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Ball Hockey Mens/Womens # of Players

3 VS. 3 COED BASKETBALL RULES Minimum Number Maximum Number Minimum Number of players (for of players (for of players (for gameplay) gameplay) registration) 2 players (at least 3 players (at least 4 players 1 male, 1 female) 1 male, 1 female)

Maximum number of players for registration 8 players

SECTION I: GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS A. PERSONAL AND TEAM CONDUCT 1. Participants are required to represent themselves and their respective schools with respect and dignity. 2. Any team or individual involved in destructive or negative conduct at Post-Secondary Games 2012 events or venues, including hotels, will be ejected from the tournament at the discretion of the Advisory Committee. Spirit Deposits may also be forfeited. 3. For a list of all on court violations leading to suspension or disqualification, please refer to the Registration Package. 4. The Advisory Committee reserves the right to disqualify any team based on the behaviour of any given team member of that particular team. B. CHECK-IN PROCEDURES 1. A representative from each team (coach/captain) is required to check-in at the score table prior to each game. Here they must fill out game roster sheets fully and accurately. 2. Each member of the team is required to hand in provided lanyards with their student card and Spirit Deposit Coupon to officials at the score table prior to the game. An individual who fails to do so is defined as INELIGIBLE to play in that game. Failure to comply will result in a FORFEIT and the loss of half the Spirit Deposit ($10). C. STARTING TIME OF GAMES 1. 2. All teams are required to be at their games five minutes prior to start time. All games will start on time.

3. A late team will be given a grace period of five (5) minutes past the scheduled start time, which will be deducted from the total playing time.


4. If a team fails to meet the minimum number of players, as per sport specific rules (below), after the grace period, the team will be required to default and a win will be awarded to the opposing team. 5. 6. If both teams are late, both will default and no points will be awarded. Teams defaulting a game for any reason will have half their Spirit Deposit forfeited.

D. COACHES AND CAPTAINS 1. 2. Each team must have a designated captain. Referee’s decisions are final.

3. Only captains and coaches may address a referee with concerns. The captain/coach is expected to be courteous and respectful. Any verbal abuse or physical contact with a referee will result in ejection and will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee. 4. Captains and coaches are expected to know the rules and abide by them. They must also make sure all team members are aware of the rules and their consequences. SECTION II: THE GAME A. NUMBER OF PLAYERS 1. Each team is required to have a minimum of two (2) players on the court where one must be female. 2. If the 2-player minimum is not met, and the 5-minute grace period expires, the team will default the game. 3. In the event of a default, the winning team will be awarded three points and a 20-0 win.

4. If both teams are late, they will both forfeit the game and no points will be awarded in the standings. 5. Teams who default a game will lose half of their Spirit Deposit ($10).

B. EQUIPMENT 1. Game balls will be available on site. Teams are expected to bring their own balls to warm up with, as equipment will not be provided.


2. Jewellery and non-elastic headbands are not permitted on the court. Players found with such items during the game will be asked to leave play until the item is removed. Consistent violation during the game is a technical foul. 3. Each individual jersey must have a unique number on the back.

C. GAME TIMES 1. All round robin games will consist of two, 10-minute halves, running time. There will be a 1minute halftime in between periods. 2. There will be no overtime in round robin. Games ending in a tie after regulation will remain a tie.

3. Quarterfinal and Semi-final games will consist of two running time 12 minute halves with a five minute halftime. 4. 5. Final games will consist of two running time 15 minute halves with a five-minute halftime. The last two minutes of the play-off game will be stop time only if the game is within 10 points.

6. If a playoff game ends in a tie after regulation, the teams will play a two minute stop time overtime. Overtime periods will continue until one team is victorious at the end of a period. 7. Teams will be permitted one 30-second time out per game. In playoffs, an extra 30-second time out will be given per overtime period. 8. 9. 10. A win gets 3 points in the divisional standings. A tie gets 1 point in the divisional standings. A loss gets 0 points in the divisional standings.

11. Divisional standing will be ranked based on the number of points. In the event of a tie in the standings, the following will be used as tie breakers (in this order): total wins, points for, points against, record between teams, coin toss. D. GAME SPECIFIC RULES 1. Coed Basketball will be played half-court. The referee will administer all throw-ins.

2. After a basket is scored, the opposing team will take the ball to the centre line and “check” the ball before starting on offense.


3. After the ball has been checked, the team on offense must make at least ONE PASS before making an attempt towards the basket. 4. If the defensive team gets a rebound, they must clear the ball past the three point line before starting on offense. If an offensive team gets a rebound they do not need to clear the ball before continuing on offense. 5. Substitutions must report to the timer’s bench and only permitted when the ball is not in play. Referees must give permission to allow the substitution. 6. On offense, if the ball carrier is not being guarded within five feet, he/she cannot hold the ball, or dribble the ball in the same spot, for more than five seconds without making an attempt forward towards the basket. Violation of this rule will award the opposing team possession of the ball. 7. The following offensive violations will also award the opposing team with possession of the ball: a) Three seconds in the key b) Travelling c) Going over the centre line and back d) Offensive foul e) Stepping out of bounds f) Setting an illegal screen (moving screen) 8. A possession arrow will determine who gets possession of each jump ball and who gets possession of the ball at the start of the second half. For example, if Team A wins the tip-off, the possession arrow will point to Team B and Team B will get possession of the ball when the next jump ball is called (or at half time if no jump ball is called in the half). The possession arrow will then point to Team A, who will get possession of the next jump ball, and so on. E. FOULS 1. Four personal fouls are permitted. When a player receives his or her fifth personal foul, he/she is suspended from further play. 2. Six team fouls places the opposing team in a bonus situation (1-1). 10+ team fouls places the opposing team in a double bonus situation (automatic two shots). 3. On foul shots, all players must wait until the ball has touched the rim before moving into the key.


4. 5.

Technical fouls count as team fouls and personal fouls. Technical fouls are two shots plus possession at the division line.

6. Two technical fouls by one player results in an ejection of that player from the game and will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee to determine if further action is necessary. 7. Intentional fouls are two shots plus possession at the spot nearest to where the foul took place.

8. Four technical fouls committed by one team will result in a forfeit and a loss of half of their Spirit Deposit ($10). 9. If a team receives two direct technical fouls, the game will be over as soon as the second one is given. If a team is winning and a second direct technical is awarded to the team, the game will be treated as a forfeit and the losing team will be awarded a 20-0 win. The score will stand when a losing team is awarded two direct technical fouls. 10. Any player ejected may be asked to leave the gym by the officials. Failure to do so may result in a technical foul to the captain. 11. All player and team ejections will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee to determine whether further action is necessary.