEAVERAND CNTERI^ON QUARTETTE. (B) Thc Runatuay 75520-ITNKNOWN Train (9474A )+SAME: Label Type A-l': Both sides also on Ce 3051anifSilu 4oI8: (B) side also on Ch 15017.4) Blue Rids. & ChIs 3l I : (B) side also oit Ch 1512i.-also canied this Tater master is still subject to proot'.^NOTE: C e.Chle 322: (B) side also on Chlg 165and C-hIg DALHART: (B) The 321. pressinssof Ch 15121 madeafter J LIv 13. Nu.nd. Ch /5/55.ond Ch 150"48. (B ) St. (B) The 'Dream of the MinersChild (9853A)-SAIvlE: Label TvpeA-I: Both sidesalso on Ge (AI side also on ChIs 160.Chle 323. Chls 3197: (B) side 315.Chle 162. on Sili. (82 side also on Chlg Tlnt You Sau tv{e 160. NOTE 2: "The Wreck of the ( tld Souh.9749 b4arsthe sliehtlv altered title.nOno*o Soldiers Graue (B) slde also'o)nCh 20323. 1928. Louis 75509 (A) UNKNOWN: on Chle ChIe 156. f !lnt RED HOTTERS.!. known'hillbilly' HerwinT$00 series (pressed and libeled by C'ennett.

lit rras during t l t r r tt i r r r c .var oftcri found lying on the l1oor.Jr('11 r r1 t u r r l l l u r s u r i tS a t u r d a y r l t L ' n r ( f ( ) nrs i t ' l l i r . r n a d o io f B i g . our particular intcrest. ()nc o[ th"tit .rancing from the rrarticulai tlpc of hcari ailmcnt that fcllcd Charlev I'atton to the brand namc o[ thc guitar plaved by a favored artis[. kno$n to us a as thrl ( ireek Sea Captain.' pl'u-r' ttas uswlly u'cll un. licd tlro:c Saturtlavaftemoons. Ilon l.\ l'eu . l o c ' s i n c l u d i r r si r l G r i t z .'I crut readilt scc how much inf6mration has been the field of uncoveredsince then in 'lbday.ou l. \\ils auglTlcntcdby a number of o t l r e r a l l i e i . Ioe's other pal.) Greek Si:a Caotain could somctimes be obsen'ed trfiinc a bath in a smalI bathtub adioiriing the store.lrc orf r r r o n t h s . antong'thecroud lurd Dronrinertt . l i r n \ l c K u n e (iritz and came irr'from Brooklvn." l ahcl-antl psychology student l. / r r ' ' st c c t t d s t . ant.. collbctors knou'a srcat deal atnut the blucs mcn thcv adnrire. r . but r r r r d o u l r t a bp l rr t t t i n gt h e a f t c m o o n s to sood rr-i'ihrougfi thc double i slrmcntof discussing iazz aceorrrpl rnattcrs and pttssihly cngagng ln an.rru rrurr. t'rrr:cr. 'l'h. tiri othcr days of thc *cek. r e .a l x r r r t l t c r e a r 1 0 1 ) . plalcd r e c o r d ' sd .r'as crtzzled old man uho occasionallY brousht Bis loc a hamburgerfrom thc s"treetEe'low. With Ilcnry as grsiible catiLllst.tu:k ..loc orr Satutlur altenrootts Jt tl)atI rilte .n() onc e\cr saw llip loc sct foot outsidc tjrc store iri'all thc v. a : i u l i l l t c n l a t l \c t o lri.-spbt psychological'fi eld s t u d v) . i s c u s s c da r a r i c t y ' o f ' subiects.r drop in on flie loe's on Sitrrrtlar aftcriro.crr (not as ar id a record collcctoi as the rest of us.. *hich supplcrncrrtcd thc harnburgt'rs brought'ih br thc Geck S'a Calirain. a habit that rc uo la r irtiy r r c r s i : t r ' ds i t l r u n r a r y i r r'g O uz ic tc c [. []lues collcct.'li-t.tf eatlrloginq lacob i'lrneitlcr'.5() rrrarkthc prinre of rny record errllr'ctin. In iecalling scraps o[ conrcrsution fnrnrthosc'days. Ron l.ther sictc of 19..'S<r'l Lou Levy dcscended fr<lmthe Bronx. and I came fronrihe liquor store with a half sallon of muscatel.ubin and iirrr. Wc'all arrired frrm r a r i o u s p a r t so [ t h c c i t y . r.'ars 'Ihe rve knov him.a t f i e l t i r r t e ( ) u t r ' \ e e l l c n t r e i s s u c so n Duttirrg t'reol.rr ilenrr Renardx'orkecl lirr lliq .l a couplcof Rig loe's cronies.. and took carc to avoid stcppingon lloriznntal Abc. and llic l0e had a stairdingordcr with rne"to brirtg a half sallon of Gallo muscatel to the rccord'storecven Saturdat aftcmoon.r.r. often frcsh from a Saturdav aftt'moon ncdding.rrd. and it was necessary to step over hirn in order to get frrvl one batch of records to-another^ Hc rvas knoxn sinrplv as llorizontal Abc.rn-rl. rrhile IJis loe"dozcd intcmrittantly at lris larcd desk in thc hack o[ thc' storc.-rn. We Wed obout lhn slore. At this linp I rvas associated with a liquor storc. t h a t I .ubin arrived later in the afternoon driving the truck of the photographic company he rlorkcd [or. it lx'cunc the'habit oI othcr'blucs collcctors in the arcalanrcs \lcKunc. (lb mylnouledge The Gheek Sea Captain was he put out to sea once Coooften? .-eurson ei. In those A r:ecorlection oi BigJoe'sooo KAUFMAN byPETE . r.

