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Urban 1 Matthew Urban 111-43 November 13, 2012 Final Draft “Negative effects of Video Gaming” People tend to spend

way too much time playing video games and not on the aspects of life. Super Mario Brothers is the best game to ever come out for a gaming system. In the gaming society today, the most popular game to play is any Halo or Call of Duty franchise. In "Why Video Games Matter" by Tom Bissell he explains throughout his whole essay that video games are actually good for people to play. He states, "one hour of Fallout 3, I told myself...Seven hours later...I turned off my Xbox 360, checked in with CNN, and discovered that the acceptance speech [for Barack Obama] had already been given." (Bissell 350-352). Tom Bissell wasted all his time on the game system instead of watching the first African American person become President of the United States. Video games seem to promote negative effects rather than positive effects because of addiction, health, violence and explicit content. Addiction Addiction is found everywhere. People are addicted to cigarettes, tobacco, cell phones, Facebook, and of course video games. Sarah Glazer, who graduated with a B.A. in American History from the University of Chicago, author of "Video Games" wrote about the good and the bad effects of video games. With video games becoming more popular many people now have the systems to play them. In fact "More than three-quarters of American youths have video-game consoles at home, and on a typical day at least 40 percent play a video game" (Glazer 1). The 40 percent of American youths are isolating themselves from family and friends, and focusing almost entirely on in-game achievements. This is a problem because it can cause social

the addiction is only going to sky rocket. Lee found that. This negative effect of obsession could have had serious consequences to the children like starvation or even death. those parents must have been "in the zone" because no one in their right mind would or should ever neglect their children for a video game. With the rise of addictive games. in Glazer 9). Nevada. . a pair of parents was placed under arrest after their obsession with video games caused them to neglect to feed their two young children" (1). healthcare. Unfortunately. Clinics.Urban 2 exclusion. Some cases have been recorded as fatal.D. there have also been many reports of real serious video game addiction. In the future. How could video games be this important? Well. video games have taken over the lives of many people. social exclusion can lead to problems in school. Studies have been performed all around the world and most come back with similar results. M. These parents were just too addicted to the video games they were playing to even care about their own children. have opened to battle this "video game addiction" because some people feel that their lives have been taken over by video games and it needs to stop. Furthermore. similar to hospitals. employment. Lee and Laura Finley authors of "Counterpoint: Video Games are Addictive and Promote Irresponsible Behavior" wrote about the negative effects of video gaming. In Canada a study was conducted and they found out that "About 40 percent of multiplayer online games like "EverQuest" say they consider themselves "addicted."" (qtd. Laura Finely who earned her Ph. in Sociology from Western Michigan University and M. "In Reno. civic engagement and many other social problems.

Doyle state that. the harder it is to distract them and get them to do other activities. The longer the user plays the video game. both conducted research about video games and their positive and negative effects. Southwell and O... "the notion that electronic games might induce seizures among unsuspecting users points to an indisputably negative health impact" (2). .D.Doyle who graduated the University of Minnesota with a Ph. When children and adults are playing video games. they may become a hermit. also called attentional inertia. Seizures could happen during video game play when the user is located really close to the screen.Doyle "A person's ability to attend other aspects of their immediate environment" (3). is also considered a health issue. a certified personal fitness trainer. Alexandra Momyer.Urban 3 Health Furthermore. Also.D. There are plenty of other things that could be done then to play and spend lots of time on a stupid video game. but actually before they know it time has slipped by. and Kenneth O. Bright flashing lights from the game could also trigger a seizure. or change the things that they are interested in to talk about. Sitting around will cause weight gain. seizures are linked to video game play and this is a very serious issue. they are not burning calories as if they were physically playing. This is a serious problem because it might affect their social relationship. it seems that when a user is focused so much into the video game everything around them freezes up or goes by really slow. This is a very serious health problem and seizures could cause permanent brain damage if it happens more than once. Brian Southwell who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Ph. obesity is also a rising health problem linked to video games. In addition. According to Southwell and O. change the way they speak to those around them.

the gamer will take in all those extra calories and then they will not be able to burn them off. If a child is overweight it increases a child's risk of developing type II diabetes. and other shooting games promote violence during every game play. She states that "when children engage in video games. Because snacks are filled with calories and fat. video games are becoming more user friendly. "Some video game consoles. "Results from multiple small studies suggest an association between exposure to or playing violent video games and negative actions such as aggressive thoughts and aggressive behavior" (Belanger 4). If a gamer becomes too focused on the game after the game is over. Video games now make the user use their body to perform the actions in the game. Geraldine Wagner who is from Syracuse University's Maxwell School who graduated with a Master's degree in Social Sciences and Craig Belanger conducted studies about video games. they are likely to increase their snacking and food intake. and are also more prone to make unhealthy food choices" (1). plunge players even deeper into simulations of violent behavior by requiring them . Saints Row. Mafia. they could become violent themselves and cause damage to people/things in their own environment. it will lead to lowering of their metabolism and then they will most likely gain weight. Because they are not exercising to burn it off. high cholesterol. violence in video games is very common and poses a negative effect on children when they are exposed to it. This negative effect of becoming sedentary can promote to Americas obesity problem. Becoming violent after playing video games can be a serious problem. Games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Additionally. Violence In addition. and high blood pressure.Urban 4 wrote about obesity and video gaming. such as the Nintendo Wii.

stated that "Claiming her teen-age children were exposed to sexually explicit content in a popular video game. The use of nudity and sexual content on video games has become an issue for many parents. The rating "M" for mature is ages 17 and up. These new games are almost preparing them to do the virtual stuff in real life. blood and gore. This could become a problem when the gamer is playing a violent game. Steve Gonzales. The user now knows how it is done.against the promoters of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA)" (1). a concerned mother filed a class action lawsuit. sexual content or strong language. The negative effect of explicit content is that it has permanently damaged the child's mental view of the world. . The game play may contain intense violence. graphic sexual content or gambling with real currency. Nudity is found on the rating "A" adults ages 18 and up. the gaming industry has been bashed many times for their use of explicit content. the violence can be carried from the screen into real life.Urban 5 to actually move their arms and legs in order to execute the actions they wish to perform in the game" (Lee 2). Now. With the addition of parental controls on video game consoles.. Explicit Content Furthermore. the game play may include extended scenes of intense violence. a writer from The Madison-Saint Clair Record. televisions.. parents can make the decision of what their children can watch. "But 75% of parents believe that the parental controls available in all new video game consoles are useful in controlling what video games their children play" (Belanger 4). This can keep the parents mind at peace because they will know what their children are watching/playing. computers and many other electronic devices.

seizures.Urban 6 Conclusion In conclusion. obesity. video games by their addiction cause physical and social negative effects. Children today playing video games should be monitored by qualified supervision and adults should take better control of their playing time so that none of them become victimized. These are all bad results of video game playing. type II diabetes. The video games also expose the player to extreme violence. sex and gambling. . child neglect and isolations.

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