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  I   escaped   from   a   cult.     A   cult   that   had   chains   of   fear   and   oppression,   gripping   its   followers   with   invisible   bonds   that   held   mental   captives.     One   that   resurrected   false   teachings   from   the   old   world  and  branded  it  “new  revelation.”     The   roots   of   this   cult   stem   from   Gnostic   text   –   Dead  Sea  scrolls  and  other  ancient  manuscripts  –   that   crept   into   Christianity   from   Pagan   worship   of   Baal.     The   same   belief   system   that   held   captives   in   the   days   of   old   was   re-­‐used   to   hold   captives  in  the  new  world  through  cult  leaders.     These  Gnostic  texts,  deemed  as  heresy  long  ago,   contain   many   stories   that   do   not   align   with   the   Scripture.     They   contain   interesting   ‘mysteries’   that   catch   the   attention   of   the   weaker-­‐minded,   but   they   do   not   contain   Truth.     They   contain   fiction.     This   fiction,   unfortunately,   is   mistaken   for  “truth”  in  the  Branham  cult  churches.     In   level   of   magnitude,   the   greatest   story   in   the   history   of   the   ancient   world   is   also   the   story   that   has  been  the  most  tainted  from  Gnostic  text.    As  a   former   Branham   cult   follower,   I   remember   all   too   well   the   fictional   story   of   fear   that   gripped   the  hearts  of  the  poor  and  oppressed  followers.         This  is  the  story  of  Noah  and  The  Flood.  

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  The  Gnostic  book  of  Enoch  is  filled  with  worship   of   angels,   elemental   spirits,   sun,   moon,   and   stars.     It  is  a  book  of  heresy  that  can  lead  hearts  astray   by  mistaking  fiction  for  Truth.     In  the  Book  of  Enoch,  the  angels  are  ‘gods’:     And   Azazel   taught   men   to   make   swords,   and   knives,   and   shields,   and   breastplates,   and   made   known   to   them   the   metals   of   the   earth   and   the   art   of   working   them,   and   bracelets,   and   ornaments,   and   the   use   of   antimony,   and   the   beautifying   of   the   eyelids,   and   all   kinds   of   costly   stones,   and   all   colouring   tinctures.   And   there   arose   much   godlessness,   and   they   committed   fornication,   and   they   were   led   astray,   and   became   corrupt   in   all   their   ways.   Semjaza   taught   enchantments,   and   root-­‐cuttings,   'Armaros   the   resolving   of   enchantments,   Baraqijal   (taught)   astrology,   Kokabel   the   constellations,   Ezeqeel   the   knowledge   of   the   clouds,   Araqiel   the   signs   of   the   earth,   Shamsiel   the   signs   of   the   sun,   and   Sariel   the   course   of   the   moon.   And   as   men   perished,  they  cried,  and  their  cry  went  up   to   heaven   .   .   .   And   then   Michael,   Uriel,   Raphael,   and   Gabriel   looked   down   from   heaven   and   saw   much   blood   being   shed  

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upon   the   earth,   and   all   lawlessness   being   wrought  upon  the  earth.     Most   translations   of   the   Book   of   Enoch   also   contain   fragments   of   the   “Book   of   Noah,”   which   is   also   both   Gnostic   and   heresy.     In   the   Book   of   Enoch,   Noah   conversed   with   Enoch.     According   to   the   fictional   story,   Enoch   lived   to   be   five-­‐ hundred   years   old,   and   Enoch   warned   Noah   of   the  coming  flood.     And  in  those  days  Noah  saw  the  earth  that   it   had   sunk   down   and   its   destruction   was   nigh.  And  he  arose  from  thence  and  went  to   the  ends  of  the  earth,  and  cried  aloud  to  his   grandfather   Enoch:   and   Noah   said   three   times   with   an   embittered   voice:   Hear   me,   hear  me,  hear  me.  And  I  said  unto  him:  Tell   me  what  it  is  that  is  falling  out  on  the  earth   that   the   earth   is   in   such   evil   plight   and   shaken,   lest   perchance   I   shall   perish   with   it?   And   thereupon   there   was   a   great   commotion  ,  on  the  earth,  and  a  voice  was   heard   from   heaven,   and   I   fell   on   my   face.     And  Enoch  my  grandfather  came  and  stood   by   me,   and   said   unto   me:   Why   hast   thou   cried   unto   me   with   a   bitter   cry   and   weeping    

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The   Book   of   Enoch   is   also   a   book   of   fear.     The   destruction   of   the   world   is   magnified   in   the   story,  God’s  faithfulness  to  Noah  is  lessoned.    The   angels   are   given   power   to   become   “gods   among   us.”     They   are   all   referred   to   by   name,   associated   with   both   astrology   and   elemental   spirits,   and   are   captivating   in   their   power   and   awe.     As   a   fictional  sci-­‐fi  novel,  it  would  be  captivating,  but   as  a  religious  work  it  is  heresy.     Many  fire-­‐and-­‐brimstone  false  teachers  combine   verses   to   invent   new   ‘scriptures,’   and   even   add   elements  to  the  story  that  spell  impending  doom.     These  are  nothing  more  than  fear  tactics.     One   of   the   worst   additions   to   the   story   of   Noah   and   the   Flood   by   William   Branham   is   blasphemous.     Branham   altered   God’s   covenant   with   Noah!     In   his   fire-­‐and-­‐brimstone   theology,   he   decided   to   add   the   destruction   of   the   entire   earth   by   fire   into   the   covenant   that   God   made   with  Noah.     William  Branham  said  this:     And   God   made   His   covenant   with   Noah,   for   no  more  water  (but  the   fire  next  time),  He   give   him   the   rainbow   sign,   and   we   still   have  it.  Is  that  right?   53-­‐0325    ISRAEL  AND  THE  CHURCH  

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  I  thought,  "O  God,  looky  there  at  the  great   eye   of   Jehovah   setting   yonder   looking   across   the   mountain   there   with   His   rainbow,   His   covenant.   He   will   no   more   destroy  it  with  water,  but  fire  next  time."   53-­‐0513    GOD'S.PROVIDED.WAY   In   the   days   when   the-­‐-­‐Noah,   God   said   He   broke  up  the  springs  of  the-­‐-­‐of  the  mighty,   and  it  sprung  up  lots  of  water,  and  helped   destroy  the  world.  And  the  sign  today,  that   He  will  no  more  destroy  it  with  water,  but   will  burn  it  with  fire,  and  the  thing's  drying   up,   getting   ready   for   a   burning   time,   for   the  judgment  is  at  hand.   54-­‐0718A    THE.GREAT.COMING.REVIVAL   AND.THE.OUTPOURING.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIR IT     Branham   would   often   incorporate   this   fear   tactic   into   introductions   to   his   prayers   and   prayer   lines.     Followers   would   listen   as   he   described   a   terrible   event   that   would   instill   fear   into   the   hearts   of   men,   women,   and   children   –   not   knowing   that   his   addition   was   not   scriptural.     Had   they   known   that   he   put   words   into   the   mouth   of   Jesus   Christ,   most   would   have   rose   to   their  feet  and  walked  out,  never  to  return.    


