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King Henry VIII Smriti Jasra

He was known to be handsome, clever and courageous, but was capable of turning into an ugly suspicious tyrant who was feared by many. He loved and was loved, but if you got on his bad side, he would kill you without hesitation. He was very strong willed, yet easily manipulated by others. He was a great athlete and soldier, but behaved cowardly in his personal relationships. He was very strong and powerful, but was desperately afraid of old age and disease. He was said to be sensitive, yet ordered the executions of hundreds of people at a time. He was England’s last medieval king and its first modern ruler, and has been subject to more books and movies than any other English King or Queen. He was King Henry VIII. King Henry, who loved tradition, but was not afraid to destroy it for his benefit; He King Henry VIII is probably the most famous or infamous King that England has ever had. He was born in Greenwich on June 28th 1491, the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. He became heir to the throne on the death of his elder brother, Prince Arthur, in 1502 and succeeded in 1509. He learned the business of government by watching his brother Arthur, who was ruling Wales by the age of 10. England's King Henry VIII is viewed as one of the most controversial rulers in history. His desperation to have his name carried on with a male heir led him to do what none other before him had dared attempt. To fully understand the reasons behind his actions, one needs consider his personal characteristics and childhood, the women in his life, as well as the changes he created in the nation, and thus Europe as a whole. As Henry was growing up, he was very spoiled and cocky which led him to believe that he could get anything he wanted. He had his own groups of servants and a band of ministers and a jester for entertainment, as well as his own tutors who taught him to speak Greek and Latin. He was given anything he wanted, which can be proven considering that his collection of instruments included more than 20 flutes. Also, he was crowned King of England at the age of 17, giving him a sense of arrogance and power considering that he had a whole country under his command. Because of the fact that he was boasted throughout his childhood- believing he was better then everyone, Henry grew up to believe that he had the power to do anything he


a son that he could love like his father never did. As he got married to Catherine of Aragon. Henry’s spoiled. named Mary. her gracefulness. and conversation. His only release was exercise and he could not talk to his dad unless a question was asked. making music. rather than carry on with his fathers. Henry married his widow. He desperately wanted a male heir. cocky and arrogant nature came into play. Henry was pleased. After his brother died. She was very ambitious and determined and her charm laid not so much in her physical appearance as in her vivacious personality. he decided to stop at nothing until he had a son. a daughter. She was petite in stature. and that is why a person must understand his childhood and personality before they pass judgment on Henry’s actions. and so sought out a way to attain the annulment faster than it was occurring. He was kept hard at work.where only a few friends could come to visit. and had an appealing fragility about her. and confined to his own room. but because the one time that a female had inherited the English Crown in the 12th century. not only for his personal reasons that questioned how good of a father he could be. and realized a son was not possible. and that is where his arrogance came in. the sister of one of his many mistresses. Henry decided things would be different from when his father ruled. She shone at singing.King Henry VIII Smriti Jasra wanted for his own benefit. He wanted his friends around him all the time. and not surprisingly. Most of all. and his councilors and advisors to adjust to his beliefs. the young men of the court swarmed around her. always studying. the country had broke out in a civil war. Another aspect of his childhood was that his father also resented him. Having all his wishes turned to reality. the two had a child. he wanted a son. It is said that Anne Boleyn was at the centre of the King’s controversial decision to divorce his first wife. Catherine of Aragon in 1509. dancing. the more his father ignored him. Composition . In 1526. and her quick wit and other accomplishments. It was said the older he grew. He was manipulated very easily. This is precisely the reason why Henry decided to first take the steps to an official annulment. but not delighted. Finally seven years later. When he became King. Henry had become infatuated with Anne Boleyn.

Though it had become a tyrant under Henry’s rule. and women like Anne Boleyn. The women he had in his life.King Henry VIII Smriti Jasra Finally. Composition . and had her beheaded. with better laws than before. the women in his life. His childhood and personality. 2009). He was easily manipulated and easily infatuated. As Henry realized he had power over every aspect of the country. in 1531. the clergy surrendered their jurisdictional independence and acknowledged Henry’s total authority over to the church. In 1534. and heir to the throne. King Henry VIII committed every action only in desperation to produce a male heir for the throne and to carry on his name. with Edward IV as his legitimate son. England was secure. obviously knew how to use that to their advantage. He was married four times after that. led Henry to take such drastic actions when it came to the topic of his divorce. and the reformation were resposible for every action he took during his reign. he became more demanding and needy. prosperous and mainly peaceful. Henry was directly responsible for the ideas and turmoil that would engulf England a century later. by the “act of supremacy” it was officially declared (Tudorplace. As Anne Boleyn was not able to bare a son for him.he divorced her as well.