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qabeelat ihsaan

• Men from Qabilat Shīth joined them even though the two qabilats were not allowed to mix. • The first zina occurred. Idrīs (Enoch) Q: 2x • Born: Babylon • Idrīs invented writing and taught people to write. • Iblis taught Qabilat Qabil music. • Qabil went away and left his family. • 950 years of da‘wah: 83 believers. Nūḥ (Noah) Q: 43x • Nūḥ s’ people worship idols: o Wadd o Ya‘uq o Suwa‘a o Nasr o Yaghuth • The believers + a pair of each kind of animals went on board of a ship. • Majority of Nūḥ ’s people disbelieved (including his son and wife). Shīth (Seth) Hadith • Qabilat Qabil held festivals.d Prophet Ādam Mentions Q: 25x People /Place • Ādam: India • Hawa: Jeddah • Meeting place: ‘Arafah • Qabilat Shīth Summary The Stories d The Miracles • Iblis refused to follow Allāh’s command to prostrate to Ādam. • Idrīs initiated war against Qabilat Qabil. • The disbelievers drowned. their ship came to rest at Mount Judi. . involving men of Qabilat Shīth (handsome) and women of Qabilat Qabil (beautiful). • Iblis was banished from Jannah. • Ādam& Hawa were sent down to Earth. • Ādam & Hawa ate the fruits from the forbidden tree. • Qabil killed Habil. • Idrīs died at the 4th level of Jannah. • Rain + water from earth = huge flood. • Believers were saved.

Ibrāhīm (Abraham) Q: 69x • Born: Babylon • Migrated: Iraq to Ash-Sham to Egypt to Palestine to Makkah • Ibrāhīm ’s father. and plotted to kill Ṣāliḥ. • The people’s faces turned yellow (1st day). the stars. Ṣāliḥ Q: 9x • They refused to believe in Ṣāliḥ and asked him to bring a pregnant camel out of a rock. in the Empty Quarter. • Ibrāhīm destroyed all idols of his people except the biggest one and blamed it. • They were the first to return to shirk after the flood. and black (3rd day). built houses out of mountains. • They refused to believe in Hūd. • A pregnant camel came out of a rock. • His people threw Ibrāhīm into a huge fire. the sun). built high towers. • Thamud tribe • Lived in AlHijr. • Ibrāhīm confronted the celestial worshipper: I do not like those that disappear (i. • The wind carried them high up and crashed them into the earth. red (2nd day). refused to believe in him. and he survived. civilized and wealthy. • Drought occurred for several years. . blasting sound (4th day). • The people were killed instantly by a loud. • They killed the camel and its child. but Allāh ordered the fire to be cool and peaceful. Ash-Sham. in Mada’in Ṣāliḥ Summary The Stories d The Miracles • The ‘Ad were strong and huge. the moon. • The men who went to killed Ṣāliḥ were killed by rain of stones. an idol maker.e.d Prophet Hūd Mentions Q: 7x People /Place • ‘Ad tribe • Lived in Al-Alqaf. • The Thamud were strong and huge. • Clouds came bringing not rain but blasting wind for 8 days & 7 night. large in number.

• Sarah. • Allāh ordered Ibrāhīm to o Leave Hajar and Ismā‘īlin the desert of Makkah. but he was not around. He let Sarah go and gifted her Hajar. Ismā‘īl (Ishmael) Q: 18x • Jurhum tribe • Lived in Makkah • Ibrāhīm visited Ismā‘īl . and they had Ismā‘īl . he became paralysed. • The second time. • The first time. • Ibrāhīm ordered Ismā‘īlto change the threshold of his gate (his wife) • Ibrāhīm asked Allāh to bless their meat & water. • Ibrāhīm and Ismā‘īlobeyed and Allāh gave them a ram for sacrifice. and ordered Ismā‘īl to keep the threshold of his gate. trying to find other people and water. • Each time the king wanted to touch her. . Zamzam sprung out. o Slaughter Ismā‘īl . was taken by the king of Egypt. and he went to Egypt. Bring it from the West! • Ibrāhīm was banished from Iraq. • Ibrāhīm married Hajar. • Hajar ran 7 times between Safa and Marwah. Ismā‘īlfirst wife complained about their life. • People all over the world answered the call of Ibrāhīm for Hajj. Ismā‘īlnew wife did not complain at all. An angel came and struck the earth with his wing. o Build the Ka‘bah and call the people to Hajj.d Prophet Ibrāhīm (Abraham) Mentions People /Place Summary The Stories d The Miracles • Ibrāhīm confronted Namrud: My Lord bring the sun from the East. whom Ibrāhīm said was his sister.

