NW: A lot of progressive rock. We try to get everyone to clap [their] hands. Instead of Sleeping. ukelele. NW: Me and my dad went to a three-day-long progressive rock festival to see one of my favorite bands in Montreal. Death and All His Friends. Lily Among Thorns. Artemis. So you’re not in a hurry? NW: It’s quality over quantity. Lily Among Thorns. Melloncore. Matthew Ruhl. Mosaic The Forvm 4/26 Savannah King Nature’s Network 4/26 . alternative. Fit for a King Jamestown Railroad Station 4/25 . things coming together. Vegas.Tiny Blue Entertainment: Darling Harbor.FTMP: Redwood Experience. 4/10 A Hotel Nourishing. Dollar Diplomacy. The Benefits of Breathing The Forvm 4/12 Ritual Walk. “Where did you get them?” “Band name generator online!” CrashFuse was number one. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before? CH: A melodramatic fusion of captivating pop and alternative rock. I would love to play with all of them. What are your influences? CH: A lot of punk rock. NW: We’ve got three or four more songs to write. jazz. CE: New York City would be cool. CE: The first one I can remember was country. Clare Center 4/22 .SGB: Fiasco Jones. NW: [It would] be cool to have a local show that’s free for everybody just to get everybody into it. Valiance w/ The Plot in You. We have little light boxes. CE: It keeps our live performances interesting and new for people. Lily Among Thorns w/ Refuge St. Red Light Departure. guitar Colin Eberhardt: drums Nick Wnuk: bass 4/3 . CH: We’re adding saxophone in one of our songs down the road. the Queen City.COM If you could tour with any band and play in any city. The Malones w/ Tony Rocky Horror Nietzsches Allen 4/11 . The Folk Faces. CE: Jazz. 4/27 . Right now we’re just releasing a couple singles. Dangerfield w/ Light Years. There [are] so many good bands that you can play with. Bungler. [I was] like.facebook. Down With the Buffalo. We’re all across the board. like Queen City Renaissance and Average at Best.CrashFuse Chad Hornberger: vocals. I would like to play in our own home city. The Odd TImes.TBE: Honey Spine. That’s freaking awesome. We do a lot of crowd involvement. whether it’s physical activity or simply sitting out in the sunshine.FTMP: Billy Draws Two. Colors in the Air w/ Joywave. I do a lot of sports. Made Violent Nietzsches Allen 5/17 This Is Fiction. Through Lifeless Eyes w/ Insult to Injury 142 Ramsdell Ave. Garret Shea. • www. Rescue Dawn.FTMP: Beyond the Illusion (EP Release). Alive in the Dark Broadway Joe’s Bar & Grille 4/4 .SGB: /Signs/. The Cascos. When are you expecting your album out? NW: By the winter. Hardcore.TBE: Days of Youth.SGB: Backbiter w/ Call Me a Dreamer. kind of like Stomp. A Breath Alive. NW: We’re working up to costumes. Eventually we’ll add those to the album. We write them and then we rewrite them and then we rewrite them. CH: Maybe not the costumes… What is the best thing about being in a band in Buffalo? CH: There’s so much art and music. NW: So many venues. Trying to keep up to the name CrashFuse. Fiasco Jones. Sacklunch. Through a friend I had met Chad. Sleepy Hahas. NW: Petty much everything except for hip hop. probably. NW: And even when they’re finished we rewrite them. We want to get the best product out there that we can. CH: If there was ever an opportunity . The Devil in Love Stamps 4/6 . Where did you come up with the name CrashFuse? CH: My sister wrote down a couple names. Sonny Baker. Skylight Stereo Broadway Joe’s Bar & Grille 4/20 . NW: I just picked up a banjo. The Devil in Love Allentown Music Too 4/12 .FTMP: A Boy and His Airplane.FTMP: Mikanecho. What else do you enjoy doing? CH: I like graphic art. CE: It’s not that we’re slow at writing songs. We jammed together and decided we wanted to take it in a new direction. Michelle Scull Allentown Music Too 4/4 . folk. as well. The Odd Times w/ Edelweiss Broadway Joe’s Bar & Grille How did your band form? CE: We played in a cover band for a few years that slowly was dissolving. CE: It’s a performance overall. CE: I’m anything outdoors. We’re chugging towards it.For the Music Productions: With Life Comes Death. We stand on them. Matthew Ruhl. it’s not just playing. Sin District. NW: I had nothing better to do that week.Relik Productions Currents. It was awesome. Calling All Skeletons Allentown Music Too 4/28 . Breckenwood. Gutterface.Standing Ground Booking: Fiasco Jones. City Under Siege The Riviera Theatre 4/13 . Cedar Kites w/ Placeholder.TBE: Space Cubs.com/CrashFuse 4/12 Andrew J Reimer’s Country-Punk Extravaganza Sportsmens Tavern 4/12 The Spin Wires The U Bar Photograph by Gabby Marek . Dead Gods. Chernoybl w/ Blood of the Martyrs. How do you make your shows interesting? NW: Dancing around. I got sucked into it by my parents when I was young. We would definitely like to take a lot of our friends on the road with us. What was the first concert you went to? CH: Josh Groban. Safe 5/2 . My Girl. Night Terror The Glory Hole 4/13 . I Declare War. Clare Center 4/5 . Peter Sorkin. Savannah King. Peter Sorkin. It was George Strait. Dan Erickson w/ The Composure The Forvm *SEND SHOW DETAILS TO 716LOCALMUSIC@GMAIL. that would be awesome.FTMP: /Signs/. Mothers Nietzsches Allen 5/10 Johnny Nobody. Erra. and Kenny Chesney opened for him. We asked Nick if he wanted to come along for the ride. Are you putting out an album soon? CH: We’re working on it slowly. A lot of different stuff. We recorded five last year. Artemis. Eyes Wide St. 90s alt rock. 2 What can people expect from the music you are going to be releasing? CH: Our newest single that we’re releasing in a couple weeks called “The Girl. country. which would you choose? CH: The Goo Goo Dolls. Revolt-88.” we’re using trash cans.