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I  truly  say  this  from  my  heart.  I  believe  the   next  great  event  in  the  world  is  the  second   coming   of   the   Lord   Jesus.   When,   I   do   not   know.   No   one   else   knows.   But   I   can't   see   nothing  left  but  a  hydrogen  explosion  and-­‐-­‐ and   the   end   time,   the   world   rocked   out   of   its   orbits,   like   it   was   in   the   antediluvian,   that  throwed  it  away  from  the  sun,  and  the   heat  and  the  moisture,  or  the  heat  and  the   cold  coming  together  make  a  moisture  that   flooded  the  world.     And   this   time   no   more   water,   but   fire   this   time   into   the   sun,   to   blow   it   right   straight   back   out   of   its   orbit   again   into   the   sun,   to   destroy   it   the   second   time.   Think   on   these   things  while  we  minister  now  in  His  Name.   Let  us  pray.   This   fictional   story   we   were   taught   had   absolutely   nothing   to   do   with   the   Bible.     While   the   biblical   story   of   Noah   points   to   Christ,   the   Gnostic   version   of   Noah   points   to  hell.   57-­‐0114     THE.INFALLIBLE.PROOF.OF.THE.RESURRE CTION  

  William   Branham   taught   straight   out   of   these   Gnostic   texts,   teaching   that   Enoch   lived   five-­‐ hundred  years  and  walked  with  Noah,  that  other  

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Christians  –  those  who  believe  in  Jesus  Christ  but   not   in   his   Gnostic   theology   –   need   be   fearful   of   the  impending  doom.     It’s  time  we  hear  the  real  story  of  Noah,  the  one   that  is  described  in  the  Bible.    

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Scofield  Reference  Bible  

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From   the   early   Church   until   the   Reformation,   Christians   generally   accepted   the   view   of   Bible   prophecy   wherein   Revelation   was   in  the  process   of   being   fulfilled.     Most   Bible   prophets,   mouthpieces   for   God,   spoke   the   Word   from   the   Lord   about   current   events,   past   events,   and   messages  from  God  about  both.    There  are  future   prophecies,   but   for   the   most   part,   the   prophecies   of   the   Old   Testament   were   messages   to   a   group   of   people   who   were   going   astray   for   idolatry.     This   was   the   common   viewpoint   that   was   also   taken  for  the  Book  of  Revelation.     But   in   the   16th   century,   a   Jesuit   priest   introduced  a  new  view  of  Bible  prophecy  to  stop   the   Reformers   from   teaching   that   the   Catholic   Church   was   the   “whore   of   Babylon”   from   Revelation   17.     The   “futurist”   view   was   first   introduced  in  1591  A.D.         Though   most   of   the   events   described   in   the   book   of   Revelation   are   significantly   aligned   with   the   events   of   Rome   during   the   reign   of   Nero,   the   Jesuit   priest   named   Ribera   started   claiming   that   the  prophecy  from  the  book  of  Revelation  would   not   be   fulfilled   until   the   End   of   Days.     He   also   introduced  an  idea  that  would  later  be  known  as   “The  Rapture.”     Copyright  2013,    12  

In   his   writings,   Ribera   started   claiming   that   the   church  would  be  taken  to  heaven  45  days  before   the   end   of   the   three   and   a   half   years   when   the   books  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  would  be  fulfilled   –   which   he   started   proclaiming   to   be   far   in   the   distant  future.     Later,   in   1767,   a   Catholic   Priest   by   the   name   of   Manuel  de  Lacunza  y  Diaz  wrote  a  book  entitled   “The   Coming   of   Messiah   in   Glory   and   Majesty,”   where   he   described   Ribera’s   viewpoint   as   being   truth.    Lacunza  described  how  the  Church  would   “go   with   the   Lord”   to   escape   the   reign   of   Antichrist   about   45   days   before   the   return   of   Christ.   During   that   time,   he   described   how   the   wrath  of  God  would  destroy  the  wicked  while  the   righteous  are  safe  and  secure  in  another  place.     Afterwards,   this   new   theology   spread   through   two   cult   leaders   known   to   be   extremists.     But   finally,   it   rested   with   John   Nelson   Darby   who   is   credited   to   have   been   the   father   of   dispensationalism.     From   1876   to   1897,   Darby   spread   his   new   theology   of   dispensationalism   and  “the  rapture,”  and  it  started  gaining  interest.     In   1879,   a   man   by   the   name   of   Cyrus   Scofield,   behind   bars   for   swindling   money,   forgery,   and   scheming,   claimed   to   have   converted   to   Christianity.     Recently   divorcing   his   wife   and  

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leaving   his   two   children   behind,   he   overheard   women  who  were  witnessing  to  others  in  prison.     It  was  then  that  he  started  studying  the  writings   of  Darby,  and  decided  to  become  an  evangelist.     Though  he  wanted  to  become  an  apostle,  Scofield   did   not   follow   Paul’s   instruction   to   be   the   husband   of   one   wife.     Scofield   started   sleeping   with   a   mistress   from   the   St.   Louis   Flower   Mission,   and   abandoned   her   for   Hettie   Hall   von   Wartz,  and  married  her  while  not  yet  even  filing   divorce  from  his  first  wife.     Nor   was   Scofield   living   a   Christian   life   when   he   produced  his  first  bible:     One   of   Scofield’s   first   moves   in   producing   his  reference  Bible  was  to  take  a  trip  to  the   British   Isles   for   research.   He   immediately   sought   out   the   controversial   scholars   Westcott   and   Hort   in   London.   Hailed   as   Bible   scholars,   both   men   were   very   active   in   occult   rituals.   Westcott   had   formed   a   secret   club   called   "Hermes,"   noted   for   aggressive   homosexual   activities   between   its  members.     But   like   William   Branham,   Scofield   had   a   new   idea   to   sell   –   one   that   many   had   not   heard  

