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opportunity to learn, plan, develop, operate and sustain community projects.

Project participants leave the workshop opportunity to learn, plan, develop, operate and sustain community foodfood projects. Project participants leave the workshop “Growing Your Community Food System” is an intensive, hands -on, training workshop offering diverse groups the with improved skills that they can take back into their communities and pass “Growing Your Community Food System” is an intensive, with improved skills that they can take back into their communities andhands pass -on, training workshop offering diverse groups the opportunity to learn, plan, develop, operate and sustain community food projects. Project participants leave the on to others. These workshops are for both rural and projects. opportunity to learn, plan, operate and urban sustain community food projects. Project participants leave the workshop workshop on to others. These workshops are develop, for both rural and urban projects. with with improved improved skills skills that that they they can can take take back back into into their their communities communities and and pass pass Weto encourage you to bring several members of your group or operation on others. These workshops are for rural and urban projects. on to others. These workshops aremembers for both both rural and urban projects. We encourage you to bring several of your group or operation to to these workshops if you are interested in multiple topics; this is especially these workshops if you are interested in multiple topics; this is especially We encourage you to members of group We encourage you to bring bring several several members of your your organization. group or or operation operation to to helpful if are youaare a member of a training or outreach helpful if you member of a training or outreach organization. these these workshops workshops if if you you are are interested interested in in multiple multiple topics; topics; this this is is especially especially These workshops put organizations, projects and food producers in touch helpful if are member training or organization. These workshops organizations, food producers in touch withwith helpful if you you put are a a member of of a a projects training and or outreach outreach organization. each other to help build collaborations and long-term, sustainable partnerships. each other to help build collaborations and long-term, sustainable partnerships. These These workshops workshops put put organizations, organizations, projects projects and and food food producers producers in in touch touch with with each other to help build collaborations and long-term, sustainable partnerships. each other to help build collaborations and long-term, sustainable partnerships. Please come prepared to get your hands dirty!

2013 WORKSHOP SERIES WORKSHOP S ERIES 2013 “G YSTEM “GROWING ROWING Y YOUR OUR C COMMUNITY OMMUNITY F FOOD OOD S S YSTEM F FROM ROM THE THE G GROUND ROUND U UP P” ” W ORKSHOP S ERIES 2013 “Growing Your Community Food System” an intensive, hands -on, training workshop offering diverse groups W ORKSHOP SERIES 2013 “Growing Your Community Food System” is anis intensive, hands -on, training workshop offering diverse groups the the


Community Food Center: 5500 West Silver Spring Drive Workshops are held at 5500 West Silver Spring Drive Power’s Workshops Workshops are are held held at at Growing Growing Growing Power’s Power’s Milwaukee, WI 53218 Community Food Milwaukee, WICenter: 53218 Community Community Food Food Center: Tel: (414)Center: 527-1546 5500 West Silver Tel: (414) 527-1546 5500 5500(414) West West527-1908 Silver Silver Spring Spring Spring Drive Drive Drive PLEASE NOTE: These times are approximate! Fax: We encourage networking with other participants, involvement and questions so each participant Milwaukee, WI 53218 Fax: (414) 527-1908 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI WI 53218 53218 We encourage networking with other participants, involvement and questions so each participant Email: can get the most out of the experience. Due to the hands-on nature of our workshops, we do not Tel: (414) Email: Tel: Tel: (414) (414) 527-1546 527-1546 527-1546 PLEASE NOTE: times are can get the most out of These the experience. Due to the hands-on nature of our workshops, we do not PLEASE PLEASE NOTE: These These times times are are approximate! approximate! approximate! adhere toNOTE: a specific time frame. Fax: (414) 527-1908 Fax: Fax: (414) (414) 527-1908 527-1908 encourage networking with other participants, involvement and questions so each participant adhereWe to a specific time frame. We We encourage encourage networking networking with with other other participants, participants, involvement involvement and and questions questions so so each each participant participant Email: Email: Email: can can can get get get the the the most most most out out out of of of the the the experience. experience. experience. Due Due Due to to to the the the hands-on hands-on hands-on nature nature nature of of of our our our workshops, workshops, workshops, we we we do do do not not not adhere adhere adhere to to to a a a specific specific specific time time time frame. frame. frame.

SATURDAY SATURDAY 8-9 AM Registration and Breakfast 8-9 AM Registration and Breakfast Introduction of Growing Power and Participants SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY Introduction of Growing Power and Participants 10 AM Educational TourBreakfast of Growing Power 8-9 Registration 10 AM Educational Tourand of Growing Power 8-9 8-9 AM AM AM Registration Registration and and Breakfast Breakfast Learn how diversification and Power closed loop systems can Introduction of Growing and Learn how diversification and closed loop systems can Introduction Introduction of of Growing Growing Power Power and and P P Participants articipants articipants strengthen and support small farming operations. 10 Educational Tour of Power strengthen and support small farming operations. 10 10 AM AM AM Educational Educational Tour Tour of of Growing Growing Growing Power Power Areas include: ebb and flowand aquaponics, beekeeping, largeloop can Areas Learn include: ebbdiversification and flow aquaponics, beekeeping, largeLearn Learn how how how diversification diversification and and closed closed closed loop loop systems systems systems can can scale composting, anaerobic digestion, vermicomposting, strengthen and support small farming operations. scale strengthen composting, anaerobic vermicomposting, strengthen and and support supportdigestion, small small farming farming operations. operations. animals, retail and wholesale food distribution, youth Areas include: and aquaponics, beekeeping, animals, retail and ebb wholesale food distribution, youth largeAreas Areas include: include: ebb ebb and and flow flow flow aquaponics, aquaponics, beekeeping, beekeeping, largelargeeducation and visual art. scale composting, anaerobic digestion, vermicomposting, education visual art. scale scale and composting, composting, anaerobic anaerobic digestion, digestion, vermicomposting, vermicomposting, 12 PM Lunch animals, 12 PM Lunch animals, animals, retail retail retail and and and wholesale wholesale wholesale food food food distribution, distribution, distribution, youth youth youth (breakout session of your choice) 1-5 PM 1st Workshop st education visual (breakout session of your choice) 1-5 PM 1 Workshop education education and and and visual visual art. art. art. 5-6PM PM Evening Social and Reception 12 Lunch 5-6 PM Evening Social and Reception 12 12 PM PM Lunch Lunch st 6 PM Dinner st Workshop (breakout session of your choice) 1-5 PM 1 6 PM Dinner Workshop Workshop (breakout (breakout session session of of your your choice) choice) 1-5 1-5 PM PM 1 1st SUNDAY 5-6 Evening SUNDAY 5-6 5-6 PM PM PM Evening Evening Social Social Social and and and Reception Reception Reception 9-10 AM Breakfast Dinner 9-10 6 AM Breakfast 6 6 PM PM PM Dinner Dinner 10 AM-2 PM 2nd Workshop (breakout session of your choice) nd SUNDAY 10 AM-2 PM 2 Workshop (breakout session of your choice) SUNDAY SUNDAY 2-4 PM Lunch , Networking and Conclusion 9-10 Breakfast 2-4 PM Lunch , Networking and Conclusion 9-10 9-10 AM AM AM Breakfast Breakfast nd nd nd Workshop (breakout session of your choice) 10 AM-2 PM 2 Workshop (breakout (breakout session session of of your your choice) choice) 10 10 AM-2 AM-2 PM PM 2 2 Workshop 2-4 Lunch , 2-4 2-4 PM PM PM Lunch Lunch ,, Networking Networking Networking and and and Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion PLEASE NOTE: These times are approximate!


Please come prepared to get your hands dirty! Leave your dress shoes at home and wear your Leave your dress shoes at home and wear your Please come prepared to get your hands dirty! Please come prepared to get your hands dirty! farmer duds. farmer duds. Leave Leave your your dress dress shoes shoes at at home home and and wear wear your your farmer duds. farmer 2013 Wduds. ORKSHOP SCHEDULE 2013 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE : :

Registration: Please register online at Registration: Please register online at Registration: Registration: Registration: Please Please Please register register register online online online at at at Payment: The fee is payable when you register online or upon Payment: The fee is payable when you register online or upon arrival. arrival. Payment: Payment: Payment: The The The fee fee fee is is is payable payable payable when when when you you you register register register online online online or or or upon upon upon Meals: Meals are a very important aspect of the two days. arrival. Meals: Meals are a very important aspect of the two days. arrival. arrival. Sustainable, small family farmers and our wholesale distribution Sustainable, small family farmers and our wholesale distribution partners produce the food. Vegetarian dishes served Vegan or Meals: Meals a important aspect of two partners produce theare food. Vegetarian dishes served Vegan or Meals: Meals: Meals Meals are are a a very very very important important aspect aspect of of the the the two two days. days. days. special dietary needs can be accommodated. Please let us know Sustainable, small family farmers wholesale special dietary needs can be accommodated. Please let us distribution know Sustainable, Sustainable, small small family family farmers farmers and and and our our our wholesale wholesale distribution distribution if you have special dietary requirements when registering. produce the food. dishes served if youpartners have special dietary when registering. partners partners produce produce the therequirements food. food. Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian dishes dishes served served Vegan Vegan Vegan or or or special dietary needs can be accommodated. Please let us know special special dietary dietary needs needs can can be be accommodated. accommodated. Please Please let let us us know know Workshops are held at Growing Power’s registering. if special requirements Workshops are held atdietary Growing Power’s when if if you you you have have have special special dietary requirements requirements when when registering. registering. Community Food dietary Center:






Experience Safe and Effective Pain Relief
“From my clinical experience, I have found Curamin® to be highly effective. It is the #1 pain-relieving product that I recommend.” *† —Duke and The Doctor
Duke Liberatore and Jan McBarron, M.D. The #1 Health Talk Radio Show in the Nation


“My patients are looking for relief from pain, so I recommend Curamin®. I feel better knowing they are getting results without the side effects.” *† —Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD**

“From my worldwide experience with natural medicines I know that Curamin® contains highly effective ingredients. I would recommend it to anyone experiencing pain and I use it myself.” *† —Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter**
Available at Your Local Health Food Store


All ingredients established in human studies for safety and effectiveness. Does not interfere with stomach, liver or kidney function.
† Occasional muscle pain due to exercise and overuse **Member of the EuroPharma Scientific Advisory Board



18 Feature Story
Natalie Pratt of Healthy Living Events, LLC
Photography by Taylor Greenwood

Making healthy connections in Wisconsin

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Consider therapeutic massage for headaches The 80/20 rule applied to weight loss Health and wellness Q&A Electromagnetic pollution Which company makes the best hearing aid? Touch the waterfall 6 principles for functionally fit exercise Warm and spicy ginger tea Raindrop therapy: a natural option for spine health Finding answers for allergies


Consider therapeutic massage for headaches

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Electromagnetic pollution

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Warm and spicy ginger tea


6 principles for functionally fit exercise


Finding answers for allergies



Nature’s Pathways® | April 2013

Gentle, loving, compassionate health care just for cats
Quality Feline Medicine & Surgery Dentistry • Grooming Feline Exclusive Boarding Behavioral Consultations Nutritional Consultations Food • Supplies • Gifts Cat Adoptions thru Local Rescue Groups WE DO HOUSE CALLS!
Kathryn Christensen, D.V.M.

