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Superman: Sons of Krypton by Michael J.

Miller Patrick Mann Conway & David Scott

October 10, 2010

EXT. LUTHORCORP QUAD Several news vans are parked on the street and a large group of reporters is mulling around waiting for the subject of their impending news reports to emerge from the building. Jimmy Olson is snapping away pictures of the newly built Luthorcorp headquarters and its impressive and imposing signage while Clark Kent keeps his nose in his notebook, jotting something down. JIMMY OLSON Wow, Clark, I know Lois says Lex Luthor is a wretched, deceitful little man, but this is a beautiful building. The architecture, the grounds, did you know its the greenest building in North America? Clark pays Jimmy little attention as he is focused on his note pad. CLARK KENT Uh huh. Jimmy is equally disinterested in what Clark has to say as he attempts to get the perfect photo. He continues to babble on about energy efficiency as Clark scribbles in his note book. INT. LUTHORCORP ELEVATOR Lex Luther stands flanked by three muscular male bodyguards and one dark haired woman. All three are wearing designer suits. Lex’s attention is focused on a few pieces of paper tightly gripped in his hand. We hear Lois Lane Lane’s voice speaking profoundly on the nature of heroes and villains and how intertwined they are. Lex looks up from the paper, but at no one in particular when he speaks. LEX LUTHOR When does it go to print? The woman, Mercy Graves, smiles at her boss. MERCY GRAVES It doesn’t. Lex turns his head slightly and looks at her out of the corner of his eye. MERCY GRAVES (CONT'D) Ms Lane is turning that little article into a book.


Lex smiles and laughs as the elevator doors open. Lex steps through with his security detail in quick pursuit. INT. LUTHORCORP LOBBY LEX LUTHOR Of course. Superman may get a few articles here and there, but in order to cover the massive subject of Lex Luthor she needs an entire book. Marvelous. Lex stops walking abruptly and turns to Ms. Graves. His body guards take precautionary positions around him. One moves toward the front door. LEX LUTHOR (CONT'D) Ms. Graves, I want that book. MERCY GRAVES Yes, sir. Lex turns back to his original path, but stops as his hulking bodyguards back is blocking his path. Lex clears his throat. The guard does not move. Lex sighs at the stupidity of his help, then taps him on the shoulder. The guard turns, allowing Lex to pass. GUARD Media. Lex peers through the glass, smooths his head, checks his breath, cracks his neck and smiles. LEX LUTHOR Show time. EXT. LUTHORCORP QUAD The camera pans in over Clark’s shoulder and we see the strange, almost hieroglyphic, letters that Clark is writing in his notebook. He practises sounding them out. CLARK KENT Veith tua- Vaithe toa- Vai eth Tu ah? Jimmy comes up besides Clark and snaps a few more pictures listening to Clark’s sounding out of a strange language before trying to get a glimpse of what Clark is writing, but Clark ignores him and keeps the writing out of his view.


JIMMY OLSON Is that Latin? Broaden your horizons, eh. That’s what Mister White always says. Good for you, Clark. Looks like the vultures are swooping in. Clark looks up at the press corps rushing the door, flips his note book page to his notes on Luthor and scurries off after the other reporters. EXT. LUTHORCORP BUILDING - TV CAMERA VIEWPOINT Lex Luthor steps out of the glass revolving door of the newly constructed Luthorcorp building in downtown Metropolis. A crowd of reporters mob around Lex. He pretends to be surprised, but is obviously welcoming the attention and basks in the chorus of questions before pulling his face into a serious, down-to-earth, expression as he selects one very pretty reporter to ask the first question. REPORTER #1 Mister Luthor, do you feel vindicated by the legal system in Metropolis, having all charges dropped, all assets unfrozen and Luthorcorp finally up and running? Lex lets a little smile slip past his lips. LEX LUTHOR That’s the beautiful thing about this country. You need evidence to convict someone of an alleged crime in a court of law. The testimony of one person is not enough. It boils down to a case of he said/she said. Or in this particular case: human said/alien said. REPORTER #2 Isn’t the word of Superman just as good as hard evidence. Superman never lies. Lex laughs. LEX LUTHOR Never lies? Really? What’s his first name? Super? I don’t think so.


REPORTER # 3 Has anyone asked him his real name? Lex sneers at the reporter. LEX LUTHOR That’s your job. REPORTER #1 But isn’t Superman’s word worth more than yours? He’s never been in jail. LEX LUTHOR It’s true I have spent more than my fair share of time incarcerated. Most of that time was due solely to the word of your beloved Mister Man. No evidence, just his sparkling words pointing the blame on me. The reporter begins to ask another question but Lex cuts her off. LEX LUTHOR (CONT'D) But even before he arrived, I had my run ins with the law. When you have no money and no alternatives, crime is an extremely tempting option. That was wrong of me. But now that I have money I intend to use it to give other men and women, who’ve been down on their luck and made mistakes a second chance. Because unlike Superman - who continues to single me out and persecute me for my checkered past Lex Luthor is a man who is capable of forgiveness, empathy and compassion. And that is the mission behind Luthorcorp. We employ men and women of all races and creeds who may have what some might call a disreputable past, but any human backed into a corner, starving and put out in the freezing cold by society will always turn to crime. We offer them a warm blanket, a hot meal and a job. Luthorcorp offers an alternative path for them to walk. A legal path. (MORE)

5. LEX LUTHOR (CONT'D) We don’t just round them up in our circus tights and toss them away in a dark place to be forgotten. That’s not how you make the world a better place. That may be how they do it on whatever planet he comes from in whichever dark distant galaxy that might reside, but that’s not the American way. In America we don’t sweep things under the rug, we face our problems head on and come up with solutions. We never, ever leave a man behind whether its on a battlefield full of our brave soldiers or its the desperate souls on the streets of our fair Metropolis. Not in this city. Not in America. No way, no how, no sir.

Lex storms away from the reporters to emphasise his point. Our point of view pulls away from the press conference, as the reporters once again clamor for the spotlight, revealing that we have been watching a television. We see Lex about to get into his limousine, look back amused at the throng of reporters clamoring for his attention before the camera shifts to reveal the location of the TV: a dark, dingy cell. INT. MILITARY FACILITY Sitting in the shadows a man begins to clap his hands in an exaggerated fashion. MAN’S VOICE Bravo. The man leans forward into the light cast from multiple televisions showing news reports from multiple countries in many different languages as well as C-span type feeds from governments to reveal himself as General Zod. His face, now illuminated by the blue flicker of the television, is somber and calm. Zod begins to flip through the channels through all sorts of crap at a faster than human rate. He pauses and listens in the distance, a slight smile creeps onto his face momentarily. Zod changes all the channels to televangelists from around the world: Billy Graham, Eliseo Soriano, Melissa Scott, Pat Robertson, Paula Nielson, as well as several psychics: Silvia Browne, John Edward, James Van Praagh and Miss Cleo. A few seconds later, Superman enters his cell. Zod does not turn to greet the man of steel and Superman does not wait for one.


He walks over to a table that has a small set of Kryptonian crystals jutting out from a central crystal core; manipulates a crystal and a holographic display materializes about the size of a black board in front of him. The display has the Kryptonian letters from Clark’s notebook arranged in a disorganized pattern. Superman begins to move and manipulate the holographic letters with his hands, arranging and rearranging them. The screen flashes black and Superman turns to look at what Zod is watching. KAL-EL Kree - Kree ta zep tol Zod turns off the television and returns himself to the comfort of the dark. GENERAL ZOD I will not be lectured by the son of Jor-El. Superman turns and shouts down the hallway. SUPERMAN Guard, lights. The lights in Zod’s cell go on revealing it not to be a small, dingy hole but a very large clean room filled to the brim with books, DVDs, CDs, comic books, magazines, newspapers, and reprints of priceless works of art. It looks similar to Lex Luthor’s lair under Metropolis. One end is a small garden with a large skylight at the top of a 60 foot transformed missile silo. Superman walks over to a wall, places his eye in front of a security scanner and gets his retina scanned. The lights shifts from red to green as it recognizes him. SUPERMAN (CONT'D) Temporary surveillance shutdown, authorization: Superman. The voice recognition software accepts his voice, and the video surveillance cameras power down. Superman slides out of his imposing form of Superman and into his natural form of Kal-El. KAL-EL There, now we have a little privacy. Zod does not move from his perch.


GENERAL ZOD Why must you speak with one voice to those humans, but use another with me? Kal-El pays little attention to Zod as he returns to the crystal display. GENERAL ZOD (CONT'D) I would think it most frustrating to only be able to act yourself around “Krypton’s Greatest Criminal.” Kal-El moves the Kryptonian letters around the display, but each time he stops the display flashes black and Kal-El looks frustrated. General Zod stands up and walks over by the table, observing Kal-el’s failures before quickly moving the letters into their proper alignment and making the display flash bright white. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Pathetic. Kal-El stares at the display with confusion and childlike irritation. General Zod continues walking to his little library, past books on history, art, literature, science and language as he pretends to search for something in particular. GENERAL ZOD (CONT'D) Tell me, what ridiculous questions must you pester me with today? I have no interest in playing that silly child’s game any more. Kal-El looks up from the display with a sheepish expression before pulling himself into the confidant poise of Superman. He attempts to speak in Kryptonian, but can not find the words and switches to English. SUPERMAN El vura - vura daz - I want to know about Krypton. General Zod drops his head and shakes it slowly. GENERAL ZOD How many of these human languages do you speak?


