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Cal-Lab Lightning Isolators – Product Brief LIGHTNING ISOLATORS General Guide CLLI Versions
1. Know what your equipment is linked to (such as: Power / TV-Antenna /
Satellite Dish / Analog Or Digital Telephone-Line / Networking) Typical combinations in Home or Office
2. Decide by picking one or more MDLI or CLLI suitable below.

CLLI model Description & features For what? Possible sources of danger from lightning: From Telco
SC0039 c/w 13A plug top, 10cm cable and 1 socket For power supply of air-cond / SATELLITE / TV-ANTENNA / TELEPHONE LINE / POWER LINE
NILI9920F outlet. Fused version is optional. fridge / washing machine / Parallel phone-line
SL-AR(3A)* <*SL-AR(3A) – max. 3Amp. for fridge only> microwave oven
MDSC0039 c/w 13A plug, 1.5M cable + 1 socket outlet Used with multiple outlets at Antenna
SL-AR(5A) & EARTH terminals. Fused version is power supply of multi-input Booster Important:
Via All interconnected equipment
SL9602F** optional. **F = EMI Filter equipment set-up. Micro-filter
SL-MS2+3 c/w 13A plug, 1.5M cable, 2x13A & 3x2-pin Used for power supplies of multiple must only draw power supply
SL-MS4 outlets & EARTH points. Fused version is equipment set up. from one & the same CLLI
(customized) optional. SFTV series (except for Antenna Booster)
SL-MS4+6 c/w 13A plug, 1.5M cable + 10 outlets or 7 outlets Used for power supplies of multiple
Trinity-TP & EMI Filter, with EARTH points. equipment set up. 2
Fused version is optional. SP9201-DAF 1
SC9517 C/w terminal screws & fuse, for DIY interface into Add-on to existing equipment 3
MD-SC3C Power cord. MD-SC3C for professional use. power cord or extension cord. Satellite Decoder
DCJ-cu AC/DC 12 or 24V feed-through LI / with or For Alarm sensor / DC power. Plasma-LCD-TV SL-MS2+3
DCJ-cu+E without DC-jack & socket DVD / VCD FAX-machine
MD-4Ccu Twisted-pair or screw-on in-out for MD-4Ccu Used at Video door-phone / key- And / or
(Data-5V) / MD-4Ccu(+12V) / (+ 24V) / (CB-36V) pad / C-bus. RS-232 Adapter
(in 4 versions) Cordless-phone
MD-8Ccu MD-8Ccu with RJ-45 in-out (All Power from 1-CLLI only)
SP9201D / AR c/w one input socket & one output plug in RJ-11 For Analog telephone or DSL
SP9201-DSL format & Earth wire version for DSL modem Choice of CLLI versions: SF9512-
SP9201-DAF c/w 1 plug & 1 socket for DSL in-out & one CLLI c/w DSL line Filter-Splitter • SL-SC – for power DSL
Analog output socket in RJ-11 + Earth wire replacing ‘Micro filter’ • SP series – tel-line
SD-9623cu c/w Power + RJ-45 in-out using pins 1, 2 & 7, 8 + For 2-pairs Data / leased lines • SF – power + tel-line
(RM93) Earth wire (pins 1278 or customized). • MD-BNC – CCTV DSL-modem
SLAN-1236 c/w one input socket & one output plug in RJ-45 For networking equipment using SD-4C
• SLAN – network cable Router-WIFI
format & Earth wire UTP cable at HUB or Router. Network PC PC-Server ++
• STV – power + TV
MD-BNC c/w one input socket & one output plug & Earth For co-ax cable with BNC or F- Printer (Add SLAN1236)
MD-FC wire connector 0612 ++
MDTV9922 c/w 2 input RF sockets & 1output plug & Earth For TV antenna mixer. May be
MDTV-cu wire. MDTV-cu Decoder or Video extender used as a splitter.
