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Protect Life Now

June 2011


A heinous crime of stealing and destroying the lives of innocent people.

Public awareness needs to be raised about a horrendous crime that is steadily increasing in our society. The following offers an explanation and opens discussion about how Organized Harassment starts, persists and effects society. Organized Harassment is defined as systematic and continuous harassment of a person by a group of individuals. This is an umbrella term that also includes bullying, office mobbing, and stalking.

Stalking is one of the safest crimes to commit because the victim is responsible for gathering evidence for a crime that needs outside intervention to catch the criminal(s). The initial methods used by the stalkers are often “benign” to avoid detection by those other than the victim. However, it is harmful enough to terrorize the victim.

Help Raise Public Awareness About The Damaging Effects Of Organized Harassment
Help Raise Public
Awareness About The
Damaging Effects Of
Organized Harassment

The crime can be committed in public, broad daylight and in full view of others without the stalker fearing detection. However, if serious action is taken to assist the victims of stalking, it can be stopped with no more effort than any other crime. The main reason why it takes so long to stop stalking is due to the amount of time it takes for a victim to get assistance from the authorities and others.

Stalking, especially gang stalking, is under reported due to difficulties in collecting evidence without assistance and the possibility that the victim may be accused of suffering from paranoia or some other mental illness. Many victims have this experience when seeking assistance from the authorities or others. Their complaints are not taken seriously or nothing is done. Unfortunately, those involved in stalking, especially gang stalking, know this and continue to commit the crime for years. Gang stalking will be the focus of this exploration of stalking.

Terms Stalking Safest crime to commit due to the victim’s difficulty in gathering evidence without
Safest crime to commit due to the
victim’s difficulty in gathering
evidence without assistance.
Gang Stalking
Stalking by multiple people. The
gangs usually consist of random
strangers, neighbors and familiar
Targeted Individual
Common reference for the person being
stalked by the gang. Also known as a TI.
The calculated, organized and continuous
attack on a TI.
The calculated, organized and continuous attack on a TI. “ Of the 446,790 episodes of stalking

“ Of the 446,790 episodes of stalking committed by 3 or more persons, 4 in 10 were committed by the offenders working together.” Freedom Of Information Request No. 10-00169 To The Department Of Justice

Protect Life Now

June 2011

Four Main Segments Of Gang Stalking

In gang stalking, the person being stalked is commonly called a Targeted Individual (TI). The process of harassment is called a “campaign” against the TI. An online search may lead to various descriptions of many methods and effects of gang stalking. Some are deliberately outrageous in order to deter any serious consideration of the issue but make no mistake this is a serious crime that terrorizes and tortures people. However, the perpetrators can commit these crimes with little to no fear of detection or punishment. Gang stalking consists of mainly three crimes although additional crimes are probably committed during the campaign. The three crimes involved are voyeurism, harassment and stalking. Other crimes committed in gang stalking are fraud, rape, defamation, assaults, perjury, etc. There are different segments of gang stalking that often intersect. The four main segments are Community, Corporate, Criminal Administration, and Military.

A quick search on gang stalking may bring up information on CIA, COINTELPRO, Voice-To-Skull technology and other claims of secret government experimentation on TIs. This is considered the military segment. These claims are supported by government patents for non-lethal devices that are capable of sending messages to the nervous system, the Military’s Psy-Ops division and past government involvement in covert experimentation on civilians.

The Criminal Administration segment involves the use of gang stalkers to silence those who report corruption within the Criminal Justice System or aid the police’s attempts to infiltrate criminal activities.

The Corporate segment is based on the use of gang stalkers to silence whistle blowers, those who file lawsuits against the business or others who pose a legal/financial risk to the corporation.

On the Community level, members of the community or general public gang stalk a person for any reason. Reasons stem from the person just being an easy target, disputes, rivalries, unwanted neighbors, physical or ethnic differences, plain dislike, orders from the other segments, etc.

Currently, the Community and Criminal Administration segments are the most detrimental to society.

Criminal Community Administration Corporate Military

Segments often overlap with the community supplying the workforce for the campaign

The focus will be on the community and criminal administration segments because these seem to coincide often and are the most detrimental to society at this point in time. The segments are not distinct and often overlap. The community usually supplies the workforce for the campaign by using influential locals to recruit, follow, harass and spread misinformation about TIs. The recruits report to their “handlers” who in turn report to their own “handler”. The street team may not know the person or people in charge of the operation. Information is usually released on a need-to-know basis and in some cases stalkers are unknown or appear unknown to each other.

Protect Life Now

June 2011

Psychological attacks are used to induce mental illness.

