Exodus of talents “Give me your tired, your huddled, your masses yearning to breathe free.

” These are the words inscribed on the statue of liberty in New York. But ironically, those who go there are not the poor and wretched but the skilled and highly qualified doctors, scientists, nurses, and technicians from other countries including INDIA. The phenomenon of gaining qualified and skilled personnel at cost of donor country is generally termed: Brain Drain. The term has recently come into use for describing the flight of talent from one country to another. At times, it is loosely employed to describe all migration of educated persons, but in reality it refers to deflection from ranks of only those whose services may be badly needed in country of their birth because it is only their exodus which depletes a country’s resources in brain power and thus tells on its national life. The problem is not peculiar to present age. It existed live in medieval times when great conquerors carried away not only hoards of gold and silver from countries they invaded, but also took away their men of genius. The only difference we see today is that now the latter, attracted by better working facilities, better remuneration or better living condition go of this own accord. In present day contest, problem is a product of revolution in science and technology inspired by second world war and speeded up discovery and harnessing of nuclear energy. During war years, industrially advanced nations of the world like USA, UK, Germany and Russia took great stride and registered phenomenal progress in field of scientific research in pursuance of their war aims. The war was over, facilities created then began to attract men of science from other countries. Perhaps the most up reason for the Brain Drain phenomenon is an educational pattern which doesn’t serve needs of the country. Others are unrecognised or unrewarded talents and lack of job opportunities for trained professionals. This is the start of brain drain of youngsters. Lure of higher salaries, hard currency, good living and favourable conditions of setting down with family also prompt higher qualified people to the west for jobs. US is the major part of this brain drain being born by medical facilities. According to WHO, India is largest donor of medical manpower is serving countries initiated of his own. This is because the international firm is providing better prospects and this shows pathetic condition of our country. India too has been facing the problem and from time to time various measures to stop the flight of talent from country have been discussed and adopted. The subject is however revived whenever an Indian repatriate in another country achieves some distinction in his sphere of work. There are some negative points which shows ones negligence towards his parents and country. The earnings remittances from Indians settled abroad or their eventual return are poor compensation for lasting and serious loss inflicted by their outflow. The specific objectives of anti-brain drain policies, within framework of independent development are to bring back to a limited extents, lost talents and skill from abroad and reduce outflow in short run and finally end it except that necessitated by genuine, multilateral international dependence. There has always been a great hue and cry in India calling for fresh initiation at the part of government to try to get Indian professionals in abroad to return. But they can hardly be persuaded to return and their return can’t serve any useful purpose unless they can be assured of better facilities, better living condition and utilisation of their talent in the country of their birth.

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