• Al-‘Is and Ya‘qūb had a disagreement. . Mika’il. • The angels were on their way to destroy the people of Lūṭs Ya‘qūb (Jacob) Q: 16x • Isḥāq had two sons: Al-‘Is and Ya‘qūb. • Ya‘qūb had 12 sons. Lūṭ (Lot) Q: 27x • Lived in Sadum (Sodom) • The people of Lūṭ committed o Robbery o Homosexuality o Killing (openly) • Three angels came disguised as beautiful men. • Ibrāhīm asked the angels to spare the people of Lūṭ for Lūṭ was with them. • Ya‘qūb had a fight with a man (an angel in disguise). • At sunrise o the earth turned upside down o marked stones rained on the disbelievers. • Lūṭ and the believers set out during the night. Rahil (the sisters). • Ya‘qūb feared for his life and fled from Al-‘Is. one of them was Yūsuf (from Rahil).d Prophet Isḥāq (Isaac) Mentions Q: 17x People /Place • Settled in Iraq Summary The Stories d The Miracles • Three angels (Jibril. • Lūṭ’s wife told the people. before Fajr. • Ya‘qūb married Liya. • Ya‘qūb became known as Isra’il. Israfil) disguised as men came to Ibrāhīm ’s house to give him the glad tidings of the birth of Isḥāq. Zilpah and Bilha (their servants). Lūṭ brought them to his house. • Lūṭ’s people came to him house and demanded him to hand in the men. • The angels told them about the punishment.

and fire) o a loud cry (sayhah) that killed them all. in Arab Peninsular Summary The Stories d The Miracles • The people of Shu‘ayb committed o Highway robbery o Cheating in weight and measure o Oppression (high taxes) • They disbelieved in Shu‘ayb and threatened to stone him and drive him out of the city. • Some travelers found him and sold him as a slave to Al-Aziz of Egypt. • The king of Egypt had a dream: o 7 fat cows eaten by 7 skinny ones o 7 ears of green grain o 7 ears of dry grain • Yūsuf’s brothers came to Egypt to buy provisions: o 1st time: without Bunyamin o 2nd time: with Bunyamin o 3rd time: Yūsuf revealed himself • Family reunion in Egypt: They all prostrated to Yūsuf. • The wife of Al-Aziz seduced Yūsuf. . and a year in which water would be plentiful. • Yūsuf refused her and was imprisoned. Yūsuf Q: 27x • Born: Palestine • Lived: Egypt • Ya‘qūb told Yūsuf not to tell his brothers about the dream • Yūsuf’s brothers were jealous of him and threw him into a deep well. • Bunyamin was accused of theft and Yūsuf took him (it was all planned). heat. the sun. • Ya ‘qub eyesight was restored after being given Yūsuf’s shirt. • Yūsuf interpreted the king’s dream: 7 years of abundance (must store the grains). • Allāh punished them with o earthquake o the torment of Day of Shadow (thunder. and the moon prostrated to him.d Prophet Shu‘ayb Mentions Q: 10x People /Place • People of AlAykah • Lived in Madyan. • Yūsuf had a dream: 11 stars. followed by 7 years of famine. Yūsuf was made the controller of the storehouses.

Yūnus (Jonah) Q: 4x • Lived in Nineveh (Ninawa). making dhikr and asking for Allāh forgiveness. • They were hit by a storm. They all believed and Allāh saved them. He jumped into the sea and was swallowed by a whale. • Meanwhile. • Ayyūb made a du‘a’ to Allāh. he beat her with a 100 leaves of grass. • Allāh ordered the whale to eject Yūnus. • A spring of water came out. Ayyūb was cured. Allāh provide him with a tree for shade and milk from a deer to drink. his people saw the torment of Allāh coming. His voice could be heard in the heaven. and he drank and took a bath from the water. They initially refused to believe in Yūnus. She had to sell her hair to buy food. and Yūnus’s name was drawn all 3x. and Allāh rewarded him with blessings more than what he previously had. • Ayyūb made an oath to beat her 100x. When his health was restored.d Prophet Ayyūb (Job) Mentions Q: 4x People /Place • Lived in Bathniyah. . between Damascus and Adhrust Summary The Stories d The Miracles • Ayyūb was tested with sickness and lost of o children o lost of slaves o wealth and friends • His wife could no longer work because there was a rumour that Ayyūb’s illness was contagious. • Yūnus left his people and boarded a ship to leave the town. Iraq • The people of Nineveh were idolworshippers. • Yūnus stayed in the belly of the whale for 40 days. They decided to throw people out of the ship.

