The Drug Trap and the War on Drugs

I drove past a drug trap tonight. It’s across the street from the largest homeless shelter in Atlanta. They’ve both been in business, in the same location for as long as I remember. I liked for weeks in the shelter during the local Occupy protests. I doubt anyone at that intersection or inside the shelter realizes that President Obama is claiming a shift in policy away from treating drugs as a crime, towards it being a health issue. I doubt they would care if they did know. Over the four decades of this disastrous hoax Drug War both the street hustlers and the street hustled have heard lots of claims, from lots of presidents. We all have. The United States is not even fighting a War on Drugs. The US has the greatest military the world has ever seen. It controls the world’s oceans, skies, and space. It has radar invisible planes, satellites that can read a matchbook from space, and missiles that can fly through windows and down elevator shafts. It defeated the 4th largest army in the world in weeks. Knowing this, I am supposed to believe that in forty years we can’t stop drug smuggling by third world gangsters. Insert profanity here. The US pays farmers not to grow crops and yet we cannot pay Afghanis not to grow opium? In 2001 The Taliban was given a $43 million reward for ending opium production by our last president. In 2012 Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s opium. The US refuses requests of Russia to eradicate the crop. In fact US troops guard this crop that eventually ends up on our streets and theirs. So excuse me if I scoff at the idea that it’s an actual war I don’t believe that the CIA and its scum mercenaries are not importing drugs into America. The traitorous actions of Oliver North during the Iran Contra Cocaine scandal were not a onetime mistake. That criminal conspiracy led towards the former CIA head Vice President. Those traitors at the Cocaine Importing Agency have been caught many times and keep getting away with it. . Yet neither Congress nor whoever sits in the Oval Office will end it. Insert more profanity here. It doesn’t change anything that President Obama is spending more than his predecessors on health and educational measures for his Drug policy. It doesn’t change anything that he reduced some of the racial disparity in sentencing for drug crimes. It is not a shift in policy as long as prohibition is the law of the land and people go to jail for getting high. The next person in office, maybe as soon as January, could reverse this miniscule spending trend. Let’s get it right, Prohibition will always be the law of the land for the simple reason that it is to profitable to the Banksters who control this country.

The international drug syndicates make more than $1 trillion annually. Columbian High Court Judge Gomez Hidalgo stated “The Income of the Drug Barons is greater than the American Defense Budget.” . These cartels are not stuffing that money in mattresses. They are laundering that money through the banking system of the world. Senator Carl Levin states that %50 of that money is laundered through the biggest banks in the US . These are the Banks that where called “too big to fail “and whose executives sit in cabinet level positions without fear of prosecution for their crimes.

This is why The President won’t discuss legalization with Latin America leaders http://abcnews.html?_r=2 . President Obama is not that The profits in the hoax Drug War. It’s the president’s job to ensure that the drug money continues. This money influences our elections at every level and controls the drug policy of the nation to ensure that prohibition doesn’t end. The American people pay inflated prices to get high. In July 2007 the cartels pulled their money from the banks of the United States and Europe. This is why President Obama orders the DEA to raid legal marijuana dispensaries. This scheme was known by the banks top management I say that the American banks and the entire global economy are addicted to laundered drug money. This is what happened in 2007 and fear no prosecution because money from laundering of drug profits has bought influence. are privatized and the costs socialized. drawing the rebuke of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi . This was not altruistic largesse by gangsters.bluegrasspundit. They pay to bail out the Banksters whose crimes create the whole system.P. the discount window of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York http://www. These global banks would eventually borrow $16 trillion dollars in secret loans from citizens of the United States. Without this supply the global economy. This was done because a US Attorneys Generals office investigation into a whistleblowers evidence of Wachovia’s .O. If the benefits of decriminalization are seen not to be the fluke of other nations like Portugal. just like any junkie will go into violent withdrawals. Until that leader appears the trap will be where it always is.eventually admitted $400 Billon money laundering was coming close to exposing the depth of corruption in the banks.wikipedia. our legislators . This “was the only liquid investment capitol” and it saved the entire banking system from collapse according to United Nations Drug and Crime Czar Antonia Maria Costa. It was the system returning to They will continue to pay until there is a leader who is truly willing to shift the resources of the US away from incarceration and towards health and prevention by ending the destruction of By August without their fix the banks where lined up at the financial systems version of the methadone clinic. and the presidency over the last forty years. They pay taxes that militarize the police that is brutally turned against like all our wars.http://en. Without this source of cash the banks were in serious trouble and soon began to the profits will dry up.html. They pay with a justice system racism that targets large segments of the It wasn’t until the Cartels retuned their cash to the system did the crisis or ignores the top questions during online town hall meetingshttp://www. http://www. They pay with the damage done to the families of the incarcerated and the poverty that incarceration perpetuates. .

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