Chief Picheito Tanner. (b.c. 1802 - d.

Picheito Tanner (dit Thomas DeCorby Tanner) was the eldest son of ohn !hawshawwabanaase "#alcon$ Tanner (The %hite &ndian) and his !a'ltea'( wife) *ed !+y of the ,ornin-1. ohn #alcon Tanner wor+ed for the .merican #'r Com/any and in the 1820s was em/loyed as an inter/reter at ,ac+inac and then !a'lt !ainte ,arie. Picheito was born circa 1800 at *ed 0a+e) ,innesota Territory. There were two da'-hters as well) b't nothin- is +nown of them. Picheito was the !a'ltea'( chief of the Porta-e la Prairie 1and. .rchdeacon Cochran states that when he arri2ed in Porta-e la Prairie in the early 1830s both Picheito (&ma-e) and .ta+awinin (4ambler) were li2in- there as /ermanent residents (4arrioch) 15267 58). The historical record indicates that Chief Picheito Tanner mo2ed west into the .ssiniboine *i2er 2alley) from Porta-e 0a Prairie 2ery soon after his half-brother *e2. ames Tanner was +illed in 1870. Picheito was +nown at 2ario's times as 0ittle Pheasant) Pheasant Tail or *'m/) 0e Cro'/ de Pheasant and 9ahawananan. Picheito married ,arie ane 0edo'() the da'-hter of ean 1a/tiste 0edo'( and ,adeleine %ehnash+ in 186: at T'rtle ,o'ntain near what is now 1elco'rt) 9orth Da+ota. ,arie was born in 1820 at T'rtle ,o'ntain.2 Their children were7 • .le(ander "Pa-ma-na-way-a-sh'way$ Tanner born circa 1880. .le(ander Tanner (b. 1880) son of Pecheto and 9e-;o-te-+we) he entered treaty with <ellow ='ill>s 1and and was /aid as 1and 9o. 123) 4ambler>s 1and. ?e was li2in- in *olla) *olette Co.) 9orth Da+ota when he a//lied for dischar-e from treaty) he lists himself as a laborer and h'nter. %ith his Cree wife) Carioline 1one) he lists children ose/h (17)) &sabel (1:) and .n-eli@'e (8) and with wife !arah ?ines) he lists Charles (1:)) ,oise (13)) 0a -la--- (8) and eremiah (1) Thirteen deceased children by both wi2es are listed. ean 1a/tiste Da2is and ,is+o/inais (*ed Th'nder) ,. . *olette si-n his a//lication. %ife !arah Tanner a//lies too. 4ambler ".ta+awinin$ Tanner born circa 1882. 4ambler Tanner was also +nown as) .ta+awinin or Atahaoman or /ossibly ames. ?'-h ,cBay) former Chief at


ohn #alcon Tanner was also married to Theresa 0a2allee abo't 1803. Theresa was born abo't 1780C1750. They had the followin- children7 • *e2. ames Tanner was born abo't 1811. ?e died on 10 December 1870. • ose/h DBe-she-sha-way DTanner$ was born abo't 1803C1813. • ,artha .nn Tanner was born abo't 1808 in !a'lt !te ,arie) Antario. 2 0edo'() ,arieE address7 !andy 1ay) %estbo'rneE claim no. 1868E born7 1820 at T'rtle ,o'ntainE father7 (,Ftis)E mother7 %ehwash+ (&ndian)E married7 186: at T'rtle ,o'ntain to Tanner Pettitoo) then to Petto+ahan and then in 18:2 to 9ahwahtchewe+a/ow) deceasedE children li2in-7 .le(is TannerE 1asile Tanner) ,arie TannerE .n-Fli@'e Tanner) ean Tanner) #ranGois Desmarais or Petto+ahan and .'-'stin !tarrE children deceased7 1E scri/ for H1:0.00.


%aywayseeca//o) says that the correct s/ellin- of 4amblerIs &ndian name is Adit-ta--ay-win-nin. • Jdward ".hchecha+oonce$ Tanner (c. 1885-1517)) ado/ted by Picheito) was act'ally the son of Baybayway and 9ah-a'nah@'ah'mo. ?e left ,anitoba in the 1870s and settled at %hite Jarth *eser2ation in ,innesota.?e married 9owe-wance (b. 1883) and had children 4eor-e (c. 1850)) 0iKKie (c. 1852)) ohn (c. 1853)) 9eshw'be@'ance (c. 1857)) ,ary (c. 1858) and ,ar+.

4eor-e %alters) Jdward Tanner) Bah--on-da'sh and 9ashota) circa 1500 a Chi//ewaCA;ibway Dele-ation to %ashin-ton • 1aKile7 1aKil and his wife JliKabeth had childrenE !adie Tanner and ,arie Tanner) born 1872 at !t. #rancois La2ier.

