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Luck in march March is a lucky month to be a Sigma Sigma Sigma at UCA.

From Big/Little Matching to Initiation this month has been a crazy one, but a great one all at the same time. I feel lucky to be in such a sisterhood on this campus. I may not see my sisters every single day, but I know that they will always be there for me if I need something. I want everyone to know that I am always there for them, regardless of the circumstances, I am only a phone call away. I may I feel lucky to be a Sigma Sigma not answer right away and I might not have all the Sigma. answers, but I hope to be a shoulder when I need to be, or anything that I need to be. This chapter and sorority gives so much to everybody. Being in Sigma has crafted me into a new person, and although sometimes I can still be shy, I have changed so much since I first became a Sigma Sigma Sigma. I am so proud of how this sorority has changed me and continues to change me and the people around me everyday. Enjoy this edition of The Sailboat and remember how much this sorority has changed you. Do you feel lucky to be a Sigma Sigma Sigma too? —Amanda C.

The Sailboat

Sigma sigma sigma-Alpha omicron

Volume 1, Issue 3

March 31, 2013

In this issue:
Question of the Month March in Photos Sister Spotlights Big/Little Revealment
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Special points of interest:

 Find out more about two of our lovely sisters.  Learn about Sigma Mom’s Day  See why other sisters think they are lucky to be in Sigma.  Learn about Big/Little Revealment!  Check out some photos from the month

Sigma Sigma sigma mom’s day For a sisterhood this March Alpha Omicron celebrated Mom’s Day at Branch Out Paint Bar in downtown Conway. Mothers and Sigmas alike lined the tables for a super fun sisterhood of painting. We painted a tree, and had the option of painting just one tree or splitting the tree up into two separate canvases so they could be put together. There was a ton of conversation and laughter as our paint instructor led us through the process of creating the wonderful canvases. Mom’s Day was definitely a success!—Amanda Cross

Question of the Month

This month I asked the question, “Why are you lucky to be in Tri-Sigma?” Here is what our sisters had to say:

The Sailboat

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“I’m lucky to be in Tri-Sigma because I now have the best family ever!” “I’m lucky to be in Ti-Sigma because Sigma has brought me friends that I know I will have for life and would have never met if not for Sigma” “I’m lucky to be in Tri-Sigma because I can be myself always and not feel like I’m being judged. I can open up and have such wonderful opportunities.” “I feel lucky to be in Sigma because I can be myself, and my sisters accept me just the way I am.” “I’m lucky to be in Sigma because I have amazing sisters that always have my back.” “I’m lucky to be in Sigma because I got blessed with some amazing sisters and the best sisterhood on campus. I found my home!” “I am lucky to be in Sigma because I have the best sisters!” “I am lucky to be in Sigma because I have sisters that have my back and help me make decisions when I find it hard to decide. They love me for me and I couldn’t be luckier!” “I am lucky to be in Sigma because they are my best friends and my support system. They are my shoulder to cry on and they never fail to make me smile when I am having a bad day.” “I am lucky to be in Tri-Sigma because my sisters are amazing!” “I’m lucky to be in Sigma because when I need help or I am feeling down I know I can call any of my sisters and they will be there for me and that makes me lucky!”

Sigma sigma sigma-Alpha omicron

March in Photos
Look at all the pretty Tri-Sigma's

Our lovely Spring 2013 new member class on Initiation Day!—Photo courtesy of Bre Tidwell

To the Spring 2013 Members, Time flies so much during the new member period, and while I don’t know each and every one of you on a super personal level I am so proud of the people you’ve become in Sigma so far. The New Member period is a stressful one full of things to learn and things to do, but you guys have been so great at doing it all with grace and being amazing. I hope that you continue on your path of being awesome and being great members of Sigma Sigma Sigma! You’ve made the chapter so proud in all the things that you have done, and we can’t wait to see the things you will do next. So glad you are all initiated!—Amanda Cross

Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 members who danced at New Member King!

The Elite Family

The Ballin’ Family

The All-Star Family

Tri-Sigma Mom’s Day—Photo courtesy of Branch Out Conway

It’s not just letters, parties & good times. It is a feeling that will never leave you as long as you live. It is a responsibility and a duty to yourself and your sisters. It is an eternal love.”

Sigma Sigma Sigma—Alpha omicron

Friendship. Character. Conduct.

Name: Bre Tidwell Age: 20 Classification: Junior Positions You Hold/Held: Secretary, Sisterhood Chair, Alumnae Relations Chair, Event Planning Chairman, and Public Relations Chair Your Best Initiation Memory: I received the honor of being honor initiate from my lovely class. I went into the room not knowing what to expect. But during my vows, the president stopped in the middle and I thought I had done something wrong. I was starting to get nervous and think that I was not about to get initiated. But the president continued after she had re-found her place again. Once I took my vows and the ceremony was over. Cassidy came up and gave me a hug and we both starting crying because she was one of the main ones who recruited me. That is just one of the many memories that I have of Tri Sigma. Random Fact About Yourself: I am obsessed with vampires. I watch Vampire Diaries and True Blood. I have read the series of True Blood and about to start Vampire Diaries. Name: Mallory Druckenmiller Age: 21 Classification: Junior Positions You Hold/Held: Vice President, Webmaster Your Best Sigma Memory: Big/Little revealment when I got my perfect little :) Random Fact About Yourself: I love Hot Cheetos, but only with a glass of milk :)

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Big/Little Spring 2013 The big/little relationship is a wonderful experience in any sorority. A big is a wonderful mentor, friend, and confidant. A little can be exactly the same. This month the members of the Spring 2013 class got matched with their Big sisters in a beautiful way. The new Big sisters in Alpha Omicron spent the week before revealment being ninjas of big/little secrecy. They tagged cars, doors, and got the gifts up to the chapter suite without being found out. The Bigs waited patiently as the littles got their gifts for the day to see how they liked their gifts at the end of the day. As the time approached for the littles to enter the room Sigmas who were getting a little and ones that weren’t stood in a circle for a Big/ Little revealment ceremony that would be amazing as soon as the candle was blown out. The littles were given candles from their bigs to light and pass around to all the members in the circle. When the big felt it was appropriate, the big would blow out the candle and the Big/Little pair was formed. In the end 14 littles were matched with 15 bigs. It was definitely special.—Amanda Cross