KAL-EL Almost all. GENERAL ZOD Don't you find it tedious and extremely primitive to have so many different languages on a planet this small? KAL-EL It's through their differences; their struggles to understand each other that they learn and evolve. I find that anything but primitive. GENERAL ZOD How many of their kind can speak all their languages? KAL-EL None that I have met. General Zod lets out a little snicker. GENERAL ZOD That's one way to avoid compromise. KAL-EL Just tell me about Krypton. do you miss most? What

General Zod thinks a moment before a smile creeps onto his face and he answers. GENERAL ZOD I miss the frozen peaks of ArzrJza. The perfectly crisp, pristine cliffs sculpted by the whipping wind. I suppose that's why I gravitated to the military. KAL-EL Why the military? GENERAL ZOD Krypton was a single minded nation devoted to science. To the pursuit of knowledge. All Kryptonians were scientists. Soon after we were weened we had a greater grasp of this universe and it's subtle mysteries than this planet’s greatest minds combined for the next hundred years.


KAL-EL So why enter the military? GENERAL ZOD I could not spend all my time confined in a laboratory. I needed to breathe. To feel Rao shine down on my face. Feel the power of her warmth. KAL-EL Is Rao the name of Krypton’s star or is it the Kryptonian word for star? GENERAL ZOD Curious. Rao was the name of our Red sun, just as Sol is the name of yours. All of this is in Jor-El’s crystals. KAL-EL Most of what I learned was geared towards this life on Earth. GENERAL ZOD I am appalled the great Jor-El did not teach you Kryptonian. KAL-EL I was never supposed to meet one. General Zod walks away from the bookshelves and back to the crystal display. GENERAL ZOD How very true. KAL-EL I want to know what it felt like to have the Red sun’s rays touch your face. General Zod manipulates the crystals and the fiery red image of Rao appears with a very small planet near by. Solar flares whip out from the core in a beautifully enticing dance, like the flickering of bonfire. GENERAL ZOD Certainly not as exhilarating or empowering as your yellow sun, but Rao held power over all Krypton. Worshipped by some, revered by all. Giver of life-


Zod traces his fingers across holographic image before turning away. GENERAL ZOD (CONT'D) -and death. The display focuses on the planet just before it explodes in a fantastic light display. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Jor-El would not have sent his only heir hurtling through space without, at minimum, a child’s guide to Kryptonian science, culture and history. He did. you. KAL-EL That’s how I learned about

GENERAL ZOD I’m sure Jor-El used very precise words to describe me. KAL-EL I want to know about the things my father omitted. Things that he might have over looked as trivial. GENERAL ZOD There are most likely a few holes in Jor-El’s version of history. Look to the crystals, in there is a complete chronicle of all that is Krypton. Your father believed that knowledge is the only true power. KAL-EL I have seen each memory etched on every crystal. There is nothing else. GENERAL ZOD It is there. Your mind is too primitive from suckling on this near primordial world to access it. Instead of prancing around in colorful tights like Captain America, poking your nose in insignificant policing of this planet, I suggest it would be time better spent enriching your mind to access the knowledge that has been withheld from you.


KAL-EL Or you could just tell me about Krypton. GENERAL ZOD You would believe the words of a traitor? General Zod shakes his head in a gently scolding motion towards Kal-El. KAL-EL I understand very little of Krypton. Even if I could access those crystals, I can learn more through your experiences; the experiences of a flesh and blood man from Krypton than I ever could pouring over my father’s cold, dead crystals. General Zod turns away from Kal-El as if looking for refuge in the human archives in his cell. He grabs something hanging around his neck and hidden under his shirt. He contemplates Kal-El’s words. GENERAL ZOD I will think on it. Kal-El stands for a moment staring at General Zod, but knows he will get no more out of him. He turns, pulls himself into the full heights of Superman and summons the guards to open the cell. General Zod smiles as the cell door clangs shut. He walks over to his small garden and looks up at the skylight. The red laser beams of the security system block his path like a spider web. He brings his gaze back to the hard concrete of his cell as his eyes flash red before twin beams of energy slices through the wall and Zod pushes his way out like a knife through butter. EXT. METROPOLIS Superman flies past the ever spinning daily planet globe and through the Metropolis skyline. He lands somewhere near Lois Lane’ apartment before donning his alter-ego, Clark Kent.


INT. LOIS LANE’ APARTMENT Lois Lane is struggling trying to keep her notes on her new research topic straight while simultaneously trying to reign in the energy of a super boy playing with his toys. He runs about the apartment battling two action figures together with little regard for the fixtures and other items he is carelessly destroying. Before Lois Lane can fully get the attention of the boy, Jason stops on his own and stares at the front door. JASON Clark! Lois Lane halts her pursuit of Jason for a moment and looks at the front door. She returns her attention to her son clearly annoyed and overwhelmed. LOIS LANE Nice try, mister. There is a knock at the door and Lois Lane drops her head and shoulders in defeat. She walks over to the door as Jason resumes his playing. She peers through the peephole and is not surprised to see a nervous Clark Kent standing with flowers. LOIS LANE (CONT’D) Clark, what a nice surprise. CLARK KENT Hello, Lois, you look... Tired. LOIS LANE Thanks, Clark, you sure know how to sweet talk a lady. CLARK KENT I’m sorry, Lois, I didn’t meanLois puts up her hand in front of Clark’s face to silence him. LOIS LANE It’s fine, Clark. Clark attempts to peer around Lois Lane trying to see the apartment and its other occupant, little Jason. Then his attention returns to Lois Lane. CLARK KENT These are for you. He nervously hands them over.


LOIS LANE Thanks, Clark. They're beautiful. Come in, of course you’re right I’ve been very tired lately. Lois shoots a glance at Jason who picks up that he’s being talked about and halts his playtime briefly to smile at his mother and Clark. While Lois Lane heads to the kitchen in search of a vase and water Clark wanders the apartment and takes note of the damage indicative of what the little boy most certainly is: The last heir of Krypton, his son. Clark turns around and finds that Jason has been watching him. Jason stands looking at Clark and Clark back at Jason. Each staring across what could be a chasm the size of the grand canyon before Lois Lane steps back into the room with a freshly filled vase and sets it on an end table. LOIS LANE (CONT’D) So how’ve you been? Clark’s attention remains focused on the young boy until Lois Lane snaps him out of his trance. LOIS LANE (CONT’D) Earth to Kent. Clark breaks out of his deep thoughts and nervously glances around the room. CLARK KENT Oh. Sorry, Lois. Its just. Are you planning on doing some renovations? He motions at the damage around the apartment and Lois Lane breaths in and exhales before deciding to go along with that story. LOIS LANE Yeah. And it makes writing this book incredibly difficult. I have Jason running around and the renovators coming and going. Its just too much sometimes and I’m afraid its worse for wear on my writing. I cant seem to get out of this block I’m in. CLARK KENT What’s the subject?


LOIS LANE Look, Kent, I'd love to stand here chit chatting, butClark interrupts her and she looks uneasy. CLARK KENT Superman right. Look, Lois, all I’m saying is you have written a lot about the man and maybe you can’t write this book because you've said it all already. LOIS LANE For your information, I am writing about his enemies. I am writing about villains. And its not something I would expect you to understand. You and your farm boy mentality, you just don't see the evil in the world. CLARK KENT Lois, I get it. You’re frustrated and with everything going on here, its no wonder. But, I may have the perfect solution. Lois turns away from Clark and continues the task she started before he arrived: cleaning up after Jason. LOIS LANE What? CLARK KENT Maybe you and Jason just need some good old fashioned peace and quiet. LOIS LANE Spit it out, Clark. What are you suggesting? CLARK KENT My family farm. I'm suggesting you and Jason come to the Kent farm and have yourselves a nice relaxing vacation while your apartment gets renovated. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city: To wide open spaces where Jason is free to whirl about like the Tasmanian devil he is; you can focus your mind on the epic battle between good and evil; (MORE)

15. CLARK KENT (CONT'D) my mother’s rib sticking home cooking will fill up your bellies and its just a small town where everyone minds their own business and won’t bother you.

Lois looks around as if pondering this option for a minute until a shattering vase grabs both their attention. Standing over the shattered vase is Jason with his toys. LOIS LANE Jason. JASON I'm sorry, mommy. CLARK KENT Its alright, kiddo. LOIS LANE Alright, Kent. You win. Maybe the farm is the best place for us right now. Clark smiles at her and Jason approvingly. CLARK KENT Great. Well, I’ll just go inform mother that you'll be coming out for a little stay. You two go pack your things. Clark grabs the phone as Lois and Jason head into the other room to pack. He heads out onto the balcony and begins to dial, but is distracted by a television across the street which he focus both his acute hearing sense and keen vision onto. The television reports breaking news of a massive manhunt that is ongoing in wilderness of the pacific northwest, exactly where Zod was being held. SUPERMAN Zod. Fearing the worst, he drops the phone and immediately flies off. Lois re-enters the room and is talking to Clark as she notices the phone hand set on the floor. LOIS LANE How cold does it get at- Night. Clark? Clark? I’m getting real tired of this vanishing act. She picks up the dropped phone and shakes her head as she walks back towards the bedrooms.


