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2013, 2nd quarter Edition n°2

Dreams of France / フランスの夢

créeit : Hans Hillewaert

Dream, eat, travel...

Enjoy spring !!! Paris at night

When you read the first issue of "Rêves de France", you may have asked yourself about the city of Condé sur l'Escaut (our address)... Discover this authentic French town in the special edition of your magazine !
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The Mont Blanc

by : Benh LIEU SONG

Before moving to the Gourmet’s corner, let’s whet your appetite with our focus on French gastronomy.
See p.4


Discover the wonderful documentary (watchable legaly and for free online!) of this popular French photographer, as well as the project "7 billion others"...
See p.5

Abbey of Beauport

by : Rüdiger Wölk


by : NJGJ


- The word of the quarter ("Cocorico") ; The corner... ...of gourmets ("la purée") ; ...of kids (video games made in France) ; and of course the little corner of France (the castle of Chenonceau).
See p. 6, 8, 9 et 10


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We have been aware of and we're sorry for the inconvenience. I nature awakening..c om 2013.Editor : Nadine Salgarolo 28 square Mousseron 59 163 Condé sur l’Escaut France Coat of arms French Republic (variant) by : Jérôme Blum . but under other lisences (see logos).Director of publication : Nadine Salgarolo .Chief editor : Rudy Salgarolo .. in early spring.. 2nd quarter Edition n°2 You want to publish an advertising in our magazine ? Contact us by e-mail to the following address : revesdefrance@gmail. 2013 Legal registration : Mach 2012 clipart imqges : http://openclipart. also invite you to enjoy Rudy Send your c o m m e n ts c o n tr ib u ti and o n s b y e -m a il to th e fo ll o w in g a d d re s s : re v e s d e fr a n c e fr a n c e @ g m a il . our website’s to all our readers and to magazine of French culture once again ! Feel free to share your In the first edition. a big thank you those who supported us and forwarded link. trying to contact us by clicking on our e-mail address didn’t this problem very lately The village of Saint-Cirq-Lalopie by : Adam Baker Some pictures are not copyrighted. .Translators : Tomoko and Hiroto Kano. Edito First of all. Rudy The team : . travel. Sylvie Mercier. Published on January 1st. E NC RA F DE ES V RÊ Finally.Dream.

ym by : Rh Free online magazine | https://sites. many small stalls selling lily of the valley pops up everywhere in the streets. May 1st is also the opportunity to offer the traditional lily of the valley to those we love. Each . (April fool).). When their jokes are discovered.. This annual event is particularly appreciated among children ! ARMISTICE Always celebrated on a Thursday. as in many other countries. Please do not print. which means they take a day off (Monday or Friday) to have a long weekend. THE PENTECOST May. May 1st is the Labor Day. this fetival commemorates the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven. In that case. in 1561 (May 1st. it will be on May 20th. who. Everyone participates ! Even TV and radio journalists often announce false news. on France 2 TV channel news program presented a report about the rotation of the Earth slowed because of the wind turbines.In 2009. MAI. In addition to the Labor Day.. Rudy . many French poeple keep the habit to go in the forest on the morning of May 1st to pick up wild lily of the valley. THE MONTHS OF THE "PONTS"! It often happens that the 1st and 8th of May held on a Tuesday or a Thursday (about the Ascension. the (official !) website of the French Ministry of Defense has announced the use of octopus by its special forces. lots of French poeple "font le pont".. fine days come back. it’s the occasion for major annual demonstrations. The Monday after Pentecost’s Sunday is a national holiday. It was King Charles the 9th. it is always a Thursday).EVENTS OF THE QUARTER! PAGE 3 This is Spring ! Nature reborn. 1945). As for children. LABOUR DAY THE LILY OF THE VALLEY THE ASCENSION In France.. 08th is the French commemoration for the end of World War II (May 8. This year it will be held on May 9th. they stick paper fish on the back on adults. This event commemorates the visit of the Holy Spirit to the apostles of Christ. by : Meul "POISSON D’AVRIL !" April 1st is the day jokes. National Holiday.Examples of jokes for April fool : ..In 2010. But if it is easy to buy it. This | Think about the environment.. French people say "Poisson d’avril !". starts the tradition by deciding to give the tinkerbell’s flower around him. .

