Paseo Enrique Eraso, Torre Tamanaco. Urb. San Roman, Caracas, Venezuela

Date: To: July 6. 2008 Crown Venture Ltd. FMO/CV - SHIPMENT 3 - 2008 (AF ) PRICE MARGIN COMMISSION Vessel:


Tonnage loaded (as per BIL): 74,555 metric tons (MT) equa l to 69 ,522.538 dry MT (OMT) !ron (Fe) content, dry basis (as per loading figures): 65.40 % Moisture content: 6 .75% Price margin: 9.40 US Cents/DMTU Commission: (69,522.538 OMT x 9.40 US Cents/OMTU x 65.40 %)/100 = US$ 427,396.75 T o be remitted to: Best Regards, See below

Societe Partry. S.A . :=reddy Castellanos Director

NOTE: Please. send this amount to the following address:
SAC Florida Bank Account Number: 937-959-820 A BA: 067009044 SWIFT: BFLBUS3M To the name of: " Societe Partry, S.A."

The BAC Colonnade,
169 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Miami, FL 33134 USA