He became the qadhi’s successor. He threw Iblis out. Mūsa & Hārūn (Moses & Aaron) Q: 136x for Mūsa. and Banu Isra’il • Migration: Egypt to Area surrounding Palestine • Fir‘awn ordered Banu Isra’il babies to be killed. • Umm Mūsa cast baby Mūsa into the Nile. Iblis. • Mountain was lifted above Banu Isra’il. • Iblis tried to disturb Dha’l-Kifl by coming in the form of an old man making long complaints during the siesta time (Dha’l-Kifl’s only sleeping time) so that he would be too tired to pass judgement/worship Allāh. Mūsa worked for Shu‘ayb for 10 years before deciding to return to Egypt. the third time he came (the door was locked—no once could have entered). 20x for Hārūn • Fir‘awn. • Spoke to Allāh directly • Staff turned into snake (and ate the magicians’ snakes) • Hand became white and bright • The Red Sea parted • Tawrah was revealed. • Shu‘ayb married Mūsa to one of his daughter. • Mūsa tried to help a man from Banu Isra’il and killed an Egyptian in the process. Mūsa was raised in the palace.d Prophet Dha’l-Kifl Mentions Q: 2x People /Place Summary The Stories d The Miracles • The qadhi’s condition for his successor: o fast every day o stay up for prayers at night • Only Dha’l-Kifl fit the bill. the Egyptian. • Mūsa reached Madyan and helped two daughters of Shu‘ayb water their flock. • The wife of Fir‘awn took baby Mūsa from the river and adopted him. • Mūsa ran away when a man told him that his life was in danger. . • Dha’l-Kifl knew that the old man was the enemy of Allāh.

Mūsa and Banu Isra’il crossed the sea safely. Samiri built a golden calf and Banu Isra’il started worshipping it. Fir‘awn and his army pursued them in the morning. Hārūn. • Mūsa met Al-Khidr and learned why o Khidr made a whole in a boat o He killed a boy o He repaired a wall without asking for money. The calf-worshippers were given death punishment. • When Mūsa was away. was made a prophet to support Mūsa. • Fir‘awn and his people disbelieved even after seeing the miracles of Mūsa. • Allāh spoke to Mūsa and ordered him to face Fir‘awn. • Banu Isra’il were forbidden from entering Palestine and they wander around the area for 40 years (Period of Wandering). • 12 springs came out from a rock (1 for each tribe) • Manna and Salwa • 12 clouds shaded Banu Isra’il from the sun. • Mūsa and Banu Isra’il fled Egypt at night. His brother. • Mūsa burned the calf. • Mūsa went to Mount Tur to speak to Allāh and receive Tawrah. while Fir‘awn and his army drowned in the sea. Samiri was exiled. He went up to look for people/bring fire to his family. . o Drought o Frogs o Flood o Blood o Locusts o Plague o Lice • The Red Sea parted. • Allāh sent punishment after punishment to the people of Egypt. • Mūsa and Banu Isra’il reached Palestine.d Prophet Mūsa & Hārūn (Moses & Aaron) Mentions People /Place Summary The Stories d The Miracles • The repenters (who asked to see Allāh) were killed and brought back to life. but Banu Isra’il refused to enter because they were scared and do not want to fight the Palestine’s strong inhabitants. • Mūsa saw a fire at Mount Tur.

Mūsa died 3 years after Hārūn. • Yūsha‘ and Banu Isra’il battled the Palestinians in order to conquer AlQuds. Mūsa ordered them to slaughter a cow. • Allāh commanded Banu Isra’il to enter Al-Quds in prostration and saying “hittah” (asking Allāh’s forgiveness). • The sun stopped moving. but blamed the killing to another tribe. • He travelled with Mūsa to the junction of the two seas (The Story of Al-Khidr). • After Hārūn’s death. . They bought it from a boy with the price of the cow’s skin filled with gold. • Mūsa and Hārūn never made it to Palestine. Nūn (Joshua) Sirah • Banu Isra’il • Palestine • Yūsha‘ was Mūsa’s helper.d Prophet Mūsa & Hārūn (Moses & Aaron) Mentions People /Place Summary The Stories d The Miracles • A man killed his uncle to get his wealth. beautiful o had never been used to work o flawless They almost could not find it. • Allāh sent punishment from the heaven for their disobedience. and the dead man would tell them who the killer was. Mūsa went for Hajj. • Yūsha‘ supplicated to Allāh to stop the movement of the sun so that they could continue their battle (they observed Sabbath). they had to look for a cow o not too old/young o yellow in colour. Allāh accepted his supplication. The battled continued until ‘Asr of Firday came. But they entered Al-Quds crawling backward. saying “habbah fi sha’rah (seed in hair). and they won. • Banu Isra’il asked too many questions. In the end. put it on the dead man. Yūsha‘ b.

