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Ball Hockey Mens/Womens # of Players

BALL HOCKEY RULES Minimum Number Maximum Number of players (for of players (for gameplay) gamplay) 4 players 6 players (including a goalie) (including a goalie)

Minimum Number of players (for registration) 7 players

Maximum number of players for registration 17players

SECTION I: GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS A. Personal and Team Conduct 1. Participants are required to represent themselves and their respective schools with respect and dignity. 2. Any team or individual involved in destructive or negative conduct at Post-Secondary Games 2012 events or venues, including hotels, will be ejected from the tournament at the discretion of the Advisory Committee. Spirit Deposits may also be forfeited.

3. For a list of all on court violations leading to suspension or disqualification, please refer to the Registration Package. 4. The Advisory Committee reserves the right to disqualify any team based on the behaviour of any given team member of that particular team. B. Check-In Procedures 1. A representative from each team (coach/captain) is required to check-in at the score table prior to each game. Here they must fill out game roster sheets fully and accurately. 2. Each member of the team is required to hand in provided lanyards with their student card and Spirit Deposit Coupon to officials at the score table prior to the game. An individual who fails to do so is defined as INELIGIBLE to play in that game. Failure to comply will result in a FORFEIT and the loss of half the Spirit Deposit ($10). C. Starting Time of Games 1. 2. All teams are required to be at their games five minutes prior to start time. All games will start on time.


3. A late team will be given a grace period of five (5) minutes past the scheduled start time, which will be deducted from the total playing time. 4. If a team fails to meet the minimum number of players, as per sport specific rules (below), after the grace period, the team will be required to default and a win will be awarded to the opposing team. 5. 6. If both teams are late, both will default and no points will be awarded. Teams defaulting a game for any reason will have half their Spirit Deposit forfeited ($10).

D. Coaches and Captains 1. 2. Each team must have a designated captain. Referee’s decisions are final.

3. Only captains and coaches may address a referee with concerns. The captain/coach is expected to be courteous and respectful. Any verbal abuse or physical contact with a referee will result in ejection and will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee. 4. Captains and coaches are expected to know the rules and abide by them. They must also make sure all team members are aware of the rules and their consequences. SECTION II: THE GAME A. NUMBER OF PLAYERS 1. Each team is required to have a minimum of 4 players, including a goalie, to start a game.

2. If the 4-player minimum is not met, and the five-minute grace period expires, the team will default the game. 3. In the event of a default, the winning team will be awarded two (2) points and a 3-0 win

4. If both teams are late, they will both forfeit the game and no points will be awarded in the standings. 5. Teams that default a game will lose half of their Spirit Deposit.

6. In the event of a division with an odd number of teams, one team chosen at random will play 2 games rather than 3. This team will receive a 3-0 win and 3 points in the standings (default win).


B. EQUIPMENT 1. Nets and game balls will be available on site. Teams are expected to bring their own balls to warm up with, as equipment will not be provided. 2. CSA approved helmets (cage/visor optional) and hockey gloves are mandatory for all players. If you do not have these pieces of equipment, you will not be allowed to play. 3. Sticks must conform to CBHA standards.

4. Goalies must wear at minimum, goalie pads, helmet with facemask, chest protector, catcher, blocker, and a goalie stick. Goalie equipment must be worn throughout the game, including warm up. 5. Each individual jersey must have a unique number on the back.

C. GAME TIMES 1. All round robin games will consist of two 12-minute halves, running time. There will be a 1-minute halftime in between periods. 2. Quarterfinal and Semi-final games will consist of two running time 15-minute halves with a 5minute halftime. 3. 4. Final games will consist of two running time 20-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. The last 3 minutes of playoff games will be stop time only if the game is within one goal.

5. There will be no overtime or shootouts in round robin. Games ending in a tie after regulation will remain a tie. 6. If a playoff game ends in a tie after regulation, the teams will play a five-minute run time sudden death overtime. If the score is still tied, the game will proceed to shootouts. 7. In a shootout, three players from each team will be chosen to take penalty shots. If the game still remains a tie, a sudden death shootout will take place. No shooter can shoot for a second time before every player on the team has had an opportunity to shoot. 8. Mercy Rule: If there is a ten-goal spread at any point during a game, the game will be stopped. This rule applies for both round robin and playoffs. 9. 10. Teams will be permitted one 30-second time out per game. A win gets 2 points in the divisional standings.