Psychological attacks can be an effective weapon against TIs. In February 2011, several news sources reported that “the U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in ‘psychological operations’ to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war,” (Rolling Stone, ABC News, MSNBC). The military has a special division called Psy-Ops that launches psychological warfare during international conflicts. “According to the Defense Department’s own definition, psy-ops– the use of propaganda and psychological tactics to influence emotions and behaviors– are supposed to be used exclusively on ‘hostile foreign groups.’ Federal law forbids the military from practicing psy-ops on Americans, and each defense authorization bill comes with a ‘propaganda rider’ that also prohibits such manipulation. ‘Everyone in the psy-ops, intel, and IO community knows you’re not supposed to target Americans,’ says a veteran member of another psy-ops team who has run operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. ‘It’s what you learn on day one.’" (Rolling Stone, ABC News, MSNBC). Gang stalkers use similar methods to drive the target crazy, pressure the target to commit crimes, provoke attacks on gang stalkers and/or bystanders, or commit suicide. Be aware that gang stalking is not new and borrows heavily from the methods used to deter the Civil Rights Movement and during the advent of Nazi Germany. The person may be subjected to attacks on their homes, in public, on their health, on their career, relationships, and other parts of their lives by random stalkers. Gang stalkers may identify themselves to the target by attempting to sensitize the target to certain signals but will not directly admit involvement when confronted by the target or non-gang members. It is similar to discrete signals that pedophiles use to let their routine victims know of their intentions or remind them of previous incidents. False rumors that the TI is mentally ill usually precede the attempts to actually drive the target crazy. The first phase of the psychological attacks is to make a perfectly sane TI appear mentally ill to others. Then stressors, street theater, stalking and sabotaging the TI’s efforts are used to coerce the development of mental illness. It’s a strange twist where those who most likely have mental disorders attempt to make others mentally ill.


The campaign involves information gathering where the TI’s friends, family, coworkers, adversaries and others are contacted. The stalkers have been known to gain access to TI’s tax, federal school loan, and other information that is under law to be kept confidential. This is possibly done through other stalkers who work within these offices, hacking into databases, hacking the TI’s computer and monitoring computer activities, or various other methods. When gang stalkers work in places where information is under law to remain confidential yet they share it to fulfill their gang’s goals, the integrity of federal and private systems are compromised. The gang stalkers use the information to torment the target, often sharing the information with other stalkers who then publicly discuss the information within the TI’s hearing. The stalker who receives the information can share this information with anyone and use it to recruit

more people. Lies, half-truths and other forms of misinformation are used to encourage others to disrespect and become hostile to the TI. This is usually done in public by stalkers that the TI doesn’t know. If confronted, the gang stalker will deny the accusation or involvement but will use the signal to let the target know that they belong to the group. The signals are usually ‘benign’ so as to make the target appear crazy or immature when trying to explain to others what is going on. Most of the stalkers are average people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, gender and ages. In addition, people who have committed violent crimes are given information about the target and encouraged to intimidate the target. This is supposed to put the target in an increased state of danger and anxiety.

Protect Life Now

June 2011

A TI reported that in seeking help with suicidal thoughts caused by the

campaign, the suicide hotline operator stated that he couldn’t think of a reason for the TI not to commit suicide. This isn’t a criticism of suicide hotlines; there are many competent and effective suicide prevention counselors. Another TI reported calling 911 and reaching an answering machine. These incidents make a few points: there is not enough training on how to assist suicidal TIs or this is just another way that gang stalkers continue their attacks. TIs have reported having their phone calls intercepted or redirected. It is possible that once a

TI's number is known, the stalkers can make sure that all calls lead to a stalker working wherever the TI contacts. The technology for having certain customers’ calls redirected to specific people is used regularly by call centers and other businesses. Gang stalkers have exploited this technology for use in their campaigns so that a TI is treated disrespectfully, misinformed when seeking assistance for the stalking,

or given the run around. The target is kept in the dark about what is

being done or said so that it is hard to put up a defense. The purpose

is to discredit and isolate the target so that people will believe the

person is crazy or lying when they seek assistance. Then the members can move from the “benign” forms of harassment to more violent forms with little fear of the TI receiving assistance.

