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Reflection Essay by: Muhammad Akmal Linking Theory to Practice TSL 3110 short coursework consist us to plan and perform

30 minutes microteaching in the class. We have to work in a group of three to complete the task given. The first step that we need to take is to draft a weekly scheme of work (SOW) before we can proceed to draft the lesson plan. The weekly scheme of work is a guidance to plan a lesson for the whole week. Planning the scheme of work must be referred to the standard document or the curriculum specifications. For us, we chose to teach year 3 ESL primary school students. So when drafting the SOW, we must refer to the year 3 KSSR standard document. All the criteria in the scheme of work must be taken into consider especially the number of week which can be referred to the monthly or year scheme of work, the theme or the topic that is going to be taught, the learning outcomes (LO) of the lesson, the learning standard, the activities for students and lastly the remarks. The process of drafting and editing the SOW keeps go on with Mr. Yusni time by time until we get the finest scheme of work to plan our lesson for the microteaching. After finished drafting the scheme of work, then we have to draft a lesson plan for Year 3 KSSR students based on the SOW that we have made. The teaching context of the lesson is on the world of knowledge while the topic is on “My Pets‟‟. The specifications that we used are 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral text by asking WHquestions and answer simple WH- questions, 3.2.2 Able to write with guidance: Simple sentences, and 5.1.1 Able to use nouns correctly and appropriately. By the end of the lesson, the students in their respective levels should be able to list out the common nouns correctly, transfer information from the text into the graphic organizer correctly and able to write simple sentences by using common nouns correctly. All the activities are provided with suitable teaching materials and worksheets that we have prepared. The lesson goes on smoothly as we planned, Alhamdulillah. There are few new things that I have learnt from the microteaching especially in managing the classroom fills with young children and how to manage the materials that I have prepared for the lesson. There are few ways to manage the classroom as well as the teaching aids. First of all, teacher should greet the students when he entered the class. Teacher ask the students how are they doing in class and who are absent. Through greeting the students, it shows that teacher cares about her students and the students will feel the friendly and safe environments while being in class. As usual, the first impression is very

Besides of attracting the students‟ attention. Teacher also has a right to teach in a free misbehavior classroom. For example when teacher is teaching in front. Organized a set of rules does not mean that teacher only write rules on a paper and paste it on the wall. there are few students talking at the back and bothering others who wanted to study. So. teacher can separate the group. The early . First. teacher should also let the students guess what topic she will teach on that day. he directly can use the realia to show examples to students so they can have better understanding on that topic. Most important is. If they are still making noise. If the problems still happen with the same students talking and bothering other at the back. these teaching aids also helps to give clear instruction.important. Teacher should recognize and praise students who are able to comply with the rules to make them feel appreciated and have a motivation to keep following the rules. They will be given three warning and if they still do the same trouble they will be taken to the headmaster‟s desk or to the counselor‟s room. Next. teacher can take them to the counselor or directly to the headmaster because there is already three warning given before. by using the teaching aids or realia students can experience hands on activity in the class. teacher should organize a clear set of rules for class behavior. In this case. students‟ impression about the teacher must be good to make sure they give their full cooperation when the lesson takes place. Organize means teacher set the specific rules that can be used in the classroom during the lesson and teacher explain it to the students so they can understand the rules and follow them. Teacher takes the first action by asking them to low down their voices and listen to what the teacher is teaching in front. Teaching and learning session will be more enjoyable if teacher plan an activity where students can take part in it. Then teacher must explain further about the topic and relate it with the previous lesson so students will have better understanding on it. Teacher also must use some teaching tools (BBM) or realia to attract the students. This is based on the theory of Assertive Disciplines by Canter& Canter. teacher must state to the students what the positive consequences are when they obey and complied with the classroom rules as well as negative consequences when they refuse to follow the rules. a few steps can be taken to manage and prevent any misbehavior from happens. For the students who broke the rules also must recognize and put under observation. Teacher gives few clues to them so students can guess what topic they are going to learn. Next. Guessing can be seen as one of the skill by the teacher to attract the students and heightened their curiosity to learn in classroom. When teacher is giving instructions.

