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Rêves de France Special edition n°1

Condé sur l’Escaut
A Condé , il fait bleu vivre !
! ! ! ! ! ! In condé, life is blue !
Today, let’s go to a trip in an authentic french town ! Which is also your magazine’s team hometown...

A medieval city
Two castles ! In Condé, there are two castles and fortifications created by Vauban. In the middle age, it was a very important city.

A flowered city

3 stars ! The city got 3 stars at the flowered cities ranking.

Fu" of nature !
A wood and a parc ! Besides all its flower, a wood separates Condé from Belgium. There is also a park of 150 hectares

A minning town
A city of miners The city has developed on coal mining.

This is North...
Poeple speaks "Ch’ti" This is a local language.

«Ej t'arconnôs ti z'aute, t'es d'min couin !»
«Je te reconnais toi, tu es de mon coin.» I recognize you, you’re from my place !

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The team : - Director of publication : Nadine Salgarolo - Chief editor : Rudy Salgarolo - Editor : Nadine Salgarolo 28 square Mousseron 59 163 Condé sur l’Escaut France - Translators : Tomoko and Hiroto Kano, Sylvie Mercier, Rudy Salgarolo.