Jason, who had observed his mothers frustration, giggles to himself before racing back to his room to pack his toys. EXT. SKY A streak of blue carves its way through the clouds and decimates the sound barrier as it hurtles toward the military facility. EXT. MILITARY FACILITY SAM turrets go wild trying to lock on and military personnel take cover and defensive positions. INT. MILITARY FACILITY RADAR operators, trying to follow the blip on screen begin chattering about how its too fast to lock onto - is it some Zod on full frontal attack? - is there anything they can do to stop him? The General in charge of the facility peers closely at the screen, before making his decision. US GENERAL Stand down. Let’s pray its Superman. EXT. MILITARY FACILITY The streak rips the final mile and elegantly touches down just a few feet from the front door. Superman eyes the fidgeting troops who don’t have their weapons pointed at him, but are nervously surrounding him with guns visibly out and at the ready. The doors to the facility open and the general and his entourage step out. Superman turns his attention on them. SUPERMAN General. US GENERAL Superman, he’s escaped. I’m aware. SUPERMAN What happened?

The General leads Superman to the part of the mountain where Zod burned through and escaped.


US GENERAL Best we can tell, sometime after you left, he burrowed through his cell wall and about a half mile of mountain, cut clean, like a hot spoon into a scoop of ice cream. The General lights a cigar and looks at Superman who is inspecting the hole in the mountain. US GENERAL (CONT’D) You told us you clipped his wings. So either you were mistaken or maybe you helped him. Superman looks sharply at the General who drops his steely eyes from Superman’s in shame. SUPERMAN That maniac is the opposite of everything I stand for. US GENERAL Well, either way, this doesn't look good. The President is going to want an explanation. Especially if we get an instant replay of Emperor Zod storming the white house. SUPERMAN I will find him. US GENERAL At least so far he appears to be content with hiding out. SUPERMAN He's not hiding. US GENERAL Well there haven't been any calls from the pentagon or pirate news broadcasts demanding we all kneel before him. So I considering that good news. SUPERMAN That’s precisely why this is worse. Zod is of a military mind. What would you do before going to war with someone, General? The cigar nearly falls from his mouth.


US GENERAL Intelligence. SUPERMAN Exactly. US GENERAL This time he's going to eradicate us. SUPERMAN Not while I’m here. Superman takes jumps into the air and immediately reaches the speed of sound as he rips off toward the north. The general stands dumbfounded for a moment before he orders his men to get back to their stations. He tosses his cigar on the ground. US GENERAL God help us. LEUTENENT He is. US GENERAL You know what I meant. EXT. SKY Zod casually flies through the clouds and is slightly surprised to see a mountaintop emerge from the clouds. EXT. MOUNTAIN TOP Zod lands gently on the peak and swiftly walks down to the treeline. He sees a temple and a man sitting on a rock. Zod walks towards them. EXT. MONKS TEMPLE - TIBET DAY

The monk sits meditating patiently on the stone. Zod approaches the man. GENERAL ZOD Human, what language do you speak. The monk's eyes are shut and he speaks in the Tibetan language.


TIBETAN MONK I am sorry, cloud walker, I do not speak your tongue. General Zod looks around at the view and sees a few more temple tops in the distant. He speaks in the Tibetan language. GENERAL ZOD What place is this? TIBETAN MONK Top of the mountain. General Zod looks at him with thinly veiled disdain, before calming himself and trying again. GENERAL ZOD Tell me of your purpose on this mountaintop. TIBETAN MONK I search for the path. GENERAL ZOD Perhaps you should open your eyes. There is a path over there. Zod points down toward the temple tops. The monk opens his eyes, but his gaze does not follow to where Zod points, but rather looks deeply into his eyes. The monk smiles. TIBETAN MONK That is not the path I seek. GENERAL ZOD There is no path back that way. Zod directs with his head toward the peak he came down. TIBETAN MONK Not all paths lay on the ground. GENERAL ZOD Then you are waiting to fly. shall be a long wait, human. That

TIBETAN MONK I was soaring through the clouds before you appeared in the mist General Zod grabs the monk by the jaw and uses his x-ray vision to study his inner workings.


The monk does not fight him, nor does he show any signs of pain. Satisfied that the monks claims of flight are unfounded, he releases his hold. GENERAL ZOD You do not possess any genetic mutation or evolution that would give you the ability of flight. The monk smiles again and shuts his eyes. TIBETAN MONK The spirit will tread where the body can never go. GENERAL ZOD Ah, religion. Crutch of primitive societies. TIBETAN MONK The souls of all men are crippled. GENERAL ZOD Yes, I have noticed that mankind is very crippled. TIBETAN MONK You would deprive them of the tools to heal? General Zod leans in close to the monk. GENERAL ZOD I would heal the bone the instant it broke. Then strengthen it so it never will break again. The monk opens his eyes and stares at Zod. TIBETAN MONK That is not yet possible. Zod leans back and kicks the dirt beneath his feet. GENERAL ZOD Not on this primitive little drop of water where you still build cities from dust and sand. TIBETAN MONK Your path has taken you far. General Zod looks up at the sun shining down on him and feels it empower him.


GENERAL ZOD It has indeed.

INT. KENT FARM KITCHEN - DAY Martha Kent stands at the kitchen sink washing some dishes when she hears the sound of a car driving up the road to the Kent Farm. She looks up and out the window to see a car creating a cloud of dust as it zooms up to the front of the Kent house. Martha dries her hands and goes to investigate. EXT. KENT FARM - DAY Martha steps on to the porch and squints into the sun to make out the people getting out of the car. Lois Lane stretches her back and turns to watch as Jason spins around taking in all the sights of the farm. Lois then turns her attention to Martha. LOIS LANE Martha Kent? MARTHA KENT Yes. LOIS LANE I'm Lois Lane. Martha stares at Lois for a beat. LOIS LANE (CONT’D) Clark's friend. Didn't he call you? Martha looks at the quantity of bags in Lois's back seat and trunk and smiles politely. MARTHA KENT I'm sure he meant to. Won't you come inside. LOIS LANE This is really embarrassing. I show up on your doorstep unannounced expecting to stay for a few months and you have no clue. I'm sorry for the imposition. Jason get back in the car. I really am sorry. Clark...


MARTHA KENT Clark is, well, he's Clark. He sometimes gets a little side tracked and loses all sense of time and reality. He spends more time with his head in the clouds, I swear, than any man I’ve ever met. But I'm his mother, dear, so I'm used to Clark's friends showing up at odd hours with heavy burdens on their shoulders. Like I can see you have. But I insist you stay. I don't get to see Clark that much anymore and I would love to hear some stories of the big city. Especially from a Pulitzer Prize winning writer as yourself. LOIS LANE We really can't intrude MARTHA KENT Nonsense. You're staying. It'll be nice to have voices in the house again. Martha looks over at Jason MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) Especially having the whir and laughter of a young man. Hello, young sir, my name is Martha. JASON Hi. MARTHA KENT Would you like to come inside for an ice cold glass of milk and a slice of hot apple pie? Jason smiles, but looks to his mother for approval. nods. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) Wonderful. Lois won't you have some too? As Martha and Jason climb the steps to the Kent house Lois smiles, nods her head and follows a few steps behind. LOIS LANE I'd love some. Lois


Lois pauses on the steps and looks around the farm before breaking into a wide amazed grin. LOIS LANE (CONT’D) Clark, this explains everything. It doesn't get any more Norman Rockwell than this. EXT. SKY - DUSK Superman flies at breakneck speeds through the atmosphere using his super vision to search the terrain far below for signs of Zod. Superman face is stoic and agitated. EXT. BUSH AUSTRALIA Zod is standing near a rock that has prehistoric paintings on it. He looks at the spirals and depictions of lizards and alligators before moving on to a wall that is covered in hundreds of handprints of varying size. Zod does not notice an aboriginal girl watching him. Zod places his hand on a handprint that is nearly exactly his size before continuing on his tour of the rock. He stops in front of a painting of what appears to be little white people with large eyes and no mouths. GENERAL ZOD Curious. ABORIGINAL GIRL Wandjina. Zod spins around and locates the young girl with his military training and senses in high gear. Seeing it is a little girl, he relaxes a little. GENERAL ZOD I thought I was alone. The girl shakes her head, then hops down from her perch and walks over to Zod, eying him carefully. She turns her attention to the paintings. ABORIGINAL GIRL Wandjina. Zod turns his attention to the rock. He speaks in the Aboriginal language which at first startles the girl, but after a moment she breaks into a wide grin.