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before:    The  Rapture.    It  was  the  perfect  get-­‐rich-­‐ quick  scheme.     And  it  was  successful.     Royalties   from   the   Scofield   Study   Bible   were   substantial,   and   Scofield   quickly   became   very   walthy.     He   held   real   estate   in   Dallas,   Ashuelot,   New  Hampshire,  and  Douglaston,  Long  Island.  He   also   joined   the   prestigious   Lotos   Club   -­‐   an   elite   gentleman’s  club.     Also   like   Branham,   Scofield   decided   to   produce   fictional  stories  about  himself  to  make  him  seem   like   a   great   Christian   leader.     During   the   early   1890s,   Scofield   began   styling   himself   Rev.   C.   I.   Scofield,   D.D   –   but   there   is   no   record   of   any   academic   institution   having   granted   him   even   an   honorary  Doctor  of  Divinity  degree.     With   each   Scofield   Study   Bible   that   was   produced,   a   new   faithful   Christian   was   mislead.     As   they   studied   their   Bibles,   the   footnotes   taught   them  unscriptural  ideas  from  a  man  who  did  not   live   a   Christian   life   and   is   said   to   have   been   linked  to  the  occult  and  homosexual  behavior.         So   while   William   Branham   was   teaching   his   Masonic   viewpoint   that   Catholicism   was   Antichrist   worship,   he   was   also   teaching   a   false  

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doctrine   that   came   directly   from   the   Catholic   church!     And   the   reference   bible   containing   the   false   teachings   from   the   Catholic   Church   are   re-­‐sold   by   the   denomination   headquarters   today,   since   this   particular   Bible   was   used   by   William   Branham.      

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The  Flood  

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  Genesis   5   gives   the   generations   from   Adam   to   Noah.    When  it  comes  to  Enoch,  it  says  this:     When   Enoch   had   lived   65   years,   he   fathered   Methuselah.     Enoch   walked   with   God   after   he   fathered   Methuselah   300   years   and   had   other   sons   and   daughters.     Thus  all  the  days  of  Enoch  were  365  years.     Enoch   walked   with   God,   and   he   was   not,   for  God  took  him.   Genesis  5     Enoch  did  not  live  five  hundred  years.    Enoch  did   not  walk  with  Noah.    Enoch  did  not  warn  Noah  of   the   flood,   as   the   book   of   Enoch   and   the   false   teacher,  William  Branham,  taught.     The   world   was   becoming   corrupt.     Men   and   women   had   multiplied,   and   the   planet   was   filling   quickly.    There  was  another  being  on  the  planet   at   that   time,   the   Nephilim,   who   existed   both   before   and   after   the   flood   according   to   scripture.     It   is   believed   by   some   that   these   beings   are   connected   to   the   giants   who   lived   at   that   time,   like   Goliath.     It   is   also   believed   that   the   huge   elongated   skulls   have   been   found   in   archaeological  digs  in  several  parts  of  the  world   are   that   of   Nephilim,   and   it   is   also   believed   that   these   are   the   “gods”   worshipped   in   mythology.    

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Some   believe   that   the   combined   human-­‐ Nephilim   offspring   produced   the   “demigods”   that  are  described  in  many  pagan  religions.     Either  way,  mankind  was  increasing,  and  sin  was   abounding,   and   the   human   race   was   failing.     Something  had  to  change.     Until   that   time,   men   lived   several   hundred   years.     But  God  was  so  displeased  with  the  human  race   that   He   decided   to   limit   man’s   lifespan   to   120   years.     Every   intention   in   their   hearts   was   continually   evil,   and   it   grieved   the   Lord   that   he   even   created   them.     So   God   decided   to   cleanse   the  earth.     But   there   was   one   man   that   was   righteous:     Noah.    Noah  was  blameless.    Not  a  fault  could  be   found  in  Noah,  and  he  walked  daily  with  God.     Enoch  did  not  warn  Noah  of  the  impending  doom   as   William   Branham   claimed.     There   were   no   archangels   involved   in   the   message   as   the   Dead   Sea   Scrolls   suggest.     The   Bible   says   that   God   Himself   told   Noah   that   He   was   going   to   destroy   the  earth  and  all  that  lived  on  it.     God  loved  Noah,  and  Noah  loved  God.    But  God  is   a   loving   God   that   loves   all   mankind.     He   does   not   love   sin,   and   many   times   man   would   rather   live  

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in  their  sin  than  turn  to  God.    God  also  loved  men   and  women  that  were  destroyed  in  the  flood,  and   was   patiently   waiting   to   destroy   the   earth   until   every   last   soul   that   could   be   turned   to   God   for   salvation   was   saved.     Sadly,   this   number   only   included  Noah  and  his  family.     1  Peter  says  this:     For   Christ   also   suffered   once   for   sins,   the   righteous   for   the   unrighteous,   that   he   might   bring   us   to   God,   being   put   to   death   in   the   flesh   but   made   alive   in   the   spirit,   in   which   he   went   and   proclaimed   to   the   spirits  in  prison,  because  they  formerly  did   not   obey,   when   God's   patience   waited   in   the   days   of   Noah,   while   the   ark   was   being   prepared,   in   which   a   few,   that   is,   eight   persons,   were   brought   safely   through   water.     1  Peter  3     God   tried   to   let   Noah’s   testimony   turn   their   hearts   and   minds   back   to   Him.     But   when   they   refused,   Christ   ministered   to   their   spirits   in   prison.         Noah  likely  did  not  know  this  at  the  time,  but  he   and   the   entire   earth   were   an   example   that  