April 6, 2013
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Waukesha County Expo Center

April 27, 2013
Washington County Fair Park

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Come Discover Natural Solutions for Your Healthcare

FREE Classes Throughout the Day
Have your questions answered by Natural Health Professionals:

236 N. Water Street, Milwaukee | 414-272-CATS (2287)

Natures Healing Day Spa
Massage Therapy • Skin Care Body Treatments
To Feel Great & Revitalized, Call Us Today Bring us your pain. You won’t leave with it.
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified La Stone Therapist, Licensed Aesthetician
• Hot/Cold Stone Massage • Noninvasive Body Contour • Organic Skin Care • Hair Removal • Make-Up Application • Body Scrub • Packages Available • Gift Certificates

• Secrets to permanent weight loss • Finding more energy during the day • Heartburn relief • Natural approaches to managing cholesterol & high blood pressure • Natural relief from pain • Which vitamins really work • Healthy living with diabetes • Look good, feel great during menopause • Raising healthy kids without prescription drugs

Expo Tickets $4 (age 12 and under FREE)

Visit Many Booths Promoting Natural Health & Wellness
• • • • FREE Chair Massages FREE Biomat Sessions FREE Food Prep Demonstrations Find Out How to Get 1 Month FREE Natural Artesian Water Delivered to Your Home or Business.

Ladies’ Da y Out for Private Sp a Parties

Presented by: N88 W16838 Main St., Menomonee Falls

262-293-3251 262-297-2445
Visit our website for scheduled seminar times and more information. Lunch available on site for purchase.
April 2013 | Nature’s Pathways

Wellness Found


we are
Our Mission
To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting healthy living experts with the communities they serve.

A team with a passion for healthy living!

About Nature's Pathways
Nature's Pathways is a monthly magazine and online resource that provides accurate, relevant information on living a healthy lifestyle via nutrition, fitness, personal growth, wellness, relaxation, and organic and green living. We strive to be fair and honest in our business dealings, responsible with our editorial content, and the best community-based healthy living publication throughout our regions. What makes us unique? Nature's Pathways differs from other publications in two major ways: • We are community based — the vast majority of our advertisers are locally or regionally based. • The majority of the editorial content that fills our pages is written by or submitted by local advertisers. Why Do We Subscribe To This Business Model? We believe that because our advertisers are in the business of providing goods and services in the healthy living industry, they are the subject matter experts. Our readers appreciate having access to information provided by local businessmen and women with a vested interest in the health of their patrons and the communities in which they live. This unique concept allows our readers to learn more about how to live a healthy life, and also about the businesses in their communities that can serve as trusted resources.

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Nature’s Pathways® | April 2013

from the editor
Jackie Peters

Welcome, April!

Our outside environment is abuzz with positive energy, and the world is alive again! Gardeners, walkers, bikers and what I call “putzers” are emerging in abundance. It’s an exciting time of year! Getting more active outside means spending more time in nature. Recently I read an interesting article about ecotherapy and its regenerative powers: stress, anxiety and depression reduction, and overall mood improvement. More and more health care providers are giving their patients “nature prescriptions” for treatment of various medical conditions as well. Research is showing that spending time in a natural setting has benefits for mind, body and spirit. On April 22 we pay homage to our precious Mother Earth. There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day and make a difference: treat your yard to some compost (best of all, that which you made yourself!), “reduce, reuse and recycle,” pick up litter, shop local or ride your bike for an errand. Small acts by each of us can really add up to make a big difference! This month brings another observance, World Health Day, on April 7. Celebrate by learning about health issues around the globe and what you can do to help. Check out the World Health Organization’s website at for more information. There are some wonderful healthy living articles in this issue to help you on your journey. Rob Reader explains how therapeutic massage can help with headache relief. Karmen Nenahlo answers some common health and wellness questions about vitamin C, sodium and muscle loss. Dr. Jodie shares the importance of proper

diagnosis and treatment of ear inflammation in your pets. And there’s much more, so please read on! I hope you’re able to get wrapped up in the positive energy of this time of year and enjoy some quality time with nature. Please find your own special way to honor our planet this Earth Day! In health and happiness,

Do you have a comment or question about something you read in Nature's Pathways? Is there a story you'd like to read? How about something you didn't like as much? Whatever your opinion, we want to know! Please email Jackie at or Thanks for reading! April 2013 | Nature’s Pathways


Consider therapeutic massage for headaches ��������������������������������������������������������
By Rob Reader
ven after seven years of doing therapeutic massage, I am still surprised, even startled, when someone asks me, “Can you do anything for headaches?” My answer, of course, is a resounding “Yes!” Massage can help for both immediate pain and for longer lasting relief. It can even completely eliminate frequent headaches. Massage is an excellent alternative to pills or other medications for immediate relief of headache pain. The massage therapist can work the muscles that tighten and put pressure on the head creating those tension headaches that you feel behind your eyes. You may find that when you suffer from a headache, you get the urge to rub your temples or your eyes. Well, this is your body telling you to make an appointment with your local independent massage therapist!


When the muscles in the neck get stressed from daily activities they can pull your head forward. When this happens, the muscles in the back of the neck have to work extra hard to keep your head straight. This is the most common cause of tension headache pain. Getting a pair of welltrained fingers up under the back of the head can alleviate that tension. The result is fast pain relief from that nasty headache. For those that suffer from frequent headaches, there is hope for you, too. An important fact to keep in mind is that pain is a symptom. The problem can be knotted muscles or injuries. To take ibuprofen to relieve pain is merely masking the symptom. It rarely does anything to help the problem. That is why the pain comes back so soon. A massage therapist will address the problem in

Life | Work | Relationships

Life Coach

Carol Michalski, MSW, LCSW

I am passionate about working with clients to help them enhance their lives, work performance and relationships.
• Enhance their careers • Deepen their relationships with others • Increase their ability to effectively communicate • Set boundaries and limits for work, home and life • Become assertive without conflict • Deal with stress effectively and creatively • Survive divorce • Live with illness • Experience the power of REINVENTION

the hopes of eliminating it and thus getting rid of the symptom. Here’s an example: One woman was finally fed up with getting headaches every single day for more than a year. She came in and got a weekly 30-minute massage for around three months. During that time, her headaches became less and less frequent, until finally she went an entire month without any headache pain at all. Her story, while it may sound remarkable, is actually quite commonplace in the world of massage. She had a knot on her back that was so large that it was causing strain in her neck muscle. Once that knot was worked out with consistent massage treatments, the muscles were under less strain. Now she is able to come in less frequently, about once a month, to maintain that muscle and make sure that knot does not return. This is the power of massage! Another cause of tension headaches is the weather. When there are fluctuations in barometric pressure, this can cause the muscles to tighten and give you a headache. Other instigators are dehydration and physical work that you are not used to doing, such as painting or moving furniture around. So, the next time you feel that horrible headache coming on, instead of reaching for that bottle of ibuprofen, consider reaching for the phone to call your friendly neighborhood massage therapist for an appointment. You will feel better, and your body will thank you for it!
Rob Reader has been a full-time massage therapist since 2005. He has worked on headline performers at Summerfest and professional wrestlers, and is the official massage therapist of the Milwaukee Ballet since 2006. He currently works in Mequon at Active Body Wellness LLC, 10620 N. Port Washington Rd. For more information, call 414.721.6942.

THE HIDE HOUSE IN BAY VIEW | 2625 S. Greeley Street, Milwaukee, WI 53207 PH: 414-331-9905 | |


Nature’s Pathways® | April 2013

The 80/20 rule applied to weight loss �������������������������������������������������������
By Tony Bednarowski


his is a somewhat touchy subject for me to cover, but since I’m asked about it so often, I feel it is imperative to enlighten you on it. We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule. This rule can be applied to many things in life, from economics, business and marketing, to health care and even relationships. But what does it actually mean when applied to weight loss? As you’ve probably noticed, even though I am a master trainer and a nutrition expert, I don’t really talk about exercise nearly as often as I do nutrition. Obviously, exercise and general physical activity are important and have many health benefits, like facilitating weight loss. The reason I don’t talk about this much is because I am nearly 100 percent certain that exercise and/or some form of daily physical activity will naturally become part of your overall maintenance plan. That’s how confident I am in your willingness to find your way to becoming more physically active. I don’t even have to stress it. With that being said, the 80/20 rule certainly does apply here. Eighty percent of your weight-loss success will come directly through your nutritional choices and 20 percent will be aided by your activity level. Yes, that is correct; the biggest impact on achieving your weight loss goal will undoubtedly come from your nutritional choices. In fact, after more than 20 years of helping people achieve their weight-loss goals, I rarely have to try to convince someone to incorporate an exercise plan into the equation. Once I get a person on the right track nutritionally and they start to see the weight come off, nearly 100 percent of the time they naturally migrate to some type of exercise plan and become more physically active. It’s truly amazing to witness this process and see

a person adopt a whole new lifestyle all from changing what they put into their body.

A closer look at physical activity and exercise

Physical activity is different from exercise. Physical activity is defined as being active throughout the day by not leading a sedentary lifestyle, whereas exercise is a planned activity such as running, cycling, aerobics and strength training. Physical activity will become effortless once you’ve actually seen and felt change take place. On the other hand, when looking at incorporating some sort of exercise program into your newly found lifestyle, please take it slow, especially if you’ve been inactive for some time or have never exercised before. Don’t take the all-or-nothing approach. Incorporate

a sound plan and adapt it to your personality, lifestyle, schedule and disposition. This way you will incorporate it into your lifestyle and make it a permanent aspect of your life. So there you have it. With the right balance of good nutrition and physical activity, weight-loss success can be yours!
Tony Bednarowski is author of “Get Your Lean On, ‘a simple, sensible, yet scientific WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION,’” co-owner/publisher of Nature’s Pathways magazine, ‘your path to healthy living’ and founder of, ‘inspiring personal wellness.’ Tony is a certified nutrition expert, master trainer, and wellness coach and consultant, whose focus is on better health through whole food nutrition, weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. To see more please visit:;; and
MTWF 9:30am - 5:30pm TH 9:30am - 6:30pm SAT 9:30am - 4:00pm
April 2013 | Nature’s Pathways



Why is my pet shaking her head? ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
By Dr. Jodie
nfortunately, because our pets cannot verbally communicate, they often suffer to the extreme before someone notices they have a problem. One of the most commonly overlooked afflictions is otitis, inflammation of the ear. While you might start whining to a friend when you have an earache, your pet may simply not want to socialize. A cat might hiss at others in the home and a dog might snap when children come near, as they are not able to explain what is wrong. Your pet might rub his head into your lap or onto the furniture or carpet. A cat might use her front paw to rub her ear, while a dog might use his back paw to scratch his ear. Some dogs shake an ear so hard that an ear hematoma (broken blood vessel) develops.


Many causes

Not all ear issues are the same. Incorrect treatment can definitely cause harm. Repetitive, irritating management can lead to the need for surgical intervention. Most pets do not have ear mites! Can you imagine how it feels to have a sore, red, inflamed ear and then have someone put drops of pesticide on it? Yet, this is a common practice by well-meaning pet guardians who go to the local pet shop to purchase an ear treatment. Sadly, many dogs have discolored rear paws due to months of scratching ears chronically infected with a yeast overgrowth. Ear inflammation can be due to allergy, mites, bacterial or fungal/yeast infection or a combination!

A veterinarian will use an otoscope to visualize the external ear canal and the tympanum (ear drum). If the canal is too swollen or clogged with debris or discharge to see the ear drum, it could be assumed that the ear drum is damaged. Not all medications are safe to use if the tympanum has been ruptured. Ear mites can often be visualized with the otoscope. These are most common in kittens. Dogs most commonly have yeast infections. The veterinarian can swab the inside of the canal and place the material on a slide for microscopic examination or place it in a culture medium for microbiology. Bacterial growth is the least common, but often, the most serious. A culture should be performed for pets whose otitis has not responded to basic, conventional treatment.