saying that they would believe him after that. 2x for Al-Yasa‘ • Banu Isra’il Banu Isra’il started worshipping an idol named Ba‘l. Ilyās & AlYasa‘ (Elisha & Elijah) Q: 3x for Ilyās. • Takūṭ was appointed. • • Ḥazqīl stayed with the people. • Ḥazqīl passed by the area. • Majority of the army drank. Jalūṭ challenged Talūṭ’s army to a duel. carried by angels. They refused to accept him. • Banu Isra’il fled Palestine because they were scared that the plague would kill them. and Allāh showed him how the dead were brought to life. • Tabut was returned. • Allāh made them all die. • Al-Yasa‘ (Ilyās’s cousin) continued the message of Ilyās. • Dāwūd killed Jalūṭ with a slingshot. The few that followed Talūṭ’s order proceeded to cross the river. which TaLūṭ had told them not to drink except a handful. • Talūṭ’s army met Jalūṭ’s army. But the people refused to believe. Ṣamū‘īl (Samuel) Sirah • Banu Isra’il • Banu Isra’il asked Ṣamū‘īl to appoint a king to lead them to fight against the Philistine. • Allāh stopped the rain for 3 days. . Banu Isra’il asked him to pray to Allāh for rain. • Talūṭ and his army passed by a river. • Ilyās prayed to Allāh to take him to Him. and they refused to believe in Ilyās.d Prophet Ḥazqīl (Ezekiel) Mentions Sirah People /Place • Banu Isra’il • A plateu outside Dawardan (Palestine) Summary The Stories d The Miracles • The dead were resurrected. but Allāh returned the Tabut as a sign of Talūṭ’s kingship. The rain came and but they still did not believe.

Dāwūd. and for a palace of glass to be build for the Queen. It was hot. • Zabur or Psalm was revealed. • The Queen recognized that the throne was similar to hers. She became a Muslim. 1/3 night praying. who was very protective of his wife. came from the court to his house and questioned the man. • The Queen of Saba’ tested him with gifts. • 4000 priests and thousands of people came to his funeral. • Ability to understand animal languages • Ability to mould iron with his hands. • Sulaymān ordered the throne of the Queen to be brought and changed. animals. • Power over jinn. so Sulaymān ordered the birds to spread their wing to shade them from the sun. 1/6 night sleeping • A man came to his house one day. • Dawud’s fasting and qiyamullail were the most beloved to Allah o Fasting: alternate days o Qiyamullail: 1/2 night sleeping. Sulaymān (Solomon) Q: 17x • Hūdhūd came to Sulaymān with the news of a kingdom of Saba’ that was lead by a Queen and worshipped the sun.d Prophet Dāwūd (David) Mentions Q: 16x People /Place • Banu Isra’il Summary The Stories d The Miracles • Ability to understand animal languages. • Ability to mould iron with his hands. and she was surprised to see the palace floor (she thought it was filled with water) was actually a glass floor with water underneath it. who came to take Dāwūd’s soul. wind . It was the Angel of Death. Sulaymān sent them a letter ordering them to submit. • Dāwūd invented the first metal armour. but he refused and threatened to send his army. • Dāwūd had a beautiful voice. The mountains and birds followed him in his prayers. The Queen and her people submitted themselves and went to his kingdom.