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pointed  to  Christ,  His  undying  love  for  man,  and   forgiveness  of  sin.       He  was  not  being  used  as  an  example  for  fear  and   oppression,   or   an   example   of   how   some   elite   group  of  ‘Christians’  is  better  than  everyone  else.     His   example   was   not   meant   to   instill   fear   in   the   hearts   of   the   righteous,   but   instead   for   the   unrighteous.     Paul  continues  to  say  this:     Baptism,   which   corresponds   to   this,   now   saves  you,  not  as  a  removal  of  dirt  from  the   body   but   as   an   appeal   to   God   for   a   good   conscience,   through   the   resurrection   of   Jesus   Christ,   who   has   gone   into   heaven   and   is   at   the   right   hand   of   God,   with   angels,   authorities,   and   powers   having   been   subjected  to  him.   1  Peter  3     When   the   people   of   the   earth   did   not   listen   to   Noah,   and   after   God   had   waited   patiently   for   them   to   change   their   hearts   and   minds   to   righteousness,   God   decided   to   start   anew   with   Noah  and  his  family.     God  instructed  Noah  to  load  the  animals  into  the   ark,  some  by  seven,  and  some  two-­‐by-­‐two.    Every  

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living  creature  that  was  not  in  the  ark  would  be   destroyed  from  the  face  of  the  earth.         When   Noah   was   six   hundred   years   old,   the   floodwater  rose  up  from  the  deep.    For  forty  days   and   forty   nights,   the   rain   fell   from   the   heavens   and   the   fountains   of   the   deep   brought   forth   water.     There   was   very   little   Noah   could   do   about   his   condition  inside  the  ark.    Like  Jonah  in  the  belly   of  the  fish,  Noah  was  shut  in  by  God  and  relied  on   God  to  protect  both  him  and  his  family.    God  had   shut   the   door   to   the   ark,   the   ark   was   covered,   and  the  raging  flood  consumed  the  entire  face  of   the  planet.         It   is   a   miracle   in   itself   that   the   ark   was   not   destroyed   –   God   was   faithfully   protecting   Noah   and  his  family  even  though  the  entire  earth  was   being  wiped  clean!     This  was  Noah’s  baptism,  according  to  Paul.    This   is  the  time  that  Noah  became  fully  lost  to  himself   in   his   faith   for   God.     Noah   lost   his   own   life   by   handing  it  over  to  God,  but  he  also  saved  his  life   and  the  lives  of  others  by  giving  his  life  to  God.        

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The  Covenant  

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  After  the  flood  subsided,  and  Noah  once  again  set   his  feet  upon  the  ground,  the  first  thing  Noah  did   was  worship  God  and  give  thanks  to  Him  for  his   undying  love  and  mercy.         He   built   an   altar,   and   prepared   a   sacrifice   from   the  clean  animals  that  were  with  him  on  the  ark.     This  aroma  pleased  God,  and  God  decided  that  he   never  again  would  do  this  to  mankind.     The  Bible  says  that  in  his  heart,  God  said,       “I   will   never   again   curse   the   ground   because  of  man,  for  the  intention  of  man's   heart   is   evil   from   his   youth.   Neither   will   I   ever   again   strike   down   every   living   creature   as   I   have   done.     While   the   earth   remains,   seedtime   and   harvest,   cold   and   heat,   summer   and   winter,   day   and   night,   shall  not  cease.   Genesis  8     This   thought,   in   the   heart   of   God,   is   entirely   different   than   what   the   false   teachers   would   have   us   to   believe.     They   routinely   teach   that   the   ground  is  cursed,  and  that  this  is  “Satan’s  Eden.”     They  teach  that  the  world  will  be  cursed  by  fire,   and   that   God   told   Noah   that   he   would   destroy   the  world  next  time  by  fire  instead  of  water.  

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  But  God  said  that  he  would  never  again  curse  the   ground,  and  never  again  strike  down  every  living   creature  as  He  had  done  in  the  days  of  Noah.     God   gave   His   blessings   to   Noah   and   his   family.     He   told   them   to   be   fruitful   and   multiply   on   the   face   of   the   earth.     God   gave   mankind   dominion   over   every   living   creature   on   the   face   of   the   earth,   and   every   single   fish,   plant,   animal,   fruit,   and   more   were   given   to   them   for   food   and   drink.     God   gave   one   exception:   they   were   not   to   drink   of   the   life   –   the   blood   –   that   is   associated   with   Pagan  worship.     Even   among   man,   God   established   a   plan   of   limiting   corruption.     To   any   man   who   takes   the   live   of   another   man,   God   instructed   the   death   penalty:       Whoever   sheds   the   blood   of   man,   by   man   shall  his  blood  be  shed,  for  God  made  man   in  his  own  image.   Genesis  9     Genesis   repeats   the   statement   of   being   fruitful   and  multiplying,  and  then  describes  the  covenant   that  God  made  with  Noah:    

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Then  God  said  to  Noah  and  to  his  sons  with   him,  “Behold,  I  establish  my  covenant  with   you  and  your  offspring  after  you,  and  with   every   living   creature   that   is   with   you,   the   birds,   the   livestock,   and   every   beast   of   the   earth   with   you,   as   many   as   came   out   of   the   ark;   it   is   for   every   beast   of   the   earth.     I   establish  my  covenant  with  you,  that  never   again  shall  all  flesh  be  cut  off  by  the  waters   of  the  flood,  and  never  again  shall  there  be   a  flood  to  destroy  the  earth.”    And  God  said,   “This   is   the   sign   of   the   covenant   that   I   make  between  me  and  you  and  every  living   creature   that   is   with   you,   for   all   future   generations:   I   have   set   my   bow   in   the   cloud,  and  it  shall  be  a  sign  of  the  covenant   between   me   and   the   earth.   When   I   bring   clouds   over   the   earth   and   the   bow   is   seen   in   the   clouds,   I   will   remember   my   covenant   that   is   between   me   and   you   and   every   living   creature   of   all   flesh.   And   the   waters   shall  never  again  become  a  flood  to  destroy   all   flesh.   When   the   bow   is   in   the   clouds,   I   will   see   it   and   remember   the   everlasting   covenant   between   God   and   every   living   creature   of   all   flesh   that   is   on   the   earth.”   God   said   to   Noah,   “This   is   the   sign   of   the   covenant   that   I   have   established   between   me  and  all  flesh  that  is  on  the  earth.”   Genesis  9  

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  In   this   covenant,   the   covenant   that   God   established  between  Him  and  all  flesh  that  is  on   the   earth,   God   said   that   he   would   never   again   destroy  the  life  on  the  planet  by  water.         Combine   this   with   God’s   words   that   are   in   the   previous   chapter,   and   we   find   that   adding   an   additional  curse  to  the  covenant  God  made  with   Noah  changes  the  story  completely:     “I   will   never   again   curse   the   ground   because  of  man,  for  the  intention  of  man's   heart  is  evil  from  his  youth.   Neither   will   I   ever   again   strike   down   every   living   creature  as  I  have  done.     While   the   earth   remains,   seedtime   and   harvest,   cold   and   heat,   summer   and   winter,   day   and   night,   shall  not  cease.   Genesis  8     Regardless  of  whether  or  not  you  believe  fire  will   consume   the   whole   earth,   we   find   that   William   Branham   altered   the   covenant   God   made   with   Noah.    Fire  is  not  mentioned.  