Proper diagnosis

Treatment options

Ear washes are not treatments. In fact, if an ear canal is irritated and sore, an ear rinse can cause or exacerbate an infection. The astringent effect can burn and visibly blister the canal. A damaged canal is more susceptible to yeast or bacterial overgrowth. Many “natural” ear products, which contain vinegar or witch hazel, rely on this astringent
ic C h ir o p ra ct ve, o h e lp s yo u MWe ll. e Fe e l a n d B

nce . Va li e E D r.arJu l ex pe rie nc e na sio es of pr s of
25 ye are Av en ue 31 01 S. De law I 53 20 7 W M ilw au ke e, 83 41 4- 48 1- 86




Nature’s Pathways® | April 2013

premise as their mode of action. These may be thought of as soothing options, but in reality, are not good choices at all! Many natural ear drops exist on the market. Chinese ear drops, garlic/mullein, sweet oil or olive oil may provide temporary relief, but rarely accomplish a satisfactory cure. Essential oil preparations show promise with their potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, but they cannot be safely used inside the ear canal. The vibrational frequency of an essential oil against the vibrating tympanum could cause significant discomfort. Increasing the safety of essential oils by diluting them with a carrier oil seems to diminish their potency. Conventional, multi-purpose ear medications seem to be the most reliable. They all have an antifungal to kill yeast, an antibiotic to kill bacteria and an anti-inflammatory to provide immediate relief from the pain and itching. Most pets groan in ecstasy the moment this is applied deep into the canal!

“Pet owners should always consider food allergies and that yeast loves starch.”

to the vet for a re-check to visualize a clear canal with healthy tympanum is very important. Debris left in the canal or a plug up against the ear drum can serve as a source for recurrent infection.
Test for underlying hormonal imbalances. Hypo-

thyroidism and hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s) are two common underlying disorders that upset the body’s natural resistance to infection. and that yeast loves starch. With a diet like this, such problems may be avoided. Choose a unique protein source, such as rabbit or venison. If your pet has excessive “heat signs,” choose a meat energetic that is neutral to cooling, such as bison, turkey or white fish.
Avoid irritation or moisture in the ear canal.

Feed a meat-based, starch-free, species appropriate diet. Pet owners should always consider food allergies

Management and prevention

Despite the effectiveness of this ointment, why do so many pets develop chronic otitis? Proper application is vital. The medication tip must be placed deep into the ear canal. Guardians need not fear damage to the ear drum, as this is impossible due to the L-shaped ear canal of the dog and cat. Many pet guardians discontinue treatment too soon. Partially treated infections come back with a vengeance. Bacteria and yeast can develop resistance. Returning

Ask groomers to stop traumatically “plucking” the hairs from inside the canal with a tweezers or forceps. Gently remove loose hair clumps with your fingers. Use an astringent ear rinse cautiously — and only in a healthy ear — to dry up moisture due to a bath, swimming or playing in the snow!
Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA, has been practicing veterinary medicine in Muskego, Wisconsin since 1987. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and food therapist by the Chi Institute. Dr. Jodie is the owner of the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex, an integrated, full-service small animal practice. For more information, healthy products or an educational DVD, visit

April 2013 | Nature’s Pathways




How Growing Power keeps growing
Every day is Earth Day ���������������������������������������������������������������������
By Will Allen

pringtime is such a busy, yet refreshing season for us at Growing Power. As the days get longer, we see our greenhouse plants explode in production, and the soil on our outdoor farms softens with the sunnier weather. Our signature compost, laden with nutrients and microorganisms, is just about ready for use after having sat the winter over. We will build our two-foot high raised garden beds throughout Milwaukee in school gardens, corporate community garden beds, our hoop-house production sites and even at individual homes. This spring we call out to our community to join us in this effort! Earth Day reminds us to be mindful of our interactions with the earth that sustains us, and planting your own garden is a great way to benefit yourself, your family and our earth. At Growing Power, every day is Earth Day! We urge you to consider the raised garden bed method. There are so many benefits: Compost is a nutrientdense growing medium that increases water sequestration and retention for less watering; raised beds are easy to weed (with fewer weeds to pull); there is optimum surface area for diverse plantings; they are safe for potentially contaminated land in urban neighborhoods; and raised garden beds allow for closer plantings, increasing the number of plants per square foot and the bounty of your harvest in the end. Growing Power will offer a couple more weekend workshops through June to help prepare newbie gardeners and rejuvenate those longtime avid gardeners. So, if you’re looking to learn how to build a powerful raised garden bed, consider signing up for one of these trainings! We also provide a robust menu of garden materials for sale, including our signature compost, seeds, transplants (decorative and edible), worm castings, top soil and more! Come for a training or simply tour our facility, and leave feeling inspired with the knowledge and tools you will need to plant your own garden. Feel good about your garden purchases knowing you are
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2013


supporting a local nonprofit organization and acquiring some of the best garden resources available. Not feeling ready to plant your own garden? Growing Power offers garden installations in partnership with schools, community centers, businesses, government agencies, individuals and more! Call our main office number to learn more about partnering with Growing Power: 414.527.1546. Visit to register for a workshop or learn more about our programs. Growing Power also welcomes you to visit our urban farm daily at 1:00 p.m. for an hour-and-a-half-long educational tour of the facility for only $10/person. If you have more than 10 people, call 414.527.1546 to schedule a group tour. We are located at 5500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53218.
Will Allen, son of a sharecropper, former professional basketball player, ex-corporate sales leader and longtime farmer, is recognized as among the preeminent thinkers of our time on agriculture and food policy. The founder and CEO of Growing Power Inc., a farm and community food center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Allen is widely considered the leading authority in the expanding field of urban agriculture. At Growing Power and in community food projects across the nation and around the world, Allen promotes the belief that all people, regardless of their economic circumstances, should have access to fresh, safe, affordable and nutritious foods at all times. Using methods he has developed over a lifetime, Allen trains community members to become community farmers, assuring them a secure source of good food without regard to political or economic forces. In 2008, Mr. Allen received the prestigious MacArthur “Genius grant” for his efforts to promote urban sustainable food systems. Later, in 2010, Mr. Allen joined First Lady Michelle Obama as she launched the White House’s “Let’s Move” campaign to address issues affecting American youth and the risk of obesity. In 2010 Allen was also recognized as one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. Since then, Mr. Allen has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the James Beard Award in 2011, the NCAA Theodore Roosevelt Award (2012) as well as the NEA Security Benefit Corporation Award for Outstanding Service to Public Education in 2012 for his work with children, teachers and schools. On May 10th, 2012, Will Allen became a published autobiographer. Read his book, the “Good Food Revolution.” This article was co-authored by Leana Nakielski, freelance writer.

Health and wellness Q&A �����������������������������������������������������������������
By Karmen Nenahlo
Question: If I get sick, will loading up on vitamin C help me get better sooner? Answer: Many people will start to worry about how much vitamin C they are consuming when they feel an illness coming on. For the most part, studies have shown little or no benefit. Consuming extra vitamin C after you’re already showing signs and symptoms of an illness will not help you recover faster. However, for those that consume the proper amount of vitamin C regularly, this may help reduce the duration of a cold by about a day, and they may have fewer symptoms than a person not meeting their daily requirement. Unfortunately, relatively high doses of 1-2 grams may be needed to elicit these very mild benefits, so is it really worth it in the end? Keep in mind, the RDA for women is 75 milligrams per day and 90 milligrams per day for men. Vitamin C can be found in acidic foods such as oranges, strawberries and kiwis, and also in green, leafy vegetables. It’s also found in citrus juices or those fortified with Vitamin C. Bottom line — only you can decide if you want to dose up on vitamin C. It certainly won’t cause any problems, but the minimal benefits may not justify the added expense. Question: I have taken some time off from the gym and gained some extra weight, not to mention the fact that I feel a bit weaker. Did all my muscle just turn to fat? Answer: This is a great question, and all too often it may seem like this is actually happening when people stop working out. However, muscle and fat are two completely different types of body tissue. Neither can simply turn into the other. When people stop working out for long periods, food April 2013 | Nature’s Pathways

intake should decrease because if you’re not expending as many calories; you certainly don’t need to consume as many calories. It’s important to remember that the muscles in your body are active tissues that are constantly using energy even when you’re sedentary. This means the more muscle you have, the more calories you need. The opposite is true as well. Unfortunately, when workouts decline, people often consume the same amounts of food that they had been when they were working out. These extra calories are stored in your body as adipose tissue (body fat). If you make a conscious effort to consume fewer calories when you stop working out, then you should be able to avoid the added pounds.

Question: Foods seem to be so high in salt these days, and I’m aware of the dangers of hypertension, heart disease and stroke. Can you please clarify the amount of sodium I should be consuming daily? Answer: You’re right — salt is everywhere. Processed foods are the main culprit, but the increased reliance on fast foods and restaurant meals are problematic as well. To add to the confusion, people often have trouble differentiating between sodium and salt. Salt is actually 40% sodium, so when discussing recommendations, we need to be clear about what we’re talking about. The current Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends less than 2,300 milligrams of
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The scale: a help or a hindrance? ���������������������������������������������������������������������
By Brian Bankenbusch, CSCS, CES, PES
ow many times have you stepped on the scale and not seen the number you were hoping for? It can be extremely frustrating. But what if that number wasn’t as important as you thought it was? In reality, the scale does not tell the whole story of a person’s health or fitness level. The scale is only giving you total body weight. Weight can be used as a sign of future health issues such as obesity, diabetes and cancer, but there are more things to consider. What the scale does not tell you is how much fat or muscle your body has, or how much of your weight is fluid or undigested food. When working towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle, the scale should not be the only tool you use to measure your progress. The ratio of fat mass to muscle mass will allow someone to have a more accurate understanding of where they are in terms of fitness, overall health and wellness, as well as even giving more accurate risk factors for the future. This scenario puts things into perspective: Think of two women, each weighing 140 lbs. One woman is a size 8 and the other a size 4. How is this possible? The first woman has a higher ratio of fat mass to muscle mass. Fat cells are bigger than muscle cells. Fat cells take up a lot more room than muscle cells, which are tight and compact. The fat mass takes up more room, so it requires someone to wear bigger clothing. The second woman has more muscle, and because of this, she burns more calories per day. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat. The second woman looks leaner, more defined and healthier.


