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Puja and asfa kaIiya IiIa
1)Pasfimes af fhe end of fhe nighf
Hc awalcns mucl bcloic suniisc, oi iailci Hc inviics lis pujaii scivanis io
awalcn Him, wlicl Tlcy do wiil ilc swccicsi ol songs and ilc iinlling ol bclls.
In Golola, ilc Loid and His bclovcd aic icsiing in ilc sccici bowci-lousc alici a
nigli ol cxoiic lun iliougloui ilc loicsi giovcs in ilc company ol Tlcii
giilliicnds. Wlcn ilc piicsis in ilc icmplc ollci ilc Dciiics a pic-dawn snacl ol
swccis and waici, Radla and Kisna aic ollcicd a ligli snacl by ilc sallis wlilc
lounging lazily upon Tlcii llowci bcd in ilc loicsi. Tlcn, alici ilc aiaii ccicmony,
as ilc piicsis closc ilc aliai cuiiain, ilc Divinc Couplc aic sncaling bacl io Tlcii
own icspcciivc lomcs in oidci io picicnd Tlcy spcni ilc nigli wlcic Tlcii
paicnis lad lcli ilcm.
2)Morning pasfimes
Radla and Kisna pciloim Tlcii moining duiics, biusl Tlcii iccil, lavc
iubdowns, bailc and dicss wiil ilc assisiancc ol ilc pujaiis in ilc icmplc, and aic
giccicd by ilc asscmblcd dcvoiccs wiil ccicmonics, claniing and dancing. In
Golola, Radla and Kisna aic awalcncd by Tlcii icspcciivc supciiois, and aic
icady loi ilc moining mcal ol buiici, liuii, swccis, and mill ilai Moilci Yasoda
dcliglis io scivc ilcm. Tlcy aic ilus similaily giccicd by Tlcii cicinal associaics,
wlo malc mucl cclcbiaiion ol ilc moining daisana.
3)Forenoon pasfimes
Soon Kisna joins His cowlcid liicnds and ialcs ilc cows oui io giazc in ilc
Vindavana pasiuiclands. His Dciiy icmains in ilc icmplc, bui ilc woislippcis
undcisiand ilai in icaliiy Kisna is spcnding ilc day in ilc giovcs il Vindavana -
ilc namc liicially mcans ilc loicsi (van) wlcic Tulasi giows (Vinda). Wlcn ilc
lcaii-biolcn Radla bclolds Hci bclovcd lcaving loi ilc pasiuics, slc iciuins
lomc and bcgins planning low io mcci Him in ilc woods laici.
+)Midday pasfimes
ly noon ii is iimc loi Kisna io sii loi ilc big mcal ol ilc day; Yasoda scnds ii oui
loi Him in ilc liclds. All ilis is manilcsi in ilc icmplc. Alilougl Hc (in ilc Dciiy
loim) cais in piivaic, accoiding io cusiom, Hc icccivcs His woisliping gucsis
diiccily aliciwaids, so ilai Tlcy can lonoui ilc icmnanis liom lis iablc ai ilis as
ai all mcals. lui ilcn, wlilc His liicnds icsi in ilc sladc, Hc is suic io slip oll inio
onc ol ilc iliclcis io join somc ol His lavoiiic giilliicnds, and Radla Hciscll, loi a
midday iiysi and a liiilc nap. Ai ilai poini, ii would bc unsccmly loi anyonc io
waicl, and ilc piicsis ol ilc icmplc iciiic ilc Dciiy io a piivaic clambci bclind
ilc aliai wlcic ii las jusi bccn visiblc.
5)Affernoon pasfimes
Ii is noi long bcloic Kisna walcs up and icappcais among His cowlcid boyliicnds,
His abscncc unnoiiccd. Sincc cowlciding is noi sucl a dcmanding occupaiion, Hc
joins ilcm in wlaicvci gamcs comc io mind; and Hc is loicvci playing lis lluic.
All ilis is lcli io ilc woislippcis mcdiiaiion so as io lciglicn Tlcii scnsc ol
wclcoming Him wlcn Hc comcs bacl liom ilc loicsi. Ioi soon ii is iimc io lcid
ilc cows lomc io bc millcd. As His lailci waiclcs anxiously liom ilc pcn and
His moilci siands icady ai ilc dooi wiil a snacl, so ilc pujaii ollcis Him liuii
and swccis and opcns ilc dooi ol lis clambci io icccivc Him bacl inio ilc
company ol wlaicvci woislippcis lavc gailcicd.
6)Dusk pasfimes
Tlc pujaiis cxcusc Him oncc again liom His public audicncc by closing ilc
cuiiain in ilc icmplc, and Tlcy lclp Him wasl oll ilc dusi ol ilc day, clangc inio
licsl comloiiablc cloilcs, and iclax loi His cvcning mcal. In Golola, Kisna is
pampcicd by Yasoda and aiicndcd by His malc scivanis, wlo picpaic Him loi lis
cvcning pasiimcs ai lomc. Hc iloiouglly cnjoys ilc cvcning mcal wiil mucl
joling and lauglici, slaiing boundlcss lovc wiil ilc asscmblcd lamily mcmbcis
wlo paiiicipaic.
7)Evening pasfimes
As Kisna is cnjoying majcsiic slows ol ialcni and slill ai His lailci Nanda's
asscmbly lall, so His scivanis in ilc icmplc clani and sing loi lis plcasuic. lcloic
Hc gocs io bcd, ilc piicsis biing lim His cvcning icpasi and His waim mill, jusi
as His moilci laiillully docs. And ilcn swcci slccp. Hc iciiics oncc loi lis
moilcis saiislaciion, sooilcd by allcciionaic lullabics ilc laiillul dcvoiccs iaisc in
lci namc, and as ilc bclicvcis almosi scc His cyclids dioop, ilc pujaiis uslci Him
bacl io lis piivaic ioom.
8)Nighf pasfimes
Tlcn, wlcn no onc is looling - noi cvcn His scivanis, loi ilcy by now lavc closcd
ilc dooi io lis innci clambci io allow Him complcic piivacy - Hc sncals oui
again io join ilc cowlcid giils loi a siill swccici slumbci. Yasoda suspccis
noiling, and lis woislipcis can only imaginc ilc subilciics ol ilis lovc play, bui
ilai Tlcy do. Tlc ccsiaiic spoiis ol ilc iasa dancc and oilci limiilcss loicsi spoiis
coniinuc on iliougloui ilc cniiic nigli, and ilc dcvoiccs woislip along wiil ilc
Divinc Couplc in Tlcii lcaii ol lcaiis, cvcn as ilcy slccp.

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