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Input  –  Single  Phase  115  to  277  Vac   Output  –  Battery  Charging  12Vdc;  6A   MTBF  value  of  upto  300,000  hours   Battery  Types  Suitable  –     w  Open  Lead  Acid     w  Sealed  Lead  Acid     w  Lead  Gel     w  Ni-­‐Cd  (option)   Automatic  diagnostic  of  battery  status.   Switching  Technology,  output  voltage  14.4Vdc   Three  Charging  levels:  Boost,  Trickle  &  Recovery   Protect  against  short  circuit,  inverted  polarity,  over   load.   Signal  output  (contact  free)  for  fault  battery  state   Protection  Degree  –  IP20  Din  Rail  

INPUT:   Rated  value  Vn   Frequency   Inrush  Current   Input  Current   Fuse   OUTPUT:   Boost  Charge   Burst  Charge   Trickle  Charge   Recovery  Charge   Ibatt  Max   115  –  230  Vac   47  –  63  Hz  ±6%   ≤16A ≤5  msec  (Vn  &  In  load)  I2t   1  –  0.7A    (115-­‐230Vac)   4A  (Internal),  10A  (External)   14.4Vdc  (25°C  Typ  at  In)   15Hrs  (Max)  /  70mins  (Min)   13.75Vdc   2  –  7Vdc   6A  ±5%  (<40°C)  /  4A(>40°C)  

Advanced   Technology   -­‐   The   CB   Series   of   Battery   Charger   is   an   advanced   automatic   multi-­‐stage   battery   charger   designed   based   on   Switching   Technology,   using   microprocessor   technology   with   philosophy  for  Battery  Care.   Intelligent   -­‐   The   Battery   care   concept   is   based   on   algorithms   with   rapid   and   automatic   charging   in   the   shortest   time.  Completely   automatic,   it   is   suited   to   meet  the  most  stringent  requirement  by  the  battery   manufacturer.   Monitoring   -­‐  The  diagnostic  feature  monitors  in  real   time,   both   installation   and   operation   conditions   to   ensure   safety   and   prevent   system   failure.   Battery   faults   –   Overload,   battery   sulfation,   elements   in   short  circuit,  electrical  circuit  disconnections  due  to   loose   joint   or   wire   breakage.   Also   reverse   polarity,   and  wrong  battery  voltage  during  installation.  These   faults   are   indicated   by   Blink   Code   on   the   built-­‐in   Diagnostic  LED  and  Fault  LED.   Flexibility  –  Enable  predefined  curves  for  Open  Lead   Acid,  Sealed  Lead  Acid,  Gel,  NiCd  (option).  2  built-­‐in   charging   modes   –   boost   and   trickle.   All   this   is   packaged   in   a   rugged   casing   with   bracket   for   DIN   Rail  Mounting  providing  IP20  degree  of  protection.        

INDICATION:   No.  of  Indications   2   Type   Diagnostic  &  Fault  LEDs   JUMPER/PORT  SELECTION:   No.  of  Selections   4   Battery  Type   Open  /  Sealed  Lead  Acid,  Lead   Gel  &  NiCd  (Option)   Port  Adjustment   Charge  Level  (20%  to  80%  rated)   AUXILIARY:   Self  Powered     1  sets  of  Form-­‐C  Dry  type  output  contact  for  Fault   indication.   WEIGHT  &  CASE  SIZE:  Approx.  0.3kg.  100mm  case  

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1   2   CB  SERIES   CHARGER   3   4   5  






COM   NO   NC  

Activate   when  Fault  

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4V         1  2  3   2  –  Sealed  Lead   Trickle  =  2.27V   Boost   =  Resistive   60Vac  1A   30Vdc  1A   5Vdc  at  1mA   JUMPER           1  2  3   off  Power  Before   !   Switch   Setting  the  Jumper   ! 1–  Sealed  Lead   1  2  3   Caution:   CABLE  CONNECTION   At  Input  Terminals   At  Output  Terminals   Connection  stripe  ends   Terminal  Type   0.2  to  2.5  mm  rigid  /  flexible   7mm     Screw  Type  2.5mm  rigid  /  flexible   2 0.nplusone.5  mm   Vertical  Position   10cm  vertical  gap  for  auto  convention   Case  IP  20   ENVIRONMENTAL   Functional  temperature   a Derating  T  >50°C   Storage  temperature   Temperature  Coefficient   Relative  humidity   Cooling     -­‐25  to  +70  °C     -­‐25%(Ln)/°C   -­‐40  to  +85  °C     0.30V   Boost   =  2.CE   Diagnostic  LED   1  Blink  +  Pause   2  Blinks  +  Pause   3  Blinks  +  Pause   4  Blinks    +  Pause   5  Blinks  +  Pause   RELAY  OUTPUT   Relay  Type   Compliance   Max  Rating  AC1     Max  Rating  DC1   Min     dual  pole  change  over   EN60947.23V   Boost   =  2.      WCEGA  Tower.4V   1  2  3   3  –  Gel  Battery   Trickle  =  2.5mm (24-­‐14AWG)   2 0  –  Open  Lead   Trickle  =  2.   CB126  –  BATTERY   CHARGER     GENERAL  SPECIFICATIONS INDICATION   MULTI-­‐STAGE  CHARGING:   Charging  Stage   Diagnostic  LED   Trickle   1  Blink  /  sec   Boost   2  Blinks  /  sec   Recovery   5  Blinks  /  sec   Fault  LED  –  OFF   FAULT  INDICATION:   Type  of  Fault   Reverse  Polarity   Battery  Not  Connected   Element  Short  Circuit   Over  Load   Replace  Battery   Fault  LED  –  ON       APPLIED  STANDARDS   General   Electrical  Safety   EMC  Directive     Low  Voltage   Charging  Cycle   Emission   Immunity   IEC/EN60335-­‐2-­‐29   EN60950/UL1950     89/336/EEC   2006/95/EC   DIN  41773   IEC  61000-­‐6-­‐4     IEC  61000-­‐6-­‐2.     Singapore  658065      n    Website:  www.    #12-­‐78.4.4V   ENCLOSURE   Fixing   Mounting   Separation   Enclosure  Code     Snap  on  to  DIN  rail  35  x7.4V   Trickle  =   Tel:      (65)    6570    8578                n                Fax:    (65)    6367    1110       N  Plus  One  Solutions  Private  Limited     .2  to  2.03%  per  °C  (3OOppm/°C)     95%  at  25°C  non  condensing   Auto  Convention     CASE  DIMENSIONS   TOP  VIEW   SIDE  VIEW     70   100   INSULATION   Test  Voltage  (In/Out)   Test  Voltage  (In/PE)   Test  Voltage  (Out/PE)     Protection  class     3000Vac   1605Vac   500V   I  with  PE  connected   45         DIN  RAIL  FIXTURE   100   21  Bukit  Batok  Crescent.25V   Boost   =  2.