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The Whacko

There once lived a lower middle class man putting up in a small house, in the countryside of an upcoming sub rural town in England. A family of one, crazy to the core with his idiosyncrasy, but indeed was a loving lot, defending himself from the outside world. He lived alone, all by himself, occasionally mixing with the neighbours. Psychopathology seemed quite evident in him considering his overt behaviour and distressing communication with others every single day of his life. He got named “The Whacko” by his neighbours for his eccentricities. He had a unique personality, markedly deviant from others in his own way. “The Whacko” was called by the name Duke and was 70 years old. One cloudy evening, while sitting all by himself on his reclining chair in the garden, he was overcome by nostalgia. Even though he was 70, he had a memory of an adolescent, clear and sharp as ever, remembering everything from childhood till date. He kept pondering on his flow of thoughts and reliving the ones of his childhood. He said to himself, “I remember it all, cannot even forget the obnoxious ones”, grunting loudly. He remembered the time when he was young and used to be involved in inappropriate antisocial and sexual behaviour. He had a strong urge from within, the urge to love, to have sex, to be involved in aggressive and thrill seeking behaviour. There was this energy in him which he chose to express in these forms. He remembered how selfish he was, not considering the consequences of what he was doing. He had wish fulfilling fantasies, and mental images which he always wanted to act out. He also liked certain people more than others and had invested a lot of time and energy in the people whom he considered his friends. Then there were times when he became moralistic and regretted some actions done by him which led to remorseful behaviour and punishment. He started confirming to the ways of the society in terms of righteous behaviour, keeping in mind the taboos in his society. Other times he realized he had certain desires which he wanted to exhibit, but the society did not permit them in ways he saw deemed fit as his wishes were considered wrong and a taboo by his family and the society at large. He had to maintain a balance by making decisions and acting out on the basis of reality. He had to adapt to the situation.

Duke recollected that at the time as a child when he started playing with his penis and masturbating. There was a part of him which could experience the world and always be in contact with it. But he feared his father as he thought that his father will cut off his penis. She then wishes she could have the penis of her dad.. yet there was a part of him which he could not always be aware but could be brought to awareness. he did not know the reason why. and also there were some forces. He actively sought pleasure from many areas of his body. 1 year down the line he was toilet trained. He now made many male friends. and after the danger was over he stopped feeling anxious. When he was a baby he used to get stimulation by drinking milk from his mother’s breast and putting objects in his mouth. She feared could not have her father’s penis and felt inferior. So he repressed his sexual desire for his mother and hostility towards father.Duke “The Whacko” had an intrapsychic conflict. Whacko’s mother told him all about his childhood before she passed away. he just did. He then channelized his sexual impulses on other women while growing up as an adult. At puberty duke’s penis matured and now started he showing interest for females and wanted to have sex with them. failure to being resolved during the entire life span led to an erratic personality. started playing with her vagina and also mast urbating. which were unconscious and beyond his explanation or understanding which did control his behaviour to a great extent. as a child he sucked his thumb and explored his genitals. Duke also saw something similar happen to his sister. Duke’s sister as a child. After another 2 or 3 years he started playing with his penis and masturbating and enjoyed the stimulation. conflicting id superego and ego.e. She then realized the superiority of the penis and started to feel jealous. Duke “The Whacko” realized that right from his childhood he did not have complete awareness and control of himself. He sucked his thumb even at the age of 70 too. He started developing fear . Duke contemplated on the fact that whenever he was faced with a fearful or dangerous situation he felt anxious. he started having sexual impulses for his mother and started seeing his father as a rival. At the same time she started having sexual impulses for her father and started seeing her mother as her rival. He also realised that he was often punished for overtly expressing sexual or aggressive impulses. i. describing intricately how he was raised as a child and all the behaviours he exhibited. He now remembered. For the next few years he became preoccupied with developing skills and lost interest in the opposite sex. and he used to derive pleasure by retention and expulsion of faeces.

