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Unit Switching on! 6 phrasal verbs

In this unit well learn more about phrasal verbs verbs that are usually made up of a verb and a preposition.

Know your grammar

She tried on her new uniform. He got on the starting blocks.

I had to fill in a form.

Some actions are made up of more than one word. When an action is a verb and a preposition (on, under, over, for), the combination is called a phrasal verb. These phrasal verbs mean something quite different from the two words just on their own. Turn on the light is one action. It doesnt mean to change directions on a light, the way you would if you were driving a car!

Remember, we called word groups that start with a preposition a phrase? Phrasal verbs usually include a preposition too.

Practise your grammar

1. Underline the verb groups in the following sentences. Not sure? Ask yourself: is only one thing going on? If there is only one action, it doesnt matter if its just one word or even four! a. The cold weather brought on my cold. b. My mother brought me to school. c. We had to fill out the forms. d. We filled up our water bottles. e. They filled the room with plants. 2. Insert a phrasal verb into the following sentences. Choose the one that fits the best. You can use each one only once. a. Do you __________ fairies? b. It is important not to _______ glass that can be recycled. c. It is so loud! Can you _________ the radio? d. The firemen ___________ the fire very quickly. e. Please come in out of the cold. __________ your coat.
UNIT 6 23

throw away, take off, turn down, put out, believe in

3. The following sentences use the same phrasal verbs as in Exercise 2, but in a different way. The phrasal verbs need to be changed into past tense. So, you have to choose the best phrasal verb and change it into past tense! a. When she decided to cheat on the test, she __________ her chance of being the champion. b. The plane was delayed, but it finally __________ 30 minutes late. c. We stayed in a special hotel. Before we went to sleep, the hotel staff came in and ___________ the bed. d. He was quite annoyed. He let us know he was _______ that he was expected to help with the judging. e. I thought she would keep her promise. I really ___________ her.

Read to understand
The Runaways I want to run away! I want to leave right now! My friend was upset with me, and couldnt believe I would just run off and leave her at Sharons party. The birthday girl had just turned ten. Look, I said. Weve been here for over an hour. Shes ignoring us. Her parents probably made her invite us. She thinks were not good enough for her anymore, and I think shes a snob. So I want to leave. Sharon, Sally and I used to be friends, but we werent anymore. Sharon started to show off all the time, and put down less popular kids with her snide little comments. Our parents were all still friends though, and they didnt know anything was wrong. Sally looked over at Sharon, who was trying to get on with impressing everyone she could. Then she looked at me. Okay, Ali. Lets go. 1. Who wanted to run away? _______________________________________________

2. What are the names of the three former friends?

24 UNIT 6

3. What is the purpose of the party? _________________________________________

4. Find the phrasal verbs that are synonyms for the following. The answers are in the story. a. escape ________________________________________________________________ b. boast _________________________________________________________________ c. insult _________________________________________________________________

Fun with words

1. Match the beginning of the proverb with the end. If you arent sure, ask an adult or check on the Internet. a. A bad workman b. Birds of a feather c. Dont d. Honesty e. No news f. Many hands 2. Crossword Word bank Down

put all your eggs in one basket. blames his tools. is good news. make light work. is the best policy. flock together. leave, postpone, reduce, suggest, tolerate, understand

1. Walk out on

2. Catch on 3. Hint at Across


4. Cut down on 5. Put off 6. Put up with


UNIT 6 25