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INTRODUCTION This is the second assignment for this semester comprising of the Design Economics and the Economics of Construction Methods modules. The final date for submission and presentation of the tasks will be determined by the lecturer. The carry mark for this coursework is (20%) INSTRUCTIONS 1. This is a group work comprising 4 members per group. 2. Groups are allowed to cross-reference with other group members. ASSESSMENT 1. Marks will be awarded on a group basis throughout the progress of work and the written report submitted. Individual mark will be awarded on oral presentation. 2. Students are required to prepare their own reading and analysis and not to copy from others. Originality of the work is a must. SUBMISSION AND PRESENTATION 1. Written report The report shall be submitted in accordance to any standard document in practise and shall satisfy Client’s requirements. All supporting documents and references shall be comb-binded and submitted separately. 2. Oral Presentation Each group is required to make a formal presentation in English for a period of 25 minutes. Tentatively according to the lecture schedule. Final date however, will be determined by the lecturer, before the final exam. Will be determined by the lecturer.

DUE DATES Presentation date: : Written Report :

LATE SUBMISSIONS Coursework must be handed in by the due date and time. Any late submission will be deemed coursework rejected, will not be marked and considered FAIL. PLAGIARISM • Plagiarism in any form is not permitted. The use of another person’s work or ideas must be acknowledged. Where this is suspected, the students will be penalised.

QSM506/AFO/CW/SEPT2012 – JAN 2013


site layout. style. 2. 4. You are to study the site topography and its contour and to determine the most economical design orientation and layout. 4.THE TASK - DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION ECONOMICS – SITE CONSIDERATIONS Coursework objectives: • To appreciate the importance of DESIGN AND METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION ECONOMICS • To understand their implications in respects to Clients requirements for value for money projects.(figure 1) to give UiTM the most economic design and best value for money. utilities and roads layout designs etc. Coursework brief: Your QS company working for a Design and Built contractor is required to study a new proposed FSPU site as provided. clarity. Introduction and background literature 2. M&E etc. The following guidelines may be used in addition to your own efforts. 1.. Concept. utilities and roads layout designs etc. justifications 4. orientation and layout proposal detailing the valid design and construction economic aspects and costs that may be incurred or saved. design. Explain how construction economics variables can affect the cost of a project. to complete this coursework. spread of building components. 3. spread of building components. Conclusion and recommendation 60 10 15 10 15 10 40 5 20 10 5 100 20 Mark Allocated (%) Mark Obtained (%) Total Final carried mark QSM506/AFO/CW/SEPT2012 – JAN 2013 2 . of your existing FSPU campus IN THIS NEW SITE. literatures. ( models are not necessary but is welcome) 3. You must base your suggestions on valid theory. Overall submission and presentation Presentation 1. design. and other related relevant references. orientation site layout. Personality/appearance Knowledge of the subject and response to the discussion Ability to give oral presentation. 3. Design economics theories and construction cost implications. Course work marking scheme: Coursework will be assessed by presentation and short report: • Presentation 40% • Report 60% MARKING SCHEME QSM506 GROUP………… DESIGN AND METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION ECONOMICS Report 1. etc. Conclusions 5. Develop a new FSPU campus layout on this site. Justify and defend your Architects and C&S. policies. 2.

The presentation should limit to 20 minutes and with an additional of 5 minutes for Q & A per group. Since marks are given on an individual basis. The students should make necessary arrangement (including setting) for the use of computer and the availability of LCD prior to the presentation. : Dr Norizan Ahmad Assoc. c. Prof Dr Hamimah Adnan Assoc. 1. the following are the guideline for the presentation exercise. 2. Conclusion Requirements and Format of Report: • Times New Roman. all students (group members) should commit to present. font – 12. clarity. and problem solutions/alternatives and recommendations with justifications. etc. a.5 spacing • List of references (Proper citation and referencing is compulsory using Harvard style of references) PRESENTATION MARKING SCHEME Group: Subject matters Name of students Full mark 1 2 3 4 Personality/appearance Knowledge of the subject and response to the discussion Ability to give oral presentation.ORAL PRESENTATION To ensure consistency and keeping up with the time allocated.. 3. b. The outlines of the presentation should focus on the following. Issues. Prof Ahmad Faris Omar Department of Quantity Surveying QSM506/AFO/CW/SEPT2012 – JAN 2013 3 . 1. d. 4. style. Brief Introduction on DESIGN and METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION ECONOMICS Background of Design and Construction Economics and its implications. Conclusion and recommendation FINAL CARRIED MARKS LECTURER’S NAME: 5 20 10 5 …………………………SIGNATURE ………………………DATE………. problems and challenges in the project.

FSPU. UiTM Shah Alam. New FSPU site topography. Figure 1. QSM506/AFO/CW/SEPT2012 – JAN 2013 4 .

QSM506/AFO/CW/SEPT2012 – JAN 2013 5 .