A revelation came for him to appoint a king (his end was near) • At the same time. • The king prayed to Allāh sincerely. • Allāh cured King Hezekiah and destroyed the army of Sennacherib.) and Muhammad (s.a. They decided to kill Ash‘iyā’. but they caught hiding in a tree and sawed him into half.s. He brought Aramaya out of prison and criticized Banu Isra’il for jailing their prophet. Aramaya (Jerimiah) Sirah • Banu Isra’il • Jerusalem • Aramaya was jailed by Banu Isra’il.) • King Hezekiah believed in Ash‘iyā’.w.s.) was one of the prophets who prophesized about the coming of ‘Īsa (a. an army from Babylon (lead by King Sennacherib) came to conquer Jerusalem. • The king fell sick.d Prophet Ash‘iyā’ (Isaiah) Mentions Sirah People /Place • Banu Isra’il • Jerusalem Summary The Stories d The Miracles • Ashi‘iya’ (a. • After the king’s death. . • Nebuchadnezzar and his army invaded Jerusalem. Banu Isra’il became corrupted. • Ash‘iyā’ escaped from Banu Isra’il.

Allāh o made the lion tame o ordered Aramaya (who was in Ash-Sham) to bring food to Danyal. . And he was the only person who knew the hiding place of the only copy of Tawrah left. He wondered how Allāh will give life to the dead. • Nebuchadnezzar put Dānyāl and two lions in a pit. • The donkey came back to life. • ‘Uzayr was the only one who memorized the Tawrah.d Prophet Dānyāl (Daniel) Mentions Sirah People /Place • Babylon Summary The Stories d The Miracles • The lions became tame and did not kill Danyal. • ‘Uzayr went back to his town. • Allāh sent something to carry Aramaya from Ash-Sham to Babylon. which had become bones. (Nebuchadnezzar had burned all copies of the Tawrah. • ‘Uzayr led them to the Tawrah and copied it for them. ‘Uzayr (Ezra) Sirah • Banu Isra’il • ‘Uzayr came to a place that was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. • Dānyāl supplicated to Allāh. was brought to life. • Allāh made him to sleep for 100 years and showed him how his donkey.) • ‘Uzayr prayed to Allāh to restore the sight of an old woman who knew him. but no one recognized him. • The old woman’s eyesight was restored.

• Zakariyya found out-of-the season fruits in her room. named Yaḥya (no one had taken this name before him). • Salome offered herself to King Herod in return for Yaḥya’s head. The sign: he could not speak for 3 days even though he was not ill.d Prophet Mentions People /Place • Banu Isra’il Zakariyya Q: 7x (Zechariah) Summary The Stories d The Miracles • Zakariyya was old and his wife was barren. Maryam. • He asked Allāh for a child to inherit him. ‘Īsa (Jesus) Q: 25x • Banu Isra’il • Palestine • The wife of Imran asked Allāh for a child and made an oath to dedicate the child for Allāh’s service. He would have a son. • Salome and the people of the palace were swallowed by the earth. • Injil was revealed to him. • Yaḥya told them that this would be incestuous. • Allāh accepted Zakariyya’s request. Salome. • King Herod ordered the execution of Yaḥya and gave his head to Salome. his knowledge. but Banu Isra’il caught him and killed him. • She gave birth to a girl. Yaḥya (John the Baptist) Q: 5x • Banu Isra’il • Palestine • King Herod wanted to marry his niece. • Banu Isra’il decided to kill Zakariyya. it was against the law. Maryam said those were provisions from Allāh. • Zakariyya escaped. . and his prophethood. • ‘Īsa was born without a father. • Maryam was taken care of by Zakariyya (he won the draw).

who spoke to the people. • ‘Īsa ordered his people to follow the Law of Allāh correctly. o Call the people to Islam. • An angel came to informing Maryam of the birth of ‘Isa. . Banu Isra’il hated him. Her people accused her of committing adultery. • The youngest of ‘Isa’s disciples took his place.d Prophet ‘Īsa (Jesus) Mentions People /Place Summary The Stories d The Miracles • He modeled birds from clay and made them fly with the will of Allāh • He could informed people what provisions they have in their homes • He healed the leper. ‘Īsa will descent to the earthand o Kill Dajjal o Kill the pig o Break the cross o Lead the prayer in congregation o Give away wealth until it is no longer accepted by anyone o Abolish the Jizyah o Go to Ar-Rawha' from where he will go to perform Hajj. Banu Isra’il believed that he was ‘Īsa and crucified the disciple (he will later be ‘Isa’s companion in the heaven). Maryam pointed to her baby. ‘Īsa was raised to the heaven. and plotted to kill him. • All people of the scripture will believe in him. • Maryam came back with a baby boy. Allāh ordered her to shook the palm tree for dates and provided her river for her to drink. Maryam left Nazareth and went to a remote area in Jerusalem to give birth to ‘Isa. • He gave life to the dead with the will of Allāh. • At the end of time. Umrah or both. ‘Isa.

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qabeelat ihsaan .