Children of Picheito and ./-/a-t's (b. 1862) • Thomas "Ba-Bee-%ay-como$ Tanner (born ,ay 1883). Tommy was admitted to Treaty with <ellow ='ill>s 1and. Then was 9o. 108 4ambler>s 1and. ?e was the son of Pe-ch-to) and .h-/a-t's (9o. 52 4ambler>s 1and)) drew treaty /ayments at %inni/e-) 1873) then twice at Cy/ress ?ills) the 1881-1856 at ,a/le Cree+ with 4ambler>s 1and. ,arried circa 1876 then formally in 'ly 1850. ?e married ,ar-aret Polette (b. an'ary 1838). !he was from !hoal *i2er then Cote *i2er)


the da'-hter of ose/h Polette (.merican) and 9ay-@'a-too+. They drew /ayments at Cy/ress ?ills in 1878) 1875 and 1881-1856 at ,a/le Cree+. Thomas withdrew from Treaty on ,arch 27) 1858. !he withdrew from Treaty on ./ril 18) 1858. Their son ose/h born 1873 was trained as a blac+smith at residential school. December 60) 1500 chief .ste+eesic of %aywayseeca//o re@'ests that widow Thomas and family. • ose/h "Bissoway$ (1ri-ht !tar) Tanner) born 1822) was the son of Picheito Tanner and .h-/a-t's (9o. 52 4ambler>s 1and). Basheshaway (Bissoway) was a trader and frei-hter on the !t. Pa'l-Pembina %inni/e- ro'te) he was +nown to ha2e as many as 200 *ed *i2er carts on the road at one time. ose/h first married .n-Fli@'e Clermont and they had a da'-hter) ,arie born in 1882 at #ort Jllice. ,arie married ean 9olin of !t. Mital. ose/h Tanner then married Chief <ellow ='illIs sister and was a member of <ellow ='illIs band. They had one da'-hter) 'lie) born in 1885 at Porta-e la Prairie. !he married ohn %ells of !t. #rancois La2ier. .fter marria-e 'lie li2ed at the Dirt ?ills. ose/h died in 1857 at the Croo+ed 0a+e *eser2e in what is now !as+atchewan. Tanner) 'lieE address7 1attlefordE born7 1885 at Porta-e la PrairieE father7 ose/h Tanner or Be-she-sha-wayE (,Ftis)E mother7 sister of Chief <ellow ='ill (&ndian)E married7 !/rin-) 18:5 at !t. #rancois La2ierE to ohn %ells rE children li2in-7 !alomon) ohn) .le(ander and &saacE children deceased7 .braham and ,arie .thaliaE scri/ for H1:0.00E claim no. 852. Picheito and ,arie 0edo'( se/arated sometime before 1830) he was then married to ,arie .n-eli@'e 9es+o-te-+oway 0edo'(. • .n-eli@'e) born 1830. !he married ose/h Deschena'( in 18:5 at !t. 1oniface. Tanner) .n-eli@'eE address7 1attle *i2er !ettlementE born7 1830 near CarltonE father7 DeCorby Tanner alias Petitto (,Ftis)E mother7 .n-eli@'e 9es+o-te-+oway (,Ftis)E married7 18:5 at !t. 1oniface to ose/h Deschena'(E children li2in-7 ,arie .nne) Patrice) ean 1a/tiste) Thomas) 1eatrice and !alomonE children deceased7 .n-eli@'e) JliKa) %illiam ohn and ,arie .delineE scri/ for H1:0.00E claim no.1:2. Signatory to Treaty 1 Picheito was a leader of his mother>s /eo/le) the *ed 0a+e !a'ltea'() who li2ed in the %hite ?orse Plains) Porta-e la Prairie Delta area. Picheito li2ed in the lar-est ho'se in Porta-e la Prairie) near the main road leadin- into the settlement (/resently the corner of Crescent .2e. and 1roadway). ?e had many so'2enirs in his home) s'ch as -lass candlestic+s and mechanical toys) which he bro'-ht bac+ from his many tri/s to the Nnited !tates. ?e was +nown as a man with a taste for ele-ance and comfort. ?e is tho'-ht to ha2e been the Chief) Nahawananan) who si-ned Treaty 9o. 1 on .'-'st 6 rd


1871. !ometime after this) he too+ his band to the #ort ='>.//elle re-ion and died there aro'nd 1872. ?is chieftanshi/ thereby /assed to his son 4ambler Tanner. D'rin- the 1870s) Picheito>s other sons attached themsel2es to a -ro'/ of their ,etis relati2es who were ma+in- a last attem/t at the b'ffalo robe trade. They followed the b'ffalo robe trade west to the 2icinity of 1'ffalo 0a+e .lberta) then so'th into ,ontana. They were e2ent'ally forced o't of ,ontana by N! troo/s (e(ce/t for the Plains-A;ibway who remained on *oc+y 1oyIs reser2e). . n'mber of these h'nters then con-re-ated at the Cy/ress ?ills near #ort %alsh. . n'mber of Tanners a//ear on the Treaty .nn'ity Paylists at ,a/le Cree+ !as+atchewan. The Tanners are re/orted to ha2e mo2ed from there to !il2er Cree+ to ;oin their brother 4ambler in the early 1880s. Three other families also mo2ed to 4ambler *eser2e from ,a/le Cree+ abo't the same time7 namely) andrew) Ba+aneeshi+ and ,a@'a (1lac+ 1ear). Cowessess and the balance of the Plains A;ibway where e2ent'ally /ers'aded to mo2e from Cy/ress ?ills to the ='I.//elle Malley beca'se the .merican -o2ernment was /ress'rin- Canadian a'thorities not to settle them alon- the N! border.

Jdited and Com/iled by 0awrence 1ar+well Coordinator of ,etis ?erita-e and ?istory *esearch 0o'is *iel &nstit'te


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