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• Persuade
○ Complaint
○ Solicitation
○ Inquiry
○ Convince to take action
• Convey good/neutral news
○ Acceptance
○ Transmittal
○ News
○ Explanation or pertinent facts
○ Ends in goodwill
• Convey bad news
○ Refusal
○ Rejection
○ Paragraph-length buffer
○ Explain facts logically
○ Give bad news
○ Reestablish goodwill in conclusion

Recommendations Report:

• Solves a problem in the company/organization
• Consists of:
○ Cover page
○ Abstract
○ Table of contents
○ Introduction
○ Findings
○ Conclusion
○ Recommendations
○ Works cited

Instructions and Manuals:

• Process descriptions (why, when, who)
• Safety measures
• Tools and materials
• Uses images for clarification

• Always begin sentences with active verbs
• Try to list at least three responsibilities at each job
• If work experience is limited, elaborate on academic work
• Try to avoid gaps in time
• Include URL of any online portfolios/homepages

Cover Letter:

• Always find out the name or position title for the person to whom
you will be addressing he letter
○ Never use “To Whom it May Concern:”
• Express your interests in the position wand where you heard
about it
• Choose two to three qualifications to discuss in the cover letters
• Refer to your resume when discussing your specific qualifications
• Do not use bulleted lists
• Cole by offering your contact information and any times you will
be available for contact. Express your interest in meeting with
the this person
• Don’t forget to sin the letter
• Place the word enclosure or Encl at the bottom of the page to
show that your resume is enclosed


• An introduction
• The research questions
• The methods
• Timeline
○ Gantt chart
• Conclusion
• Works cited


When describing mathematical objects, you must write it and its name
(“Name of Formula f(x) describes...” )

Keep the writing as simple as the expression

State assumptions that underlie the formula

State the answer in complete, single sentence

Explain how you will approach the problem in the paragraph
Clearly label all visual representations of math

Do not start sentences with symbols

You must cite:

• Books
• Computational or graphical software that helped you solve the
• Persons you speak with about the problem who help you
understand it

Writing with Technology:

Computer-based conversations:

• Supports flexible connections among individuals and groups of
• Allowing more people to share info and form communities of
writer than F2F
• Help individuals and groups focus less on physical characteristics
(gender, race, age, disability) and more on the content of the
• Transcend limitations of time and space and are convenient and

Virtual Community:

• A group of people who may or may not meet F2F, and exchange
words and ideas through the medium of computer bulletin
boards and networks[…]it is also a collection of ………fuck shit….
• Flaming
• Surveillance
• Style Checkers
• Access—unequal distribution of technology
• Hypertext/Hypermedia Writing Environments
• Listserv
• Bulletin Boards/Forums
• Chat
• Blog

Technology and Writing:
• Is it always appropriate?