"Endives au gratin". Or rather than that.. In fact.. REAL ROCK STARS ! Paul Bocuse It may seem unbelievable. sauerkraut. "!ere " no initially it " not f %end&ip for ' person to whom it " intended. Please do not print. " bouillabaisse ". there are too many ! Impossible to mention them all. Indeed. talk and laugh.. People such as Paul Bocuse. In French.DOSSIER : FRENCH GASTRONOMY! PAGE 4 by : Ayako de Tokyo CONVIVIALITY BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE DAILY COOKING Food is a very important part of French culture. Flammekueche by : Lulu Duran . Marc Veyrat.. "fondue savoyarde". "quiches". French people think that the presentation is very important. to allow you to spend your curiosity ." A real way of life. French poeple love to meet their family and friends to share meals. " flamiche au Maroilles ".. It must also be beautiful. " tartiflette" . People often ask me what is THE French dish. onion soup. " cassoulet ".. "boeuf bourguignon". " tripes ".." done $t of good food if French gastronomy hasn’t just to be delicious . sometimes up to 5 hours ! That allows you to eat more (by taking b re a k s b e t we e n d i s h e s ) a n d t o strengthen the links between the guests. there isn’t. This is why meals often take a very long | Think about the Rudy by : Alain Elorza Free online magazine | https://sites. let's talk about daily cooking. "pot au feu". A DELIGHT FOR EYES As there is not only great restaurants in life. let’s do a small list of examples (not exhaustive of course). . Well. CHEFS. but most of the French poeple know the names of famous chefs (those who have 3 star in the Michelin guide). among others.. Alain Ducasse and Pierre Troisgros are in fact real celebrities.. Nevertheless. we say : "Share a meal.

app tibé ched a o r app " er. If you wish. o w a ed "I l it saw oach r w p a I s p a . it will invite them to return the favour to you... This is our home and we have no other one.. You can see it in English. v o m ing gain th a e m I o s l. cultural diversity . broth DON’T BE AFRAID BY THINGS YOU DON’T entitled "7 billion others.. Please do not print. THIS QUARTER’S EVENT The fact is that for now.. in saw ima aga I n .. ! PAGE 5 .. Prefer public transportation. EARTH.. This time we invite you to consider the fragility of this speck of dust drifting in the vacuum that is Earth and limit your automobile transport. we invite you to discover the film made by the photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand on this subject: "Home". OUR HOME.... you can find another project from Yann ArthusBertrand. ing. we borrow the earth from our "We do not inherit quote © 7 milliards d’Autres / Fondation GoodPlanet . for free and legally online. Regarding this issue.. make a step towards those who are not exactly like | Think about the environment. You’ll see that we're not so different. carpooling. . it from our children" Native american ancestors. From space. this delicate spaceship is irreplaceable. Rudy Free online magazine | https://sites. . of nature. Earth appears to them as it is : a beautiful and fragile oasis of life lost in the immensity of the cosmos. HOME All astronauts are conservationists. or better than that. TRY TO LEARN ABOUT IT ! It is a fact that we are scared by unknown things. w my an . The cure ? Knowledge ! Let’s try to know each others... Why ? The reason is simple.THE CORNER. that we have a lot to learn from each others. saw ed a s k m I a o . a y I n a a . te I I ched quo d a n n o a r a t .. and this also applies to other human beings. walking and cycling ! Your body will thank you." Always have a tolerant regard on other poeple.

"rooster" and "Gallic" were both said "Gallus". F r e n c h p o e p l e appropriated to themselves the animal. It is originally the Roman Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus who pointed out it’s "Kokekekko" in Japan. regardless of the field. This song has many different transcriptions accross the world .THE WORD OF THE QUARTER ! PAGE 6 Cocorico ! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? rd wo w e n r a ural e t v l o u c Dis c it’s d an t. ANOTHER SYMBOL ? The hexagon ! You never noticed ? France has the overall shape of a hexagon... Please do not print. when English speakers say "Cock-a-doodledoo". (See below) Rudy In Sermentizon’s town. to highlight the pride of French people. it is the crowing of the rooster. by : Romary ster lic roo l a G n Golde n le bla ndalf a G : by c WHY THIS WORD? Because the Gallic rooster is the animal symbol of France. aspec For French poeple. French poeple say : Cocorico ! WHENCE THIS SYMBOL COMES ? Being pr$d as a roo(er (or as a peacock)... .. this quip has been taken over by the enemies of | Think about the environment.. It became the nickname of the country... G r a d u a l l y.. Being p%deful e L’hexagon Free online magazine | https://sites. So when France stands out positively. who became one of the symbols of France . in Latin.. In the Middle Ages.

