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Title: That Night Rating: PG Word Count: 1121 Notes/Warning: Written for the dhr_challenge #2 - That Night

: She always felt the irresistible need to become invisible every time she was reminded of that night. “So, Granger, how goes the plan to snare Ron Weasley?” Draco smirked from his desk across the office. “Bugger off,” Hermione shot back, not bothering to look up from her work.

Draco had been taunting her ever since that night weeks ago when she’d made a public move on Ron. She hadn’t been shot down, as much as unable to break through the redhead’s obliviousness about her interest in a romantic relationship. The embarrassment would have been bearable had others not realized what she was doing. Unfortunately, several of her friends and co-workers had noticed her attempts and had responded sympathetically to her failure. Well, most

had responded sympathetically. Draco had found the entire incident hilarious and taken every opportunity to amuse himself at her expense. “Surely the heroine-of-lost-causes isn’t giving up on landing the-love-of-her-life after one miserable attempt at winning his heart?” Hermione wondered idly how long many years she would spend in Azkaban when they discovered Malfoy’s decomposing body stuffed under his desk.

“Seriously, Granger, you are going to have to practice your witty repartee if you’re going to have a chance with the Weasel.” “What makes you think I’m even interested in Ron anymore?” “Because you are a hopeless romantic. You see everything as you’d like it to be, completely ignoring the reality of the situation.” Hermione rolled her eyes. “And just what is the reality of the situation, Malfoy?” “The reality is that should you be unfortunate enough to interest Weasley in

your charms, you’d quickly become bored and annoyed by his childish interests.” “He and I have been best friends for half our lives. I sincerely doubt any of his interests are going to bother me.” Draco just shook his head. “You are so naive. People can put up with a number of things in friends that they wouldn’t tolerate in their significant other.” “Thank you, Dear Abby,” she replied sarcastically, causing the blond’s brow to furrow in

confusion at her Muggle terminology. “But whether or not Ron and I would ever be able to have a satisfying relationship is moot because I have no intention of pursuing him.” Draco smirked, rose from his desk, and crossed the room. “Tell me, Granger. Would you be so adamant about your decision if I could promise you a three step method for getting Weasley into your bed?” Hermione’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “I’ve caught your attention.”

“I’m not interested.” With a shrug, Draco turned to move away, but Hermione stopped him. “However, I’d love to hear your theory. It would give me something to laugh with Harry about.” “Granger, I am not about to impart my hard won knowledge simply to feed your curiosity. If you can’t guarantee to make active use of this information, I’m not going to waste it on you.” Hermione sighed deeply before asking, “Do I have to promise to use it on, Ron?”

It was now Draco’s turn to raise his eyebrows in surprise. “No. As long as you agree to use it on some bloke, I’ll be delight to share my fool-proof plan to land a man.” “Then share away,” she told him. Pushing back from her to desk to focus on what he was about to tell her. He perched on the edge of her desk. “It is really quite simple. You sit, you whisper, and then you kiss.” Her mouth dropped open. “What? Malfoy,

I can’t believe you are wasting my time with utter shite.” “Granger, Granger, Granger, don’t be so dismissive until you’ve given it a try.” “Try what exactly?” she asked. “Sit, whisper, kiss doesn’t make the least bit of sense.” Draco pinched the bridge of his nose, as if frustrated by her lack of understanding. “Merlin, I thought you were supposed to be bright. Let me walk to you through it, stepby-step. First, you want to approach the

object of your affection while he is sitting down. You then want to sit on his lap to ensure that you have his full and complete attention.” Hermione’s eyes widened in surprised. “You aren’t serious?” “No, I’m Draco. My cousin was Sirius.” She threw her quill at him. “The second step is to whisper something exceeding naughty in his ear. You have him trapped in the chair, so tell him the most shocking thing you like to do to his body

once you have him alone. Don’t stop telling him about your wicked fantasies until you feel the evidence of his arousal pressing against your thigh.” Hermione blushed a deep red and appeared incapable of speech. “The final step is ‘sealing the deal’ with a kiss.” “A kiss? That’s it? I’m surprised I don’t have strip and shove my breasts in his face.” “Granger, there is no need to become

vulgar. Besides, you must not be very skilled at kissing, if you can’t turn a man into putty just by using your lips.” “I kiss fine. I just don’t see how a simple kiss will insure that the bloke I want will also want me.” Draco looked extremely frustrated. He hopped off the desk and walked behind it. Staring at her intensely, he apparently came to a decision for he pulled Hermione up from her chair, took her spot, and then tugged her down into his lap. Before she could protest,

he began to whisper in her ear. She struggled briefly, but eventually relaxed into his arms. He gave her a lopsided grin and then covered her lips with his own. He nipped at them, caressed them, and then drew them into mouth until he felt her tongue tentatively move against her own. Pulling back slowly, Draco now looked extremely pleased with himself. “See, Granger, I told you it was fool—”

Hermione interrupted his gloating, by pulling his mouth back down to hers. This time she took control of the kiss, running her tongue across his bottom lip and nibbling at the corner of his mouth. When he opened up to her, she delved deeply into his warmth. When the finally broke apart, both breathing heavily, Draco gasped, “What was that?” “I’m calling it the Hermione variation, of the Malfoy fool-proof plan to land a man.” Draco looked unable to process her words. “What?”

“The Hermione variation, it’s more efficient because I completely dropped step two and just dove right into the kissing.” “Brilliant,” he smiled broadly, before capturing her lips once again.