This kind of teacher works to build trust with the class. confidently. The often the teacher moves. the very first words that they acquire could lay the profound basis for a better later learning of the children.action is very important to prevent any major misbehavior in the classroom such as truancy or vandalism. especially during vocabulary section. For example. As for myself. Oral interviews and observations serve to elaborate on the information gathered from questionnaires and discover teachers‟ opinions on how to solve arisen problem in language classroom. Please raise your hand and wait for me to call on you”. the less the students can focus. I have strived to investigate the current techniques in teaching vocabulary to young learners and studied the difficulties that teachers encounter during this process. I also did some mispronunciation while teaching vocabs to the students. A crucial component of learning a foreign language is the acquisition of vocabulary. Sometimes time are rather limited. general difficulties that they meet in teaching. This is what I have said when students answer the question without raising their hand. The teacher in the video seems a bit nervous because she move too often when teaching the students. Oral interviews. in conclusion. Assertive teachers should clearly. questionnaire and observation schemes were used as useful instruments for data collection. make sure you are not hesitate. This study is intended to investigate the specific application of techniques in teaching English vocabulary to young learners. there are also some problems that I have discovered along the 30 minutes microteaching in class. The exploitation of combining different techniques is considered young learners‟ classroom Next. The questionnaire-based survey aims to scrutinize teachers‟ common techniques in teaching vocabulary to young learners. teacher also should be more calm and confident when facing students in class. The result of this survey indicates that using flashcards in presenting. For young learners. Firstly is the three of us has exceed the time given by us to conduct the lesson which is 30 minutes.. make sure it is clear. and consistently model and express class expectations. To overcome these problems. When teaching or giving orders to students. sorting tasks in practicing and sentence completion in revising vocabulary are three most preferably common techniques in teaching young learners the English vocabulary. „‟our rule is no talking without raising your hand. this study provides some suggestions for teachers to realize the benefits of having available activities and games in . Be firm in the class and if you want to state a rule. Teaching English vocabulary is not easy to be deal with. we have to be really particular about time management and the management of materials. Besides.

4. students will be able to improve their learning styles and attract them love more on English subject. As for the pronunciation problem. .2 Able to write with guidance: Simple Sentences. Besides. From the previous lesson. As for the objective. But still there are some students who cannot write simple sentences correctly in order. The specifications will be 3. speaking and writing.questions from teacher. write 8 missing words in the song lyrics correctly by hearing to the recording and able to write 8 simple sentences by using common nouns correctly based on pictures given by teacher. on the proceeding lesson I will stress more on the constructing simple sentences and at the same time I will integrate language arts in the teaching. and 5. the extra exercises on constructing simple sentences are very important because there are still some students who cannot master the skill. I have planned the lesson based on the results from the previous lesson.1.wasted because of teacher used to repeat instruction to regularly and talks more about minor things than the main topic.1 Able to use nouns correctly and appropriately.1. So. For the next lesson. I have integrated an element of language arts which is completing a lyric and singing a song entitle “my Pets‟‟ because I want the students to enjoy learning the topic while at the same time they can improve their skill in listening.2 Able to sing action song with correct pronunciation. rhythm and intonation. So. I have observed that students are really good and have improved on asking and answering WH. I have to practice and listen and speak more so that I can improvise my pronunciation. In this proceeding lesson. The topic is still on „‟My Pets‟‟ with the teaching context is on the world of knowledge. pupils in their respective levels should be able to state the characteristics of 5 animals correctly based on slide show. by the end of this lesson. I hope with this proceeding lesson plan. teacher should avoid from wasting the time on something that is not appropriate but focus on what he or she is going to teach on that hour so the objective of the lesson could be achieved successfully. They can write but the order of the sentences is not appropriate and the uses of tenses also need to be improvised.2.