11. 12.

A tie gets 1 point in the divisional standings. A loss gets 0 points in the divisional standings.

13. Divisional standing will be ranked based on the number of points. In the event of a tie in the standings, the following will be used as tiebreakers (in this order): total wins, goal differential (goals for – goals against), record between teams, coin toss. D. GAME SPECIFIC RULES 1. A maximum of 6 players per team are allowed on the floor at any one time (including goalie).

2. If the ball is shot out of play or hits the ceiling, a face-off will be held at the closest face-off point from which the ball was shot. 3. Glove pass: A glove pass may not be received by an offensive player in the offensive zone from a teammate. If the pass originated in the defensive zone, a face-off will be held at the point of the passer’s origin. If the pass was from a player in the offensive zone to another player of the same team also in the offensive zone, the face-off will be brought back into the defensive zone. Glove passes in the defensive zone are allowed. i) The Crease 1. 2. 3. 4. Any opposing player in any manner shall not enter the area designated as the goal crease. A goal scored upon while a player of the scoring team is in the crease shall be disallowed. Where the crease lines are undefined, this is to the referee’s discretion. In the event of a crease violation, the official shall stop play and a face-off will occur.

5. If an offensive player contacts the goalie in any manner, providing that the goalie is still within the crease area, the offensive player could receive a minor penalty. 6. The official may choose to ignore a crease violation in a no advantage situation.

ii) Penalties 1. Minor Penalties a. Minor penalties are two minutes running time beginning with the drop of the ball on the next face-off. They end once a power play goal is scored.


b. c. 

Players receiving three minor penalties in a game are ejected from that game. The following will result in a minor penalty: High sticking – any contact with an opponent or reaching for the ball with stick above shoulder height level. Delay of game – goaltender may not freeze the ball while fully out of his/her crease. No player may freeze the ball or shoot it out of play intentionally. Broken stick – broken sticks must be dropped immediately. Bench minors, boarding, cross checking, elbowing, holding, hooking, slashing, interference, roughing, tripping, unsportsmanlike conduct. An infraction involving a stick that draws blood (ie. High sticking) constitutes a double-minor penalty.

  

2. Major Penalties a) Any major penalty will result in ejection from the game and loss of Spirit Deposit. b) Major penalties are five minutes running time to be served by another player from the offending team. They can never be considered offsetting and must be served in full. c) The following will result in a major penalty: • • • • • Boarding, roughing, slashing – depending on degree of violence in offending player’s actions. Crosschecking – with goaltender increase or with stick above shoulders. Deliberate attempt to injure. Fighting High sticking – intentional contact with opponent with stick above waist (attempt to injure, blood). Fighting instigator Verbal abuse or physical contact with an official. Continued eligibility for the remainder of the tournament will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee

• • •


3. Misconducts a) 2-minute minor (unsportsmanlike) misconduct will be given for any obscene, profane, or abusive language or gestures to any person or for intentionally shooting the ball out of reach of a referee in the process of trying to retrieve it. b) Ten-minute misconducts will be given for more serious versions of (a) at the discretion of the referee. c) Match ejection + 5 minute major + Advisory Committee Review: • • • • • If a player continues to do anything in (b) which results in him/her being awarded 10 minutes Head butting, pulling hair, kicking, etc. Grabbing opponents equipment (facemask, helmet) Spearing, butt-ending Spitting in the direction of another participant or official.

d) Automatic match ejection, Advisory Committee Review, and Suspension • • • • • Fighting Attempt/intent to injure Verbal or physical abuse of an official Vandalism or theft Playing under the influence

iii) Penalty Shot • • • • If a defensive player throws the stick at the ball or ball carrier anywhere in their own end If a defensive player deliberately moves the net in the last two minutes of the game If a defensive player covers the ball in his or her own crease (except goaltender) If a defensive player deliberately takes down an offensive player from behind on a breakaway