GENERAL ZOD The cloud spirits. You believe them to be the creators of the world and its people. The girl shakes her head and smiles. ABORIGINAL GIRL They are not our creators, they were our guides. We honor their memory with these. The girl touches the paintings gently with her fingers. Zod looks at the girl like she is the greatest puzzle he’s ever encountered. She looks up at him with innocence pouring from her eyes and Zod turns his gaze quickly back to the paintings. GENERAL ZOD They resemble a species my people used to rule, long ago, in the Reeven galaxy. A most intelligent, if subservient species. Zod look down at the little girl who smiles at him to fill the empty space. Zod sighs, turns to walk away before something on the wall catches his eye. He peers in close to see a marking on the wall that closely resembles the House of Zod’s crest: a long horizontal line with a small circle just below the right end. Zod touches the black on clack crest on his chest. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Curious. The girl touches the crest on Zod’s chest, but Zod recoils and quickly stands up and moves away from the girl. She turn and touches the similar emblem on the wall. ABORIGINAL GIRL Wandjina. The girl breaking into the back and turns and looks at Zod with wide eyes of awe before into a wide smile. Zod sneers at her and takes off air. The girl watches him fly away before turning touching the emblem on the wall.

INT. KENT FARM - DINING ROOM - NIGHT Martha Kent walks into the room, holding a cup of coffee and leans against the door frame to the kitchen watching Lois at the dining room table who is furiously scribbling notes on her pad.


MARTHA KENT Jason is finally sound asleep. My that boy has heaping spoonfuls of energy. Lois doesn't look up from her writing. LOIS LANE Mmm hmm MARTHA KENT Clark was a little bundle of go go go too when he was that age. Took a lot of special care and patience. And coffee. Martha looks at her empty cup and turns toward the kitchen before looking over her shoulder at Lois. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) Top you off, Lois? LOIS LANE Mmm hmm Martha snatches Lois’s empty cup off the table before disappearing into the kitchen as Lois continues to furiously write and returns a few moments layer with two piping hot cups of coffee. She sets one down in front of Lois, then takes a seat where she can see the little fire burning in the next room. Martha takes a glance at Lois's pad and smiles. MARTHA KENT So,... Tell me about this book that makes you to write so fast in- InWhat language is that? Lois finally looks up from her writing at Martha and the full cup of coffee. LOIS LANE Thank you for the coffee. Lois is about to take a sip when panic creeps in, she sets the cup down and begins to look frantically around the room. Jason. LOIS LANE (CONT’D) Where's Jason?

MARTHA KENT Halfway to Neverland by now I suppose. He's fast asleep.


LOIS LANE You said that already didn't you. Martha nods as she sips her coffee. LOIS LANE (CONT’D) I'm sorry. I've been so preoccupied with this book. And you've been so great with Jason. MARTHA KENT No apologies. Every mother requires a break every now and again. When was the last time you had one? LOIS LANE Long time. MARTHA KENT Well I'm happy to be helpful. And truthfully it's been a bit lonely since Clark left so I appreciate the company. Now, tell me about your book. LOIS LANE I've written numerous articles about Superman saving the day and how the world needs him. MARTHA KENT And doesn't need him. Don't forget your award winner. Lois hides behind a sheepish grin. LOIS LANE Right, my hypothesis is that there is a superman solely because there are villains. Throughout history heroes have stepped up to combat villains so I want to explore that villainy. Find out why they are evil. I mean would we even know superman existed if it weren't for Lex Luthor’s evil schemes or would he just be another anonymous face in the crowd? MARTHA KENT I don't think it's as black and white as all that. (MORE)

27. MARTHA KENT (CONT'D) The world over one name has come to personify evil in the hearts and minds of millions. Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of my favorite books about the undead. Yet in his home country of Romania, Vlad Dracula, the titular inspiration for the novel, is a national hero. The defender of Christendom from the Turks. One mans hero is another mans villain and vice versa.

Lois looks at Martha with a kind of dumbstruck awe. smiles at her. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) Just because I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean I'm not well read, sweetie. Now drink your coffee.


Lois smiles and takes a sip from the steaming cup if coffee only to choke a little. Martha grins before taking another sip. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) Whiskey helps calm the nerves. Let's go have a sit by the fire and warm our toes. LOIS LANE I can see where Clark gets his solid foundation. MARTHA KENT Hardly. Jonathan was the rock. Nothing grounds a young man like a strong tie to his father. Lois looks down and away from Martha. LOIS LANE I suppose you're wondering where Jason’s father is. MARTHA KENT I assume you'll tell me if it’s any of my business. LOIS LANE Clark said people out here mind there own business. I really didn't expect it to be true.


MARTHA KENT Not all people, but the Kent’s certainly do. Lois stares at the fireplace. LOIS LANE I- Jason's father- well, his dadit's complicated. Martha rocks gently back and forth in her rocker. MARTHA KENT It always is. EXT. MONKS TEMPLE - MOUNTAIN Superman sees footprints on the peak of a mountain where no mortal man could tread. He follows the path down to where a monk is sitting. Superman has a eye opening conversation with a monk about their being more than the American way. TIBETAN MONK Hello, cloud walker Superman tilts his head to the side contemplating the language he has just heard. He responds in Chinese. SUPERMAN I am looking for the one who left those footprints on the mountaintop. The monk opens his eyes, looks blankly at superman and responds in Tibetan. TIBETAN MONK You would speak the language of our oppressors? Superman stares at the monk, not understanding what he just said, and not sure how to proceed. The monk closes his eyes and proceeds to speak in Chinese. TIBETAN MONK (CONT’D) If you will not speak my language, as your brother did, then you force me to speak yours. SUPERMAN He is not my brother.


TIBETAN MONK You take offense to that? SUPERMAN I do. TIBETAN MONK Of course you do, you’re American. Superman appears shocked at the monks matter of fact dismissal of him. SUPERMAN I don’t know what you mean. TIBETAN MONK Walk softly, carry a big stick. SUPERMAN I don’t carry any weapons. TIBETAN MONK You are the stick. SUPERMAN My friend, I must findTIBETAN MONK Finding is second to seeking. SUPERMAN I have no time for riddles. TIBETAN MONK Riddles are riddles only for those without answers. SUPERMAN Yes, thank you. Superman turns to leave, but the monk quickly grabs and holds onto his cape. TIBETAN MONK Not that way. Superman spins around. SUPERMAN Where then? TIBETAN MONK You will not hear.


Superman begins to lose his temper and raises his voice into a thunderous boom. SUPERMAN Tell me where Zod is. TIBETAN MONK The good whisper where the evil shout. Superman slumps into the form of Kal-El KAL-EL Which way did he go? TIBETAN MONK Further on his path. KAL-EL Please, monk, tell me. I must find him before he does something terrible. TIBETAN MONK That is why you will not find him. You can not find what you can not see. KAL-EL I can see. The monk pokes Kal-El in the chest over his heart. TIBETAN MONK Not in here. Kal-El stares at the monk, not knowing how to proceed. TIBETAN MONK (CONT’D) Look where you would go if you had lived his life. INT. BARN - KENT FARM - DAY Martha is sweeping out the barn and occasionally looking over at young Jason who is playing with a couple of action figures at the other end of the barn. She returns her attention to sweeping the straw and dirt up and accomplishes only tiring herself out.


MARTHA KENT I don’t suppose you’d like to put all that energy to good use and help me. Jason continues to play at the other end of the barn, pretending he doesn’t hear her. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) No, I thought not. Martha sighs and returns to sweeping. She sees something shiny hit the ground just before she sweeps it across the room and under the tractor tire. In a reflex her hand flies up to her ear and she gasps. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) My ear ring! Martha sets the broom aside and bends down to get a look under the tractor. She can see the ear ring just out of arms reach. She grabs the broom and pokes it under the large tractor, but only succeeds in popping it further towards the wall. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) Doesn’t that just figure. Martha stands up and catches her breath while searching around the tractor for an alternate angle to get at her ear ring. She sighs, looking at the dilapidated tractor and its mostly deflated wheels. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) I should have sold you years ago. Martha climbs up onto the tractor and turns the ignition. It starts with a lurch and Martha nearly topples out, but regains her balance with a laugh. She puts it in gear and pushes down on the gas pedal which sticks to the floor. The tractor lunges forward and two tires go up on a makeshift ramp. Martha falls out of the tractor and hits the ground hard. She turns over to see the tractor toppling on top of her. She lets out a little gasp of panic just before the tractor stops falling millimeters from her face. She looks around and sees Jason holding the tractor up with one hand and placing one finger to his lips with the other. He makes a shushing sound and smiles at Martha. She smiles back at him. Jason rights the tractor and Martha puts her arm around the boy.


MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) I’ve got a pretty good idea who your father is. Jason looks up at Martha worried, but Martha smiles to alleviate his fears. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) Don’t worry, I’m very good at keeping secrets. EXT. SKY Superman soars through the air then hears a pop from a distant sonic boom, turns in that direction to see something in the distance and kicks his flight into high gear to get a closer look. EXT. ANTARCTIC - DUSK Superman zips through the mountainous terrain and lands on a ice plain extending for miles. SUPERMAN Zod! General Zod simply stands taking in the Aurora Australis in the sky and the arctic intensity of his surroundings. SUPERMAN (CONT’D) What evil plot are you hatching? GENERAL ZOD Krypton. SUPERMAN Krypton is gone. GENERAL ZOD This is Krypton. A whole continent uninhabited by your precious humans. It's almost as if I'm home. Almost. SUPERMAN Zod. GENERAL ZOD I can't feel the cold, nor the wind, but this is Krypton under a yellow sun.


SUPERMAN Zod you must go back. GENERAL ZOD Or what? You’ll toss me back in the frozen depths beneath your precious fortress to become some glacial tribute to your greatness like Ursa and Non. How very house of El. SUPERMAN Zod, I will not ask you again. GENERAL ZOD Do not speak to me with that tone for mortals. Would they begrudge me an island they don't use? Would you? I wonder why you would live in a hole tucked away up north when a glorious Kryptonian continent awaits us on the south? Why is not this whole isle a tribute to Krypton instead of one measly room with a statue of it's destroyer. KAL-EL Do not spit your venom at my long deceased father. GENERAL ZOD The House of El: bloodlines of the greatest Krypton had to offer. Greatest heroes for our advancing society and greatest villains holding us back, your father included. KAL-EL I warn you Zod. GENERAL ZOD Your warnings are worthless. I knew him. I grew up with him. I watched him destroy all hope of anyone but you surviving the destruction of our planet. The House of El was the first house and he was determined to ensure it was the last house. Superman clenches his fists and tries to compose himself. He begins to cross the distance between them as Zod turns his attention to the sky.


GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) I know these stars. I've studied the charts all my life and I know these stars. I can pinpoint exactly where we are on the great star map of the Kryptonian Council, but where this system is, where this planet your father sent you, is blank. One of the little dark pockets of empty space in this galaxy. I find that very strange and very damning. Who could have suppressed the presence of a sentient species so similar to our own? Only the first house. The founders of the councils. The great house of El. Whether it was for the good of humanity to protect them from our increasingly megalomaniacal ways or an El family experiment to create a world in their image that they could rule. I do not know. KAL-EL I don't know your star charts. I don’t know Kryptonian history. I don’t know what hand my family played on our home world let alone planets like this one. GENERAL ZOD They most likely seeded it. I find it more than coincidental that the previous dominant life forms of this planet lived for millions and millions of years, but were quickly wiped out by a piece of rock falling from the sky. Very similar to your arrival. KAL EL You're blaming the house of El for the extinction of the dinosaurs? GENERAL ZOD Well, the extinction does nicely coincide with the first massive space exploration led by the great scientist: Xur-El. Not that you’d know about that, child. KAL EL I am not a child.


GENERAL ZOD Not on this planet. But two, lets call them coincidences for your sake, two coincidences strike me as very odd and very telling about your families secret past. Number One: In Judaism, and thusly its subsequent spin off religions, Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism, which comprise over fifty percent of the this planets population: the name of god is El. My, your name is impressive. And secondly, even before the advent of the Abrahamic religions, all over this planet, humans worshipped snakes as gods. Slimy, poisonous snakes were revered as knowledge givers and creators of life. Now I wonder what gave them that idea. General Zod taps Superman’s chest and ‘S’ logo with an authoritative finger. Superman punches Zod in the jaw, causing him to tumble back on the ice. Superman and Zod fight on the icy plain of Australia. Zod is easily deflecting superman’s attack with his military training. While Superman seems enraged and fighting with passion, Zod is calmly countering each and every attack. Superman, surprised and frustrated by Zod’s ability to counter his moves runs at him and tackles him. They fly up into the air continuing to hit each other with ferocious blows. The fight all over the globe, past the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil; on top of Macchu Picchu; plunging into BoraBora; past Ankor Watt; through the Siberian plains before Superman turns and flies as fast as he can north, with General Zod in fast pursuit. INT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Zod pursues Kal-El into the fortress. GENERAL ZOD Have you come here for daddy’s help? Kal-El glares at General Zod and holds up a crystal. KAL-EL Show me.


Zod smiles at Kal-El. GENERAL ZOD Perhaps I’ve knocked some sense into you. KAL-EL Show me. Kal-El throws the crystal at Zod. Zod calmly walks to the control panel and inserts the crystal, adjusts a few others and speaks a few words in Kryptonian. The face of Jor-El appears and looks on Kal-El. JOR-EL Hello, my son. GENERAL ZOD Hello, betrayer. Show your son the truth of us. Show him how you betrayed your friends, the council and all Krypton. The image of Jor-El looks to Kal-El who drops his head and nods. KAL-EL Show me, father. JOR-EL Very well. A holographic image is displayed in front of Kal-El and Zod. The camera zooms in until all it can see are the images unfolding. INT. HOUSE OF EL - KRYPTON Jor-El stands in his study with his back to General Zod, Ursa and Non who are waiting for him to speak. JOR-EL This is a dark day for Krypton, my friends The council has failed us. Those complacent fools reveling in their absolute authority think our criticism of their policies is dangerous. Jor-El turns to face his audience.


JOR-EL (CONT’D) They will equate their policies with patriotism, and demonize ours as subversive. Jor-El walks to his friend, Non, a simple minded JOR-EL (CONT’D) Yet it was they who tore out this most brilliant mind to keep their status quo. We are not bad citizens turning to crime; we are good citizens driven by despair. Jor-El turns to face General Zod. JOR-EL (CONT’D) We must hope that the people will not confuse our dissent with disloyalty. We must hope that our actions save lives and keep Kryptonians safe. We must hope that having right on our side is enough. Jor-El walks past Zod and back to his original position. follows him and puts his hand on his shoulder. GENERAL ZOD What we must do, we do with heavy hearts and minds. But we must do. Not for Krypton, for she is lost to us, but for our children and their children and so on. We make the most difficult of choices now, so that they will still be alive to make the simplest. We must not kneel, we must stand strong for those who can not. Jor-El turns and smiles at his friend. JOR-EL I have made a wise choice in new leadership. You will speak the right words to alleviate the fears of our brethren. You will calm them; you will instill confidence in them; you will lead our people into the next great chapter in Kryptonian history. Zod brute.


GENERAL ZOD Even though you’ve cast this mantle aside, I will not forget that it is you, my friend, who put this all together. It is you, who cast the pebble that caused the ripple which created the wave to save us all. INT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE GENERAL ZOD Stop. General Zod’s face is tight with the anger he is trying to suppress. Kal-El looks to him, but Zod actively does not look at him. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Show our next encounter. INT. HOUSE OF EL - KRYPTON Jor-El is pouring over schematics of a ship on a crystal screen when Zod enters the room. GENERAL ZOD The transports are ready, my men are in place andZod looks at the schematic. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) What is that. JOR-EL A fail safe. GENERAL ZOD Explain. Jor-El switches off the display and turns to face his friend. JOR-EL With the hasty desperate nature of this plan I’ve been thinking. In even the best scenario, perhaps one fourth of Kryptonians with make it off the planet. Lets say optimistically that half successfully make the perilous journey to the planet we’ve selected. (MORE)

39. JOR-EL (CONT'D) A quarter of them will die within the first year. That leaves a very small group of survivors on an alien world orbiting a red sun. Weak, starving and alone. Its not a pleasant calculation.

GENERAL ZOD What is your fail safe? Jor-El is extremely reluctant to give Zod any information. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Jor-El. JOR-EL The only way to ensure the continuation of our race is to give them the greatest advantages we can for their survival. I am going to send a pair of newborns to a planet orbiting a yellow sun. GENERAL ZOD But the laws. JOR-EL My house wrote the laws. Do not think I have not wrestled constantly with this decision. General Zod thinks for a moment, trying to get a handle on the shocking news his friend and mentor has just thrust at him. GENERAL ZOD It is a controversial choice to say the least, but as a military man, I see that you are right. A yellow sun is the only way to guarantee survival. We should send all the survivors to your yellow sun. JOR-EL You would condemn the universe to the horror of the return of our super race? I can not. Two can be guided away from our inherent megalomaniacal ways. Any more and we risk someone feeling outcast and striving for supreme power. GENERAL ZOD Who have you chosen?


JOR-EL It tears the heart in two to send any child out alone, I would never ask of any Kryptonian that which I would not do myself. I have selected my son. GENERAL ZOD And the other? JOR-EL There are only two possible female newborns: Keela Xor-Em and Mara Dru-Zod. GENERAL ZOD Xor-Em is your most voracious critic. He would never consent to this. JOR-EL He would not. GENERAL ZOD Then it falls to me. Jor-El nods with a solemnness. Zod turns away from Jor-El for a moment to think. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) There is no guarantee that our coup will be successful and we will be able to get any Kryptonians off this rock. Jor-El stands as a stoic statue staring at his friend make the hardest decision of his life. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Even if I fail, I will know that my child lives and will carry with her all Krypton. Jor-El clasps his friend on the arm and pulls him in to an embrace. JOR-EL Now go, save our people and by Rao we will live to see our children again.