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She has fewer risk factors AND wears smaller clothes because of having a lower fat percentage and higher amount of muscle. This is why building strong, lean muscle through weight training is crucial to looking and feeling the way you desire. In the previously mentioned scenario of the two women, the weight did not make the second woman look smaller and be healthier; it was her lower percentage of fat and higher amount of muscle. Cardiovascular exercise by itself (i.e., running, elliptical, biking) is muscle-wasting exercise. These activities are great for the heart and do burn calories, but, as just explained, it is not just about burning calories to hit a certain goal weight. It is about losing fat and gaining muscle, and the only way to strengthen and add more lean muscle is to lift weights. The scale can discourage someone who is regularly working out, and more specifically, someone who is weight training. If a person has a lot of weight to lose, the scale can be a good marker of progress. On the flip side, for someone who is generally fit, the number on the scale can sometimes be a stand still. Weight loss can be hidden if a person is increasing their lean muscle mass with weight training. Losing 2 lbs. of fat can be overshadowed by gaining 2 lbs. of lean muscle mass. A better tool to gage success would be having a body fat percentage test done. There are many tools to measure body fat nowadays, but if you belong to a gym, ask them to use the skinfold calipers. This is an accurate method that consists of a seven or nine site body fat test. Once all the sites are taken, the numbers can be put into a formula that calculates body fat percent. Once you have this number, a trainer can figure out fat and muscle mass within your body. This will help a person see how much fat mass they are losing and how much lean muscle mass they are gaining or maintaining. The bottom line is: Do not let the scale play games with your health. Get the full story and have your body fat percentage tested. Also, keep an eye on how your clothes are fitting. If the number on the scale is not budging, but your pants are getting looser, you know you are on the right path!
Brian Bankenbusch, CSCS, CES, PES, is the owner of Epic Fitness & Sports Performance LLC. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with over 10 years of experience training high school and collegiate athletes. He is devoted to bringing proper education and superior program design to the community. Brian is also a certified corrective exercise specialist, wellness coach and personal trainer. For more information, visit or call 414.464.2156.

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Electromagnetic pollution
Hidden stress hazards in your house ���������������������������������������������������������������������
By Dr. Joanne Flanagan
ot stress? Did you know that electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) above the Environmental Protection Agency’s safe limit are assaulting your brainwaves and body every day? Our natural state of wellness is being clouded with electromagnetic waves of invisible radiation — powerful enough to blast wireless communication data through concrete walls and buildings. Imagine how easily it travels through us, especially newborns and young children. We can’t see the smog of electropollution, but it is affecting us. Harmful EMF fields are produced by cell towers, microwave beams, high power lines, cell phones, televisions, computers, florescent lights, Wi-Fi, hair dryers, cordless phones, video games, baby monitors, PDAs, hybrid electric cars and other electrical equipment. We need to be aware of the biological effects of these hidden stressors — sleeplessness, headaches, dizziness, immune suppression, electro-sensitivity, “unexplained” cardiac symptoms and decreased fertility, as well as increased risk for brain cancer and neurological disorders. Some people report having less energy and constant fatigue, along with getting sick often. Depression and moodiness are very common symptoms. There is a lot of research being done, but we need to identify our environment and find safer solutions. This includes considering use of headsets, wired vs. wireless Internet access, corded vs. cordless phones and more.


frequency, intensity and duration of exposure, and is influenced by an individual’s vulnerability, overall health and immunity. CNN pointed out that studies show that the signals from cell phones reach more deeply into children’s thinner skulls and smaller brains.

Limit your exposure in these ways:
avoid the hands-free, in-the-ear phones.

• Use a land line whenever possible. • Use a low SAR-rated phone and use the speaker function — • Keep cell phone powered off whenever possible. • Carry cell phone away from your body, with the keypad or

Strengthen yourself against EMFs

Children, pregnant women and the elderly are affected the most by exposure. The development of symptoms depends on proximity,

front of the phone facing toward the body, and the back or antenna side facing away from the body. • Use phone outside of a car, train, elevator, airplane or other confined metal space. • Use a computer with wired Internet access, with the wireless function disabled, to surf the Internet, watch movies, download music, etc., not a mobile device. • Keep cell phones, electric alarm clocks, electric lamps and everything electric away from your sleep zone — at least four feet away. • Never sleep with cell phone powered on. Charge four feet away from people and pets. • Replace old electronics, fluorescent lights and dimmer switches. • Buy a RF and gauss meter to test appliances, TVs, etc. • Stay at least three feet from household appliances, such as coffee makers, microwave ovens, televisions, computers, electric clocks, plugs in walls, electric tools, etc.
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Inspecting a house for unwanted spirits
(Part 2) �������������������������������������������������������������������
By Master Jesse

You may remember last month’s article about the Oshkosh woman who met with me due to fears about her new house being haunted. We continue now with the inspection … t is always a good idea for the inspector to get as much information as possible on the property in question. One can start by interviewing the landlord or prior owner, if he or she is open to it. In the case of this woman’s house, the previous owner moved to Arizona after selling the house and had no interest in talking to me on the phone. So I went to the house and walked around the outside, noticing an elderly woman hanging some laundry. I greeted her with, “Good morning! It looks like a great day to hang laundry.” “Yes, it is,” she replied. Followed by, “Are you my new neighbor?” “No,” I responded. “Your new neighbor hired me to inspect the house. It would be helpful if we can learn about the history.” “History is best forgotten,” she replied. She explained: “I have lived here for over 60 years and it has always been a sad place. Frankie couldn’t wait to move out. The day he turned 18, he joined the Army.” “Frankie, that’s the last owner, isn’t it?” I asked. “Yes, his mom and dad were mean to him and both heavy drinkers. Poor Frankie. I don’t think anyone ever visited that house and Frankie never bought any of his friends over; in all the years I have lived here, I don’t recall anyone visiting. His dad died not long after Frankie left and his mother drank herself to death over the years. Frankie rented it out to people,
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2013


mostly rough types. No one stayed very long and he got tired of all the damage done to the house. The last family left it a real mess and he sold it for nothing. It’s always been a sad place.” She talked and talked for some time. I started to get a pretty good picture of what was going on. Next I called the Auntie who claimed the house was haunted. I introduced myself. She instantly bellowed out, “Yes. Yes. I have been expecting your call. You see, I am just like you. I speak to the spirits and most of my friends are gifted as well.” It didn’t take long to see Auntie lived through Stephen King-type novels and spooky movies. She sees them as real life. One could even say Auntie appeared to lust over spooky. She also gave me the names of the other three so-called powerful psychics that claimed the house was haunted. It turns out that I knew two of them and it seems to me they got their training from horror movies. As for the ghost-busters, I know the leader of the group. He claims to do battle with poltergeist and demons. He speaks of battling poltergeist as though it is like taking a walk in the park. “It’s no problem … I even bring my 4- and 6-year-old sons so they can learn the trade.” I think he got his training watching Scooby-Doo. Two days later, I began the inspection of the home. It was mostly empty: a small loveseat and coffee table; a small dinette set; old musty carpeting; a very lovely bedroom set, which was a wedding gift; and unpacked boxes stacked in every room. The kitchen was the only room that appeared to be in

good repair, but unused. Overall the house did not have a good feeling to it. There was a somewhat damp, musty smell. I sensed a deep emptiness, deep sadness, and fear as well. I sat alone in that house all night. No ghost. No poltergeist. Just a house that had never known love. It’s no wonder the new owner, my client, would feel so awkward being in a loveless house after living in a home with love all her life. It was easy for her unstable aunt to pass her beliefs of fear on to her niece, as the aunt wanted acceptance from her family. A new house vibrates to the rhythm of its inhabitants. And so it was with this house. I performed a major cleansing of the home. A cleansing alone, however, is just the beginning of what the house needs. All the walls must be washed with love by the family that is to live there. All carpeting must be removed and the floors scrubbed as well. Painting should be done by the family to occupy the house. It must be done with love. Since she would be living there alone most of the time, I suggested many plants and lots of dinner parties. Over time the sadness of the house will be lifted and replaced with unity, gentleness and love. And as for my brethren that call themselves soothsayers, mediums and psychics: you have an obligation not to make a carnival of our work.
Master Jesse, Zenith Master, is from Mystical Earth Gallery, located at 112b E. College Ave., downtown Appleton. For more information, please call 920.993.1122 or visit 

EALTH AND WELLNESS Q&A H continued from page 13 

lectromagnetic pollution E continued from page 15

sodium per day (about 1 teaspoon of salt). On the other hand, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day (about 2/3 teaspoon of salt), and they set the tolerable upper intake level at 2,300 milligrams. It’s clear that your intake should fall somewhere between these two ranges, or even less, but it’s actually quite difficult to keep your sodium level as low as 1500 milligrams per day. In fact, the IOM points out that 95% of American men and 75% of American women consume sodium in excess of the tolerable upper limit — not good news for those of us looking to avoid chronic disease as we get older. In order to keep your sodium intake in check, you need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and make sure you buy foods that are fresh and unprocessed. And don’t forget to avoid adding salt at the dinner table as well.
Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest 24/7 co-ed fitness franchise. For more information, visit

A test to see how electromagnetic radiation affects us

Applied kinesiology can be used to test EMR’s effects on our bodies. It takes two people, the “tester” and the “subject.” This can be viewed on 1. Have the subject stand erect, right arm relaxed at his side, left arm held out parallel to the floor, elbow straight. 2. Face your subject and place your left hand on his right shoulder to steady him. Then place your right hand on the subject’s extended left arm, just above the wrist. 3. Tell the subject to resist when you try to push his arm down. 4. Now push down on his arm fairly quickly, firmly and evenly. The idea is to push hard enough to test the spring and bounce in the arm, not so hard that the muscle becomes fatigued. It is not a question of who is stronger, but of whether the muscle can “lock” the shoulder joint against the push.

By doing this experiment on a subject who is using a cell phone, you’ll find that the subject cannot hold his arm up because the radiation is draining his energy in that muscle. This can also test hair dryers and other electrical devices. If you would like to test the effect of anything on your body, try this experiment with a health practitioner or partner. Other ways to protect yourself from EMR would be to get plenty of exercise, drink at least eight glasses of water a day, eat nutritious foods, meditate at least 20 minutes twice a day, think positive thoughts and get outdoors several times a day. Keep a good distance from anything electrical, and limit your exposure to electrical fields.
Dr. Joanne Flanagan is a world renown expert in stress-handling technology, which includes physical, mental, emotional and environmental stressors. She has worked diligently in the past ten years in determining the nature of hidden stresses that destroy vitality. The result is her invention of the Equilibrex Pendant, which lessens the effects of stress on the bio-energy field surrounding the human body. For more information and research on stress and how to protect yourself from stress-related illnesses, see Dr. Flanagan’s website at

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connections in Wisconsin
By Jackie Peters

Natalie Pratt of Healthy Living Events, LLC is bringing communities together

“For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.” –Millard Fuller
eeting Natalie Pratt of Oshkosh, you quickly pick up on the fact that she is a hard-working woman with great concern for the well-being of her community. Shortly thereafter, you’ll realize that she is most definitely a “planner” and knows how to get things done! Pratt certainly shines as the expo coordinator for her business, Healthy Living Events, LLC (the second of her two full-time jobs). Starting out on this journey, the Wisconsin native seemed to identify opportunities where many did not. For example, upon learning about the 2009 local screening of the movie “Fresh,” a documentary that celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system, Pratt stepped in and organized a farm market for local organic farmers to display their offerings to complement the movie. She saw importance in community members having the ability to immediately connect with local healthy food suppliers after the showing. Her knack for identifying and organizing local healthy-living events like this one, led to her involvement in larger and larger gatherings over the years — today reaching capacity of Sunnyview Expo Center in Oshkosh. In addition, her outreach is now expanding into the Milwaukee, Madison and Wausau areas. Pratt’s goal with her expo work is to “encourage the people of Wisconsin to embrace lives of health and wellness through awareness of natural, organic and alternative products, education, nutrition and exercise, as well as the benefits of living clean, green and healthy lifestyles.”

Natural Product & Organic Food Expo
Next up for Pratt is the Natural Product & Organic Food Expo on May 4 in Oshkosh. This educational event brings together Wisconsin and national companies that specialize in natural and organic products and food, as well as green and eco-friendly products for the home, pets and the whole family. It features a farmers market where visitors can meet and buy direct from Wisconsinbased organic farmers and vendors. This includes offerings such as grassfed beef, free-range chicken, organic fruit and vegetables, as well as information about CSAs. Visitors can choose to learn more about topics like: gardening and growing; building greenhouses and garden structures; natural supplements, clothing, household products and toys; earth-sheltered homes and log cabins; aquaponics and hydroponics; foods that heal; outdoor cooking; urban farming; sustainable and natural living skills; wilderness camping; hobby and backyard farming; and much more!