google. known for his work in promoting the consumption of potatoes. dates to the first appearance of utensilss. Add the butter.2 egg yolks . one at a time mixing quickly to prevent them from cooking. Peel the potatoes. There are many variations of recipes for the puree. You can also choose to add a cube of chicken broth in the cooking water. Mash them with a potatoe masher. ad N Free online magazine | https://sites. you can place it in a baking dish.THE CORNER OF GOURMETS! PAGE 7 The puree AN ANCIENT RECIPE The origin of the puree obtained by prolonged cooking of starchy foods. it's delicious! s puree s u o i Delic You can serve your purees with different kinds of meats and vegetables. When it’s done. if you do not have one.. remove the grated cheese and replace it by 60g of rocket (salad) finely chopped.30 grams of butter .. . with a fork . when fire has been domesticated. If it is too dry. if you want to change sometimes. or. sprinkle with Antoine Parmentier. Proceed to grill until it’s golden. PREPARATION The last word I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe and I’m looking forward to see y o u i n J u l y . you can put a little hot milk or cream. cut into small pieces and cook in salted water. t o awaken your taste buds again. until the puree becomes smooth.50 grams of grated emmental (cheese) . put the grated cheese. drain the water but BE CAREFULL and leave a little water on the buttom.Salt grated cheese and a few slices of butter. . You can eat it just like this or. mix well. and then the egg yolks. Please do not print. but today I’ll give you mines ! INGREDIENTS For 3 to 4 people : .com/site/revesdefrance/ | Think about the environment. And last.600 grams of potatoes .

Ezio during the Italian Renaissance and Connor. Beyond Good and Evil. All Rights Reserved. Rayman is a very popular hero of platform games.THE CORNER OF KIDS (AND GROWN KIDS) PAGE 8 © 2007–2013 Ubisoft Entertainment. Final Fantasy and Dragon Entertainment. Free online magazine | https://sites. Far Cry . We can also mention Raving rabbits. All Rights Reserved. Ubisoft has distributed in Europe prestigious Japanese licenses such as Soulcalibur. Rayman. All Rights Reserved. a descendant of a long line of assassins. Prince of Persia. In addition to © 2007–2012 Ubisoft these games. THE PRINCE OF PERSIA Acion/platform | Think about the environment. THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS Most popular Ubisoft’s license. the legendary Prince of Persia. Rudy © 2007–2013 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. as it delve us into the memories of Desmond Miles. COCORICO ! Third developer of video games in the world. starting by its mascot. This original system of narration has already allowed around 40 million players to relive the adventures of Altaïr during the Crusades. Prince of Persia in a mysterious Persia full of magic and populated by beautifull princesses with strong characters. RAYMAN In es ! l d pad r u yo A raving rabbit® Character without arms or legs (which originally gave him more fluid movements). or. Please do not print. Assassin's Creed . Driver . Just man Ray D a n c e . . Ubisoft is a French company! The Breton firm has in its catalog lots of successfull licenses. All Rights Reserved. place you (as the name suggests) © 2007–2012 Ubisoft Entertainment. British-Native american Metis during the American revolution . m o r e r e c e n t l y.respective heroes of the three main Assassin's Creed. Assassin's Creed has a very original scenario. ZombiU. © 2007–2012 Ubisoft Entertainment.

it is of course located at Chenonceaux (no. with several beautiful gardens and a vineyard. Na H e l l o everyone! For this second edition. by Thomas Bohier and his wife Catherine Bohier Briçonnet. Indre et Loire.. The name "Ladies castle" comes from the fact that women were builders and owners of this magnificent castle. the city takes an "x"). t h u s yo u ’ve seen the picture in the p rev i o u s number of Rêves de France.LITTLE CORNER OF FRANCE! PAGE 9 !e Ca(le of Chenonceau DONJONS & DAMSELS by : Ra-smit Let’s ùeet in July for an other beautifull travel in France ! d. . by : Aubry Françon AN EXCEPTIONAL HERITAGE FOR THE ANECDOTE by : Raph Furnished and decorated with rare old tapestries and Enjoy your visit! Free online magazine | | Think about the environment. You can do a little virtual trip in this spectacular castle: Please do not print. it’ts the most visited castle in France after Versailles. Also known as the "Ladies castle". we’re going to do a little trip in the castle of Chenonceau.. It became a historical monument in 1962. There is no mistake. The castle of Chenonceau is actually built on the Cher in Touraine (Region "Centre"). it owes its worderfull galleries on the River to Catherine de Medicis. Built in 1513.

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