INT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE GENERAL ZOD Show Kal-El my failure. INT. KRYPTONIAN COUNCIL CHAMBER General Zod, Ursa and Non break into the chamber with the stealth and precision befitting their military prowess. They make their way to the center chamber and access the Rao Crystal, the symbol of authority and power on Krypton. Before Zod can fully extract it, they are surrounded by soldiers and taken captive. The council members of the houses of Ars, Az, Dax, Dor, El, Em, Ra, Ri, Ul, Ur, Van, Vor, Ze, Zod, and others including Jor-El appear as holographic heads in the dark shadows surrounding them. Ursa is taken by surprise and completely confused that they have been captured, Non wears the same blank face as always, but Zod, at first stunned, narrows his gaze at Jor-El. COUNCILMEMBER RI Put them in the rings. The guards move the three criminals into a circle which releases rings that swirl around them in an ever changing wall of confinement. COUNCILMEMBER RI (CONT’D) This is a dark day for Krypton. GENERAL ZOD I agree, we are witness to the blackest moment in our long history. COUNCILMEMBER ARS Beware your tone. GENERAL ZOD Beware your lives. Indisputable proof was placed in your hands of the eminent destruction of this planet and how do you respond? General Zod points to Non. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) By ripping the mind out of Krypton’s greatest thinker. Greater then your precious Jor-El. And leaving him a simple beast.


JOR-EL Calm yourself. GENERAL ZOD Jor-El, who also warned youZod looks directly at Jor-El. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) But then bowed his cowardly head and kneeled meekly to your civilization damning stubbornness. COUNCILMEMBER ZOD Silence. GENERAL ZOD I will not stand idly by when all Krypton is in peril. COUNCILMEMBER ZOD Dru-Zod, my son, you will do as told. You will do what is best for Krypton. GENERAL ZOD That is all I have ever done. COUNCILMEMBER ZOD You will cease to taint the House of Zod with your wickedness. GENERAL ZOD I am a patriot. What I do, I do for Krypton. COUNCILMEMBER UR You seem to regard your crime as a badge of honor rather than a mark of intolerable shame. GENERAL ZOD The intolerable shame belongs to this council. Jor-El’s holographic head vanishes as he steps from the darkness in a black suit emblazoned with a bright white emblem of the house of El. JOR-EL Choose your words carefully, my old friend, for the council has selected me as inquisitor.


Jor-El turns to face the council. JOR-EL (CONT’D) It is true I brought you evidence that I thought proved, with out question, the irreversible path of our planet and race into extinction. And I do not deny I fought hard to persuade you how right my findings were. To no avail. But it is precisely for that reason our ancestors created this council. One man can be deceived. One man can make a mistake, be blinded by his own thoughts and conjectures and fears. But the council deliberates. The council looks at all pieces, sees all parts and forms logical conclusions. Through the religious fever and interplanetary conquests of our overzealous forefathers the council has been the steady hand guiding Krypton for generations. Not since the first generation has our benevolent council been threatened by such a tangible poison. So potent that their heirs have been removed from society, lest that poison already have taken root, until such time as the council sees fit. Zod’s eyes flash with anger and opens his mouth to speak, but can not form the words. JOR-EL (CONT’D) I ask you now, to pronounce judgement on those accused. On this, this mindless aberration, whose only means of expression are wanton violence and destruction. On the woman, Ursa, whose perversions and unreasoning hatred of all man kind have threatened even the children of the planet Krypton. Finally, General Zod, chief architect of this intended revolution and author of this insidious plot to establish a new order amongst us with himself as absolute ruler. The decision of the council will now be heard.


The council members all vote guilty in succession. GENERAL ZOD The vote must be unanimous, Jor-El, it is therefore now become your decision. You alone will condemn us if you wish and you alone will be held responsible by me. Jor-El drops his eyes and turns away from his friend, illuminating the crystal that signals his vote of guilty and begins the process of their sentencing. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) You will bow done before me, JorEl. I swear it. No matter that it takes an eternity. You will bow down before me. Both you and, then one day, your heirs. INT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Kal-El looks up at Zod with bewilderment. as he speaks. Zod slowly turns

GENERAL ZOD On Krypton, kneeling is the most humiliating act one can be forced to do. It signifies the supreme dominance of one over another. KAL-EL What happened to your daughter? GENERAL ZOD She is not with you, therefore my Mara was incinerated along with the rest of Krypton in an epic explosion. KAL-EL My father,... Kal-El drops his head in shame. GENERAL ZOD The mighty Jor-El placed the crystal shards precisely to get this outcome. His will be done. Kal-El backs away from Zod, his mind reeling with the utter destruction of his view of the world, his father and krypton. Zod looks on him with pity.


GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Kal-El, you can not escape the truth. Its unflinching, unrelenting and will not be denied. Zod turns back to the holographic image of Jor-El. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) And I admit the truth played differently in my hate soaked mind all these years. Kal-El turns and runs out of the fortress taking to flight. Zod follows. EXT. SKY Superman flies faster and faster, around the world in ever increasing speeds. Zod catches up to him and abruptly stops him causing an enormous sonic boom. Kal-El struggles with General Zod to get free of his grasp, but can not and weeps into the shoulder of his former nemesis. GENERAL ZOD Never attempt this again. Mistakes are integral lessons of life and should never be erased. My, how young you still are. Kal-El composes himself and pushes away from Zod. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Besides, it would have only worked if you stayed still and I spun the globe. They float for a moment and Zod takes that moment to breathe in the beauty of the high altitude. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) It is so quiet up here, I can barely hear the incessant yapping of those humans praying, chattering begging for help. Kal-El snaps out of his self pity and assumes the mantle of superman as he strains to listen. He becomes alert and focused before hurtling away from Zod at super sonic speeds. Zod sighs and follows. The blue streak that is superman comes to a stop in the clouds above the pacific ocean near Australia.


He sees the unmistakable fire, soot, smoke and ash from an erupting volcano. Just as Zod catches up superman changes direction and plummets to the ocean with startling speed. General Zod looks at the display of explosions and the dance of color upon the clouds. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Pretty. INT. OCEAN Superman dives deep to the ocean floor before burrowing into the side of the volcano and out the other side, he repeats the procedure, releasing the built up tension out into the ocean as opposed to on the inhabited communities nestled near the volcanic mountain, until all are safe. EXT. DOCK Superman, covered in quickly cooling lava, emerges from the sea and stands looking at the now calm volcano. The lava turns him into a statue momentarily, until he turns his attention to a news broadcast nearby and walks, breaking the volcanic rock off his body as he walks. Superman watches the broadcast which tells him that the ring of fire is exploding in a domino like succession and a display illuminates the volcanoes that have already erupted and one by one the ones that may still. General Zod lands next to Superman and watches the broadcast. GENERAL ZOD How peculiar. When the illuminated volcanos appear in the united states, Superman leaps into action. General Zod watches him go, before turning his attention back to the TV. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Most peculiar. INT. LUTHORCORP TELECONFERENCE ROOM Lex Luthor sits at a large circular conference table with a small camera and microphone pointed at him.


At the other seat at the table, where people should be sitting, there are instead LCD displays with live feed of people from different ethnicities and cultures who make up the World Human Council. Standing behind lex, as always is Mercy graves. LEX LUTHOR Gentleman, Ladies, thank you for joining me for this weeks update. Mercy steps forward and hands lex a folder which he flips open. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) If you’ll open your briefings, projects Theta Six and Theta Seven have been discontinued due to lack of effective progress. Theta Eight has commenced and initial tests look promising. Project Icarus is prepped and ready for execution. Project Vulcan, if your turn on any media you will see, is up and running perfectly. WHC AUSTRALIAN REPRESENTATIVE Mister Luthor, this volcanic whacka-mole you’ve created is causing catastrophic damages on a scale it seems you underestimated. LEX LUTHOR Quite the contrary. If you’ll turn to page forty-seven and check the data you‘ll see that all losses and damages are well within the acceptable parameters set by this council. WHC BRITTISH REPRESENTATIVE I think what my colleague is trying to say is that we, the council, may have underestimated the damage and death toll this project is capable of inflicting. WHC CHINESE REPRESENTATIVE My country will not allow the kind of coastal catastrophe that is devastating Australia to wreak havoc on our shores. We demand that you cease this foolish endeavor.


WHC AUSTRALIAN REPRESENTATIVE My countrymen will not be sacrificed for nothing. The Council members begin to talk over one another and their volume escalates as they voice their concerns. Lex waits patiently as Mercy Graves fills his water glass. He takes a sip and presses a mute button which cuts off all sound. Lex rubs his fingers over his eyes and speaks without looking to Mercy Graves. LEX LUTHOR Why is it all politicians act like sniveling little children fighting over some stale cookie crumbs? Mercy says nothing as she knows Lex does not want his question answered. Lex sighs, turns the volume back on and triggers a high pitch squeal that silences the other members and gives him back the floor. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) This council is bigger than our petty differences; this council is bigger than our individual countries. This council strives for the preservation of our species. Our very survival against alien beings; beings of unlimited power; who do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. We have made the difficult choice to take these necessary steps in order to safeguard our way of life so that one day, our children can live free from the looming tyranny of the likes of Superman. People will die and buildings will crumble, yes, but those are the small prices we pay in the now compared to the greater risk of letting this glorified B movie alien run amok: unchecked, unfettered and unwanted across our planet sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. You must quit your petty, ridiculous squabbling and unite to preserve humanity as the dominant life on this planet. My fellow council members, it is our right, it is our responsibility and it is our duty to protect this planet, our people, from him.