he realized that he was using some ways to reduce the anxiety of which he was not consciously aware most of the times. He used to justify his behaviour by reinterpreting it and making it more acceptable to him. a. i. When he used to get harassed at his job. g. Even though they did not always seemed to be the right way to be decrease the anxiety. e. He used to blame his friends and say that his friends hate him. . whereas he was the one who actually hated his friends. d. He liked getting sympathy and pity from others even though he was inadequate and a failure at times. he campaigned against the gay community. He felt satisfied and successful when he associated himself with his brother who was very successful in his career. He remembered a number of incidences when he did the same. similarly all behaviours are defensive in nature too. He used to withdraw from situations where he knew he would fail or face frustrations and not succeed. At times when he was motivated to express a sexual or aggressive impulse that was contrary to his moral code. He realized all behaviours are motivated by instincts. “The Whacko” had many ways for reducing his anxiety. When he thought that he could not think of any other way. and giving rational explanations to himself. He is now not able to remember who abused him as a child and how he was abused no matter how hard he tries to remember the details. Whenever he faced a very stressful situation he starts to call his mom and goes and becomes dependent on her. Even though he liked to indulge in homosexual relationships. Duke also pondered on the fact that at times while imagining or facing a problematic anxiety provoking situation to which he had no solution.of what may happen as a result of gratifying the sexual and aggressive instincts. He feared his values and ethics. he felt shame or guilt. b. He always thought that he was not good at drawing. h. nevertheless they did serve the purpose. he then used to come home and fight with his sister. c. he still used to be dependent on his mother for taking care of him. When he was 50 years old. j. he had to decrease the anxiety faced. f. k. so he became a very good house painter. in reducing the anxiety.

. he sometimes paints nude pictures of women. memories started to surface up to the level of consciousness. he used to frequently visit a psychologist along with his parents. and the parents were left behind. He used to often see the female psychologist taking down notes in her notepad while talking to him. He only adopts those behaviours which lowers his anxiety. Sometimes he adopts other people’s attitude or behaviours as if they were his own. He was excited as well as nervous to experience what was once a part of his childhood. one by one that was long forgotten by him. and now suddenly today sitting on his reclining chair enjoying the sunset. but he could still not determine as to why there were all present at the office of the psychologist. Whenever he used to utter anything accidentally. m. as the couch was not facing him. All these years he never could remember this. He remembered that he was told to follow a psychologist into a room. He gradually started to remember the details. the time when he was a little child. he should not hold it back and speak out without fear of any consequences. After thinking and trying hard to recollect for a while as to what really happened at that time of childhood. The psychologist was a middle age lady who was gentle and kind to him. When he realized that he has created an anxiety provoking situation by saying something he should have not said. though not in detail. Because he cannot get to have sex frequently with the opposite sex. he realized he had forgotten about it since the last 55 years. Now.l. bad. When he entered the room. Duke vaguely remembered few of the procedures the psychologist employed onto him. he immediately takes it back and says something soothing to make the situation less anxiety provoking. since he was only a child then and an old man now. n. she used to immediately note it down without any delay. She said no matter how stupid. Now he clearly remembered going to the office of the psychologist with his parents and his little sister. When he lay down on the couch which was quite comfortable he could not see the psychologist. there was a chair on which the psychologist was sitting and a long couch where he was instructed by the psychologist to lie down. The psychologist told him to keep lying on the couch and say whatever he. the little boy felt like saying. after hours of thinking and recollecting old memories duke remembered that a long time ago. but the other side. dirty the thought is.

be silent for a long time. He also started feeling strong sexual and aggressive feelings towards the lady psychologist during the course of psychotherapy. in a detailed manner. Latency. Anal. Ego Ideal Intrapsychic Conflicts Drive – Source. Impetus. Aim. Unconscious Autoerotic. Secondary Process Thinking Superego – Conscience. he could use his imagination any way he wanted to deal with a troubling issue. Phallic. Now. Polymorphous Perverse. Fixation Psychosexual Stages – Oral. Subconscious. and so forth. he slept off in the very reclining chair in which he recovered so many of his childhood memories. Primary Process Thinking. Later on she too developed feelings for him. She was specifically interested in the content of the dreams that occurred.He also was always asked by the psychologist about the kind of dreams that he had. Then she used to repeatedly discuss about the dreams and themes of dreams. Cathexis Ego – Reality Principle. Pleasure Principle. Sometimes he would be told to let out the anger or any other emotions which hid deep beneath him in front of the psychologist. which he could clearly see and observe. Genital Oedipus Complex and Castration Anxiety . Libido and Death Instincts/Drive. Many a times he refused to talk about certain topics. Object Conscious. Psychoanalytic Concepts Explained In The Story Structure Of The Psyche Id – Life Instincts/Drive. feeling tired. after many hours of thinking. He also started to behave with the lady psychologist in the same way he behaved with his mother.

Repression. Reaction Formation. Withdrawal. Sympathism. Displacement. Dream Analysis – Manifest and Latent. Resistance. Introjection Treatments – Free Association. Fixation. Moral Anxiety Defense Mechanisms – Compensation. Neurotic Anxiety. Counter Transference. Undoing. Sublimation. Identification.Electral Complex and Penis Envy Anxiety – Reality Anxiety. Rationalization. Slips Of The Tongue. Positive and Negative Transference. Interpretation . Projection. Regression. Catharsis.