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Altering  Scripture  

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  We   have   already   established   that   God   is   faithful   to   those   who   love   him,   and   that   His   faithfulness   to   Noah   and   Noah’s   family   is   prime   example   of   this.     To   them   that   love   the   Lord,   the   Lord   is   gracious.     And   while   The   Flood   is   a   story   of   baptism,   of   faithfulness,   and   of   God’s   love   and   mercy,   The   Flood   is   also   an   instruction   to   be   ready.     We   do   not  know  the  day  or  the  hour  when  our  time  will   be  no  more,  and  we  must  remain  faithful  to  God.     In  the  days  of  Noah,  there  were  many  who  knew   of   the   One   True   God,   and   had   become   so   consumed   with   sin   that   they   did   not   turn   back   to   righteousness  before  it  was  too  late.     Noah   had   brothers   and   sisters,   though   they   are   not   named   in   the   Bible.     They   did   not   survive   the   flood.     Noah’s   grandfather   also   bore   children,   which   would   have   produced   aunts,   uncles,   and   cousins.     All   were   children   descended   from   Adam,   and   all   were   likely   to   have   known   about   the  One  True  God.         Jesus   used   this   as   an   example   when   describing   the  coming  Day  of  the  Lord:    

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  Many  who  believe  in  the  ‘Rapture”  theology  that   William   Branham   copied   from   Scofield   use   this   chapter  to  describe  an  unscriptural  event  where   the   ‘little   bride’   is   called   away   before   the   judgment,   however   the   two-­‐verses-­‐two   described   in   this   story   match   the   prophets’  

“But  concerning  that  day  and  hour  no  one   knows,   not   even   the   angels   of   heaven,   nor   the   Son,   but   the   Father   only.   For   as   were   the   days   of   Noah,   so   will   be   the   coming   of   the   Son   of   Man.   For   as   in   those   days   before   the   flood   they   were   eating   and   drinking,   marrying  and  giving  in  marriage,  until  the   day   when   Noah   entered   the   ark,   and   they   were   unaware   until   the   flood   came   and   swept  them  all  away,  so  will  be  the  coming   of  the  Son  of  Man.  Then  two  men  will  be  in   the   field;   one   will   be   taken   and   one   left.   Two   women   will   be   grinding   at   the   mill;   one   will   be   taken   and   one   left.   Therefore,   stay   awake,   for   you   do   not   know   on   what   day   your   Lord   is   coming.   But   know   this,   that  if  the  master  of  the  house  had  known   in   what   part   of   the   night   the   thief   was   coming,   he   would   have   stayed   awake   and   would   not   have   let   his   house   be   broken   into.  Therefore  you  also  must  be  ready,  for   the  Son  of  Man  is  coming  at  an  hour  you  do   not  expect.  

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description   of   when   half   of   Jerusalem   is   taken.     He   continues,   giving   a   parable   describing   how   we   should   be   watchful   for   we   do   not   know   the   day  or  the  hour:     “Who  then  is  the  faithful  and  wise  servant,   whom   his   master   has   set   over   his   household,   to   give   them   their   food   at   the   proper  time?  Blessed  is  that  servant  whom   his   master   will   find   so   doing   when   he   comes.   Truly,   I   say   to   you,   he   will   set   him   over   all   his   possessions.   But   if   that   wicked   servant   says   to   himself,   ‘My   master   is   delayed,’   and   begins   to   beat   his   fellow   servants   and   eats   and   drinks   with   drunkards,   the   master   of   that   servant   will   come   on   a   day   when   he   does   not   expect   him  and  at  an  hour  he  does  not  know  and   will  cut  him  in  pieces  and  put  him  with  the   hypocrites.   In   that   place   there   will   be   weeping  and  gnashing  of  teeth.   Matthew  24     But   the   words   of   Jesus   Christ   were   not   good   enough   for   William   Branham.     Nor   were   the   intentions  of  the  writers  in  the  Bible  Cannon  that   we  accept  as  the  inspired  Word  of  God.        

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Peter’s   reference   to   The   Flood   was   speaking   of   God’s   faithfulness   to   Noah,   and   specifically   to   baptism.         when  once  the  longsuffering  of  God  waited   in   the   days   of   Noah,   while   the   ark   was   a   preparing,  wherein  few,  that  is,  eight  souls   were   saved   by   water.     The   like   figure   whereunto   even   baptism   doth   also   now   save  us  (not  the  putting  away  of  the  filth  of   the   flesh,   but   the   answer   of   a   good   conscience   toward   God,)   by   the   resurrection  of  Jesus  Christ   1  Peter  3     Peter’s   reference   speaks   to   the   souls   being   saved   by  water,  however  Jesus  is  referring  to  the  swift   destruction   of   the   wicked   by   that   same   water.     The   water   that   offered   salvation   to   Noah   also   brought  death  to  the  wicked.     But  though  these  two  scriptures  are  speaking  of   two  polar  opposite  topics,  one  the  righteous  and   the   other   the   unrighteous,   Branham   decides   to   combine  them  into  a  brand-­‐new  “scripture!”     He   claims   that   Jesus   said   something   entirely   different:    

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  On  the  surface  this  may  sound  like  scripture,  but   it   is   ever   so   slightly   twisted   into   a   different   meaning.    When  combined,  these  two  scriptures   sound   like   Jesus   is   saying   that   only   eight   souls   will  be  saved  at  the  Second  Coming!    And  in  the   context   Branham   uses   this   combination   of   two   polar-­‐opposite   scriptures,   he   uses   this   new   “verse”   as   a   fear   tactic   to   lead   the   listener   to   believe  that  it  will  ONLY  be  a  tiny  group  –  which   he  claims  to  be  his  own  followers!     Sometimes,  Branham  adds  Sodom  to  the  story  –   another  scary  event:     Now,   He   never   give   that   number,   but   He   said,   "As   it   was   in   the   days   of   Noah,   eight   souls.   As   it   was   in   the   days   of   Sodom,   three."   59-­‐0301M    STRAIT.IS.THE.GATE     Coincidentally,   Branham   also   combines   this   statement   with   the   pyramid   worship   theology   that  came  from  his  Masonic  background  –  pagan   theology  that  is  linked  back  to  worship  of  Baal:    

“Remember,  He  said,  ‘As  it  was  in  the  days   of  Noah,  wherein  eight  souls  were  saved,   so   shall   it   be   in   the   coming   of   the   Son   of   man.’”  

