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The Intricacies of Law of Attraction Soup to Nuts style

First off, ladies and gents, YOU are straight Fabulous!!. This is how I understand the Law of Attraction and its workings through in depth research and practical APPLICATION<<<the most important. The Law of Attraction is clichéd, by most, by the phrases such as “Like attracts Like”, “Where the attention goes, your energy flows”. And it is 100 percent Universal truth, in my understanding. It is in the deeper understanding that the cliché moniker disappears. The resurgence of this awesome law came back into the mainstream’s perception, Gratitude given to the awesome Ms. Rhonda Byrne, with her creation of the book and movie, “The Secret”. It was publicly celebrated, some criticized, but most importantly, people became Aware. You cannot have a Universe without mind entering into it, until it’s observed by the observer. We live in a participatory Universe. I always believed that the Law of Attraction was that opposites attract. I guess you can see where my mind was and how my life was. Not in chaos, but in discord. The Law of Attraction will ALWAYS give you what you ARE, not always what you desire, that’s the crucial part to understand. In order to acquire whatever it is that you desire, you must BECOME that person and BE in that state of mind. The Law of Attraction is a secondary law from the Law of Vibration, but it is a law that pervades and highlights all 7 Universal laws. The Law is a little misunderstood and I hope to clarify that, only through my understanding. There is a formula that I came across in my research and I will explain each step, in my understanding. Clarity + Certainty (Gratitude x2) + Activation + Detachment + Inspired Action = Desired outcome Thought + Faith (Gratitude x2) + Vibration + Letting Go + Your Dream Job =Allowing and JOY

So let’s start from the beginning.

but words really mean nothing to the universe. You can verbalize. The more you think about your intention. not when you are working with vibrational alignment and emotions. now make it a lifestyle (Gratitude journals are a phenomenal tool). be grateful for the experience you created and manifested. That is very key for me. the more focus you apply. That’s what people want truly. happiness. Adopt a loanership mentality and not an ownership mentality. Enjoy and appreciate the time that you will have with that “experience”. It’s just how it works and it’s beautiful that way. Be clear on not being an owner of something. It works wonders. it is a fear of loss of that thing that makes you attach to it that way. So. By me doing it this way. First off. When you look at your vision board. Certainty (Gratitude x2)I AM CERTAIN. They are feeling beings that long for deep experiences of so many kinds. to me. the more things you attract into your life to be grateful for”<<<<FACT! (in my understanding). Only YOU. gratitude. The truer you are. then maybe it’s not what I really desire and maybe further exploration is needed. in my reality. grab that brochure. test drive that car. compassion. What is raising your vibration? Everyone sends off a vibration that exists continually in the Universe. The higher the frequency of love. It’s all about feelings and vibrations. of how I would feel and then I can feel if I AM in alignment with that. the better you feel. Be CERTAIN that you are so awesome that you deserve that experience. You cannot fake faith. then the manifesting process becomes almost instantaneous. not your visualizations and not your words. feel it. and you have faith that all you have to do is BECOME that person that deserves that and that will appreciate that (yeah it still you). I get a preview. I see it. while giving thanks and gratitude for its existence in the PRESENT. an experience. “The more grateful you are. When you are Certain (not belief) that everything exists right NOW that you have ever desired. When you sustain those feelings. smell it.ClarityWhat do I desire? How does it make ME feel? And Why? These . service to mankind. for you. WE are pure energy. stand in your way. but I observe so many people getting lost in the world of materialism. is LOVE and JOY. you will emit a higher frequency. to what you are. touch it. Getting clarity means getting all up in whatever it is I desires’ face. but it was my mindset for a long time. this part is of such EXTREME IMPORTANCE. the better things you attract . It’s crucial because the universe will match your feelings. A temporary custodian is a mindset that truly helps accelerate manifestation. the quicker it manifests. are the best starting questions before you get locked into a deliberate intention. Is it a mirror of me just by observing that? not anymore. before I really got to know ME. When I get clarity on something. hear it. you have all heard that line. If I feel resistance at all. Faith is a learned discipline. the Universal speed is magnificent. or window shop it is very important to get emotionally involved in what you desire. “The Attitude of GRATITUDE”. If you feel that you must own something. It is important to visualize the end result of what you desire. the Universe will not allow you to receive more until you are grateful for what you have. Please become CLEAR on what you desire. Appreciating it for what it truly is. because you really are. ActivationGet your feelings involved. and what you are.