May 4, 2013 • 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Natural Product & Organic Food Expo

Sunnyview Expo Center, Oshkosh

August 10, 2013 • 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

International Food & Fair Trade Expo

Tri-County Arena, Neenah
It can be overwhelming to consider all of the choices available to assist individuals in losing weight, eating better and getting healthy. As Pratt explains, “I wanted to surround myself with good choices, and the more I learned the magnitude of what’s out there in my own backyard, the more I was shocked and hungry to learn more. Wisconsin is full of companies that sell amazing healthy products.” So spreading the word became her driving passion. Her concern for others is clearly reflected in her current offerings, with expos focusing on living green, natural health, sports and fitness, fair trade, natural products and organic food. Pratt is excited about the extent of her subject matter and the opportunity it presents her to connect all of the expo visitors with local health-minded exhibitors. “It is gratifying to be able to bring communities together in this way. To see individuals receive education about ensuring healthier, sustainable alternatives for their families, and healthy-living educators meet people who have questions about their products and services,” explains Pratt. She also shows her concern for community by being selective with exhibitors. Pratt makes it clear that her expos are value-based events and has clear expectations for them, as reflected in her code of conduct. She challenges her exhibitors not to be salespeople, but instead, educators. In exchange, Pratt is able to offer the perfect place for representatives of healthconscious businesses from around the state to meet thousands of consumers who have an interest in making connections with businesses such as theirs. She also offers helpful exhibitor success tips on her website. Sponsorships are available as well. Pratt makes it a priority to ensure her expos are family friendly events and uses her planning skills and creativity to make them fun for all. Popular activities include recycled furniture contests, recycled art contests, Miss “Go Green” pageants and face painting, to name a few. With the majority of Americans now giving more serious consideration to eating healthier, exercising consistently and being more socially responsible, there is a growing need for education and identification of resources. Through Healthy Living Events, LLC — and great determination and perseverance — Pratt is able to present and promote healthier, more efficient and more ecologically sound information, products and services that enhance lifestyles and create a better future for all of us in Wisconsin. “There are so many valuable resources for those who want to make healthy choices right here in our Wisconsin communities,” she says. “There just needs to be more awareness.”

Sept. 21, 2013 • 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sport & Fitness Expo

Sunnyview Expo Center, Oshkosh

Coming in January 2014

Living Green & Natural Health Expo

Sunnyview Expo Center, Oshkosh

“Wisconsin is full of companies that sell amazing healthy products!”

Here’s to making healthy connections!


hy Living Events t l a Nata

lie Pratt PO Box 11 13, Oshko sh 920.312.0 , WI 54903 0 14 greeneve nts@new www

.healthyli vingeven


Kids can play safe when participating in sports �������������������������������������������������������
he spring sports season is a popular time for school-aged children. After a few months of being cooped up indoors, many kids are ready to spend time in the fresh air. Organized team sports are one way they can burn energy and learn lessons in camaraderie and problem-solving. Spring sports season presents a host of opportunities for athletic youngsters. But the secret to a successful season has little to do with wins and losses and a lot to do with making sure children have fun and take the necessary precautions to reduce their risk of injury on the playing field. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, nearly 40 million children and adolescents participate in organized sports across North America each year. Although sports are an ideal way to socialize and get much-needed exercise, they also can increase participants’ risk of suffering a sports-related injury. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that millions of children age 15 and under are treated in hospital emergency rooms for sports-related injuries every year. Some of the more common injuries include sprains and strains, growth plate injuries, repetitive motion injuries and heat-related illness. Certain sports go hand-in-hand with the spring season. Here is a look at some popular spring sports and how to reduce a child’s risk of suffering some of the more common injuries associated with those sports.
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2013



The start of the spring season coincides with the commencement of the professional baseball season. Therefore, many schools and towns have baseball and softball leagues that also begin once the weather warms up. Baseball and softball are popular sports. However, each sport involves sliding, running, fast-moving balls and long hours out in the elements. Each of these activities can cause injury, and some of the more common injuries associated with baseball and softball include soft tissue strains, fractures after being hit by a ball, sunburn and heat fatigue. Children who are playing baseball or softball should always wear the recommended safety equipment. This includes a batting helmet, shin guards, athletic supporters, sunscreen, mouth guards and eye protection. Proper stretching and warm-ups can make muscles and tendons limber before play.


Lacrosse is a game that marries elements of basketball, football and hockey. Players throw and catch a small, hard, rubber ball with a netted stick, called a crosse. Lacrosse is a contact sport; therefore, protective gear is essential to prevent injury. Players must wear helmets, typically with a safety grill over the face for boys. A mouthpiece, gloves and padding can be worn to further prevent injuries.

Track and field


Soccer has long been a popular sport around the world, and interest in the sport has grown considerably in the United States. Soccer is ideal for developing handeye coordination. The constant running involved also makes it one of the best spring sports for kids in terms of overall exercise. Due to the constant movement involved with soccer, players should regularly rehydrate. Shin guards can prevent injuries and bruising to the legs, while wearing sunscreen will protect kids from sun exposure.

Some athletes excel in track and field. Although less combative than other sports discussed and with little or no risk of contactrelated injury, there are still some dangers inherent to track and field. Strains and sprains from falls or rolling ankles are common. Safety precautions for track and field competitors revolve heavily around the athlete’s conditioning. Allow for ample warm-up periods and make sure athletes always wear supportive footwear. Players should always consume a good deal of water or other fluids to remain hydrated and take sufficient breaks when the weather is warm. Spring sports are popular for children of all ages. When the weather warms, the desire to get out on the field and engage in play increases. Adults can safeguard their children by ensuring the rules of the game are met and that the proper safety equipment is always used.
Source: Metro Creative Connection.

Hope is a yoga teacher, trainer and functional fitness expert. As creator of Core Functional Fitness,™ Hope specializes in yoga, core work and functional movements; she helps yoga students, yoga teachers and a variety of fitness professionals experience a true mind-body connection through yoga and core functional movement and principles.

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Which company makes the best hearing aid? ���������������������������������������������������������������������
By Dr. Douglas Kloss
very common question I hear in my line of work is, “Which brand of hearing aid is the best?” My response can be frustrating to some as there is no correct answer; the best hearing aid for one person may not necessarily be the best hearing aid for the next person. The fact is, the decision to purchase hearing aids should only be made after a complete audiological evaluation and hearing lifestyle assessment. It’s the combination of these pieces of information that guides an audiologist in recommending a particular hearing aid that would best suit a patient’s individual needs. It is in each patient’s best interest to locate an audiologist that dispenses hearing aids from multiple manufacturers so they can offer the widest possible selection for that patient’s particular needs. For example, someone who needs new hearing aids but is unable to change hearing aid batteries on a regular basis may benefit from a rechargeable


hearing aid. On the other hand, someone with significant trouble hearing the television may benefit from hearing aids that can be connected to an accessory that streams the TV sound directly into the hearing aids for maximum audibility. Other folks may need technology that automatically adjusts incoming sounds in certain situations. There are six major hearing aid manufacturers in the world, and the “best” hearing aid for you most likely will come from one of these companies: Oticon, Widex, Resound, Siemens, Phonak and Starkey. Again, in order to find out which company will provide a hearing aid that is best suited for your needs, a comprehensive audiological evaluation by an audiologist is strongly recommended. Audiologists are the most highly trained professionals to diagnose and treat hearing loss. Many offer free or low-cost evaluations to diagnose hearing loss and recommend treatment options.

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When it comes time to investigate purchasing new hearing aids as a treatment option for your hearing loss, it is recommended that you locate a local audiologist who will sort through the appropriate options for you.
Consumers should be wary of some hearing aid marketing gimmicks that are common in the media: 1. Phony research studies asking for patients to evaluate new

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hearing aid technology. For example: “50 people wanted to evaluate new hearing aid technology.” Many of these are “studies” that do not exist. 2. High-dollar coupons offering money off new hearing aids from prices that are never charged in the first place. Marking hearing aids up and then offering a “coupon” is not saving the consumer anything. 3. Low-cost hearing aids that don’t fit most hearing losses and lifestyles. If you see a low-cost hearing aid offer that seems to good to be true, it most likely is. 4. Buy one, get one free promotions. Many times, this offer is based on a “retail” price for one hearing aid that nobody pays. Offering someone a hearing aid for $4000 when it is normally sold at $1,900 does not save you anything. Which hearing aid is the best for you? Make an appointment with a local audiologist today and find out!
Dr. Douglas Kloss is an audiologist with Midwest Audiology Center, LLC, 4818 S. 76th St., Suite 3, Greenfield, Wis. 53220. For more information, call 414.281.8300 or visit MidwestAudiology. net. Dr. Kloss offers a free hearing aid consultation for all patients. By appointment only.

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Call Rob Reader, L.M.T., official massage therapist of the Milwaukee Ballet or Wendy Halfpap, L.M.T., integrative massage specialist at 414-721-6942.

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(Crataegus laevigata) 

awthorn is a spiny, flowering shrub or small tree of the rose family. The species of hawthorn discussed here are native to northern European regions and grow throughout the world. Historically, hawthorn fruit has been used for heart disease since the first century. It has also been used for digestive and kidney problems. More recently, the hawthorn leaf and flower have been used as folk or traditional remedies for heart failure, a weakness of the heart muscle that prevents the heart from pumping enough blood to the rest of the body, which can lead to fatigue and limit physical activities.


Hawthorn is also used for other heart conditions, including symptoms of coronary artery disease (such as angina). The hawthorn leaf and flower are used to make liquid extracts, usually with water and alcohol. Dry extracts can be put into capsules and tablets.

• NCCAM-supported research to date includes a study of the mechanism by which hawthorn may affect heart failure.

Side effects and cautions

What the science says

• There is scientific evidence that the hawthorn leaf and flower may be safe and effective for milder forms of heart failure, but study results are conflicting. • There is not enough scientific evidence to determine whether hawthorn works for other heart problems.

Jordan Rubin’s


Hawthorn is considered safe for most adults when used for short periods of time. Side effects are rare and can include upset stomach, headache and dizziness. Although drug interactions with hawthorn have not been thoroughly studied, there is evidence to suggest that hawthorn may interact with a number of different drugs, including certain heart medications. Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.
Source: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Herbs at a glance. NCCAM website. References: Busse WR, Juretzek W, Koch E. Hawthorn (Crataegus). In: Coates P, Blackman M, Cragg G, et al., eds. Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker; 2005:337–347. Hawthorn. In: Blumenthal M, Goldberg A, Brinckman J, eds. Herbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E Monographs. Newton, MA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2000:182–191. Hawthorn. Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Web site. Accessed at www.naturaldatabase. com on July 23, 2009. Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata, C. oxyacantha, C. monogyna, C. penagyna). Natural Standard Database Web site. Accessed at on July 23, 2009.

