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Focus on the 4/14 Window
Nearly 85% of people who will receive Christ will do so between the ages of four to fourteen years of age. The harvest of youth and children is ripe in Guatemala. We feel an urgency to run to the harvest. “You only get one chance to reap a ripe harvest.”

Amsler Update

Overwhelmed Debbie and I are overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayer and support we have received during our recuperation following our auto accident last September 9, 2012 during our itineration. We’ve experienced eight surgeries, hundreds of hours of therapy and multiplied thousands of dollars of medical bills, but we are so grateful to God for our Fellowship who has stood with us. Now we are making final preparations for our next term in Guatemala. We lack less than 10% of our monthly budget. Because of housing, our VISA and other issues we really must be back by early June. You can make a difference by investing in our work. How? See our Support Link online at

Michael and Shannon Skyles of Lakeview AG in Indianapolis are coming for one year in Guatemala as missionary associates. This dynamic young couple have genuine servant’s hearts with great compassion for people. They will be a wonderful blessing to us and our One Way Guatemala outreach ministry. We need their help. Consider adding Michael & Shannon with a 1 year pledge. Find their link on our website or go directly to . . . . . . . . .

Students praying to receive Christ at a One Way outreach

One Way Guatemala
“Jesus said, I am the way.” John 14:6 One Way Guatemala is an outreach ministry using choreography, music, interactive activities, drama, and a salvation message followed by a prayer response. In our first term we saw well over 20,000 children, teenagers and adults pray to receive Christ in more than 200 outreaches with the help of our Guatemalan team and visiting U.S. teams.

Debbie praying with a teenage girl during an outreach in a public school.

Girls praying following Debbie’s message at the Central Region Missionette Retreat.

Students holding a copy of the Book of Life after one our One Way outreaches.

A huge portion of our work is directly given to evangelism and helping churches with followup. There are scores of NGOs and religious organizations offering much needed social work. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, m a n y n e v e r proclaim Christ. Therefore, we’re doing something fairly unusual in a missionary context - evangelism. “Educational work, medical work, agricultural work, and social work have been called Christian work only because Christians happened to do them. But they are work that non-Christians have done too, and often with distinction.” Allen Roland, in the Ministry of the Spirit.

Guatemalan Ministries
We have the opportunity to connect with several Guatemalan ministries; like the Missionettes, the National Children’s Church Ministries, Teen Challenge and others. Our efforts are especially focused on serving at Iglesia Vida where we attend weekly when we are in Guatemala. There we serve as volunteer leaders for the Children and youth ministries that meet on Sunday morning, Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons. The local church is important! We also are working to develop resources to help train leaders working with children & youth.

LFTL Needs
Our goal is to share the gospel face to face with well over 200,000 during our next term in public venues; especially public schools. We have a freedom to share Christ and offer prayer for salvation to students and teachers. We hope to offer each person a piece of gospel literature like Book of Life or a One Way track we plan to create. We’re praying for Light For the Lost support which we lacked in our first term. One piece of literature usually will be read a minimum of seven times.