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Dewi Syaireezan_ STRENGTHS Paper 1 ( Multiple Choices Question - 40% ) - The questions tested were very easy. - The highest mark is Marni, 31/40. CLASS: 3 Emas

WEAKNESSES Paper 1 ( Multiple Choices Question - 40% ) - Mostly weak in rational cloze questions (Section B). - Lack in vocabulary : didnt know the meaning of the words. - Lack in understanding of the questions given. Paper 2 ( Section A : Directed Writing 25% ) - Very weak in elaboration on points given. - Total Lifting. - Stringing / hanging sentences. - Spelling mistakes. - Unable to include GEE / idioms in their composition. - Arif, Bruno and Yu Kwang Seng did not answer this question. ( Section B : Literature Component 15% ) Question 1 - Most of the Ss only scored 1 mark. - 2 Ss left the questions blank. Question 2 - 5 questions did not answer this question. -Many of the Ss answered the questions but did not score good mark. ( Section C : Summary 10% ) - the question was quite difficult for their level. - Weak in using their own words. - Tracy still summaried in two paragraphs.

Paper 2 ( Section A : Directed Writing 25% ) - Had done revision on how to write a report (annual activity). - some of them could elaborate the points given grammatically.

( Section B : Literature Component 15% ) Question 1 - Had done revision on all questions given.

Question 2 - Had done revision on all questions given. - Sikman scored 13 out of 15 marks : good explanation and organization of sentences. ( Section C : Summary 10% ) - majority of the Ss could find 4points from the passage.

OPPORTUNITIES / Strategies - Tr needs to identify each of their Ss weaknesses and find suitable ways to help them. -Tr needs to be fully committed in teaching the Ss. -Tr needs to be patient and never give up to help their Ss. - consider doing error analysis with the Ss after each marking session. - consider providing intensive practice on selected

THREATS - The Ss attitude themselves : laziness- not bothering about the teaching and learning sessions in the class, never try to do or finish the exercises given in the class and rather sleep instead of listening to the Trs explanation. - Do not respect their teachers. - Many reminders to the Ss especially on the techniques to answer each section for both papers.

grammatical items. - teach the weaker Ss the baby step to writing. - encourage the Ss to read extensively. - provide the Ss with a list of idioms that easy to remember. - wise memorizing of a sample essay (free writing question) for the weak Ss : give various adjectives/pronouns to make the essay different from each other. - Additional classes / MaCS classes. - More exam oriented practices. - Motivation talk and counseling.

- Lim Ban Teck, Yu Kwang Seng, Raymond Kuan and Bruno (Lee Tat Ming and Bonsend-sometimes) ignored the p&p in the classroom. - Unable to finish all exercises given in class.