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Now,   He   said,   "As   it   was   in   the   days   of   Noah,   eight   souls   were   saved   by   water."   Well,   you   see   where   the   minority   is   going   to   be   before   the   Cap's   put   on,   the   Stone,   comes   back.   Now,   that   Chief   Cornerstone   goes   into   the   building   and   fits   it   together.   Now,   He   said   what   that   would   be.   He   said   what  they  were  doing  in  the  days  of  Noah:   eating,   drinking,   marrying,   and   giving   in   marriage.  See?   60-­‐0311    MARY'S.BELIEF     But   when   he   preached   the   sermon   entitled   “A   Greater  Than  Solomon  Is  Here,”  the  sermon  that   sounds  suspiciously  as  if  he  is  claiming  that   he  is   the   one   “greater   than   Solomon,”   Branham   uses   this   new   verse   he   invented   to   describe   the   condition   of   those   who   did   not   ascribe   to   his   false  teaching:     Just  when  the  revival's  going,  and  the  Spirit   of   God   is   moving,   God   is   moving   with   the   people,   then   when   He   gets   that   crop   out,   weeded   out,   that's   it.   That's   for   that   generation.  Remember,  He  said,  "As  it  was   in   the   days   of   Noah,   wherein   eight   souls   were   saved,   so   shall   it   be   in   the   coming   of   the  Son  of  man."  See?  Each  generation  will   just   produce   so   many.   And   that's   the   way   you   see   it   today.   Everywhere   it's   just   a  

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dying   away,   a   falling   away.   Sin   is   collapsing  in  everything.   62-­‐0628  A.GREATER.THAN   SOLOMON.IS.HERE    

Burning  World  

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  It  is  a  standard  viewpoint,  both  mainstream  and   cult,   that   there   will   be   an   unquenchable   fire   called  hell.    This  place  is  described  all  throughout   the  scriptures,  and  is  very  evident.     While   scriptures   tell   us   that   this   place   is   both   everlasting   and   eternal,   Branham   tries   to   make   hell   sound   not   so   bad.     In   fact,   according   to   Branham,   it   might   just   be   five   minutes   of   pain   and  suffering.     Now,  "hell,"  we'll  go  back  to  that  awhile.  I   tell   you   that-­‐-­‐that   there   cannot   be...   I   do   believe  in  a  burning  hell.  Yes,  sir,  the  Bible   said   so,   the   lake   of   fire.   Now,   but   that   cannot   be   an   everla-­‐...   it   cannot   be   an   Eternal.   It   could   be...   The   Bible   never   says   it's  Eternal,  It  says  "everlasting"  hell.  Don't   say   the   word   Eternal,   it   says   an   "everlasting"   hell.   Now,   it's   prepared   for   the  devil  and  his  angels;  an  everlasting  hell,   not   an   Eternal   one.   Now,   after...   That   soul   may   be   tormented   there   for   its   doings   for   ten   million   years,   for   all   I   know.   I   don't   know   what   everlasting   might   be   in   God's   sight.  It  might  be  for  five  minutes   60-­‐1206    THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE    

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The   authors   of   the   Bible,   however,   stress   the   importance   of   avoiding   this   place.     Each   description  of  hell  tells  us  of  a  place  we  definitely   do   not   want   to   endure   –   weeping,   wailing,   and   gnashing   of   teeth.     To   think   that   a   pastor   who   claims  to  be  a  Christian  would  try  to  simplify  this   awful   place   is   beyond   belief   –   most   pastors   would  want  to  make  it  sound  WORSE  than  it  is  to   keep  their  sheep  from  the  gates  of  hell.     To   push   this   theology,   Branham   used   a   difference   in   translation   –   not   a   mistake   but   a   difference   in   wording   –   of   the   King   James   Version.    To  the  average  person  who  knows  and   understands   the   English   language,   the   word   “everlasting”  and  “eternal”  mean  the  same  thing.     But  ignore  syntax.     Matthew   24:26   in   the   King   James   Version   says   this:     And   these   shall   go   away   into   everlasting   punishment:   but   the   righteous   into   life   eternal.       Branham   saw   his   opportunity,   and   he   took   it.     The   translator   of   the   King   James   version   felt   that   the   language   was   more   fluent   by   using   both   the   words   “everlasting”   and   “eternal,”   however   the   original   translation   uses   the   SAME   word   for   both  

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words:     aiōnion,   which   literally   translated   means  “eternal.”     Some   of   the   newer   translations   use   the   word   “eternal”   in   both   places,   which   eliminates   false   doctrine   from   teachers   who   use   the   Bible   as   a   book  of  spells.     Most   of   the   Bible   passages   speaking   of   the   fire   that   is   coming   speak   only   to   those   in   Jerusalem   –   it  is  the  location  described  at  the  end  of  days  that   will   be   made   desolate   and   burnt   by   fire.     And   Jerusalem   has   been   burned   before,   as   other   prophecy  has  declared.         There   are   many   prophecies   describing   the   burning   fire   that   will   one   day   rage   through   Jerusalem,   and   God’s   vengeance   that   both   has   taken   place   in   the   past,   and   will   take   place   in   the   future.         Of  Jerusalem,  God  speaks  this  through  Ezekiel:     Even  if  Noah,  Daniel,  and  Job  were  in  it,  as  I   live,   declares   the   Lord   God,   they   would   deliver   neither   son   nor   daughter.   They   would   deliver   but   their   own   lives   by   their   righteousness.   Ezekiel  14    

