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Rules For Talking Truth, Slow, Softly, Relaxed, Requesting, Polite, Non-Anger and Silence not Secretive

, Fast, Loudly, Reacting, Compelling, Shouting, Anger and Justifying. No Expectation only Job Ask once and Tell once for anything not repeating

Absolute realisation of the condition of humanity brings about the responsibility to go beyond the existing suffering and being loving, happy and compassionate

The scream erupts. screaming till the end And then comes a silence. hapless victims rolling on the sides The soul. again and again. never And now we have just begun Light level Sound level Vibration level . comes a new screaming beginning Only to go all through it again. silence after the end And after the end. Never to end.Screams Brutality unleashed.

1 Competence Maintaining competence Provide service in emergencies Scientific and profess judgements Personal problems and conflicts 2 Human Relations Discrimination/Exploitation Harassment Avoiding harm Multiple relationships Conflict of interest Cooperation with other pros Informed consent Interruption of psych services 3 Privacy And Confidentiality Confidentiality .

disposal Fees and barter 5 Assessment Use of assessments Informed consent in assessments Interpreting and explaining results Obsolete or outdated tests 6 Therapy Informed consent in therapy Therapy involving couples/family/group Sexual intimacy with client Therapy served by others Terminating therapy Repair Clock .Disclosure 4 Record Keeping And Fees Documenting. maintain.

Other.College ID. Bank Docs.Irrationality Quotient Blueprint Take 6K back from Ansar Take 1K back from Musa Deven Scan Cards . Birth. hdd n laptop Issues to Deal With Permanent address. Birth certificate. Assets. ECHS ID. Put scan photo in iPod.Separate cash for Delhi Book ticket for Delhi on 26 n return Copy Contacts In IPOD Lakshmi Photocopy Jonathan Smith University BSC degree apply by provisional certificate Dissertation Topic Assign . Medical Insurance .

Paranoid Personality Disorder 2.Bipolar 1 Disorder (Manic Depressive) 8. Narcissistic Personality Disorder 4.Clinical Diagnosis Of Rosy Gupta 1. Dependent Personality Disorder 7. behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy along with pharmaco therapy . Mood Disorder . Histrionic Personality Disorder 3. Anti Anxiety . Borderline Personality Disorder 6.Benzodiazepines Alprazolam (Xanax) Alprex Diazepam (Valium) Should also take atypical anti psychotic drugs and ssri anti depressant drugs along with benzodiazepine anti anxiety drugs Should also take psychodynamic therapy. Generalized Anxiety Disorder 9. Antisocial Personality Disorder 5.