Grammie’s Newbie Links - 10/22/06

This is m y latest “Gram m ies Newbie Links” updated with 2 or 3 these last few days. Below I have added a group of links for the newest m em bers of the Group to help them get inform ation. Also I advise a session of reading through our files and folders....just to see the wealth of inform ation there. Be sure to save to favorites any that catch your eye. If any links will not open either copy and paste the link to your address bar, or type it in exactly as it reads. Let us know how things are gram m ie This cam e up when som eone did a search on google, so I went to look. This is by Isela Phelps of our group due to be ready m arch 2007 http://www.walm /catalog/ Here are two links to provocraft knifty knitter patterns and products. Check them out, they will inspire, too. For the newest pattern page: /products/index.products.php?cl=knifty%20knitter and for the m ost com plete list of patterns, between 30 and 40: /projects/projects.php?view=40&dsp=list&cat=Crafts&sub_cat=&sort=&prdindex=kniftyknitter You will have to check archives, and som e things m ay be repeated. I have a bit of a m em ory problem , but there are great things in this tiny list of links. Be sure to save them to favorites, and add on whenever you like a blog or get a link form an em ail or signature. Bobble on a knitting loom (video) Cable Cast-on (video) Cables on a Round Loom Closing a hat PDF Dream Loom s Basics Flat knitting on a round loom (video) Free getting started instructions I-cord on a knitting loom (video) Index to videos Mini m ovies Instructions in PDF form at Knitting board basic instructions Lucet Cast-on video Lucet Cast-on instructions Mock crochet stitch (video) Mock crochet (check archives) Look for m ock crochet P-Cast-on video P-Cast-on PDF for round loom s & rakes Plastic Tote Bag Socks Other Links /bobbles_video.htm l /cablecaston.htm l http://site.loom /files/CablesRv1.pdf /m y_weblog/files/closing_a_hat.pdf http://www.dream loom /basic/basic.htm /flat_panel_m ovie.htm l http://www.loom / http://im /isela/icordonaknittingloom http://im /isela http://www.loom /loom ingvideos.htm l http://store.loom /instructions1.htm l /kb_basic_inst.htm l http://im /isela/lucetcaston /loom ing_crafts/2006/01/lucet_cast_onan.htm l http://im /isela/m ockstitchm ovie http://catluvnm om / http://lindasloom room / http://im /isela/pcastonm ethod /Pcaston.pdf /2006/05/m y-version-of-plastic-tote-bag.htm l /loom s/socks.htm l / / http://loom / /group/KniftyKnittersII/ /group/Loom Class/

Yahoo Group: Knifty Knitters II Yahoo Group: Loom Class

Yahoo Group: Loom Knitting Newbies /group/loom knittingnewbies/

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