SFTV9822-FC Combination models c/w 1.5M cable & one 13A For Satellite TV receiver with Specs Power section Tel-line version-D TV antenna Satellite Cable
SFTV9622-FC power outlet + FC-connectors + tel-line & Modem, such as astro. Used with Connection 13A / 3-pin P&S RJ-11 sockets PAL-sockets F-type
antenna isolators. (sold without FC-cable) multiple trailing sockets. Current sensor? NA Yes NA NA
SF9512-D / AR Combination CLLI c/w 1.5M cable, 13A Plug & For Fax/MODEM, PC, Cordless Clamping Voltage 275Vrms ~150V NA NA
SF9512-DSL socket + RJ11 in-out sockets. phone. SF9512-DSL for Isolation Means Weak-links Resistive fuse C-coupling Reverse-means
SF9812 SF9812 c/w replaceable SKPX-DSL/AR or D broadband/ISDN Potential Limit ~430V to Earth ~470V to Earth 0V to Earth 0-V to Earth
SD-4C or 8C c/w power & 2 X RJ45 sockets For DTE using UTP – 8 wires or 4
wires at RJ-45 Note:
STV9511 Combination CLLI c/w 1.5M cable, 13A Plug & For equipment set-up including TV • CLLI are sold with Lifetime Service Warranty – see LLSWA
socket + PAL-RF sockets in-out. without Satellite dish
MLPX series Made up of BX / BB / SKPX-modules for TRUNK- For KEY-PHONE / PABX
• Correct installation is vital for equipment & USER safeties!
line or EXTENSIONS • Terms & Conditions in WARRANTY CARD & Thank-you note.
Combination MODELS & Multiple Sockets power For equipment set-up needing • Technical Assistance / Important Info in:
TRINITY outlets. Example – A-V Pack MS3+3 or I-T Pack multiple power socket outlets. Thus
series -MS4+3 or SFTV9622FC-MS2+3 or SL-MS2+3 eliminating the need for trailing SPECS, Prices & CONDITIONS subject to change. Refer to:
Twin-Pack (10 outlets) socket outlets. For help, call / FAX: 06-9517680 / 03-77268680 Email:
PLC-CLLI Power-line Network or PLC-adaptors can now NILI-PLC / NILI-PLC-TWIN / NILI- Service centre: HQ – 30 Lrg. Kurau 9, Tmn Sg Abong, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia.
Power-line share a power outlet with connected equipment, PLC-TRINITY for reducing RF- Non-tampered & lightning-damaged CLLI can be exchanged @ RM25 or less!
network improve connection-rate & safe from lightning. noise & improving connection-rate
Prod. Specs & Install
CAL-LAB Lightning Isolator Cal-lab Lightning Isolator
CLLI is most effective when correctly used at each CLLI
CLLI General Product Specifications equipment setup to create a SAFE-island
At Power Line: (Works best for 220V supply. Versions for 110V available by request)
1 Operating Voltage 100~250 Vac (As Specified) Lightning can arrive any time! Wear rubber shoes & turn OFF power while touching any
2 Let-Through Voltage ~ 275 Vrms (Typical) cable or connector (even though insulated)!
3 Clamping Voltage ~430V
4 Isolation Level Choice of 10A / 5A Fuses optional
5 Static Potential Limit ~470V (To Ground Means) A. Note down all existing connections with a sketch
6 Connectors / cable 13A-3 pins or 5A-2 pins / 3-core AC As specified 1. Note each power supply connection.
cord, 1.5M long or customized 2. Note each connection to the telephone line (if any).
At Telephone Line: (Conform to accepted standards employing RJ-11 or RJ-45) 3. Note each connection to the TV antenna (if any).
# Description Specs Note 4. Note each connection to the Satellite dish (if any).
1 Clamping Voltage ~150V or whenever over-current is DSL customized version B. Turn off the power supply
detected by unique patented circuit clamps at 230V
2 Isolation Delay Depends on surge magnitude After circuit activated
1. Each of the power supply connections you have observed above should be switched ‘off
3 Current Limit 100mA (AR version) / <500mA (others) DSL customized version has ’ and disconnected from the wall outlet.
< AR-version not for caller-ID > no current sensor 2. If each of the power supply connection is connected to one multiple extension-block,
4 Response Time At electronic speed of components After circuit activated then just disconnect the plug top from the ‘wall’ or initial supply outlet.
