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SECTION A ( 30 marks ) Answer all questions

1. Diagram 1 shows the mass of a ball.

If two more balls were added, what is the total mass? A B C D 2 kg 4 kg 6 kg 8 kg

2. Diagram 2 shows the different masses between P,Q and R.

Arrange P,Q and R from the biggest mass to the smallest. A B C D P,Q,R Q,P,R R,Q,P R,P,Q

3. Which of the following tools can be used to measure time accurately? A B C D . Diagram 3 shows a situation of a car departed from City A and arrived at City B respectively. How long does it take to traveled from City A to City B ? A B C D 8 hours 45 minutes 9 hours 15 minutes 9 hours 45 minutes 10 hours 15 minutes 4.

Which of the tools were used during the ancient time? A B C D W and X only W. Y and Z only W. X and Y only X. Tina has the fastest time in a marathon race Which of the following is the best tool can be used to measure time in the race? A B C D Stopwatch Digital watch Wristwatch Hourglass . Below is a situation. X. Y and Z 6. Diagram 4 shows the different ways to measure time.5.

5 kg 2.0 kg 1.0 kg 8. Diagram 6 shows the mass of an iron ball. What is the total mass for 8 similar iron balls? A 8 kg B 10 kg C 14 kg B 10 kg . Diagram 5 shows the measurements of mass for bananas and grapes.7. What is the mass of the grapes? A B C D 0.5 kg 1.

Which of the following statement is true? I II III A B C D Four pieces of X equals to two pieces of Y X and Y have equals mass Y is two times the mass of X I and II only I and III only II and III only I. Diagram 8 shows a lever balance. The total mass on the left is equal to the total mass on the right. Diagram 7 shows cube P and Q. What is the mass of cube Q? A B C D 160 g 120 g 80 g 40 g 10. P and Q was made from same type of material. II and III .9. The mass of cube P is 20 g.

11. Which of the following is a process that repeats uniformly ? A B C D R only P and Q only P and R only P.Q and R 12. Diagram 9 shows the different ways to measure time. Which of the following can be used to measure the mass of an object? .

What time did her lesson start? A. 2000g 1500g 1000g 500g . 9. B. C. B. D. Mrs Loo taught her lesson for 40 minutes.m.m. Which of the following has the same mass as one mango? A. D.m.m.00 a.30 a. 9. 9. Her lesson ended at 10. 16000 g of wheat flour 1000 g of peas 800 g of sugar 600 g of beans 14.Diagram 10 show the mass of two similar mangoes.10 a.13. 9. What is the mass of two balls? A. C. B.40 a. Diagram 11 show the mass of five similar balls.m.15 a. C. 15. D.

Which of the following events is not repeated uniformly? A.She finds out that object H is heavier than object G. B. Pulse rate Water dripping Bouncing of a ball Swinging of a pendulum . D.16. Mary is comparing the mass between object G and object H . Below is the situation. Which of the following represents the situation above? 17. C.

A.Y. C. C. 125 g 250 g 365 g 2000 g 19.Z. B. Diagram 13 shows three pendulums X . The time taken for each pendulum to make 20 swinging was recorded in Table 3. D. 13 19 26 29 . Eight identical fish are weighed as show in Diagram 12. B. D. Diagram 12 What is the mass of two fish? A.18. Pendulum Time (seconds) X 15 Y Z 23 Predict the time taken by pendulum Y.

C.20. The tool in diagram 14 was useful to people who lived long ago. B. B. D To tell the time To measure mass To measure length To measure volume 21. Bigger objects have bigger mass Objects made of different materials have different mass Objects with the same shape have the same mass . Thick objects have less mass. D. Diagram 15 shows the masses of three books 80 g 250 g 800 g Based on Diagram 15. which of the following observations is correct? A. What is the function of the tool ? A. C.

Chong Beng reached his tuition teacher ‘ s house after a 15 minute walk .15 p.m.22.55 p. Which of the following measuring tools cannot be used to measure time at night? A. C. 23.20 p. B. D.m.20 p. .m. 6. B. D. C. B C D 5.05 p. If he arrived at 6. Wrist watch Hourglass Sundial Wax clock Question 24 and 25 are based on Diagram 17 24.m. Diagram 17 shows a A. G can be used to measure A. C. B.m. a lever balance a compression balance a spring balance a matter balance 25. 6. the mass of book the area of a surface the volume of a box the length of a table . what time did he leave his house? A. 6. D.

C. A. Which of the following units are the standard units for mass in metric system? I II III IV A. B. Which of the following boxes has the greatest mass? .II and III 28. which of the following conclusions can be drawn? I P has more mass than Q.III and IV only lll and lV only Diagram 18 27. D. centimeter gram kilogram milligram I and II only II and III only II. B.Based on diagram 18 .26. II Q has more mass than P. III The two balls are different in the amount of matter they have. D. C. I and II only I and III only II and III only I.

B. 30g 150g 900g 900kg 30. What is the mass of an apple? A.and lll only l. C. Which of the following processes can be used to measure time? I II III IV A B C D Pulse rate Water dripping The swinging of a pendulum Bouncing ball I and II only l.A process that repeats uniformly can be used to measure time. ll. D. ll and lV only l.ll. lll and lV .29.