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How can Hawai‘i-Based

How can SchoolRise
SchoolRise Consultants
help our school?
help our school? Kathryn Au
Chief Executive Officer SchoolRise
Tara Takatsuka
Executive Director, SchoolRise Hawai‘i
Improving Student Achievement
SchoolRise helps your school build a schoolwide Sharyn Hirata
through the Standards-Based
professional learning community in which Special Projects Coordinator Change Process
teachers work together to construct a staircase Kitty Aihara
or coherent curriculum. Achievement rises as
teachers set high expectations and students Claire Asam
receive coordinated instruction across the Jackie Carroll
grades. Ruth Ann Cullen

Services include: Randee Golden-Scalise
• Needs assessment Alice Kawakami
o Infrastructure Gail Lee
o Classroom practices Judy Scheu
o Student outcomes Elsie Tanaka
• Professional development Annette Yamaki
o Standards-based education
o Formative assessment to
inform instruction
o Instructional strategies
 Comprehension
 Writing
• Leadership development
• Academic & financial planning
520 Lunalilo Home Road, #230
• Title I & Special Education Honolulu, HI 96825
• Preparation of accountability reports (808) 429-9464
What Hawai ‘i educators
say about the SchoolRise The
The SChoeStory
SchoolRise Story
The SchoolRise story begins in 1978 when Kathy
Au and Taffy Raphael met as graduate students at
the fabled Center for the Study of Reading at the
I can see improvement in the
University of Illinois. They remained close
teachers’ attitudes toward standards
colleagues although Kathy returned home to work
and raising achievement. I’m proud
in Hawai‘i, while Taffy became a university
of what the teachers have already
professor in Utah and Michigan. By 2000, both had
been able to accomplish. We’re on
become award-winning literacy researchers and
the same page now.
members of the Reading Hall of Fame.
- Principal
In 1997, while a professor at the University of
We learned without a doubt that our Hawai‘i, Kathy began consulting with Kipapa
writing curriculum needed Elementary School. The Standards-Based Change
improvement! Using the Standards- (SBC) Process, the approach at the heart of
Based Change Process has led us to SchoolRise, grew from Kathy’s work there. In
begin to develop a common, 1999 Holomua Elementary School started work
coherent, and challenging curriculum with the SBC Process. With the success of these
based on the Hawai‘i Content and The mission of SchoolRise is to help schools
schools, the Process spread to other schools
Performance Standards. Continuing implement a system for improving student
throughout Hawai‘i. Research showed that Title I
to use the process will enhance the achievement through standards. SchoolRise has
schools using the SBC Process had higher grade 5
quality of teaching and ultimately, the goal of making the SBC Process available to all
reading scores than other Title I schools.
positively impact student interested schools.
In 2002, Taffy returned home to become a
achievement. In 2006 SchoolRise Hawai‘i began operations as
professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago. As
- Principal the first division of SchoolRise, LLC under the
the newly appointed head of Partnership READ,
leadership of Executive Director Sharyn Hirata.
Because we’ve been in the process she faced the challenge of improving literacy
SchoolRise became an approved, array of services
for five years now, the students are achievement in 10 Chicago public schools.
provider for the Hawai‘i State Department of
coming up with more skills as Knowing of success of the SBC Process in Hawai‘i,
Education that same year.
writers. The Standards-Based she brought the approach to Chicago. By 2005, 8
Change Process has really given us of 11 Chicago schools in the SBC Process showed From its base in public elementary schools,
an easy To Do List to follow. We improved reading test scores. SchoolRise Hawai‘i has expanded its services to
have something we can follow that public middle and high schools, as well as charter
Networking between Hawai‘i and Chicago schools
we know works. and independent schools.
took place informally at first. In 2005, to formalize
- Literacy Resource Teacher the connections across schools in the two In 2008 Tara Takatsuka became Executive
locations, Kathy and Taffy established SchoolRise. Director of SchoolRise Hawai‘i.