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Teaching Narative for Senior High School (Building Knowledge of Field

Building Knowledge of Field: Narrative Text “ Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” Teacher’s Activities Student’s Activities Teacher gives explanation about the 1. The students pay attention to the advantages of narrative text in daily teacher’s explanation. life. 2. Students pay attention to the Teacher shows pictures related to the pictures given. narrative text “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”. 3. Students shares their ideas related Teacher asks the students about their to the pictures. ideas related to the pictures given. 4. The students make a group of 4. Teacher asks the students to make a group of 4. 5. The students discuss about Teacher asks the students to discuss arranging their ideas to tell a story about arranging their ideas related to related to the pictures. the pictures to tell to story. 6. Each group presents the result of Teacher asks the students to present their discussion. the result of their discussion. 7. The students pay attention to the Teacher gives feedback to the teacher’s feedback. students’ work. 8. The students pay attention to the Teacher gives explanation about teacher’s explanation. narrative text. 9. The students check their work. Teacher asks the students to check whether the way they tell the story is right or not.



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The events are evaluated by the character/s. snow white and etc. and  a stage which makes explicit how the character has changed and what has been learned from the experience. thus making it clear to the reader that a crisis has developed.  the problem is resolved or attempted to be resolved. The text is organized to include:  a stage that introduces the main character/s in a setting of time and place. Pictures: B.  a sequence of events. . Theory of Narrative Text: The advantages of study about narrative text:  Students can use narrative text to tell any stories which happen in the past or any interesting stories related to certain characters like aladdin. is changed in some way so that the pattern of events becomes a problem for one or more of the characters.Teaching materials: A. Definition of Narrative Narrative is a text focusing specific participants which tells an interesting story. Its social function is to tell stories or past events and entertain or amuse the readers. which may begin in a usual pattern.

 use of adverbs and adverbial phrases to locate the particular events.  use of time connectives and conjunctions to sequence events through time. animals or things in the story.The grammatical features include:  use of particular nouns to refer or to describe the particular people.  use of adjectives to build noun groups to describe the people. and  use of saying and thinking verbs to indicate what characters are feeling. animals and things that the story is about. thinking or saying. .  use of past tense action verbs to indicate the actions.