EXT. SKY Superman hurtles through the air. EXT. VOLCANO General Zod arrives and watches the eruption with dispassionate eyes. EXT. KENT FARM Superman lands near the barn and startles his mother, who is picking up some fire wood from a large pallet. Once she calms down, she narrows her eyes at her son. MARTHA KENT I don’t believe it. I thought I raised you better. At the sound of his mother’s stern tone, Superman melts into Clark Kent. CLARK KENT I’m sorry I startled you. Martha scoffs at his misguided idea of why she is upset. MARTHA KENT I can get startled by a shadow on the wall at my age, Clark. No, I’m talking about Jason. CLARK KENT I should have called and told you they were coming, I’m sorry, but I really don’t have time for this right now. Clark attempts to step around her, but Martha blocks his path and puts her hand on his chest to stop him. MARTHA KENT You most certainly do have the time for this. That boy has no idea who his father is. He has an idea since he can lift a tractor over his head like a balloon, but no connection to his father. No connection to you. Martha pokes him in the chest. Clark recoils from his mother, wounded by her accusations.


CLARK KENT I didn’t know he had developed powers. MARTHA KENT Does it matter, he’s your son. Clark pulls himself into the imposing figure of Superman. SUPERMAN I know who he is. We can discuss this later, right now I need to get all of you to safety. Martha backs down at the sight of Superman and follows her son into the house. INT. KENT FARM - LIVING ROOM Lois and Jason are watching footage of the volcanic disasters when Superman bursts into the room. Lois and Jason are stunned to see him. Seeing his love and his son, Superman slips into Kal-El. LOIS LANE What are you doing here? KAL-EL I need to protect you. LOIS LANE Protect us? We’re nowhere near that apocalypse. Who’s protecting them? Protect them. Lois points to the footage of people fleeing in panic and terror. KAL-EL I can’t. Lois looks shocked. KAL-EL (CONT’D) I can’t focus on them, knowing there’s a chance you could be in danger. LOIS LANE That’s ridiculous. KAL-EL I won’t lose you again.


LOIS LANE Now listenKAL-EL If you want me to help those people then help me. Let me take you a place I know you’ll be safe. LOIS LANE LookKAL-EL The more time you waste arguing the longer it’ll be before I can help them. Lois nods and Kal-El takes her in one arm and scoops Jason up in the other. Kal-El looks to his foster mother. MARTHA KENT Oh, no. I’ve lived over sixty years on this farm. I’m too old to go flying halfway around the world. Besides, Jonathan is here. Martha looks out the window at the family cemetery. MARTHA KENT (CONT’D) And if I’m to go, I want to be with him when I do. Kal-El doesn’t argue or hesitate, he sprints out of the house and rockets into the air. EXT. VOLCANO Zod looks increasingly curious at the volcano and surrounding carnage. GENERAL ZOD Where are you, Kal-El? INT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Kal-El lands safely inside the fortress and sets his love and his son gently on the floor. Jason looks around amazed. KalEl pulls himself into the powerful persona of Superman and Lois notices the difference. SUPERMAN You’ll be safe here.


Before Lois can utter a word, Superman flies off. EXT. VOLCANO General Zod listens and can hear the squeals of torture and fear from not just the humans, but all life. He is driven to take action. He bores his way into the earth to create pressure releases into the ocean, just as he had seen Superman do. When he emerges and the volcano has simmered down, he sees Superman approaching. SUPERMAN Thank you. GENERAL ZOD Where did you go? SUPERMAN No time to explain, too much to do. Would appreciate your help. Superman flies off to the next volcano and Zod reluctantly follows. EXT. VARIOUS VOLCANOS Superman and Zod split up, each taking on a volcano by themselves and leap froging their way around the ring of fire. INT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Lois and Jason sit on a giant ice step playing the card game go fish. LOIS LANE Do you have any aces? Jason shakes his head no. LEX LUTHOR I got a big one right up my sleeve. Lois spins to see Lex Luthor grinning at her. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) So nice to see your pretty face, Ms. Lane. He laughs.


Jason sizes up Lex and clenches his fist tight, before making a lightning quick dash at the villain. Lex barely has time to whip out a large red solar light and turn it on Jason. LOIS LANE Jason! LEX LUTHOR Shit, he’s quick. Jason drops to the ground in agony while Lex holds the light on him for an extended period of time before switching it off. Lois is restrained by henchmen. Lex looks at Jason trembling on the floor with a curious grin. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Whoops, too much? Ah, just to be safe. Lex turns the beam back on for a moment sending Jason into another spasm of pain. Lex flips him over with his shoe and smiles, satisfied, at the helpless boy. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Strap him in. Two henchmen move from behind Lex and lift Jason up onto a portable gurney. They begin strapping him face down to it. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) You two, find me some Kryptonian treasure. Two more henchmen push a cart with a large crate on top away from the group. Lois briefly watches them go before turning her attention back to Jason. Lex snaps his fingers and the henchmen holding Lois force her into a crystal chair and Lex hops into one facing her and puts his feet up on the crystal table between them and begins thumbing through her stolen manuscript. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) While we wait, lets talk books. Yours is off to a mediocre start. You spend way too much print waxing philosophic on the little wino: Napoleon and that vodka drenched Stalin, but not nearly enough type on the books most fascinating subject: me. Now if you want a foil for comparison, think Alexander the Great or Ghengis KhanLuthor looks at Mercy Graves.


LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Or even, perhaps, Caligula, but enough with the Hitler please, its tired and cliche. I am a certified genius, MENSA comes to me for advice, but Hitler? Even Sharon Stone is smarter than that poor dumb kraut. Lois is staring at her son being strapped in. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) You’re not paying attention. Lex throws her manuscript at her, shattering her focus on her son. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) I’ll be blunt, it’s crap. Lets make it better. You’ve just scored the interview of a lifetime with the only living subject in your book. Ask me anything. Lois stares at Lex for a moment contemplating, but quickly returns her worried eyes to Jason. Lex sighs at her incompetence. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Really? Nothing. You’ve lost your touch, my dear. Oh well then, lets get cooking. Lex hops up and walks over to Jason. LOIS LANE What are you going to do? Lex stops. LEX LUTHOR Now you ask questions. Lois begins to cry. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Really? Crying? Fine, take a gander at this. Lex tosses a small, stinking rotted carcass at Lois, who turns her nose up at the smell. LOIS LANE What is that? Too late.


LEX LUTHOR Evolution, Krypton style. That is the ultimate, most perfect being ever created in the universe. Well, almost. All it needs is some kryptonian DNA. Which is where baby tights comes in. That’s Superman’s kid, you know it and I know it and the little red sun gun confirmed it. And Superman’s kid has Superman’s DNA so while the big blue boy scout is out playing hero with volcanos, Junior is gonna give me the final piece of the puzzle. Lois struggles against the henchman holding her to no avail. Lex takes a deep breath and looks around the fortress. LOIS LANE You’ll never get away with this. Lex smiles at her. LEX LUTHOR Won’t I? I have financial backing and military support from every major country in the world. And a few worthless principalities. You didn’t think the governments of this world would allow a rogue alien carte blanche to impose his will on this planet? No, mam, they will not. They need to level the playing field. And much like Icarus few too close to the sun and melted the wax of his wings, I too will find a way to bring our fly boy crashing to earth. LOIS LANE You’re mad. Lex winks at her. LEX LUTHOR Doctor, get me some marrow. A man in white coat and mask pulls out a giant needle and sticks it in Jason’s back. We hear his scream and see the horror in Lois’s eyes


EXT. VOLCANO Superman is racing past a steaming volcano that Zod has just extinguished when Zod comes barreling out of nowhere to tackle Superman through the air. Kal-El spins and faces his attacker. KAL-EL What are you doing? GENERAL ZOD Where did you go? Kal-el tries to push General Zod away, but Zod tightens his grip and pulls them face to face. Superman squirms to get free. KAL-EL Its not important, we have to save these people. GENERAL ZOD It is important. This is not possible. It defies science. KAL-EL What are youGENERAL ZOD These eruptions are not natural. Where did you go? Kal-El turns his eyes away from Zod, but Zod shakes him and forces him to look at him. They stare at each other, before relenting. KAL-EL I had to get my son to safety. Zod lets go of Kal-El. GENERAL ZOD A heir? Not possible. Jor-El you sneaky bastard. (to Kal-El) Where did you take him? KAL-EL I took him home. General Zod flies off toward the Fortress of Solitude. KalEl starts to follow, but stops as he hears the screams from below echoing in his sonic hearing. He watches Zod briefly then returns to his volcano diffusing.