5 Static Potential Limit ~470V (To Ground means) DSL customized version at C. Read the recommended installation for lightning isolator
<600V to Ground 1. Be sure you understand the instructions.
At LAN Cable: (Isolation-links at each cable conductor will allow up to 1A) 2. Be sure you can identify each item mentioned.
# Description Specs Note 3. Be sure you can identify each connection point mentioned.
1 Clamping Voltage ~9Vp-p for SLAN / SD-8C / SD-4C / MD-BNC for CCTV only
MD-BNC series (customized for LAN) D. Step-by-step installation, if applicable (remember there is danger any time).
2 Static Potential Limit ~470V to Ground means or customized 1. With the power supply remaining at ‘OFF’ position, and all interconnecting equipment
3 Added Impedance ~20 pF (<10 pF can be customized) May cause loss in speed at ‘OFF’ position, connect the multiple extension-block input plug to the output socket of
At TV Antenna Cable: (For co-ax cable & PAL-RF connectors) the CLLI.
# Description Specs Note
1 Isolation Capability 0-mA (DC Isolation Up To 6-KV) or 2-KV to Ground
2. Insert the plug top of the CLLI to the wall outlet, but DO NOT turn ON power yet.
2 RF Signal Loss Negligible (Important – This step must be carried out for added personal safety)
3 Let Through Current 0-mA Up To 6-KV DC 3. Squeeze and remove the telephone line connection at the equipment; then insert the
4 Static Potential Limit 0-V To Ground Means. same plug (RJ-11) into the ‘IN’ socket for tel-line at the CLLI.
At Satellite Dish Cable: (For co-ax cable & F-type connectors. Specs not applicable to non-Isolation 4. With the RJ-11 plug-to-plug cable provided, connect one end to the ‘OUT’ socket at the
version. LNB Protection is not attempted) CLLI and the other end to the equipment where you have earlier removed the plug from.
# Description Specs Note 5. Slightly rotate and remove the TV antenna cable from the equipment and insert it
1 Signal Loss 1 ~ 5% (by added cable & connectors) Full Isolation version
onto any one of the RF-sockets at the CLLI. Then reconnect the cable from the other
2 Isolation Means Built-in Isolation circuits Cause ~1% loss
RF-socket to the equipment ‘ANT’ input.
3 Let Through Voltage ~20V ac/dc Let through current: 1A
4 Static Potential Limit 0V To Ground Means Full Isolation version 6. Unscrew the F-connector cable (leading to the Satellite dish) from the equipment and
fasten it to any one end of the F-connector at the CLLI. With the F-connector cable or
Patent Reference Test Reference Type Approval Twist-On-Plug provided, reconnect between CLLI and the equipment.
• U S Patent #5675468 • Sirim Test #EMCL-M0001 • SAFE PHONE TAJC/04A/0992/S 7. Check to ensure POWER to each interconnected item is taken via the same CLLI and
• Malaysian Patent # 111139-A • Sirim Test #EMCL-99011 • TJP9633 LAEA/22A/0599/M every ‘outside connection’ (such as to telephone line, TV antenna and/or Satellite dish) is
• SFTV LAEA/23A/0599/M
• China Patent #Zl 95 1 18324.9 • Sirim Test #2000EMC020 also via the same CLLI. (LAN cable must be isolated & grounded)
• SF9812 LAEA/24A/0599/M
• Sirim Test #2000EMC080 • MLPX9708 LAEA/25A/0599/M 8. When everything is correct, switch ‘ON’ the CLLI power supply at the wall outlet and
• IVAT Test (1998 • SF9512 LAEA/26A/0599/M switch ‘ON’ the equipment one-by-one. (Otherwise, the CLLI may blow!)
• Sirim Test #2004EMC098 • SD9623 LAEA/27A/0599/M
• Others (On Request)
* Get expert help if you encounter any problem *
.Specifications & Prices subject to change.
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