\\'ith the dcsk thus locatcd." a dingy and -.rrc to thefront of tlie store.. .loe's. .gplacc.and cltouqlt to . Occasional ly though.one fl ight ol starrs on a sleazy blocK.loe toleroted thpse fulwdo1' of lcrru x n galher ings amicabiv. urrndcrcdat lcngth howllrs. Onc aftcmoi. and heared him down tfre flisht of stairs lcading to the strcct. rrullifvin-g. F-()rs(mt( r('(Iso/? thc rrenn\ 's cash rc'gister rrI l0e c(nnpi.ecnagers thc rccord hlns. lront ol thc store.iurridst the usual Saturday croud discoursing noisill on viriou. ls recalled by me with-fond appreciation' 'l'here dals rle knew none of this. suddcnly picked ub'Sol Grit.licoccasional thelis . As I say. Prec:isel1'at three O'clcrh cach Saturday altemoon a man named [Job apocarcii at Bie loe's with a suitcase full of dirtvbooks.r'ine. with its "Euerything From notable mot"td Bwh To N4onh. as a lncasure to prcvcnt a contirruationo[ the pilferagc.rrtilr(jr)t sas' o[ten lillctl'to or erflo. If stme of lhp abore gtragrapls sccm to be pokine fun at Big.s topics qule. in closing I'would like to properly halance ihe picture by stating that I will alwavi remembbr loe as one of the nicelt zuvs I havE known' llis store is riow closed. for :rn occlsiorral tlisplal oI suspiciorr oir loc's pan. instcad of tl. e r r i s .as. whereas Bob uas mildly'chastisedif the depictions did irot achieve the eprc ploportions onc. \f ith t-rnccxccption that I remcmber. loe's appcarenccat such nron)cnt:'.rntcd thcm.omins.oritinuctl. ' I i n r \ l c h u n c P t r t t i n gf o r t h tlre appircntl) r alid assunrptttrtt t'Furrl' lg'11 1s ttns ltrrtbottlv a tlrat hairt uut. s c a r c e l vh c ' l d ' a n t ' c o i n s 'lhus. rrhertsDecttlationcenicrcclon l''urry l .rzirrqin thc hack o[ thc strrrc. and the buildins is about to be demolished to makd way for new construction. and no ixnlanation of this forceful tlisplav of irritation was erer forth. . some were nurchasbdif thc action was dcenr6dsraDhic enough. this was an excepiional occirrencc. scarehtngLhnruqh thc to all intr'nts utd appearenccs 0rrlr prospcctirc crirtornersin tlle placc. unprepossessing store"up. niakirrsa sale sometimcs crcated probl'cms.who sar ore'd'fanciful uont6nrplat ion. I rcitcnrber one Saturday aftemoon.\ cerlaln amountol rccirrd pillcragc \\as taLin." loe then retumed to his nap.to of thc chanqc qrcat c\tcrtt thc 1turpo.e. without ." \nd Ilcnry Rcrlard. ihere. Tl'rc lazz Record Center (the actual namdof Big loe's store).r:ttt'r.raslonriidablc. I''or rto*. loe suddcnlr . in that it rlas difficult'to make the corrcct arnount of change. sonre basis I LL.loc tn the sat at'llis tlcsk slunrbcrtng a.lwc iurv sensible persons (as thcsc two youngstersprorcd to hc) into fculul rctrcat froirrthc st()re. These receivcd our propcr attention. Uur knitr*lcdg" of particulars was linrited' Biu . hou. . ri ght ful ly expccted ol sucn matertal.directly bv thc cntrimcc dotlr. Gockett cooketi-the dinner when pipe Darid ['rockctt took the stov^e off to thc rccording srudio.any. hnd dcrirandedlo knrrrr ufiat thev ivantcd.' lfut r. potentlal custonlersarousedJoe's susptcton or displeasure' Illustratrve ol thts was an occufrence on an altemoon .lnfr. ii uas irrurossiblcfor anvone to conte iurd go rriilxrut rrassittgdrrcctlv in front of lli{ loc.tl\ \vcrc two \'ounq t.\ntl orr'onc Saiurdav altr'moon \\c d c c i t l c r lt o n K ) \ e l l i ! l o e ' s h u g c t l c s k [nrrrr thc hack oI th.J it. 'lhe pennies rvould spill overlnto tlrc tjthcr txrmpartmentsrvhich at all.tn' Ilig or Joc. as Joe was seneially pleased to have us Sather .preamble lpparetrt ntotiration.

CA94044 Telephone: 431 [a15] 359-7 VISA@/MasterCard@ ..Box387 Pacifica.O.l'& Multififter Rqlto Reel OTARI FliybackSystems Comptete Custom STYII & CARTRIDGE KITS lG-ith MonksRecord Cleaning Machiry Audio "78" Archival Supplies@ P..not just a classic performanc€. AN INVESTMENT! ToneArms SME Owl.

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