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Touch the waterfall ���������������������������������������������
By Jeremy Gilsoul


ecently, I traveled to San Diego, California, the home of my sifu (a term to describe both mentor and father figure), world-renowned Dr. Richard Tan. My sifu is responsible for changing many aspects of my life, from my understanding and practice of acupuncture to my patient treatments. This trip was to complete a years-long study of Ba Zi (Bah Tze). Ba Zi is a Chinese birth chart with a life progression. Based on solar, lunar and elemental influences, this tool provides insight into the stages a person’s life moves through — from their initial breath to their last heart beat. The interpretation of one’s chart can have a profound impact on those looking to optimize the subtle but certain energies that influence their being. Aspects from marriage, personality, wealth, children and especially health are all notable insights that one can gain perspective on when a Ba Zi is read. However, this article isn’t about Ba Zi; rather, it is about support and friendship, personal challenges and the actions necessary to overcome them. It’s about accepting and loving yourself, then dedicating your everything to the ever-winding journey that each of us finds ourselves on. Three Sisters Waterfall is a moderate to difficult hike about 1.5 hours east of San Diego. The hike is about two miles down into a valley that brings you to a river. Following the river to the falls, large boulders with stunning shapes weave a labyrinthian path to the ponds created by the spilling water. Micro pools and mini water falls litter the landscape of this serene environment. The beauty and excitement of this place is amazing, the pools of water spectacular. On a lovely Thursday in February, four people spent several hours together on a simple hike in these San Diego hills.

You may be wondering … Ba Zi, now some story about a hike, where’s the connection? Well, to start, this hike was difficult for me. A Google review indicated it’s difficult for many, but it was especially difficult for me. While challenging, my friends made the trip not only achievable, but unforgettable. My three friends offered no judgment about my struggle climbing down and up what felt to me to be a mountain. Their support eased the hardest parts of the journey, their words of encouragement drove me to push through pain and struggle, and their company made the journey something special, something experienced together. The most profound moment was standing before a large pool of water that was created from water cutting through the boulders. Then, a simple challenge, “Let’s go in!” Immediately fear, limitation, self-expectation, self-judgment and even guilt coursed through my body. There was no pressure, so it would have been easy to say no to the 50 degree water. However, my friend, Paul, spoke a simple sentence that will serve me the rest of my life. Simply, he said, “Jeremy touch the waterfall, when are you going to get an opportunity like this again in life?” Everyone has in front of them a 50 degree pool of water waiting at the bottom of a mountain, and the climb back up from there as well. There will be things that you really don’t want to do, but the experience will forever change your life. The sense of accomplishment, of personal victory, lies waiting on the other side of the challenge. For me that day, running into the freezing water, touching the waterfall and climbing back up a very large and steep hill, pushed me in a whole new direction. If you are struggling, feeling lost or confused, or just tired, sick or in constant pain, perhaps now is a great time for you

to visit an acupuncturist or other qualified health care provider for a new perspective. Perhaps a Ba Zi reading will unveil for you some of the mysteries that surround your life. Whatever the challenges or obstacles you’re facing, now is the perfect time for you to “touch the waterfall.” I promise you, amazing things will come your way!
Jeremy Gilsoul is the founder/owner of Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center, LLC and a certified acupuncturist in the Mequon/Thiensville area. Jeremy earned a master’s degree in Oriental medicine, bachelor’s degrees in psychology, sociology and nutrition science, and certificates for massage and bodywork. Jeremy’s expertise is functional acupuncture and nutrition, including herbals and supplements. For more information on how he provides acupuncture therapy, costs, clinic hours of operation or to find out if your condition can be improved by him, please contact the clinic at 262.478.0030 to set up a complimentary consult. You can also find more information about Aspire’s services at

Functional Acupuncture and Holistic Wellness
OUR TREATMENTS INCLUDE: Functional Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition (including herbs and supplements), Ba Zi (Chinese birth chart) and Emerge Perception Conditioning
We treat inflammatory conditions relating to, but not limited to gut health, pain, fertility, mental/emotional disorders, chronic fatigue/ stress, insomnia, hormones, as well as neuropathic pains.

Jeremy Gilsoul, CAc, MSOM, Dipl. of Acupuncture, Medical Director 216 Green Bay Rd., Suite 109 • Thiensville, WI 53092


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6 principles for functionally fit exercise ����������������������������������������������������������������
By Hope Zvara
1. Three dimensional– In order to

do the things we need to in life, we have to move in a multidimensional form. So, in order to improve our overall health and ability to live and function, our yoga class should too. This involves moving in three planes of motion: sagittal, which moves front to back (lunge); frontal, which moves side to side (like triangle); and transversus, which cuts the body in half, top to bottom (a movement like a twist or cross of the midline). Challenge yourself as a teacher or practitioner, and move in as many ways as possible. 2. Gravity– When we step onto the mat,

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we need to take into consideration that gravity is always around us and upon us. Try to play with gravity in as many different positions and movement patterns as possible, and see what happens. Especially when it comes to the pelvic core and gravity, we will see the body respond differently. 3. Dynamic– We often think of “dynamic” as complicated or having a lot of parts. But dynamic can also be movement using multiple forms. Here’s what I mean by this: When you step into a lunge, your arms always go forward and up, but what about moving your arms out to the sides or back by your hips? This way, you give yourself a dynamic range rather than always the same performance. Dynamic can also be moving in and out of a pose at variable speeds and levels depending on your ability. This type of dynamics can offer the muscles a less stressful way to release and the mind time to get to know the new body part discovered. 4. Individualized– It is important to understand that each individual’s needs are unique. Believing that everyone in a class should be doing something exactly the same is not only crazy but also harmful. If we just consider men and women, our bodies are drastically dissimilar. Testosterone and estrogen act totally different on muscles and the build of a person’s body. Bone size, shape and spacing, as well as tendons, muscles and ligaments, all are very different from men to women. 5. Breathe– This seems like a simple concept considering the average person takes a breath anywhere from

21,000-24,000 times a day. But the reality is that most people are shallow breathers and, on top of that, hold their breath. If you have the desire to improve your physical body and get healthy, it really needs to start with your breath. Weak breath flow has a slew of negative consequences, including poor digestion, asthma, anxiety, depression, headaches, muscle cramps and even pelvic floor dysfunction. So before you step onto a yoga mat, into a physical therapy clinic or a Zumba class, get educated and learn how to breathe; your body will thank you.
6. Acknowledging the mind and spirit– We are not just a body bounc-

ing around from point A to point B. One of the reasons I love yoga is that yoga understands that this physical body is the most superficial form of the self. There is so much more to understand than just what you see physically. And usually when you have a physical symptom or issue, that “issue” has been going on for quite some time — the physical body is the soul’s last attempt to get us to listen. When I exercise or step onto my mat, it is just as much a spiritual experience as prayer or meditation, if not more, because now there is an honoring of the body involved that I have to act on and respect … something that I can very well translate into my everyday life.

Hope Zvara is a yoga teacher, trainer and functional fitness expert. Creator of Core Functional Fitness, Hope specializes in yoga, core work and functional movements. She helps yoga students, yoga teachers and a variety of fitness professionals experience a true mind-body connection through yoga and core functional movement and principles.

Warm and spicy ginger tea ��������������������������������������������������
By Jennifer Nowicki
n Western cuisine, ginger is traditionally used in a dry powdered form, mainly in sweet foods such as ginger ale, gingerbread, ginger snaps, crackers and cakes. It is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale, consumed as a delicacy, medicine or spice in many parts of the world. Ginger cultivation began in South Asia and has since spread to East Africa and the Caribbean. Fresh ginger produces a hot, fragrant kitchen spice that can also be steeped in boiling water to make ginger tea. Ginger tea is a beverage consumed in many countries, made from ginger root. In China, the tea is made by boiling peeled and sliced ginger to which brown sugar is often added. Sliced orange or lemon fruit may also be added to give a flavor, and it may be consumed either hot or cold. Drinking ginger tea has many health benefits. The active components of ginger, like minerals and amino acids, improve the circulation of red blood cells. It is also rich in potassium, zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium, and vitamins B6, C and D. The root contains many health benefiting essential oils such as gingerol, zingerone, shogaol, farnesene and small amounts of β-phelladrene, cineol and citral. One of the major benefits of ginger tea is that it assists in the digestion process; it is helpful in improving food absorption and avoiding stomachaches from eating too much food. During long journeys, carrying along ginger tea can prove to be helpful as it is believed to lessen motion sickness. It is recommended that pregnant woman drink one cup of tea before traveling since it lowers stress levels. It could even prevent vomiting


and nausea, mostly because of the existence of shogoals and gingerols, which block the chemoreceptor trigger zone (that initiates vomiting), thus stopping it in the process. Ginger may be a useful treatment for nausea associated with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Preliminary studies show that ginger may help shrink cancerous tumors and lessen the risks of cancer spreading in patients who are in remission. Other studies have shown ginger to kill ovarian cancer cells and slow the growth of colon cancer cells. More studies are necessary to prove the effectiveness of ginger and ginger tea in cancer treatment. Drinking ginger tea regularly, strengthens immunity as it contains a considerable amount of antioxidants. Ginger contains an active compound called zingiber, which kills salmonella and other types of bacteria. Additionally, the commonly consumed lemon-ginger version of ginger tea provides two more bacteria-fighting compounds from its lemon content: limonene and pectin. Ginger tea may also offer antiviral properties, as it is believed that fresh ginger destroys virus cells that cause the common cold and flu. Ginger tea may help reduce the risk of blocked arteries since it increases circulation and supports good blood flow. Some studies show that drinking ginger tea regularly can also help reduce cholesterol levels, essential for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. One cup of tea a day helps lessen the potential risk of stroke, as ginger acts by breaking down fat deposits that block the arteries. Tea from ginger can relieve inflammation

of the joints, which is usually referred to as rheumatoid arthritis. It has gingerols, which hinder COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes that activate production of inflammation-causing chemicals known as prostaglandins. It may be helpful for treating pain linked with headache, osteoarthritis, lower back pain and minor injuries, plus muscle strains and sprains. But, using ginger with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may raise the risk for bleeding and other side effects. For athlete’s foot sufferers, it is suggested to make ginger tea baths to dispose of itchiness and the burning feeling, while for other injuries one can make compresses to lessen swelling. Although ginger tea has many benefits, drinking too much can be harmful. Also, you should consult your doctor before drinking ginger tea if you have the following health situations: taking blood thinners, taking medications for high blood pressure, just before surgery, gallstones, pregnancy and diabetes.
Jennifer Nowicki is a certified tea specialist from the Specialty Tea Institute and plans to become a master tea specialist. She has been in the gourmet/ natural food industry for the last 20 years. Jennifer currently owns Verduras Tea House & Café, 181 N. Broadway in Milwaukee. For more information, call 414.224.6144 or visit Sources: “10 Health Benefits of Ginger Tea,” August 6, 2012. http://www.healthdiaries. com/eatthis/10-health-benefits-of-ginger-tea.html. “Ginger Tea: Health benefits and Side effects” by John Clain, http://b4tea.blogspot. com/2012/09/ginger-tea-health-benefits-and-side.html. “Stress less: Ginger tea is the answer to all your worries” by Bianca London, September 20, 2012. article-2205998/Stress-Ginger-tea-answer.html.
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Grilled Vegetable Quinoa Salad
Ingredients: 2 cups cooked quinoa 3 spears asparagus 1 small zucchini 1 small red pepper 1 T. olive oil Sea salt and pepper 2 cups organic greens Manchego cheese right) ½ cup citrus vinaigrette (see recipe to

For vinaigrette: 2 T. Dijon mustard 2 T. champagne vinegar Zest and juice of 1 orange 1 T. raw honey ¼ t. sea salt ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

Photo by Cory Albrechtson.