The gang stalkers try to isolate the target from friends and family through threats, favors, misinformation and various other means. Whoever is contacted is told not to tell the TI of the conversation. Once isolated, terrorized and in a dire financial situation, stalkers pose as sympathetic people to further infiltrate the TI's life. While this is happening, the stalkers attempt to get the TI into an area where they are dominant in order to continue their heinous attempts to destroy the TI. It becomes a form of enslavement where the stalkers decide who the TI interacts with, where the TI works and what the TI does. The TI faces increased psychological and physical assaults if they try to break free. Remember that the TI’s private information can be given to ex- offenders and mentally unstable members of the group. When the Criminal Administration segment is involved, the TI will receive little assistance and stalkers are more likely to attack the TI knowing a police officer is part of the campaign. It is clear how a female TI can face a high degree of danger and risk of all kinds of abuse. It should also be clear how once a TI is manipulated into the stalkers’ territory and is discredited by accusations from seemingly unconnected people, crimes against the TI go unreported or unpunished. This is happening

to many victims of this horrific crime in the most exclusive to the most

impoverished environments. Some TIs are able to maintain their support systems but still suffer financial setbacks and manipulation

into areas densely populated by stalkers. Too many times the police won’t assist the TIs and the cycle continues.

Constant Surveillance 3 Tapping, Redirecting and Intercepting TIs often report that their phones are tapped.
Tapping, Redirecting
and Intercepting
TIs often report that their
phones are tapped.
Many have noticed that
their calls are being
redirected or intercepted.
One TI reported getting
an answering machine
after dialing 911.
Gang stalkers attempt to
isolate the TIs from their
friends and family. Once the
TI’s support system is
compromised, the gang
stalkers try to force the TI
into areas densely populated
by stalkers. The stalkers then
launch bolder attacks and
attempts to discredit the TI.

Protect Life Now

June 2011

The TI is constantly watched and their location is reported at all times so that a gang stalker within the vicinity can harass the person or give the signal to let the TI know that the gang knows where they are. If the Criminal Administration segment is involved, there is a consistent police presence wherever the TI goes. Although innocent, the TI is treated like a criminal. If members of the Criminal Administration system are involved there is increased risk of false arrests, police misconduct and wrongful convictions. Wherever the TI goes, usually a large group of stalkers suddenly surround the nearby area. This may happen for years with goals that the TI will:

Go insane.

Commit suicide.

Become violent or commit criminal acts against a gang stalker so that the stalker can press charges.

Develop mental or physical illness from all the stress and pressure of being terrorized. Gang stalkers also use office mobbing. The stalkers start a campaign in the office setting in the same way that they do with their street team. Some of the people in the office usually aren’t aware that they are involved in a gang stalking campaign. These participants act out against the target for their own malicious reasons, which doesn’t excuse their involvement but sheds some light on the composition of the office group. The target is subjected to consistent disrespectful, taunting and irritating behavior all intended to make the target get fired for committing a violent act or force the person to quit.


There should be a change in the law’s definition of suicide in response to gang stalking, bullying and other kinds of abuse. In light of the goals of gang stalking, the law should be updated to acknowledge the two forms of suicide. To date, suicide is only defined as the act of taking one’s own life. The assumption is that it is always a voluntary act. However, there are many incidents where a person is driven or coerced into suicide to escape harm, torture or torment. In these cases the person or group that coerced the suicide should be held responsible. In the case of gang stalking, the stalkers attempt to drive the person to suicide with premeditated, calculated, consistent psychological, financial, and sometime physical attacks. The stalkers prefer this method because the person is blamed and they will not face any penalties for their deliberate attempts. However, if the TI has sought help for these furtive attacks and committed suicide due to the effects of the stalkers actions, the stalkers should be held accountable. There are details that need to be worked out but it all starts with taking the first step to address the horrendous crime of gang stalking and its consequences.

Protect Life Now

June 2011

TIs are robbed of their freedom and lives. Their mind, health, career, and relationships are constantly under vicious attack. While the original enemy may be one person, this person has spread their hatred

and hostility to other gang stalkers who do the “dirty work” of trying to destroy the target. Like drug dealers, the gang stalkers recruit children, teens, criminals, “professionals”, and others to join their gang or campaign. The set up is similar to the way that drug dealers start and grow their narcotic campaigns.

The recruits are made to feel a through misinformation and the for them to harass or intimidate also consists of people who are pillars of society so the new doing anything wrong or illegal. of employment where the more that these stalkers are abusing They are destroying the integrity

members are not allowed to talk to or get to know the TI unless it is strictly for information gathering. Even then they must not sympathize with the TI or face retaliation from the group. Like street gangs or mobsters, gang stalking is easy to get in and difficult to get out. Some members want to leave but don’t

know how to do so safely. In this way not only is the TI under psychological attack but the members also have to deal with the pressures of gang commitments, concealing illegal activities and making sure not to upset their handlers. During recruitment, some members know exactly what they are getting into while others don’t know until it’s too late.

their position to aid in criminal activity.

