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Riela Isabel Antonio

Shannon Angto
Extra Joss has driven the market growth and builds its dominancy in the energy drink category in
Philippines Market.

For continuing the volume growth and survive the competition, Extra Joss have to expand to other
segment, which is young segment and white collar segment.

Internet is one of the medium that have grown significantly in terms of usage in Philippines, especially
by white collar and young segment. Therefore, it is important to establish Extra Joss presence in this

Although Extra Joss not yet have official website in Philippines, there is already a huge number of
consumers in Philippines who testify, giving comments or asking question about Extra Joss in internet
(Around 9200 articles about Extra Joss Philippines can be found using Google search engine).

Based on the research done by Synovate in Manila (2006), 53% using internet for social networking,
and 32% for online games. 10% using it for Join Promo. Other research said that 40% of internet users
used it for information search.
Provide Extra Joss Philippines website as a medium to:

• Strengthen the image of Extra Joss as the most preferable energy drink in Philippines

• Increase bonding between Extra Joss and consumer.

• Provide and exchange information about EXTRA JOSS to consumer and non consumer who
have interest to know more about the brand.

Current consumer already drink Extra Joss /already have interest to drink EXTRA JOSS, but still
want to know more about the brand. That is why some of them use internet as one of the
medium to seek for information about the brand.

• The consumers will use the official website as a medium to find and exchange
information about Extra Joss, and in the end will strengthen the bonding between
consumer and Extra Joss.

• Launch Extra Joss Philippines website and invite consumer to click it by increasing the
awareness of the website through several promotion media.
This contains the brief overview of the development timeline of the Extra Joss Website. The default start
date used by the team was March 9 in order to comply with the necessary scheduling of the current
availability of the team, however, it is obvious that the development of such project will allot three
whole weeks, with continuous development and overtime.

• Identifying Stakeholders Needs
Based on how the “wish list” of the stakeholders served to be their requests for the features and
functionalities of the website, it will be used as primary input to defining the high-level features of the

• Analysis of the Problem
Brief overview of how Extra Joss can benefit from this website.

• Features and Functionalities
Finalization of the features and functionalities which is derived from the stakeholders requests.

• Designing Stage
Finalization of the website design.

• Development Stage
The coding process of the development of the website.

• Testing Stage
Beta and user-acceptance testing of the website for further modifications and review of the website.

• Implementation Stage
The release of the Extra Joss website.
Main Content Pages 20, 580.00
Non-Profit Discount 2, 058.00
Sub-Total for Development 18, 522.00
Graphic Design 12, 000.00
Multi-Media 1, 225/minute
Maintenance 2, 450/month
Reporting 4, 900.00
Consultation Email support is FREE
Labor 40, 000.00
TOTAL P 75, 422.00