Nutrition Facts (per serving): Serves 4 Calories 350 Sarah Dusseau owns Fit Food Trainer, N56 W15560 Silver Spring Dr., Unit C, Menomonee Falls. The business offers fresh, nutritious, individually packaged, gourmet-quality to-go meals with intense personal training sessions and extensive group fitness workouts to boost its clients’ metabolism, help them lose weight and send their energy levels soaring. For more information, visit or email Sarah at

Directions: s. Meank quinoa according to package direction Preheat grill to high temperature. Coo ters quar into hini zucc cut er into 1" strips and while, trim ends off asparagus, cut pepp s table vege e plac hot, is grill e and pepper. Onc lengthwise. Toss with olive oil, sea salt e Plac es. marked nicely. Cut veggies into 1" piec on grill and cook until fork tender and and tte igre quinoa and cut veggies in citrus vina greens in bottom of large bowl. Toss chego cheese Man of s band large e shav er, peel place on top of greens. Using a vegetable on top of salad. Serve immediately.
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Raindrop therapy: a natural option for spine health ��������������������������������������������������������������������
By Laura Braun


hen raindrop therapy is performed correctly, the application of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils results in energy alignment, stress relief and the harmonious balance of every system in the body. It balances energy, releases toxins and facilitates open energy flow throughout the body. Raindrop therapy can be traced back to the 1980s, when Dr. Gary Young performed research to develop a new treatment for people with scoliosis. He combined aspects of conventional massage, adaptations of Oriental acupressure and reflexology (Vita Flex), Native American healing techniques and essential oils to develop the raindrop technique. As this technique was being used to treat people with scoliosis, he realized that the treatment could also be used to treat other ailments. In the book, “A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique” by David Stewart, Ph.D., he lists many testimonials from people that suffered from conditions such as sciatic nerve pain, chronic headaches, chronic backaches, whiplash, herniated discs, sinus infections and many others. He also lists testimonials from people who experienced emotional release, fewer chiropractor visits, help with fibromyalgia and relief of stress, to name a few. Raindrop therapy treats the body at a cellular level. The three basic steps in this therapy are: 1) cleaning the receptor sites of cells; 2) removing bad information from the cells; and 3) replacing that bad information with the correct information. Raindrop therapy uses oils that have a very specific chemistry in order to accomplish each of these goals. Oils that are high in phenols (oregano, thyme, basil and wintergreen) are used to clean off the receptor sites. By doing this, phenols are detoxifying the body, boosting the immune system and creating an

unfriendly environment for bacteria. Oils that are high in sesquiterpenes (cypress) have the ability to delete any bad information that the cell has picked up and stored, like diseases. Oils that are high in monoterpenes (marjoram, cypress and valor) restore the receptor sites, awakening the correct information in the cell. The quality of the essential oils that are used will determine the outcome of the raindrop therapy. It is imperative to use therapeutic grade essential oils in order to achieve optimal results. Non-therapeutic grade essential oils are only required to contain a very small amount of actual oil in order to be labeled as “pure.” The majority of the “oil” is made up of fillers that may be harmful to your body. These oils are fine for use as perfume, but cannot deliver a therapeutic treatment for your body. If an essential oil has a label on the bottle that tells you the oil cannot be taken internally, then it is not therapeutic grade oil. All therapeutic grade essential oils can be taken internally.

Releases muscle tension. Mentally energizing and invigorating. Used for tension headaches. • WINTERGREEN– Supports joints and skeletal structure. Has a cortisone-like effect in that it may stimulate the body’s own production of natural cortisone, which has none of the adverse side effects of synthetic cortisone. Also has an analgesic property inasmuch as its chemical structure is similar to that of aspirin. • MARJORAM– Strengthens muscles, soothes nerves and is used for migraines. It is antiseptic and antimicrobial. • CYPRESS– Antimicrobial, supportive of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and stimulates the body’s natural white corpuscle production. • PEPPERMINT– Supports the digestive system, respiratory system and nervous system. It has also been used for headaches. Research has shown that inhaling peppermint improves concentration and mental retention. It is detoxing to the liver.
• BASIL– • AROMASEIZ® (a blend that contains oils of basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint and cypress)– Calming,

Essential oils used in raindrop therapy
• VALOR® (a blend that contains oils of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy and frankincense in an almond oil base)– Gentle and soothing, it helps

balance bodily electricities and stimulate spinal realignment. This affects the limbic system in a way that improves one’s self-image, enhancing one’s feelings of confidence, courage and self-esteem. • OREGANO– One of the most powerful antimicrobial essential oils. Research at Weber State University demonstrated a 99% kill rate against in vitro colonies of Streptococcus pneumoniae. • THYME– Antiseptic, immune enhancing, supportive of the body’s natural defenses. Thyme has been used to combat the bacteria that cause anthrax.

relaxing and relieves tension. Relaxes muscles, including tight muscles and muscle spasms (seizures), and may relieve headaches.

Raindrop therapy provides numerous benefits to you, both emotional and physical. I encourage you to get a raindrop treatment today so you can experience all of the benefits for yourself!
Laura Braun is the owner of The Massage Table Day Spa, operating out of The Colour Bowl Salon and Wellness Center in Mequon. She is a licensed massage therapist and cosmetologist, and has been working in the field of massage therapy for nine years. Laura combines the healing power of massage with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. For more information, please visit or call her at 414.430.0837.
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Jane confronts her lack of dedication to the gym ���������������������������������������������������������������������


aste not, want not. That was always the mantra I heard when I was growing up. For the most part, I’ve lived by it … except when it’s come to my gym memberships. Whether two-year contracts or month-to-month, I was getting charged each month on my credit card for a service I wasn’t using. Something always got in the way, and it was usually me! I had to find a way to get out of my own way, so I decided to explore using a personal trainer. I was looking for the complete package: Someone who would hold me accountable, tell me the truth (even when I didn’t want to hear it) and make getting in shape fun. And I found that Brian Bankenbusch, owner of Epic Fitness, was the personal trainer I needed. My first meeting with Brian was something that I had never experienced before. He started by asking many questions about my fitness goals and any concerns I had, such as bad knees; Brian was on a fact finding mission! After we talked, it was time for the dreaded scale and measurements. Brian assured me that the scale doesn’t tell all, and by measuring and using calipers, he could determine where I really stood. I learned that the use of calipers is the most effective way to determine body fat and that depending on the BMI alone is not always reliable. Brian explained that a bodybuilder could weigh 275 pounds (with very little fat on him) and be considered overweight and out of shape with the BMI. My results showed that my body fat content was higher than it should have been, and now I had true numbers. After the initial interview and measuring, it was time for the physical testing. Brian explained that these were gauges he used to determine fitness levels, and his goal was to help his clients improve. He had me on the floor doing push-ups, planks, balancing, stepping up and down, and this was only to see where my

The next generation of fitness has arrived!

fitness level was at. What was I getting myself into? Brian assured me that he would put together a program that was effective and efficient, and that my only job was to follow what he told me to do! I have to admit, I was anxious at my first session, but Brian put me at ease. I loved that it was just Brian and myself at the gym; nobody was judging me. We started out with squats. How hard could that be? Well, when done correctly, with a weight in your hand, they can be tough! Brian was there all the way reminding me about using the correct form — this was where I learned about efficiency. In the past, I was going through the motions, without having results. Now, in a few short minutes, I was out of breath because I was using more muscles than I had in the past. The program that Brian put together for me was challenging, yet fun! I tried kettlebells for the first time, as well as ropes. At first, the ropes felt like I was twirling for double-dutch jump roping, only much more difficult. The faster I went, the better the work out. (The use of ropes is actually very popular with collegiate athletes, including the Wisconsin Badgers football team.) The hour went by so fast. I had a great workout … and I had fun! It was everything that I was looking for. Using a personal trainer is an investment in your health. Having a scheduled time with Brian forced me to be there; no more wasted gym memberships. His training is all inclusive. It includes a gym membership and one-on-one training, as well as nutritional guidance. While it seemed expensive at first, in the long run it was the best value for me. I can’t put a price on my health. Brian’s philosophy is to set up a program that allows you to follow it not only when you are in the gym, but also in your everyday life. Brian will help you with the quickest and longest lasting fix to good health. He teaches how to eat the right way and train the right way — with cardio and weight bearing exercises — all while you are enjoying yourself. Like Brian told me, “Anyone can do it if they want it bad enough.” Brian showed me that you can be fit and have fun doing it. Thanks, Brian!

If you’re ready to make an investment in your health, consider

Epic Fitness & Sports Performance
3720 N. 124th Street, Suite N Wauwatosa, WI 53222
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3720 N. 124th St., Suite N, Wauwatosa You can call Brian at 414.464.2156 or visit


Finding answers for allergies �������������������������������������������������������
By Kyle Smith, Dipl OM
et’s start with a little quiz: In 2010, who paid $339 million — or 7.8 percent of the $4.3 billion total — on advertisements? Here’s a clue: Advair, Symbicort, Spiriva HandiHaler and Singulair. It’s no surprise that big-name pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money influencing the American public’s purchasing choices for allergy and asthma “cures.” These numbers address prescription drugs only; add in over-the-counter medications like Claritin and Benadryl, and the total only goes higher! Why would corporations invest these healthy sums into this type of advertising? In the U.S., it is a large, profitable market. An estimated 50 million people — or one in five individuals — are affected by allergies. The watery eyes and runny nose, are just the tip of the iceberg … allergies can cause serious setbacks to a person’s daily life. The culmination of allergy symptoms can be quite bothersome, but Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks beyond the discomfort and seeks to treat the heart of the matter … or in this case, the lungs and spleen. Typically, lung and spleen qi deficiencies ignite allergic reactions within patients. Lung qi is responsible for the proper function of the entire respiratory tract, including the nasal passages, while spleen qi controls the transport of fluids. When spleen qi is impaired, it weakens digestive function and leads to an overproduction of mucus, which tends to collect in the lungs. A qualified acupuncturist will certainly treat the presenting symptoms first in an attempt to make the patient feel better, and then tackle the root of the problem. One of the most effective first courses of action is prescribing an herbal supplement called Bi Yan Pian. Literally meaning “nose inflammation pill,” Bi Yan Pian is a traditional Chinese mix of 11 herbs that reduce inflamed nasal passages and relieve congestion. Unlike prescription and over-thecounter medications, Bi Yan Pian is a natural solution and does not pose the same risks as other treatments. Likewise, targeting acupuncture initially to strengthen the lungs provides more immediate relief. Over time, following a comprehensive treatment plan that encompasses the lungs, the spleen and the whole self, allows patients to move past the nagging symptoms and complications that arise with allergies. Foods are critical for allergy sufferers — both those to consume and those to avoid. In general, “white” foods are desirable to tonify the lungs; these include almonds, ginseng and turnips. White mushrooms, in particular, should be eaten to encourage fluids, boost yin qi, and relieve coughing and constipation. Other good choices are cooked whole grains, potatoes, squash, parsnips, onions, leeks, garlic, fresh ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and honey.