because I believe a house with a shoddy foundation will fall quickly. And talk about surprises??? The universe is magnificent. I repeat… You must ALLOW the RECEIPT of what it is you desire. Lil confusing I know. Aligning with your True SELF through your vibrational alignment. even before she opens up her doors. When you hold on to something tightly. in the present. get quiet and listen. That isn’t inspired action to me. while being grateful for what you have already received and for what you desire. It’s resistance mixed with fear of loss and fear of being let down or hurt. the Universe will bring you things that will make you disappointed and impatient. while appreciating the NOW. KNOWING . KNOWING what you desire. Have faith. be compassionate. KNOWING how I feel about it (activation) (see the progression?) and then letting it go “To Let the Universe do the Work”. serve. You should always hold on “dear” to things. and most importantly. The Art of Allowing is exactly what it is. That is not your job and worrying about that will only hinder you. With that entails a lot of responsibility. That’s inspired action. knowing its existence in the NOW (regardless of physical manifestation stage). next part before I start rambling on about LOAS. and don’t focus on it. I AM the CEO of LOAS and I must make sure the foundation is very strong. “I must “BE” before I can “DO” and I can “DO” only to the extent which “I AM” and what “I AM” depends on what I “Think””. and I am not talking on the operational side of things (that’s a given). This was a challenging part for me. I found out. Never question the HOW (how will the universe bring this to me?) of what it is you desire. In my understanding and application. Let’s use LOAS as an example. put his ass in time out…. you restrict it. LOVE and just be YOU. Your ego always wants control. So I make the decisions and plans that will progress future growth across the nation. BEING Certain that it exists and you will receive its physical manifestation. doesn’t it mean I am giving up on it?”. Inspired action Go with the flow of what feels natural. (For those that do not know. It’s building the foundation of culture within LOAS. because I AM.. an Art. It’s setting the stage for the evolution in this industry. Don’t run around like a maniac looking for the opportunities in everything on how it’s going to help you manifest things.Charles Haanel “The Master Key System”. Quite the contrary actually. I Become.Detaching means you understand it’s not your job.. your job is to feel good! If you say “well it hasn’t happened yet” or become disappointed or impatient. be grateful for everything. Ok…. is the action of doing things to help you become the future YOU. A dance with yourself and the Divine KNOWING that you are worthy of what it is that you desire. I am opening a global chain of Restaurants and Lounges). Ask the right questions. NOW. I do not think like a guy with a dream. I am like “well if I let it go. You know what you need to do. your SELF guides you.. always! Detachment Letting go.that are aligned with you. Feel good. Then. Desired OutcomeYou must ALLOW the RECEIPT of what it is you desire. inspired action to me. You possess all the answers to every question you have. KNOWING its coming (the faith). How do you do that? The way I do it is KNOWING what I want (clarity). if you let it be. inside you.

Create and be the magnificent YOU.) Deliberate Design can be so magnificent if you allow it. You deserve it!! This is my understanding of the Law of Attraction.that the hard part is the Universes job and letting the Universe do the work. The journey is yours and yours alone. everyone has the ability to win. Just Allow it. I believe in sharing what I understand are the rules of this awesome game. Some from the bottom….. just as it was mine. Everyone starts at a different stage in this process. It is quite the adventure and quite the rush. Poof RM Professional Reality Creator . that you truly are. Think of chutes and ladders…In this game. . and then YOU BECOMING that person that aligns to what you desire. I am very grateful for everyone taking the time to read this. Then Allow it.