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None   of   the   verses   describing   Noah   and   The   Flood   describe   a   fire   that   will   burn   the   entire   earth.     There   are   many   that   describe   the   burning   of   Jerusalem,   and   verses   in   the   book   of   Revelation   that   describe   the   burning   of   a   third   of   the   earth   –   but   none   that   describe   the   entire   earth   being   consumed   by   fire.     One   might   say   that   if   it   did,   it   would   conflict   with   the   book   of   Genesis,   where   God   declared   that   he   would   never  kill  all  life  from  the  face  of  the  planet!     Though   it   is   very   dangerous   to   take   a   single   passage  of  scripture  and  form  a  doctrine  from  it,   2  Peter  3:10  sounds  exactly  like  it  is  speaking  of   the  entire  earth  burning  by  fire:     But   the   day   of   the   Lord   will   come   as   a   thief   in   the   night;   in   the   which   the   heavens   shall   pass   away   with   a   great   noise,   and   the   elements   shall   melt   with   fervent   heat,   the   earth   also   and   the   works   that   are   therein   shall  be  burned  up.     But   remember,   all   descriptions   of   the   End   of   Days   speak   of   the   unrighteous   taken   before   the   righteous.    The  tares  are  taken  before  the  wheat.     The   weeds   are   taken   first.     The   vultures   are   eating   the   carcass   of   the   dead.     The   list   goes   on   throughout  the  Bible.    

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It   is   very   interesting   that   the   phrase   “shall   be   burned   up”   derives   from   the   Greek   word   “heurethēsetai,”   which   literally   translated   means,   “I   find,   learn,   discover,   especially   after   searching.”    (Strongs  2147).     The  passage  could  also  be  translated,  “I  will  heat   things  up  and  expose  the  hidden  elements  of  the   earth.”   –   but,   of   course,   I   am   not   an   expert   translator.         Either   way,   this   seems   to   be   the   only   passage   that   describes   a   burning   earth   before   a   burning   hell.     If   this   single   passage   were   not   translated   correctly,   then   it   would   invalidate   Branham’s   end-­‐of-­‐the-­‐world   prophecies   that   are   already   common   theology,   and   not   really   prophecy   anyway.    

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New  Freedom  

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I   am   no   longer   bound   by   the   chains   of   a   cult   leader   who   incorporates   false   teaching   from   ancient   heretical   scrolls   and   fortune   hunters   with   occult   backgrounds.     While   the   first   thirty-­‐ something  years  of  my  life  were  constant  fear  of   “questioning   the   prophet,”   or   watching   over   my   shoulder  to  make  sure  my  steps  had  aligned  with   the   teachings   of   this   man   I   thought   was   the   closest   thing   to   Jesus   Christ   Himself,   I   now   am   free.     I  am  free  to  study  the  Word  of  God  for  myself  –   not   through   the   lenses   of   men   who   deny   the   Truth  to  make  a  buck.    I  am  free  to  research  the   ancient   cultures   and   learn   exactly   why   the   writers   of   the   scripture   described   ways   of   life   that   seem   distant   and   vague.     I   can   study   their   way  of  life  in  comparison  to  their  current  events   all  while  learning  how  the  scriptures  apply  to  my   life,  as  they  should.     While   most   children   and   even   some   adults   in   the   cult  were  paralyzed  with  fear  over  the  “Rapture,”   I   now   have   the   freedom   to   deem   this   as   false   doctrine   since   it   does   not   align   with   scriptural   Truth.     …And   even   if   this   teaching   is   somehow   accurate,  I  will  not  be  denying  some  false  teacher   by  disagreeing  with  it,  and  I  won’t  be  cast  down   to  hell  for  what  the  cult  called  “blasphemy.”       Copyright  2013,    42  

Instead,  I  live  my  life  like  every  single  day  could   be   my   very   last.     Jesus   said   that   we   should   be   ready,  and  though  William  Branham  twisted  His   words   to   mean   something   else,   I   want   to   be   ready.         I’m   no   longer   paralyzed   with   fear,   I’m   over-­‐ anxious   with   excitement   that   we   will   soon   see   the   King!     I   no   longer   worry   about   when   the   ‘Rapture’   will   happen,   how   the   current   events   apply   to   the   cult   leader’s   “roadmap”   to   the   Rapture  as  he  thought  it  was  in  days  gone  by,  or   which  “laws”  I  must  abide  by  to  make  sure  that  I   will   not   miss   this   event   that   does   not   seem   to   even  be  in  the  Bible.     I  am  free  to  read  the  story  of  Noah  without  fear,   and  see  how  the  entire  story  is  an  example  of  the   Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.       Mankind   was   becoming   worse   and   worse,   and   sin  was  taking  over.    Good  men  and  women  were   falling   to   sin   each   day.     Noah   had   faith   in   God,   and   so   God   sent   him   the   master   plan   to   build   a   boat.    Noah  was  made  worthy  by  his  faith  in  God,   and   that   Faith   in   God   raised   him   up.     He   was   baptized   in   The   Flood,   and   started   a   brand-­‐new   life  with  his  family  in  what  seemed  like  a  whole-­‐ new  world.    

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This   is   exactly   the   Gospel   of   Jesus   Christ   as   it   applies  to  my  own  life.    Living  in  a  world  of  sin,   worshipping   in   a   cult   that   worshipped   a   man,   and  everyone  around  me  was  so  consumed  with   worship   of   the   cult   leader   that   they   could   no   longer   even   see   the   discrepancies   between   his   false  teachings  and  the  scripture.    But  I  had  faith   in   Jesus   Christ,   and   he   already   had   the   master   plan.         I  had  already  been  baptized,  and  he  had  already   been  crucified,  but  once  I  accepted  my  salvation   through   faith   in   Christ   rather   than   association   with   my   denomination   of   cult   faith,   he   raised   me   up.         I   am   no   longer   the   man   I   used   to   be.

