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Stakeholder management

Stakeholder management is an important tool in managing projects successfully. You have recently been mandated to manage a Construction of a Clinic. You are required to: (a) (i) Develop a stakeholder register for this project assuming there are ten (10) stakeholders. (ii) From (a) above, identify two ways of managing each of the stakeholders (b) (i) For the ten (10) stakeholders identified in (a) above, develop a communications plan for the purpose of effective and efficient distribution of information (ii) Assuming there are 12 stakeholders on the project, calculate the number of communications channels available (iii) A project team had a communication channel of 153 and after staff retrenchment, the communication channel came up to 105. How many people were retrenched? QUESTION 3 (a) As a Philanthropist you intend to carry out a project to assist a community. You have managed to solicit an amount of GH¢500,000 to sponsor the project. (i) Define the Scope by stating the objective, and creating the Work breakdown Structure (WBS). (ii) Define at least 8 Activities of the project (iii) Determine a budget for the eight activities determined (iv) Create Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) and Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) using a RACI Chart (v) Provide a table for a Risk Plan (vi) Provide a table for a Communication Plan

AMPONSAH, INC., is an up-and-coming property maintenance Company. AMPONSAH, INC., has just been awarded the contract to get the local TANTRA HILL Stadium ready for the current football season. You have been hired to manage the project. You will have over 50 people working on the project: team leads and sub leads who are employees of AMPONSAH INC. and many subcontractors. Using the information provided above: (a) (i) Design a detailed staffing management plan for ten(7) team members (show clearly roles, responsibility, competences and authority level). (iii) Create a detailed (hierarchical) organization chart.

(iv) Include a role and responsibility matrix in a staffing management plan? (v) Discuss four (4) possible ways of resolving conflicts among your team. .