Conversely, salad and raw vegetables, raw fruits, tomatoes, dairy products, foods with refined sugars and iced drinks should be removed from the diet during allergy season. So the final question: If you are the “special” one in five, how would you choose to address your allergies? Before you answer, be aware that there are more than just the advertised options available to you. Consider natural solutions that encourage your body to heal itself. And, isn’t that the best answer of all?
Kyle Smith, diplomate of Oriental medicine (Dipl OM), graduated magna cum laude from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. Kyle has also studied and taught Tai Chi Chuan for a number of years, including a trip to China with his instructor. As a dedicated practitioner of TCM with Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness in Brookfield, Wisconsin, he offers free initial consultation and first treatments, and free insurance verification. For more information, visit

We We think think outside outside the the bag! bag!
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ow many times do you visit a healthcare professional’s office and feel like you were in and out so fast you didn’t have time to ask any questions? In today’s world of healthcare, it happens all too often. It’s quite the opposite at Midwest Audiology Center, LLC. Midwest Audiology Center is owned and operated by Dr. Douglas Kloss. Dr. Kloss has been providing audiology services in the Milwaukee area for the last 21 years. His attention to detail and old-fashioned values have helped him earn the respect of


his patients. How many times do you call your doctor’s office and speak directly to him or her? It happens with every phone call at Midwest Audiology Center. There is no better way to get accurate answers to your questions than to speak directly to the source. Dr. Kloss takes the time to evaluate your hearing and explain the results to you in detail. You can take all the time you need to ask questions about hearing loss and hearing aids so that you understand the condition that may be affecting you. Midwest Audiology Center offers a free

Healthy Healthy legs legs are are just just a a phone phone call call away... away...
Now Now is is the the time time to to stop stop the the pain, pain, discomfort discomfort and and unsightly unsightly appearance appearance associated associated with with varicose varicose veins. veins. We We invite invite you you to to call call or or visit visit us us today today for for your your free free consultation. consultation.
Treatment Treatment Treatmentmay may maybe be becovered covered coveredby by byyour your yourinsurance, insurance, insurance, Medicare Medicare Medicareor or orMedicaid Medicaid Medicaidincluded. included. included. Bruce Bruce W. W. Cardone, Cardone, MD, MD, RVT RVT

hearing test and results explanation to the general public. Patients are encouraged to take advantage of this offer. Midwest Audiology Center offers hearing aids from all of the six major hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Dr Kloss will match prices on any hearing aid in the Milwaukee area. The fact that he offers hearing aids from such a wide range of manufacturers sets him apart from most competition. He will find the best hearing aids for your hearing loss and lifestyle. In fact, Dr. Kloss is one of the few providers left in the area that will allow you to try hearing aids for a full 30 days, free of charge. There is no charge for the exam or the hearing aid trial period, and no return fees. Midwest Audiology Center offers services to musicians also. Many musicians utilize in-ear monitors and custom earplugs that Dr. Kloss has been specially trained to provide. His expertise has been sought after by world-class touring musicians and entertainers. If this old-fashioned, detailed approach to healthcare appeals to you, call Dr. Kloss for more information or to schedule an appointment today!

262.349.9371 262.349.9371
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Board Board BoardCertified Certified CertifiedRadiologist Radiologist Radiologist Diplomate Diplomate Diplomateof of ofAmerican American AmericanBoard Board Boardof of of Phlebology Phlebology Phlebology

4818 S. 76th St., Greenfield, WI 53221 414.281.8300

Midwest Audiology Center



Support our local businesses in the natural health and green living industry!

Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center, LLC 216 Green Bay Rd., Suite 109, Thiensville 262.478.0030 • Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center, LLC is a full-service acupuncture and holistic wellness center dedicated to providing compassionate and results-based care to patients and the community. Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center, LLC achieves these results from five main areas of concentration: Acupuncture, Massage and Bodywork, Nutrition Coaching (herbals and supplements), Ba Zi (Chinese birth charts) and Emerge Perception Conditioning. Patients of all ages, of all levels of health and sickness will benefit greatly from the services and compassion delivered by Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center, LLC. We invite you to learn more about us by joining us for a complimentary consult session. Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness 675 N. Brookfield Rd., Brookfield 262.391.7824 The goal of acupuncture and Oriental medicine is to correct imbalances that cause pain, stress and other internal disorders. Through acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, TDP lamp, tui na and herbs, we call on the natural healing responses of the body and avoid possible side effects of standard Western care. Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness offers free initial consultation and free first treatment for new patients. Free insurance verification is also provided.

cial aid available for those who qualify. Open houses year round! Touch the lives of others and become a massage therapist! Call today!

URBAN Agriculture
Growing Power, Inc. 5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee 414.527.1546 Growing Power transforms communities by supporting people from diverse backgrounds and the environments in which they live through the development of Community Food Systems. These systems provide high-quality, safe, healthy, affordable food for all residents in the community. Growing Power develops Community Food Centers, as a key component of Community Food Systems, through training, active demonstration, outreach and technical assistance. Our goal is simple: to grow food, to grow minds and to grow community.

HOLISTIC Dentistry
Integrative Dental Solutions N35 W23770 Capitol Dr., Pewaukee Office: 262.691.4555 • Fax: 262.691.4579 Biological or holistic dentistry is different from conventional dentistry in that it recognizes the importance of a healthy mouth in achieving optimal overall health. Our office understands that every patient has specific needs. Dr. Mahn and Dr. Shetty will even be happy to work with your healthcare practitioner to help you reach your goals.

massage therapy
Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork 350 Double Tree Ln., Grafton 262.376.9500 Blue Sky’s massage clinic is a teaching facility. Massages are performed by students who have not yet graduated but have completed the educational requirements to enter student clinic. A great opportunity for our students to complete state required massage hours while offering professional quality massages at a discount to the public! Make an appointment today!

Varicose Vein Treatment
Vena — The Varicose Vein Institute N4 W22370 Bluemound Rd., Ste. 201, Waukesha 262.349.9371 Did you know that treatment for varicose vein disease may be covered by your insurance? Bruce Cardone, MD, is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose vein disease. He is extremely qualified to help you if you have leg pain, discomfort and/or unsightly veins. If you are unsure if your leg pain is from varicose veins, come in and let us take a look. If varicose veins are the culprit, Vena can get you on the road to healthy, happy legs. Call us today for your free consultation.

PEt health
Victoria’s Pet Nutrition Center and Boutique 14 N. Main St., Fond du Lac 920.923.1991 We carry all-natural pet health products for your dogs and cats including natural treats, herbs and supplements used for health problems such as canine and feline liver and kidney disease, pet allergies, cancer in dogs and cats, arthritis, dental, ear problems and diabetes. We also carry pet gifts including dog and cat socks, breedspecific pillows, videos and Dog- and Cat-opoly.

Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork 350 Double Tree Ln., Grafton 262.376.9500 Blue Sky strives to inspire and challenge our students as they become professional massage therapists. We integrate community outreach, holistic practices and wellness into our massage therapy program. We have full- and part-time options.

Find out more information on advertising your business in the Nature’s Pathways Community Partners Directory. Contact: 608.320.9432



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to get on the path to healthy living by subscribing to Nature’s Pathways magazine for just $35 per year. Name Address City State Zip Phone Email

Saturday, April 6 • 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Vibrant Life! Health Expo Come discover natural solutions for your health care! Attend free classes throughout the day, have your natural health questions answered and visit many booths promoting natural health and wellness. Location: Waukesha County Expo Center. Tickets are $4 (ages 12 and under FREE). For more information, visit or call 262.297.2445. Friday-Sunday, April 19-21 3-Day Aquaponic Workshop An intensive hands-on workshop focused exclusively on aquaponic and urban aquaculture training. Topics include: system design, water chemistry, fish husbandry and plant selection. These workshops begin on Friday, the day before the standard 2-day workshop, and participants will not have an opportunity to participate in the other breakout sessions. Participants must pre-register online. Visit for aquaponic workshop details. The cost for the 3-day workshop is $500. Saturday & Sunday, April 20 & 21 Growing Your Community Food System “From the Ground Up” Workshop From the Ground Up! Workshops are intensive, hands-on trainings offering diverse groups the opportunity to learn, plan, develop, operate and sustain community food projects. Project participants leave the workshop with improved skills that they can take back into their communities and pass on to others. These workshops are for both rural and urban projects. Visit workshops-details.html for two-day workshop details. The cost for the 2-day workshop is $375. Please be aware no video recordings are allowed.  Saturday, April 20 • 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Milwaukee Holistic Health Expo This one-of-a-kind event brings together the best in alternative health solutions, practitioners and services under one roof. This event is focused on two main goals — educating Milwaukee on alternatives/complements to Western medicine and at the same time supporting five local nonprofit organizations. All the proceeds from the event go to the nonprofit organizations.

Pre-register as an attendee before April 18th at midnight to get 12 FREE raffle tickets. Register at the door and get only 1. For more information, visit The Marian Center for Non-Profits, 3211 S Lake Dr., St. Francis. Saturday, April 27 • 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Vibrant Life! Health Expo Come discover natural solutions for your health care! Attend free classes throughout the day, have your natural health questions answered and visit many booths promoting natural health and wellness. Location: Washington County Fair Park. Tickets are $4 (ages 12 and under FREE). For more information, visit or call 262.297.2445. Saturday, May 11 • 9 a.m. register, 10 a.m. walk Tails on the Trail Dog Walk Join the Wisconsin Humane Society for their dog walk at Greenfield Park, 2028 S. 124th Street in West Allis. This fun, one-mile walk will support animals in need right here in our community. Join a team, participate as an individual or become a “Virtual Walker” and raise funds for the animals from home! Everyone who participates will have a chance to earn great prizes! It’s easy; the more funds you raise, the more prizes you win! The fun continues after the walk with our very own Bark Bash festival! Bark Bash is free, open to the public and will offer festivities for everyone, including food, vendors, music, fun activities for children, interactive games for you and your dog, and so much more! Anyone can join and everyone is welcome!

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Active Body Wellness����������������������������������������������������23 Animal Doctor���������������������������������������������������������������10 Anytime Fitness�������������������������������������������������������������36 Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center�������������������������������25 Bark N’ Scratch Outpost�����������������������������������������������31 Beyond Organic Independent Mission Marketer���������24 Blue Sky�������������������������������������������������������������������������14 Carol Michalski, MSW, LCSW, Life Coach�����������������������8 34
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Chiropractic Health & Wellness������������������������������������10 Copper Tree Yoga Studio����������������������������������������������21 Epic Fitness��������������������������������������������������������������������30 Equilibrex����������������������������������������������������������������������17 Growing Power���������������������������������������������������������������2 Heaven & Earth Acupuncture & Wellness�������������������13 Integrative Dental Solutions����������������������������������������23 Madison Manual Medicine�������������������������������������������35 Midwest Audiology������������������������������������������������������22 MP Possibilities��������������������������������������������������������������17

Natures Healing��������������������������������������������������������������5 Specialized Therapy Services����������������������������������������15 Terry Naturally�����������������������������������������������������������������3 The Cat Doctor S.C.���������������������������������������������������������5 The Colour Bowl Salon & Wellness Spa�����������������������21 Vena — The Varicose Vein Institute�����������������������������32 Verduras Tea House & Cafe������������������������������������������26 Vibrant Life! Health Expo�����������������������������������������������5 Victoria’s Pet Nutrition���������������������������������������������������9 Wisconsin Humane Society�������������������������������������������11


" Tofindhealthshouldbetheobjectofthedoctor. Anyonecanfinddisease."—PhilosophyofOsteopathy,1899 " Theworkoftheosteopathistoadjustthebodyfromthe abnormaltothenormal;thentheabnormalconditiongives placetothenormalandhealthistheresultofthenormal condition…"—OsteopathyResearchandPractice,1910 Quotes from Andrew Taylor Still ( founder of osteopathy)

Madison Manual Medicine
Jed Downs, MD, MPH
1709 Monroe St., Madison 608-512-7177

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says

‘I’m possible.’

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