false sense of familiarity with the TI protection of the gang makes it easier the person. Unfortunately, the group supposed to be model citizens or the recruit may think that they are not This isn’t to imply that the entire place prestigious stalkers work is corrupt but


and reputation of their office. The

Gang Stalkers & Antisocial Personality Disorder

While gang stalkers come from all ethnicities, economic backgrounds, genders, education levels and ages, most share a common mental disorder called Antisocial Personality Disorder which allows them to commit this heinous crime. “Antisocial Personality Disorder is specifically a pervasive pattern of disregarding and violating the rights of others and may include symptoms such as breaking laws, frequent lying, starting fights, lack of guilt and taking personal responsibility,” (MedicineNet). Upon further investigation some probably suffer from Psychopathic symptoms. “[Psychopathy] implies that it wreaks more havoc on society than most other mental illnesses do, since the disorder primarily involves

reactions against the social environment that drag other people into its destructive web

anxiety wrought by antisocials (psychopaths) tragically affects families and communities, leaving deep "

physical and emotional scars

by the gang stalkers is that the TI is mentally ill. It is ironic that those who maliciously inflict psychological attacks on innocent individuals can make this claim. This is the nature of those affected by these disorders. However, the gang stalkers’ goal is to discredit and silence TIs so that the gang stalkers

can escalate the abuse without fear of punishment.

The despair and

(Donald W. Black, MD). The most common accusation used against TIs

Protect Life Now

June 2011

Gang stalking raises many questions and concerns about where our society is headed.

What else is done with the private information collected about the TI?

Since the information is given freely to other stalkers, can these activities be linked to increases in identity theft?

How does gang stalking facilitate other crimes?

What does it cost America to assist TIs who develop mental illness due to being terrorized?

What about the cost of TIs who are forced to go on public assistance because the stalkers sabotage their job seeking efforts or break down their support system?

If the victim is deliberately harassed and pressured into violence, does punishing the victim resolve the problem?

What if the TI’s plea for assistance to stop the harassment was ignored? Why was it ignored?

Do the real culprits go free to seek another victim?

How does that reflect on the Criminal Justice System?

Is the community really safer now that the victim has been punished?

What effect does it have on the integrity of law enforcement and other government positions occupied by people who participate in gang stalking?

If aware of these activities, do people feel safe seeking assistance from the police?

How safe are our communities, if gang stalking continues undeterred?

Gang stalkers usually target innocent people, does this encourage criminal behavior?

How many people know what’s going on but are afraid to speak up?

Does this have a negative affect on them?

Do gang stalkers suffer from mentally illness? If so, what assistance can be provided so that they don’t engage in these destructive activities?

Why would someone become a gang stalker?

What happens to gang stalkers who no longer want to participate in this crime?

Since children and teenagers are recruited, how does this encourage bullying in schools and school violence?

What does this teach the youth about dealing with conflict, obeying the law and respecting other people’s rights?


The first step to finding answers to these questions is acknowledging and investigating the gang stalking crime.

Protect Life Now

June 2011

The gang stalking campaign presented is just one of many methods that can be used. Most of the gang stalking methods are simple and similar to the activities of street gangs and mobsters. Consequently, the same methods used to capture street gang and mobsters can be used in breaking down the gang stalking units. TIs are an invaluable tool in investigating these criminal activities. The elusiveness of stalkers may seem daunting but once these gangs are seriously investigated something can be done to stop this. The biggest concern is that methods used are simple and inexpensive enough for any gang stalker to start their own copycat gangs. Unfortunately, this is occurring and making the problem worse. Please remember that the recruits include criminals and teens. These two groups can easily build a gang stalking unit quickly. Although the demographic of the members is diverse, most stalkers have Antisocial Personality Disorder or Psychopathic traits that allow them to commit this crime with no remorse. The people who orchestrate and commit these crimes are mentally disturbed individuals who need help or they will get bolder with every innocent person who falls to their campaigns.


Organized harassment affects everyone. No one, not even the gang stalkers, are safe from becoming a TI. A look at TI testimonies can show that the campaigns have taken place in the most prestigious to the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods. The Nazis and other hate groups started to eliminate those who posed a threat to their movement this way. Street gangs and mobsters also increased their territory in a similar way. The state of the country and the recession has left some people angry and looking for a scapegoat to take their problems out on. It is a critical time that decides where our society goes from here. Remember that this crime is occurring even in the safest neighborhoods, do we want to allow a gang stalking pattern to be set during these vulnerable times? Can America be united with a growing subculture that terrorizes whom it pleases without consequences? If gang stalking persists, there will be an erosion of individual freedom, which ultimately jeopardizes the promise of freedom that is the symbol of America.

For more information, please email Protect Life Now at:

please email Protect Life Now at: References: The following discussion is based on experience,

References: The following discussion is based on experience, testimonies and information from various sources including the following: Gang Stalking World, Rolling Stone, ABC News, MSNBC,, Citizens Against Technological And Community-Based Harassment (CATCH), Medicine Net


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