INT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Lois in on the ground sobbing, trying to reach for her son while being held down by Lex’s henchmen. Lex sits patiently reading a newspaper and humming Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. He glances up from the newspaper to see his henchmen wheeling the cart with an obviously heavier crate on it past him and out the door. His attention is diverted when the Doctor walks close to Lex. DOCTOR Mister Luthor? Lex turns to make eye contact with the doctor. LEX LUTHOR Finished? The doctor nods. Lex turns back to his paper.

LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Will he live? The doctor looks at Lois who can only stare through her tears at the empathetic eyes peering out from behind the surgical mask. DOCTOR Hard to say. Lois begins to sob again. Lex folds up the paper.

LEX LUTHOR Ah, well, C’est la vie. (to Mercy Graves) Get the chopper started. As Mercy leaves Lex stands and drops the Daily Planet Newspaper to the ground in front of Lois’s face. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) You know, the paper really has gone to shit since you left. Lois lunges at Lex’s feet and he narrowly avoids getting tangled up in her grasp. Lex smiles as he dances away from her. LOIS LANE You, monster. Lex’s henchman put Lois back to the ground with great force.


LEX LUTHOR Still so full of spit and vinegar? No wonder the green blooded bastard loves you. Lois looks up at Lex with great disdain. LOIS LANE No one will remember you, Lex. You’re a footnote in the legend of Superman. Lex’s smile fades. He looks genuinely hurt. He takes a deep breath, takes a step towards Lois, hesitates, looks at his watch, then turns and ushers his minions out with him. Lois runs to Jason and inspects her wounded son. Before Lex can leave fully, Lois throws one last barb his way. LEX LUTHOR You’re a god damn footnote! EXT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Lex and his minions walk to a waiting chopper. one of his henchmen as they walk. LEX LUTHOR Superman is going to be just a blood stain under my boot heal. The henchman smiles and nods emphatically at his boss as he opens the door to the helicopter for Lex to enter. Lex stares at his henchman for a minute in amazement of his puny brain. Mercy points at the sky before Lex can comfortably settle in and he pokes his head out the still open door to look. A black blur flies towards them. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Not possible. There is no way he stopped all those volcanos. Lex looks at his watch. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Christ, the last two bombs won’t go off for anotherMERCY GRAVES Shall we take off. Lex gives her a dirty look. Lex turns to


LEX LUTHOR Well, yeah, because that’s to our advantage against a man who can fly. The black blur slams to the ground, shaking it beneath the chopper and Lex’s feet. Lex steps out of the chopper in disbelief, but then breaks into a wide grin for a moment when he sees its General Zod. Zod looks at Lex with out emotion. GENERAL ZOD Lex Luthor, ruler of Australia. LEX LUTHOR General Zod, Emperor of Houston. GENERAL ZOD Where is the boy? LEX LUTHOR Little boy blue? In bed, right where we left him. GENERAL ZOD Is he alive? LEX LUTHOR Far as I know. General Zod steps toward Lex who cowers in anticipation of the potential beating to come. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) He’s hurt. Could be dieing. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure lots of blood equals bad. General Zod stops. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) You could save him, or finish him off. Whichever you came here to do. Zod turns and flies towards the entrance. chopper and slams the door shut. LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Take off now, Ms. Graves. Now, now, now. The Helicopter takes off and flies away with Lex peering up in the sky on the lookout for Superman. Lex jumps in the


INT. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Zod flies in and lands next to Jason and Lois. Lois panics when she see Zod and starts hitting him as hard and as fast as she can. Zod looks at her with impatience. GENERAL ZOD That is very annoying. Lois does not and Zod grabs her by the wrist, causing her to crumble in pain. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) I am sorry, but there is no time for your human emotions. Zod lifts Jason and flies him to a strange crystal slab and lays him gently down. Jason tries sit up to escape, but Zod places a hand softly on his head. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Be calm, young heir of Krypton. Jason looks Zod and the eyes and relaxes, softly nodding his head. Zod manipulates a few crystals and another slab slides in over his head. In the space between, where Jason lies, a bright white light shines, blinding the entire chamber. When the light subsides, Lois looks for signs of life in her son, but sees none. KAL-EL Zod! Zod and Lois both look to see Superman standing in the entrance to the room. He surveys the room and sees blood on the gurney and his son, lifeless on a slab. Quicker than Lois can see, Kal-El crosses the distance between them and punches Zod in the jaw. They fight. Lois goes back and forth between watching the fight and cradling her dead son in her arms. Jason stirs, looks up at his mom and smiles. Lois kisses him and stands, whistles, shouts and throws crystals trying to get the men’s attention. All to no avail. Superman flips Zod into a wall across the room and takes a moment to catch his breath. Zod too, takes the moment to breathe.


Before Superman can leap into supersonic fight mode, Lois jumps in front of him. Kal-El, startled snaps out of his rage. LOIS LANE He’s all right. Kal-El looks over to the slab where his son lays to see Jason nonchalantly wave to him. Kal-El smiles. GENERAL ZOD You have much to learn, Kal-El, especially about your own house. Zod walks over to the slab and points. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) This is how our people have healed ourselves for over a millennia. Kal-El face flushes with embarrasment. cheek and he turns to look at her. Lois touches his

LOIS LANE Wow, I’ve never see that side of you. Kal-El continues to flush with embarrassment. LOIS LANE (CONT’D) Nor this side. Kal-El tries to muster himself up into the persona of Superman, but Lois shakes her head. SUPERMAN LoisLois puts her fingers on his lips and hushes him. LOIS LANE Its nice to see you’re more than just super, its nice to see the man. Kal-El smiles and kisses her. Jason makes a disgusted sound and General Zod smiles at him. Kal-El and Lois walk arm in arm to their son’s side. KAL-EL What becomes of him now?


Zod looks at the crystal display. GENERAL ZOD He is the heir to all Krypton, that blast of red sun from Luthor will stunt his powers for about ten years like it did mine. But rest assured, he will grow up to be just like his father. For now, let him learn to be a man, before he learns to be a super hero. General Zod walks toward the crystal control center and begins to manipulate a few crystals. He looks up at Kal-El. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) May I borrow your ship? KAL-EL To go where? GENERAL ZOD Krypton. KAL-EL Krypton is gone. GENERAL ZOD I need to see that with my own eyes. Of course. KAL-EL It's yours.

General Zod manipulates the crystals and a display screen appears. Half the display is searching through star charts while the other displays images of the frozen chunks of ice under water until it zeros in on Non's frozen face. A green beam of light scans the floor and singles out an area in a corner and marks the location. GENERAL ZOD I will take Ursa and Non with me. They do not deserve to be denied freedom, near death in a prison of ice for so long. That is not the Kryptonian way. And they do not belong on this planet either. Kal-El nods in agreement as they walk to the spot the green light has zeroed in on. Zod notices a hole bored into the ice a few feet from where the green X marks Nons location. He quickly bores through the ice with his heat vision and dives in to retrieve his friend.


After a few moments, zod flies out of the ice hole with a near death Non in his arms. Superman manipulates some crystals and the ceiling opens, letting the sun in and soak into Non, healing him slowly. Non opens his eyes, to see superman standing above him and attempts to lash out, bit his weakened state prevents him. Zod tries to soothe him. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Be still, my friend. All differences have been resolved. Peace, peace. Non relaxes and smiles at his friend. turns grave as he looks at superman. But General Zod’s face

GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) Ursa is gone. Superman is alarmed. A harmonic tone sounds, echoing through the crystal chamber. Zod gently rests his friend on the ground and walks over to the display which is now flashing on a planet in a distant star system. Zod stares at the screen. KAL-EL What is it? GENERAL ZOD The coordinates your father managed to send two transports of our people before Krypton exploded. KAL-EL Survivors? GENERAL ZOD We shall see. Zod turns to Kal-El with the moist, tender eyes. GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) I must go there immediately. Find Ursa, keep her safe. KAL-EL I will, but why such urgency. GENERAL ZOD My daughters name is on the manifest.


Kal-El nods and proceeds to help Zod load Non and some supplies onto the spaceship. Zod turns to Kal-El visibly disturbed at the disappearance of his lieutenant GENERAL ZOD (CONT’D) If any harm comes to her by your precious humans, I will seek retribution. KAL-EL I will handle it. There is too much on your mind. Go find our scattered people. INT. LUTHORCORP HALLWAY Lex luthor walks down a hallway whistling a happy tune. Several guards snap to attention and key in the security measure to open the doors fast enough so Luthor doesn't have to slow his stride. The door opens revealing a red glow. Lex pauses a moment as the lights switch from red to white. He enters the room. INT. LUTHORCORP LAB In the empty room is one chair bolted to the floor. Ursa sits angered at her confinement. A single, low light, red radiation lamp hangs above her head casting a faint glow that covers her entire body in red radiation, but nothing else. LEX LUTHOR Hello, my pet. Ursa sneers at Luthor, who smiles back at her. The camera pulls back out of the door and before the doors slide shut Luther says with a vicious glee: LEX LUTHOR (CONT’D) Let us begin. CUT TO BLACK