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About  The  Author  

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  John   Collins   is   the   author   and   Webmaster   of   Almost   36   years   in   “the   Message”,   the   name   of   the   group   of   people   (cult)   following   the   teachings  of  William  Marrion  Branham,  John  has   dedicated  his  life  towards  helping  those  who  are   still   in   this   cult,   and   to   those   who   are   no   longer   bound   but   serving   Jesus   Christ   with   many   questions.   His   goal   is   to   remind   both   groups   that   we   serve   a   living   God   who   does   not   look   to   any   organization,   doctrine,   mystery,   or   gift   of   the   Spirit;  we  serve  a  God  who  looks  at  the  heart.   His   main   purpose   is   to   point   others   back   to   the   Bible,   which   is   the   Absolute.     All   words   of   men   may   fail,   but   the   Word   of   God   will   never   fail.     We   should   put   our   hearts   and   minds   back   on   Jesus   Christ,   who   died   on   the   cross   so   that   ALL   could   be  saved  by  grace  through  faith.   Seek   Ye   The   Truth   is   dedicated   to   those   who   are  following  the  Message,  and  to  those  who  are   no   longer   in   the   Message   but   serving   Jesus   Christ.  Our  goal  is  to  remind  both  groups  that  we   serve   a   living   God   who   does   not   look   to   any   organization,   doctrine,   mystery,   or   gift   of   the   Spirit;  we  serve  a  God  who  looks  at  the  heart.  

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  Our  purpose  is  to  point  others  back  to  the  Bible,   which  is  the  Absolute.    All  words  of  men  may  fail,   but   the   Word   of   God   will   never   fail.     We   should   put   our   hearts   and   minds   back   on   Jesus   Christ,   who  died  on  the  cross  so  that  ALL  could  be  saved   by  grace  through  faith.     Seek   Ye   The   Truth   started   as   a   central   place   for   all  Message  believers  to  ask  the  questions  openly   and   anonymously,   many   of   which   they   had   in   their  hearts  and  minds  for  many,  many  years  and   were   afraid   to   ask.     The   original   goal   was   to   go   "hand   in   hand"   with   the   local   pastors   in   Jeffersonville,   spreading   the   answers   and   vindicating   the   teachings   of   William   Marrion   Branham.         After   a   conversation   with   the   local   pastor   regarding   those   who   had   fallen   into   worship   of   William   Branham  and  those  who  had  fallen  into   worship  of  Branham's  son,  it  was  evident  that  it   would  not  be  a  joint  effort.    The  conversation  did   not   match   the   sermons   preached   by   the   same   pastor,  and  could  only  lead  to  confusion.     Research  began  for  a  book,  which  was  to  include   all   of   the   many   things   William   Branham   preached   that   were   doctrinally   and   historically   sound.     The   goal   was   to   show   the   people   who  

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followed  Branham  that  though  he  was  a  prophet   of  God,  he  was  still  a  man.    He  was  not  an  object   of  worship,  and  the  people  had  turned  to  idolatry   in  placing  his  every  statement  equal  to  the  "Voice   of  God."     This   website   first   contained   a   very   small   list   of   discrepancies,   and   only   for   a   few   days.     Within   only   two   days   time,   it   was   identified   by   someone   within   the   Organization,   and   broadcast   quickly   to   pastors   across   the   nation.     One   pastor   felt   it   his  duty  to  threaten  using  a  family  member  as  a   mouthpiece,  while  another  local  pastor  called  to   threaten  directly.     The   local   pastor   was   one   of   the   key   founders   of   the   following   of   over   two   million   people.     When   he  made  his  threats,  one  phrase  stood  out  above   every   other   word   in   the   conversation:     "People   have   known   about   these   problems   for   years.     What  does  it  hurt  you  to  believe  it  anyway?"     It   appeared   that   the   pastor   was   hiding   something.     Something   had   been   uncovered,   something   that   was   large   enough   to   have   the   nation   of   followers   in   an   uproar   if   discovered.     Something  that  needed  research.     As   research   started   to   progress,   more   false   teachings   were   found   than   truths.     More  

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prophecies  had  failed  than  had  succeeded.    None   could   be   proven.     Bible   teachings   came   from   Gnostic   texts   and   other   strange   beliefs,   and   did   not   line   up   with   the   Word   of   God.     Scriptures   were  invented.    Local  pastors  had  no  answer.     It   is   believed   that   other   key   figures   in   the   following   also   hid   these   things   from   the   people.     Magazine   articles   uncovering   the   "cloud   hoax"   were   discussed   in   private   and   hidden   from   the   people   with   all   traces   of   evidence   removed.     Failed   prophecies   about   a   bridge   that   was   built   long  before  Branham  was  alive  were  discussed  in   private   and   hidden   from   the   people.     Works   of   Clarence   Larkin   were   plagiarized,   and   proclaimed   as   "Divine   Revelation"   for   teachings   such   as   the   Seven   Seals   and   the   Seven   Church   Ages.     False   bibles   were   promoted   as   scriptural   accuracy.     False   prophets   were   promoted   as   "having   the   same   anointing   as   Moses."     Other   cults   were   spun   off.     And   people   had   "known   about   these   things   for   years,"   expecting   us   to   believe  them!     While   some   live   normal   lives   walking   "middle   ground,"  many  are  starting  to  become  very  hurt   and   abused.     Many   suffer   depression.     Physical   and  sexual  abuse,  and  self  condemnation.        

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Before  long,  it  was  found.    There  wasn't  a  single   prophecy!     All   prophecy   was   given   after   the   event  happened!    Most  of  them  didn't  happen  at   all!    Every  prophecy  changed  over  time!         Because   of   the   research   that   followed,   the   biggest  scam  in  the  history  of  mankind  had  been   uncovered.    One  that  had  gained  over  a  hundred   million   dollars   in   assets   for   just   one   of   the   hundreds   of   organizations   involved   in   the   scam   around  the  world.     All   the   while,   helpless   and   poor   followers   had   no   clue   what   was   going   on.     Life's   savings   were   donated   to   Lincoln   Navigators,   a   tour   bus   used   for   vacations,   and   more.     Money   donated   was   untraceable,   spread   across   the   entire   world   in   assets.     Money   was   grown   in   foreign   exchange   as   additional   profit.     The   perfect   breeding   ground   for   the   perfect   money   laundering   scheme,   with   not  a  single  church  or  organization  that  could  be   accused;  people  willingly  gave  their  hard-­‐earned   pay!     Over  time,  this  site  slowly  transformed  into  a  site   of  questions  into  a  site  dedicated  to  help  those  in   need.     There   are   far   more   than   two   million   followers  of  William  Branham  around  the  world,   making   it   larger   than   some   of   the   other   cult   followings,   and   there   are   almost   no   support  

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groups   for   those   desperately   seeking   help.     Please  join  us  as  we  help  others.         As  for  me  and  my  house,  we  will  serve  The  Lord.     God  Bless  You!    

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